Ernie was really in a hurry to molest 13 year old Kathie.
Bust by Duncan Hines @ 11/27/2006 7:49 PM PST

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Perverted Justice mark: Ernesto (Ernie), 23
AOL IM: mygsr1
Location: Los Angeles, California

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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit ChattyKathie92, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Ernie first hit me when we were in the middle of the Petaluma, CA operation and frankly I didn't have time to mess with him. But I didn't forget about him....

August 19, 2006
9:30:25 PM mygsr1: hi
9:32:10 PM chattykathie92: hi
9:34:55 PM mygsr1: how r u doing
9:35:14 PM chattykathie92: fine
9:35:51 PM mygsr1: so whats ur asl
9:36:03 PM chattykathie92: 13/f/bay area
9:36:26 PM mygsr1: oh
9:36:29 PM mygsr1: 23m323
9:36:38 PM chattykathie92: cool 707
9:37:31 PM chattykathie92: u got a pic
9:38:03 PM mygsr1: click
9:38:34 PM chattykathie92: (gave him my myspace page)
9:39:51 PM chattykathie92: ur cute
9:40:41 PM mygsr1: thanks
9:40:44 PM mygsr1: ur cute too (gag)
9:40:50 PM chattykathie92: ty
9:41:05 PM mygsr1: so u ever been out with a 23 yr old
9:41:12 PM chattykathie92: no
9:41:20 PM chattykathie92: been out with 24 yo
9:41:23 PM chattykathie92: hehehe
9:41:37 PM mygsr1: u had sex before
9:42:01 PM chattykathie92: not like real sex yet i havent learnd 2 do that yet(I'd bet money you're gonna offer to teach me.)
9:42:18 PM mygsr1: i should teach u (why yes you did. Now how did I know that.)
9:42:24 PM chattykathie92: ya hehehe
9:42:40 PM mygsr1: so u ever come to la
9:42:55 PM chattykathie92: not usualy
9:43:06 PM mygsr1: damn u should
9:43:09 PM chattykathie92: i go 2 long beach tho
9:43:15 PM mygsr1: oh really
9:43:21 PM mygsr1: when u coming again
9:43:42 PM chattykathie92: ya cauz her sistr livez there like not next weekend but the next one
9:44:06 PM chattykathie92: we go there and my auntie and momz go out and party
9:44:19 PM chattykathie92: and i hafta stay at my auntiez house
9:44:39 PM mygsr1: well how about i get ur number and we can talk later (I've got a better idea. How about I get ur number and one of our kick-ass verifiers can call you?)
9:45:17 PM chattykathie92: cant cauz momz putz the phone 2 her cell. if u call ull get momz hehehe
9:45:37 PM mygsr1: 323 236 3003 ernie (It's rarely that easy)
9:45:46 PM mygsr1: call me when u come to long beach
9:45:51 PM mygsr1: we can hook up
9:45:59 PM chattykathie92: cool kk i will r u serius
9:46:08 PM mygsr1: yeah why not
9:46:11 PM mygsr1: how about u
9:46:19 PM chattykathie92: thatz so cool
9:46:29 PM chattykathie92: i nevr met neone onlin b4
9:46:35 PM chattykathie92: my name is kathie
9:46:49 PM mygsr1: im ernie
9:46:54 PM chattykathie92: hi ernie
9:47:01 PM mygsr1: well talk to u later
9:47:03 PM mygsr1: im outs (oh no you don't Ernie. I just hafta ask some questions first.)
9:47:05 PM chattykathie92: i dont no u yet
9:47:14 PM chattykathie92: kk when can we talk agin
9:47:22 PM mygsr1: call me whenever
9:47:32 PM chattykathie92: do u like work or nenthing
9:47:37 PM mygsr1: yeah
9:47:47 PM chattykathie92: when u work
9:47:56 PM mygsr1: mon thru friday
9:48:02 PM chattykathie92: kk
9:48:08 PM chattykathie92: like in the day
9:48:32 PM chattykathie92: or at nite
9:48:42 PM mygsr1: from 2 thru 10 30
9:48:47 PM mygsr1: pm
9:48:51 PM chattykathie92: k
9:49:04 PM chattykathie92: i go 2 school
9:49:08 PM mygsr1: cool
9:49:13 PM chattykathie92: i hate it
9:49:13 PM mygsr1: well ill see u
9:49:18 PM chattykathie92: u leavin (no no Ernie. I'm not through asking questions.)
9:49:19 PM mygsr1: got to go
9:49:22 PM mygsr1: yeah
9:49:25 PM chattykathie92: u at work rite now
9:49:28 PM mygsr1: nah
9:49:43 PM chattykathie92: i thot u workd on a computer or sumthin
9:49:52 PM mygsr1: im going out
9:49:55 PM chattykathie92: o
9:49:56 PM mygsr1: call me
9:49:59 PM mygsr1: bye
9:50:03 PM chattykathie92: kk i relly will bye
MYGSR1 disconnected (9:50:18 PM)

Sept. 09,2006
2:29:57 PM mygsr1: whos this
2:31:35 PM chattykathie92: itz kathie whoz this
2:32:08 PM mygsr1: its ernie
2:32:42 PM mygsr1: were u stay at
2:33:08 PM chattykathie92: my momz got a job here in long beach
2:33:58 PM mygsr1: so u in long beach
2:34:08 PM chattykathie92: ya
2:34:36 PM mygsr1: so what lets hook up
2:34:55 PM chattykathie92: and do wat
2:35:24 PM mygsr1: what do u want to do
2:36:04 PM chattykathie92: whatevr u wanna do i gues
2:36:13 PM chattykathie92: momz sad the guy is alwayz boss
2:36:45 PM mygsr1: so how about u give me ur number and ill call u right now
2:37:21 PM chattykathie92: if u call ull get my mom cauz she forwardz phone 2 her cell to keep dad from calling me.
2:37:40 PM mygsr1: so how we going to hook up (If I was a betting person, I'd bet we're getting ready to find a way.)
2:38:10 PM chattykathie92: we got to talk first 2 see if we wanna hook up
2:38:21 PM mygsr1: i do
2:39:14 PM chattykathie92: what u wanna do
2:39:41 PM mygsr1: sex (OH MY GAWD. It's just NEVER this easy. )
2:40:09 PM chattykathie92: cool
2:40:42 PM mygsr1: have u ever had sex before
2:40:56 PM chattykathie92: ya one time but i did oral more
2:41:00 PM chattykathie92: hey somebody at door brb dont leave (Pibb, answer your phone, girl!)
2:41:31 PM mygsr1: k
2:47:13 PM chattykathie92: back (Whew!)
2:47:33 PM chattykathie92: so u wanna come over now
2:47:36 PM chattykathie92: or wat
2:47:56 PM chattykathie92: i thik ur relly cute i keep lookin at ur pic
2:48:37 PM chattykathie92: u gotta use a comdom tho cauz i dont wanna get preggerz
2:50:55 PM mygsr1: cool
2:50:57 PM mygsr1: lets hook up
2:51:05 PM chattykathie92: cool letz do (Oh Ernie, you're gonna find out that just like the song says "It Ain't Easy Being Easy".)
2:51:13 PM chattykathie92: wanna hook up rite now
2:51:18 PM chattykathie92: i got a hot tub
2:51:22 PM mygsr1: yeah im down
2:51:36 PM chattykathie92: cool u coming now
2:51:43 PM mygsr1: were u at
2:52:24 PM chattykathie92: (bust house address given) it's like off Bellflower Blvd
2:52:30 PM chattykathie92: where u at
2:52:35 PM mygsr1: east la
2:52:41 PM chattykathie92: iz that gonna b far
2:52:47 PM mygsr1: nah
2:52:57 PM chattykathie92: cool i wanna take a bath b4 u come
2:53:02 PM chattykathie92: what time u b here
2:53:18 PM mygsr1: is it a house
2:53:20 PM chattykathie92: ill take a bubble bath so i smell relly good
2:53:26 PM chattykathie92: ya itz a house
2:54:07 PM mygsr1: so how did u see my pic if i dont have one in my profiel
2:54:11 PM mygsr1: profile (Why Ernie, surely you didn't remove your photo from your profile like lots of the perverts do when they're trolling for children. Tell me it ain't so.)
2:54:19 PM chattykathie92: u sent it 2 me silly
2:54:27 PM chattykathie92: when we talkd b4
2:54:45 PM mygsr1: which on
2:54:47 PM mygsr1: one
2:56:06 PM chattykathie92: it lookz like ur sittin in a car
2:57:31 PM mygsr1: oh ok
2:57:39 PM mygsr1: so whos at ur house
2:58:02 PM chattykathie92: me (Dayum, I forgot to mention Del, Frag, a whole army of actress or two, a phone verifier. Did I forget to mention a guy named Chris Hansen. You might remember him, Ernie. He's going to play an important role in your life very soon.)
2:58:07 PM mygsr1: just u (Okay. I lied. But it was just a little lie)
2:58:18 PM chattykathie92: momz workin until 1 in the mornin
2:58:34 PM mygsr1: so u home alone (How many times you gonna ask this, dummy.)
2:58:49 PM chattykathie92: well ya what u thik im stupid (Ah Ernie, I promise you'll never forget coming to meet me.)
2:59:41 PM mygsr1: well let me have ur house number
3:00:02 PM chattykathie92: i did
3:00:13 PM chattykathie92: bust house addy given again
3:01:22 PM mygsr1: number not address
3:02:24 PM chattykathie92: u mean my phone number?
3:02:29 PM mygsr1: yeah
3:03:05 PM chattykathie92: i give it to u but it goes to momz cell
3:03:38 PM mygsr1: well how about u call me
3:04:38 PM chattykathie92: kk give me ur digitz
3:04:55 PM mygsr1: 323 236 3003 call me right now
3:05:37 PM chattykathie92: kk give me a min
3:05:49 PM mygsr1: alright
MYGSR1 disconnected (3:07:46 PM)
[(bye bye Ernie. You're getting ready to talk to Pibb and you don't have a chance now.)

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