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    Report made 12/12/2009 4:57 AM PST

    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:36:36 AM): i like panties
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:36:44 AM): lol me 2
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:37:02 AM): u think its bad if i sniffed em?
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:37:09 AM): huh
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:37:39 AM): u think its grose if i sniffed ur panties?
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:38:06 AM): i guess not i mean they wuld b clean
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:38:20 AM): not if i take em off u
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:38:40 AM): how they gona get dirty then lol
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:38:49 AM): from ur wet pussy
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:38:59 AM): before i take em off
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:39:06 AM): o
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:39:11 AM): well k
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:39:25 AM): u think thats bad if i sniffed em?
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:39:32 AM): its ur nose
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:39:40 AM): i like the smell
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:39:43 AM): k
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:40:02 AM): what else would u want me to do with em?
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:40:11 AM): lol i dont know
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:40:16 AM): just dont ruin them
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:40:20 AM): i want them back
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:40:22 AM): i wont
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:40:25 AM): k
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:40:39 AM): would u want me to use em to jerk off with?
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:40:51 AM): idk
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:41:02 AM): would that turn u on?
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:41:07 AM): idk
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:41:16 AM): want me to cum in em?
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:41:22 AM): huh
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:41:45 AM): if i jerk with em u want me to shoot my cum in em?
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:42:13 AM): i guess if u want 2 but u better not ruin them and wash them
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:42:26 AM): i want ruin em
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:42:30 AM): k
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:42:35 AM): u want em washed?
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:42:44 AM): u dont want my cum in em?
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:43:06 AM): not if im gona wear them/:)
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:43:29 AM): it wouldent turn u on to see em that way?
    diva_brat1994 (06/28/08 2:43:35 AM): idk
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:43:47 AM): u could wear em like that?
    kissmytickle (06/28/08 2:43:50 AM): =)
    This is a vomit-worthy log.

    Jeffrey Lawrence Day is an extremely disgusting excuse for a human. He was arrested in the summer of 2008 as part of our IF work in Oregon. He was charged with six counts of online corruption of a child, but after pleading, he inexplicably received on 30 days in jail. Not to worry though, since follow up charges due to the child pornography found in his possession will gain him some serious prison time. For the charges due to the solicitation, he also received 60 months probation, registration as a sex offender, sex offender treatment, and fines.

    Contributor notes from Sherry Twist
    Jeffrey Day hit up my decoy profile while I was working an information first area in Oregon. He was disgusting and really upsetting to me because he talked about his roomate's 14 year old daughter. I was very concerned about her as were the LE I worked with in Oregon. He did not show up for the meetings that were arranged, but because of Oregon's wonderful new predator laws they can be arrested for the chat even if they don't show up. The Oregon State Police wanted him arrested asap because there was a child at risk. They questioned her and assured me that the girl was fine and unharmed by the creep. I know in my heart if we hadn't gotten him that eventually she would have been.

    I was told that he will have more charges, because he admitted that his computer contained child porn and that he trafficked in it in Yahoo Chat rooms. Hardcore child pornography-infant to teen! Trafficking in and possession of child porn in Oregon carries mandatory minimum prison terms of at least 75 months per count.

    This is our 479th conviction since June of 2004, our 174th conviction for 2009, and our 7th conviction in Oregon thus far.