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    File originally posted on 8/14/2007 12:54 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/14/2007 12:54 AM PST

    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:03:11 PM): some guy imed me and wants all my info
    mannbay2004 (08/25/06 6:03:15 PM): whats that guy sayin
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:03:22 PM): and he wont even tell me his name or anything
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:03:26 PM): yeah right!
    mannbay2004 (08/25/06 6:04:05 PM): why does he want all ur info
    mannbay2004 (08/25/06 6:04:39 PM): bcoz ur 14 and ur not supposed to chat?
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:04:56 PM): ha ha
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:05:00 PM): im not a baby
    mannbay2004 (08/25/06 6:05:10 PM): yea :) ur not for sure
    mannbay2004 (08/25/06 6:05:23 PM): ask him what the hell he wants
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:05:39 PM): i will
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:05:40 PM): lol
    mannbay2004 (08/25/06 6:05:59 PM): u gotta be careful
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:06:03 PM): why
    mannbay2004 (08/25/06 6:06:07 PM): there r lot of sexual predators out there
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:06:20 PM): predators?
    mannbay2004 (08/25/06 6:07:33 PM): well psychos
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:07:38 PM): ooo
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:07:39 PM): u think
    mannbay2004 (08/25/06 6:07:49 PM): no im sure there are
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:08:15 PM): oh well
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:08:23 PM): im sure it will be ok
    mannbay2004 (08/25/06 6:08:36 PM): yea as long as u know to whom u disclose details
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:08:57 PM): exactly
    mannbay2004 (08/25/06 6:09:09 PM): brb
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:09:15 PM): k
    mannbay2004 (08/25/06 6:10:07 PM): bk
    13 yr old Decoy (08/25/06 6:10:42 PM): k
    mannbay2004 (08/25/06 6:11:07 PM): all im saying is be careful. see evn i cud be a psycho, lol
    Yep, sure are a lot of sexual predators on the internet... you're one!

    Valkunth Soundararajan showed up at our Petaluma sting operation, which was covered by Dateline. He arrived, was arrested and ended up processed just as the rest are. Prosecuted, convicted, sentenced. Valkunth wanted to warn our decoy about internet sexual predators... now he can spend an eternity being a warning himself to teenagers about them. He also had a fetish for pirates. Yeah, weird.

    He received three months jail, three years probation, registration as a sex offender and sexual offender counseling.

    Contributor notes from Capelli D'Angelo
    Valkunth told me to call him Viak, sounds like Mike. He also crafted a pirate story that was quite disturbing, which included a quasi rape sequence. He was the one who showed up to the bust house bearing gifts... Taco Bell and a plastic bag full of pirate things, condoms and goodies for use in his pirate story.

    He is now also the one with 3 years formal probation, 90 Days Jail, Registered Sex Offender status, required Sex Offender Counseling Program and all Standard Fines & Fees + Cost of Probation.

    He was verified by Vande Camp, who did an outstanding job, as always.

    This is our 217th conviction since June of 2004 and our 96th conviction for 2007 so far.