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    File originally posted on 6/5/2007 3:53 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 6/5/2007 3:53 PM PST

    come_ride_and_chill_with_me (04:05:31 PM): wut u want me 2 do
    coryndestiny4ever (04:06:09 PM): lol wat u want me 2 do???
    come_ride_and_chill_with_me (04:06:30 PM): anything u want 2
    come_ride_and_chill_with_me (04:07:23 PM): ill put it like diz if u wanted 2 have sex i would ok iknow datz wut u wanted me 2 say wasnt it
    coryndestiny4ever (04:07:33 PM): :D
    coryndestiny4ever (04:07:44 PM): u wuld?
    come_ride_and_chill_with_me (04:07:53 PM): yea
    coryndestiny4ever (04:08:12 PM): kewl! i dint wanna say it cuz i dint no if tats wat u meant! (I win.)
    coryndestiny4ever (04:08:29 PM): then id feel dum
    come_ride_and_chill_with_me (04:08:46 PM): u can never feel dum wit me
    coryndestiny4ever (04:09:10 PM): relly?
    come_ride_and_chill_with_me (04:09:23 PM): yea
    come_ride_and_chill_with_me (04:09:40 PM): so do u want me 2 come over and bring da drinkz
    Oh nos entrapments!?!?!

    Ronnelle Stephens-Tun is dumb. Real dumb. No, not because he drove across a state in order to meet what he thought was an underage girl for sex - that makes him a predator - rather, he's dumb because he demanded to go to trial and took his attorneys advice to claim... wait for it... get this... hold back your giggles...


    He actually tried to use it as a defense! Amazing! Sure, you hear of defense attorneys who scream the word entrapment to the media, hell, makes a good soundbite and few people actually know what the word means... but rarely is a defense attorney or his client dumb enough to try to actually take that argument into a court-room.

    But Stephens-Tun and his attorney were, so they were quickly found guilty by a jury of 12 for their bother. Nice work, fellows. Oh, and our contributor flew in to testify as they always do when a case goes to trial.

    Stephens-Tun didn't feel like showing for his sentencing though and had to be arrested in Indiana and dragged to Ohio in order for him to appear. Sour grapes much? He received seven months in jail, sex offender registration, a ton of court costs and a nice spell of probation after release.

    The conviction of Ronnelle here means that the Darke County, Ohio sting from early spring 2006 is OVER. Done. Fini. All those arrested in the Darke County, Ohio sting have now been prosecuted and convicted. 18 out of 18, we're 100% and this is the first large-scale sting to fully wrap up with convictiontown presents for everyone. All our other stings still have individuals who were arrested awaiting trial. Kudos to Ohio for having a speedier-than-normal criminal justice system.

    Notes from the Contributor, General Tso
    Ronnelle Stephens-Tun believed he had been entrapped. He wanted his day in court in Greenville and was going to go all the way to a 12 person jury trial with me there to get his justice. They returned a unanimous verdict of guilty as charged in an hour and a half of deliberations that included lunch.

    Stephens-Tun was not my first arrest. He was, however, my first arrest for chatlog content and show to a meet. His case was also the first in which I had to testify. In two hours on the stand his attorney attempted to set up a role-play defense for entrapment, which, predictably, failed miserably.

    Testifying was an experience unto itself. I will not soon forget the amazing hospitality of the people both in Dayton, Ohio and Greenville, Ohio and had a wonderful experience all the way around. Sitting on the stand in front of a jury and the court was more nerve-wracking than I expected. When I was done there was a definite tight spot in all the places that start to hurt when I stay tense for too long. The testifying itself was easy. The answers are easy to come by when you have facts and truth at your disposal.

    In the end, it was all worth it. In spite of a pretty interesting travel itinerary home, I found out in between the third and fourth legs of the journey that he had been found guilty by the jury after an hour and a half of deliberation that included lunch. Evidence and testimony were very compelling, apparently. He's now been sentenced and will spend 7 months in jail with probation beyond that. Stephens-Tun was chronically late for each and every court appearance, settlement hearing and appointment throughout his legal proceedings. When he did not show for his sentencing originally, he had to be arrested and transported from Indiana to Ohio. Because of his failure to appear for multiple events on time, the judge found that probation would definitely not be sufficient for him, and sentenced him to jail. He also has to pay a fee of $250, restitution for investigation costs of $1477.34, and witness expenses of $1012. That's a lot of license plates. He was classified a sexually oriented offender.

    I'd like to thank the wonderful men and women of the Darke County Sheriff's office for their time and wonderful work in this case as well as the DAs office for their hospitality and friendliness. My verifier in this case was Red Robin, and she did a stunning job of helping Stephens-Tun get to the house in the backroads of Greenville and deserves mad props for that. I dedicate this conviction, my first arrest on chatlog, to the retired contributor, Seth Roberts, my good friend and an inspiration beyond words.

    This is our 197th conviction since June of 2004 and our 76th conviction for 2007 so far.