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Perverted Justice mark: Todd, 37
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Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit mystyk_roses, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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July 20th, 2006

x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:56:24 PM): cute pic :) (He looked at the underage photo in the profile before ever saying hi.)
mystyk_roses (10:56:50 PM):its cuz im cute
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:57:09 PM): heh...looks that way
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:57:14 PM): how're you doing tonite?
mystyk_roses (10:57:47 PM): strtin to get tired ive been up0 allday
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:58:11 PM): well that should scoot to bed then ;)
mystyk_roses (10:58:29 PM): in a few
mystyk_roses (10:58:36 PM): wt r u doin up
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:58:57 PM): surfing...the usual late night fare
mystyk_roses (10:59:34 PM): yeah
mystyk_roses (10:59:39 PM): f 14 ga wt abt u (Age has been stated)
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:00:07 PM): whoa....yer pretty young... oopsee ...i'm (or 37 whatever.)
mystyk_roses (11:00:57 PM): 14 isnt young ill be a frehsman
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:01:29 PM): a lil too young to be flirting with maybe lol (His common sense's dying words. )
mystyk_roses (11:02:35 PM): whtever
mystyk_roses (11:02:45 PM): i talk to a bunch of peple
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:03:24 PM): well in that case.... :D
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:03:27 PM): heh
mystyk_roses (11:06:39 PM): what do u eman
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:06:59 PM): i meant that i would continue to flirt then :)
mystyk_roses (11:07:25 PM): oh ha ok
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:08:44 PM): you live in or around atlanta?
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:08:47 PM): i do :)
mystyk_roses (11:09:56 PM): i live closer to columbus i knwo ti takes us abt an hour to get to atl
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:10:07 PM): ah...yeah...i know where that is
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:10:42 PM): do you have a cam? :)
mystyk_roses (11:11:08 PM): i wish dad wont let me says my firned sknow wt i look like u got one
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:11:34 PM): lol....yeah i do
mystyk_roses (11:11:54 PM): thats cool
mystyk_roses (11:12:00 PM): i want 1
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:12:14 PM): i'll sneak ya over one heh (15 minutes and he already mentions coming over. )
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:16:34 PM): but then, i'd probably end up wanting to give ya bit more than the cam.... ;) (19 minutes and he alludes to sex )
mystyk_roses (11:16:41 PM): OMG i just saw ur prof ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:16:47 PM): heh
mystyk_roses (11:16:59 PM): y u want to show that ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:17:07 PM): enh....why not
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:17:08 PM): lol
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:17:13 PM): i like it ;)
mystyk_roses (11:17:51 PM): i couldn puta pic liek that up for me id be embarrsed
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:18:06 PM): heyyyy....yer not sposed to be able to view \"adult profiles\" tsk tsk
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:18:21 PM): don't have to pst the pic like that...just send it ;)
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:18:22 PM): heh
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:18:26 PM): post*
mystyk_roses (11:20:05 PM): yahoo is stupid all u have to do is sign up with a difrnt bday duh
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:20:27 PM): i know ..i was just razzin ya
mystyk_roses (11:20:39 PM): so wt do u relaly look liek
mystyk_roses (11:20:45 PM): u seen me on my prof
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:20:55 PM): shaved head...goatee
mystyk_roses (11:21:32 PM): well that can look like a million people i wanna se e a pic
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:21:41 PM): kk....brb
mystyk_roses (11:26:15 PM): my yahoo froze up i had to logoff u stillthere
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:26:20 PM): yeah
mystyk_roses (11:26:27 PM): ok
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:27:33 PM): you freze up again?
mystyk_roses (11:27:36 PM): wht r u doin drawin a pic of urself ha
mystyk_roses (11:27:47 PM): no im waitin on u
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:27:49 PM): no....i sent it in the messenger window
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:27:55 PM): hmm
mystyk_roses (11:27:57 PM): id ont see anything
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:28:04 PM): lemme try something else
mystyk_roses (11:28:15 PM): put in ur prof or email me
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:29:10 PM): you can't do photosharing either? do you see the prompt?
mystyk_roses (11:29:22 PM): nothign happenen
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:29:26 PM): dammit
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:29:27 PM): lol
mystyk_roses (11:29:36 PM): u sure u knwo wht ur doin ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:29:40 PM): i do!!!
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:29:50 PM): c'mere....i'll show ya ;)
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:29:53 PM): grrrrrowr
mystyk_roses (11:29:56 PM): my yahoo is weird my fiend was swending me a pic and it woudnt do it either
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:30:01 PM): hmm
mystyk_roses (11:30:04 PM): haah just email me
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:30:09 PM): this sn of yours for email?
mystyk_roses (11:30:14 PM): yea
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:30:18 PM): kk
mystyk_roses (11:31:50 PM): nothin yet
mystyk_roses (11:32:47 PM): i dont think u realy exist ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:33:18 PM): :P
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:33:29 PM): in_hell_ex_hell mailage :D (Another of his accounts )
mystyk_roses (11:33:44 PM): huh
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:33:49 PM): you have mail
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:33:53 PM): from that name
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:33:56 PM): (me)
mystyk_roses (11:34:15 PM): ah there u are is that another sn for u
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:34:36 PM): yeah....the original set-up name on here....this is an alias :D
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:34:50 PM): i need to scoot to bed soon :(
mystyk_roses (11:35:19 PM): ha u be on tmr
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:35:36 PM): maybe...dunno
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:35:47 PM): you have any other pics, btw?
mystyk_roses (11:35:57 PM): well if u r im me dads leaving for atl for the wkened so ill prolly be on line a lot
mystyk_roses (11:36:05 PM): yeah wanna see another 1
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:36:09 PM): yeah :)
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:36:21 PM): leaving eh? need any company? heh (Another reference to coming over to visit a minor. )
mystyk_roses (11:36:41 PM): go to my profiel im gonna change it
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:36:46 PM): kk
mystyk_roses (11:36:53 PM): yeah sure come on over ha
mystyk_roses (11:37:20 PM): k i swapped photos
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:37:36 PM): ARE a cutie
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:37:44 PM): like i didn't know that already
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:38:08 PM): any bikini pics? ;) heh
mystyk_roses (11:38:25 PM): ha no i wear a 1 piece
mystyk_roses (11:38:37 PM): but dont have any pci fo that either ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:38:42 PM): let's go skinnydipping :D (Suggests getting naked with a child )
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:39:05 PM): i'll bring my camera :D (Suggests creating child porn )
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:39:05 PM): ha
mystyk_roses (11:39:45 PM): u serious
mystyk_roses (11:39:52 PM): i nver did that
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:40:06 PM): hell..... if you would, i would :D
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:40:36 PM): demmit....gonna get me all riled thinking about it, before bed heh
mystyk_roses (11:40:43 PM): well ad me to ur list so u knwo im online tmr
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:41:04 PM): kk
mystyk_roses (11:41:47 PM): wht time will u be on tmr do u have to work or somethin
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:42:03 PM): i work...i might be on around noon
mystyk_roses (11:42:37 PM): ok ill try to be here
mystyk_roses (11:42:50 PM): u sound kind of cool
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:42:59 PM): my name's Maxwell, btw
mystyk_roses (11:43:01 PM): never tlak to anyone like u b4
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:43:08 PM): really?
mystyk_roses (11:43:09 PM): hi im ahsley
mystyk_roses (11:43:14 PM): ashley
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:43:17 PM): cute name too..... figgers
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:43:18 PM): ;)
mystyk_roses (11:43:35 PM): ok so u gonna go to ebd now
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:43:49 PM): soon....going to go take care of something first (Yet another sexual reference. )
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:43:50 PM): :D
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:43:57 PM): have agood night
mystyk_roses (11:44:01 PM): wht u gonna do
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:44:10 PM): you don't wanna know :D (But I bet you are going to tell anyway. )
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:44:17 PM): *whistles innocently*\
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:44:19 PM): heh
mystyk_roses (11:44:35 PM): now u got me wondering wht
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:44:54 PM): well...ya know my profile pic.....?
mystyk_roses (11:45:01 PM): duh
mystyk_roses (11:45:06 PM): cant miss it
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:45:11 PM): i'ma do that (His profile pic is him pleasuring himself )
mystyk_roses (11:45:17 PM): hahaha oh
mystyk_roses (11:45:25 PM): well i got a question
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:45:28 PM): yeah?
mystyk_roses (11:45:48 PM): well first u mean ur gonan jack###
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:46:04 PM): yes, i am lol
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:46:12 PM): kind of a nightly thing
mystyk_roses (11:46:49 PM): ok well the boys at school will tease each other and say a boy does that and the boy will get mad and say I DO NTO and git pisse d why do they do that and u just tell me ur gonan do it
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:47:37 PM): because they're young...and embarrassed by it....boys like to make fun of other boys however they can
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:47:45 PM): i enjoy
mystyk_roses (11:47:50 PM): and ur not embaarassed
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:47:52 PM): nope
mystyk_roses (11:48:01 PM): ok i was just wondeing
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:48:13 PM): if i'm not having sex....then why not?
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:48:14 PM): lol
mystyk_roses (11:48:26 PM): i dont know u dont have a gf
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:48:34 PM): nope
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:48:48 PM): don't you masturbate? (Sizing up a minor's sexual experience. )
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:48:50 PM): :)
mystyk_roses (11:49:07 PM): no it seems liek ti be weird
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:49:21 PM): you've never masturbated?
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:49:25 PM): have you had sex? ( Sizing up a minor's sexual experience.)
mystyk_roses (11:49:48 PM): well we didnt have sex but i had a bf b4
mystyk_roses (11:50:00 PM): we kissed and stuff
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:50:01 PM): did you do \"anything\"? (..and yet again. )
mystyk_roses (11:50:09 PM): mostly just touching
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:50:12 PM): ah
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:50:26 PM): never watched him jack###? (... and again )
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:50:27 PM): heh
mystyk_roses (11:50:43 PM): no he never did that i saw
mystyk_roses (11:50:51 PM): i never saw it i mean
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:50:58 PM): lol
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:51:50 PM): when we go skinnydipping...i'll let ya watch lol (I can hardly wait. )
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:51:52 PM): j/k
mystyk_roses (11:52:04 PM): i dont mind
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:52:30 PM): oh really? hmm
mystyk_roses (11:52:56 PM): well it su doin it i dont care what u do
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:53:13 PM): but would ya watch? ( Sure.. make it the minor's decision.)
mystyk_roses (11:53:19 PM): sure
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:53:19 PM): if i did it
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:53:41 PM): that thought gets me hard ;)
mystyk_roses (11:54:16 PM): so what do u sound like u have a deep voice
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:54:22 PM): yeah i do
mystyk_roses (11:54:34 PM): can i hear it
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:54:43 PM): i don't have a mic
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:54:59 PM): do you?
mystyk_roses (11:55:30 PM): i did but i was celaing my room and the vacumm pulled out the wie and i stepped on it ha it wa s alittle one.
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:55:44 PM): ergh
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:55:46 PM): that sux
mystyk_roses (11:56:06 PM): i can clal u if u want
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:56:19 PM): naw...don't wanna wake up my roomie
mystyk_roses (11:56:21 PM): but ill have to sneak ot the lr and get hte phoen and bring it back
mystyk_roses (11:56:26 PM): oh ok
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:56:28 PM): although, i'd love to hear yer voice :)
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:56:49 PM): maybe some other time :)
mystyk_roses (11:56:55 PM): ok
mystyk_roses (11:57:18 PM): well my firend is supoosed to come ove rand hang for a hwile after dad leaves btu maybe sometime tmr
mystyk_roses (11:57:25 PM): i cant call while shes here
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:57:30 PM): ah
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:57:48 PM): why not? ...she'd rat ya out?
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:57:52 PM): lol
mystyk_roses (11:58:30 PM): well i dont know but i know she got mad at another firend then told what she did so i like her but i dont tell her any secrets or nothin that i dont want people to kno
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:58:45 PM): gotcha
mystyk_roses (11:59:08 PM): well ok go to bed im gonna go there 2
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:59:18 PM): kk....after ;)
mystyk_roses (11:59:31 PM): ltr 4 sure

July 21st, 2006

mystyk_roses ( 9:52:46 AM): good monring but ur not on so guess u went ot work
mystyk_roses ( 9:53:37 AM): i was just gonna tel u hat dad wont leave till 1 or so ill talk 2u latr

x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:04:01 AM): i'm on....just invisible3 :)'

mystyk_roses (12:52:31 PM): well u should hv said he faster ah r u still invis

x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:19:17 PM): back....still invisible :)

mystyk_roses ( 2:21:27 PM): ha im back i forgot i had turned it on
mystyk_roses ( 2:33:50 PM): ok so r u invis or gone
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:16:17 PM): back
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:16:21 PM): you there?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:16:27 PM): or are we playing tag again?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:16:28 PM): heh
mystyk_roses ( 3:16:28 PM): ha yeah im here where r u
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:16:38 PM): i'm at work....shhhh ;)
mystyk_roses ( 3:16:48 PM): ha what do u do
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:22:34 PM): i work at a theatre supply house type thing (Worked.. past tense. )
mystyk_roses ( 3:23:07 PM): cool
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:23:16 PM):'s alright
mystyk_roses ( 3:24:56 PM): so do u do sell costuems and makeup and stuff
mystyk_roses ( 3:25:04 PM): cux that woludl be cool
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:25:14 PM): some....and lighting and technical stuff
mystyk_roses ( 3:25:21 PM): id dress up all the time if i worked there ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:25:52 PM): you could wear an \"Eve\" costume... ;) (And back to the nakedness.. )
mystyk_roses ( 3:26:32 PM): u got leaves ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:26:43 PM): we do :)
mystyk_roses ( 3:26:50 PM): ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:26:50 PM): JUST the leaves
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:26:54 PM): yumness
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:26:55 PM): :D
mystyk_roses ( 3:27:39 PM): hope its not poison ivy
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:28:13 PM): naw....just leaves
mystyk_roses ( 3:28:37 PM): how long do u hv to work
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:30:08 PM): til 6
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:30:18 PM): but then i hafta get ready to go out
mystyk_roses ( 3:30:40 PM): go our wt r u gonna do
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:31:27 PM): clubbing tonight...barhopping
mystyk_roses ( 3:32:09 PM): sounds fun my friend is supoosed to come over and stay tongiht since dad left for the wkend dont knwo what we wil do
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:32:29 PM): guy friend or girl friend?
mystyk_roses ( 3:32:55 PM): shes a girl i told u i dont have a bf
mystyk_roses ( 3:32:58 PM): i htink i told u
mystyk_roses ( 3:33:06 PM): maybe i didnt i donttknow ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:33:14 PM): i dunno.......could be a guy ;) ;) sneaky sneaky
mystyk_roses ( 3:33:25 PM): shes not
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:33:32 PM): i figgered
mystyk_roses ( 3:33:54 PM): how lat u stay out when u go
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:34:10 PM): prolly 3
mystyk_roses ( 3:34:22 PM): wow thats late so gues su dont work tmr huh
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:34:31 PM): nope
mystyk_roses ( 3:35:31 PM): so wt r u doin tmr
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:36:13 PM): why?...wanting me to come over? heh
mystyk_roses ( 3:36:36 PM): well u could if u dont have nothign else to od
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:37:13 PM): i actually have plans already..... you'd actually wanna hang out with me? (Still suggesting getting together. )
mystyk_roses ( 3:37:46 PM): well if u already hv plans then u dont wanna come over i undrestnad
mystyk_roses ( 3:38:16 PM): hey do u answer the pheon at work can i cal u there
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:39:18 PM): we have phones...but we're not supposed to be taking personal calls...they're pretty strict about it
mystyk_roses ( 3:39:39 PM): i could call and ask abt costumes or sotmethign
mystyk_roses ( 3:41:42 PM): i dont wanna get u in trble ok never mind
mystyk_roses ( 3:52:11 PM): hello
mystyk_roses ( 4:00:44 PM): ok i gotta run im gonn abe on late tonite leave me a msg if u rally wanna come over cuz ill have to clean the house dont want to do extra work if i dont hv to ha bye
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 6:57:57 PM): sorry....had a bunch of customers to deal happens at work
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 6:57:57 PM): :|

July 22, 2006

mystyk_roses (12:01:00 AM): thats cool abt work i understadn im gonna go to bed now letme know wht tim ull be on tmr im not doing nothing all day

mystyk_roses (10:51:44 AM): how was ur nite did u have fun
mystyk_roses (10:52:01 AM): i woke up abotu 11

mystyk_roses (12:18:10 PM): ok im gonna be at my firends but will chek in leave me ur number if u want me to call u and see if u stillwanna come over ltr
mystyk_roses (11:33:28 PM): omg FINALLY have u tried to get on yahoo 2day i just got on a few mins ago
mystyk_roses (11:33:39 PM): its like majorly broke

July 23, 2006

x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 8:39:58 PM): just signed-on....was pretty much busy the whole weekend :|

July 24, 2006

mystyk_roses ( 9:26:18 AM): hiiii u were busy all wkend was it worik busy or fun busy i was boooorrrreeddd stuck ehre at home

x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:44:38 AM): was *hides head* fun-busy
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:44:42 AM): that sux
mystyk_roses ( 9:45:27 AM): huh whats that
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:45:46 AM): that you were bored all weekend....that sux
mystyk_roses ( 9:45:59 AM): ha no i mean hides head fun-busy
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:46:24 AM): i was hiding my head from ya.....cuz i had fun this weekend, and you didn't *guilt guilt guilt* lol
mystyk_roses ( 9:46:34 AM): ohhhhh ok
mystyk_roses ( 9:47:04 AM): i just wanted to hvae fun b4 school starts in a cpl weeks
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:47:15 AM): yeah....uinderstandable
mystyk_roses ( 9:47:28 AM): i guess i got oa coupel weeks to do somethin
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:47:35 AM): aw.....having me over would qualify as fun?
mystyk_roses ( 9:47:56 AM): i dont knwo u migbe be a dud ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:48:29 AM): :O
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:48:36 AM): in what dept.? ;)
mystyk_roses ( 9:49:08 AM): maybe ur funny online nad boring in person ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:49:26 AM): yeah....i've met people like that
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:49:37 AM): i might ba a tad more shy in person.....still silly though :D
mystyk_roses ( 9:50:01 AM): thats cool u working now
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:50:07 AM): yeppers
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:50:11 AM): unfortunately....
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:50:18 AM): and i need to ghet back to it soon :(
mystyk_roses ( 9:50:22 AM): well at lest i dont havta work hahaha
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:50:28 AM): no chit......lucky you
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:50:31 AM): ;)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:50:51 AM): go make skinny-dippin vids or something heh (Once again an offer of nakedness and child porn. )
mystyk_roses ( 9:51:13 AM): ok wellill beon late tonite if u wanna talk dad got back yesterday so hell crash prolly has to go back to work tmr
mystyk_roses ( 9:51:32 AM): ltr
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:52:36 AM): kk
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:52:44 AM): you live with yer dad only? (Danger check.)
mystyk_roses ( 9:54:00 AM): yeah i tht i told u alreayd
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:54:12 AM): i thought ya might have
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:54:14 AM): :)
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:07:41 AM): when's yer dad work (timewise)? (Checking to see if the coast is clear. )
mystyk_roses (10:01:33 PM): hey there um he works this week he leave about 6:30 or 7 adn comes abck around 6
x_cums_in_the_night_x (11:02:27 AM): ah...... are you on?

July 25, 2006

mystyk_roses (12:23:30 PM): well im on now ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:24:22 PM): welcum back :) (Notice the mispelling of Welcome... most children find that funny. Way to go Todd. )
mystyk_roses (12:25:07 PM): ha i misseed u earlier ive not been on
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:25:14 PM): i figgered
mystyk_roses (12:26:05 PM): ha wht r u doin
mystyk_roses (12:26:07 PM): workin
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:26:13 PM): not a lot....chillin at home
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:26:19 PM): i took off :D
mystyk_roses (12:26:28 PM): ha lucky u
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:26:47 PM): yeppers
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:26:49 PM): :D
mystyk_roses (12:27:39 PM): u got plans today im going over a freinds house in a little bti
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:28:01 PM): plans besides cleaning a little
mystyk_roses (12:28:17 PM): u working tmr
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:28:22 PM): yeah
mystyk_roses (12:28:43 PM): darn ill be stuck here tmr with nothin to od
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:28:53 PM): dammit....shoulda been today ;) (I agree but Law Enforcement won't be here until tomrrow. )
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:29:27 PM): but what would we do, if i came over? (Well YOU will get arrested.. not sure what my plans are. )
mystyk_roses (12:29:42 PM): im open whtever
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:30:04 PM): better watch out....i can think of a few things ;) heh
mystyk_roses (12:30:16 PM): wht u got in mind
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:30:32 PM): besides skinnydippin? :) (Has this guy every owned a swim suit? )
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:30:43 PM): lol
mystyk_roses (12:31:12 PM): we got a pool
mystyk_roses (12:31:19 PM): and jacuzzi ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:31:41 PM): :O fun fun
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:32:01 PM): enclosed? like private?
mystyk_roses (12:33:15 PM): its in the back no one can see unless they come around
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:34:33 PM): nice hhe
mystyk_roses (12:36:01 PM): i never went skinny dippin before
mystyk_roses (12:36:08 PM): u really want to
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:36:11 PM): really? not even in yer own pool?
mystyk_roses (12:36:30 PM): no cuz ive never went swimmin when iw as alone
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:37:45 PM): weird....if i had a pool, i'd prolly lounge around it nekked heh
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:37:57 PM): i'm pretty pale though
mystyk_roses (12:38:16 PM): liek a ghost ha
mystyk_roses (12:41:36 PM): so whta time u get off work tmr
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:42:18 PM): 6...ugh
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:42:24 PM): but then i have plans
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:42:27 PM): :|
mystyk_roses (12:42:39 PM): cant take off work tmr huh
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:42:45 PM): nope
mystyk_roses (12:43:36 PM): oh well guess since ill be home ill try it when i go swimmin
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:43:44 PM): :O
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:43:50 PM): take pics :D
mystyk_roses (12:44:15 PM): ha im not taking pics of that
mystyk_roses (12:44:25 PM): only live dont want no proof
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:44:58 PM): demmit...i hadda try ;) (Makes you wonder if he's evern been successful at getting those? )
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:45:12 PM): proof? i wouldn't show em to yer
mystyk_roses (12:45:24 PM): thats true cuz u wont have them ha
mystyk_roses (12:45:35 PM): if u wanna see anythign u gotta see urself ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:45:48 PM): :)
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:46:04 PM): If i see that, doubtful we'd get much swimming done. heh
mystyk_roses (12:46:39 PM): dont matter if u r workin anway wt plans u got tmr nite
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:47:07 PM): going out with a girl
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:47:10 PM): maybe
mystyk_roses (12:48:23 PM): maybe so r u or arent u
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:48:43 PM): i am....but you never know if she'll last-minute-cancel lol (I suspect this is his (at the time) fiancee'. )
mystyk_roses (12:49:02 PM): well cancel her just in case
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:49:18 PM): is yer dad going to be gone? ( Danger check.)
mystyk_roses (12:50:17 PM): yeah he works and wont be back till later he has to cathc up on work for when he went out of town this last wekned
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:50:40 PM): demmit
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:51:36 PM): thinking about being nekked with ya has got me...... :) (Is that what happens when you think of 14 year old girls? )
mystyk_roses (12:52:24 PM): can i call u now or is ur roommate there
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:53:00 PM): i'm stupid...i left my phone at work lol
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:53:04 PM): *hits head*
mystyk_roses (12:53:12 PM): u dont have a phone wehre ur at
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:53:21 PM): nope....just my cell
mystyk_roses (12:53:41 PM): y u not have a home phone thats dumb
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:54:07 PM): don't really need a home phone...extra cost anyhoo
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:54:15 PM): no dial-up...cable modem
mystyk_roses (12:54:31 PM): oh
mystyk_roses (12:56:43 PM): u playin me cuz u didn want me to call u b4 then nto at work now u left uir phone at wrok if u dont liek me thats fine but dont plya me
mystyk_roses (12:56:54 PM): i can get that fromt he boys at school
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:57:29 PM): Nooo.... I can't take personal calls at work.... and I'm just an idiot today for leaving it there.
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:57:44 PM): I'd LOVE to hear your voice.
mystyk_roses (12:57:56 PM): go get ur phone
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:58:26 PM): When I go out today, I'll swing by and grab it....kk?
mystyk_roses (12:58:38 PM): when will u do that
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:58:53 PM): prolly leave in an hour or so
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:58:58 PM): when i get something to eat
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:59:55 PM): might have to take care of something else too ;)
mystyk_roses ( 1:00:54 PM): hey do me a favor huh
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:01:13 PM): whazzat?
mystyk_roses ( 1:01:57 PM): my friend sent me one of those stupid quizes its a harry potter quiz to see what house the sorting hat will put u in take it to see if it matches us up
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:02:08 PM): kk
mystyk_roses ( 1:02:12 PM): (LINK REMOVED)
mystyk_roses ( 1:02:25 PM): tell me what u come up then ill tell u what i got
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:03:42 PM): it's long lol
mystyk_roses ( 1:03:57 PM): awwww u not doing anythign anyway
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:04:14 PM): lol
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:04:21 PM): i was going to be doing \"something\"
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:04:25 PM): but that can wait
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:04:28 PM): :D
mystyk_roses ( 1:04:57 PM): ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:08:06 PM): I got Raveclaw
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:08:09 PM): +n
mystyk_roses ( 1:08:24 PM): oh... i got gryffindore
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:08:26 PM): I dunno chit about Harry Potter though
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:08:30 PM): lol
mystyk_roses ( 1:08:33 PM): really
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:08:35 PM): yeah
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:08:41 PM): I saw the 4th movie
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:08:44 PM): that's it
mystyk_roses ( 1:08:55 PM): well ravenclaw is for the smarter students so gues ur smark
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:09:11 PM): what's gryffindore for?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:09:18 PM): the cute ones?
mystyk_roses ( 1:09:26 PM): ummm yeah thats it ha
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:09:29 PM): heh
mystyk_roses ( 1:09:34 PM): its the one harry is in
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:09:43 PM): i'd sneak o'er in the middle of the night
mystyk_roses ( 1:09:46 PM): at least its not slyterhin their the evil one
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:09:54 PM): and raid yer panty-drawer
mystyk_roses ( 1:11:04 PM): what u wanna do that for
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:11:11 PM): it's tradition
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:11:13 PM): lol
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:11:36 PM): alright...i'll just \"steal em\" off you (He offers to take the panties off of a 14 year old girl. )
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:11:37 PM): :D
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:11:46 PM): mwahahahahaha
mystyk_roses ( 1:12:06 PM): tradition i dont get it
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:12:32 PM): college's a tradition in a lot to go on panty-raids on girl's dorms
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:12:39 PM): in some movies and such
mystyk_roses ( 1:13:30 PM): btu thats for when they arent invited they just ruhn in u can come over if u wanted to
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:14:23 PM): :D i like you....all inviting and such ;)
mystyk_roses ( 1:14:45 PM): not enoguh i t seems though ha since u goona go out with someoen else
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:15:16 PM): hey now.......i'm just dating now....not looking for a gf really (I'm wondering if his fiancee' knew this is what he thought of her. I mean since he was doing all this because of \"pre-wedding jitters\" and everything. )
mystyk_roses ( 1:15:56 PM): yeah but ur still pickin her
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:16:56 PM): I made a promise to her....I try not to break those, whenever possible....seems like a good thing to do (Molesting a child is ok, breaking a promise is bad. )
mystyk_roses ( 1:21:10 PM): but u can go out with her anytime
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:23:09 PM): actually, she's pretty busy a lot...took a while to set this up :| Do you know any days next week that your dad might be gone for an extended day? Teusday or Thursday might work. :D (Remember he's engaged and trying to set up a rendezvous with a child. )
mystyk_roses ( 1:24:22 PM): maybe thrusday this week btu dont knwo abt next wek
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:25:21 PM): I could try to swing that. :) ...maybe just get off a little early or something not so bad.
mystyk_roses ( 1:27:12 PM): like when so i can find out if hell stay late
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:27:44 PM): i'll check tomorrow... have to ask the boss-man
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:29:04 PM): I still find it hard to believe you've never \"touched yourself\" ;) (I find it hard to believe you are doing what you are doing. )
mystyk_roses ( 1:29:17 PM): y shoud i
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:29:36 PM): Because it would more than likely feel good.
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:29:51 PM): Has anyone else ever touched you there?
mystyk_roses ( 1:30:39 PM): when i was wearing clothes but didnt tough me rihgt on
mystyk_roses ( 1:30:48 PM): hey u got a cam
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:31:03 PM): I do.
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:31:15 PM): Are you wanting someone to ever touch you \"right on\"? (Yes.. but not you.)
mystyk_roses ( 1:31:42 PM): well if it sthe right peson
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:33:57 PM): maybe in a jacuzzi? heh
mystyk_roses ( 1:34:05 PM): brb
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:34:11 PM): kk
mystyk_roses ( 1:35:46 PM): hey my firned is here i told her i had to come up and turn off my computer will u be on tonite
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:36:11 PM): yeah... i will be
mystyk_roses ( 1:36:53 PM): k ill be back later but dont knwo when get ur phoen so i can call u
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:37:05 PM): i'm going to go think about jacuzzis now....and touching ....yummm
mystyk_roses ( 1:37:15 PM): ha bye
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:37:16 PM): kk 404-217-4864
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:37:22 PM): what's yer number?
mystyk_roses ( 1:37:26 PM): ok htanks
mystyk_roses ( 7:22:56 PM): u back home yet
mystyk_roses ( 8:44:57 PM): u on
mystyk_roses ( 8:48:17 PM): where r u.... helloooooo
mystyk_roses ( 9:35:22 PM): i just tried to call and ur messag esays u just dont liek me

At this point Icarus took over the chat. He along with Miss Scarlett who did a great verify got Todd to show what he was made of. Great job Icarus and Scarlett. The bolds and comments are mine.

x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:54:17 PM): says that for everyone...demmit...just missed ya
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:54:17 PM): i was out getting coffee and soda.....caffeine = important
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:54:17 PM): i felt my phone buzz...but it said withheld...i tend not to answer those....don't want me having your #?....i wouldn't call ya unles ya wanted me to :|

July 26, 2006

mystyk_roses ( 6:43:15 PM): hye
mystyk_roses ( 6:43:28 PM): my dad has it taht way
mystyk_roses ( 6:43:45 PM): u ther or on ur date
mystyk_roses ( 6:54:21 PM): i wish u waz on
mystyk_roses ( 6:54:43 PM): i be on here 4 a bit

July 27, 2006

mystyk_roses ( 9:36:39 AM): monrng
mystyk_roses ( 9:41:34 AM): i b arund sum ok
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 9:58:06 AM): Hey there :D
mystyk_roses ( 9:59:52 AM): hey :)
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:01:00 AM): what're you up to?
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:01:05 AM): no good, hopefully... heh
mystyk_roses (10:01:18 AM): hehe
mystyk_roses (10:01:23 AM): nah
mystyk_roses (10:01:44 AM): getign ready to go swim int teh pool
mystyk_roses (10:01:52 AM): wat u doin
mystyk_roses (10:07:08 AM): u leave :(
mystyk_roses (10:08:09 AM): k i b back latr im go swimign ;)
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:08:52 AM): kk....hey...why the wink....going \"au naturale\"?
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:08:53 AM): heh
mystyk_roses (10:12:51 AM): lol u thin i shud
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:13:05 AM): sure haven't yet?
mystyk_roses (10:13:12 AM): no
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:13:16 AM): I thought you were gonna \"try it out\"
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:13:18 AM): heh
mystyk_roses (10:13:24 AM): mebbe
mystyk_roses (10:13:25 AM): hehe
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:13:31 AM): I'll cum hold yer towel. ;)
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:13:34 AM): brb
mystyk_roses (10:13:37 AM): k
mystyk_roses (10:21:29 AM): ima goin swiming for a lil im hot
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:27:48 AM): yeah you are....... ohhhhhh.. the other \"hot\"
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:27:51 AM): gotcha ;)
x_cums_in_the_night_x (10:27:54 AM): bye hun
mystyk_roses (12:06:33 PM): hey im baaack
mystyk_roses (12:06:51 PM): puter is actng stoopid
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:15:16 PM): what's it doing?
x_cums_in_the_night_x (12:23:48 PM): brb...hafta sign-out
mystyk_roses (12:59:39 PM): it keeps kikign me off
mystyk_roses ( 1:00:24 PM): wat sux is my dad cam home at lunhc
mystyk_roses ( 1:00:58 PM): an wont be home tonite
mystyk_roses ( 1:01:15 PM): an i cant get on teh puter
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:24:36 PM): he's staying at work tonight?
mystyk_roses ( 1:26:42 PM): nah hes gonig to his gfs
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:27:09 PM): all night?
mystyk_roses ( 1:27:23 PM): prolly i thnik
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:28:15 PM): tsk tsk ;)
mystyk_roses ( 1:28:27 PM): lol wat u mean
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:29:11 PM): he's off, doin' \"stuff\" ...sorry for the visual heh
mystyk_roses ( 1:29:33 PM): oh lol
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:30:53 PM): internet seems to be doing okay (knocks on wood) right now
mystyk_roses ( 1:31:14 PM): lol i hope so
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:31:33 PM): me too :D
mystyk_roses ( 1:32:11 PM): hey i juts thougt of sumptin
mystyk_roses ( 1:32:36 PM): wasnt u askin if my dad waz gonna be gone ;)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:34:10 PM): yeah i was :)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:34:22 PM): I can't swim though....heh
mystyk_roses ( 1:34:36 PM): lol
mystyk_roses ( 1:34:48 PM): well teh jacuzi isnt deep
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:34:52 PM): I drown like a pro though :D
mystyk_roses ( 1:34:58 PM): hehe
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:35:05 PM): Jacuzzi's are just about perfect
mystyk_roses ( 1:35:58 PM): haha yea is teh kewl
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:37:45 PM): did he already take off to his gf's?
mystyk_roses ( 1:38:17 PM): yea
mystyk_roses ( 1:38:30 PM): y
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:38:52 PM): just wondering
mystyk_roses ( 1:39:19 PM): y u realy wanna come
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:39:43 PM): would you let me? :)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:39:52 PM): i'd like far away are you again?
mystyk_roses ( 1:39:59 PM): sure
mystyk_roses ( 1:40:14 PM): idk im in fortson
mystyk_roses ( 1:40:17 PM): were u at
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:40:23 PM): atlanta
mystyk_roses ( 1:40:45 PM): is that like an hr
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:41:08 PM): i're south of here....near AL, aren'tcha?
mystyk_roses ( 1:41:28 PM): yea
mystyk_roses ( 1:41:44 PM): b4 columbus
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:41:47 PM): what if yer dad came home though?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:41:50 PM): lol
mystyk_roses ( 1:42:18 PM): he woudl kill melol
mystyk_roses ( 1:42:41 PM): but he nevr does wehn he goes to her house
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:42:44 PM): ah
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:42:54 PM): is there \"an escape route\"?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:42:59 PM): like out the back? heh
mystyk_roses ( 1:43:42 PM): well ther is a road behid a lil ways
mystyk_roses ( 1:43:50 PM): but he aint gonna come home
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:44:00 PM): hmm
mystyk_roses ( 1:45:21 PM): but u aint gonna com ur just playin
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:45:40 PM): why wouldn't I?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:45:54 PM): I need a nice relaxing jacuzzi ;)
mystyk_roses ( 1:45:59 PM): cuz im only 14
mystyk_roses ( 1:46:19 PM): but ucan if u wanna
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 1:46:38 PM): you don't have a problem with me being older, right?
mystyk_roses ( 1:47:59 PM): hell no u coudl brign alchol :)
mystyk_roses ( 1:48:25 PM): i heart thos jack daniels drikns
mystyk_roses ( 1:52:25 PM): u ther
mystyk_roses ( 1:58:15 PM): brb gtg potty
mystyk_roses ( 2:04:05 PM): back
mystyk_roses ( 2:09:36 PM): i guess ur not
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:10:06 PM): am now
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:10:20 PM): jack daniels huh? aren't you a bit young for alcohol? heh (But not young enough for you to come over for sex?)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:10:26 PM): jack and cokes?
mystyk_roses ( 2:10:38 PM): haha yea thos r yummy
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:14:49 PM): how late do you usually stay up, anyhoo?
mystyk_roses ( 2:15:33 PM): depends 12 sumtimes
mystyk_roses ( 2:15:36 PM): y
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:15:56 PM): cuz, if i did come over, i'd wanna run home first, shave and all that
mystyk_roses ( 2:16:51 PM): like wat time woudl u come
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:17:11 PM): prolly leave at 6-7
mystyk_roses ( 2:17:56 PM): its like an hr
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:18:12 PM): about 80 miles
mystyk_roses ( 2:18:22 PM): wow tahts far
mystyk_roses ( 2:18:45 PM): so like 9
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:19:08 PM): :| yeah...maybe i could get outta here sooner
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:19:20 PM): can i get your telephone number?
mystyk_roses ( 2:19:57 PM): let me c if i can turn the forwarding off
mystyk_roses ( 2:20:07 PM): my dad has it go to his cell
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:20:12 PM): ahh
mystyk_roses ( 2:20:16 PM): or i could call u
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:20:19 PM): that'd
mystyk_roses ( 2:20:31 PM): lol fer sure
mystyk_roses ( 2:24:03 PM): u leave agian
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:24:17 PM): naw...i'm here
mystyk_roses ( 2:26:42 PM): ill go c if i can undo theforward thingi
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:27:04 PM): kk....tankees
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:27:05 PM): :)
mystyk_roses ( 2:30:40 PM): i dont kno how to do tihs stoopid thing
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:31:06 PM): aw kk
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:31:46 PM): brb cutie
mystyk_roses ( 2:33:23 PM): k
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:42:46 PM): back :)
mystyk_roses ( 2:44:43 PM): yay
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:45:00 PM): heh
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:45:05 PM): that exciting eh?
mystyk_roses ( 2:45:21 PM): hehe
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:46:32 PM): you just want me to bring Jack over, so that you can get me liquored-up
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:46:37 PM): ain'tcha?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:46:39 PM): heh
mystyk_roses ( 2:46:51 PM): hehe mebbe
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:47:19 PM): then yer gonna try to take advantage of me! :O
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:47:36 PM): but but but....i thought you were innocent!
mystyk_roses ( 2:48:03 PM): haha but i am
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:48:16 PM): suuuuure ya are
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:48:17 PM): ;)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:48:31 PM): You mean ya wouldn't try to take advantage of me?
mystyk_roses ( 2:48:52 PM): u proly try an take advanget of me
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:49:15 PM): try huh?
mystyk_roses ( 2:50:05 PM): yea
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:50:08 PM): Have you ever done anything to a guy?
mystyk_roses ( 2:50:43 PM): no juts kissed
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:51:03 PM): Are you wanting to try?
mystyk_roses ( 2:51:52 PM): if u com and brign some of those jack daniels things i mite :)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:52:09 PM): grrrrowr ;)
mystyk_roses ( 2:52:13 PM): hehe
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:52:21 PM): *shifts in chair*
mystyk_roses ( 2:52:24 PM): u want me to try and call u
mystyk_roses ( 2:52:28 PM): lol
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:52:30 PM): in a bit maybe.....kk?
mystyk_roses ( 2:52:50 PM): k
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:53:00 PM): i need to log-off....yet again.....ugh
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:53:07 PM): be back in a little bit
mystyk_roses ( 2:53:10 PM): k
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 2:53:33 PM): bye Ashley :-* :-P
mystyk_roses ( 2:54:36 PM): bye max

x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:18:51 PM): backness :)
mystyk_roses ( 3:21:44 PM): hey me 2
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:21:56 PM): wb
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:21:58 PM): *lix*
mystyk_roses ( 3:22:08 PM): heeh silly boy
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:22:26 PM): no like licks?
mystyk_roses ( 3:22:59 PM): nevr had ne but i heard its hella gud
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:23:37 PM): you should try it sometime ;) =P~
mystyk_roses ( 3:23:57 PM): hehe mebbe sum day
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:24:14 PM): bet you have a pretty little..... ummm... :D
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:24:24 PM): yummy
mystyk_roses ( 3:26:22 PM): hehe i dk
mystyk_roses ( 3:34:43 PM): i keep gettign booted
mystyk_roses ( 3:35:19 PM): i thnk ima gtg swiming
mystyk_roses ( 3:35:40 PM): less urealy wanna come ovre
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:36:39 PM): i'm heading home in a bit :)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:36:51 PM): you swim a lot, don'tcha?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:36:56 PM): must be all tan
mystyk_roses ( 3:37:24 PM): kinda
mystyk_roses ( 3:37:39 PM): so watcha wanna do
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:38:00 PM): i wanna head home.....shave/get clean...then come over and hit that jacuzzi :D
mystyk_roses ( 3:38:14 PM): u seriosu
mystyk_roses ( 3:38:19 PM): :D
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:38:25 PM): like that idea?
mystyk_roses ( 3:38:30 PM): yea
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:39:11 PM): you wanna call me in about an hour?
mystyk_roses ( 3:39:17 PM): wat else u wannsa do
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:39:18 PM): 5:30 - ish
mystyk_roses ( 3:39:19 PM): sure
mystyk_roses ( 3:39:22 PM): k
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:39:31 PM): what else do you wana do? it's your place
mystyk_roses ( 3:40:06 PM): well u was talkign bout skiny dippign and stuff :D
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:40:17 PM): we can do that in the jacuzzi
mystyk_roses ( 3:40:24 PM): k
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:40:38 PM): have you ever even seen a guy naked?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:40:39 PM): lol
mystyk_roses ( 3:41:03 PM): u brign condoms in caee i dont wanna get preggie
mystyk_roses ( 3:41:08 PM): juts pics
mystyk_roses ( 3:41:16 PM): not 4 real
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:41:24 PM): kk
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:41:37 PM): not even on a cam?
mystyk_roses ( 3:41:52 PM): no
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:42:13 PM): you shoulda just asked nice ;) heh
mystyk_roses ( 3:42:30 PM): huh wat u mean
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:42:40 PM): about seeing one on cam
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:42:41 PM): lol
mystyk_roses ( 3:43:08 PM): lol yea i guez
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:43:46 PM): how tall are you?
mystyk_roses ( 3:43:47 PM): so wat # u want me to call u at
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:44:00 PM): the one i gave you the other day
mystyk_roses ( 3:45:11 PM): 404 217 4864?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:45:15 PM): yeah
mystyk_roses ( 3:45:17 PM): 4 10
mystyk_roses ( 3:45:27 PM): how bout u
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:45:35 PM): damn...ter teeny
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:45:36 PM): heh
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:45:41 PM): i'm over 6 feet
mystyk_roses ( 3:46:04 PM): omg ur tall
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:48:28 PM): and just what DO you mean, \"bring condoms just in case\"??? ARE planning on taking advantage of me
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:48:29 PM): lol
mystyk_roses ( 3:48:47 PM): am not lol
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:49:08 PM): why the hell not?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:49:09 PM): heh
mystyk_roses ( 3:49:15 PM): u was teh 1 who was teasing me silly
mystyk_roses ( 3:49:50 PM): well if u get me buzzd and masdturbate i prolly woudl
mystyk_roses ( 3:49:54 PM): lol
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:50:08 PM): if i masturbate in front of you?
mystyk_roses ( 3:50:31 PM): u said u wantd to teh othre day
mystyk_roses ( 3:50:46 PM): omg i hope it was u
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:50:53 PM): lmao ...yeah it was
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:51:00 PM): i'd rather touch you though :D
mystyk_roses ( 3:51:02 PM): u freakd me out
mystyk_roses ( 3:51:38 PM): hehe i kind hope u do
mystyk_roses ( 3:51:45 PM): :D
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:51:51 PM): you have ice there?
mystyk_roses ( 3:52:03 PM): yea y
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:52:11 PM): jack n cokes silly
mystyk_roses ( 3:52:17 PM): lol
mystyk_roses ( 3:52:21 PM): sowry
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:53:52 PM): kk...i'm outta here..... i'll IM you when i get home
mystyk_roses ( 3:54:12 PM): ok cya :)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:54:18 PM): bye cuteness
mystyk_roses ( 3:54:23 PM): ty
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:54:23 PM): *lix* ;)
mystyk_roses ( 3:54:30 PM): lix bak
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 3:54:38 PM): i hope so ;)
mystyk_roses ( 3:55:05 PM): hehe
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:12:25 PM): homeness! :D
mystyk_roses ( 4:13:27 PM): yay!
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:13:48 PM): excited eh?
mystyk_roses ( 4:13:51 PM): i missed ya
mystyk_roses ( 4:13:55 PM): yea
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:14:00 PM): nipples all pointy-out and such? (Yer the sweet talker aren't ya)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:14:01 PM): heh
mystyk_roses ( 4:14:05 PM): lol
mystyk_roses ( 4:14:12 PM): mebbe
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:15:01 PM): i need to start shaving.....running the hot water for my bowl :D
mystyk_roses ( 4:15:22 PM): ok
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:15:35 PM): i can do that while on here
mystyk_roses ( 4:15:45 PM): want me to give u my addy so u can map it or sumptin
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:15:54 PM): yeah....i was just going to ask
mystyk_roses ( 4:16:06 PM): hehe
mystyk_roses ( 4:16:07 PM): k
mystyk_roses ( 4:16:19 PM): (ADDRESS REMOVED)
mystyk_roses ( 4:16:35 PM): fortson ga 31808
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:17:23 PM): koolies
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:17:33 PM): *shaves at his naughty bits* ;)
mystyk_roses ( 4:17:42 PM): lol realy!
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:17:57 PM): you saw the
mystyk_roses ( 4:18:13 PM): taht was realy u :D
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:18:21 PM): you need proof?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:18:23 PM): lol
mystyk_roses ( 4:19:13 PM): haha i guess ill prolly see
mystyk_roses ( 4:19:26 PM): :D
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:19:34 PM): *swells* ;)
mystyk_roses ( 4:19:44 PM): lol ur funy
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:20:09 PM): so nice and easyto shave, when it's all long and hard
mystyk_roses ( 4:20:25 PM): omg ;)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:20:42 PM): all you have to do is ask nice
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:20:43 PM): ;
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:20:47 PM): ;)
mystyk_roses ( 4:21:10 PM): i nevr trid to shave mine
mystyk_roses ( 4:21:22 PM): juts my legz
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:22:13 PM): are you furry....or just a little hair there? ;)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:22:21 PM): *rubs*
mystyk_roses ( 4:22:25 PM): juts a lil
mystyk_roses ( 4:22:36 PM): y u want me 2
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:22:52 PM): only if ya want....or wanna let me ;)
mystyk_roses ( 4:23:17 PM): ill let ut if i get buzzd
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:23:30 PM): heh....yer fun :D
mystyk_roses ( 4:23:35 PM): haha
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:23:46 PM): how much does it take til you get buzzed?
mystyk_roses ( 4:23:56 PM): like 1
mystyk_roses ( 4:24:05 PM): ima lite weihgt
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:24:10 PM): aww
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:24:15 PM): *strokes* ;) (Thanks for the visual)
mystyk_roses ( 4:24:31 PM): hehe
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:24:46 PM): i'm soooo damned horny right now (For a 14 year old?)
mystyk_roses ( 4:24:47 PM): u teasign me or u realy gonna come
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:24:49 PM): :D
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:25:14 PM): I'm going to cum :) (He thinks she's 14)
mystyk_roses ( 4:25:38 PM): hehe not yet
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:26:01 PM): i turned my cam case you need proof
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:26:11 PM): alll nice and shaved
mystyk_roses ( 4:26:28 PM): i hope it dont mess my puter up
mystyk_roses ( 4:26:44 PM): its been actign goofy all dat
mystyk_roses ( 4:26:47 PM): day
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:26:49 PM): aww
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:27:09 PM): request it if you want to see
mystyk_roses ( 4:27:31 PM): how do i do that
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:27:46 PM): \"actions\"
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:27:50 PM): \"view webcam\"
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:30:12 PM): or....i spose i can send ya an invite
mystyk_roses ( 4:30:31 PM): not workignim trying
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:31:25 PM): what do want to see hun? ;)
mystyk_roses ( 4:31:26 PM): hehe omg
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:31:39 PM): you know ya love it
mystyk_roses ( 4:32:06 PM): hehe yea
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:32:41 PM): heh...i like teasing ya a little
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:34:12 PM): want to see? :)
mystyk_roses ( 4:34:19 PM): heeh yes
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:34:35 PM): are ya suuure? tell me hun .mmmm
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:34:46 PM): tell me what ya wanna see
mystyk_roses ( 4:34:53 PM): yes i wanna c!
mystyk_roses ( 4:35:07 PM): ur weenie
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:35:12 PM): heh
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:35:13 PM): kk
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:35:15 PM): ;)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:35:22 PM): ...for you :)
mystyk_roses ( 4:35:47 PM): omg
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:36:05 PM): like it?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:36:10 PM): all nice andd smoth
mystyk_roses ( 4:36:14 PM): that is like huge
mystyk_roses ( 4:36:23 PM): yes
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:36:40 PM): mmmm...i'm pre-cumming a little
mystyk_roses ( 4:37:08 PM): hehe
mystyk_roses ( 4:37:38 PM): my puter is actign funny its like freezign
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:37:42 PM): awww
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:38:19 PM): i turned it off ;)
mystyk_roses ( 4:38:26 PM): :(
mystyk_roses ( 4:38:34 PM): I WISH I HAD A BETTRE PUTER
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:38:37 PM): awww....enjoying the \"show?
mystyk_roses ( 4:38:37 PM): oops
mystyk_roses ( 4:38:43 PM): hehe yea
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:38:49 PM): i don't wanna cum though
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:38:55 PM): not unless you told me too
mystyk_roses ( 4:39:30 PM): u gonna cum here heehee
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:39:54 PM): mmmm hmmmmm
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:40:18 PM): so, you've never cum before?
mystyk_roses ( 4:40:23 PM): no
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:40:33 PM): maybe i can help with that
mystyk_roses ( 4:40:54 PM): lol prolly
mystyk_roses ( 4:41:06 PM): did u map it
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:41:11 PM): i did
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:41:24 PM): i need to get into the shower...then scoot outta here
mystyk_roses ( 4:41:29 PM): k
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:41:44 PM): where should i park, since i can't call you when i get there?
mystyk_roses ( 4:41:48 PM): does it sho 315
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:42:02 PM): yeah
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:42:05 PM): right offa it
mystyk_roses ( 4:42:18 PM): my rd is to the right when it forks
mystyk_roses ( 4:42:35 PM): we r the 1st house on the rite
mystyk_roses ( 4:42:49 PM): u can pull in
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:43:06 PM): what you have a carport, or a garage?
mystyk_roses ( 4:43:06 PM): nobody can c and my dad wont be home til tomr
mystyk_roses ( 4:43:12 PM): blue
mystyk_roses ( 4:43:19 PM): carport
mystyk_roses ( 4:43:28 PM): on the left
mystyk_roses ( 4:43:39 PM): i can call u
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:43:40 PM): gonna greet my in your robe?
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:43:49 PM): me in a few minutes anyways
mystyk_roses ( 4:43:50 PM): u want me too :)
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:43:51 PM): :D
mystyk_roses ( 4:43:54 PM): k
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:44:02 PM): i do....nothing else
mystyk_roses ( 4:44:09 PM): lol ok
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:44:12 PM): gimme a little peek.....return the favor
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:44:13 PM): heh
mystyk_roses ( 4:44:20 PM): how long u think i will take a shower
mystyk_roses ( 4:44:26 PM): hehe ok
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:44:41 PM): i'll take a shower....stop off once/twice for stuff
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:44:43 PM): hmmm
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:44:54 PM): call me in a half hour or so
mystyk_roses ( 4:45:01 PM): ok
mystyk_roses ( 4:45:07 PM): im so exctied
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:45:11 PM): me too
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:45:22 PM): *looks down* ...yep..excited
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:45:23 PM): lol
mystyk_roses ( 4:45:56 PM): haah
mystyk_roses ( 4:46:24 PM): ok u go shower and so will i
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:46:49 PM): kk....yum
x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:47:05 PM): bye for now hun
mystyk_roses ( 4:47:19 PM): kk

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