Steve sent child pornography and talked to me on two different names . . .
Bust by Duncan Hines @ 8/22/2005 8:52 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Steve, 39
AOL IM: Slikesw
Location: Pierce County, Washington

Wannabe Pedo's Picture
This wannabe pedo tried to solicit LittlegrlBlue13, a 12 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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This is the main file that we have been authorized to post here. A second file, containing Steve's conversation with my other screenname, will eventually be uploaded and available as a zipped folder for download. Until then, here's the chat that first got LE interested in Steve.

Slikesw (9:03:43 AM): hi Cindy
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:03:59 AM): hi
Slikesw (9:04:24 AM): so do u like older guys for real,,,or just on here
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:04:38 AM): real
Slikesw (9:04:59 AM): u ever been with anyone older than u
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:05:20 AM): ya
Slikesw (9:05:36 AM): whats oldest
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:05:47 AM): 40
Slikesw (9:06:04 AM): u like it
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:06:32 AM): only did oral
Slikesw (9:06:47 AM): u like suckin
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:07:08 AM): ya only did it once
Slikesw (9:07:18 AM): with 40y/o
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:07:27 AM): ya
Slikesw (9:07:38 AM): u think u wanna do it agian
Slikesw (9:07:50 AM): asl please
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:07:53 AM): mite
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:08:09 AM): 12/f/Ok
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:08:21 AM): u?
Slikesw (9:08:41 AM): how did u meet him, or did u know him,,,,,,38/m
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:09:22 AM): my gf dad
Slikesw (9:09:45 AM): does ur g/f know
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:09:54 AM): ya
Slikesw (9:10:13 AM): did he just ask u to,,,,,,,
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:10:51 AM): he let us drink beer with him and i think
it jus hapened. lol
Slikesw (9:11:14 AM): how long ago was that
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:11:56 AM): in June
Slikesw (9:12:14 AM): he never asked u agian
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:12:44 AM): no it was a party at the lake
Slikesw (9:13:19 AM): do u wanna do it agian
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:13:49 AM): mite ya it felt good
Slikesw (9:14:45 AM): did he cumin ur mouth
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:14:59 AM): lol ya
Slikesw (9:15:15 AM): if he asked u too wud u
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:15:48 AM): if dont get caut
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:16:25 AM): was scared
Slikesw (9:16:57 AM): wud u like to if u knew u wudn't get caught
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:17:09 AM): lol
Slikesw (9:18:06 AM): r u a pretty girl
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:18:39 AM): i think so
Slikesw (9:19:13 AM): u got a pic at all
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:19:34 AM): no sorry. have u got one?
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:20:34 AM): r u cute?
Slikesw (9:21:16 AM): u got mail
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:21:31 AM): how u no that?
Slikesw (9:22:00 AM): i sent it to u
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:22:16 AM): o k brb
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:23:36 AM): u r very handsom
Slikesw (9:23:54 AM): lol,,,thanks
Slikesw (9:24:17 AM): told u was sick
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:24:25 AM): how tall r u?
Slikesw (9:24:44 AM): 5' 6\"
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:25:26 AM): I'm only 4'11\"
Slikesw (9:25:54 AM): i like petite woman, always have
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:26:52 AM): I got to go to bathroom. brb
Slikesw (9:26:57 AM): k
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:37:49 AM): had to get cereal 2 lol
Slikesw (9:38:04 AM): lol,,,what kind
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:38:17 AM): Cheerio
Slikesw (9:38:59 AM): no,,,gotta have like cocoa pebbles,,,,,98% sugar or
better, lol
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:39:26 AM): i lik Frosted flaks better but mom bot
these. i lik them 2
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:39:46 AM): what u lik?
Slikesw (9:39:56 AM): yeah cheerios bad
Slikesw (9:40:21 AM): all,,,i cud live on breakfast cereal
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:40:33 AM): lol me 2
Slikesw (9:42:06 AM): so what if u knew u won't get caught with me
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:42:24 AM): ?
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:43:17 AM): if u solemly swear u wont tell i prolly
Slikesw (9:44:25 AM): i wudn't why wud i, id get in trouble
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:44:42 AM): why?
Slikesw (9:45:16 AM): sex with a minor
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:46:15 AM): ya we gonna do it? i never don the reel
thing. i dont no how. but i wan to.
Slikesw (9:47:40 AM): if i knew u wudn't tell no one, and we wudn't get
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:48:20 AM): i solemly swear i wud not tell if u solemly
swear u wont hurt me.
Slikesw (9:49:18 AM): of course i wudn't hurt u,,,,but there r alotta
weirdos out there, but i'm not one of them
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:50:03 AM): im glad ur not wierd. i culd tell u arent.
ur very nice.
Slikesw (9:50:36 AM): i think ur a lil sweety too
Slikesw (9:51:14 AM): but if u EVER decide to meet someone,,,please be
very, very careful
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:52:30 AM): i prolly will.
Slikesw (9:54:47 AM): u prolly will what
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:55:28 AM): meet somone. i never did but think it be
Slikesw (9:56:43 AM): well it is fun,,,,,
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:57:00 AM): u don it?
Slikesw (9:57:16 AM): couple 3 times
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:57:51 AM): u think im 2 yung to met?
Slikesw (9:58:31 AM): yes, just cuz ,,,,,or u mean for me to meet
LittlegrlBlue13 (9:58:54 AM): u but u r long ways off
Slikesw (9:59:52 AM): either way i do think ur too young,,,,,,want u to
make sure its what u really wanna do,,,,
Slikesw (10:00:04 AM): its a big step
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:00:19 AM): k
Slikesw (10:01:25 AM): but whatever u decide get to know the guy before
u meet,,,,,,i cud be a murdere or whatever just talkin nice now
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:01:52 AM): no ur not. i cud tell.
Slikesw (10:02:13 AM): u can't always tell though
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:02:41 AM): ur not r u? tell me trueth
Slikesw (10:02:46 AM): there was a lil girl 13 that wanted me to meet her
for same thing
Slikesw (10:03:02 AM): of course i'm not
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:03:23 AM): for what same thing????
Slikesw (10:03:45 AM): i had asked if she ever met anyone, she said yes
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:04:14 AM): so did u met her?
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:04:22 AM): was fun?
Slikesw (10:04:29 AM): she said second time she met this one guy he
brought a friend,,,,,,,
Slikesw (10:04:47 AM): first time was fine had fun
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:05:02 AM): u had fun?
Slikesw (10:05:14 AM): second time they made her i never met her
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:05:47 AM): thot she wanted to met u?
Slikesw (10:06:59 AM): eat their shit,,,,,they peed in her mouth made her
drink it, hit her with sticks,,,i wudda killed these guys but she had no idea how to find them
Slikesw (10:07:40 AM): i felt so bad for that lil girl,,,,,,and there was
nothin i cud do
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:07:52 AM): wher was she?
Slikesw (10:08:21 AM): i cried for her,,,,but i only talked to her that
one time, never seen her since
Slikesw (10:08:43 AM): she was in seattle,,,,close to me
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:08:51 AM): see u r nice man
Slikesw (10:09:08 AM): but not eveyone is
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:09:58 AM): but she wanted to met u. she was not
scared. me neither.
Slikesw (10:10:37 AM): but she wasn't scared with other guy either
Slikesw (10:11:41 AM): well hun, i gotta get ready for work,,,,
Slikesw (10:11:55 AM): u have a wonderful day
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:12:01 AM): im sorry. will u talk to me agin
Slikesw (10:12:21 AM): sure, can i put u on buddy list
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:12:37 AM): wher u work i put u on buddy 2
Slikesw (10:13:11 AM): transit company, take care of computers
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:13:27 AM): kewl
Slikesw (10:13:51 AM): we'll talk agian....
Slikesw (10:13:58 AM): hope ur smilin
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:14:06 AM): i am
Slikesw (10:14:14 AM): good
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:14:41 AM): what ur name
Slikesw (10:14:54 AM): steve,,,whats urs
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:15:03 AM): Cindy
Slikesw (10:15:24 AM): lol,,that rite i saw that on profile
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:15:42 AM): u red my profile. kewl
Slikesw (10:15:52 AM): was nice to meet u Cindy,,,i gotta run hun
LittlegrlBlue13 (10:16:01 AM): bye bye
Slikesw (10:16:06 AM): bye
Slikesw (3:28:03 PM): hey u
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:28:19 PM): hi
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:28:29 PM): u remember me?
Slikesw (3:28:29 PM): do u remember me
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:28:35 PM): ROFL
Slikesw (3:28:39 PM): yeah, i do
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:28:45 PM): me 2
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:29:00 PM): whatzzzz up
Slikesw (3:29:19 PM): nada, how bout u
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:29:36 PM): nada
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:29:57 PM): bord 2 death
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:30:05 PM): i hate vacations
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:30:09 PM): lonely
Slikesw (3:30:14 PM): why,,,u been good girl
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:30:30 PM): ya cause cant find nothing 2 do
Slikesw (3:30:47 PM): what u wanna do
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:30:55 PM): lol
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:31:02 PM): what u wanna do
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:31:22 PM): we could b bad kids. lol
Slikesw (3:31:44 PM): how,,what u wanna do
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:32:07 PM): awwww something fun
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:32:16 PM): u no how 2 do anything fun?
Slikesw (3:32:39 PM): couple things
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:32:46 PM): lets do em
Slikesw (3:33:04 PM): if u were closer just mite
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:33:16 PM): ya prolly would
Slikesw (3:33:39 PM): why, wud u suck my cock
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:33:45 PM): ur not like 70 yo r u?
Slikesw (3:33:57 PM): hell no,,,39
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:34:21 PM): i remember ur pix ur cute and yep i
prolly would suck u
Slikesw (3:34:53 PM): but cud i eat u
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:35:01 PM): ya u could
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:35:11 PM): u ever done it b4
Slikesw (3:35:43 PM): lol,,,lots of times,,,u ever had it done to u
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:35:52 PM): ya and i like it
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:35:57 PM): my fav
Slikesw (3:36:15 PM): who ate u, or eats u
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:36:36 PM): im only 13 but done a few guys
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:37:21 PM): neighbor and a friend of one of my gfs dad
and my gfs dad. lol
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:37:37 PM): only one did me but i liked it
Slikesw (3:37:55 PM): so u like older
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:38:01 PM): ya
Slikesw (3:38:19 PM): what did u do with others
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:38:23 PM): bj
Slikesw (3:38:47 PM): did u ask themm or did they ask u
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:39:42 PM): they ask me cept my gfs dad. im not sure
who ask cause i stole beer at a powwow and just ended up doing bj on him. lol
Slikesw (3:40:12 PM): only the one time
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:40:29 PM): only one time ate me
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:40:39 PM): 3 times did bj
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:40:59 PM): no 3 peeple did bj. one more than one time
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:41:23 PM): never did nothing else cept play around
Slikesw (3:41:49 PM): i wish u was here suckin me rite now
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:42:09 PM): ya me 2 where r u
Slikesw (3:42:36 PM): washington,,,if i remember right ur a lil cutie
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:42:48 PM): tyvm
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:42:58 PM): indian
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:43:06 PM): wild child
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:43:14 PM): horny wild child
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:43:19 PM): ROFL
Slikesw (3:43:22 PM): u got pic
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:43:26 PM): ya
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:43:35 PM): wanna trade?
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:43:46 PM): u sent me one long time ago
Slikesw (3:43:53 PM): yeah
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:43:58 PM): k brb
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:48:23 PM): kewl u r cute
Slikesw (3:48:25 PM): nice pics cindy
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:48:34 PM): tyvm
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:48:53 PM): i look like dweeb in school pic
Slikesw (3:49:04 PM): i cud definitly see u suckin me
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:49:11 PM): caus i didnt smile
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:49:24 PM): ya i could c that
Slikesw (3:49:57 PM): hey hon,,i got go,,,gotta get cleaned up
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:50:09 PM): why
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:50:15 PM): u got a date
Slikesw (3:50:26 PM): go pic up a girlfriend
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:50:43 PM): fine leave poor lil cindy here alone and
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:50:53 PM): lol
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:51:02 PM): what is gfs name
Slikesw (3:51:07 PM): lol,,i sorry
Slikesw (3:51:14 PM): debbie
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:51:22 PM): she 13
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:51:38 PM): or need a cane 2 walk
Slikesw (3:51:41 PM): no,,a lil older
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:51:54 PM): how old
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:52:19 PM): 20
Slikesw (3:52:23 PM): 36
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:52:23 PM): 15
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:52:47 PM): omg tell her suck u gud or cindy will
Slikesw (3:53:12 PM): lol,,i will
LittlegrlBlue13 (3:53:26 PM): k bye bye
Slikesw (3:53:34 PM): bye

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