• Conviction - herrhollrah / unlistedunseen - Norman, Oklahoma

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    File originally posted on 12/13/2009 9:02 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/13/2009 9:02 AM PST

    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:39:47 PM): I thought I fell in love last year
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:39:51 PM): I am lonely
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:39:55 PM): selfish
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:39:58 PM): pathetic
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:40:03 PM): I never met this person
    chelss_wut_elss (02/27/07 3:40:11 PM): huh
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:40:12 PM): it was this damed yahoo
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:40:40 PM): she requested (demanded) that I write her stories
    chelss_wut_elss (02/27/07 3:40:46 PM): dang
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:40:46 PM): and I did
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:40:54 PM): they were...explicit
    chelss_wut_elss (02/27/07 3:40:59 PM): huh
    chelss_wut_elss (02/27/07 3:41:01 PM): o
    chelss_wut_elss (02/27/07 3:41:02 PM): sex?
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:41:06 PM): I wrote her 4 of them
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:41:08 PM): yes
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:41:40 PM): we ended our relationship on Jan 02 of this year
    chelss_wut_elss (02/27/07 3:41:52 PM): oh
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:41:52 PM): and I have not and will never try to reach her
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:41:57 PM): ever
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:42:10 PM): you will hate me
    chelss_wut_elss (02/27/07 3:42:17 PM): why???
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:42:23 PM): she was 15
    chelss_wut_elss (02/27/07 3:42:29 PM): o
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:42:37 PM): she was not of good moral character
    chelss_wut_elss (02/27/07 3:42:39 PM): y wud i hate u?
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:42:52 PM): and had confessed to me that for about a year before we met
    herrhollrah (02/27/07 3:43:01 PM): she was a cyber-slut
    No, what she was was a child that you were grooming to have sex with, just as you were our decoy, you predatory scumbag.

    Christopher Hollrah was arrested twice around the same time. Once for his solicitation of a real 15 year old girl, which included masturbating on webcam in front of her, prompting the visit from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Shortly afterward, he was arrested for his chat with our decoy.

    For both cases, he was charged with a count of lewd, indecent proposal to a child. He pled guilty to both, receiving two sentences of 15 years in prison (unfortunately suspended), fines, DNA submission, and registration as a sex offender. We find it a bit ridiculous that he got off with no prison time (unless he violates the terms of his restrictions), particularly since he was attempting to corrupt a real child, but at least he's a RSO.

    This is our 482nd conviction since June of 2004, our 177th conviction for 2009, and our 13th conviction in Oklahoma thus far.