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    [b]skydivescout82[/b] (07/05/09 10:13:35 PM): u havw sleep overs with ur friends?
    lilredhead_1996 (07/05/09 10:13:41 PM): ya
    lilredhead_1996 (07/05/09 10:13:47 PM): did lots of times last week
    [b]skydivescout82[/b] (07/05/09 10:14:14 PM): did u ever go topless or see each other naked?
    lilredhead_1996 (07/05/09 10:14:24 PM): when we r changin sometimes
    [b]skydivescout82[/b] (07/05/09 10:14:41 PM): of ur friends who has the biggest boobs?
    lilredhead_1996 (07/05/09 10:14:53 PM): i guess silk lol
    [b]skydivescout82[/b] (07/05/09 10:15:04 PM): how much bigger then urs?
    lilredhead_1996 (07/05/09 10:15:11 PM): idk
    lilredhead_1996 (07/05/09 10:15:13 PM): some
    lilredhead_1996 (07/05/09 10:15:26 PM): shes on my myspace
    lilredhead_1996 (07/05/09 10:15:33 PM): thers a pic of her
    lilredhead_1996 (07/05/09 10:15:37 PM): on hers
    [b]skydivescout82[/b] (07/05/09 10:15:51 PM): u just see them top less or nude?
    lilredhead_1996 (07/05/09 10:16:21 PM): like i guess when we was changin
    lilredhead_1996 (07/05/09 10:16:30 PM): i didnt like pay atention lol
    [b]skydivescout82[/b] (07/05/09 10:16:54 PM): did u like seeing them?
    What a sick creep. What exactly do you think happens at the sleepovers of 12 year olds, Barry? Disgusting.

    Barry Louis Marshall was arrested in the fall of 2009 in Iron County, Utah. He was a serial offender, though this was the first time he was actually arrested for trying to meet a child. He ended up pleading guilty to a 3rd degree felony charge of enticing a minor online. He received 90 days in jail, 36 months probation, and he had to register as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Blue Bonnet
    Barry Marshall isn't very bright. This is the second time he was caught hitting up what he thought was a child AND he didn't even bother to change his screen names. The Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Investigations Bureau had a case against Marshall last year while he was in post training at their Dixie State College satellite academy. He was removed from the academy but didn't face any further charges. Fortunately, the second time he used these two screen names, he was caught by Perverted Justice.

    Law enforcement didn't wait for him to show up to meet a child. The jobs Marshall held gave him possible access to children in their homes and summer camps where he also volunteered. Marshall worked in campus security at SUU, and he also worked part time for Iron County Ambulance. He no longer works for any of these companies, and he also was suspended from his fraternity. He was a physical education major at SUU. Hopefully this conviction will prevent him from having access to future children through his job choices.

    I want to thank Nic Johnson and the Iron County Sheriff's department for all of the work they do to protect children. I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity I had to work with them.

    This is our 535th conviction since June of 2004 and our 3rd conviction for 2011.