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    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:20:26 PM): so... whats ur idea/suggestion
    paigeiscoolerthanu (04/10/07 12:20:33 PM): ?
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:20:46 PM): something other then checkers., lol
    paigeiscoolerthanu (04/10/07 12:21:19 PM): o idk
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:21:33 PM): ohh
    paigeiscoolerthanu (04/10/07 12:22:15 PM): not like theres much to do around here
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:22:33 PM): humm, nope not too much
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:23:44 PM): ok., i got an idea., >>>
    paigeiscoolerthanu (04/10/07 12:24:29 PM): lol u wanna do that???? :D
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:24:51 PM): well dinner is always nice
    paigeiscoolerthanu (04/10/07 12:25:08 PM): lol thats ppl doin oral :P
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:25:22 PM): well desert is nice too ;)
    paigeiscoolerthanu (04/10/07 12:25:49 PM): lol i never did oral do u care???
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:26:13 PM): why would i care.,
    paigeiscoolerthanu (04/10/07 12:26:36 PM): idk cuz what if i dont know what to do???
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:26:45 PM): everyones got to practice and learn sometime
    paigeiscoolerthanu (04/10/07 12:26:57 PM): lol true
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:27:27 PM): can you touch your finger to your nose?
    paigeiscoolerthanu (04/10/07 12:27:49 PM): yah of course i can wth
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:28:15 PM): try this one figure on your nose one on your lips and one on your cheek, can you do that?
    paigeiscoolerthanu (04/10/07 12:28:33 PM): yah why
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:28:46 PM): ok, stand up and sit down, can you do that?
    paigeiscoolerthanu (04/10/07 12:28:54 PM): /:)
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:29:06 PM): i'm serious play along for a min..
    paigeiscoolerthanu (04/10/07 12:29:09 PM): k
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:29:14 PM): can you?
    paigeiscoolerthanu (04/10/07 12:29:16 PM): duh
    mr.emmert (04/10/07 12:29:36 PM): ok then i don't think you'll have a prob.., it sounds like you can follow directions pretty good.... ;)
    What a creep.

    Donny Emmert crossed state lines to arrive at a Highland Heights, Kentucky bust house. Accordingly, his case was picked up by federal authorities, and he was charged with unlawful use of electronic means to induce minors to engage in sex and unlawful transaction with a minor under the age of 16. He received 46 months in prison, lifetime supervised release with a long list of restrictions, and registration as a sex offender.

    The contributor for this chat was Pibb.

    This is our 414th conviction since June of 2004, our 110th conviction for 2009, and our 20th conviction in Kentucky thus far.