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    File originally posted on 5/29/2007 7:02 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/29/2007 7:02 PM PST

    eveready122 (2:05:54 PM): no u can call me anytime.actually i would love for u to call me now leslie.lol
    Leslie (2:06:28 PM): itd hafta be later wen I go out ok
    Leslie (2:06:32 PM): hes got tha fone
    eveready122 (2:06:34 PM): 415-395-6120
    Leslie (2:06:36 PM): the phone
    eveready122 (2:06:40 PM): my names tony
    Leslie (2:06:40 PM): man i cant type
    Leslie (2:07:10 PM): sorry
    Leslie (2:07:17 PM): i know :)
    eveready122 (2:07:20 PM): thats cool.so are you open to the idea of dating a much older guy there leslie in real life
    Leslie (2:07:24 PM): yo anthony lol
    eveready122 (2:07:32 PM): lol
    Leslie (2:07:39 PM): dunno ru ok w/ me bein 13
    eveready122 (2:07:54 PM): ya as long as your not a cop or something.lol
    Well, we're not cops... but we know some :)

    Abraham Koujababian sent the requisite \"big arms\" picture. Of course, when he arrived he didn't quite fit the mold. However, he did fit the mold of an internet sexual predator which is what got him arrested, convicted and featured on Dateline NBC's \"To Catch a Predator\" Riverside special.

    Since then, Abraham has been finding something not as fun as the promised land as he received a 18 month sentence in California prison along with lifetime registered sexual offender status and a nice healthy spell of probation after his release in a year and a half. Make sure to read the Contributor comments on a most-shocking aspect of this case.

    Notes from the Contributor, Captain Morgan
    Man is this guy a piece of work. He hit upon my underage persona during the Riverside, CA Dateline \"To Catch A Predator\" GMB. Not only did he hit on my persona, but he hit upon those of some other contributors as well. Did he stop there? Noooo.

    After being arrested, bail bonded and appearing in court several times proclaiming his innocence? Yeah, he hit on yet another contributor's underage persona about a month ago. I immediately contacted the Riverside D.A.'s office and filled them in. They brought it to the attention of the courts. After this, Tony gave up the fight and changed his plea from not guilty to guilty as charged.

    The sentencing was on Friday. Tony received 1 1/2 years in prison and will be a lifetime RSO. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

    Thank you to everyone who helped work on this case and a big thank you to Punkiegirl for some outstanding verification calls. Special thanks to Deputy D.A. John Henry and Heidi Chebahtah from Riverside County for everything.

    Enjoy your stay, Tony.

    This is our 193rd conviction since June of 2004 and our 72nd conviction for 2007 so far.