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    File originally posted on 10/15/2013 2:06 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/15/2013 2:06 PM PST

    ems51842002 (10/19/08 12:17:12 AM): can i come over tomorrow?
    madforhotpinkplaid (10/19/08 12:17:29 AM): you really want to?
    ems51842002 (10/19/08 12:17:35 AM): yes
    ems51842002 (10/19/08 12:17:39 AM): you want me to?
    madforhotpinkplaid (10/19/08 12:17:41 AM): what do you want to do?
    ems51842002 (10/19/08 12:18:01 AM): just hang out
    ems51842002 (10/19/08 12:18:07 AM): what do you want to do
    madforhotpinkplaid (10/19/08 12:18:11 AM): up to you
    madforhotpinkplaid (10/19/08 12:18:14 AM): anything you want
    ems51842002 (10/19/08 12:18:57 AM): youll be my little bitch?

    Nice, Eric. You want a little girl to be your bitch? Such a class act.

    Eric started asking the decoy to meet mere minutes after their first chat began, and it remained a common them throughout the chat. He hounded the decoy to find a time to meet for sex. He wasn't the most graphic of predators, but he was very clear about his intents. Clear enough to get himself two years probation, and the loss of his career as a pediatric dentist.

    Contributor notes from Marge Arita
    Eric Skulsky contacted my decoy profile during the build up for our Grand Rapids sting, the second sting we had in Michigan. At that time he was a dental student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He was also a very busy predator. In total, Skulsky has chatted with, or tried to chat with, 19 Perverted Justice decoy profiles, including three decoy profiles Malibu Breeze was using, and one Wayne County Deputy Sheriff who was also using a decoy profile.

    This was a very unique case. Unlike many other Michigan predators, Skulsky never sent porn or masterbated on webcam. He also did not show at either of the bust houses during our first two Michigan stings although he did have the addresses of both houses. The majority of the predators that were arrested because of our first two stings had done one or both of those. However, the Michigan Attorney Generals office arrested Skulsky on the basis of his chats because they thought he was a dangerous predator.

    Malibu Breeze and I flew to Michigan three times to testify in this case. It was a very stressful and emotional time for both Malibu and I as we were both dealing with some personal family issues. The first time I flew to Michigan, my daughter was 9 months pregnant with my first grandchild and I left on her due date. Fortunately my grand daughter waited until I could be there to make her appearance.

    The first time we flew to Michigan we were sent home because there was not a jury pool available for the trial. The second and third time we went to trial but the juries were hung both times. When polled a few jurors stated they voted not guilty because they didn't want to ruin a young man's life and send him to jail. We were prepared to fly to Michigan for a third trial. However, Skulsky decided to take a plea deal to avoid the third trial. He pled no contest and received two years probation. He does not have to register as a sex offender. While the sentence is not the best, Skulsky pled no contest to a felony and he will no longer be able to get a license to be a dentist. This is important because he wanted to be a pediatric dentist. At the time of this posting he is still facing a charge of possessing child sexually abusive material because child porn was found on his computer during the investigation.

    There are several people I would like to thank. First, I want to thank my daughter for all her support and understanding. I would also like to thank Alison Furtaw, Mike Ondeijko and Dennis Kapelanski of the Michigan Attorney Generals office and the deputy from the Wayne County Sheriffs Internet Crime Unit for the great work they do. I would like to thank John English, the defendent's attorney. Thanks to PeeJ Contributor Coco Lopez who came to the courthouse during the first trial and kept us company while we were waiting to testify.

    Also, a very special thanks to Malibu Breeze for her support and guidance during the trials. We spent quite a bit of time together in Michigan and it was great getting to know the witty and exuberant woman that Malibu is.

    This is our 556th conviction since June of 2004.