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    File originally posted on 11/1/2009 8:49 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/1/2009 8:49 PM PST

    the_third_storm (2:52:46 AM): lol cool, i think this is gonna be lots of fun...
    sarah_parker_rox (2:52:59 AM): im nervous
    sarah_parker_rox (2:53:02 AM): but excited
    sarah_parker_rox (2:53:03 AM): lol
    the_third_storm (2:53:27 AM): hahah it just makes it feel all the better when we hang out, lol
    the_third_storm (2:54:08 AM): just try not to bounce up and down too much!
    sarah_parker_rox (2:54:21 AM): hah
    sarah_parker_rox (2:54:23 AM): YOU try
    sarah_parker_rox (2:54:23 AM): lol
    sarah_parker_rox (2:54:41 AM): I want you to open the door, and yell \"Honey, I'm Home\"
    sarah_parker_rox (2:54:43 AM): so I know its you
    sarah_parker_rox (2:54:44 AM): lol
    the_third_storm (2:54:55 AM): hahah fine, lol i'll say it...
    the_third_storm (2:55:26 AM): lol and where will you be when i come in? haha
    sarah_parker_rox (2:55:40 AM): I will be in the living room, when I hear ya, I will come get you
    sarah_parker_rox (2:55:41 AM): :)
    the_third_storm (2:56:03 AM): lol i hope its not a 40 yr old guy or a cop! haha
    sarah_parker_rox (2:56:17 AM): hahaha
    sarah_parker_rox (2:56:42 AM): you talked to me, weirdo
    sarah_parker_rox (2:56:43 AM): lol
    the_third_storm (2:56:48 AM): lol but i did hear ya over the phone!
    the_third_storm (2:56:53 AM): you do sound cute....
    And that's a testament to the great verifiers PeeJ has had throughout its history; in this case, Gordon.

    Phillip Hungsin's attitude throughout this chat was rather happy-go-lucky, but I am sure that attitude changed when he met Dateline's cameras and the police of the Riverside County police department. After nearly four years of time wasting motions and the general sloth-like nature of some southern California courts, Hungsin pled guilty to one count of attempted child molestation. He was sentenced to 90 days in Riverside County jail and received 36 months probation with the usual restrictions.

    The contributor who had this chat was The Director.

    This is our 368th conviction since June of 2004, our 64th conviction for 2009, and our 102nd conviction in California thus far.