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    dukered2000 (07/25/09 8:50:56 PM): U KNOW WHO JOHN WAYNE IS RIGHT
    scooperstar13 (07/25/09 8:51:13 PM): uhm he is a cowboy right
    dukered2000 (07/25/09 8:51:28 PM): WAS A COWBOY MOVIE STAR YES
    dukered2000 (07/25/09 8:51:34 PM): HE WAS MY HERO
    scooperstar13 (07/25/09 8:51:36 PM): yay i was right
    scooperstar13 (07/25/09 8:51:39 PM): oh really
    dukered2000 (07/25/09 8:51:43 PM): YES U WERE
    scooperstar13 (07/25/09 8:51:46 PM): :D
    dukered2000 (07/25/09 8:51:49 PM): HE WAS
    scooperstar13 (07/25/09 8:51:52 PM): whys he your hero
    dukered2000 (07/25/09 8:52:12 PM): FOR WHAT HE STOOD FOR.
    dukered2000 (07/25/09 8:52:24 PM): FOR AMERICA, THE FIGHTING MEN AND THAT
    scooperstar13 (07/25/09 8:53:01 PM): that sounds like a good hero
    dukered2000 (07/25/09 8:53:07 PM): SURE WAS
    dukered2000 (07/25/09 8:53:44 PM): OH WOW
    scooperstar13 (07/25/09 8:53:47 PM): what
    dukered2000 (07/25/09 8:53:53 PM): YOUR CUTE
    John Wayne would have kicked this guy right in his mouth

    Eugene Cole was a creepy old predator throwing his penis around on cam to anyone of any age he could find. Of course, the sixty-six decorated war veteran really liked the thirteen year old decoy he hit up and propositioned. Of course, he liked a lot of kids, as they found child pornography in his residence as well.

    The trial judge put it very well: You spend 20 years of your life protecting the people of this country and then you commit these crimes and do just the opposite, said Judge Timothy P. Pickard. I cant fathom what it is you did here. Its something my mind cant comprehend. You're telling us, judge, the actions of these guys are completely foreign to most sane people.

    Cole got 23 months to 10 years for the child porn and a concurrent 23 month to 4 year sentence for the solicitation. Hopefully it's more towards the ten years, but being 66 and in jail, he may not even make it that long.

    Contributor notes from Star Kist
    Eugene Howard Cole, Sr., age 66, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Decorated war veteran with a 20-year career in the Navy. Sounds nice doesn't it? For most people, this would be a wonderful time of life. Spoiling the grand kids, enjoying retirement and basking in the love of family. However, Gene had a few secrets. He possessed child pornography and solicited who he believed to be a 13 year old for sex. He also liked to \"GO ON CAM TOTALLY NAKED AND SHOW THE WOMEN AND GIRLS WHAT I HAVE\". Now he is in jail where he belongs.

    The one thing Gene didn't do is show up for a meet. But, in Michigan they don't let people like Gene continue to prey on children. Law Enforcement and the Attorney General's Office are working diligently to make Michigan a safer place for the most vulnerable of society, our children.

    This is our 541st conviction since June of 2004 and our 9th conviction for 2011.