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    Report made 12/16/2009 9:14 AM PST

    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:21:31 PM): last weekend i made my boys waffels, pancakes dipping eggs bacon sausage and toast
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:21:34 PM): what did u have
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:21:35 PM): wow
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:21:47 PM): thats alot
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:22:06 PM): i went out this morninf to big boy all you can eat
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:22:23 PM): they ate it all
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:22:31 PM): wow lol
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:22:40 PM): they live with u?
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:22:42 PM): there mom never cooks unless it micro
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:22:52 PM): i wish
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:23:06 PM): tues thurs and every other weeekend
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:23:30 PM): 1200 a month in child support
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:23:53 PM): to be honest
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:24:01 PM): 300 a week
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:24:06 PM): sucks
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:24:15 PM): wow
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:24:17 PM): so i`m not rick...lol
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:24:26 PM): wow
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:24:37 PM): rich
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:24:52 PM): i do allright though
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:25:02 PM): looks like it :)
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:25:18 PM): u wish they lived with u?
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:26:08 PM): 10,000 later yes
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:26:19 PM): i fought so hard
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:26:54 PM): shes about the money\
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:26:59 PM): :(
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:27:04 PM): yea
    justmetoddray (10/05/08 8:27:12 PM): they cry when they leave
    Yeah, you care so much about getting your little boys back that you go online and get yourself arrested for trying to molest a different little kid. Father of the year material, right here.

    Todd Joseph Ray was arrested as part of the Grand Rapids, Michigan sting in October, 2008. He was charged with child sexually abusive commercial activity, and after jerking around the prosecution several times about whether or not the case was going to trial, he finally decided it was smart to take a plea deal. He received a sentence of 18 months to 20 years in prison, and he had to pay fines. He did not have to register as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    Todd Joseph Ray portrayed himself as educated, well-off, and as having an impressive career. He bragged about his lake, his vehicles, his home, his father's horses, and his job as an engineer and private contractor. He seemed proud of his life. He is also proud of his two young sons. Todd talked about his boys often during the chat, shared pictures of them and attempted to represent himself as a good and loving father. That made me very sad. All I could think of while he was saying these things was WHY are you hitting on a child, when you want to be a good father? That is messed up - very messed up. I looked at the pictures he was sending to me of his children, and felt very sorry for them, knowing what their father was capable of.

    Of course, it's possible that the bragging about his life and his children might just have been his way of grooming a young girl for sex. After all, he did offer to buy the child things, and to do all kinds of fun things with her, such as horseback riding and paint ball. He may have been using his fatherly image to make the child feel safe with him. Whatever his methods for seducing the child, his intentions were clear. Believing that he was chatting with a 14 year old virgin, he very carefully worked his true intentions into the chat, wanting to be her \"first\", and saying that he would \"have to go down for a while\" \"so it wount hurt as much\". He asked to meet, and when my minor persona finally agreed to his request, he drove to Grand Rapids - but only after he went to his kids' football game. A few hours after attending his sons' football game, he traveled to molest a child. Again, that's messed up. Luckily, it was not a real child waiting there for him.

    Todd Joseph Ray was arrested during an operation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Predators in Michigan really should just give it up. With Attorney General Mike Cox, his very capable and professional prosecutors, and the fine law enforcement officers all working to protect the children of Michigan, predators must know by now that attempting to molest a child is going to eventually land them in jail. The morning of Todd Ray's trial, I was waiting to testify when I learned that he pleaded guilty at the last moment. He was sentenced to 18 months to 20 years in prison.

    Thanks to KayKar and CookieCrisp for their hard work as the phone verifiers on this case.

    This is our 498th conviction since June of 2004, our 193rd conviction for 2009, and our 64th conviction in Michigan thus far.