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    bravesfan34581 (09/07/06 12:00:43 AM): think you could sneak out tonight?
    13-yr-old-girl (09/07/06 12:00:50 AM): lol
    bravesfan34581 (09/07/06 12:00:55 AM): :D
    13-yr-old-girl (09/07/06 12:01:21 AM): sry cant tonite
    bravesfan34581 (09/07/06 12:01:24 AM): ok
    13-yr-old-girl (09/07/06 12:01:33 AM): dads home
    13-yr-old-girl (09/07/06 12:01:39 AM): he wont b friday
    bravesfan34581 (09/07/06 12:01:44 AM): ok
    13-yr-old-girl (09/07/06 12:03:24 AM): wat r u doin?
    bravesfan34581 (09/07/06 12:03:37 AM): touching myself
    bravesfan34581 (09/07/06 12:03:42 AM): :-P

    Sorry, we just have to mock the ignorant hysteria of what that word means to the general public from time to time.

    Anyways, Brandon Franklin got his date with fame on Dateline NBC and then decided to stop screwing around with the justice system, jumping for a guilty plea. Of course, it's hard not to blame him when the judge in Long Beach is giving out probation like it's cheap candy.

    Brandon got three years probation, sixty days caltrans cleanup, RSO counseling and a lifetime of being a registered sexual offender. As a note, this sentence is not indicative of California in general, it's just the determination of one judge who has discretionary sentencing powers. If you don't like it, then remember the term \"discretionary sentencing\" when you hear of criminal justice overhauls.

    Notes from the Contributor, Irish Rose
    Bible study classes and counseling did not deter Brandon from actions that he obviously knew were very wrong and illegal. Brandon tried for days to get who he thought was a 13 year old girl to sneak out of her house to meet with him for sex.

    It seemed for a brief time that his conscience, or fear of getting caught, had changed his mind but instead of just saying good-bye and ending it, he made a choice that will affect the rest of his life. I am very glad that this choice ended with a meet with the Long Beach Police instead of a real child, because as you will see, that child's life would have been affected for the rest of her life not only by the molestation, but by exposing her to something that no 13 year old should ever be endangered by.

    For his crime, Brandon got the \"Long Beach Special\": three years of formal probation, time served (which was two days), Caltrans cleanup, he must attend Sexual Oriented Offender Counseling, he must submit a DNA sample and registration as a sex offender for life.

    This is our 168th conviction since June of 2004 and our 47th conviction for 2007 so far.