• Conviction - JDC074 and Sgps malaysia - San Pedro, California

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    File originally posted on 1/30/2006 5:24 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/30/2006 5:44 PM PST

    This conviction is NOT from the Dateline III/Riverside County Sheriff's Department sting... rather it's an arrest we obtained with Riverside last year who is just coming to fruition now. These are the sorts of cases that laid the groundwork for our later successes in this great county. In this case, James Carol pled guilty to attempted lewd or lascivious act with a child age 14 or 15 and distributing harmful matter to minor w/ intent to seduce.

    Sgps malaysia [7:02 P.M.]: want to go see a movie later
    Torpedo Dorito [7:02 P.M.]: I'm not allowed out unless i tell mom before she goes to work
    Sgps malaysia [7:02 P.M.]: thats cool
    Sgps malaysia [7:03 P.M.]: u can always look at my pics and jack off

    Well, no need for us to do that, but James Carol will need to do the following:
    A. He'll need to serve 270 days in jail
    B. Pay the state's court costs of prosecuting him
    C. Register as a sexual offender
    D. Submit to searches of his home, personal property or other belongings with or without probable cause by his probation officer or any other law enforcement official,
    E. Not associate with any unrelated minor, unless accompanied by a responsible adult approved by the probation officer.
    F. Stay away from places where minors congregate, such as locations especially designated for use by minors.
    G. Not work at any position where minors are present.
    H. Reside at a residence approved by his probation officer and not move without the prior approval of the state.
    I. Participate and complete at offender's expense any counseling, rehabilitation/treatment program deemed appropriate by his probation officer.
    J. Not own or possess any firearm or any other deadly weapon such as knives and incideniary devices.
    K. Not associate with anyone on probation or parole.
    L. Disclose all email and internet accounts, passwords, access codes and all means of access to computers to probation officer.
    M. Not engage in any communication over the internet with anyone under eighteen or anyone identifying themselves as a minor.

    Sure, we didn't get all of the alphabet in there, but we got most of it.

    Notes from the Contributor, Jay Alternative
    Today James Carol was sentenced to justice. It is a happy ending knowing he will serve deserved time and have monitored probation when he hits the real world.

    I am indebted forever to Detective Sheldon and the Riverside Sheriffs department for helping us keep this individual from our children. The PJ crew all kicked in and gave them the information they needed to bring this person to justice.

    The fight never ends.....nor do we.

    This is Jay Alternative's seventh overall conviction while working for Perverted-Justice.com (Not to mention, third for January 2006), our sixth conviction in California, our 45th conviction since June of 2004 and hey, our fifth conviction for January of 2006 and 2006 thus far in general. Thanks to Riverside Sheriff's and prosecutor's office for being such great partners in yet another successful conviction.