This wannabe pedo appeared in 13-year-old Fancy's IM window. Uninvited.
Bust by Duncan Hines @ 5/18/2006 11:35 AM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Wade, 34
AOL IM: WBSooner
Location: Putnam City (a suburb of Oklahoma City), Oklahoma

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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit FancyDancer14, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Hi 34/m/okc you have a pic
FancyDancer14: cant talk now momz here

WBSooner (11:38:48 PM):hey you
WBSooner (11:38:52 PM):whats up
FancyDancer14 (11:39:03 PM):hi
FancyDancer14 (11:39:36 PM):what u doing
WBSooner (11:39:55 PM):not much, how bout you
WBSooner (11:40:03 PM):I guess you had to run last night
FancyDancer14 (11:40:54 PM):yeppers. mom came home. i was gonna send u pic today but my freind didn't get it to me yet. she's gonna scan it and email it.
WBSooner (11:41:09 PM):thats cool
WBSooner (11:41:15 PM):does she have the pic
FancyDancer14 (11:41:23 PM):yep
WBSooner (11:41:25 PM):call her and make her send it lol
WBSooner (11:41:47 PM):you wanna see my pic
FancyDancer14 (11:41:57 PM):yeppers
WBSooner (11:42:49 PM):sent
FancyDancer14 (11:43:50 PM):ur cute.
WBSooner (11:45:03 PM):thanks
WBSooner (11:45:08 PM):can you call your friend
FancyDancer14 (11:45:29 PM):no
WBSooner (11:45:42 PM):why not
FancyDancer14 (11:46:03 PM):long distance.
WBSooner (11:46:13 PM):oh
WBSooner (11:46:35 PM):well tell me all about you then , i like to hear you describe yourself
FancyDancer14 (11:48:51 PM):5ft 2, 115, blond
WBSooner (11:49:15 PM):how big are your titties (Well, they're big and saggy and I look like a charpei puppy naked. Why do you ask?)
FancyDancer14 (11:49:31 PM):bigger than any of my freinds.
WBSooner (11:49:43 PM):cool
WBSooner (11:49:47 PM):are you a virgin (testing limits)
FancyDancer14 (11:50:31 PM):no
WBSooner (11:51:02 PM):after seeing my pic would you fuck me if I came all the way out there (not for all the money in the freakin world)
FancyDancer14 (11:51:24 PM):probly if u want to
WBSooner (11:52:18 PM):how would you be able to get away to do it without getting caught
WBSooner (11:52:27 PM):day or night better (he's still assessing the situation)
FancyDancer14 (11:52:46 PM):have to say going to freinds house. my mom is working at night anyway.
FancyDancer14 (11:53:35 PM):she never calls.
WBSooner (11:53:53 PM):what time does she work
WBSooner (11:53:57 PM):is it just you and her
FancyDancer14 (11:54:34 PM):leaves about 2. get home bout 2 am.
WBSooner (11:55:10 PM):does she work weekends too or just week days (more risk assessment)
FancyDancer14 (11:57:01 PM):can i call u sometime? i have a calling card so i can call my dad. mom works different days. it changes. sometimes weekends, sometimes not.
WBSooner (11:57:51 PM):yeah, that would be cool, lets get the pic and make sure we like each other first but I am sure we are on go
FancyDancer14 (11:58:13 PM):where u live
WBSooner (11:58:51 PM):oklahoma
FancyDancer14 (11:59:13 PM):where. i lived in ok
WBSooner (12:00:06 AM):okc, where did you live in oklahoma
FancyDancer14 (12:00:32 AM):in Tulsa
WBSooner (12:00:41 AM):is that where your dad lives
FancyDancer14 (12:00:49 AM):yep
WBSooner (12:00:56 AM):do you ever go see him
FancyDancer14 (12:01:19 AM):not much. he comes here. brb
WBSooner (12:01:54 AM):if you could go see him sometime,i could meet you there and you could have him drop you off at the mall or something and we could go to a motel and get it on (I'd rather wait to see if you'll cross the stateline. It's more fun for me that way.)
FancyDancer14 (12:03:38 AM):be back in a few minutes
WBSooner (7:06:05 PM):hey, whats up
FancyDancer14 (7:06:20 PM):bored
WBSooner (7:06:23 PM):why
FancyDancer14 (7:06:43 PM):skool started and i hate this place
WBSooner (7:07:23 PM):did you ever get a pic on here
FancyDancer14 (7:07:46 PM):got pic but cant figure out how to get it in my profile
WBSooner (7:08:00 PM):can you just email it to me
FancyDancer14 (7:09:10 PM):o shit cant find it. hop didnt throw away. brb
FancyDancer14 (7:10:23 PM):u know what. i emailed it to another guy and i'm gonna see if he'll email it back to me. lol
FancyDancer14 (7:10:31 PM):im kinda new at this
WBSooner (7:10:48 PM):just look in your outgoing mail and see if you still have the old mail to him
FancyDancer14 (7:10:57 PM):brb
WBSooner (7:10:58 PM):if you do you can forward it to me and I will send it to ya
WBSooner (7:14:51 PM):you still there
FancyDancer14 (7:16:04 PM):yeppers. u are just so dam smart. i found em and forwarded em to myself. im getting ready to send to u. lol
WBSooner (7:16:13 PM):cool
FancyDancer14 (7:17:42 PM):u got mail
FancyDancer14 (7:20:12 PM):u get em?
WBSooner (7:21:11 PM):it didnt come through, I cant unzip, can you send 1 at a time, when you sent more it zipped them up
FancyDancer14 (7:21:26 PM):k brb
FancyDancer14 (7:22:58 PM):c if that works
WBSooner (7:23:31 PM):are you a gymnast
FancyDancer14 (7:23:54 PM):yep. member i told u freind was sending my dance recital pics?
FancyDancer14 (7:24:01 PM):least i thik i told u
WBSooner (7:24:16 PM):you have a nice body
FancyDancer14 (7:24:26 PM):tu
WBSooner (7:26:37 PM):so , didnt you tell me that your dad lived in tulsa or something
FancyDancer14 (7:26:43 PM):yep
FancyDancer14 (7:27:03 PM):i only go once a year and i alredy did this summer.
WBSooner (7:27:19 PM):you couldnt go again could you
FancyDancer14 (7:27:37 PM):nope.
WBSooner (7:28:02 PM):I want you, I may have to come there, would you make it worth my time (Oh yeah, this would make it sooo much fun)
FancyDancer14 (7:28:14 PM):what i hafta do?
FancyDancer14 (7:28:27 PM):u promis not gonna hurt me
WBSooner (7:28:50 PM):I wont hurt you at all , I just want to fuck you (and I just wanna see you get fucked too)
FancyDancer14 (7:29:01 PM):never did that yet
WBSooner (7:29:22 PM):I know you told me, think you would be ready
FancyDancer14 (7:29:48 PM):thik so. i kinda want to do it anyway
FancyDancer14 (7:30:05 PM):sorry. forgot ur name and age.
WBSooner (7:30:26 PM):Wade, 33
FancyDancer14 (7:30:31 PM):i no I thot u r cute.
FancyDancer14 (7:30:42 PM):wuld u send pic again?
WBSooner (7:30:49 PM):yep,
FancyDancer14 (7:30:54 PM):tu
WBSooner (7:30:59 PM):do you have more or just the 2
FancyDancer14 (7:31:11 PM):one more. u want it?
WBSooner (7:31:25 PM):yeah, definately
FancyDancer14 (7:31:40 PM):was afraid ud thik it was silly. brb
WBSooner (7:31:57 PM):not at all, you have mail
FancyDancer14 (7:32:47 PM):i dont no how to get pics in my profile
WBSooner (7:33:03 PM):I dont either, I just send it when someone asks lol
FancyDancer14 (7:33:14 PM):lol
WBSooner (7:33:18 PM):so how far from tulsa are you
FancyDancer14 (7:33:56 PM):dont no. takes bout 2 1/2 hour to drive.
FancyDancer14 (7:34:19 PM):u probly hav to stay at motel
FancyDancer14 (7:34:30 PM):my house close to one
WBSooner (7:34:45 PM):would you fuck me if I came out there (oh yeah, and you can take it to the bank)
FancyDancer14 (7:34:58 PM):yep i will.
WBSooner (7:35:19 PM):do you drive yet (Oooo a test question)
FancyDancer14 (7:35:34 PM):no but only live bout 1 block from motel.
WBSooner (7:35:38 PM):how old are you?
FancyDancer14 (7:35:47 PM):13 almost 14 (Now you've been warned)
WBSooner (7:35:51 PM):cool
FancyDancer14 (7:36:14 PM):u dont thik i'm too yung I hope
WBSooner (7:36:36 PM):not at all (omg)
FancyDancer14 (7:36:39 PM):kewl
WBSooner (7:37:04 PM):do you think I am too old
FancyDancer14 (7:37:36 PM):course not. i like older guys. dont like kids. they r stupid
8-27-04 #2
FancyDancer14 (9:13:49 PM):where did u go?
WBSooner (9:14:36 PM):my computer froze up so I went ahead and took a shower and stuff
FancyDancer14 (9:14:45 PM):k
WBSooner (9:16:04 PM):I am gonna go to bed soon though, I am tired
FancyDancer14 (9:16:11 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (9:16:29 PM):mabe we can talk agin
WBSooner (9:16:56 PM):definately, are you talking with any other guys about fucking (yeah i am, as a matter of fact)
FancyDancer14 (9:17:03 PM):no
WBSooner (9:17:24 PM):cause I want to be your first (Sick pedo!)
FancyDancer14 (9:17:33 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (9:17:53 PM):realy
FancyDancer14 (9:18:03 PM):???
WBSooner (9:18:04 PM):yep, do you want that (too late buddy)
FancyDancer14 (9:18:11 PM):yep
WBSooner (9:18:32 PM):well, I am gonna go but I will talk to you this weekend
FancyDancer14 (9:18:51 PM):k Mom works weekends
WBSooner (9:18:58 PM):night, sweetie
FancyDancer14 (9:19:06 PM):nite sweetie
FancyDancer14 (9:19:15 PM):hey

WBSooner (10:14:29 PM):whats up
FancyDancer14 (10:14:37 PM):hi
WBSooner (10:14:50 PM):we didnt get to talk the other day (Yeah, I was avoiding you like the plague cauz you totally disgust me)
FancyDancer14 (10:15:00 PM):mom was coming
FancyDancer14 (10:15:03 PM):lol
FancyDancer14 (10:15:17 PM):scared crap out of me lol
WBSooner (10:15:30 PM):does she not like you on there
FancyDancer14 (10:15:50 PM):dont like me talkin to peple I dont know
FancyDancer14 (10:16:18 PM):have to be careful
WBSooner (10:17:08 PM):yeah
WBSooner (10:17:13 PM):so how have you been
FancyDancer14 (10:17:29 PM):pretty gud i gues. hate skool
WBSooner (10:17:35 PM):she especially wouldnt like me
FancyDancer14 (10:17:40 PM):y
WBSooner (10:17:51 PM):cause I am gonna fuck her little girl
FancyDancer14 (10:17:57 PM):lol
FancyDancer14 (10:18:02 PM):u think?
WBSooner (10:18:08 PM):yeah, dont you
FancyDancer14 (10:18:13 PM):probly
FancyDancer14 (10:18:29 PM):u serius?
WBSooner (10:19:11 PM):yeah, you know I am, I will come out there sometime soon
FancyDancer14 (10:19:18 PM):kewl
FancyDancer14 (10:19:37 PM):realy?
FancyDancer14 (10:19:51 PM):u gotta promis not to tell nobody
FancyDancer14 (10:20:06 PM):cause my mom wud kill me
WBSooner (10:20:47 PM):I wont tell, I could get put in jail for it (Sooo you really DO understand the situation)
WBSooner (10:20:50 PM):you think i would tell lol
FancyDancer14 (10:21:15 PM):if u swear u wont
WBSooner (10:21:23 PM):no way
FancyDancer14 (10:21:24 PM):y get put in jail?
WBSooner (10:21:25 PM):
WBSooner (10:21:36 PM):cause you are under 18 and I am not (Confirmation that he understands)
FancyDancer14 (10:22:00 PM):oh well nobody here cares. i dont no nobody anyways
WBSooner (10:22:19 PM):I will make you feel good
FancyDancer14 (10:22:23 PM):u no i dont no how to do much
WBSooner (10:22:33 PM):I will teach you
FancyDancer14 (10:22:39 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (10:22:48 PM):u wont thik im stupid
WBSooner (10:22:56 PM):not at all
FancyDancer14 (10:23:04 PM):k
WBSooner (10:23:11 PM):I think it is special that you will let me teach you (make me puke)
FancyDancer14 (10:23:33 PM):i thik it specil that u tech me
WBSooner (10:23:58 PM):when does your mom work
FancyDancer14 (10:24:05 PM):at nite
FancyDancer14 (10:24:21 PM):u work?
WBSooner (10:24:35 PM):yeah
WBSooner (10:24:37 PM):I am a teacher (AWWW CRAP NOOO)
FancyDancer14 (10:24:47 PM):what u tech
FancyDancer14 (10:25:00 PM):u'll be my gud techer then
WBSooner (10:25:37 PM):I teach social studies
FancyDancer14 (10:25:42 PM):kewl
FancyDancer14 (10:26:10 PM):u tech kids lik me?
WBSooner (10:27:07 PM):yep
FancyDancer14 (10:27:24 PM):bet gurls luv u
FancyDancer14 (10:28:43 PM):wud u tech me if i was in ur social study class?
WBSooner (10:28:54 PM):yep
FancyDancer14 (10:29:01 PM):what u tech me?
FancyDancer14 (10:29:42 PM):lol
WBSooner (10:29:53 PM):I will teach you how to suck my cock (Rave on, dickless)
FancyDancer14 (10:30:10 PM):i can do that.
FancyDancer14 (10:30:30 PM):i thik i probly do it pretty gud
WBSooner (10:31:09 PM):have you ever done it
FancyDancer14 (10:31:29 PM):u mean teh real sex thing
FancyDancer14 (10:31:33 PM):no
FancyDancer14 (10:31:49 PM):not realy
WBSooner (10:32:00 PM):what have you ever done
FancyDancer14 (10:32:07 PM):oral
WBSooner (10:33:40 PM):you have
FancyDancer14 (10:33:48 PM):yep
WBSooner (10:33:56 PM):did you like it
FancyDancer14 (10:34:07 PM):cuple times but not reel sex
FancyDancer14 (10:34:31 PM):liked it. yep
WBSooner (10:34:41 PM):did you let him cum in your mouth
FancyDancer14 (10:34:46 PM):kinda tasted funny
FancyDancer14 (10:35:11 PM):didnt let him do anythig. Jus did what he said to do.
FancyDancer14 (10:35:41 PM):had hold of hair and jus put it in mouth
FancyDancer14 (10:36:29 PM):u thik i'm bad now
WBSooner (10:36:47 PM):no
WBSooner (10:36:51 PM):did he try to fuck you
FancyDancer14 (10:36:55 PM):no
FancyDancer14 (10:38:31 PM):am bothering u?
WBSooner (10:38:47 PM):would you have let him fuck you if he had tried
FancyDancer14 (10:39:15 PM):dont no. mabe. i realy dont no.
WBSooner (10:39:22 PM):how old was he
FancyDancer14 (10:39:24 PM):gues i probly wud have
FancyDancer14 (10:39:30 PM):he was 40
WBSooner (10:39:40 PM):I am 34 (Wait! you said 33 before)
FancyDancer14 (10:39:49 PM):u r yung
FancyDancer14 (10:39:55 PM):and cute
FancyDancer14 (10:40:34 PM):do u no how to tech somone lik me how to do this?
FancyDancer14 (10:40:47 PM):im probly gonna do it wrong

WBSooner (9:36:49 PM):whats up
FancyDancer14 (9:37:18 PM):not much
WBSooner (9:37:30 PM):I have missed talking to you (and I've been avoiding you)
FancyDancer14 (9:38:08 PM):me 2 brb
FancyDancer14 (9:39:40 PM):wher u been (Waiting to see what the cops wanted to do with your butt)
FancyDancer14 (9:39:49 PM):havent seen u onlin (No, but I've been watching you)
WBSooner (9:39:54 PM):well, school is started and I have been busy
WBSooner (9:40:00 PM):I coach football ya know (oh geez)
FancyDancer14 (9:40:24 PM):didnt no that what skool
WBSooner (9:40:46 PM):in oklahoma, you remember me dont you
FancyDancer14 (9:41:23 PM):of corse i member. i mean what kind skool. high, middle, colleg
WBSooner (9:41:29 PM):middle (That little piece of info should expedite things with the cops)
WBSooner (9:42:41 PM):still wanna meet me
FancyDancer14 (9:42:58 PM):i gonna be cheerleader someday but cant here now cause they picked last year and they had to go to summer camp. BOOOOO
FancyDancer14 (9:43:06 PM):yep. i wanna meet u
WBSooner (9:43:18 PM):still gonna let me have it (I am SO going to let you have it)
FancyDancer14 (9:43:42 PM):yep u gotta tech me stuff tho
WBSooner (9:43:48 PM):oh I will
WBSooner (9:43:54 PM):can you do the splits
FancyDancer14 (9:44:21 PM):course i can do splits
FancyDancer14 (9:44:24 PM):silly
WBSooner (9:44:38 PM):I want to fuck you while you are doing the splits (*gag*)
FancyDancer14 (9:44:43 PM):i been doin gymnastic since i was 5
FancyDancer14 (9:44:49 PM):lol
WBSooner (9:44:56 PM):you gonna let me
FancyDancer14 (9:45:08 PM):i thik im gonna let u. yep
FancyDancer14 (9:45:13 PM):if u realy want 2
WBSooner (9:45:21 PM):I definately do
FancyDancer14 (9:45:22 PM):and u not jes jokin with me
WBSooner (9:45:31 PM):nope
FancyDancer14 (9:46:28 PM):we c if u jes jokin. i dont want u jokin then laffin at me
WBSooner (9:47:44 PM):I am not gonna laugh at you
FancyDancer14 (9:47:55 PM):k
WBSooner (9:48:07 PM):I am gonna fuck you and fuck you some more and we are gonna be secret about it (Noooo we're not)
WBSooner (9:48:24 PM):but after you get out of highschool I want you to come to oklahoma for college
FancyDancer14 (9:48:47 PM):we better b secret bout it. u get me killed dead.
WBSooner (9:48:57 PM):and then I am gonna fuck you some more then when you graduate I am gonna marry you and fuck you and get you pregnant (so you think all little girls want to get married and have kids?)
FancyDancer14 (9:49:08 PM):i gonna go okla and be cheerleader and sing boomer sooner. lol
WBSooner (9:49:43 PM):I will shoot my seed in you
FancyDancer14 (9:49:48 PM):dont wan no squallin kid
FancyDancer14 (9:49:57 PM):dont lik babys
FancyDancer14 (9:50:05 PM):dont lik married
FancyDancer14 (9:50:24 PM):lik okla an boomer sooner. lol
WBSooner (9:50:28 PM):well me either really , how bout if we just do the married part with no kids and we just travel a lot
FancyDancer14 (9:50:44 PM):ur nuts
WBSooner (9:51:00 PM):is it a deal
FancyDancer14 (9:51:10 PM):u thik all little girls want marrid?
FancyDancer14 (9:51:30 PM):NOT!
FancyDancer14 (9:51:44 PM):gonna b a lawyer and mak money sum day
WBSooner (9:51:46 PM):you will marry me though wont you
WBSooner (9:51:54 PM):you can support me
FancyDancer14 (9:51:59 PM):lol
WBSooner (9:52:31 PM):and you can give me head and make me cum
WBSooner (9:52:35 PM):would you like that
FancyDancer14 (9:52:44 PM):i lik that part
WBSooner (9:52:57 PM):so are you horny (well I tried to avoid this)
FancyDancer14 (9:53:04 PM):no
FancyDancer14 (9:53:09 PM):u r
WBSooner (9:53:12 PM):do you want to get that way
WBSooner (9:53:14 PM):yes I am
FancyDancer14 (9:53:38 PM):not now. mom jes drove up. we talk later. bye
WBSooner (9:53:52 PM):bye sweetie, I love you
FancyDancer14 (7:24:41 PM):whatcha doin
WBSooner (7:24:50 PM):not much
FancyDancer14 (7:24:53 PM):playin games
WBSooner (7:25:02 PM):I am just chillin
FancyDancer14 (7:25:06 PM):kewl
WBSooner (7:25:11 PM):I wanna play games with you (here we go again)
WBSooner (7:25:13 PM):
FancyDancer14 (7:25:16 PM):lol
FancyDancer14 (7:25:19 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (7:25:26 PM):i lik 2 play
FancyDancer14 (7:25:48 PM):u hafta cum over play somtime
WBSooner (7:26:10 PM):yeah, I wanna make a trip over there, what hours does your mom work on weekends
FancyDancer14 (7:26:33 PM):12-12
FancyDancer14 (7:26:51 PM):leaves 12 gets back bout 1
WBSooner (7:27:07 PM):starts at noon or gets off at noon
FancyDancer14 (7:27:13 PM):start
FancyDancer14 (7:27:32 PM):u mean it
FancyDancer14 (7:27:34 PM):???
WBSooner (7:27:41 PM):yeah, I mean it
FancyDancer14 (7:27:44 PM):kewl
WBSooner (7:28:01 PM):could we be at your house if she is gone, or would someone see us
FancyDancer14 (7:28:19 PM):i met u somwher else
FancyDancer14 (7:29:18 PM):dont tell
FancyDancer14 (7:29:24 PM):u gotta promise
WBSooner (7:29:46 PM):I promise
WBSooner (7:29:52 PM):I would get in trouble too
FancyDancer14 (7:30:00 PM):u get me killed dead if u tell. i men it
FancyDancer14 (7:30:02 PM):mean it
WBSooner (7:30:14 PM):I would go to jail (good. you didn't forget)
FancyDancer14 (7:30:26 PM):i wud get killed dead. lol
FancyDancer14 (7:32:18 PM):u still her
WBSooner (7:32:47 PM):yep
FancyDancer14 (7:32:50 PM):k
WBSooner (7:32:55 PM):I cant wait to fuck you (Damn. give it a rest)
FancyDancer14 (7:33:09 PM):me 2 i can tell u nice man
FancyDancer14 (7:33:15 PM):u lik kids rite?
WBSooner (7:33:19 PM):yep
FancyDancer14 (7:33:21 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (7:33:28 PM):i new it
FancyDancer14 (7:34:29 PM):u wont hurt me rite?
FancyDancer14 (7:35:18 PM):i look at ur pic evry day
WBSooner (7:35:29 PM):nope, not at all, I will make you feel good
FancyDancer14 (7:35:35 PM):k
WBSooner (7:35:35 PM):I will love on you
FancyDancer14 (7:35:39 PM):k
WBSooner (7:35:41 PM):hey I gotta go `
WBSooner (7:35:44 PM):talk to you soon
FancyDancer14 (7:35:46 PM):why
FancyDancer14 (7:35:50 PM):dont leve
WBSooner (7:36:06 PM):I have to, food is here, chineese lol
FancyDancer14 (7:36:11 PM):k
WBSooner (7:36:12 PM):my friend just brought it in
WBSooner (7:36:17 PM):ttyl
FancyDancer14 (7:36:22 PM):k bye bye

FancyDancer14 (1:39:16 AM):hi
WBSooner (1:39:24 AM):hey sweetie
FancyDancer14 (1:39:53 AM):cud not sleep caus cat kept playing with my toes. lol
WBSooner (1:40:01 AM):lol
WBSooner (1:40:07 AM):I wanna play with your toes
FancyDancer14 (1:40:30 AM):u gonna cum and play with my toes?
FancyDancer14 (1:41:02 AM):i decide i defint gonna marry u
WBSooner (1:41:19 AM):cool
FancyDancer14 (1:41:20 AM):defintly?
FancyDancer14 (1:41:27 AM):cant spel it
WBSooner (1:41:40 AM):thats ok, I am gonna fuck you next weekend (good. let's get this over with. you make me sick at my stomach)
FancyDancer14 (1:42:06 AM):u serius arent u. u aint jes playin with me
WBSooner (1:42:19 AM):nope
WBSooner (1:42:26 AM):I am gonna rock your world (No no. I'm gonna rock YOUR world.)
FancyDancer14 (1:42:42 AM):this is way kewl. my world needs rockin. lol
FancyDancer14 (1:43:05 AM):u do remembr u gotta tech me caus i nevr done nothin but oral
WBSooner (1:43:13 AM):yeah
FancyDancer14 (1:43:17 AM):k
WBSooner (1:43:24 AM):do you think you can take some more pics of you
WBSooner (1:43:37 AM):do you have anymore than what I have
FancyDancer14 (1:44:23 AM):no. freinds dad took them and she sent 2 me. i cant afford camra.
FancyDancer14 (1:44:30 AM):u got camra?
WBSooner (1:44:37 AM):no
WBSooner (1:44:48 AM):I am really fat, did I tell you that
FancyDancer14 (1:44:56 AM):i saw ur pic
WBSooner (1:45:18 AM):I have gained a little more since then
WBSooner (1:45:38 AM):I just dont want to get out there and you change your mind
FancyDancer14 (1:45:58 AM):still gonna b cute and realy nice. U gonna marry me sum day. i jes no it.
FancyDancer14 (1:46:12 AM):u sad u luv me (we're just all full of romance)
WBSooner (1:46:22 AM):yep
WBSooner (1:46:25 AM):you love me too (you're freakin disgusting)
FancyDancer14 (1:46:32 AM):yep
WBSooner (1:46:42 AM):hey, I gotta go, I am about to fall asleep ok
FancyDancer14 (1:46:45 AM):u my only freind.
FancyDancer14 (1:47:10 AM):k u gonna giv me room numbr so i find u
WBSooner (1:47:28 AM):yeah, when I check in
FancyDancer14 (1:47:42 AM):u bringin puter?
WBSooner (1:47:46 AM):yeah
FancyDancer14 (1:47:51 AM):k
FancyDancer14 (1:48:00 AM):im way exited.
WBSooner (1:48:05 AM):I gotta go sweetie ok
FancyDancer14 (1:48:10 AM):k
WBSooner (1:48:14 AM):night
FancyDancer14 (1:48:18 AM):nite
WBSooner (10:37:35 PM): hey, is your mom working tomorrow
FancyDancer14 (10:38:16 PM): yep
WBSooner (10:38:25 PM): what time
FancyDancer14 (10:38:36 PM): goes noon. y?
WBSooner (10:39:08 PM): want me to come out there
FancyDancer14 (10:39:15 PM): sure
FancyDancer14 (10:39:25 PM): let me chek in morn make sure
WBSooner (10:39:36 PM): I could drive out in the morning and we could spend the day together
FancyDancer14 (10:40:31 PM): let me mak sur. dont wanna get caut
FancyDancer14 (10:40:40 PM): i get killed
WBSooner (10:40:43 PM): me either
FancyDancer14 (10:40:46 PM): lol
FancyDancer14 (10:41:00 PM): u b online in morn
FancyDancer14 (10:41:45 PM): how early u b here
WBSooner (10:42:19 PM): well, I would have to leave pretty early, what time will you know
FancyDancer14 (10:42:55 PM): she gets up by 9:30. i find out and then talk 2 u
WBSooner (10:44:20 PM): how far are you from tulsa
FancyDancer14 (10:44:34 PM): bout 2 hours
WBSooner (10:44:48 PM): ok, then it would take me about 4 hours
FancyDancer14 (10:44:55 PM): k
WBSooner (10:45:03 PM): can you give me your address so I can put it in mapquest
FancyDancer14 (10:46:35 PM): i meet u behind (unnamed) Motel. nobody c then. There a trail thru woods i can walk from house to motel parking lot.
WBSooner (10:47:02 PM): what is the city and zipcode there
FancyDancer14 (10:47:20 PM): Eureka Springs 72632
FancyDancer14 (10:49:41 PM): this b way kewl
WBSooner (10:50:13 PM): yeah, I hope she works for sure
FancyDancer14 (10:50:21 PM): me2
FancyDancer14 (10:51:29 PM): u find it on map
WBSooner (10:51:58 PM): (motel named again)
WBSooner (10:52:03 PM): is this it
FancyDancer14 (10:52:11 PM): yep
FancyDancer14 (10:54:16 PM): go down left side and there are tennis courts on left. I b down in tennis courts.
FancyDancer14 (10:55:45 PM): k???
WBSooner (10:56:16 PM): ok, that sounds great, I am typing it in to see how far it is for me
FancyDancer14 (10:56:50 PM): if she not working tomorrow, she b outta town next weekend saturday and sun
FancyDancer14 (10:57:14 PM): taking off wekend to go charter bus gamblin
WBSooner (10:57:32 PM): who are you staying with
FancyDancer14 (10:57:54 PM): nobody. i always stay by self. im not a baby
WBSooner (10:58:23 PM): can I stay there then, then I wont have to pay for a room
FancyDancer14 (10:58:48 PM): scared rather do motel
WBSooner (10:58:56 PM): thats cool
WBSooner (10:59:04 PM): should I just wait and come for the weekend though
FancyDancer14 (10:59:29 PM): fraid her ex bf cum by house. wekend be beter i thik
WBSooner (10:59:38 PM): ok
WBSooner (10:59:46 PM): do you like her ex
FancyDancer14 (11:00:03 PM): I dont lik ex
FancyDancer14 (11:00:24 PM): probly wont cum by but jus in case
FancyDancer14 (11:00:45 PM): hes asshole
WBSooner (11:01:16 PM): has he ever tried anything with you
FancyDancer14 (11:01:24 PM): u no he has
WBSooner (11:02:02 PM): how would I know that
FancyDancer14 (11:02:30 PM): brb
FancyDancer14 (11:05:09 PM): im back
FancyDancer14 (11:05:29 PM): u no caus i tole u alredy
FancyDancer14 (11:05:48 PM): mad me do oral
WBSooner (11:06:20 PM): oh yeah
FancyDancer14 (11:07:10 PM): what car u drive
WBSooner (11:07:40 PM): green chevy pickup
FancyDancer14 (11:07:50 PM): k
FancyDancer14 (11:08:10 PM): dont wanna get in wrong car. :-D
WBSooner (11:08:28 PM): well, why dont we just stay at that motel
FancyDancer14 (11:08:42 PM): k that b kewl.
FancyDancer14 (11:09:50 PM): u hafta giv me room num so i no wher to go
WBSooner (11:09:58 PM): I will
FancyDancer14 (11:10:07 PM): OMG this is way kewl
WBSooner (11:13:07 PM): yep
FancyDancer14 (11:13:55 PM): i talk 2 u in mornin?
FancyDancer14 (11:14:06 PM): im gettin sleepy
WBSooner (11:14:14 PM): ok, sweetie, good night, I love you (just keep grooming now)
FancyDancer14 (11:14:24 PM): nite. i luv u2

FancyDancer14 (5:07:06 PM):whatcha doin
WBSooner (5:07:13 PM):whats up
FancyDancer14 (5:07:33 PM):nothin jus waitin for wekend. lol
FancyDancer14 (5:08:14 PM):question
WBSooner (5:08:22 PM):what is that
FancyDancer14 (5:08:27 PM):u bringin condoms
WBSooner (5:09:17 PM):well, I really dont like the way they feel, I would rather just pull out (I'd rather you stick it in a knothole full of fireants)
FancyDancer14 (5:09:44 PM):k nevr did this so didnt no. u the techer lol
FancyDancer14 (5:10:09 PM):u jus gotta tell me thes thigs
FancyDancer14 (5:10:40 PM):u dont car if i ask questons like that do u
WBSooner (5:10:57 PM):well, it wouldnt be so bad if I accidently came in you would it (Sick pedo!)
FancyDancer14 (5:12:07 PM):dont thik so. dont realy no. if u lik it then its ok
FancyDancer14 (5:12:52 PM):i dont hav my perod yet so dont thik it wil matter
FancyDancer14 (5:13:07 PM):i mite start this yer but havent yet
FancyDancer14 (5:14:00 PM):mom says i start gettin hair down ther b4 i start and i havnt yet. u probly thik i look stupid
FancyDancer14 (5:14:07 PM):u gonna laff at me
FancyDancer14 (5:14:14 PM):???
FancyDancer14 (5:15:13 PM):u want other pic. did i send u pic of my face or jus gymnastic pics
WBSooner (5:15:24 PM):hang on
WBSooner (5:16:28 PM):you sent 3 pics
WBSooner (5:17:02 PM):so you are bald down there still (so you like 'em really young)
FancyDancer14 (5:17:18 PM):ya
WBSooner (5:17:21 PM):do you get horny yet?
FancyDancer14 (5:17:30 PM):kinda ya
FancyDancer14 (5:17:53 PM):ben doin that long time tho
WBSooner (5:18:00 PM):are you even gonna beable to enjoy it
WBSooner (5:18:09 PM):do you finger yourself
FancyDancer14 (5:18:13 PM):ya
FancyDancer14 (5:18:27 PM):i lik it and i did oral and i lik it 2
FancyDancer14 (5:18:40 PM):and mad me wanna do reel sex
FancyDancer14 (5:18:48 PM):but nevr hav
WBSooner (5:18:48 PM):is your pussy really tight
FancyDancer14 (5:19:08 PM):??? i dont no
WBSooner (5:19:28 PM):I hope I dont rip you apart
FancyDancer14 (5:19:44 PM):u sad ud be easy
WBSooner (5:20:05 PM):well I will but you cant put it in if you are too tiny
FancyDancer14 (5:20:43 PM):i trust u caus u techer and i can tel u r realy nice man. u r my freind. i dont no what 2 tiny is. u jus hafta tel me.
WBSooner (5:21:48 PM):how many fingers can you get in there
FancyDancer14 (5:22:43 PM):im not reel tiny girl. bout lik grls in my class. dont no what tite pussy mens. nevr counted.
FancyDancer14 (5:22:56 PM):i sur i can do this.
FancyDancer14 (5:23:21 PM):how big is ur thingy
WBSooner (5:23:42 PM):not huge but big
WBSooner (5:23:49 PM):so you can get 2 fingers in
FancyDancer14 (5:24:05 PM):well ya....duh
WBSooner (5:24:17 PM):well we should be ok then
WBSooner (5:24:25 PM):can you get 3 in
FancyDancer14 (5:24:33 PM):im sur cud get mor
FancyDancer14 (5:25:33 PM):im fraid u gonna laff at me caus i look so stupid.
FancyDancer14 (5:26:14 PM):i let u do whatevr u wanna tech me but jus dont laff if i dont do it rite
WBSooner (5:26:51 PM):how often do you finger yourself
FancyDancer14 (5:27:38 PM):lots whenevr starts feelin like i wanna. i dont no.
WBSooner (5:28:16 PM):every day
FancyDancer14 (5:28:37 PM):mabe not evr day but lots days
9-23-04 #2
WBSooner (7:04:54 PM):hey, there you are, I had computer problems earlier
FancyDancer14 (7:05:18 PM):thot u desided u didnt lik me
WBSooner (7:05:56 PM):no way
FancyDancer14 (7:06:01 PM):kewl
WBSooner (7:06:04 PM):I do have a crazy idea though
FancyDancer14 (7:06:09 PM):what
WBSooner (7:06:14 PM):I wanna get you pregnant (Are you nucking futz???)
FancyDancer14 (7:06:19 PM):y?
WBSooner (7:06:42 PM):cause, that would be way cool, then we could get together
FancyDancer14 (7:06:56 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (7:07:16 PM):u wud sur b my man then. rite?
FancyDancer14 (7:07:27 PM):we cud do it all the time
WBSooner (7:07:39 PM):yeah, if you will let me get you pregnant this weekend
FancyDancer14 (7:08:04 PM):k but didnt get my perod yet. mite not work
FancyDancer14 (7:08:23 PM):u serius?
WBSooner (7:08:48 PM):I am serious, will you do it
FancyDancer14 (7:18:37 PM):yep. i will if u realy luv me
WBSooner (7:19:12 PM):will you come home with me this weekend (Uh-oh)
FancyDancer14 (7:19:20 PM):u promis to marry me
WBSooner (7:19:47 PM):yeah, if you will run away with me this weekend (this gets really scarey)
FancyDancer14 (7:20:09 PM):k i will if u realy luv me. i realy luv u
WBSooner (7:20:30 PM):I told you how big I was didnt i
FancyDancer14 (7:20:45 PM):how big what
WBSooner (7:20:56 PM):my size, i am over 300 lbs
FancyDancer14 (7:21:09 PM):i luv u and it dont matter
FancyDancer14 (7:21:38 PM):when marry u what my name will b
WBSooner (7:22:04 PM):it is a suprise
WBSooner (7:22:11 PM):what is it now?
FancyDancer14 (7:22:17 PM):(name given)
FancyDancer14 (7:22:20 PM):(name given again)
FancyDancer14 (7:22:31 PM):what urs?
WBSooner (7:23:04 PM):Finley (liar, liar, pantz on fire)
FancyDancer14 (7:23:20 PM):so what duz WB mean
FancyDancer14 (7:24:00 PM):u thik Fancy Finley sounds funy?
FancyDancer14 (7:24:25 PM):u dont tell nobody
FancyDancer14 (7:24:53 PM):u promis
FancyDancer14 (7:25:49 PM):wher u go?
FancyDancer14 (7:27:42 PM):yoohoo
WBSooner (7:27:59 PM):i like it
FancyDancer14 (7:28:07 PM):u lik what
WBSooner (7:28:18 PM):Fancy Finley
FancyDancer14 (7:28:25 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (7:28:35 PM):shud i brig all my clothes
WBSooner (7:29:06 PM):your mom will be working right?
FancyDancer14 (7:29:13 PM):yep
FancyDancer14 (7:29:33 PM):i gonna hafta meet u by tennis courts caus got nosy neighbor
WBSooner (7:30:12 PM):well, thats fine, but we can get some of your stuff when we are ready to leave
FancyDancer14 (7:30:27 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (7:32:15 PM):tennis corts are down steps and a cement wall around. nobody can c me. u gonna get motel
FancyDancer14 (7:32:34 PM):im realy exited!!!
FancyDancer14 (7:33:06 PM):i jes hope u gonna realy lik me
WBSooner (7:34:26 PM):I will
WBSooner (7:34:35 PM):did you ever let him cum in your mouth
FancyDancer14 (7:34:46 PM):yep
WBSooner (7:34:54 PM):did you like that
FancyDancer14 (7:35:04 PM):kinda it tasted funny
WBSooner (7:35:20 PM):you gonna let me do that
FancyDancer14 (7:35:40 PM):well ya....of corse duh
FancyDancer14 (7:35:59 PM):i gonna do that 2 u
FancyDancer14 (7:36:08 PM):it all i no how to do
FancyDancer14 (7:40:38 PM):sweet man what u doin
WBSooner (7:44:08 PM):trying to get another girl your age , would you share me? (Getting ready to take a turn for the worse)
FancyDancer14 (7:44:44 PM):u men u wanna do both us or u wanna marry both us or what
WBSooner (7:45:14 PM):well, i would love to do her while you watch, you are the one I want to marry though (testing limits again? or could he be serious)
FancyDancer14 (7:45:38 PM):u not gonna bring her with u r u
WBSooner (7:45:53 PM):I dont know, would you be mad?
FancyDancer14 (7:46:12 PM):dont no
FancyDancer14 (7:46:18 PM):kinda scared
WBSooner (7:46:27 PM):fine, whatever
FancyDancer14 (7:47:01 PM):she liv her?
FancyDancer14 (7:48:14 PM):how old. she not old is she
WBSooner (7:49:08 PM):she is 14 (whoa boy)
WBSooner (7:49:27 PM):she isnt a virgin though, she has been with a bunch of guys already
WBSooner (7:49:32 PM):that scares me lol
FancyDancer14 (7:49:56 PM):wher is she
WBSooner (7:50:12 PM):ohio
FancyDancer14 (7:50:29 PM):how u get her this wekend
WBSooner (7:50:40 PM):not this weekend, sometime after we are home
FancyDancer14 (7:51:03 PM):k after we hom it wud be ok
WBSooner (7:51:12 PM):would you do stuff with her too (I saw this one coming)
FancyDancer14 (7:51:32 PM):wow nevr even thot bout doin that
FancyDancer14 (7:51:49 PM):mabe
FancyDancer14 (7:52:33 PM):u wud realy want me 2 do stuff with her
WBSooner (7:52:41 PM):I would love to watch you lick her pussy (did you ever doubt that it was about power and abuse?)
WBSooner (7:52:46 PM):and watch her lick yours
FancyDancer14 (7:53:05 PM):i mite
FancyDancer14 (7:53:21 PM):gotta lern stuff first
WBSooner (7:53:27 PM):thats cool
FancyDancer14 (7:53:37 PM):did she say she wud do me
WBSooner (7:53:39 PM):what if some of my friends came over and wanted to fuck you (power play get's worse)
WBSooner (7:53:42 PM):yeah
FancyDancer14 (7:54:04 PM):first u gotta tech me how to do stuff
FancyDancer14 (7:54:13 PM):u said wud tech me
FancyDancer14 (7:55:14 PM):u goin to get her preggers 2
WBSooner (7:55:52 PM):would that be cool
FancyDancer14 (7:56:05 PM):dont no. u got pic of her
FancyDancer14 (7:57:00 PM):i wanna c her then tell u if i let her lik my pussy
WBSooner (7:57:32 PM):you will let her if I tell you to
FancyDancer14 (7:57:40 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (7:58:11 PM):can i pleezze c her pic
WBSooner (7:58:25 PM):yeah, hang on bitch (This guy is seriously abusive)
FancyDancer14 (7:58:35 PM):u can let her c mine
WBSooner (7:58:52 PM):she already has seen yours
FancyDancer14 (7:58:54 PM):y u call me bitch
WBSooner (7:59:04 PM):cause you cant wait a second
FancyDancer14 (7:59:23 PM):i wait 4 u when u want
FancyDancer14 (8:00:59 PM):i do whatevr u say. dont want u mad at me cause i want u to luv me (see me. i'm needy and pitiful. )
WBSooner (8:01:03 PM):mail (and he sends me a photo of a real girl)
FancyDancer14 (8:01:14 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (8:04:04 PM):she kinda cute u lik her
WBSooner (8:04:11 PM):yep
FancyDancer14 (8:04:19 PM):better than me
WBSooner (8:04:25 PM):no
FancyDancer14 (8:04:28 PM):kewl
FancyDancer14 (8:05:09 PM):how i no what time meet u saturday
WBSooner (8:05:21 PM):I will tell you
FancyDancer14 (8:05:29 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (1:17:34 PM):omg wher r u
WBSooner (1:17:54 PM):why did you say OMG
FancyDancer14 (1:18:14 PM):cause i ben cheking all mornin hopin u here
FancyDancer14 (1:18:46 PM):cant wait. r u her
WBSooner (1:19:09 PM):are you ready
FancyDancer14 (1:19:25 PM):almost wher u
WBSooner (1:19:40 PM):I am not there
WBSooner (1:19:54 PM):I got sick
FancyDancer14 (1:19:56 PM):u beter b kiddin
FancyDancer14 (1:20:24 PM):i got all exited for NOTHIN
WBSooner (1:20:35 PM):are you mad at me
FancyDancer14 (1:20:45 PM):well ya....duh
WBSooner (1:21:13 PM):well, I couldnt help that I got sick, you can just fuck off then, bye
FancyDancer14 (1:21:25 PM):dont b mad at me pleze
FancyDancer14 (1:21:37 PM):im realy sorry u sick
WBSooner (1:22:18 PM):you are the one that was mad
FancyDancer14 (1:22:32 PM):i was jus so exited 2 b gettin outta her
FancyDancer14 (1:22:55 PM):an now im still gonna b her
WBSooner (1:23:16 PM):you can be there forever, bye
FancyDancer14 (1:23:40 PM):im sorry u hat me now
FancyDancer14 (1:24:01 PM):thot u realy liked me
WBSooner (1:24:27 PM):wanna prove that you like me (testing to see if he can control me )
FancyDancer14 (1:24:33 PM):ya
WBSooner (1:24:47 PM):2 things, give me your phone # and get a nude pic of you for me
FancyDancer14 (1:25:03 PM):how i gonna git nude pic
WBSooner (1:25:13 PM):I dont know
FancyDancer14 (1:25:50 PM):i don no how to do that. i will try but i was fraid u were not serius bout coming.
WBSooner (1:26:21 PM):what about your phone #
FancyDancer14 (1:26:53 PM):mom forwards to her cell. i not allowed to get calls.
FancyDancer14 (1:27:04 PM):if call u get mom, not me
WBSooner (1:27:24 PM):how do your friends call yuo
FancyDancer14 (1:27:47 PM):dont hav freinds. old freinds email me.
WBSooner (1:28:08 PM):what was your moms screen name
FancyDancer14 (1:29:11 PM):mom has accont on cox internet
WBSooner (1:29:51 PM):you told me her aol one a long time ago, I just wanted to see if you made it up or if you really told it to me, she has never been on it
FancyDancer14 (1:31:26 PM):she had one but nevr used it. im tryin to thik. i thik its jus her nam. (Uh-oh. Here's where I failed the test. I gave him a REAL name that had been deleted months before, thinking the profile would be gone. I was wrong. The profile was still active and the info didn't match up with the info I had given him. My bad, and it alerted him that he needed to back off. Fortunately, search warrants and a warrant for his arrest had already been issued because LE decided it was more important to get him out of that school full of 12 and 13 year olds than to wait for him to cross the stateline.)
FancyDancer14 (1:31:54 PM):i thik she jus uses cox email thing
WBSooner (1:33:23 PM):that isnt what you told me before, did you make something up back then
FancyDancer14 (1:33:48 PM):i don thik i evr lied. dont no what u talkin bout
WBSooner (1:33:52 PM):I thought your mom wasnt married?
FancyDancer14 (1:34:15 PM):my mom not married. had bf that lived with us. y?
WBSooner (1:34:40 PM):cause her profile says she is married
FancyDancer14 (1:34:43 PM):she tole evrybody was husban
FancyDancer14 (1:34:57 PM):i dont no. nev red prof
FancyDancer14 (1:35:54 PM):what was scren nam
WBSooner (1:36:09 PM):(Name given again)
FancyDancer14 (1:36:18 PM):i go red brb
WBSooner (1:36:20 PM):did your dad ever live there with you all
FancyDancer14 (1:37:18 PM):my step dad did. not my reel dad. my step dad didnt com her with us but cam her bout 2 weks latr. y?
WBSooner (1:37:37 PM):where is your real dad
FancyDancer14 (1:37:45 PM):Tulsa
FancyDancer14 (1:37:52 PM):i thot i tole u alredy
WBSooner (1:38:04 PM):you did
WBSooner (1:38:05 PM):sorry
WBSooner (1:39:45 PM):I think we need to wait till you are older, is that ok
FancyDancer14 (1:40:17 PM):whatevr. u r bein a litle wierd 2day
FancyDancer14 (1:40:44 PM):u sad didnt car if im 13. now u car.
WBSooner (1:41:11 PM):well, I am just scared about being in trouble or going to jail
FancyDancer14 (1:41:18 PM):u sad run away now u say no. i gues i dont no what u doin
WBSooner (1:41:29 PM):I got scared
WBSooner (1:41:37 PM):we would get caugth sometime
FancyDancer14 (1:41:47 PM):evn if carful
WBSooner (1:41:59 PM):they would look for you
FancyDancer14 (1:42:21 PM):i cud die hair
WBSooner (1:42:25 PM):do you really think we could get away with it
WBSooner (1:42:32 PM):seriously?
FancyDancer14 (1:43:27 PM):whatevr u thik. u my techer. i thik i pretty gud at stuff and wud not get found but mabe i not smart as u
WBSooner (1:43:47 PM):I think we should just talk on here more and make a move someday
FancyDancer14 (1:44:06 PM):???
FancyDancer14 (1:44:22 PM):thot we makin mov 2day
WBSooner (1:44:35 PM):did you not just hear what I said
WBSooner (1:44:41 PM):I said we cant
WBSooner (1:44:44 PM):listen
FancyDancer14 (1:44:48 PM):i herd
WBSooner (1:44:57 PM):so do you like my new idea or not
FancyDancer14 (1:45:19 PM):only if u serius that we gonna realy do it
WBSooner (1:45:56 PM):we will, but I think we should wait till it is legal, when you turn 18
FancyDancer14 (1:46:07 PM):geez
WBSooner (1:46:10 PM):if you love me you will wait, if not I understand
FancyDancer14 (1:46:14 PM):whatevr
WBSooner (1:46:22 PM):fine
WBSooner (1:46:27 PM):then dont im me anymore
FancyDancer14 (1:46:51 PM):

Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this. Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog. The only person with the authority to remove this file is

Anyone who attempts to use this information to commit a criminal act against another person can be subject to criminal prosecution or civil action. condemns the attempt, use, or even thought of physical violence, extortion or harassment against the individual above. Such actions are not in the spirit of what is all about and would put your own personal safety at risk.

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