• Conviction - Stylelisticgrooves - Astoria, Oregon

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 8/27/2004 4:40 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 6/6/2005 1:24 PM PST

    Today marks 16 convictions in 15 different states in the last 11 months with the guilty plea of Royce to a charge of endangering the welfare of a minor. Ol' Royce did the full show for what he thought was a seven months pregnant fourteen year old, masturbating and talking about what sorts of sex he would like to have with the what-he-found-out-was fictional female.

    After being posted on our main page in August of 2004, a detective contacted us wanting more information. Providing him with what he needed was easy and soon Royce was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor. It certainly took him long enough, but Royce finally decided that he had little choice but to plea guilty to that charge.

    The contributor, Gordon, had this to say about the case:
    This bust shocked even me. I set up a profile of a 14 year old girl and Royce (stylelisticgrooves) hit me up while he was working at the family business. Not long into the chat, I told Royce I was pregnant. Seven months pregnant, to be exact. It wasn't until after that bombshell dropped that Royce mentioned sex. In fact, he thought it was kinky since he'd never had sex with a pregnant girl before.

    During the conversation, he masturbated on cam and later drank hard liquor straight from the bottle right in front of his young nephew. Even after I told him twice that I wanted to go on TV to reveal my baby's father as my mother's boyfriend, Royce said, "i am jus a horny bastard thinking about having sex with a cute 14 yr old girl lol" This bust was absolutely unbelievable. It'll be a relief to have him off the streets and out of the chat rooms.

    This case and log are a great example of the pains we take to play all types of kids. And it doesn't seem to matter to the predators, as a "kid" claiming to be sexually abused is pointless to them, their goal is sex and only sex. That's the sort of sickness our people deal with nearly each and everyday.

    Thanks to the detective in Astoria who recognized this individual as the threat he is and the DA for prosecuting the case. This marks our sixteenth conviction in fifteen states. That means fifteen different jurisdictions, fifteen different district attorneys, fifteen different state laws... all in less than a year. We're very glad to have worked ourselves into a position where we can be that effective in so short of a timeframe. Although we're pretty sure that Royce isn't so happy about it.