• Conviction - bandit8077 - Springfield, TN, Kentucky

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    File originally posted on 10/1/2008 1:43 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/1/2008 1:43 AM PST

    bandit8077 (09/28/07 6:55:43 PM): What u doin baby?
    all_dat_jazzerz (09/28/07 6:55:54 PM): nuttin
    all_dat_jazzerz (09/28/07 6:56:08 PM): its friday so just relaxin
    bandit8077 (09/28/07 6:56:09 PM): I missed u :-*
    all_dat_jazzerz (09/28/07 6:56:15 PM): aaw ur sweet
    bandit8077 (09/28/07 6:56:46 PM): Wish u could come relax with me baby
    all_dat_jazzerz (09/28/07 6:56:52 PM): me to
    all_dat_jazzerz (09/28/07 6:56:54 PM): :(
    bandit8077 (09/28/07 6:57:46 PM): Cheer up baby u will see me soon
    all_dat_jazzerz (09/28/07 6:57:51 PM): ya???
    all_dat_jazzerz (09/28/07 6:57:52 PM): :)
    bandit8077 (09/28/07 6:58:46 PM): Im tryin to have some money saved up so i can see u one weekend soon baby
    all_dat_jazzerz (09/28/07 6:59:05 PM): why u need money??
    bandit8077 (09/28/07 6:59:34 PM): Fuel for my truck and maybe a place to stay overnight
    Some people say we're mean to these guys but y'know, we had already arranged a place for him to stay. See!

    Jeremy West's chat is almost boilerplate, we see his exact chat so often that responding to the lines is pretty much auto-pilot for our decoys. Starts off with \"friendly conversation\", but they always work in the \"are you a virgin\" transition. Once that happens, you know you have a guy that will do whatever it takes to meet a minor and have sex with them.

    West crossed state lines and arrived at our Bowling Green, Kentucky sting. Working in Kentucky is one of our favorite things to do, the state police there are wonderful, the AG's office is great and each area has been a pleasure to work with. West received a nice sentence of three years and ten months prison plus seven years supervised release... and the cherry on the top of the good sentence sundae? Lifetime status as a registered sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Noel Nog
    I've been asked a few times if I ever feel sorry for the men who are arrested during our stings. My answer is always NO.

    Jeremy Todd West was a \"regular Joe\", a working man who worked for the county and who had battled thyroid cancer a few months prior to hitting me up in IM. He'd been disappointed in love before, but was quick to demonstrate his romantic interest in my 13-year-old persona. He counseled her to stay in school and even declared his intention to marry her. A decent sort, eh?

    Um, no.

    West knew what he was doing was wrong, expressing it on many occasions. He talked repeatedly about our age difference (which he had known two minutes into our first chat) and mentioned Dateline, worried that I wasn't a real girl. He questioned me on my sexual history and stated his desire to have sex with me. He knew he was breaking the law and now he is paying the price for that.

    Don't feel sorry for him.

    This is our 299th conviction since June of 2004 and our 38th conviction for 2008 thus far.