• Conviction - daddywants2playnokc - Chickasha, OK, Oklahoma

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    File originally posted on 6/3/2008 6:19 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 6/3/2008 6:19 PM PST

    daddywants2playnokc (01/27/07 4:19:02 PM): what would u want me 2 do?
    chelss_wut_elss (01/27/07 4:19:08 PM): well
    chelss_wut_elss (01/27/07 4:19:09 PM): idk
    chelss_wut_elss (01/27/07 4:19:13 PM): wutever
    chelss_wut_elss (01/27/07 4:19:20 PM): a s long as u dont hit me
    chelss_wut_elss (01/27/07 4:19:25 PM): or hurt me like
    daddywants2playnokc (01/27/07 4:19:43 PM): that wont ever happen babe
    chelss_wut_elss (01/27/07 4:19:47 PM): y
    daddywants2playnokc (01/27/07 4:19:53 PM): not a mean guy
    chelss_wut_elss (01/27/07 4:19:56 PM): u got sumthin specal u like to do?
    daddywants2playnokc (01/27/07 4:20:10 PM): yesssssss
    chelss_wut_elss (01/27/07 4:20:20 PM): wut
    daddywants2playnokc (01/27/07 4:20:52 PM): lick and suck your pussy untill u cum in my mouth

    We're convinced that anytime anyone that writes "yesssssss", it should be looked at with concern.

    Bobby Creech Thomas showed up at our Walters, Oklahoma sting operation. He was utterly creepy. His picture that he sent looks like a psychopath. Unfortunately for the world, he typed like one and ended up being a sexual psychopath, really. It really was a pleasure to learn that he was arrested.

    Thomas was sentenced to five years in prison with six more years suspended. So, when he gets out in 2013, he'll have to walk the straight and narrow or he goes back to prison for yet another six years. We really like those sentences, they are very sweet.

    Contributor notes from Noel Nog
    Bobby Creech Thomas may be the sterotypical Internet pedophile. He was a creepy-looking guy who pushed hard to meet my fourteen-year-old persona almost immediately. He tried to get her to sneak out of the house. He wanted her to get a ride to the mall so he could meet her there. He even suggested that he drive by her house [b]posing as a friend's father[/b] to pick her up. He chatted about drugs, sex toys, and threesomes. He informed her that he had reserved a room at the Best Western for the two of them. He knew it was wrong to have sex with a minor, but at one point said to her, "u r worth the risk".

    Bobby showed up at the bust house with an assortment of sex toys, drugs, drug paraphenalia and, I believe, a Strawberry Limeade that the verifier had asked him to pick up from Sonic.

    I want to thank the Walters, Oklahoma, police for being so proactive in keeping their children safe. And I would like to thank that most stalwart verifier, Lookingtotheskies, for staying on the phone with Bobby for so long.

    This is our 276th conviction since June of 2004 and our 14th conviction for 2008 thus far.