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    jdmar74 (03/29/07 10:08:46 PM): true too bad im not going to be there tonight
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/29/07 10:08:53 PM): that way we can enjoy massages and kisses on the neck
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/29/07 10:08:54 PM): lol
    jdmar74 (03/29/07 10:09:25 PM): no telling where i might kiss you tonight
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/29/07 10:09:34 PM): well where do u want to kiss me
    jdmar74 (03/29/07 10:10:10 PM): everywhere sounds good
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/29/07 10:10:40 PM): and u don't want to kiss me everywhere tomorrow?
    jdmar74 (03/29/07 10:11:13 PM): why do tomorrow what you can start today and continue tomorrow
    jdmar74 (03/29/07 10:11:17 PM): lol
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/29/07 10:11:19 PM): i dunno
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/29/07 10:11:26 PM): cos u didn't seem like u knew what u wanted
    jdmar74 (03/29/07 10:12:04 PM): was just being careful
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/29/07 10:12:11 PM): what do u mean/
    jdmar74 (03/29/07 10:12:41 PM): didnt want you to go away if i came right out with it
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/29/07 10:12:49 PM): whatever
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/29/07 10:12:55 PM): lol
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/29/07 10:13:06 PM): but we could have alllllll day tomorrow.
    jdmar74 (03/29/07 10:13:54 PM): ok ill wait till tomorrow even though we could have all night toniht and all day tomorrow
    Try and contain your excitement, James. How much time do you need with a young girl, exactly? Extremely creepy.

    James David Marcotte was arrested as part of the Ocean County, NJ sting in the spring of 2007. He showed up to meet a decoy he believed was a 13 year old child. He ended up being convicted of a charge of endangering the welfare of a child, and somehow that crime only deserved 2 days jail with no probation. How sad for the good people of New Jersey.

    Contributor notes from Malibu Breeze
    James Marcotte was one of five men who came to meet my 13 year old decoy profile during the Ocean County, New Jersey sting. Sadly, despite the fact that Marcotte proved his predatory nature by traveling to the bust house, he was only sentenced to a measly 2 days in jail with no probation.

    The Law Enforcement Officers that we worked with during this sting were amazing. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them.

    This is our 521st conviction since June of 2004 and our 21st conviction for 2010.