Royce thinks that having sex with a 14 year old who's 7 months pregnant would be kinky.
Bust by Gordon @ 8/27/2004 4:40 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Royce Nowak, 26
Yahoo IM: Stylelisticgrooves [ ]
Location: Astoria, Oregon
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit beckys_baby90, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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(I don't even know what to say regarding this guy. He seriously has a twisted sense of kinky to get off on a seven-month pregnant 14 year old girl.)

stylelisticgrooves: i will chat with you
beckys_baby90: hi! asl
stylelisticgrooves: 26 male pdx
stylelisticgrooves: you ?
beckys_baby90: 14 f sherwood
beckys_baby90: u know where that is?
stylelisticgrooves: hell ya
beckys_baby90: cool
beckys_baby90: so whatre u up 2
stylelisticgrooves: jus working
beckys_baby90: lol that sounds borin what do u do
stylelisticgrooves: i am actually on the coast right now
stylelisticgrooves: real estate appraisal
beckys_baby90: o i love the coast!!!
beckys_baby90: what part r u at
stylelisticgrooves: astoria
beckys_baby90: oo way north lol
beckys_baby90: but u live n pdx?
stylelisticgrooves: well i go back and forth
stylelisticgrooves: so you got a pic?
beckys_baby90: no do u
stylelisticgrooves: yes in my profile
beckys_baby90: k lemme check
beckys_baby90: srry its loading.. ive got dail up lol
stylelisticgrooves: its all good
beckys_baby90: oo ur cute!
stylelisticgrooves: awe thank you !!!
beckys_baby90: u gotta dimple?
stylelisticgrooves: got two of them
beckys_baby90: ooo i like!
stylelisticgrooves: you do huh
beckys_baby90: i want dimples lol
stylelisticgrooves: you need to get a pic
beckys_baby90: i know but my mom wont let me gget a cam
stylelisticgrooves: oh
stylelisticgrooves: well what do you look like
beckys_baby90: im 5'4 curly blonde hair green eyes
beckys_baby90: n dont make fun of me but im pg
stylelisticgrooves: ok
stylelisticgrooves: come on give me some numbers like 34-26-34
stylelisticgrooves: what i dont make fun of no one
beckys_baby90: k
beckys_baby90: i dunno my #s but my tummys big lol
stylelisticgrooves: its all good
stylelisticgrooves: so what your are saying your bigger kind of girl
beckys_baby90: no cuz im pg duh
beckys_baby90: but im not like fat usually
stylelisticgrooves: what?
stylelisticgrooves: your pg?
beckys_baby90: yeah preggers
stylelisticgrooves: oh your pregnannt
beckys_baby90: lol yah
stylelisticgrooves: OMG
stylelisticgrooves: i am so sorry i thought you ment you were like fat
beckys_baby90: just til oct tho, lol
stylelisticgrooves: hmmmm
beckys_baby90: o its ok its cool
stylelisticgrooves: what you going to do with a baby
beckys_baby90: love it n take care of it n everything
beckys_baby90: ive always wanted one
stylelisticgrooves: no daddy around
beckys_baby90: cuz like i always took care of my cuz
beckys_baby90: cousin i men
beckys_baby90: mean
beckys_baby90: no he's gone.. but its ok i dont care
stylelisticgrooves: i know
stylelisticgrooves: so question you like older guys?
beckys_baby90: well like older how
beckys_baby90: not like 50
beckys_baby90: lol
stylelisticgrooves: i know that lol
stylelisticgrooves: 26
stylelisticgrooves: thats how old i am
beckys_baby90: lol no ur cool thats not too old
stylelisticgrooves: word
stylelisticgrooves: so wanna shag lol
stylelisticgrooves: jus playing
beckys_baby90: awww lol y just playin???
stylelisticgrooves: jus to break the ice
beckys_baby90: but ur really really hot
beckys_baby90: uve got nice eyes
stylelisticgrooves: hehehehe thanks!!
beckys_baby90: yvw!
stylelisticgrooves: yano what honestly i like younger girls for some reason
beckys_baby90: lol ok stop teasin not funny
stylelisticgrooves: i am not joking at all
beckys_baby90: wow really?
beckys_baby90: thats good luck rite
beckys_baby90: lol
stylelisticgrooves: what young girls
stylelisticgrooves: ya there good luck as long as they dont tell anyone
beckys_baby90: lol no that u like younger girls n ur talkin to me
stylelisticgrooves: oh ya
beckys_baby90: oh id never tell ne1 cuz id get in major trouble
stylelisticgrooves: good you know how to keep secrets
beckys_baby90: duh
beckys_baby90: lol
beckys_baby90: i havent even told my mom who the dadyd is
beckys_baby90: she got pissed but i wasnt gonna tell
stylelisticgrooves: damn
stylelisticgrooves: so your 5'4
beckys_baby90: yah short
beckys_baby90: lol
beckys_baby90: how tall r u
stylelisticgrooves: what is your typical bra size
stylelisticgrooves: 5'6
beckys_baby90: oo perfect!
beckys_baby90: before like back in the winter i was a 34b
beckys_baby90: average :/
stylelisticgrooves: 34 b
stylelisticgrooves: my favortie
beckys_baby90: aww well thx!
beckys_baby90: theyre bigger now like a c
stylelisticgrooves: so another question you shave
beckys_baby90: lol i did but i cant reach! not like it matters cuz no one wanted to be with me after they found out i was pg
stylelisticgrooves: oh but you usuall do
beckys_baby90: yah
stylelisticgrooves: sweet
stylelisticgrooves: my kind of girl
beckys_baby90: lol o relly?
stylelisticgrooves: hell ya
stylelisticgrooves: love eating pussy when its all shaved
stylelisticgrooves: lol
beckys_baby90: lol well ud have to help me then
stylelisticgrooves: hmmm
stylelisticgrooves: you wont have mmuch time after you have your baby huh>?
beckys_baby90: i dunno prolly not... but its gonna be fun
beckys_baby90: i hope its a girl
beckys_baby90: i can do her hair n dress her in cute stuff
stylelisticgrooves: well then how the hell are we suppose to meet up then lol
beckys_baby90: lol well its 2 months b4 im due
beckys_baby90: (smiley)
stylelisticgrooves: i have never done anything with a girl thats pregnant
stylelisticgrooves: hmmmm
beckys_baby90: me neither
beckys_baby90: lol
stylelisticgrooves: hahaha
stylelisticgrooves: jus thinking about it is kinda kinky lol
beckys_baby90: really like ud actually wanna do stuff?? cuz everyone gets all weirded out n stuff when i tell em or if they c me
stylelisticgrooves: why?
beckys_baby90: i dunno!
stylelisticgrooves: jus cause you have a bigger tummy
beckys_baby90: i guess...
beckys_baby90: but like it wouldnt really matter during sex i dont think
stylelisticgrooves: i dont think it would
beckys_baby90: so like.. when r u comin back 2 pdx?
stylelisticgrooves: probably the weekend after this coming weekend
beckys_baby90: the 1st weekend of sept?
stylelisticgrooves: yes thats when iot will be i think
beckys_baby90: col
beckys_baby90: cool
beckys_baby90: whats ur name?
stylelisticgrooves: royce and yours
beckys_baby90: becky duh lol
beckys_baby90: royce thats a cool name
beckys_baby90: like the car
beckys_baby90: lol
stylelisticgrooves: yep
stylelisticgrooves: wish i drove one
stylelisticgrooves: do you ever get out
stylelisticgrooves: like head to portland
beckys_baby90: umm not really only if i go with my mom or somethin
stylelisticgrooves: damn
beckys_baby90: what do u drive
stylelisticgrooves: kia
stylelisticgrooves: but not driving right now
beckys_baby90: o those r cute
beckys_baby90: y not?
stylelisticgrooves: cause a fricken DUI
beckys_baby90: oh no
stylelisticgrooves: ya it sucks
stylelisticgrooves: brb
beckys_baby90: k
stylelisticgrooves: back
beckys_baby90: hey wb!
beckys_baby90: i dont c u
beckys_baby90: there u are lol
stylelisticgrooves: yes here i am
stylelisticgrooves: so come over here and sit down on my lap
beckys_baby90: heehee
beckys_baby90: yes plz!
stylelisticgrooves: and bounce up and down on my lap lol
beckys_baby90: lol i dunno if i can bounce too good
stylelisticgrooves: well i can help with that
beckys_baby90: oooo? how
stylelisticgrooves: with my hands on your waste
stylelisticgrooves: pick you up
stylelisticgrooves: and slam you back down
beckys_baby90: ooh
beckys_baby90: i c
beckys_baby90: lol
stylelisticgrooves: damn alomost getting hard talking like this
beckys_baby90: is that bad
stylelisticgrooves: no
stylelisticgrooves: escpically when i am thinking about a cute 14 yr old girl
beckys_baby90: well good!
beckys_baby90: lol
beckys_baby90 so r u just gonna think?
stylelisticgrooves: thinking about you riding on my damn cock
beckys_baby90: ooo yum.. been a while
beckys_baby90: lol
stylelisticgrooves: i bet ur tight to
beckys_baby90: umm prolly
beckys_baby90: i dunno
stylelisticgrooves: well i am big so ya prababl atre
beckys_baby90: how big
stylelisticgrooves: want to see lol
beckys_baby90: lol sure
stylelisticgrooves: r u sure
beckys_baby90: totally
beckys_baby90: sad its just cam tho
beckys_baby90: wow
stylelisticgrooves: so u want that
beckys_baby90: duh of course! wow
stylelisticgrooves: mmmmm good
stylelisticgrooves: love young girls
beckys_baby90: thats yummy
beckys_baby90: so when do i get 2 c it for reals?
stylelisticgrooves: i dont know
beckys_baby90: well y not
stylelisticgrooves: wait i am going to cum
stylelisticgrooves: god damn almost got caught
beckys_baby90: uh oh by who
stylelisticgrooves: my sister
stylelisticgrooves: we work together
beckys_baby90: ooo i c
beckys_baby90: so did u finish
beckys_baby90 i couldnt tell
stylelisticgrooves: fiuck right when i was cumming
stylelisticgrooves: she was walking up the stairs
beckys_baby90: bad timing!
stylelisticgrooves: i nkow
stylelisticgrooves: god damn!!
beckys_baby90: lol did u get all messy?
stylelisticgrooves: jus a lil
beckys_baby90: k
beckys_baby90: would u wanna talk on the phone for a min?
stylelisticgrooves: i cant right now
stylelisticgrooves: can i call you
beckys_baby90: well my mom blocks incomin calls when shes at work but i could call out
stylelisticgrooves: why does she block calls
beckys_baby90: i dunno she always has tho
beckys_baby90: i think its a mom thing?
stylelisticgrooves: she is like protective over you huh?
beckys_baby90: well in some ways yah but in some ways no
beckys_baby90: cuz like shes gone a lot but when shes here shes uberstrict
beckys_baby90: so i dont get it
stylelisticgrooves: oh
stylelisticgrooves: i will give you my cell number
beckys_baby90: cool when do u want me to call
stylelisticgrooves: after 4:30
stylelisticgrooves: is that kewl
beckys_baby90: yah should b fine
stylelisticgrooves: word
stylelisticgrooves: ok
stylelisticgrooves: 503.440.6538
beckys_baby90: yay! cool ill call u later then
beckys_baby90: so how long can u not drive for
stylelisticgrooves: till around when you are due
stylelisticgrooves: i should have is by december
beckys_baby90: wow thats bad timing
stylelisticgrooves: i know
stylelisticgrooves: so you like that cock
beckys_baby90: hmm well is there ne way u could get out here
stylelisticgrooves: it is big enough for you
beckys_baby90: omg definitely
stylelisticgrooves: GOOD
stylelisticgrooves: damn all the things you could do with it huh
beckys_baby90: oo i know
beckys_baby90: u gotta friend who could drop u off or somethin? i really wanna c u...
stylelisticgrooves: well maybe
stylelisticgrooves: at what hours
beckys_baby90: umm depends on the day.. cuz i dunno if im gonna start school this year so if i dont then ive got from like 7am til 6pm
beckys_baby90: weekends my moms usually at her bfs
beckys_baby90: like fridays she goes rite from work to her bfs til saturday
stylelisticgrooves: hmmm
stylelisticgrooves: i dont ghet up there until friday night
beckys_baby90: what about saturday durin the day
stylelisticgrooves: that is a possibility
stylelisticgrooves: what would we do
stylelisticgrooves: fuck really hard
stylelisticgrooves: ?
beckys_baby90: lol well yah if u wanna.. n watch movies or somethin
beckys_baby90: up to u
stylelisticgrooves: hmmm
beckys_baby90: hey brb one sec
stylelisticgrooves: ok
beckys_baby90: k back
stylelisticgrooves: welcome back
beckys_baby90: thanks!
stylelisticgrooves: your welcum
beckys_baby90: u sure i cant just call and say hi?
beckys_baby90: i bet u sound totally hot
stylelisticgrooves: well i need to charge my battery on my phone
beckys_baby90: well we dont have to talk very long..
beckys_baby90: (smiley)
stylelisticgrooves: hmmm
stylelisticgrooves: call my cell now
stylelisticgrooves: befor eit dies
beckys_baby90: k!
beckys_baby90: lol sorry diald wrong first
stylelisticgrooves: my phone died
beckys_baby90: awww
beckys_baby90: its ok
beckys_baby90: it was good 2 talk 2 u tho
stylelisticgrooves: call me at my house after i am off work
beckys_baby90: k
beckys_baby90: same #?
stylelisticgrooves: i will give you that number ok
stylelisticgrooves: nope
beckys_baby90: o ok
stylelisticgrooves: 503.325.5037(Royce's home number)
beckys_baby90: k i promise ill dial that right lol
stylelisticgrooves: lol
stylelisticgrooves: you there still
stylelisticgrooves: damn you got a cute lil voice
beckys_baby90: aww thx!
stylelisticgrooves: young girls like you make me crazy horny!!!
beckys_baby90: haha really?! ur so cute!
stylelisticgrooves: so are you
beckys_baby90: thx! i cant wait til we get to hang out
stylelisticgrooves: i know!
stylelisticgrooves: we are going to have to hang out after you have your baby to
beckys_baby90: yah u can push the stroller
stylelisticgrooves: lol
stylelisticgrooves: mebbe
beckys_baby90: so do u think sat would work
stylelisticgrooves: i will try
beckys_baby90: thatd be awesome
beckys_baby90: so u live rite in pdx?
stylelisticgrooves: no
stylelisticgrooves: i jus come there to party
beckys_baby90: oooh so what city r u in
stylelisticgrooves: astoria right now
stylelisticgrooves: unitl i get my license back
beckys_baby90: oooh so ur just comin to pdx in sept to party
stylelisticgrooves: and hang out with my mom
stylelisticgrooves: she is going through radiation therapy
beckys_baby90: oooh. that sux sorry
beckys_baby90: she gonna b ok?
stylelisticgrooves: i think so
stylelisticgrooves: so on a lighter note what kind of sex do you like
beckys_baby90: umm what r my choices lol
stylelisticgrooves: what do you like
beckys_baby90: umm.. i like it fast but sometimes slow 2
beckys_baby90: depends
beckys_baby90: i dunno lol
beckys_baby90: what about u
stylelisticgrooves: i mean like oral
stylelisticgrooves: i love to eat pussy
beckys_baby90: givin or gettin
beckys_baby90: ive only had someone do that like 2x
stylelisticgrooves: no way
stylelisticgrooves: i make you cum
beckys_baby90: wow really?
beckys_baby90: alot?
stylelisticgrooves: hell ya
stylelisticgrooves: the bets is when you on top and cum on my cock
stylelisticgrooves: best
stylelisticgrooves: but you know whats better than that
beckys_baby90: what
stylelisticgrooves: me on my back and straddle on my face brushy your pussy on my lips!
stylelisticgrooves: and u straddled
stylelisticgrooves: now that the girls love
beckys_baby90: ooh that sounds fun!
stylelisticgrooves: cause when you look down you look right intop my eyes while you feel my topunge in your pussy
beckys_baby90: ooh yeah. that sounds gooood..
beckys_baby90: hey 1 sec i'll brb k
stylelisticgrooves: kk
beckys_baby90: back
beckys_baby90: sorry
stylelisticgrooves: no on is here right now
beckys_baby90: lol very funny
stylelisticgrooves: i am serious so i can actually finish
beckys_baby90: o u mean u wanna finish workin?
stylelisticgrooves: nope lol
beckys_baby90: i am SO confused lol
stylelisticgrooves: what u saw earlier
stylelisticgrooves: the cock lol
beckys_baby90: ooooh i thought u finsihed
stylelisticgrooves: nope lol
stylelisticgrooves: ui will now
beckys_baby90: o then ill let u go to it
beckys_baby90: im gonna go eat lunch ne way
beckys_baby90: hey add me?
stylelisticgrooves: ok have fun
beckys_baby90: cool!
beckys_baby90: ill call u later at home
stylelisticgrooves: ok
stylelisticgrooves: cant wait to here from ya
beckys_baby90: totally!
beckys_baby90: bye royce
stylelisticgrooves: bye becky

(Wednesday night:)

beckys_baby90 (9:56:56 PM): u there
stylelisticgrooves (9:57:07 PM): yes
stylelisticgrooves (9:57:08 PM): !!
beckys_baby90 (9:57:11 PM): lol
beckys_baby90 (9:57:11 PM): hi
stylelisticgrooves (9:57:22 PM): whats up girl
beckys_baby90 (9:57:33 PM): nothin my moms out with her bf
beckys_baby90 (9:57:38 PM): im so glad they dont hang here
stylelisticgrooves (9:58:59 PM): jus a sec
beckys_baby90 (9:59:02 PM): k
stylelisticgrooves (9:59:43 PM): you nevercalled
beckys_baby90 (10:00:07 PM): omg i totally forgot
beckys_baby90 (10:00:14 PM): do u hate me now
stylelisticgrooves (10:00:26 PM): hell no
beckys_baby90 (10:01:00 PM): good
stylelisticgrooves (10:01:15 PM): so wanna fuck LOL
beckys_baby90 (10:01:35 PM): lol i thought we were gonna
stylelisticgrooves (10:02:12 PM): so still wanna fuck
beckys_baby90 (10:02:22 PM): r u less hot?
beckys_baby90 (10:02:49 PM): lol then yeah
beckys_baby90 (10:02:52 PM): u look sleepy
stylelisticgrooves (10:03:00 PM): what!!!
stylelisticgrooves (10:03:10 PM): i am not hot anymorwe
beckys_baby90 (10:03:24 PM): no no lol i mean no ur not less hot, so yeah i still wanna
beckys_baby90 (10:03:28 PM): u must be tired
stylelisticgrooves (10:03:50 PM): jus a sec\
stylelisticgrooves (10:06:14 PM): hey!!
beckys_baby90 (10:06:22 PM): wb
stylelisticgrooves (10:06:28 PM): hey tyher
stylelisticgrooves (10:06:36 PM): nice underaga gilr
beckys_baby90 (10:06:47 PM): lol r u drunk?
stylelisticgrooves (10:06:47 PM): i am drink
stylelisticgrooves (10:06:52 PM): yes
stylelisticgrooves (10:06:56 PM): watch
beckys_baby90 (10:07:10 PM): y r u drinkin?
stylelisticgrooves (10:07:23 PM): to escpae from problems
stylelisticgrooves (10:07:25 PM): lol
stylelisticgrooves (10:07:29 PM): not realyy
beckys_baby90 (10:07:37 PM): lol i was gonna say
beckys_baby90 (10:07:39 PM): no really tho
stylelisticgrooves (10:07:55 PM): for real doh@
stylelisticgrooves (10:08:05 PM): lets fuck
stylelisticgrooves (10:08:12 PM): jus kidding
beckys_baby90 (10:08:18 PM): lol no ur not
stylelisticgrooves (10:08:33 PM): actually i am
stylelisticgrooves (10:08:43 PM): cause i cant type fpo rahi5t
beckys_baby90 (10:09:02 PM): lol what
stylelisticgrooves (10:09:10 PM): ``
stylelisticgrooves (10:09:20 PM): i am drunk
stylelisticgrooves (10:09:27 PM): sortry nut i am
beckys_baby90 (10:09:39 PM): i can tell lol
beckys_baby90 (10:09:43 PM): im gonna go then
stylelisticgrooves (10:09:46 PM): cfynsexdg
stylelisticgrooves (10:09:48 PM): fghm fyj
stylelisticgrooves (10:09:54 PM): no why
stylelisticgrooves (10:09:57 PM): no way
beckys_baby90 (10:10:01 PM): cuz u cant even talk
stylelisticgrooves (10:10:01 PM): your no fun
beckys_baby90 (10:10:02 PM): lol
stylelisticgrooves (10:10:07 PM): i can talk
stylelisticgrooves (10:10:16 PM): jesus fucking crhsidt
stylelisticgrooves (10:10:27 PM): i can type
stylelisticgrooves (10:10:33 PM): what thwe fuck
beckys_baby90 (10:10:42 PM): lol u just spelled christ crhsidt
stylelisticgrooves (10:10:54 PM): i know that iment to do that
beckys_baby90 (10:11:01 PM): suuuuuure
stylelisticgrooves (10:11:07 PM): geeeezz!!!
stylelisticgrooves (10:11:13 PM): your a racist
stylelisticgrooves (10:11:19 PM): !!!
stylelisticgrooves (10:11:31 PM):
beckys_baby90 (10:11:50 PM): whos that?
beckys_baby90 (10:13:21 PM): is that ur kid?
stylelisticgrooves (10:13:36 PM): fuck no
stylelisticgrooves (10:13:37 PM): !!!!!
stylelisticgrooves (10:13:52 PM): that my nephew are you crZY
beckys_baby90 (10:14:04 PM): u never know
beckys_baby90 (10:14:05 PM): lol
stylelisticgrooves (10:14:34 PM): LOOK WHAT IS UP
beckys_baby90 (10:14:46 PM): with what?
stylelisticgrooves (10:15:04 PM): there talking baout old ppl sex
beckys_baby90 (10:15:10 PM): ewww
beckys_baby90 (10:15:18 PM): hey do u watch jerry springer
stylelisticgrooves (10:15:29 PM): fuck n o
stylelisticgrooves (10:15:42 PM): i dont get into that is
beckys_baby90 (10:16:03 PM): really cuz i thought i might be able to go on there
stylelisticgrooves (10:16:30 PM): what!!!????
beckys_baby90 (10:16:50 PM): well u cant tell ne1 this ok
stylelisticgrooves (10:16:54 PM): i am gop8imngtop [ASDS 0UIT
stylelisticgrooves (10:17:21 PM): BABY i am going to pas out
beckys_baby90 (10:17:32 PM): u shouldnt drink so much
stylelisticgrooves (10:17:42 PM): ok i wont
beckys_baby90 (10:17:53 PM): lol i dont believe u
stylelisticgrooves (10:18:15 PM): thats chocalate nilj
stylelisticgrooves (10:18:15 PM): milk
beckys_baby90 (10:18:22 PM): it looks yummy
stylelisticgrooves (10:19:06 PM): very good
beckys_baby90 (10:19:08 PM): so do u think i should go on tv
stylelisticgrooves (10:19:09 PM): brb
stylelisticgrooves (10:19:19 PM): time to get kids drunk
beckys_baby90 (10:19:32 PM): lol thats bad
stylelisticgrooves (10:20:29 PM): tyes
stylelisticgrooves (10:20:50 PM): so wana fuvk
beckys_baby90 (10:21:15 PM): man ur wasted
beckys_baby90 (10:22:00 PM): ok im gonna tell u this cuz ur drunk and mebbe u wont remember lol
beckys_baby90 (10:22:34 PM): i wanna go on jerry springer cuz my moms bf is the 1 who knocked me up but she doesnt know
stylelisticgrooves (10:24:20 PM): no fucking way
beckys_baby90 (10:24:27 PM): no seriously
beckys_baby90 (10:24:40 PM): do u think theyd let me go on tv??
stylelisticgrooves (10:25:01 PM): i if it was me hell n0o!!!!
beckys_baby90 (10:25:18 PM): well do u think i should tell my mom?
beckys_baby90 (10:25:29 PM): r u laughin at me
stylelisticgrooves (10:25:42 PM): of couse i am laughjhing
stylelisticgrooves (10:25:50 PM): i can not believe that
stylelisticgrooves (10:25:58 PM): i am sorry for you '
beckys_baby90 (10:26:08 PM): hey whatever if ur just gonna make fun of me im gonna leave
stylelisticgrooves (10:26:50 PM): i am not going to make fun o fo oyu
beckys_baby90 (10:26:56 PM): but ur laughin at me
beckys_baby90 (10:26:58 PM):
stylelisticgrooves (10:27:58 PM): no!!!
beckys_baby90 (10:28:09 PM): dude i saw u
stylelisticgrooves (10:28:19 PM): saw mw doing ehat
stylelisticgrooves (10:28:22 PM): what
beckys_baby90 (10:28:24 PM): laughin
stylelisticgrooves (10:29:59 PM): lauging at yoiu
stylelisticgrooves (10:30:00 PM): ?
beckys_baby90 (10:30:18 PM): i dunno you said u were
beckys_baby90 (10:30:23 PM): neway wahtever
beckys_baby90 (10:30:33 PM): i think u need to go to bed or somethin
beckys_baby90 (10:30:48 PM): ill talk to u tomorrow ok?
stylelisticgrooves (10:30:53 PM): my burgerer
beckys_baby90 (10:31:13 PM): what
stylelisticgrooves (10:33:23 PM): oh i see
stylelisticgrooves (10:33:23 PM): fine
stylelisticgrooves (10:33:36 PM):
stylelisticgrooves (10:33:42 PM): lol
beckys_baby90 (10:33:43 PM): nite ottie
beckys_baby90 (10:33:46 PM): hottie
stylelisticgrooves (10:33:55 PM): ok u going to bed
beckys_baby90 (10:34:14 PM): yah
stylelisticgrooves (10:34:27 PM): ok wel good night young one
beckys_baby90 (10:34:38 PM): thx u too
stylelisticgrooves (10:34:46 PM): np


stylelisticgrooves (11:34:00 AM): hey there lil girl
stylelisticgrooves (11:34:02 AM): you never called
beckys_baby90 (11:34:14 AM): yah i told u last nite i 4got
stylelisticgrooves (11:34:22 AM): hmmm
beckys_baby90 (11:34:28 AM): do u even remember talkin to me last nite??
beckys_baby90 (11:34:30 AM): lol
stylelisticgrooves (11:34:39 AM): what yuou did call
beckys_baby90 (11:34:49 AM): no i mean on im when u were drunk
stylelisticgrooves (11:35:01 AM): oh no i dont remeber
stylelisticgrooves (11:35:03 AM): damn i was drunk
beckys_baby90 (11:35:07 AM): yah u were
beckys_baby90 (11:35:09 AM): lol
beckys_baby90 (11:35:28 AM): see i knew u wouldnt member what i told u about the daddy lol
stylelisticgrooves (11:35:38 AM): no i dont
beckys_baby90 (11:35:56 AM): do u have a hangover now
beckys_baby90 (11:35:57 AM): i would
stylelisticgrooves (11:36:17 AM): no actually i dont
beckys_baby90 (11:36:25 AM): wow
beckys_baby90 (11:36:29 AM): id b in bed still lol
stylelisticgrooves (11:36:34 AM): lol
stylelisticgrooves (11:37:10 AM): so i am heading into portland this weekend
beckys_baby90 (11:37:18 AM): u mean in a couple days??
stylelisticgrooves (11:37:23 AM): yep
beckys_baby90 (11:37:34 AM): o i thout it was next weekend
stylelisticgrooves (11:37:41 AM): changed my miond
beckys_baby90 (11:37:48 AM): oooh cool!
beckys_baby90 (11:37:55 AM): how r u gonna get here if u cant drive
stylelisticgrooves (11:38:11 AM): bus
stylelisticgrooves (11:38:19 AM): maybe i sdont know i will figure something out
beckys_baby90 (11:38:31 AM): u could hitchike lol
stylelisticgrooves (11:38:39 AM): or taxi
beckys_baby90 (11:38:52 AM): i bet thatd be alot of $ tho
stylelisticgrooves (11:39:26 AM): i make more green than algi
beckys_baby90 (11:39:35 AM): lol what
beckys_baby90 (11:39:41 AM): u mean ur rich?
stylelisticgrooves (11:39:55 AM): lol
beckys_baby90 (11:43:07 AM): is that a yes
beckys_baby90 (11:43:09 AM): lol
stylelisticgrooves (11:44:22 AM): uhm maybe
stylelisticgrooves (11:44:27 AM): i dont talk about that to much
beckys_baby90 (11:44:36 AM): o well thats cool
beckys_baby90 (11:44:46 AM): so u gotta good job then
stylelisticgrooves (11:44:59 AM): i am halgf owner of a family business
beckys_baby90 (11:45:18 AM): o rite cuz you work with ur sister
stylelisticgrooves (11:46:38 AM): here [see photo]
beckys_baby90 (11:46:58 AM): dang
stylelisticgrooves (11:47:01 AM): but i am not rich
beckys_baby90 (11:47:09 AM): uh HUH
beckys_baby90 (11:47:09 AM): lol
stylelisticgrooves (11:47:47 AM): naw
beckys_baby90 (11:48:37 AM): neway i dunno if im gonna be here this weekend...
stylelisticgrooves (11:48:54 AM): what!!!
stylelisticgrooves (11:48:56 AM): gfine then
beckys_baby90 (11:49:17 AM): well its not u its cuz i called jerry springer last nite.. but dont laugh ok
stylelisticgrooves (11:49:44 AM): ok
beckys_baby90 (11:50:14 AM): i told u this last nite but i gues u dont remember... my moms bfs the daddy but she doesnt know
beckys_baby90 (11:50:52 AM): neway i thought i coudl mebbe b on tv so i called the show n they want me to go to chicago
beckys_baby90 (11:50:57 AM): isnt that cool
stylelisticgrooves (11:51:06 AM): omg
stylelisticgrooves (11:51:16 AM): yourkids dad is your moms bf
stylelisticgrooves (11:51:25 AM): thats fucked!!
beckys_baby90 (11:51:28 AM): well yah.. thats y i didnt tell nebody
stylelisticgrooves (11:51:41 AM): what does your mom looklike
beckys_baby90 (11:52:21 AM): my mom.. shes hot lol.. like i dunno a few inches taller than me red hair green eyes (i got mine from her)
beckys_baby90 (11:52:48 AM): y?
stylelisticgrooves (11:52:52 AM): jus wondering
stylelisticgrooves (11:52:58 AM): so your not going to be here huh
beckys_baby90 (11:53:15 AM): i dunno yet when im gonna leave
beckys_baby90 (11:53:32 AM): cuz im not in school yet so i could go during the week i guesss..
beckys_baby90 (11:53:42 AM): did u wanna meet if u come this weekend
stylelisticgrooves (11:53:50 AM): yes i did
stylelisticgrooves (11:53:55 AM): but if your gone
stylelisticgrooves (11:53:57 AM): no worries
beckys_baby90 (11:54:41 AM): k well they said to call today cuz i had to talk with someone else who wasnt there last nite.. so ill c if i can go later
stylelisticgrooves (11:54:55 AM): GOOD
stylelisticgrooves (11:55:04 AM): can you leave on saturday
beckys_baby90 (11:55:18 AM): prolly ill have to check.. r u gonna be here friday then
stylelisticgrooves (11:55:36 AM): i am heading down friday
stylelisticgrooves (11:55:42 AM): but wont be there until the evening
stylelisticgrooves (11:55:47 AM): so saturday would be the day
beckys_baby90 (11:55:55 AM): o ok
beckys_baby90 (11:56:03 AM): ill try to leave mebbe sunday then
stylelisticgrooves (11:56:11 AM): cool cool
stylelisticgrooves (11:56:18 AM): you taking your mom with you
beckys_baby90 (11:56:43 AM): not yet i think they just wanna meet me first or somethin
beckys_baby90 (11:56:57 AM): but its gonna be a surprise for her
beckys_baby90 (11:57:01 AM): i hope she wont be mad
stylelisticgrooves (11:57:08 AM): fuck ya she will be mad
stylelisticgrooves (11:57:11 AM): lol
stylelisticgrooves (11:57:23 AM): you are getting yourself into some shit
beckys_baby90 (11:57:25 AM): well it wasnt MY fault geez
stylelisticgrooves (11:58:03 AM): ya but making this public is going to be BAD
beckbeckys_baby90 (11:58:25 AM): well at least then every1 will know cuz im tired of keepin a secret
beckys_baby90 (11:58:32 AM): its been a loooong time
stylelisticgrooves (11:58:53 AM): so you going to hook up with your moms bf
beckys_baby90 (11:59:02 AM): no no i dont like him
stylelisticgrooves (11:59:14 AM): so how did this happen
stylelisticgrooves (11:59:17 AM): was this mutual
beckys_baby90 (12:00:00 PM): well i dunno not really.. we were drinkin mikes 1 nite when my mom went to bed n i dont really remember alot after
stylelisticgrooves (12:00:20 PM): so basically he raped you
beckys_baby90 (12:00:52 PM): well i dunno i mean i dont want to get him in trouble.. i mustve wanted to i just dont remember
stylelisticgrooves (12:01:07 PM): damn girl
beckys_baby90 (12:02:04 PM): i know its kinda weird.. but u still like me rite?
stylelisticgrooves (12:02:04 PM): yano he is going to get in trouble right?
stylelisticgrooves (12:02:11 PM): fuck ya i like you
beckys_baby90 (12:02:31 PM): k good cuz i was afraid ud think i was bad or somethin
stylelisticgrooves (12:02:34 PM): once you open this up police will be knocking on his door
beckys_baby90 (12:02:54 PM): u serious
stylelisticgrooves (12:03:01 PM): hell ya
stylelisticgrooves (12:03:06 PM): how old is he
stylelisticgrooves (12:03:10 PM): he knocked you up
beckys_baby90 (12:03:20 PM): i dunn like 35 40
stylelisticgrooves (12:03:31 PM): ewwww he is soooo fucked
stylelisticgrooves (12:03:39 PM): i would beat his ass if i could!!!
beckys_baby90 (12:03:58 PM): well sorry there gonna be gone saturday lol
stylelisticgrooves (12:04:08 PM): good
stylelisticgrooves (12:04:15 PM): so you cant get pregnant again huh
stylelisticgrooves (12:04:24 PM): since your already preg now
beckys_baby90 (12:04:35 PM): lol yah well not til oct i guess
stylelisticgrooves (12:04:41 PM): hmmmm
beckys_baby90 (12:04:52 PM): what hmmmmmmmm
beckys_baby90 (12:04:53 PM): lol
stylelisticgrooves (12:05:36 PM): hehehehe nothing
beckys_baby90 (12:05:44 PM): lol lier
stylelisticgrooves (12:06:55 PM): i am jus a horny bastard thinking about having sex with a cute 14 yr old girl lol
beckys_baby90 (12:07:11 PM): lol well thinkins bad
stylelisticgrooves (12:07:20 PM): bnad?
stylelisticgrooves (12:07:25 PM): so you want to
stylelisticgrooves (12:07:33 PM): grrrrrrr
beckys_baby90 (12:07:46 PM): want to what
stylelisticgrooves (12:08:02 PM): have sex with me girl lol
beckys_baby90 (12:08:12 PM): lol well duh i thought i already said yes
stylelisticgrooves (12:08:18 PM): lol
stylelisticgrooves (12:08:21 PM): i know i know
beckys_baby90 (12:08:52 PM): cool well im gonna go eat lunch n then call those ppl back
stylelisticgrooves (12:09:02 PM): ok get a hold of me
beckys_baby90 (12:09:18 PM): k i will i got ur #s n stuff if i dont get back online
stylelisticgrooves (12:09:31 PM): call my cell love
beckys_baby90 (12:09:37 PM): k i will
beckys_baby90 (12:09:42 PM): ttyl royce!
stylelisticgrooves (12:09:46 PM): bye
stylelisticgrooves (12:09:51 PM): becky!!
stylelisticgrooves (12:09:55 PM): muah!!
beckys_baby90 (12:09:59 PM): lol bye
stylelisticgrooves (12:09:59 PM):
beckys_baby90 (12:10:02 PM): aww thx
stylelisticgrooves (12:10:08 PM): no problem

Here are a few additional photos of Royce, the first being a link of him masturbating on cam during the first conversation:


Just... ew.

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