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    File originally posted on 11/8/2009 9:04 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/8/2009 9:04 PM PST

    allieonastar (06/10/08 7:01:56 PM): can i add u?
    billy_williams65 (06/10/08 7:02:02 PM): sure
    allieonastar (06/10/08 7:02:25 PM): k sent it
    allieonastar (06/10/08 7:02:27 PM): awww ty
    billy_williams65 (06/10/08 7:02:37 PM): yw
    allieonastar (06/10/08 7:03:26 PM): im rlly happy now :)
    billy_williams65 (06/10/08 7:04:02 PM): how tall r u allie
    allieonastar (06/10/08 7:04:18 PM): um about 5 feet
    billy_williams65 (06/10/08 7:04:24 PM): kool
    allieonastar (06/10/08 7:04:31 PM): how about u?
    billy_williams65 (06/10/08 7:04:38 PM): 5ft 6in
    allieonastar (06/10/08 7:04:52 PM): oh wow youre way taller lol
    billy_williams65 (06/10/08 7:04:59 PM): yea
    billy_williams65 (06/10/08 7:05:15 PM): have u started yet
    allieonastar (06/10/08 7:05:34 PM): started what?
    billy_williams65 (06/10/08 7:05:44 PM): ur period
    If you definitely have to ask that, she's too young, scumbag.

    Billy Williams, as Marina will describe, is a serial predator whose audacity would finally catch up with him. He was arrested in the summer of 2008 as part of our great IF program. He was arrested for a criminal attempt at unlawful transaction with a minor, and upon conviction, he received a very strong sentence. He is facing a 7 year sentence in prison, and he must register as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Marina Tartar
    Billy Williams was one of the first predators I encountered as a JC. Although he was new to me, he was very well known to Perverted Justice. Billy had hit up twenty-five, count 'em, TWENTY FIVE other PJ Contributors over the past two years. In fact, he narrowly missed meeting Chris Hansen during earlier Dateline stings in Kentucky. He's the perfect example of a predator who habitually, repeatedly, contacts children online in the pursuit of sex with a child.

    In the chat, he mentions several times that my child persona needed to keep this a secret. He asked repeatedly about her relatives, did she tell them anything, was she going to tell them anything. As worried as he was about adults finding out what he was doing, it still didn't stop him from asking my child if she would \"share\" him with her friends. He was graphic in his chats about what he wanted to do and how he would \"show her\" and \"go easy\" since it would be her first time.

    This was my first arrest, but I feel like I share it with every other PJ Contrib (twenty five, remember?) who chatted with Billy. I am extremely grateful to the all of the JC Trainers, with special thanks to Maxwell House, Silver Jordan, and Malibu Breeze. Red Wagon was the verifier and did a spectacular job.

    Special thanks also go out to the Kentucky Attorney General's Office, and specifically George Wilding of that office. Billy Williams was sentenced to seven years in prison in April of 2009.

    This is our 400th conviction since June of 2004, our 96th conviction for 2009, and our 20th conviction in Kentucky thus far.