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    File originally posted on 2/20/2007 3:17 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/20/2007 3:26 AM PST

    holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:38:16 PM): I can tell you one thing
    holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:38:46 PM): my tongue would be all over you.....your mouth, your nipples....down between your legs too
    nahtasha (07/20/06 10:39:08 PM): lol ooohhhhh wow
    holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:39:35 PM): and you would be pulling my head back up saying....\"ok baby ok baby...that's enough now\"
    nahtasha (07/20/06 10:39:41 PM): lol i doubt id do that!
    holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:40:04 PM): then I would turn over and you could ride my face for a while
    nahtasha (07/20/06 10:40:19 PM): lol u wouldnt let me do that now u playin
    holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:40:32 PM): no...I would
    nahtasha (07/20/06 10:40:43 PM): lol i dont beleve that
    holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:40:59 PM): and I would play with your nipples while you rode my face
    nahtasha (07/20/06 10:41:05 PM): wow that sounds cool
    holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:41:24 PM): its all about your pleasure
    nahtasha (07/20/06 10:42:10 PM): thats cool to say but i bet u wouldnt really do that lol
    holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:42:23 PM): I bet you are wrong
    holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:42:25 PM): lol
    nahtasha (07/20/06 10:42:28 PM): lol i bet im not
    holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:42:47 PM): I KNOW you are wrong

    Hello long jail term, you are caused by the above.

    James Klein showed up at our sixth Dateline sting operation, the Harris County, Georgia sting. As readers of the site know, Georgia is showing the country HOW TO DO IT. Last year, predators arrested due to our evidence averaged 1.87 years in jail per conviction. With Harris County leading the way, that average should rise.

    Klein received a ten year sentence with a minimum of five years to serve. He also will have ten years of probation and needs to register as a sex offender for life once he's released from jail.

    Notes from the Contributor, Xavier Von Erck
    James Klein openly laughed about the potential of being arrested and having to register as a sex offender for life. You can download the recording and hear it for yourself. Ironic really, since that's exactly what has happened to him. Some people might say, \"Yeah, that's because what you're catching is a stupid guy, not a predator!\"

    And those people would be the stupid ones.

    Fact is, a guy like James Klein is the very definition of a predator. He knows what the law is. He knows what the penalties are. He simply cares more for the idea of taking a young kid sexually than the idea of going to jail for it. That's a predator. It's not stupidity, but obsession. To drive hours in the face of that potential negative outcome for him showed just how much a potential positive outcome for him meant to him.

    Great work to everyone in Harris County and all the good police backing them up, whether they be from the state bureau of investigation or those that joined us from the federal government. Nice work and we hope they're as happy with the result as we are.

    This is our 155th conviction since June of 2004 and our 34th conviction for 2007 so far.