Gabriel only has a half hour to molest Lizzie, but he wants to make it count!
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Perverted Justice mark: Gabriel Sousa Dossantos, 21
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Location: Naugatuck, Connecticut
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit xlizziemariex, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Gabriel Dos Santos: Heyy
Decoy: heyyy
Gabriel Dos Santos: How are you?
Decoy: good ^_^u?asl? im 14 in meriden
Gabriel Dos Santos: I'm good to thanx for asking juss relaxing watching some espn lol and I'm 21.. Lol In Naugatuck
Decoy:ohhh thts cool
Gabriel Dos Santos: Ohh so that doesn't bother ya that I'm lil older?
Gabriel Dos Santos: And well what are you up to Hun? Enjoying nice weather today?
Decoy: no idc haha n ya I was playin bball earlier..i might take a bike ride
Gabriel Dos Santos: Haha well that's good beautiful! and I was doing lot of yard work earlier mowling the lawn and stuff bored now looking for something else to do it's to nice to stay in :/ lol
Decoy: I jus got back from my bike ride n now im tired haha
Gabriel Dos Santos: Ohh haha niceeee did ya have fun tho?
Decoy: ya itwas fun!do u got yahoo messenger?idk how much ima bet on thi site but im usually on yahoo
Gabriel Dos Santos: Noo I don't sorry I have like kik and stuff tho do you have that?
Decoy: noo I don't have a smart phone download the yahoo messenger app lol
Gabriel Dos Santos: Lol Kk give me a few
Decoy: kk add me when u get it xlizziemariex
Gabriel Dos Santos: Alright I got it I'll add ya cutie
Gabriel Dos Santos: Kk you get my message?
Decoy: no
Decoy: did u send it to xlizziemariex
Gabriel Dos Santos: Opps left one z out sorry haha

YIM Conversation 5/10/14 (05/10/14 6:33:28 PM): Heyy (05/10/14 6:33:38 PM):
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 6:33:55 PM): hiii (05/10/14 6:34:37 PM): Heyy found ya lol what upps (05/10/14 6:34:48PM): Think I send message to someone wrong earlier lol
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 6:35:00 PM): haha there probly guna be lik wtf :P (05/10/14 6:35:52 PM): Lol yeah prob (05/10/14 6:35:59 PM): So what are you up tooo
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 6:36:13 PM): jus relaxin..u? (05/10/14 6:38:17 PM): I'm out at one of my cousins friends house having a few drinks :p it's the weekend gotta enjoy haha (05/10/14 6:38:33 PM): Soo what are you doing today any other plans?
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 6:38:36 PM): wht kinda drinks
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 6:38:41 PM): i dont think so (05/10/14 6:42:13 PM): Few beers and stuff lol does that bother ya? And I'm prob juss gonna be here to nothing really else to do
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 6:42:39 PM): y would tht bother me haha..i never drank it fun? (05/10/14 6:47:16 PM): Idk cutie haha and yeahh it's fun like I'm not drinking to get wasted or anything tho juss to relax and have some fun (05/10/14 6:47:17 PM):
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 6:47:50 PM): ohhhh..i acnt wait il im allowed to drink it lol (05/10/14 8:56:30 PM): Heyy still on sorry my phone died :/
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 8:56:47 PM): ohhhh kk (05/10/14 8:57:13 PM): Yeah sorry cutie lol wyd now (05/10/14 8:57:21 PM): Miss me? :p
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 8:57:44 PM): jus relaxin n duhhh :P
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 8:57:48 PM): u miss me? (05/10/14 8:58:35 PM): Of course cutie :* (05/10/14 8:58:47 PM): How could I not lol :)
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 8:58:58 PM): :P (05/10/14 9:04:17 PM): Lol soo tell me a lil more about yourself beautiful like what you like to do for fun types of musics fav kind of musics ya know things like that :)
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:04:49 PM): i like ridin my bike takin walks playin bball shoppin :P
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:04:57 PM): country my fav music but i like pop to (05/10/14 9:07:48 PM): Haha of course ya do :p and ehh not a fan of country but if listen to it juss for youu (: haha
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:08:40 PM): awww ^_^
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:08:43 PM): i love it lol (05/10/14 9:14:56 PM): Lol :) (05/10/14 9:16:20 PM): Sooo are you single and looking beautiful or juss single juss wondering! ;p
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:17:00 PM): single n w/e hahaha (05/10/14 9:19:02 PM): Haha :p I seee well would you say I'm your type beautiful :p
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:19:28 PM): u seem cool so far :P (05/10/14 9:25:47 PM): Haha well glad ya think so beautiful :p you seem cool so far to (:
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:26:11 PM): ^_^ (05/10/14 9:27:16 PM): Hehe (: so what would you say is your type of guy tho beautiful juss wondering :p
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:27:54 PM): idkkk lol (05/10/14 9:29:54 PM): Lol :p
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:30:23 PM): :P (05/10/14 9:30:40 PM): Your to cuuute (: hehe (05/10/14 9:31:12 PM): Think you could send me a pic of youu cutie (: I'll send you one of me to if you'd like (:
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:31:55 PM): kk h.o (05/10/14 9:33:16 PM): I will (:
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:36:19 PM): ur turn :P (05/10/14 9:36:32 PM): So cuuuute (:
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:37:44 PM): it didnt work
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:37:50 PM): n ty :) (05/10/14 9:38:05 PM): I sent to did you get any of them beautiful? (05/10/14 9:38:11 PM): Two*
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:39:01 PM): it wont workkkkk (05/10/14 9:39:12 PM): How bout now boo?
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:39:38 PM): jus send it to my email *email edited* (05/10/14 9:41:14 PM): Ohh okay boo one sec
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:41:26 PM): kk (05/10/14 9:44:42 PM): Okayy I sent it to ya beautiful tell me when ya get it lol
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:45:09 PM): kk h.o lemme check
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:45:40 PM): didnt get it yet (05/10/14 9:45:59 PM): Well I sent it cutie lol
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:46:19 PM): u sure u sent it to the right email (05/10/14 9:46:45 PM): Least I think I sent it right it's *email edited*
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:47:06 PM): u forgot the e in lizziE lol (05/10/14 9:48:33 PM): Lol hang one (05/10/14 9:48:37 PM): On*
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:49:06 PM): kk (05/10/14 9:52:27 PM): Okay get it it now
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:52:36 PM): lemme check
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:53:32 PM): got em
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:53:37 PM): cute :) (05/10/14 9:58:03 PM): Thanx boo :*
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 9:58:31 PM): :) (05/10/14 10:02:20 PM): Ughh finally homee lol
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 10:02:34 PM): where were u (05/10/14 10:06:17 PM): I was still at my cousins friends house having some drinksind lol
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 10:06:32 PM): ohhh haha (05/10/14 10:06:56 PM): Im home now tho on my bed :p should come cuddle up beautiful bout to put on some Netflix ;) :p
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 10:07:54 PM): wht u guna watch
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 10:09:11 PM): n i cant drive :( (05/10/14 10:09:33 PM): Hmm idk yet boo let's say whatever you'd wanna watch beautiful :* (: (05/10/14 10:09:52 PM): And ik boo :/ wish ya couldd (05/10/14 10:14:21 PM): Oh well lol can you FaceTime out Skype or whatever? :p
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 10:15:55 PM): no i dont have a webcam :( (05/10/14 10:16:13 PM): Aww :/ oh well
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 10:17:37 PM): hey ima get off here..ill be on tomorrow probly (05/10/14 10:18:04 PM): Aww nooo lol (05/10/14 10:18:12 PM): Can't ya stay lil longer cutiee?
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 10:18:47 PM): lol ill be on tomorrow promise! (05/10/14 10:19:11 PM): Aww :( okayyy then beautiful (05/10/14 10:19:16 PM): Talk to youu tmo (:
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 10:19:26 PM): kk byeeee (05/10/14 10:19:38 PM): Byee Gnightt
xlizziemariex (05/10/14 10:19:56 PM): gniteee

YIM Conversation 5/11/14 (05/11/14 7:41:39 AM): Heyy good morningg (:
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 10:09:51 AM): good mornin ^_^ (05/11/14 10:16:21 AM): (: what's up beautiful juss wake up? :p
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 10:16:44 AM): ya u? (05/11/14 10:23:36 AM): Lol noooo I was up earlyy I'm out getting some stuff for a barbecue with the family for Mother's Day and youu watcha up too?
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 10:24:11 AM): yummm i love cookouts :P i jus made my mom breakfast (05/11/14 10:28:36 AM): Haha me toooo (: and aww well aren't you sweet :p watcha make her?
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 10:30:29 AM): french toast bacon n hashbrowns (05/11/14 11:24:16 AM): Ohh yumm lol and sorry I was drivin getting some stuff soo watcha spun for the rest of the day?? (:
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 11:24:45 AM): idk i think goin to my gmas later (05/11/14 12:49:19 PM): Nicee nicee (:
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 12:49:30 PM): yaaaa (05/11/14 1:26:57 PM): (: (05/11/14 1:27:44 PM): Sorry it's been taking me forever to respond tho cutie I've been running around all over the place :/ lol finnaly starting the barbecue now tho so i can respond quicker :p
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 1:29:26 PM): haha kk wht u makin (05/11/14 1:43:26 PM): Oh pretty much everything lol burgers, hot dogs getting some steaks in there to haha having some drinks with the fam all fun (:
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 1:43:49 PM): yummmmmm!! (05/11/14 1:44:10 PM): Yupp (: wish ya could be here cutie if cook ya up sowmthing gooood :*
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 1:44:37 PM): haha r u a good cook?:) (05/11/14 1:50:31 PM): Haha on the grill yess :p but overall hmm I'm kinda ok still learning tho beautiful lol what about youu? (:
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 1:51:12 PM): ya :P my aunts r all real good cooks n they taught me (05/11/14 1:55:05 PM): Ohh haha nicee (: maybe sometime you can cook for me then cutie :p hehe
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 1:56:15 PM): haha kk :P wht do u like (05/11/14 2:02:51 PM): Ohh well I loveeee sea food :D but if you can make a lasagna that's the way to my heart :p hehe
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 2:04:48 PM): hahaha i can make lasagna but i make it a diff way then most people..theres not a lot of tomato sauce in the kind i make (05/11/14 2:06:41 PM): Lol well I love lasagna so I'm down to try any kind :p
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 2:09:10 PM): haha kk! (05/11/14 2:10:05 PM): Lol you'll get a big kiss as a reward ;) :p haha
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 2:10:54 PM): hahaha yayyy :P (05/11/14 2:18:07 PM): Hehe ;) your to cute :p
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 2:19:16 PM): :P (05/11/14 2:20:24 PM): Hehe :) so what would you say is the best thing you can make?
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 2:22:48 PM): hmmmm lol
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 2:22:55 PM): do u like spicy food
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 2:27:09 PM): hey im goin to my gmas now ill ttyl byeee (05/11/14 2:34:56 PM): Yess I doo and aww okayy message me later then beautiful I'll miss ya :p (05/11/14 2:35:00 PM): :) (05/11/14 5:32:17 PM): Heyy I miss ya :/ lol
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 6:47:59 PM): hiii (05/11/14 6:48:46 PM): Heyy youu (:
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 6:48:56 PM): wyd (05/11/14 6:49:22 PM): What's upp cutie how was grandmas house? Lol and I'm just getting ready to go outt and youu
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 6:49:44 PM): it was ok lol where u goin (05/11/14 7:16:58 PM): I'm going to the bar lol why are you up too?
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 7:17:18 PM): nothinnn
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 7:17:25 PM): lucky :( (05/11/14 7:32:03 PM): Lol yeahh I'll bring ya with me sometime tho if you'd like cutie there pretty lenient to the bae I go to :p (05/11/14 7:32:26 PM): Don't check crap especially if im ordering haha
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 7:32:37 PM): really?i never drank before n tht sounds fun!!! (05/11/14 7:48:02 PM): Yess lol and yeahh it's fun beautiful il show ya good time :) haha whatever you want one mee if I take yaa :p
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 7:49:10 PM): :D (05/11/14 7:51:08 PM): Hehe yeah :) (05/11/14 8:06:20 PM): Soo wyd cutie?
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 8:07:11 PM): watchin vid on youtube haha u? (05/11/14 8:08:40 PM): Still at the bar :p wish you could be here
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 8:09:25 PM): i wunaaaaa (05/11/14 8:11:58 PM): Me tooooo boo (05/11/14 8:14:38 PM): Lol soo did ya miss me today at all? :p
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 8:15:17 PM): maybe a lil bit ;) :P
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 8:15:20 PM): did u miss meeeee (05/11/14 8:52:04 PM): Of course I did boo even said I did earlier Remeber :p (05/11/14 10:46:22 PM): Baby still up?
xlizziemariex (05/11/14 10:46:30 PM): yaaa lol

YIM Conversation 5/12/14 (05/12/14 2:37:14 AM): Watcha doing baby (05/12/14 2:59:30 AM): I'm hardd as fuckk lol (05/12/14 7:24:32 AM): (05/12/14 7:25:08 AM): Meant drubk lol sorry Well not anymore tho hangover is real :( (05/12/14 7:25:12 AM): Lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:07:00 PM): haha i take it u had a fun nite (05/12/14 4:07:21 PM): Haha yess I did :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:07:46 PM): lucky :(
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:07:55 PM): is it fun to get drunk lol (05/12/14 4:08:52 PM): Lol and yess it's fun like just to get drunk for no reason noo but when you got all your Friends having a good time yeah it's funn (:
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:09:18 PM): i wish i was old enough lol it sounds fun (05/12/14 4:14:17 PM): It iss cutie one day well go :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:14:28 PM): where (05/12/14 4:23:16 PM): Idk somewhere lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:25:14 PM): it aint sucks (05/12/14 4:25:47 PM): Ik nvr send my pics :/ for some reason when u send it, works tho lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:25:56 PM): it worked..cuted ;)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:26:09 PM): cute* (05/12/14 4:28:34 PM): Oh yay (: and thanx (; hehe :p (05/12/14 4:28:44 PM): Send me another one of youu Hun? (: (05/12/14 4:32:13 PM): Cuuuute (; (:
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:32:56 PM): y ^_^
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:33:00 PM): ty* (05/12/14 4:36:05 PM): Welcomee (: soo what are you up to
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:36:54 PM): doin some more hw (05/12/14 4:40:47 PM): Ewwy hw :p so u said have no phone right?
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:42:57 PM): ya i got a phone lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:43:01 PM): jus not a smart phone (05/12/14 4:51:29 PM): Ohh lol :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:52:15 PM): yaaa lol y (05/12/14 4:53:22 PM): Juss wondering cutie lol (05/12/14 4:53:33 PM): Does it have texting? Lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:53:39 PM): duh lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 4:53:51 PM): i jus dont have pic messaging (05/12/14 4:54:01 PM): Well idk :p lol (05/12/14 4:55:18 PM): Where do u use yahoo messaging from then your laptop? (05/12/14 4:55:34 PM): Surprised people still use this tbh lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 5:09:20 PM): ya i do lol (05/12/14 5:20:07 PM): Ohh :p (05/12/14 5:25:33 PM): So what else are you doing today any planss?
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 5:26:27 PM): nope lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 5:26:31 PM): u got any plans (05/12/14 5:35:06 PM): Hmmm no think I'm just prob going to the gym later and even kinda debating tht lol (05/12/14 5:35:39 PM): I'm so tired :/ juss wanna stay in my bed should come cuddle up cutie watch some movies with me :* lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 5:36:14 PM): haha tht sounds like fun but i cant drive silly :P (05/12/14 5:36:59 PM): Ik :/ that's sucks lol don't even think can really ever pick you up either doubt your parents would be okay since I'm older haha
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 5:39:31 PM): i only live w my mom n ya she wouldnt like tht lol..she works 2nd shift tho so udually when i get home from school she aint here (05/12/14 5:43:12 PM): Haha :p and ohh so she gets home like what 11 that's gotta suck tho you barely see your mom on week days huh (05/12/14 5:45:10 PM): Soo do you get lot of messages on that site we met on? Lol your pretty cuute so bet ya do haha
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 5:48:44 PM): she gets home around like 10:15 n i didnt have it tht long lol it got deleted
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 5:49:05 PM): i tried loggin in n it said wrong pw so i hit forgot pw n it said my account didnt exist (05/12/14 5:49:40 PM): Oh whaa that's crazy lol weird sure you didn't delete by accident? Lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 5:50:53 PM): im positive lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 5:51:16 PM): maybe someone told tht i was 14 or somethin cus i put it in my profile..idkkkk (05/12/14 5:51:38 PM): Ohhh true could be lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 5:51:49 PM): i didnt kno how to really work tht site neways lol (05/12/14 5:51:53 PM): Well glad met ya before it got deleted lol (: (05/12/14 5:54:29 PM): Me being bored lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 5:57:43 PM): aint workin again lol (05/12/14 5:58:39 PM): Did it work now? Lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 5:58:46 PM): ya lol :) (05/12/14 6:01:27 PM): Wish you could be here cuddling up lonely by myself :p (05/12/14 6:01:48 PM): Laying right here on top ;) :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:03:00 PM): hehehe u lieee (05/12/14 6:03:39 PM): Not at all cutie would love it laying right here on top watching a movie with meee ;) would be funn hehe (05/12/14 6:04:07 PM): Come on know you'd like it too ;) haha :)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:04:26 PM): i cant drive silly (05/12/14 6:05:10 PM): Haha I'm not saying for you to drive silly I'm saying if you could you would wouldn't ya? :) (05/12/14 6:06:05 PM): And who know id maybe give ya a kiss or two as well ;) :p hehe
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:06:36 PM): ya i would come if u wanted me to :P n maybe id give ya a kiss or two back :P (05/12/14 6:07:25 PM): Hehe of course I'd want u to and that sounds gooood love kisses :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:07:46 PM): hehehe me tooooo :) (05/12/14 6:08:02 PM): Are you a good kisser cutiee? :*
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:08:19 PM): my ex bf told me i was ^_^ (05/12/14 6:09:36 PM): Mmm I see hmm idk have to find out myself tho Gotta give ya a few to try out ya know :p hehe you do have some nice lips give ya tht ;) (05/12/14 6:11:31 PM): How many bfs have you ever had Hun?
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:12:07 PM): ty :D i had 2 tht count i guess lol (05/12/14 6:12:32 PM): Welcomee ;) and ohh I see I see :p (05/12/14 6:12:51 PM): Do you like neck kisses to? ;) ;p (05/12/14 6:14:30 PM): Or have you ever had some? :p (05/12/14 6:14:43 PM): Any*
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:15:02 PM): ya those r my fav kind lmao (05/12/14 6:15:23 PM): Ohhh mm good (; cuz those are my favs to hehe (05/12/14 6:15:35 PM): Lovee giving and getting them (05/12/14 6:16:33 PM): They turn me on a lot tho.. You start kissing my neck or I start kissing your neck my hands start to \"wander\" lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:16:55 PM): haha oh yaaa?wht ya mean by tht :P (05/12/14 6:18:58 PM): Haha yess and ohh you known like if kissing your neck hands might start wandering around giving your booty few squuezes and stuff or to some other spots :p ;) well long as you wouldn't mind cuz if you didn't want that then I'd keep me under control haha (05/12/14 6:19:12 PM): Them*
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:19:39 PM): i wouldnt mind ^_^ (05/12/14 6:19:57 PM): Ohh hehe yay ;) (05/12/14 6:20:42 PM): Then I'd be squuezing and giving that booty few slaps :p hehe anywhere they can't go tho lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:21:52 PM): omg u would slap it!?tht would hurt haha (05/12/14 6:22:19 PM): A light slap would feel good don't worry :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:23:01 PM): as long as its light lmao (05/12/14 6:23:31 PM): Lmao it would be don't worry so anywhere the hands can't wander to thk? (05/12/14 6:23:38 PM): tho* :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:24:46 PM): wht u mean (05/12/14 6:25:33 PM): Cuz i said my hands wander silly but i don't want them wandering to anywhere where you wouldn't like it ya know :p :)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:26:22 PM): where u think i wouldnt like lol (05/12/14 6:26:32 PM): Lol okayy (05/12/14 6:26:59 PM): You can't vid chat right?
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:27:15 PM): huh?wht u mean okayy i was askin u a question lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:27:18 PM): nooo i cant :( (05/12/14 6:27:54 PM): Ohh lol and hmm your boobs? :p and damn :/
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:28:18 PM): sounds good to me :)hehe (05/12/14 6:30:54 PM): Hehe :) how bout like I'm kissing you and your neck and stuft and start to rub your inner thigh slowly moving it up would you mind that? Hehe
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:31:24 PM): i wouldnt mind ^_^ (05/12/14 6:31:42 PM): Mmm hehe ;) (05/12/14 6:31:44 PM): :) (05/12/14 6:32:31 PM): Talking bout all this kissing madee really wanna give you some right now :)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:33:04 PM): :-* lol (05/12/14 6:33:23 PM): Haha (: (05/12/14 6:33:45 PM): Soo you said you had two bfs before what's been the longest relationship you've had?
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:34:58 PM): like 5 months
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:35:18 PM): we woulda probly lasted longer but he cheated on me so i dumped him (05/12/14 6:37:44 PM): Aww I'm sry beautiful :/ yeah that's bad cheaters are no good your sweet girl deserve better :*
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:38:04 PM): ya i hate cheaters (05/12/14 6:38:18 PM): Me tooo lol (05/12/14 6:40:50 PM): What's the furthest you've ever gone with them before tho.. Well if you don't mind me asking cutie lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:41:09 PM): wht u mean the furhest i gone? (05/12/14 6:41:28 PM): Like just kissing or you know lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:41:55 PM): idk wht u mean lol (05/12/14 6:46:02 PM): Your really gonna make me say it huh lol I mean like did you guys ever do anything sexual or was it jut kissing haha that's why I said you son have to answer if you don't want to tho
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:47:23 PM): ohhhh haha..i pretty much did everything lol (05/12/14 6:51:58 PM): Ohh haha ;) well then
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:52:13 PM): :P
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:52:15 PM): wht bout u (05/12/14 6:52:43 PM): Pretty much the same boo did everything :p (05/12/14 6:53:04 PM): Soo do you like have a fav thing you like to do or like getting done to you? Hehe
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:53:34 PM): maybeee maybee nottt :P hahaha (05/12/14 6:54:05 PM): Haha nahh that's a yess ;) could tell me then I'll thenn you mine :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:54:26 PM): its a secret ^_^ (05/12/14 6:54:27 PM): Tell* (05/12/14 6:54:39 PM): Hmm give me a hint! :0 (05/12/14 6:54:42 PM): :p*
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:55:01 PM): nahhhhh hahaha (05/12/14 6:55:06 PM): Haha
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:55:11 PM): im kinda shy bout tht stuff lol (05/12/14 6:55:13 PM): Think ik what tho (05/12/14 6:55:54 PM): haha no need to be shy boo but if you don't wanna answer don't have to i was really juss wondering :p :)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:56:28 PM): haha wht do u think it is (05/12/14 6:56:49 PM): Hmm getting eaten out? ;) :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:57:12 PM): howd u kno lmfao (05/12/14 6:57:33 PM): Haha seeeee ;D I'm goood like that :p hehe
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:57:51 PM): hahahai guess so :P (05/12/14 6:58:15 PM): An that's actually one of my favs things to do ;) I'm a giver hehe :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 6:58:55 PM): ohhhh it is?:\"> (05/12/14 7:00:18 PM): Mhm it isss boo hmm who know since you love it maybe I'll eat you all upp nice an goood hehe ;) :) :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:01:04 PM): ur probly lyin :P (05/12/14 7:01:57 PM): No wayy I'm serious I love doing it boo long as your nice and shaved down there hehe I'll eat you all uppp :p ;) finger a lil to hehehe
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:03:14 PM): i shave lol if i dont it gets all itchy...n idk if i believe u lmao (05/12/14 7:03:44 PM): What that's it's one of my favs things or that I wouldn't eat you out? Lol (05/12/14 7:03:59 PM): And I like it nicee and shaved hehe :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:04:19 PM): idk if i believe u tht u would eat me out lol (05/12/14 7:06:03 PM): I would boo I'm serious lol I'm honestly getting lil turned on juss thinking bout it :p bet you taste goood ;) hehe ^__^ eat it all upp lick it and suck it finger it here and there to :p would you like that?
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:06:52 PM): yaaaa ^_^ (05/12/14 7:07:23 PM): Hehe mmm good
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:07:39 PM): :):D (05/12/14 7:08:06 PM): I'm lil turned on right now lol (05/12/14 7:08:26 PM): Now I wanna eat you out grrr :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:08:59 PM): me too hahaha (05/12/14 7:10:36 PM): Haha what else do you like cutie any fav positions? :p and ohh is that so (; well if I was there I'd be on you kissing you and that neck and slowly sliding my hand down rubbing right between your legs while I'm kissing youu juss sayingg :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:11:29 PM): haha hopefully mom dont see me cus im lookin at the comp jus smilin lmao (05/12/14 7:12:13 PM): Haha yeah don't let her see :p and I thought she worked right now?
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:13:44 PM): shes part time so she dont work everyday (05/12/14 7:14:00 PM): Ohh I see :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:14:41 PM): yaaaa (05/12/14 7:15:55 PM): Does she check your convos and stuff boo? :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:16:19 PM): hell no lol she dont even kno the pw to my laptop (05/12/14 7:17:21 PM): Haha goood well maybe one day when she working we ca hang boo then I'll keep my promise eat ya all upp long as ya want hehe
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:17:51 PM): i think shes workin wednesday lol (05/12/14 7:17:54 PM): :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:17:56 PM): im not positive tho (05/12/14 7:18:38 PM): Well find out and then let me know boo :* so what about me tho what do I get? :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:18:55 PM): wht would u want haha (05/12/14 7:20:05 PM): Idk what can I pick? :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:20:25 PM): idk lmao (05/12/14 7:21:11 PM): Hmm blowjob (05/12/14 7:21:15 PM): :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:21:27 PM): hmmmmmmmmmm (05/12/14 7:21:58 PM): Don't have to if you don't want to hmm handjob? Lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:23:05 PM): i can give a blowjob i guessssss haha :P (05/12/14 7:24:39 PM): Hehe mmm yay (; do you like doing that at all boo?
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:26:48 PM): i dont mind it lol (05/12/14 7:28:34 PM): Hehe :p have you ever swallowed? Or would you ever haha
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:29:00 PM): i did a couple times but it wasnt my fav lol (05/12/14 7:31:12 PM): Ohh lol :p do you a have a fav position or anything and if you give me a blowjob and I eat you out were both prob gonna be really hornyy haha should I bring protection just in case lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:32:38 PM): protection?n no i dont really have a fav position lol (05/12/14 7:32:58 PM): Like condom or something? :p (05/12/14 7:33:12 PM): And ohhh so I can pick wooo haha
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:33:41 PM): ya youd def have to use a condom!my mom would seriously kill me if i got prego
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:33:48 PM): where would we go? (05/12/14 7:35:18 PM): We couldn't stay at your house if she's not home? And I mean there is my car lol we could go like a quite spot any around there where you live? :p (05/12/14 7:35:34 PM): And ill bring it then :)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:36:41 PM): id be scared if my neighbor seen a weird car there shed call my mom or somethin..n u think ur car would be safe enough?im scared bout someone seein or somethin (05/12/14 7:37:47 PM): That's trueee your right and yess my window are kinda tinted so can't really see through backseat windows lol it's a big car to :*
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:39:00 PM): if ur positive nobody can see ^_^ (05/12/14 7:41:18 PM): I ammm boo :) after I eat you get you nice and wett mmm think imma have you sit facing me and ride me on the back seat boo boucing up and down hardd on my dickk ;) :p im so turned on hehe
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:42:21 PM): me to hahaha
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:42:26 PM): :)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:43:53 PM): it didnt work :( send to my email *email edited* (05/12/14 7:44:05 PM): Let me try again boo one sec
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:44:20 PM): kk
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:44:49 PM): didnt work
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:44:52 PM): send to my emaillll (05/12/14 7:45:35 PM): Got this big bulge in my boxers right now cuz thinking bout ya ;) :p it was a pic of that lol (05/12/14 7:45:54 PM): Are you wet at all? :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:47:12 PM): guess ur not guna send it?n maybe a lil :P (05/12/14 7:47:40 PM): I am sending it now boo hehe and mmm good ;)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:47:54 PM): kk ^_^ (05/12/14 7:50:43 PM): Okay sent it boo :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:50:56 PM): kk h.o lemme see (05/12/14 7:51:00 PM): Gonna see how hard I am right now haha (05/12/14 7:52:10 PM): Did ya get it? :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:53:02 PM): ya hehehe :D (05/12/14 7:53:17 PM): Hehe like it? (05/12/14 7:53:41 PM): That's what your gonna be getting boo ;) hehe
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:54:22 PM): lmao!:) (05/12/14 7:55:54 PM): :) lol (05/12/14 7:56:10 PM): Sooo watcha doingg cutie watcha thinking bout :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:56:45 PM): how excited i am to meet u :Dhaha (05/12/14 7:57:02 PM): Hehe me to cutie (: (05/12/14 7:58:33 PM): Should be funnn and exciting :p hehe :)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:58:56 PM): ya im exited ^_^ (05/12/14 7:59:23 PM): Can't wait to give ya some hugs kisses all that good stuff :p :)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 7:59:33 PM): me either :) (05/12/14 8:00:09 PM): Am I gonna be oldest guy you've ever gotten with boo!? :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:01:56 PM): ya lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:01:58 PM): y (05/12/14 8:02:26 PM): Juss wondering :*
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:02:36 PM): :-*
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:02:39 PM): lol (05/12/14 8:03:38 PM): You'll def be the youngest for me :p can I ask something tho I'm pretty big and thick boo I'll show you if you want think you'll be able to handle it are you really tight? :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:04:06 PM): idk if i am or not hahaha n kk! (05/12/14 8:05:26 PM): Sure you can like see how many fingers you can fit it boo :p that's how you tell lol (05/12/14 8:05:41 PM): An you wanna see?
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:06:01 PM): if u wuna show me :D (05/12/14 8:06:18 PM): Nope gotta tell me yes or no ;)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:06:59 PM): i told uuuu (05/12/14 8:07:23 PM): I'm teasing boo lol and one sec ;)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:07:48 PM): kk ^_^ (05/12/14 8:11:50 PM): Get it boo? Hehe
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:12:14 PM): it aint workin
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:12:21 PM): send it to my email again lol (05/12/14 8:12:34 PM): Grr lol I will
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:12:47 PM): stupid yahoo X-( (05/12/14 8:13:46 PM): Okayy sent it :*
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:13:56 PM): kk lemme check (05/12/14 8:14:10 PM): Its a lil dark but you can see how thick it is boo let me know what you think hehe ;)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:16:28 PM): i got it :D
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:16:43 PM): its a lot bigger then my ex! (05/12/14 8:16:59 PM): Hehe so guessing you like it? (;
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:17:23 PM): ya ;)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:17:33 PM): hey i gotta get off here for a lil bit..r u guna be on a lil later (05/12/14 8:17:59 PM): Hehe good all for youu ;) and yess I will be boo (:
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 8:19:40 PM): kk byeee (05/12/14 8:20:42 PM): Bye see talk to ya in a bit (:
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 9:31:09 PM): hiii (05/12/14 9:31:28 PM): Heyy beautiful :) (05/12/14 9:31:40 PM): I missed ya took ya so long :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 9:32:02 PM): sry lol had to eat dinner n take a shower (05/12/14 9:32:59 PM): Im just teasing boo :p watcha have for dinner? And a showerr could have invited meeee to join ;) lol :d
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 9:33:39 PM): teriaki chicken n rice..n haha sry :P
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 9:33:54 PM): i wuna hear wht u sound like lol (05/12/14 9:34:23 PM): Mmm yummy :p and hehe its okayy and suree boo :) (05/12/14 9:35:16 PM): Wanna like talk on the phone or something can I call through yahoo chat lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 9:35:50 PM): whts ur # my mom went outside n is arguin w her bf on the phone so i cant talk long (05/12/14 9:36:16 PM): It's *edited* boo (05/12/14 9:36:37 PM): Hurry :p wanna hear you to lol (05/12/14 9:45:27 PM): :p lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 9:46:01 PM): haha wht :P (05/12/14 9:46:16 PM): Almost got caught :p (05/12/14 9:46:31 PM): Lol did she say anything?
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 9:47:45 PM): no lol she didnt even kno i was on the phone (05/12/14 9:48:37 PM): Ohh haha good (; wouldn't want you to get in trouble boo you sound do cute tho love itt can't wait to be kissing ya :* hehe
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 9:49:00 PM): haha u sound cute to n me either :D (05/12/14 9:50:59 PM): (: hehe I try I try boo :p and have any more pics of youu I can see?! Your to cuuuute hehe want more
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 9:51:47 PM): lol look at the pics on my fb (05/12/14 9:53:01 PM): Lol to much workk :p just send me some here or through email boo (: if you have any sexxy ones send those to ;) haha (05/12/14 9:53:03 PM): :)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 9:53:29 PM): im to lazyyyyy (05/12/14 9:53:45 PM): Come onnnn :p pweesee lol (05/12/14 9:53:55 PM): Do it for meee bae lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 9:54:56 PM): brb (05/12/14 9:55:11 PM): Okayy (:
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 10:02:41 PM): backkk (05/12/14 10:04:19 PM): Where'd ya go boo :p
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 10:04:44 PM): mom wanted to talk to me (05/12/14 10:05:00 PM): Ohh everything okay?
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 10:05:27 PM): ya lol she was jus talkin bout school (05/12/14 10:06:57 PM): Oh okay lol so watcha doing now cutie? :)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 10:07:16 PM): on fb n talkin to u lol
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 10:07:17 PM): u? (05/12/14 10:08:14 PM): Still juss laying down on my bed and talking to you (: fun talking to youu your so cuuute and sweet and fun :*
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 10:09:07 PM): its fun talkin to u to ^_^ (05/12/14 10:09:21 PM): Imma kiss ya non stop lol :)
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 10:10:03 PM): :):):) (05/12/14 10:12:18 PM): :* wish you could be here right now boo
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 10:12:32 PM): i wish toooooo :(
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 10:12:36 PM): im gettin sleepy (05/12/14 10:12:58 PM): Aww want me to let you go then boo?
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 10:13:13 PM): yaaa i think ima go to bed
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 10:13:32 PM): u can text me tomorrow if u want or i can jus talk to u on here when i get home from school (05/12/14 10:14:21 PM): Okayy boo :* gnight sweet dreams can't wait to see you and you text me in the morning :* lol (: imma be thinking bout youu
xlizziemariex (05/12/14 10:15:08 PM): kk gniteee ^_^

Text Messaging 5/13/14 Phone: Heyy you morningg (: 8:31 AM
Me: hiii good morning ^_^ 8:35 AM Phone: :) what's upp beautiful?? 8:38 AM
Me: sittin in class u? 8:39 AM Phone: Ohh that's fun lol what class? And I'm at workk :/ have been since 4am im so tired ughh :/ haha 8:42 AM
Me: art haha..n omg since 4!?y so early lol 8:55 AM Phone: Lol yeahh :/ I'm so tired can't wait to go home ughh 3 more hours tho and nicee art was pretty cool I could nvr draw to save my life tho haha 9:32 AM Phone: And it's just once a week out store gets shipment of new products and the delivery just happens to be really early and someone needs to be here to help unload and stock the store up lucky me huh :p lol 9:33 AM
Me: well at least u don't got much longer to go!wht time u usually work? 9:38 AM Phone: I know so happyy :) lol and my schedule is all over the place pretty muh changes from week to week like ik tmo I'm working at 5 and then 5 again Thursday Friday and the weekend I'm off (: 9:40 AM
Me: 5 in the morning!?wht time do u get done 9:42 AM Phone: No 5pm lol and get out 9:15ishh 9:42 AM
Me: ohhh haha thts a lot better then in the morning lol 9:44 AM Phone: Haha oh yeah what time you usually get out of school? :) 9:44 AM
Me: around 2 9:46 AM Phone: Nicee nicee I'll be home by then prob chilling on my couch relaxing haha wanna maybe talk on the phone a lil again today beautiful? (: 9:47 AM
Me: my phones prepaid n I don't have a lot of mins left :( 9:49 AM Phone: Ohh okay :/ oh well it's okayy then (: 9:54 AM
Me: sryyy 9:56 AM Phone: Lol it's ok :p soo how's school going? :) 9:58 AM
Me: boring as usual lol 10:01 AM Phone: Aww I'm sowwy :p lol 10:33 AM Phone: Woo finally homee soo tired :/ lol 12:29 PM
Me: u guna take a nap?:P 1:29 PM Phone: Lol hmm idk prob not boo and then if I did to wouldn't be able to talk to you more when your home :p 1:32 PM
Me: awww ^_^ 1:34 PM Phone: Hehe :* I missed ya was thinking bout ya :) miss me at all? :p 1:40 PM
Me: duhhh :) 1:45 PM Phone: Hehe yay :* :) 1:50 PM Phone: Your getting out soon right?? 1:51 PM
Me: yep yeppp 1:54 PM Phone: Niceee gonna be doing anything today? Or juss chilling boo? :) lol 1:58 PM
Me: I kinda wuna take a bike ride since its nice out :) 2:03 PM Phone: Yess it's pretty good out :) and def enjoy it cutie cuz after today supposed to be cloudy and rainy pretty much up till Saturday :/ lol 2:05 PM
Me: really!?:'( 2:07 PM Phone: Yeahh :/ I was just checking the weather and that what it was sayingg 2:07 PM Phone: Sooo I'm bored :/ lol 2:42 PM
Me: haha y don't u do somethin :P 2:52 PM Phone: Lol I'm juss sitting outside now listening to some music relaxing welcome to join me boo :) haha you go on your bike ride yet? 2:56 PM
Me: haha I wish I could :P n no I haven't yet 2:58 PM Phone: Me too would have had sit right here on my lap and chill with me :* hehe and wish I had a bike i miss riding it lol 3:01 PM
Me: hehe ^_^ n y don't u get another one lol 3:02 PM Phone: Youd get some kisses to :* hehe and just cuz I don't have money for one right now :/ ill get another one, one day tho lol :) 3:06 PM Phone: What kind of bike do you have? :) 3:13 PM
Me: ohhh I seeee..n its a huffy 3:16 PM Phone: Cool cool :) 3:17 PM Phone: I'm like hungry to but have no idea what I want to eat... The struggle lol :p 3:20 PM
Me: my moms makin spaghetti tonight 3:22 PM Phone: Yumm! Making some for me to tightt :p :) lol jk jk 3:26 PM Phone: Rightt* 3:26 PM
Me: haha ya righttt 3:28 PM Phone: Hehe :p 3:42 PM Phone: Soo how's your bike ride? :) 5:38 PM
Me: jus got back :) ima get online in a min 6:08 PM Phone: ok boo :) 6:08 PM

YIM Conversation 5/13/14

xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:17:23 PM): heyyy (05/13/14 6:17:46 PM): Heyy cutiee (:
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:18:11 PM): wht ya doin (05/13/14 6:18:10 PM): Watcha doingg
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:18:13 PM): haha
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:18:16 PM): jus got home (05/13/14 6:19:27 PM): Lol :p funny how we both asked almost same time and I'm juss chilling in my room now no till I go to the gym later have fun on your bike ride? (: do you go on trails and stuff??
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:20:10 PM): ya it was fun n today i jus rode around on the street pretty much everywhere haha (05/13/14 6:22:41 PM): Haha nicee :) well i like that tho you stay active no wonder you keep such a nice lil bodyy ;) hehe :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:23:15 PM): hehe :D
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:23:36 PM): guess wht (05/13/14 6:24:02 PM): Hehe big plus :p and hmmm what? :)
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:24:19 PM): my mom works tomorrow ^_^ (05/13/14 6:25:19 PM): Ohh niceee :D
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:25:25 PM): yaaaa.... (05/13/14 6:25:37 PM): What's wrong boo? :/
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:25:50 PM): nothin?lol (05/13/14 6:26:06 PM): Idk you just put yaaa... Lol (05/13/14 6:26:43 PM): But anywayss hmm so think we can hang tmo then so can finnaly give ya lots of kisses :* hehe
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:27:12 PM): haha yaaaa :D (05/13/14 6:27:49 PM): Hehe ready to get eaten out like I promised yaaa?? ;) haha
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:28:12 PM): yaaa ^_^ :\">
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:29:11 PM): u sure no one is guna see us in ur car (05/13/14 6:29:12 PM): Mmm good (; hehe how often do you shave down there juss wondering? :p (05/13/14 6:29:27 PM): And I'm positive boo :)
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:29:35 PM): idk haha whenever it gets like stubbles (05/13/14 6:30:34 PM): And haha ok well how is it right now then nice and smooth? ;)
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:31:14 PM): lil stubbly lol but ill shave tonight :) (05/13/14 6:32:50 PM): Hehe okay boo :) I'm excited like do you moan loud at all? :p (05/13/14 6:34:08 PM): And can i make a suggestion? Lol
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:34:25 PM): sure lol (05/13/14 6:34:43 PM): Do you ever wear skirts boo?
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:34:59 PM): ya when its warm out i do sometimes (05/13/14 6:35:45 PM): Maybe should wear one might make it lil Easier ill just lay you down spread those legs pull those panties out and eat you upp ;) while not fully taking your skirt off tho ya know :p (05/13/14 6:35:53 PM): Down*
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:36:31 PM): hahaha i will if its warm out tomorrow :D (05/13/14 6:37:13 PM): Hehe okay :p and where would you want me to pick you upp like at your house or you want me to pick you up from another spot lol
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:38:21 PM): i dont think u should at my house cus of our nosey freakin neighbor..
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:38:23 PM): hmmmmm
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:38:48 PM): do u kno where holy angels church is?i live by tht n i could walk there (05/13/14 6:39:58 PM): Nooo but I have gps on my phone boo I'll just look it up :) and sounds gooood now do you know like quite spot we can go to? Where we would get no interruption :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:41:10 PM): kk..n not really but we can prob find one haha (05/13/14 6:41:28 PM): Haha truee :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:41:32 PM): r u sure no one can see in
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:41:34 PM): im nervous lol (05/13/14 6:42:11 PM): Positive boo :* my like back windows are tinted (:
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:42:36 PM): kk..ima make u get in the back n ima stand on the outside to make sure lmao :P (05/13/14 6:44:07 PM): lol like only if you press your face up against the window or get really close you'll see something but even then it fully and besides If it's a quite spot won't have to worry bout that boo :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:44:28 PM): i guesss haha (05/13/14 6:44:37 PM): But I'll do it whatever makes you comfortable <3
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:44:48 PM): wht kinda car is it so i kno wht to look for (05/13/14 6:44:49 PM): :)
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:44:58 PM): awww ty ^_^ (05/13/14 6:45:28 PM): It's ford Explorer silver and well you'll have your phone on you right I can just call you :p (05/13/14 6:45:39 PM): When I'm there lol
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:46:25 PM): u gotta text me cus im real low on mins until next week (05/13/14 6:47:16 PM): Ohh okayy I'll do (: that then boo hmm when do you usually get home not get out if school actually get home tho
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:48:39 PM): like 2:25 (05/13/14 6:49:29 PM): Cuz I have work at 5 tmo :/ but wanna least get to spend and hour or two with youu so like should I be there 2:30? Can meet me right after your home? :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:50:13 PM): ya like 2:30 or 2:35 :) takes me like 5 min to walk there (05/13/14 6:50:25 PM): Sound good boo :*
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:50:37 PM): yayyy :D
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:50:53 PM): i never met anyone from online im nervous but excited at the same time if tht makes sense haha :P (05/13/14 6:53:03 PM): Hehe me too boo :* excited and nervous as well more excited tho to give ya some kisses :* on those lips that neck all over ;) :)
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:53:28 PM): :):D (05/13/14 6:54:27 PM): Hehe watcha most excited for? :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:54:46 PM): idkkk:\">haha (05/13/14 6:55:06 PM): Haha sureee ;)
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:56:07 PM): wht r u most excited bout (05/13/14 6:57:07 PM): Can I ask you tho when was the last time you did anything with a guy boo? Juss wondering lol and to give those lips some kisses and get to eat you all upp hehe told you I like doing that bet you taste goood ;)
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 6:57:51 PM): uhhh idk like a couple months n yayy ^_^ (05/13/14 6:59:45 PM): Hehe yea know you like that ;) soo yesterday you said I was a lot bigger than your ex but by like how much? :p haha I'm curios
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:00:54 PM): haha idk but his was smaller then urs haha (05/13/14 7:01:18 PM): ;)
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:01:36 PM): :D (05/13/14 7:02:09 PM): Think you can take sitting facing me on my map riding up and down on that boo?? Hehe :D (05/13/14 7:02:17 PM): Lap*
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:02:43 PM): hahaha ya i think so :Phahaha (05/13/14 7:04:14 PM): Hehe mmm good cuz Ik imma get really hardd and stuff so don't forget to remind me to bring a condom :p or two ;) haha
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:05:17 PM): haha dont forget!i dont wuna do tht if u dont bring one on offense lol
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:05:23 PM): no* (05/13/14 7:05:55 PM): Lol no I understand boo don't want you getting pregnant or anything don't worry :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:06:24 PM): my mom would killll me (05/13/14 7:06:54 PM): Ik boo I'll bring it no worries (:
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:07:12 PM): kk :) (05/13/14 7:08:05 PM): Hehe :)
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:08:52 PM): didnt work
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:08:59 PM): like usual X-( (05/13/14 7:09:28 PM): Ik :/ lol one sec I'll send it on your email boo
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:09:41 PM): kk :) (05/13/14 7:10:58 PM): Okayy was sent tell me what yay think!! Hehe ;) (05/13/14 7:11:03 PM): Ya*
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:11:13 PM): kk h.o
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:13:18 PM): hotttt :);)
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:13:21 PM): haha (05/13/14 7:14:07 PM): Well glad ya like it boo ;) hehe
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:14:35 PM): :) (05/13/14 7:14:36 PM): Have any hott ones of youu I can see boo? :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:15:05 PM): i dont think i dooo :(
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:15:12 PM): i told u i got lots of pics on my fb lol (05/13/14 7:16:22 PM): Have you ever sent pics I mean like the one I sent you yesterday? :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:17:08 PM): nooo i dont got pic messaging :( (05/13/14 7:17:44 PM): Oh yeahh truee :/ how do you take your pics then boo? Use digital camera? (05/13/14 7:18:08 PM): And I kinda wanted oneee :/ tbh lol
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:18:39 PM): used my friends when i was hangin out w her n my mom took some haha
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:18:55 PM): im sry :( (05/13/14 7:19:40 PM): It's okayy cutie :* :) and I seee I see :p (05/13/14 7:19:55 PM): I'll just get a good look when we hang then ;) :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:19:56 PM): yaaaaa (05/13/14 7:20:12 PM): :) (05/13/14 7:20:25 PM): Soo watcha doing now boo?
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:20:43 PM): watchin vids on youtube
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:20:48 PM): have u ever heard of edbassmaster lmao (05/13/14 7:21:16 PM): Hmm I think so sound familiar lol what's it about?
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:21:42 PM): hes a prankster on youtube hes hillarious!:P (05/13/14 7:22:49 PM): Ohhh that guy :p yeah I've seen some of his vids lol pretty funny :) haha
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:23:03 PM): :P (05/13/14 7:29:02 PM): Any other funny vids? (:
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:29:49 PM): all of his vids r lol
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:29:54 PM): he has like 295787546
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:32:01 PM): hey moms makin me make dinner -_-..ima do tht shower n i got a lil bit of hw but ill be on later! (05/13/14 7:32:45 PM): Aww okay boo I'm gonna be going to the gym to anyways but I'll be on later to (: (05/13/14 7:32:58 PM): Make me some dinner as well :p hehe
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 7:37:22 PM): hahaha kk :P (05/13/14 7:38:38 PM): Yayy :* you'll get a reward :p hehe alrighty well go make dinner and stuff then boo I'll ttyl I'll be thinking bout ya <3
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:04:30 PM): heyyyy (05/13/14 10:04:59 PM): Heyy you (:
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:05:09 PM): :) (05/13/14 10:05:26 PM): What's upp (:
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:05:34 PM): jus relaxinnn :D u (05/13/14 10:06:03 PM): Funny cuz I just got back home from the gym was bout to check if ya messaged :p how was dinner and all that (: lol (05/13/14 10:06:08 PM):
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:07:14 PM): real good :D
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:07:17 PM): n haha really? (05/13/14 10:08:09 PM): Yupp lol and well that's good (: and heyy for some reason your profile pic isn't showing anymore lol you take it out?
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:09:26 PM): no its still there (05/13/14 10:09:54 PM): Swear boo on mine it's not showing up lol (05/13/14 10:10:07 PM): I'll send you screenshot lol (05/13/14 10:10:07 PM): I'll send you screenshot lol
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:10:14 PM): i believe u lol
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:10:24 PM): should i try to login n logout (05/13/14 10:10:48 PM): Lol try putting up diff pic or something it looks so weird haha and yeah could try that tooo
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:12:16 PM): tolazy lol (05/13/14 10:13:40 PM): Lol well do the log off thing then :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:14:03 PM): kk
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:14:28 PM): it work? (05/13/14 10:14:28 PM): Okayy it's back now lol
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:14:34 PM): haha k (05/13/14 10:14:47 PM): Lol yahoo sucks so much :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:14:54 PM): i knoooo (05/13/14 10:15:36 PM): Idk it might just be the app that sucks or something who knows lol soo anyways leave me any dinner boo? :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:16:22 PM): hahaha ya ill bring some tomorrow :P (05/13/14 10:17:47 PM): Lol I'm teasing boo don't have to :p watcha make tho spaghetti? (:
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:18:48 PM): yeahh n garlic bread (05/13/14 10:19:18 PM): Mmm Garlic bread well maybe I wouldn't mind some of that :p (05/13/14 10:19:25 PM): Lol :)
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:19:40 PM): haha garlic bread is the best :P (05/13/14 10:23:35 PM): Lol I love itt (: (05/13/14 10:24:06 PM): Still nervous for tmo boo? Lol (:
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:24:19 PM): a lil bit lol (05/13/14 10:25:06 PM): It's okayy I am a lil to lol :p (05/13/14 10:25:51 PM): Will be okay tho promise I don't bite (: less you want me to (; haha :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:26:22 PM): hahahaha u seriously make me smile :)
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:27:50 PM): im gettin tired (05/13/14 10:28:32 PM): I try I try boo :) hehe and going to sleep now beautiful?
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:28:43 PM): yaaa (05/13/14 10:28:54 PM): Aww :( (05/13/14 10:29:01 PM): Lol jk jk :p
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:29:05 PM): im sry :(
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:29:07 PM): u can text me tomorrow :) (05/13/14 10:29:47 PM): Well okayy gnight boo I'll message ya in the morning say good morning muahh :* sweet dreams can't wait to see ya
xlizziemariex (05/13/14 10:30:28 PM): kk :) gnite cant wait to see u either ^_^ (05/13/14 10:30:50 PM): :)<3

Text Messaging 5/14/14 Phone: Heyy youu morningg (: 6:59 AM Phone: Forget bout me? :/ lol :p 9:42 AM
Me: sry my phone was on silent n i forgot i had a quiz today so i been tryin to study for it in my other classes haha 11:09 AM Phone: Lol it's okayy :p 11:13 AM Phone: How'd you do on your quiz?? 11:13 AM
Me: wht u doin 11:14 AM
Me: think i did good :) 11:14 AM Phone: I was jut having breakfast lol and that's good, good job :p what about you what you doing? (: 11:16 AM
Me: sittin in class lol 11:17 AM Phone: Sounds like so much fun :p 11:19 AM
Me: oh it isss -_- haha 11:23 AM Phone: Haha :p 11:29 AM Phone: Soo are u still excited boo? :p 11:42 AM
Me: yaaa :) r u 11:58 AM Phone: But of coursee ;) :) how couldn't I be :p 12:05 PM Phone: I'm out getting that \"thing\" right now actually :p then gonna go home and shower (: lol 12:07 PM
Me: hehe ^_^ wht thing? 12:18 PM Phone: Hehe You know What I asked you to remind me not to forget :p lol 12:19 PM
Me: ohhhh haha well i guess u didnt forget :P 12:23 PM Phone: Lol not at all :p so watcha wear today boo the skirt maybe? ;) hehe :)) 12:25 PM
Me: noo i forgot but i can change into one when i go home :P 12:30 PM Phone: Mmm i might like that ;) :p hehe 12:39 PM
Me: haha kk i will 12:53 PM Phone: :)) hehe 1:00 PM
Me: wht time r u guna drop me back off 1:11 PM Phone: Hmm well I have work at 5 so prop like 4:00-4:15 ish that good? 1:12 PM
Me: kk ^_^ 1:13 PM Phone: :) btw so did you shave last night? :p hehe 1:15 PM
Me: ya :) 1:19 PM Phone: Yummy hehe :p 1:20 PM Phone: Ughhhhh I'm so so pissed now :/ ... 1:30 PM
Me: y? 1:32 PM Phone: Cuz my manager just called me asked me to come in earlier at 4 instead of 5.. Now if I go I can only see you for like half hour before I have to go :'( I'm so mad boo was so looking forward to today :/ 1:34 PM
Me: we still have a lil time 1:34 PM Phone: Ik boo but wanted to spend it lil more with youu :/ like least hour and Half is your mom working anyother days this week? 1:35 PM
Me: ya but im hangin out w my friends..its ok if we only have a lil time i really wuna see u :) 1:37 PM Phone: Okay boo then you don't have to change ok I'll leave In a bit :) 1:41 PM Phone: And I'm going in my work clothes ok since I have to go straight there after alright hope you don't mind lol 1:42 PM
Me: kk u sure u dont want me to change?it dont take fast lol 1:42 PM
Me: haha idc 1:42 PM Phone: I'm sure boo don't worry save as much time as we can :p :* 1:44 PM
Me: kk ^_^ 1:51 PM Phone: :)) 1:53 PM
Me: im excitedddd :) 1:58 PM
Me: r u on ur way ) 2:11 PM Phone: Yup :) 2:13 PM Phone: R u there boo? 2:15 PM
Me: kk wht time u guna be here 2:30?i jus got outta school 2:15 PM
Me: jus got outta school :) 2:16 PM
Me: i jus got home so ill start walkin now ^_^ u there yet? 2:24 PM

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