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    File originally posted on 3/10/2008 2:10 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 3/10/2008 2:10 PM PST

    heyshuddup (11/30/06 9:46:34 PM): i dunno u got a car?
    mandaringuy78 (11/30/06 9:46:38 PM): yes
    heyshuddup (11/30/06 9:47:00 PM): cool wat kind?
    mandaringuy78 (11/30/06 9:47:13 PM): a blazer
    heyshuddup (11/30/06 9:47:28 PM): iz that like suv?
    mandaringuy78 (11/30/06 9:48:42 PM): YEAH
    mandaringuy78 (11/30/06 9:48:48 PM): do u have a cam
    heyshuddup (11/30/06 9:48:54 PM): no i wish i did
    heyshuddup (11/30/06 9:49:00 PM): do u?
    mandaringuy78 (11/30/06 9:49:04 PM): no
    heyshuddup (11/30/06 9:49:20 PM): k
    mandaringuy78 (11/30/06 9:50:32 PM): are u bald down there
    heyshuddup (11/30/06 9:50:45 PM): yeah
    mandaringuy78 (11/30/06 9:50:54 PM): nice
    heyshuddup (11/30/06 9:51:31 PM): y u ask?
    mandaringuy78 (11/30/06 9:52:39 PM): just curious
    heyshuddup (11/30/06 9:52:49 PM): k
    heyshuddup (11/30/06 9:54:09 PM): u dont have a gf?
    mandaringuy78 (11/30/06 9:54:16 PM): just u

    Optimism is the new in thing, eh?

    Brian Ruffino thought he had what he viewed as the perfect situation in Florida. A young girl he liked who lived right on the beach. In the end, he met a tall guy with sunglasses named Chris and gets to enter our special Convictiontown archive.

    Ruffino received a sentence of eighteen months for his criminal act, he will also have to register as a sex offender, pay some fees and take some sex offender counseling. Just yet another good sentence out of our Flagler Beach cases.

    Contributor notes from Sunny D
    Meet Brian Mathew Ruffino, also known as Mandaringuy78. Brian first contacted my 13 yo decoy in a Yahoo chat room on Nov. 27, 2006. Being busy chatting with others, I didn't respond that night. But 3 days later, he tried again, and so I started chatting with him. Persistence does pay off.

    He quickly segued into asking all the standard predator questions: Bra size? Are you bald down there? Pics? Sexual experience? And then soon after, showed his intentions, wanting to come over and \"make out,\" \"get naked,\" and \"finger\" the 13 yo girl. Although he did ask if I was a cop, he showed no concern for the damage he would do to a 13 yo girl home alone, and jumped in his van to show up at the sting house.

    Upon seeing Chris Hansen, he fled...into the waiting arms of the wonderful Flagler Beach PD. What I found most disturbing was his admission to the Detective during his police interview that he had two small children at home, and one on the way. I can only hope that with his 18-month sentence and registration as a sex offender, he is kept far away from any children.

    This is our 267th conviction since June of 2004 and our 5th conviction for 2008 thus far.