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    File originally posted on 7/25/2007 9:22 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 7/25/2007 9:22 PM PST

    bpvmo (9:48:54 PM): u wont laugh,right?
    susie92sup (9:49:00 PM): noo
    susie92sup (9:49:03 PM): y wud i laugh
    bpvmo (9:49:34 PM): cuz i show u my average cock..:\">
    susie92sup (9:49:44 PM): i wudnt laugh
    bpvmo (9:50:37 PM): hes asleep,you will have to wake him up,ok.
    susie92sup (9:50:44 PM): lol
    bpvmo (9:51:28 PM): no action 4 him...booo:(
    susie92sup (9:51:31 PM): ilol
    susie92sup (9:51:38 PM): i cud if i cud talk 2 u
    susie92sup (9:51:39 PM): lol
    bpvmo (9:51:59 PM): u want to talk 2 him?
    susie92sup (9:52:08 PM): lol
    susie92sup (9:52:12 PM): does he talk
    bpvmo (9:53:00 PM): of course!but,he has to be awake first..;)
    susie92sup (9:53:08 PM): lol
    susie92sup (9:53:19 PM):
    susie92sup (9:53:24 PM): did that work
    bpvmo (9:53:24 PM): lol
    bpvmo (9:53:30 PM): nope
    bpvmo (9:53:36 PM): try again
    susie92sup (9:53:56 PM): its ok if u dont want 2 show me
    susie92sup (9:54:08 PM): wats his name
    susie92sup (9:54:09 PM): lol
    bpvmo (9:54:30 PM): u name him,he's urs nowB-)
    susie92sup (9:54:37 PM): lol
    bpvmo (9:55:18 PM): well.....:-w
    susie92sup (9:55:36 PM): how about icky

    Sometimes we just have to be honest. Icky indeed. That, by the way, was a grown man talking about his penis. What a world.

    Brandon Veldhuizen is a jackass who types really dumb things about his penis to what he thinks are kids. That means we're doubly happy to have him take a seat in our illustrious town of convictions known as \"Convictiontown.\"

    Brandon hit us up a year and a half ago in Arizona. Now, he gets to spend another year in Arizona... this time in jail. He also gets supervised probation for ten years, lifetime registration as a sex offender and a bunch of various fines.

    Contributor notes from Chandra Chai
    Brandon first made contact with my decoy profile in an AZ chatroom back in October of 2005. Brandon was quite the \"showman.\" He masturbated on web cam too many times to count. He told me straight out that he did not care who watched, he just wanted as many people to watch him as he could.

    He was a truly strange individual. He called himself a freak and I tend to agree with him. I'm just so glad that he is off the streets. He certainly was \"Icky.\"

    The breaks in the chats were while I was working with different Law Enforcement Agencies to arrange a meet. By the time we would have things set up, enough time had gone by for him to change his mind. But he always came back.
    I worked with several different agencies in AZ. They were all helpful and cooperative. Special appreciation must go to the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office and especially Detective Theresa Kennedy for her perseverance and dedication to bringing Brandon to justice.

    This conviction shows that they don't have to actually show up to a meet in order to be convicted and serve time. Men who masturbate on web cam are no different than those who expose themselves. They cause the same emotional damage and can reach a wider audience using the internet. Worse yet, unlike the pervert exposing himself in the park, no one but the child knows he's doing it.

    This is our 206th conviction since June of 2004 and our 85th conviction for 2007 so far.