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    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 12/12/2008 7:56 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/12/2008 7:56 PM PST

    Naproxin [5:20 P.M.]: hey Luke
    Naproxin [5:20 P.M.]: where u been bud
    Stadyumsux [5:20 P.M.]: i be here but you not
    Naproxin [5:21 P.M.]: i am here now
    Naproxin [5:21 P.M.]: i was on this morning, last night, night b4
    Naproxin [5:21 P.M.]: no Luke
    Naproxin [5:21 P.M.]: :'(
    Stadyumsux [5:21 P.M.]: i been on and off
    Naproxin [5:21 P.M.]: u didnt read my mail
    Naproxin [5:21 P.M.]: about u calling me
    Naproxin [5:22 P.M.]: i kept checking
    Stadyumsux [5:22 P.M.]: i did just dont want to bug u
    Naproxin [5:22 P.M.]: u DON"T bug me
    Naproxin [5:22 P.M.]: i LIKE YOU!
    Naproxin [5:22 P.M.]: call me ANYTIME YOU WANT!
    Naproxin [5:22 P.M.]: ok?
    No, it wasn't okay. Now go back to jail.

    Robert Nebens was arrested in our January 2006 Riverside sting operation. He was convicted and will serve around four years in jail for his crime. Of course, jail is no stranger to Robert Nebens, as the contributor blurb below points out quite well. Nebens is a good example of what makes these types of predators so dangerous.

    Contributor notes from Jay Alternative
    There is often debate in the Perverted-Justice forums as to can a pedophile be rehabilitated. Not long ago I had a very interesting conversation with a Prosecuting Attorney on one of my cases who defined the clinical definition of pedophilia. This then lead into the sub classifications of child molesters, boy/girl lovers, and child voyeurism/pornography. Robert Mark Nebens falls into several of these clinical definitions and reaffirms my belief these people cannot be successfully rehabilitated.

    The following is one of several news stories about Nebens prior to his contacting my 13 year old character:

    US Teacher arrested in Internet porn sting
    According to CNN, a New York teacher who claimed he was a child psychologist in an online chat room was arrested in Florida and charged with interstate travel with the purpose of engaging in sex with a person under 18 on July 12, 1997. Robert M. Nebens, of Pound Ridge, New York, was also charged Friday with interstate travel with interstate transportation of child pornography. Nebens, 37, arranged to meet a 13-year-old boy in Florida for a sexual liaison after the two met in an America Online chat room called "Barely Legal: Male-for-Male." But the "boy" was a woman who helped the FBI set up a sting that led to the arrest. He arrived in Miami toting dozens of pornographic computer disks. According to an affidavit filed Friday, Nebens bragged of meeting five other boys online and having sexual contact with them. He is reportedly a teacher at Fox Meadow School in Scarsdale, New York, a wealthy New York City suburb.

    Robert M. Nebens was released from Federal prison on 2/10/2004. At the time of he made contact with my 13 year old character, his AOL profile showed a creation date of 02/20/04. Ten days after his release and also in violation of the conditions of his probation. During my first week working California's Inland Empire chat rooms on AOL, Nebens screen name, Naproxin, initiated contact with my 13 year old character Luke. As you read through the chat log, you will see how quickly Nebens progressed the grooming process and obviously knew Luke was an ideal target. Fortunately, I was Luke and the Riverside County Sheriffs Deputies were present for the arranged meeting with Nebens.

    Nebens had a lengthy trial process since he was first extradited from Riverside County California back to the Miami Federal Courts to face violation of his probation. Upon his release from his second stay in Federal Prison, he was then extradited back to Riverside County to face charges. Many thanks for the patience and perseverance of the Riverside County District Attorney's office and the man who pulled this all together Detective Sheldon of the Riverside County Sheriffs Department.

    Robert Nebens family obviously has some deep pockets and continue to support his legal battles by funding his high priced lawyers. Upon his release I am sure, like last time, he will be taken in by family, have access to a computer or children, and strike again. I will close as I opened my writeup. You cannot rehabilitate these individuals. They are and always will be a plague on our society.

    This is our 301st conviction since June of 2004 and our 40th conviction for 2008 thus far.