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    File originally posted on 11/17/2009 9:49 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/17/2009 9:49 PM PST

    allie_callie1 (08/20/06 9:39:50 PM): i know how 2 kiss thats bout all
    primitman (08/20/06 9:40:05 PM): how do u think sex is done
    allie_callie1 (08/20/06 9:40:12 PM): i dunno
    primitman (08/20/06 9:40:36 PM): wow
    allie_callie1 (08/20/06 9:40:44 PM): what
    primitman (08/20/06 9:41:00 PM): i thought everyone knew by ur age
    allie_callie1 (08/20/06 9:41:20 PM): no i dont
    allie_callie1 (08/20/06 9:41:26 PM): i dont think my friends do
    allie_callie1 (08/20/06 9:41:40 PM): im gonna ask my friend when she calls me
    primitman (08/20/06 9:42:08 PM): u know it involves a guys dick
    allie_callie1 (08/20/06 9:42:19 PM): oh yah i kno that
    primitman (08/20/06 9:42:25 PM): what else
    allie_callie1 (08/20/06 9:42:51 PM): thats all i kno
    allie_callie1 (08/20/06 9:43:03 PM): i kno a guy gets on girl somethin like that
    primitman (08/20/06 9:43:18 PM): where does his dick go in the girl
    allie_callie1 (08/20/06 9:43:26 PM): lol i dunno
    primitman (08/20/06 9:43:37 PM): ur pussy
    allie_callie1 (08/20/06 9:43:59 PM): ok
    primitman (08/20/06 9:44:19 PM): so u know how it works
    allie_callie1 (08/20/06 9:44:29 PM): not rly
    primitman (08/20/06 9:44:51 PM): the dick goes in your pussy
    primitman (08/20/06 9:45:03 PM): do u understand that
    allie_callie1 (08/20/06 9:45:06 PM): yah
    primitman (08/20/06 9:45:29 PM): does that sound like ud want to do it
    The kid is almost completely ignorant about how sex works, yet you're interested. Piece of shit.

    David Fraser isn't a very intelligent man, but we should all be grateful for his lack of intelligence. His lack of intelligence got him arrested and convicted. The August of 2007 sting in Petaluma, California led to the arrest of a lot of men. During active stings like that, you run into situations where someone shows up while a different guy is being arrested, or a guy cruises by the house and sees the cops, and they run. Oftentimes, we don't know that they've ever gone so far as to drive by the house, and they're not arrested in certain states if they don't show up. Yet David Fraser did us a favor by getting right back online and bitching about the cops being there, proving that he did indeed show and was only dissuaded because he saw police. Fraser was arrested after the sting was over, and after pleading no contest, he received two years probation with the usual restrictions.

    The contributor for this chat was Mimosa.

    This is our 426th conviction since June of 2004, our 122nd conviction for 2009, and our 115th conviction in California thus far.