• Conviction - atl_csd_7/kcusn/lexis_davis2000 - Cochran, Georgia

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    File originally posted on 10/26/2009 6:02 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/26/2009 6:02 PM PST

    atl_csd_7 (03/25/07 2:47:27 PM): id love to see all of yours and hers
    atl_csd_7 (03/25/07 2:47:36 PM): your and her body that is
    luv2swim142007 (03/25/07 2:48:03 PM): lol 4 real?
    atl_csd_7 (03/25/07 2:48:14 PM): yes
    luv2swim142007 (03/25/07 2:48:37 PM): ok ur not playin me right?
    atl_csd_7 (03/25/07 2:48:54 PM): no lol
    luv2swim142007 (03/25/07 2:49:08 PM): lol cool
    atl_csd_7 (03/25/07 2:49:22 PM): a 3 way would be hot
    luv2swim142007 (03/25/07 2:49:44 PM): omg u think so?
    luv2swim142007 (03/25/07 2:49:55 PM): would she be cool with me bein 14?
    atl_csd_7 (03/25/07 2:49:58 PM): uh hu
    atl_csd_7 (03/25/07 2:50:02 PM): i think so
    atl_csd_7 (03/25/07 2:50:33 PM): id love seeing her finger u
    luv2swim142007 (03/25/07 2:50:58 PM): omg
    atl_csd_7 (03/25/07 2:51:33 PM): and kiss u
    luv2swim142007 (03/25/07 2:51:50 PM): wow that sounds kinda cool
    atl_csd_7 (03/25/07 2:52:09 PM): and have her strap on a dildo and give it to u
    I am sure you would love that, Casey, too bad neither the girlfriend nor the 14 year old you wanted to rape were real.

    Casey Stephen Dykes was arrested in Twiggs County, GA as part of our non-stop work all across this country. Even at times when it's been a while since you've heard of a high-profile sting involving Perverted Justice (such as our stings with the Michigan AG's office), our contributors are always out there, getting arrests. Dykes received 300 days to a year in a detention center, 5 years probation, and registration as a sex offender with a long list of restrictions.

    Contributor notes from E.L. Fudge
    Casey Stephen Dykes was a unique case. He hit up several contribs then masqueraded as a woman in one of the chats. His chat alone was used to procure an arrest warrant and the Twiggs County Sheriff did the honors of taking him into custody. He was definitely frustrating in that he would continually go silent without any reason. I would like to thank the Twiggs County Sheriffs office for being proactive in bringing Casey to justice.

    This is our 341st conviction since June of 2004, our 38th conviction for 2009, and our 20th conviction in Georgia thus far.