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    File originally posted on 10/26/2009 8:59 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/26/2009 8:59 PM PST

    schutzea (09/11/08 6:00:52 PM): by living far away we can get to know each other better
    schutzea (09/11/08 6:00:58 PM): at least on here
    raeganoreilly (09/11/08 6:03:06 PM): ure confusing me
    schutzea (09/11/08 6:03:14 PM): sorry
    schutzea (09/11/08 6:04:56 PM): how do you want to get to know me
    schutzea (09/11/08 6:05:02 PM): what do you want to know
    raeganoreilly (09/11/08 6:05:11 PM): idk. everything
    schutzea (09/11/08 6:05:39 PM): what are your goals in life
    schutzea (09/11/08 6:05:53 PM): i am a country boy
    schutzea (09/11/08 6:06:02 PM): not big on neighbors
    schutzea (09/11/08 6:06:25 PM): i like to go outside any time i want even if it is in my boxers
    schutzea (09/11/08 6:06:39 PM): i like to snowmobile and fourwheeling
    schutzea (09/11/08 6:06:47 PM): i like walks in the woods
    schutzea (09/11/08 6:06:56 PM): i like seeing the sun raise and set
    schutzea (09/11/08 6:07:07 PM): i like looking at the stars
    schutzea (09/11/08 6:07:22 PM): i like tractor pulling
    raeganoreilly (09/11/08 6:08:25 PM): thats awesome
    The decoy was pretending to be a little too nice. That really isn't awesome, but what is awesome is that you're not seeing the sun rise and set nor looking at the stars anymore, Andrew.

    Andrew Paul Schutze thought he could avoid a conviction by fighting the case in front of a jury of his peers, but what he found out was that people in Michigan really look down upon adults attempting to molest children. Malibu Breeze did a great job testifying and helped put this country boy behind bars, where he can't \"get to know\" any children \"better.\" Upon his release, he'll be an RSO, which with any luck will put a lifetime barrier between him any any potential victims.

    Contributor notes from Malibu Breeze

    Andrew Schutze was a groomer. He started out slow, careful not to overstep too quickly. Once he was comfortable, however, he was full speed ahead. He was offered a plea bargain. He turned it down. What he didn't realize is that I would be willing to testify, or that the conversation he had with another little girl was actually with an investigator with the Michigan Attorney General's Office. I don't think he expected that to come back to haunt him. It did. He's now serving a minimum three year sentence and will be registered as a sex offender. His plea bargain was for half the time. How sweet the taste of justice is.

    This is our 345th conviction since June of 2004, our 42nd conviction for 2009, and our 24th conviction in Michigan thus far.