Wayne had to quit masturbating, and flip the burgers for his backyard BBQ.
Bust by Duncan Hines @ 8/2/2006 12:23 AM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Wayne, 41
AOL IM: SetOnMyShaft
Location: Garfield, Arkansas

Wannabe Pedo's Picture
This wannabe pedo tried to solicit FancyDancer14, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Wayne made first contact using SetOnMyShaft on AOL. Later he switched to Yahoo and used the name arbuckbuster.

SetOnMyShaft (6:10:19 AM):Are You Really Awake?
SetOnMyShaft (6:10:21 AM):I Didn't Think So
FancyDancer14 (6:10:32 AM):im realy awake
SetOnMyShaft (6:10:50 AM):kindaearly isnt it
SetOnMyShaft (6:19:44 PM):do u got a pic?
SetOnMyShaft (6:19:49 PM):i mean of you?
FancyDancer14 (6:19:54 PM):my pic is in my profile
SetOnMyShaft (6:20:03 PM):i guess i missed it
FancyDancer14 (6:20:23 PM):it beter b there lol if not i send it 2 u
SetOnMyShaft (6:20:42 PM):its thereSetOnMyShaft (6:20:48 PM):omg you are small
SetOnMyShaft (6:20:59 PM):how old r u?
FancyDancer14 (6:21:10 PM):well uh yeah im almost 14
FancyDancer14 (6:21:21 PM):u thik im 2 young?
FancyDancer14 (6:21:29 PM):how old r u?
SetOnMyShaft (6:21:40 PM):2 young for what???
FancyDancer14 (6:21:48 PM):whatevr
SetOnMyShaft (6:22:06 PM):not too young to talk
FancyDancer14 (6:22:26 PM):sum peple dont wanna talk to me caus only 13, but almost 14(I've told you 3 times now)
FancyDancer14 (6:22:38 PM):i wanna c pics
SetOnMyShaft (6:22:53 PM):what kind of pics?
FancyDancer14 (6:23:06 PM):of u silly or anythig u wanna send
SetOnMyShaft (6:23:19 PM):are u sure you mean anything??(whatever floats your boat fella)
FancyDancer14 (6:23:30 PM):well i gues so
SetOnMyShaft (6:23:41 PM):hold on. ill get an old one of me
FancyDancer14 (6:23:50 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (6:27:15 PM):sent. man my puter is sslllooooowwwwww
FancyDancer14 (6:28:00 PM):i got it u r very handsome
FancyDancer14 (6:30:08 PM):ur deer is very handsome 2 lol
FancyDancer14 (6:29:11 PM):i like 2 eat deer.; my uncle usualy gives us sum.
SetOnMyShaft (6:29:12 PM):awww stop it. yur making me blush
FancyDancer14 (6:29:19 PM):???
FancyDancer14 (6:29:43 PM):u r realy handsum
SetOnMyShaft (6:30:08 PM):thanks
SetOnMyShaft (6:31:21 PM):where'd ya go??
FancyDancer14 (6:31:33 PM):im still here
FancyDancer14 (6:31:44 PM):u r realy handsum!!!
FancyDancer14 (6:32:08 PM):u still here???
SetOnMyShaft (6:33:16 PM):sorry. i had to go chase my goats off the porch
FancyDancer14 (6:33:16 pm):gues u like 2 hunt
SetOnMyShaft (6:33:23 PM):yeppers
FancyDancer14 (6:33:24 PM):u got goats???
FancyDancer14 (6:33:30 PM):u kiddin me?
SetOnMyShaft (6:33:37 PM):no kidding
FancyDancer14 (6:33:57 PM):kewl
FancyDancer14 (6:34:01 PM):how many?
FancyDancer14 (6:34:11 PM):u got baby goats?
FancyDancer14 (6:34:27 PM):i luv watchin baby goats. they r 2 funny
SetOnMyShaft (6:34:27 PM):slow down
FancyDancer14 (6:34:34 PM):sorry
SetOnMyShaft (6:34:49 PM):i've only got 2 now but i had 5
FancyDancer14 (6:34:54 PM):got exited caus u got goats. lol
SetOnMyShaft (6:34:04 PM):there pygmy goats so there small
FancyDancer14 (6:35:26 PM):omg nevr seen pygmy goats. r they little?
FancyDancer14 (6:35:34 PM):u gotta send pics
SetOnMyShaft (6:36:02 PM):about the size of my dog. my female is probably gonna have babies soon
FancyDancer14 (6:36:14 PM):that is way kewl
SetOnMyShaft (6:36:19 PM):it takes sooo long for me to send them
FancyDancer14 (6:36:26 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (6:36:39 PM):how many more pix u got?
FancyDancer14 (6:36:56 PM):only cuple u wanna c them?
SetOnMyShaft (6:37:03 PM):please
FancyDancer14 (6:37:07 PM):k brb
SetOnMyShaft (6:37:26 PM):i will show u my goats so ill brb
FancyDancer14 (6:37:36 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (6:45:46 PM):good golly that was slow
FancyDancer14 (6:46:03 PM):gotta go c brb
FancyDancer14 (6:48:06 PM):omg they r sooo cute
SetOnMyShaft (6:48:20 PM):and so are you. U R HOT(and i thought you were going to be a waste of time)
FancyDancer14 (6:48:23 PM):ur rabbit cute 2 but not as cute as goats
FancyDancer14 (6:48:29 PM):ty
FancyDancer14 (6:48:38 PM):ur hot 2
SetOnMyShaft (6:48:53 PM):tyvm
SetOnMyShaft (6:49:53 PM):we'll have to hook up in a few years (winking smiley)
FancyDancer14 (6:50:00 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (6:50:28 PM):u married
SetOnMyShaft (6:50:49 PM)i'm not but my wife is(your wife is going to love this one)
FancyDancer14 (6:50:56 PM):lol
FancyDancer14 (6:51:11 PM):gues dont matter anyway
SetOnMyShaft (6:51:21 PM):not really
FancyDancer14 (6:51:21 PM):glad u sent me pics. i like that
SetOnMyShaft (6:52:27 PM):no prob
SetOnMyShaft (6:52:36 PM):ill send more later
FancyDancer14 (6:52:47 PM):YEAAAAAA!
FancyDancer14 (6:53:01 PM):i luv lookin at pics
SetOnMyShaft (6:53:04 PM):maybe a nude pic
SetOnMyShaft (6:53:09 PM):no, just kidding
FancyDancer14 (6:53:12 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (6:55:39 PM):u still here
SetOnMyShaft (6:55:45 PM):yes
FancyDancer14 (6:56:12 PM):so what else u like 2 do
SetOnMyShaft (6:56:39 PM)mostly just hunt and fish and sleep
FancyDancer14 (6:56:44 PM):lol
FancyDancer14 (6:58:03 PM):u talkin 2 sumbody else?
SetOnMyShaft (6:58:25 PM):yes. you caught me
FancyDancer14 (6:58:32 PM):OOPS
FancyDancer14 (6:58:35 PM):ROFL
SetOnMyShaft (6:58:38 PM):she wants a nude pic of me
SetOnMyShaft (6:58:42 PM):i told her no
FancyDancer14 (6:58:59 PM):y u told her no
SetOnMyShaft ((6:59:13 PM):i dont know her
SetOnMyShaft (6:59:19 PM):or what she looks like
FancyDancerl4 (6:59:22 PM):oh
FancyDancerl4 (6:59 :46 PM):did u send 2 me?
SetOnMyShaft (7:00:06 PM):owww no
SetOnMyShaft (7:00:19 PM): yo daddy might find it (assessment)
FancyDancerl4 (7:00:31 PM):my daddy lives in okla
FancyDancerl4 (7:01:04 PM):and he NEVR cums here caus he and mom hate each other. lot
SetOnMyShaft (7:01:18 PM):you said cums(yes and you picked right up on it)
SetOnMyShaft (7:01:31 PM):hehehehe
FancyDancerl4 (7:01:34 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (7:01:59 PM):i meant he nevr comes here but dont gues he cum here either. lot
SetOnMyShaft (7:02:12 PM): youll have to tell me about that
SetOnMyShaft (7:02:14 PM):cums i mean
SetOnMyShaft (7:02:16 PM):hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (7:02:22 PM):lot
FancyDancerl4 (7:03:08 PM):brb gotta let cat in. he jumps on
screen and hes ruinin it. lot
FancyDancerl4 (7:03:57 PM):back
FancyDancerl4 (7:04:31 PM):yoohoo
FancyDancerl4 (7:04:41 PM):im back stop talkin 2 stupid girls
FancyDancerl4 (7:04:53 PM):xcept me ROFL -
SetOnMyShaft (7:05:58 PM):here i am
SetOnMyShaft (7:06:09 PM):i was sending you a dumb pic
FancyDancerl4 (7:06:20 PM):kewl brb gotta look
SetOnMyShaft (7:06:41 PM):do you got a digital camera?
FancyDancerl4 (7:07:43 PM):lol looks like he's laughing
FancyDancerl4 (7:07:51 PM):got no digital cam
SetOnMyShaft (7:07:52 PM): i will eat those guys in about a month
FancyDancert4 (7:08:51 PM):kewl i like fresh pork we used to
raise hogs and i luv fresh ham
SetOnMyShaft (7:09:06 PM): thats is cool
Fan cyDancerl4 (7:09:14 PM):my mom used 2 cure bacon
SetOnMyShaft (7:09:20 PM):wow
FancyDancerl4 (7:09:42 PM):but not now in arkansas. now she just works all time
SetOnMyShaft (7:09:52 PM):where does she work?
SetOnMyShaft (7:09:58 PM):where do u go to school?
FancyDancerl4 (7:10:21 PM):hospital in berryville I go to clear springs skool
SetOnMyShaft (7:10:41 PM):clear springs? where are you?
FancyDancerl4 (7:11:02 PM):eureka springs, clear springs is
alternative skool
SetOnMyShaft (7:11:18 PM): i thought you were somewhere else
FancyDancerl4 (7:11:35 PM):nope here I am lol
SetOnMyShaft (7:12:14 PM):so what else do you do for fun?
FancyDancerl4 (7:12:58 PM):not much. dont have freinds here. we only been here cuple months and girls at skool arent 2 freindly.
SetOnMyShaft (7:13:17 PM):thats too bad
FancyDancerl4 (7:13:36 PM):kinda lonely but its ok
SetOnMyShaft (7:13:48 PM):a cutie like you probably has a boy toy
FancyDancerl4 (7:14:12 PM):i dont much like kids my age anyway. AND I SURE DONT LIKE BOYS MY AGE! YUK! They are so stupid. -
SetOnMyShaft (7:14:32 PM):thats too funny
FancyDancerl4 (7:15:08 PM):had bf in okla but he was 26 and i dont have him no more since we moved here.
SetOnMyShaft (7:15:31 PM):i feel surry 4 ya
FancyDancerl4 (7:15:38 PM):me 2 lol
SetOnMyShaft (7:15:50 PM):did he ever touch ya?
FancyDancerl4 (7:1:Q8 PM):if mean down there?
SetOnMyShaft (7:16:22 PM):nasty girl
SetOnMyShaft (7:16:25 PM):hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (7:16:30 PM):lot
SetOnMyShaft (7:16:44 PM):i was born in okia
FancyDancerl4 (7:16:50 PM):where
SetOnMyShaft (7:17:08 PM):Mcalester
FancyDancerl 4 (7:17:14 PM):kewl
FancyDancerl4 (7:17:21 PM):i was born tulsa
SetOnMyShaft (7:18:03 PM):how long did u say you've lived in ar?
FancyDancerl4 (7:18:14 PM):bout 2 months
SetOnMyShaft (7:18:24 PM):thats not very long
FancyDancerl4 (7:18:28 PM):i no
FancyDancerl4 (7:19:02 PM):moved here in summer
FancyDancerl4 (7:19:10 PM):mite b a little longer
SetOnMyShaft (7:19:33 PM):eureka sound like a fun town. not far from here
SetOnMyShaft (7:20:17 PM):i passed through it on my way to silver dollar city
FancyDancerl4 (7:20:17 PM):mom thiks so. I thik is boring caus i dont evrdo anythig
SetOnMyShaft (7:20:33 PM):well what a ya wanna do?
FancyDancerl4 (7:20:37 PM):nevr been silver dollar city but
FancyDancerl4 (7:20:49 PM):i dunno what u wanna do?
SetOnMyShaft (7:21:05 PM):hmmmmmm. cant do that with a l3yrold (right.)
SetOnMyShaft (7:21:06 PM):LOL
FancyDancerl4 (7:21:25 PM):my bf did lol
SetOnMyShaft (7:21:45 PM):yea well i aint going to jail(wanna bet those little goats on it?)
FancyDancerl4 (7:22:15 PM):lol he didnt go jail caus he didnt tell anybody. and i sure didnt tell caus didnt wanna get killed.
SetOnMyShaft (7:22:33 PM):well it sounds interesting
FancyDancerl4 (7:22:50 PM):its probly not but he thot so
FancyDancerl4 (7:23:12 PM):didnt do real sex only oral
SetOnMyShaft (7:23:24 PM):thats kewl to
FancyDancerl4 (7:23:39 PM):well yep It was
FancyDancerl4 (7:23:51 PM):u dont thik im bad do U?
SetOnMyShaft (7:23:57 PM):your making me crazy
SetOnMyShaft (7:24:05 PM):oh no, U R GREAT
FancyDancerl4 (7:24:12 PM):tyvm
SetOnMyShaft (7:24:56 PM):well im gonna have to go take care of this
hard thing
FancyDancerl4 (7:25:08 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (7:25:55 PM):nice talking with ya. maybe ill be back on later, send more pix if you find any
FancyDancerl4 (7:26:28 PM):i dont hav scanner so cant send more. u send more 2 if u find any.
SetOnMyShaft (7:26:39 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (7:27:07 PM):good nite. ill be dreaming of ya
FancyDancerl4 (7:27:15 PM):u going 2 bed?
SetOnMyShaft (7:27:49 PM):in alittle bit. gotta get up early to go deeer hunting in the morning
SetOnMyShaft (7:28:00 PM):and i havent ate supper yet
SetOnMyShaft (7:28:06 PM):or fed the animals
FancyDancerl4 (7:28:06 PM):me neither
FancyDancerl4 (7:28:17 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (7:28:26 PM):all i've done is sit here and get horny
FancyDancerl4 (7:28:27 PM):go feed little fellows
FancyDancerl4 (7:28:34 PM):gud 4 u
FancyDancerl4 (7:28:57 PM):i like talkin 2 u u r nice man
SetOnMyShaft (7:29:09 PM):thanks
SetOnMyShaft (7:29:12 PM):and i like u 2
FancyDancerl4 (7:29:18 PM):kewl
FancyDancerl4 (7:29:25 PM):i hope so
FancyDancerl4 (7:29:38 PM):we talk agin rite?
SetOnMyShaft (7:29:46 PM):you bet
FancyDancerl4 (7:29:55 PM):k bye
SetOnMShaft (7:30:00 PM):later fancy
FancyDancerl4 (Œf:O:i0 PM):later wayne
10-17 #1
SetOnMyShaft (1:11:17 PM): well fancy meeting you here fancy
FancyDancerl4 (1:11:36 PM):yep we gotta quit meetin Ilk this lot
SetOnMyShaft (1:11:42 PM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (1:12:16 PM):just get back from church?
FancyDancerl4 (1:12:28 PM):no
FancyDancerl4 (1:12:43 PM):goin 2 craft shows 2day but havent yet
FancyDancerl4 (1:12:55 PM):gotta walk and 2 lazy
SetOnMyShaft (1:13:09 PM):need a ride?
SetOnMyShaft (1:13:14 PM):cumming my way?
FancyDancerl4 (1 :13:15 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (1:13:25 PM):no jus in eureka
SetOnMyShaft (1:13:39 PM):thats only 20 min from here
FancyDancerl4 (1:13:51 PM):wherru
SetOnMyShaft (1:14:11 PM):near gateway
FancyDancerl4 (1:14:21 PM):kewl
SetOnMyShaft (1:14:31 PM):maybe its 15 min?
FancyDancerl4 (1:14:40 PM):u in seligman
SetOnMyShaft (1:14:48 PM):no but close
FancyDancerl4 (1:15:05 PM):uh....garfeld
SetOnMyShaft (1:15:15 PM):thats the place
FancyDancerl4 (1 :15:25 PM]:kewl
SetOnMyShaft (1:15:39 PM):its such a BIG town
FancyDancerl4 (1:15:46 PM):lol -
SetOnMyShaft (1: 15:50 PM):and lonely
SetOnMyShaft (1:15:56 PM):nutting to do
FancyDancerl4 (1:16:06 PM):huntin
FancyDancerl4 (1:16:16 PM):whers wife
SetOnMyShaft (1:16:28 PM):?? not sure where she went
SetOnMyShaft (1:16:37 PM):she was gone when
SetOnMyShaft (1:16:43 PM):i came back from the woods
FancyDancerl4 (1:17:01 PM): oh mabe church or lookin at craft shows
SetOnMyShaft (1:17:14 PM):well i gotta run so u have fun
FancyDancerl4 (1:17:22 PM):u hav fun 2
FancyDancerl4 (1:17:29 PM):sorry ur lonely
SetOnMyShaft (1:17:59 PM):i wish u were here
FancyDancerl4 (1:18:15 PM):me 2 but dont wanna meet wife in dark alley lol
SetOnMyShaft (1:18:29 PM):well maybe next time
FancyDancerl4 (1:18:37 PM):kewl
SetOnMyShaft (1:18:49 PM):bye hun
FancyDancerl4 (1:18:56 PM):bye hun
SetOnMyShaft (1:18:59 PM):miss ya already
FancyDancerl4 (1:19:04 PM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (1 :19:10 PM):awwww rite
SetOnMyShaft (1:19:22 PM):see ya soon
FancyDancerl4 (1:19:28 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (1:19:38 PM):toodles
FancyDancerl4 (1:19:50 PM):toodles 2 u 2 silly
SetOnMyShaft (10:08:00 PM):Hi Fancy, Have Fun Crafting?
FancyDancerl4 (10:08:22 PM):yep.
FancyDancerl4 (10:08:28 PM):what u do all day
FancyDancerl4 (10:08:46 PM):I cudnt buy but i like lookin at stuff
SetOnMyShaft (10:09:08 PM):I slept alittle and set in the tree
stand for awhile
FancyDancerl4 (10:09:20 PM):???
SetOnMyShaft (10:09:24 PM):aren't you up kinda late?
FancyDancerl4 (10:09:51 PM):oh tree stand i get it. im up but goin bed pretty soon
SetOnMyShaft (10:10:32 PM):didnt see any deer this afternoon but saw 2 this morning
SetOnMyShaft (10:10:44 PM):they were 2 small 2 shoot
FancyDancerl4 (10:10:58 PM):u shud ben in my yard u cud see one mama with baby
FancyDancerl4 (10:11:10 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (10:11:32 PM):tell me where and i'll be there
SetOnMyShaft (10:11:40 PM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (10:11:40 PM):ROFL
FancyDancerl4 (10:12:19 PM):dont liv with dad no more but he sad
mama deer tastes just as gud as papa deer
FancyDancerl4 (10:12:29 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (10:12:33 PM):it does
FancyDancerl4 (10:12:38 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (10:13:07 PM):mom makes deer jerkie
SetOnMyShaft (10:13:26 PM):i luv d-jerky. well im heading to bed. wish u were here. I'll be dreaming of ya
SetOnMyShaft (10:13:37 PM): (kissy icon)
FancyDancerl4 (10:13:45 PM):me 2 nite
SetOnMyShaft (10:13:55 PM):get sum sleep
FancyDancerl4 (10:13:57 PM):(angel icon)
SetOnMyShaft (10:14:00 PM):nitey nite
FancyDancerl4 (10:14:07 PM):nite nite
SetOnMyShaft (1:35:04 PM):Hiya Hottie
FancyDancerl4 (1:35:15 PM):hiya hottie
SetOnMyShaft (1:35:22 PM): Did You Skip School?
FancyDancerl4 (1:35:26 PM):igot sore throat.
FancyDancerl4 (1:35:37 PM):not THAT sore. just hate skool
SetOnMyShaft (1:35:42 PM):ive got something for that
FancyDancerl4 (1:35:47 PM):omg i hate skool U just dont no
FancyDancerl4 (1:35:52 PM):what u got
FancyDancerl4 (1:35:58 PM):ill take it
SetOnMyShaft (1:36:04 PM):its warm and creamy
SetOnMyShaft (1:36:12 PM):hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (1:36:20 PM):lol ill take it
SetOnMyShaft (1:36:28 PM):its all yours
FancyDancerl4 (1:38:31 PM):kewl
SetOnMyShaft (1:36:40 PM):how'd you get home?
FancyDancerl4 (1:36:49 PM):from where
SetOnMyShaft (1:36:53 PM):skool
FancyDancerl4 (1:36:58 PM):didnt go
SetOnMyShaft (1:37:03 PM): oh i see
FancyDancerl4 (1:37:14 PM):tole mom i was jus toooo sick
SetOnMyShaft (1:37:15 PM):shoulda call me earlier
FancyDancerl4 (1:37:29 PM):wud have if i had ur phone number
SetOnMyShaft (1:37:37 PM):hmmmm
FancyDancerl4 (1:37:57 PM):u not afraid wife will answer phone. i cant deal with no screamin wife
FancyDancerl4 (1:38:12 PM):my mom wud kill me if she found out
SetOnMyShaft (1:38:14 PM):shes working and im on vacation
FancyDancerl4 (1:38:20 PM):oh kewl
SetOnMyShaft (1:38:41 PM):and its boring here
SetOnMyShaft (1:38:44 PM):nuttin to do
FancyDancerl4 (1:38:47 PM):here 2
FancyDancerl4 (1:39:05 PM):u suposed do sumthin exited on ur vacation
FancyDancerl4 (1:39:11 PM):exiting
SetOnMyShaft (1:39:14 PM):i know
FancyDancerl4 (1:39:23 PM):so do it
SetOnMyShaft (1:39:31 PM):you sound exciting
FancyDancerl4 (1:39:39 PM):and i sure am
FancyDancerl4 (1:39:54 PM):how long U on vacat?
SetOnMyShaft (1:40:07 PM):just today & tuesday
FancyDancerl4 (1:40:23 PM):hmmmmm
SetOnMyShaft (1:40:29 PM):hmmmm???
Fan cyDancerl4 (1:40:35 PM):hmmmmmm
FancyDancerl4 (1:40:49 PM):u gotta hunt tho rite?
SetOnMyShaft (1:41:05 PM): only for awhile
FancyDancerl4 (1:41:22 PM): k u gonna b hom in morn>
FancyDancerl4 (1:41:24 PM): ?
SetOnMyShaft (1:41:49 PM): no, i think im going to eureka
FancyDancerl4 (1:41:54 PM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (1:42:03 PM):whatcha gonna do here?
SetOnMyShaft (1:42:09 PM): hunt
FancyDancerl4 (1:42:16 PM):for .......
SetOnMyShaft (1:42:16 PM):or??
SetOnMyShaft (1:42:24 PM):maybe???
FancyDancerl4 (1:42:30 PM):mite
SetOnMyShaft (1:42:41 PM):hmmmmm
FancyDancerl4 (1 :42:57 PM):whatcha got in mind
SetOnMyShaft (1:43:15 PM): alittle of this and alittle of that
FancyDancerl4 (1:43:27 PM):i feel a sore throat cumin on agin tomorrow
SetOnMyShaft (1:43:37 PM):yummy
FancyDancerl4 (1:44:01 PM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (1:44:38 PM):can i call in morn
FancyDancerl4 (1:44:58 PM):if I nevr call agin
SetOnMyShaft (1:45:13 PM): I dunno
FancyDancerl4 (1:45:35 PM):and u gotta promis u will nevr nevr nevr tell anyone cause ill get killed
SetOnMyShaft (1:45:46 PM):and so will i
FancyDancerl4 (1:45:54 PM):i bet so
FancyDancerl4 (1:46:27 PM):mabe better not rite now
SetOnMyShaft (1:46:58 PM):i understand
FancyDancerl4 (1 :47:10 PM):I dont
FancyDancerl4 (1:47:28 PM):cause im not sure what all were talkin bout. ROFL
SetOnMyShaft (1:47:37 PM):hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (1:48:25 PM):i did unnerstand warm and creamy
FancyDancerl4 (1:48:31 PM):I thik
SetOnMyShaft (1:48:50 PM):i think u did
FancyDancerl4 (1 :48:55 PM): k
FancyDancerl4 (1:49:07 PM):cause thats all I evr done
SetOnMyShaft (1:49:30 PM): did u like it
FancyDancerl4 (1 :49:35 PM):yepi did
FancyDancerl4 (1:50:03 PM):I had 26 yo bf but we broke up when moved here from okla
SetOnMyShaft (1:51:01 PM):i like it to
FancyDancerl4 (1:51:07 PM):????
SetOnMyShaft (1:51:16 PM):i like licking
FancyDancerl4 (1:51:23 PM):nevr did that
FancyDancerl4 (1:51:31 PM):i only did him
SetOnMyShaft (1:51:51 PM): u might like
FancyDancerl4 (1:52:12 PM): my cousin in okla has done that and she likes it lots
SetOnMyShaft (1:52:37 PM):finger licking good
FancyDancerl4 (1:52:43 PM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (1:54:01 PM): my bf lived next door, he wasnt realy my bf i guess but i used to do it
SetOnMyShaft (1:54:55 PM):so u still a virgin
FancyDancerl4 (1:55:09 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (1:55:26 PM):just nevr done reel sex yet
SetOnMyShalt (1:55:39 PM):well its plenty fun
SetOnMyShaft (1:55:51 PM):but hurts sometimes
FancyDancerl4 (1:56:04 PM):i wanna lern 2 do it sumday
SetOnMyShaft (1:56:10 PM):kewl
SetOnMyShaft (1:57:11 PM):ive got you pic in my wallet so i can always look at it
FancyDancerl4 (1:57:17 PM):kewl
FancyDancerl4 (1:57:25 PM):dont let wife find it
SetOnMyShaft (1:57:31 PM):i hide it
FancyDancerl4 (1:57:35 PM):k
FancyDancerl4 (1:57:45 PM):pleze b careful
SetOnMyShaft (1:57:49 PM): k
FancyDancerl4 (1:58:29 PM):ur not like police or sumthin r u?
SetOnMyShaft (1:58:45 PM):no but you prbbly are
FancyDancerl4 (1:58:59 PM):yeah rite. ROFL
FancyDancerl4 (1:59:10 PM):watch out hen cum.
FancyDancerl4 (1:59:16 PM):here i cum
SetOnMyShaft (1:59:20 PM):im waiting
SetOnMyShaft (1:59:27 PM):hahaah i already came
FancyDancerl4 (1:59:33 PM):oops
FancyDancerl4 (1:59:38 PM):u did not
SetOnMyShaft (1:59:45 PM):yes for sure
FancyDancerl4 (1:59:48 PM):did not
FancyDancerl4 (1:59:59 PM):without me?
SetOnMyShaft (2:00:03 PM):surry
SetOnMyShaft (2:00:08 PM):you wont ask me
FancyDancerl4 (2:00:18 PM):????
SetOnMyShaft (2:00:20 PM):cause yor a cop
FancyDancerl4 (2:00:29 PM):wont ask u what
SetOnMyShaft (2:00:37 PM):you know
SetOnMyShaft (2:01:10 PM):if you had a nude plc 1d know you weren't a cop
FancyDancerl4 (2:01:14 PM):u men I wont ask u cum here or wont ask u do it or what.
FancyDancerl4 (2:01:36 PM):if i had cam i wud send u nude plc but dont have one
SetOnMyShaft (2:01:56 PM):would u like to borrow mine?
FancyDancerl4 (2:02:02 PM):ur cam?
SetOnMyShaft (2:02:08 PM):yes
FancyDancerl4 (2:02:15 PM):how get develop?
SetOnMyShaft (2:02:30 PM):its digital - no develop
FancyDancerl4 (2:02:35 PM):kewl
FancyDancerl4 (2:03:00 PM):so i need ask u cum do oral or what. Ill ask.
FancyDancerl4 (2:03:06 PM):just watch me
FancyDancerl4 (2:03:18 PM):hey u gonna cum do me?
FancyDancerl4 (2:03:23 PM):that beter
SetOnMyShaft (2:03:31 PM):do you want to borrow my camera?
FancyDancerl4 (2:03:46 PM):i mite
FancyDancerl4 (2:03:53 PM):nevr did nude plc
FancyDancerl4 (2:04:05 PM):fraid u11 laff at me
SetOnMyShaft (2:04:34 PM):no laughing
SetOnMyShaft (2:04:M PM):do you want to borrow my camera?
FancyDancerl4 (2:05:02 PM):how gonna git it?
SetOnMyShaft (2:05:15 PM):hey thats my question
FancyDancerl4 (2:05:19 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (2:05:37 PM):how are you gonna get it?
SetOnMyShaft (2:06:04 PM):thats what i thought
FancyDancerl4 (2:06:05 PM):i dunno how i no ur not sum nut
FancyDancerl4 (2:06:25 PM):I nevr met sumone online. im kinda scared
FancyDancerl4 (2:06:50 PM):thats what u thot bout what
SetOnMyShaft (2:07:00 PM):so do you want me to bring my camera to you
FancyDancerl4 (2:07:08 PM):u men rite now???
SetOnMyShaft (2:07:16 PM):tomorrow
SetOnMyShaft (2:07:20 PM):tuesday
FancyDancerl4 (2:07:41 PM):oh mabe. not 2day cause moms off 2day.
FancyDancerl4 (2:08:17 PM):can i call u first wanna hear urvoice and make sure u dont sound like crazy killer man
FancyDancerl4 (2:08:39 PM):I cud go 2 payphone and call, not from home
FancyDancerl4 (2:08:47 PM):i have phone card
SetOnMyShaft (2:08:59 PM):not good idea
FancyDancerl4 (2:09:17 PM):u dont wanna talk 2 me? y?
SetOnMyShaft (2:09:28 PM):yes i wanna
FancyDancerl4 (2:09:35 PM):me 2
FancyDancerl4 (2:09:41 PM):oh well
FancyDancerl4 (2:09:48 PM):good idea gone bad i gues
FancyDancerl4 (2:09:59 PM):my throat realy is sore
FancyDancerl4 (2:10:25 PM):not bad jus hurts a little. i still hafta do skool work
FancyDancerl 4 (2:10:32 PM):YUKKKKKK
FancyDancerl4 (2:10:39 PM):did u like my cat?
SetOnMyShaft (2:10:41 PM):all work and NO PLAY
SetOnMyShaft (2:10:44 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (2:10:46 PM):isnt he so kewl
SetOnMyShaft (2:10:53 PM):and big
FancyDancerl4 (2:10:57 PM):yep
SetOnMyShaft (2:11:17 PM):will u go to skool tuesday
FancyDancerl4 (2:11:38 PM):probly unless i hay reason not 2
FancyDancerl4 (2:11:51 PM):i shud go
SetOnMyShaft (2:12:03 PM):whats yur phone#?
FancyDancerl4 (2:13:04 PM):if u call my number u'll get my mom
then we both get killed. I'm already in truble for some stuff. she forwards phone 2 her cell so she gets all calls.
FancyDancerl4 (2:13:38 PM):I thik she's changin my name to Dammit Fancy I cant beleive u did that agin. lol
SetOnMyShaft (2:13:47 PM):LOL
SetOnMyShaft (2:14:05 PM): maybe i should ask your mom for a date
SetOnMyShaft (2:14:11 PM): just kidding
FancyDancerl4 (2:14:11 PM):screw u
SetOnMyShaft (2:14:14 PM): chill out
FancyDancerl4 (2:14:19 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (2:14:29 PM):GOTCHA
FancyDancerl4 (2:14:31 PM):im cuter
SetOnMyShaft (2:14:37 PM):yes u are
FancyDancerl4 (2:14:40 PM):u aint gotcha me yet
SetOnMyShaft (2:14:43 PM):VERY
FancyDancerl4 (2:15:12 PM):my mom works nites. when u work
SetOnMyShaft (2:15:21 PM):during the day
SetOnMyShaft (2:15:25 PM):7am -4pm
FancyDancerl4 (2:16:31 PM):she works 12 hour shifts so shes gone almost all nite. well gits off work at 12 but partys after that.
FancyDancerl4 (2:16:43 PM):what days u off
SetOnMyShaft (2:16:53 PM):only sat&sun
FancyDancerl4 (2:17:18 PM):kewl shes off mon and wed
FancyDancerl4 (2:17:44 PM):and u no what
SetOnMyShaft (2:17:48 PM):???
FancyDancerl 4 (2:18:15 PM):shes gittin ready go to Tunica on a bus for few days. How kewl is that!
FancyDancerl4 (2:18:24 PM):she does that alot
SetOnMyShaft (2:18:26 PM):neat
FancyDancerl4 (2:18:32 PM):i no
FancyDancerl4 (2:19:19 PM):dorit u tell nobody im gonna be her by myself cause a murderer cud cumin and kill me or sumthin
FancyDancerl4 (2:19:26 PM):mom says not 2 tell nobody
SetOnMyShaft (2:19:46 PM):i wont tell. im honest indian
FancyDancerl4 (2:19:53 PM):k
FancyDancerl4 (2:20:15 PM):u indian?
SetOnMyShaft (2:20:19 PM):no
FancyDancerl4 (2:20:31 PM):my dad says no such thing as a honest indian. ROFL
FancyDancerl4 (2:20:38 PM):he lives in okla
FancyDancerl4 (2:21:26 PM):I gotta go. mom just drove up. she
went store
SetOnMyShaft (2:21:32 PM):you let me know when i cum take yur pic okay?
FancyDancerl4 (2:21:38 PM):talk later
FancyDancerl4 (2:21:40 PM):bye
SetOnMyShaft (6:41:53 PM):Boo
FancyDancerl4 (6:42:14 PM):Boo u probly got mail
SetOnMyShaft (6:43:39 PM):i do
FancyDancerl4 (6:43:46 PM):lot
SetOnMyShaft (6:44:13 PM):its still opening
FancyDancerl4 (6:44:17 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (6:44:19 PM):u still grounded?
FancyDancerl4 (6:44:30 PM):nope got off 2day
SetOnMyShaft (6:45:20 PM):hehehe that greeting was funny
FancyDancerl4 (6:45:27 PM):i thot so
SetOnMyShaft (6:45:30 PM):got off? did it feel good
FancyDancerl4 (6:45:39 PM):oh yeah lol
SetOnMyShaft (6:45:52 PM):wish i could get off
FancyDancerl4 (6:46:01 PM):lot
FancyDancerl4 (6:46:09 PM):wish u cud 2
SetOnMyShaft (6:46:16 PM):help me
FancyDancerl4 (6:46:20 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (6:46:34 PM):when can i see U?
FancyDancerl4 (6:46:41 PM):when u want 2
SetOnMyShaft (6:46:51 PM):tomorrow
FancyDancerl4 (6:46:57 PM):what we gonna do
SetOnMyShaft (6:47:10 PM):get each other off
FancyDancerl4 (6:47:15 PM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (6:47:29 PM):u no i dont no how 2 do much
SetOnMyShaft (6:47:45 PM):where will you be tomorrow?
FancyDancerl4 (6:48;00 PM.):hafta figure out wher 2 meet u
SetOnMyShaft (6:48:13 PM):tell me where
FancyDancerl4 (6:48:42 PM):let me thik bout it
FancyDancerl4 (6:49:28 PM):im fraid ur not gonna like it cause i dont no how 2 do much
SetOnMyShaft (6:49:37 PM):Hmmmm
FancyDancerl4 (6:49:50 PM):i only done oral b4
FancyDancerl4 (6:50:26 PM):2 times
SetOnMyShaft (6:50:41 PM):3rd times a charm
FancyDancerl4 (6:50:47 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (6:51:30 PM):i have to go to a store in eureka in the morning
FancyDancerl4 (6:51:50 PM): mom dont go work till afternoon what store
SetOnMyShaft (6:52:07 PM): cant remember the name
FancyDancerl4 (6:52:16 PM): in town or out of town
SetOnMyShaft (6:52:32 PM): i think in town
FancyDancerl4 (6:52:52 PM): ur not gonna kill me or nothin r u?
SetOnMyShaft (6:52:58 PM): whats the name of the store near your house?
SetOnMyShaft (6:53:04 PM): no i wont
FancyDancerl4 (6:53:32 PM):Hearts is close
FancyDancerl4 (6:53:38 PM): or harts
SetOnMyShaft (6:53:45 PM): yeah thats the one
SetOnMyShaft (6:53:56 PM):i forget how to get there
SetOnMyShaft (6:54:03 PM): only been there once
FancyDancerl4 (6:54:59 PM):brb goin chek moms skedule on frige
FancyDancerl4 (6:59:55 PM):can u getg motel or sumthin
SetOnMyShaft (7:00:07 PM):wheres mom?
FancyDancerl4 (7:00:12 PM):work
SetOnMyShaft (7:00:42 PM):home alone?
FancyDancerl4 (7:00:53 PM):wher we goin I just dont wanna get caught and get grounded. yeah
SetOnMyShaft (7:00:53 PM): i dont know
SetOnMyShaft (7:18:51 PM):im gonna get off here and make a salad. i would eat you if you were on the table.
FancyDancerl4 (7:19:01 PM):hehehe I wuld let u
FancyDancerl4 (7:19:04 PM):I nevr did that
FancyDancerl4 (7:19:18 PM):i only did it 2 sumbody
SetOnMyShaft (7:19:21 PM):ill be very hungry saturday
FancyDancerl4 (7:19:42 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (7:19:59 PM):ill talk to you in the morning. k?
FancyDancerl4 (7:20:07 PM):k ill b waitin
SetOnMyShaft (7:20:20 PM):okay. later later - nite
FancyDancerl4 (7:20:27 PM):bye
SetOnMyShaft (10:22:22 AM):hiya fancy
FancyDancerl4 (10:22:40 AM):hi
FancyDancerl4 (10:23:07 AM):saw u but fraid 2 im caus didnt no if wife there
SetOnMyShaft (10:23:20 AM):shes cleaning house
FancyDancerl4 (10:23:31 AM):dam dont get caut
SetOnMyShaft (10:23:42 AM):I b carful
FancyDancerl4 (10:23:46 AM):k
SetOnMyShaft (10:24:07 AM):so what u doing 2day?
FancyDancerl4 (10:24:15AM):up2 u
SetOnMyShaft (10:24:28 AM):whatever u want
FancyDancerl4 (10:24:34 AM):up 2 U
SetonMyShaft: (10:29:07 PM)whatever u want
FancyDancerl4 (10:25:09 AM):up 2 u Fancy only does what tole 2 do
FancyDancerl4 (10:25:25 AM):mainly caus I dont no how 2 do much ROFL
SetOnMyShaft (10:25:32 AM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (10:25:48 AM):u no how 2 do much?
FancyDancerl4 (10:25:59 AM):well probly since married
SetOnMyShaft (10:26:28 AM):where u going 2day?
FancyDancerl4 (10:26:38 AM):up 2 u
FancyDancerl4 (10:26:57 AM):I dont go no place much
FancyDancerl4 (10:27:06 AM):dont no many peeple here yet
FancyDancerl4 (10:27:19 AM):few kids at skool but not freinds
SetOnMyShaft (10:27:24 AM):where ulike togo?
FancyDancerl4 (10:27:29AM):dunno
SetOnMyShaft (10:27:44 AM):wheres mom?
FancyDancerl4 (10:28:06 AM):workin 2 shifts 2day
FancyDancerl4 (10:28:47 AM):well not relly 2 but long work 2day caus
sumbody need off so is covring for sumbody or sumthin
FancyDancerl4 (10:29:08 AM):went at 8 insted of 12
FancyDancerl4 (10:29:35 AM):i knew sumthin was different with her skedule 2day but cudnt member what it was
FancyDancerl4 (10:29:56 AM):said needs overtim
SetOnMyShaft (10:30:01 AM):so what r u gonna do?
FancyDancerl4 (10:30:07 AM):up 2 u
FancyDancerl4 (10:30:24 AM):just stay home I guess
SetOnMyShaft (10:30:33 AM):(icon)
FancyDancerl4 (10:30:34 AM):not much 2 do here
FancyDancerl4 (10:30:52 AM):what u wanna do
SetOnMyShaft (10:31:23 AM):<‹‹need someone to do this 69?
SetOnMyShaft (10:31:42 AM): hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (10:32:03 AM): got a phone#?
FancyDancerl4 (10:32:58 AM):i tole u mom transfers phone 2 her cell. omg if u try call me u get mom insted. a guy on aol did that and i got in BIG truble.
SetOnMyShaft (10:33:30 AM): can u go to payphone?
FancvDancerl4 (10:34:10 AM):dont thik one close enuff 2 walk I liv in town but kinda in woods
FancyDancer14 (10:34:51 AM):u cumin her 2day or what
SetOnMyShaft (10:35:19 AM):i need to go shopping in eureka 2day
FancyDancerl4 (10:35:34 AM):for what
SetOnMyShaft (10:35:49 AM):but i dont know which store to go to
FancyDancer14 (10:36:05 AM):silly only one stor here
FancyDancer14 (10:36:26 AM):u mean 4 grocery?
SetOnMyShaft (10: 37:14 AM):yes
FancyDancerl4 (10:37:43 PM): i wanna cum 2day
SetOnMyShaft (10:37:25 AM):yeah grocerys
FancyDancer14 (10:37:38 AM):how u did that????
SetOnMyShaft (10:37:43 AM):do what?
FancyDancer14 (10:38:22 AM):that
FancyDancerl4: (10:38:25 AM):i wanna cum 2day thing. how u did that?
FancyDancer14 (10:38:33 AM):u jus type it in?
SetOnMyShaft (10:38:34 AM):do you want 2 ????
FancyDancer14 (10:38:41 AM):cum???
SetOnMyShaft (10:38:47 AM):???
SetOnMyShaft (10:38:58 AM):i do
FancyDancerl4 (1 0:38:58 AM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (10:39:03 AM):me 2
FancyDancer14 (10:39:17 AM):ur not gonna hurt me r u
SetOnMyShaft (10:39:27 AM):so r u gonna go 2 the store?
SetOnMyShaft (10:39:31 AM):no hurt
FancyDancerl4 (10:39:40 AM):promis?
SetOnMyShaft (10:39:44 AM):yes
FancyDancerl4 (10:39:53 AM):u no i nevr did real sex
FancyDancerl4 (10:40:05 AM):only oral
SetOnMyShaft (10:40:13 AM):kewl
FancyDancer14 (10:40:20 AM):is ok?
SetOnMyShaft (10:40:23 AM):k
FancyDancerl 4 (10:40:35 AM):promis wont get me preggers?
FancyDancer14 (10:41:11 AM):uh oh y u didnt asnwer
SetOnMyShaft (10:41:29 AM):i promise
FancyDancerl4 (10:41 :36 AM):k
SetOnMyShaft (10:41:49 AM):when?
FancyDancer14 (10:41:54 AM):up 2 u
SetOnMyShaft (10:42:03 AM):no. you tell me
FancyDancer14 (10:42:24 AM):anytim ok i dont car
SetOnMyShaft (10:42:33 AM):where?
FancyDancer14 (10:42:53 AM):store 2 far 2 walk
FancyDancer14 (10:43:03 AM):u no where east mountain drive is?
SetOnMyShaft (10:43:15 AM):tell me please
FancyDancer14 (10:43:36 AM):u no wher pine mountain village is
SetOnMyShaft (10:43:53 AM):i dunno nothing in eureka
FancyDancer14 (10:44:12 AM):k u no wher hiway 62 is rite?
SetOnMyShaft (10:44:18 AM):yep
FancyDancer14 (10:45:15 AM):k stay on the hiway till pass pine mountain jamboree and village, big corner past that... turn left. its east mountain
SetOnMyShaft (10:45:22 AM):wait
FancyDancer14 (10:45:26 AM):k
SetOnMyShaft (10:46:09 AM):i need 2 shower. why dont you email me
directions and i will read when i get out of shower.
FancyDancer14 (10:46:22 AM):k what tim u b her
SetOnMyShaft (10:46:40 AM):in eureka? or AOL?
FancyDancer14 (10:46:48 AM):eureka
SetOnMyShaft (10:47:16 AM):12:30
FancyDaiicerl4 (10:47:43 AM):u want me email directions rite? is easy 2 find
SetOnMyShaft (10:48:06 AM):yes email them
FancyDancer14 (10:48:14 AM):k im so exited!!!
SetOnMyShaft (10:48:20 AM):me 2
FancyDancer14 (10:48:29 AM):ur not jokin with me r u?
SetOnMyShaft (10 -48-32 AM): no
FancyDancerl4 (10:48:40 AM):i hop not
SetOnMyShaft (10:48:58 AM):you go take a bath 2
FancyDancerl4 (10:49:21 AM):i alredy did and i smell gud 2 lol
FancyDancerl4 (10:49:42 AM):dont u dare evr evr evr tell nobody i did this. mom wud kill me dam dead
SetOnMyShaft (10:50:56 AM):still there
FancyDancerl4 (10:51:01 AM):yeppers
FancyDancerl4 (10:51:18 AM):dont u dare evr evr evr tell nobody i did this. mom wud kill me dam dead
SetOnMyShaft (10:51:30 AM):i no tell
FancyDancerl4 (10:51 :34 AM):promis me
SetOnMyShaft (10:51:42 AM):promis
FancyDancerl4 (10:51:57 AM):k u beter not get me in truble 4 this. lol
FancyDancerl4 (10:52:10AM):im exited
SetOnMyShaft (10:52:14 AM):and u better not get me in trouble
FancyDancerl4 (10:52:32 AM):u wont get killed caus ur big ill get
SetOnMyShaft (10:53:02 AM):are u gonna email me where i can find you?
FancyDancerl4 (10:53:22 AM):yep rite now go take shower sweet man
SetOnMyShaft (10:53:38 AM):im turning aol off for abit
SetOnMyShaft (10:53:46 AM):but ill be back
FancyDancerl4 (10:53:47 AM):k bye
SetOnMyShaft (4:50:49 PM):whats with the sad face?
FancyDancerl4 (4:51:12 PM):nothin
SetOnMyShaft (4:51:28 PM):going trick or treating tonight?
FancyDancerl4 (4:51:41 PM):last nite
SetOnMyShaft (4:51:53 PM):Hmmm
FancyDancerl4 (4:52:13 PM):glad caus its rainin 2nite
SetOnMyShaft (4:52:18 PM):is it raining where u are? it is here
FancyDancerl4 (4:52:27 PM):yep
SetOnMyShaft (4:53:11 PM):its cold here today
FancyDancerl4 (4:53:25 PM):!no here 2
SetOnMyShaft (4:53:41 PM):do you have a fireplace?
FancyDancerl4 (4:53:48 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (4:53:56 PM):but no wood
SetOnMyShaft (4:54:02 PM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (4:54:11 PM):i wish i had one
FancyDancerl4 (4:54:26 PM):b glad when mom gets money for wood
SetOnMyShaft (4:54:41 PM):go cut down a tree
FancyDancerl4 (4:54:50 PM):yeah rite
FancyDancerl4 (4:55:03 PM):guess cud chew it down
SetOnMyShaft (4:55:10 PM):i used to do that when we had a wood stove
SetOnMyShaft (4:55:13 PM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (4:55:52 PM):get alot of good stuff last night?
FancyDancerl4 (4:56:00 PM):yep
SetOnMyShaft (4:56:09 PM):thats kewl
FancyDancerl4 (4:56:19 PM):lots choc
FancyDancerl4 (4:56:29 PM):i like it and i like smarties
SetOnMyShaft (4:56:36 PM):what did u dress up as? - i luv choc
FancyDancerl4 (4:57:01 PM):just silly hippy with mop on head.
SetOnMyShaft (4:57:08 PM): (tongue icon)
FancyDancerl4 (4:57:37 PM):braid mop and put big red bows on braids
FancyDancerl4 (4:57:47 PM):mop is yellow
SetOnMyShaft (4:58:03 PM):sounds goofy - i like (tongue icon again)
FancyDancer14 (4:58:10 PM):mom made it outta yarn
FancyDancerl4 (4:58:24 PM): had freckles painted on face
FancyDancerl4 (4:58:53 PM): and big red lips painted then had hippy clothes
SetOnMyShaft (4:58:59 PM): got a pic of it?
FancyDancerl4 (4:59:02 PM): no
SetOnMyShaft (4:59:08 PM):(sad icon)
SetOnMyShaft (4:59:28 PM):whats wrong? u dont sound very happy 2day
FancyDancerl4 (4:59:42 PM):dont no y im ok
SetOnMyShaft (5:00:02 PM):I duuno, u dont seem same
FancyDancerl4 (5:00:33 PM):just thot u wer my freind now dont trust u 2 much I gues
SetOnMyShaft (5:00:47 PM):I AM SORRY
FancyDancerl4 (5:00:59 PM):u promisd
SetOnMyShaft (5:01:11 PM):i promised not 2 hurt you
FancyDancerl4 (5:01:39 PM):u promisd u were cumin 2 but u didnt
SetOnMyShaft (5:01:51 PM):wanna try 2nite?
FancyDancerl4 (5:02:05 PM):u gotta b kiddin
FancyDancerl4 (5:02:23 PM):ill try sumtime when not rainin
FancyDancerl4 (5:02:44 PM):i aint about 2 stand in rain for hour after yesterday
SetOnMyShaft (5:02:57 PM):I tried
FancyDancerl4 (5:03:16 PM):k
FancyDancerl4 (5:03:46 PM):mabe after we talk for a few days but not sure
SetOnMyShaft (5:03:46 PM):ill just drive around in the rain by myself
FancyDancerl4 (5:03:59 PM):at least YOU wont get wet
SetOnMyShaft (5:04:01 PM):im just gonna waste my gas
SetOnMyShaft (5:04:18 PM):and be bored and lonley
FancyDancerl4 (5:04:47 PM):not 2day
SetOnMyShaft (5:05:09 PM):(devil icon)
SetOnMyShaft (5:05:13 PM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (5:05:17 PM):thats okay
SetOnMyShaft (5:05:40 PM):i got trick or treating to do
FancyDancerl4 (5:05:55 PM):u gotta take kids?
SetOnMyShaft (5:06:11 PM):hell no - im going myself
FancyDancerl4 (5:06:22 PM):ROFL
SetOnMyShaft (5:06:25 PM):mom has kids
SetOnMyShaft (5:06:40 PM):and the neighbor kids
FancyDancerl4 (5:06:42 PM):ur wife?
SetOnMyShaft (5:06:51 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (5:07:16 PM):how many kids u got
SetOnMyShaft (5:07:26 PM):2
SetOnMyShaft (5:07:41 PM):u got kids?
FancyDancerl4 (5:07:42 PM):hope they get lots candi
FancyDancerl 4 (5:07:48 PM):me????
SetOnMyShaft (5:07:54 PM):i hope to cause im hungry
FancyDancerl4 (5:07:54 PM):silly
SetOnMyShaft (5:08:05 PM):want some?
FancyDancerl4 (5:08:10 PM):what?
FancyDancerl4 (5:08:18 PM):i got candi last nite
SetOnMyShaft (5:08:33 PM):oh
SetOnMyShaft (5:08:58 PM):i got candy for u
FancyDancerl4 (5:09:04 PM):what kind?
SetOnMyShaft (5:09:14 PM):very sweet stuff
FancyDancerl4 (5:09:19 PM):????
SetOnMyShaft (5:09:54 PM):you'll have to taste it to find out
FancyDancerl4 (5:10:07 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (5:10:44 PM):i cant leave town until NEXT WEEKEND
SetOnMyShaft (5:10:50 PM):unless i go 2nite
FancyDancerl4 (5:11:35 PM):(icon)
SetOnMyShaft (5:12:30 PM):r u there? i got booted
SetOnMyShaft (5:12:56 PM): did u say smoething before i booted?
FancyDancerl4 (5:13:01 PM): nope
FancyDancerl4 (5:13:55 PM): my dad always says fool me once sham on u...fool me twise sham on me
SetOnMyShaft (5:14:18 PM): okay then -just be that way
FancyDancer14 (5:14:44 PM):cours he also say DAMMIT FANCY cant beleive u did that agin.
SetOnMyShaft (5:14:57 PM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (5:15:10 PM):still raining???????
FancyDancerl4 (5:15:14 PM):yep
SetOnMyShaft (5:15:23 PM):damn rain
FancyDancerl4 (5:15:27 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (5:15:37 PM):u git a deer yet
SetOnMyShaft (5:15:40 PM):got a umbrella?
SetOnMyShaft (5:15:45 PM):no deer
SetOnMyShaft (5:15:51 PM):didnt go 2day
FancyDancerl4 (5:15:57 PM):no silly only dweebs use umbrellas
SetOnMyShaft (5:16:19 PM):dweebs - hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (5:16:52 PM):u thik im stupid dweeb is y U didnt cum
SetOnMyShaft (5:17:05 PM):no not tru
SetOnMyShaft (5:17:16 PM):i can cum 2nite -can u
FancyDancerl4 (5:18:02 PM):mite aftr we talk 4 a while. just dont thik u realy men it
FancyDancerl4 (5:18:15 PM):sum other tim
SetOnMyShaft (5:18:19 PM):i can b there 1 hour
FancyDancerl4 (5:18:29 PM):nope
SetOnMyShaft (5:18:54 PM):i be thinking bout you
FancyDancerl4 (5:19:23 PM):bsides my mom not workin 2nite. rite now shes at her bfs house but not safe 2nite anyway.
FancyDancerl4 (5:19:39 PM):im scard 2 deth of gettin caut
SetOnMyShaft (5:19:45 PM):excuses excuses
FancyDancerl4 (5:20 :06 PM):im one who showd up. ur one who didnt.
FancyDancerl4 (5:20:16 PM):so dont car what u say
SetOnMyShaft (5:20:38 PM):dammit fancy
FancyDancerl4 (5:20:41 PM):u got baby goats yet?
SetOnMyShaft (5:20:44 PM):just kidding
SetOnMyShaft (5:20:45 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (5:20:56 PM):no babies yet
SetOnMyShaft (5:21:07 PM):maybe i no get her preggers
SetOnMyShaft (5:21:13 PM):hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (5:21:27 PM):i cant wait 2 c pix. U SCREWD GOAT?????
SetOnMyShaft (5:21:42 PM):her tits r getting bigger so it will be soon
SetOnMyShaft (5:22:03 PM):no goat screwer
FancyDancerl4 (5:22:11 PM):sum day mine rgonna get bigr and im not preggers.
SetOnMyShaft (5:22:24 PM):i wanna kiss them
FancyDancerl4 (5:22:35 PM):u do not ur jokin with me
SetOnMyShaft (5:22:42 PM):no joke
SetOnMyShaft (5:22:56 PM):lick them puppies
FancyDancerl4 (5:23:23 PM):lol pretty little tho fraid u wont lik them caus r little
SetOnMyShaft (5:23:38 PM):i like little
FancyDancerl4 (5:23:42 PM):thik they look stupid
SetOnMyShaft (5:23:54 PM):I have 2 see 4 myself
FancyDancerl4 (5:24:03 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (5:24:05 PM):i bet they great
FancyDancerl4 (5:24:23 PM):no theyr not realy i promis
SetOnMyShaft (5:24:36 PM):i dont believe you - show me
FancyDancerl4 (5:24:49 PM):sum day mabe
FancyDancerl4 (5:24:52 PM):ud laff
FancyDancerl4 (5:25:10 PM):ud thik i look lik a baby
SetOnMyShaft (5:25:23 PM):cum on let me see. i only wanna lick them and kiss them. no hurt them
FancyDancerl4 (5:25:30 PM):im kinda embarasd
SetOnMyShaft (5:25:46 PM):r u touching them?
SetOnMyShaft (5:25:46 PM):they r soft
FancyDancerl4 (5:26:06 PM):ur silly
SetOnMyShaft (5:26:16 PM):i pretend i am touching them
SetOnMyShaft (5:26:21 PM):they r soft
FancyDancerl4 (5:26:34 PM):i thik ur still tryin 2 find em
SetOnMyShaft (5:27:03 PM):wow - sumpen is happening to me
FancyDancer14 (5:27:17 PM):WHATS WRONG???
SetOnMyShaft (5:27:33 PM):something is moving, growing
FancyDancer14 (5:27:52 PM):ur bein silly rite?
SetOnMyShaft (5:28:05 PM):no. its getting bigger
FancyDancer14 (5:28:17 PM):r u talkin bout ur thingy?
SetOnMyShaft (5:28:37 PM):0MG it is my thingy
SetOnMyShaft (5:28:39 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (5:29:00 PM):its callin ur name
FancyDancerl4(5:29:O3PM): ROFL
SetOnMyShaft (5:29:05 PM): he wants 2 see u
FancyDancer14 (5:29:31 PM): ur silly
FancyDancerl4 (5:29:50 PM):y he wants 2 c me
SetOnMyShaft (5:29:59 PM): he likes you
SetOnMyShaft (5:30:10 PM): wants u 2 kiss him
FancyDancerl4 (5:30:17 PM): UR THINGY LIKS ME??
FancyDancer14 (5:30:29 PM):ur talkin bout oral rite?
SetOnMyShaft (5:30:39 PM):maybe
FancyDancerl4 (5:30:55 PM):well mabe sum day ill do it
SetOnMyShaft (5:31:11 PM):i think u chicken. bock, bock
FancyDancer14 (5:31:29 PM):i jus dont wanna stand out in rain tyvm
SetOnMyShaft (5:31:46 PM):i will bring a towel -
FancyDancerl4 (5:32:01 PM):sum day i mite
FancyDancer14 (5:32:30 PM):when NOT rainin
SetOnMyShaft (5:32:47 PM):no rain now silly
FancyDancer14 (5:32:53 PM):is 2
FancyDancer14 (5:33:56 PM):u no what im fraid of. i thik ur my age and u didnt cum caus u cant driv car eithr
SetOnMyShaft (5:34:46 PM):dam AOL
FancyDancer14 (5:34:57 PM):u no what im fraid of. I thik ur my age and u didnt cum caus u cant driv car eithr
FancyDancerl4 (5:35:19 PM):and if u r I DONT EVN LIK LITTLE BOYS
SetOnMyShaft (5:35:26 PM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (5:35:54 PM):i think i cumming over and u better b there
FancyDanceri4 (:36:17 PM):u dont evn no wher i am caus I wud hafta walk 2 water tower
SetOnMyShaft (5:36:30 PM):u tricky me
FancyDancer14 (5:36:43 PM): ??? u thik i liv in water tower?
FancyDancer14 (5:36:46 PM):silly
SetOnMyShaft (5:36:48 PM): yes
SetOnMyShaft (5:36:51 PM): no
FancyDancer14 (5:36:52 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (5:36:56 PM): maybe
SetOnMyShaft (5:36:58 PM): hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (5:37:32 PM): i wnna take yur plc
FancyDancer14 (5:37:36 PM): bside ur wife b hom from trick or treat b4 long
SetOnMyShaft (5:37:57 PM): she just getting ready 2 leave silly
FancyDancer14 (5:38:44 PM):u aint gonna tak pic. what im gonna do stand
naked by water tower? ur 2 silly
SetOnMyShaft (5:39:04 PM):u can get naked in my car silly
FancyDancer14 (5:39:22 PM):oh
FancyDancer14 (5:39:36 PM):u driv truk?
FancyDancerl 4 (5:39:39 PM):or car?
FancyDancerl4 (5:39:51 PM): ur plc has truk
FancyDancer14 (5:40:19 PM): wher u go?
SetOnMyShaft (5:40:41 PM): i still here
FancyDancerl4 (5:40:44 PM): k
SetOnMyShaft (5:41:09 PM):they leaving now
SetOnMyShaft (5:41:14 PM): they be gone
SetOnMyShaft (5:41:24 PM):im sooo lonely
FancyDancer14 (5:41:33 PM):2 bad so sad
Fan cyDancerl4 (5:41:37 PM):ur fault
SetOnMyShaft (5:41:57 PM):u just tease guys
FancyDancer14 (5:42:08 PM):I aint done nothin
FancyDancer14 (5:42:20 PM:ur one who teasd
FancyDancerl4 (5:43:10 PM):u no how i felt? i felt stupid waitin ther
SetOnMyShaft (5:44:24 PM):I cum over now and make it up 2 you
FancyDancerl4 (5:44:36 PM):how
SetOnMyShaft (5:44:53 PM):any waay u want
FancyDancerl4 (5:45:36 PM):I dunno evn what u wanna do. u no what i can do
FancyDancerl4 (5:45:49 PM):is setonmysaft mean reel sex
FancyDancerl4 (5:46:01 PM):caus I nevr did that
SetOnMyShaft (5:46:11 PM):no silly
FancyDancerl4 (5:46:17 PM):what it means
SetOnMyShaft (5:46:41 PM):dont mean nothing cept set on shaft
FancyDancerl4 (5:47 :09 PM):whats ur shaft
SetOnMyShaft (5:47:12 PM):'Lose My Breath'
FancyDancerl4 (5:47:19 PM):????
SetOnMyShaft (5:47:21 PM):u know
FancyDancerl4 (5:47:35 PM):means ur thingy?
SetOnMyShaft (5:47:47 PM):yes silly
FancyDancerl4 (5:47:59 PM):o sorry
FancyDancerl4 (5:48:15 PM):what is lose my breath?
SetOnMyShaft (5:48:35 PM):a song
FancyDancerl4 (5:48:42 PM):is that a link u sent?
SetOnMyShaft (5:48:57 PM):I think so. click on it
FancyDancerl4 (5:49:01 PM):brb
FancyDancerl4 (5:49:29 PM):oops. says not avaible for mac
SetOnMyShaft (5:49:44 PM):dam
SetOnMyShaft (5:49:48 PM):u got a mac
FancyDancerl4 (5:49:53 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (5:50 :02 PM):what u got
SetOnMyShaft (5:50:10 PM):compac
SetOnMyShaft (5:50:16 PM):It sux
SetOnMyShaft (5:50:24 PM):keeps getting booted off
FancyDancerl4 (5:50:28 PM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (5:50:45 PM):dad sent me this one for xmas las year
FancyDancerl4 (5:51:07 PM):its powermac laptop so i can tak it 2 his hous in summer when i go
SetOnMyShaft (5:52:15 PM):i think im gonna take a pic of my thingy and send it to you
FancyDancerl4 (5:52:22 PM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (5:52:38 PM):k
FancyDancerl4 (5:52:44 PM):ur kiddin
SetOnMyShaft (5:52:52 PM):dont u wanna see it?
FancyDancerl4 (5:53:01 PM):sure
SetOnMyShaft (5:53:23 PM):maybe u should see in person
SetOnMyShaft (5:53:34 PM):u wood laugh
FancyDancerl4 (5:53:34 PM):I new u werjokin agin
SetOnMyShaft (5:53:40 PM):its kinda small
FancyDancerl4 (5:53:50 PM):u beter not b a kid
SetOnMyShaft (5:53:58 PM):cum find out
FancyDancerl4 (5:54:26 PM):I hate boys my age caus theyr so stupid
FancyDancerl4 (5:55:02 PM):i nevr did oral on one but my cousin says they got little dicks. ROFL
SetOnMyShaft (5:55:11 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (5:55:37 PM):I like to do oral on girls
FancyDancerl4 (5:55:56 PM):nobody evr did 2 me. only want me do 2 them
SetOnMyShaft (5:56:03 PM):I will
SetOnMyShaft (5:56:16 PM):again and again and again
FancyDancerl4 (5:56:20 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (5:56:40 PM):sorry u cant go
FancyDancer14 (5:56:51 PM):me 2 but not safe 2 nite
FancyDancerl4 (5:57:09 PM):my cousin sad i wud like oral
SetOnMyShaft (5:57:25 PM):is cousin a girl or boy
FancyDancerl4 (5:57:30 PM):girl
SetOnMyShaft (5:57:33 PM):hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (5:57:43 PM):shes done it
SetOnMyShaft (5:57:51 PM):yummy
SetOnMyShaft (5:58:06 PM):if mom is gone u can send me naked pix
SetOnMyShaft (5:58:14 PM):i need to see you
FancyDancerl4 (5:58 :22 PM):i tote u I dont hav cam
FancyDancerl4 (5:59:02 PM):i ask 4 web cam 4 xmas but mom sad HELL NO UR NOT GETTIN A WEB CAM.
FancyDancerl4 (5:59:08 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (5:59:11 PM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (5:59:19 PM):so dont gues im geftin web cam
FancyDancerl4 (5:59:53 PM):i nevr saw a web cam so dont no what looks uk but thot it wud be kinda fun 2 c who ur talkin 2
SetOnMyShaft (6:00:23 PM):yeah it sounds fun - i dont have 1 either
FancyDancerl4 (6:00:38 PM):ur mom probly wont let u hav one either. lol
SetOnMyShaft (6:01:01 PM):my mom?
FancyDancerl4 (6:01:13 PM):yep if ur realy a kid
SetOnMyShaft (6:01:25 PM):let me ask her.
FancyDancerl4 (6:01:31 PM):i new it
SetOnMyShaft (6:01:32 PM):she says no web cam
FancyDancerl4 (6:02:03 PM):did u send this invitation thingy?
SetOnMyShaft (6:02:16 PM):yes but i closed it -
FancyDancerl4 (6:02:24 PM):what is that?
SetOnMyShaft (6:02:37 PM): asked u to go in chat room
FancyDancerl4 (6:03:01 PM):k
FancyDancerl4 (6:03:38 PM):thers another one. what do it do with it?
SetOnMyShaft (6:03:55 PM):click yes or something
SetOnMyShaft (6:04:02 PM):i duuno what it looks like
FancyDancerl4 (6:04:28 PM):oh. im gonna click go.
SetOnMyShaft (6:04:34 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (6:13:16 PM):are u back
FancyDancerl4 (6:13:22 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (6:13:32 PM):that was pretty kewl
SetOnMyShaft (6:13:40 PM):cousin is 14 now?
FancyDancerl4 (613:45 PM):yep
SetOnMyShaft (6:13:53 PM):when did she do it?
FancyDancerl4 (6:14:00 PM):this summer
SetOnMyShaft (6:14:10 PM):she like it?
FancyDancerl4 (6:14:23 PM):said she did but liks oral beter
SetOnMyShaft (6:14:43 PM):how old is her boyfriend?
FancyDancerl4 (6:14:56 PM):25 I thik not sur
SetOnMyShaft (6:15:21 PM):and what would you want someone to do to U?
FancyDancerl4 (6:15:31 PM):i realydunno
FancyDancerl4 (6:15:43 PM):(icon)
SetOnMyShaft (6:15:58 PM):you can tell me
FancyDancerl4 (6:16:20 PM):i nevr did enuff 2 evn no what i wud lik
SetOnMyShalt (6:16:40 PM):you silly
FancyDancerl4 (6:17:03 PM):its tru kinda embarasd caus i dont no much
FancyDancerl4 (6:17:14 PM):i feel kinda stupid sorry
SetOnMyShaft (6:17:21 PM):its ok
FancyDancerl4 (6:17:37 PM):cant beleive u didnt no i was virgin.
SetOnMyShaft (6:18:18 PM):i know you say it but i maybe dont believe it
FancyDancerl4 (6:18:37 PM):y???
SetOnMyShaft (6:18:52 PM):i dont believe you a virgin
SetOnMyShaft (6:18:57 PM):just cause
FancyDancerl4 (6:19:43 PM):that mens u thik i did reel sex?
SetOnMyShaft (6:20:07 PM):yes
FancyDancerl4 (6:20:28 PM):well foold u caus i aint nevr done it. lol
SetOnMyShaft (6:20:40 PM):u fool me alot
FancyDancerl4 (6:21:11 PM):dam just ate hand full of raisins and got hand sticky.
SetOnMyShaft (6:21:29 PM):my hand sticky to but not from raisins
FancyDancerl4 (6:21:35 PM):i dont fool u. i dont lie but u did
FancyDancerl4 (6:21:58 PM):dont thik u wanna talk bout who foold who
FancyDancerl4 (6:22:47 PM):0mg, jus had horrible thot
FancyDancerl4 (6:23:40 PM):i hope ur not realy my mom playin on bfs computer. pleeze tell me ur not
SetOnMyShaft (6:23:51 PM):no im not
SetOnMyShaft (6:24:11 PM):maybe your really a cop trying to bust me
FancyDancerl4 (6:24:20 PM):omg omg ur 2 stupid
FancyDancerl4 (6:24:44 PM):brb gotta let cat in
FancyDancerl4 (6:25:13 PM):back
SetOnMyShaft (6:25:55 PM):FancyDancerl4: dam reel sex got hand sticky.
SetOnMyShaft (6:26:01 PM): hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (6:26:05 PM):that was funny
FancyDancerl4 (6:26:20 PM):how U did that?
SetOnMyShaft (6:26:31 PM):magic
SetOnMyShaft (6:26:39 PM):brb
SetOnMyShaft (6:30:07 PM):back
FancyDancerl4 (6:30:12 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (6:30:30 PM):does yur cousin live?
FancyDancerl4 (6:30:35 PM):tulsa
SetOnMyShaft (6:30:43 PM):tulsa okie
FancyDancerl4 (6:30 :47 PM):my dad livs in tulsa 2
SetOnMyShaft (6:30:53 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (6:31:26 PM):on no
FancyDancerl4 (6:31:31 PM):what
SetOnMyShaft (6:31:55 PM):this girl in going to start IM me and i dont want to talk to her
FancyDancerl4 (6:32:10 PM):tell her go away
SetOnMyShaft (6:32:21 PM):she lives in kansas and wants to come have sex with me
FancyDancerl4 (6:32:29 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (6:32:32 PM):but I dont want to with her
FancyDancerl4 (6:32:40 PM):how old
FancyDancerl4 (6:32:47 PM):is she old or like me
FancyDancerl4 (6:33:04 PM):tell her shes 2 old 4 u
SetOnMyShaft (6:33:10 PM):shes older. she sent me naked pix
FancyDancerl4 (6:33:21 PM):gues beter than me then
SetOnMyShaft (6:33:28 PM):showed me her kitty and i dont mean cat
FancyDancerl4 (6:33:32 PM):probly got tits 2
SetOnMyShaft (6:33:43 PM):i dunno
FancyDancerl4 (6:33:56 PM):u got naked pic u shud no
SetOnMyShaft (6:33:56 PM):i like little ones i tell u
SetOnMyShaft (6:34:12 PM):ony pix of down below
FancyDancerl4 (6:34:17 PM):omg
SetOnMyShaft (6:34:26 PM):yeah scarry looking
SetOnMyShaft (6:34:31 PM):might bite me
FancyDancerl4 (6:34:32 PM):ROFL
SetOnMyShaft (6:34:44 PM):(tongue icon)
FancyDancerl4 (6:34:52 PM):ugh
SetOnMyShaft (6:35:00 PM):do u wear bra?
FancyDancerl4 (6:35:17 PM):yep but dont realy need 2.
SetOnMyShaft (6:35:45 PM):good. then it wont be in my way when i kiss your boobies
FancyDancerl4 (6:36:02 PM):sumtimes dont evn wear one. do when doin gymnastics
SetOnMyShaft (6:37:07 PM):want me 2 nite?
FancyDancerl4 (6:37:34 PM):yep but not gonna do it
SetOnMvShaft (6:37:39 PM):why not
SetOnMyShaft (6:37:39 PM):when?
SetOnMyShaft (6:37:48 PM):it will be fun
FancyDancerl4 (6:38:10 PM):dunno I no wud b fun but scard ur jokin me agin
SetOnMyShaft (6:38:16 PM):wanna go to school late in the morning?
FancyDancerl4 (6:38:39 PM):u gotta work?
SetOnMyShaft (6:38:46 PM):i can go in late
SetOnMyShaft (6:39:03 PM): i can take u to skool
FancyDancerl4 (6:39:20 PM):dam ur crazy u gonna get me killed
SetOnMyShaft (6:39:39 PM):i think u gonna get me put in jail
FancyDancerl4 (6:40:48 PM):not if u keep ur mouth shut and dont tell nobody. ur silly im fraid u gonna get me killed by mom. if i get caut im gonna b in bad bad truble. u just dont unnerstand
SetOnMyShaft (6:41:09 PM):so when?
FancyDancerl 4 (6:41:35 PM):dunno when is wife hom
SetOnMyShaft (6:41:57 PM):yur mom is still gone. i could have already be there tonight
FancyDancerl4 (6:41:58 PM):my mom works nites tues wed thurs fri sat
SetOnMyShaft (6:42:27 PM):its 2nite on next weekend
SetOnMyShaft (6:42:37 PM):cant during week
FancyDancerl4 (6:43:07 PM):gonna hafta b next week end then.
FancyDancerl4 (6:43:20 PM):i wanna c u but dont wanna get caut
SetOnMyShaft (6:43:20 PM):dammit fancy
FancyDancerl4 (6:43:27 PM):dammit wayne
FancyDancerl4 (6:43:34 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (6:43:44 PM):so cant see me before skool?
FancyDancerl4 (6:44:38 PM):wud hafta meet at watertower caus mom cudnt c it from house. she dont go work till noon
SetOnMyShaft (6:44:53 PM):dammit fancy -
SetOnMyShaft (6:44:56 PM):lot
FancyDancerl4 (6:45:44 PM):i go 7:30 mon wed fri 2 gymnastics coach b4 skool. wud hafta b tues or thur caus dont hafta b at skool til 9:30
FancyDancerl4 (6:46:04 PM):if didnt show up for gymnastics, coach wud call mom
FancyDancerl4 (6:46:10 PM):2 c wher i was
FancyDancerl4 (6:48:09 PM):wher u go?
SetOnMyShaft (6:48:24 PM):still here
FancyDancerl4 (6:48:31 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (6:48:44 PM):what if u get me 2 messy 2 go 2 skool?
SetOnMyShaft (6:48:56 PM):no messy
SetOnMyShaft (6:49:04 PM):youll still be a virgin
SetOnMyShaft (6:49:24 PM):unless u dont want 2 b
FancyDancerl4 (6:49:50 PM):oh man dont no what 2 do
SetOnMyShaft (6:50:10 PM):what do u mean?
FancyDancerl4 (6:50:38 PM):dont no whethr do b4 skool or if anybody cud tell
FancyDancerl4 (6:50:56 PM):i dont want peeple 2 no what i ben doin
SetOnMyShaft (6:51:09 PM):then lets do it tonite
FancyDancerl4 (6:51:16 PM):no
SetOnMyShaft (6:51:28 PM):dammit fancy
FancyDancerl4 (6:51:44 PM):u shur u wud cum b4 skool and not leve me standin by water tower agin
SetOnMyShaft (6:51:57 PM):on tuesday?
FancyDancerl4 (6:52:02 PM):yep
SetOnMyShaft (6:52:13 PM):if i see cops i will keep on going
FancyDancerl4 (6:52:35 PM):cops will b at skool I gues
FancyDancerl4 (6:52:52 PM):k
FancyDancerl4 (6:53:08 PM):cops wudnt b by water tower anyway
FancyDancerl4 (6:53:35 PM):what u wanna talk bout
SetOnMyShaft (6:53:44 PM):I dont care
FancyDancerl4 (6:54:52 PM):i need go do homework 2nite b4 gets 2 late. gotta do report on How funding cuts will affect the shop and VICA programs in skools. YUK
SetOnMyShaft (6:55:06 PM):k. talk 2 u monday
FancyDancerl 4 (6:55:15 PM):k nite sweet man
FancyDancerl4 (4:45:56 AM): ur up early
SetOnMyShaft (4:46:06 AM):yep
SetOnMyShaft (4:46:15 AM):hold on k
FancyDancer14 (4:46:18 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (4:47:39 AM):back
FancyDancerl4 (4:47:41 AM): k
SetOnMyShaft (4:47:55 AM): y u up so early?
FancyDancerl4 (4:48:11 AM):caus dam cat bit my toe and woke me up
SetOnMyShaft (4:48:26 AM): hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (4:48:44AM): y u up so early
SetOnMyShaft (4:49:09 AM): im up so i can take a shower
FancyDancerl4 (4:49:18 AM): k
SetOnMyShaft (4:49:25 AM): and u?
FancyDancerl4 (4:49:42 AM): im gettin redy take bubble bath
SetOnMyShaft (4:49:49 AM): kewl
FancyDancerl4 (4:50:20 AM):mom got me BIG bottle bubble bath herbal and
smells soooo gud
SetOnMyShaft (4:50:33 AM): yummy yummy
FancyDancerl4 (4:50:37 AM): lol
FancyDancerl4 (4:51:15AM): is it rainin
FancyDancerl4 (4:51:21 AM): ther
SetOnMyShaft (4:51:23 AM): no but its cold
SetOnMyShaft (4:51:41 AM): u got rain?
FancyDancerl4 (4:51:50 AM): dunno let me go look
FancyDancerl4 (4:51 :52 AM): brb
FancyDancerl4 (4:52:23 AM): nope but cold
FancyDancerl4 (4:52:29 AM): just kinda cold
SetOnMyShaft (4:52:39 AM):im glad no rain
SetOnMyShaft (4:52:45 AM):I hate rain
FancyDancerl4 (4:52:53 AM):me 2
SetOnMyShaft (4:53:11 AM):so whatz up?
FancyDancerl4 (4:53:17AM):nuthin
SetOnMyShaft (4:54:01 AM):yeah nuttin here either
FancyDancerl4 (4:54:05 AM):gues how much candy i got saturday nite
FancyDancerl4 (4:54:22 AM):a whole gallon baggy full lol
SetOnMyShaft (4:54:30 AM):man u lucky
FancyDancerl4 (4:54:46 AM):yep lots of smarties they r my fav
FancyDancerl4. (4:55:02 AM):u no what they r
SetOnMyShaft (4:55:23 AM):yeah there r pretty good
FancyDancerl4 (4:55:28 AM):i luv em
SetOnMyShaft (4:55:29 AM):kind like sweet tarts
FancyDancerl4 (4:55:34 AM):kinda
FancyDancerl4 (4:55:40 AM):but littler
FancyDancerl4 (4:56:07 AM):u want sum
SetOnMyShaft (4:56:13 AM):yepppers
FancyDancerl4 (4:56:13 AM):smarties
FancyDancerl4 (4:56:16 AM):k
SetOnMyShaft (4:56:16 AM):oh
FancyDancerl4 (4:56:23 AM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (4:56:28 AM):hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (4:56:59 AM):glad u onlin i was 2 sleepy but now woke up
SetOnMyShaft (4:57:20 AM):im still tired
SetOnMyShaft (4:57:28 AM):a shower wood wake me up
FancyDancerl4 (4:57:37 AM):yep it wud
SetOnMyShaft (4:58:37 AM):Hmmmm u kinda quite this morning
SetOnMyShaft (4:58:46 AM):is there something u wanna say?
FancyDancerl4 (4:59:22 AM):brb gotta let cat out
SetOnMyShaft (5:01:12 AM):brb gotta go let cat and dog out
FancyDancerl4 (5:03:03 AM):back
FancyDancer14 (5:03:28 PM):dam cat cudnt decide whether go out or stay in or go out or stay in
SetOnMyShaft (5:03:40 AM):throw her out
FancyDancerl4 (5:04:28 AM):i took foot and push HIM out. he's big dam cat. dont try throw him or he sink fangs in ur leg. im tellin u he is huge
SetOnMyShaft (5:04:39 AM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (5:04:45 AM):big pussy heh
FancyDanceri4 (5:05:05 AM): we got bobcats around and hes gethn bigger then them
SetOnMyShaft (5:05:13 AM): wow
FncyDancer14 (5:05:29 AM): u nevr seen Maine Coon cat?
SetOnMyShaft (5:05:39 AM): just the pic u sent me
FancyDancerl4 (5:05:48 AM):i sent u his baby pics
FdncyDancerl4 (5:06:18 AM):thos r jus BABY pics. they say he keep growin till 4 y 0
SetOnMyShaft (5:06:41 AM): dang
FancyDancerl4 (5:06:49 AM):hes very kewl tho caus nobody else has one
FancyDancerl4 (5:07:20 AM):mom is scard of him. thik i tech him to attak her. lol
SetOnMyShaft (5:07:27 AM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (5:08:03 AM):its about time for my shower
FancyDancerl4 (5:08:07 AM):k
FancyDancerl4 (5:08:54 AM):y u werent online last nite?
SetOnMyShaft (5:09:04 AM): for about 3 hours
FancyDancerl4 (5:09:09 AM):u wer not
SetOnMyShaft (5:09:15 AM):about 6-9
FancyDancerl4 (5:09:20 AM):i look 4 u
FancyDancerl4 (5:09:25 AM):oops
SetOnMyShaft (5:09:25 AM):i wuz here
FancyDancerl4 (5:10:05 AM):was on b4 10 not sur what time was. had wait till mom went bed
FancyDancerl4 (5:11:16AM):u need a mac
FancyDancerl 4 (5:11:20 AM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (5:11:28 AM):i just got booted
SetOnMyShaft (5:11:35 AM):what else did u say
FancyDancerl4 (5:11:35 AM):i no
FancyDancerl 4 (5:12:06 AM):i sad i had wait last nite til mom went bed. dont no what time was but no it was b4 10
FancyDancerl4 (5:12:37 AM):CaUS didnt find u and went 2 bed at 10:30
SetOnMyShaft (5:13:05 AM):anything elese you wanna say b4 I go to shower?
FancyDancerl4 (5:13:44AM):well yeah this is tuesday and u sad u cummin ovr tuesday
Fancy0ancerl4 (5:14:05 AM):can wait til weekend if U wanna
SetOnMyShaft (5:14:08 AM):u sure u wnat me 2?
Fancyoancerl 4 (5:14:21 AM):only if u realy men it this time
SetOnMyShaft (5:14:42 AM):i cant b there until 7am
Fancy0ancerl4 (5:14:55 AM):that Ok
SetOnMyShaft (5:15:04 AM):how will a get to skool
FancyDancecl4 (5:15:16 AM):u sad u wud take me
SetOnMyShaft (5:15:26 AM):what will teachers say
SetOnMyShaft (5:15:31 AM):and kids
FancyDanceii4 (5:15:37 AM):can tak me clos and i walk rest of way
FancyDancerl4 (5:15:48 AM):dont hay books 2day
Fancy0ancerl4 (5:15:59 AM):xcept one
SetOnMyShaft (5:16:02 AM):just meet 4 talking right?
FancyDancerl4 (5:16:12 AM):what evr
FancyDancerl4 (5:16:51 AM):but can talk on her
FancyDancerl 4 (5:16:56 AM):here
SetOnMyShaft (5:17:03 AM):I getting off here. email directions again and i will be there at 7. no cops
FancyDancerid (5:17:15 AM): what????
SetOnMyShaft (5:17:16 AM): k
SetOnMyShaft (5:17:26 AM): i think u bring cops
FancyDancerl4 (5:17:37 AM): y wud i do that?
SetOnMyShaft (5:17:43 AM): ??
FancyDancerl4 (5:17:48 AM): ??
SetOnMyShaft (5:18:00 AM): will u be there?
FancyDanceri4 (5:13:25 AM): if u r but we can jus talk on here and dont hafta worry
FancyDancerl 4 (5:18:42 AM): u scar me a little
SetOnMyShaft (5:18:49 AM): u scare me to
FancyDanceri4 (5:19:08 AM): yeah rite
FancyDancerl4 (5:19:30 AM): i thik if both 2 scard we need do this other time
SetOnMyShaft (5:19:35 AM):i have to go shower
SetOnMyShaft (5:19:39 AM):sorrry
FancyDanceri4 (5:19:45 AM): sorry what
SetOnMyShaft (5:19:58 AM): send mail if yes - gotta go

FancyDancerl4 (4:28:50 PM):ur got baby goats yet
SetOnMyShaft (4:29:31 PM):hiya fancy. nope. i guess it ain't happening
FancyDancert4 (4:29:43 PM):she not preggers
SetOnMyShaft (4:30:27 PM):i guess not, her teets ain't gel-Ping any bigger but her belly is. maybe it's just her winter coat.
FancyDancerl4 (4:31 :00 PM):what her teets
SetOnMyShaft (4:31:10 PM):milk patties
SetOnMyShaft (4:31:21 PM):her ho ho's
SetOnMyShaft (4:31:23 PM):hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (4:31:30 PM):u men like titties
SetOnMyShaft (4:31:36 PM):yeah
FancyDancerl4 (4:31:40 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (4:32:06 PM):how ya been? haven't heard from u in along time
FancyDancert4 (4:32:16 PM):mine not gittin bigger eithr. lol
SetOnMyShaft (4:32:21 PM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (4:32:25 PM):they will
FancyDancerl4 (4:32:30 PM):wish they hurry
SetOnMyShaft (4:32:47 PM):mom take yur computer away again?
FancyDancerl4 (4:32:58 PM):yep but gues what
SetOnMyShaft (4:33:02 PM):??
FancyDancerl4 (4:34:04 PM):she got in computer and blockd email and ims and my dad came here and they had big fight and he sad if she evr even thiks bout blockin me agin wher he cant talk 2 me he wud file 4 custidy. lol
FancyDancerl4 (4:34:23 PM):caus he pays for my aol
SetOnMyShaft (4:34:24 PM):wow
FancyDancerl4 (4:34:34 PM):i kno it was grate
FancyDancerl4 (4:35:29 PM):its only way he can talk 2 me caus she forwards phone to her cell so he cant call me and locks phone in her bedroom so i cant call him.
SetOnMyShaft (4:35:42 PM):i see
FancyDancerl4 (4:35:53 PM):so he emails me and man, he was mad
SetOnMyShaft (4:35:58 PM):i bet
FancyDancerl4 (4:36:12 PM):so now she got off my ass
SetOnMyShaft (4:36:40 PM):goody
FancyDancerl4 (4:36:44 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (4:36:54 PM):so whatcha been doin
SetOnMyShaft (4:37:10 PM):chasing them deer in the woods
SetOnMyShaft (4:37:15 PM):and working alot
FancyDancerl4 (4:37:19 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (4:37:23 PM):just going crazy
FancyDancerl4 (4:37:25 PM):what kinda work u do
SetOnMyShaft (4:37:40 PM):hmmm
SetOnMyShaft (4:37:42 PM):hold on
FancyDancer14 (4:37:51 PM):what
SetOnMyShaft (4:38:11 PM):i tell the bosses what to do
FancyDancerl4 (4:38:23 PM):yeah rite
SetOnMyShaft (4:38:36 PM): maybe i should say: i decide when to do things
FancyDancer14 (4:38:47 PM):????
FancyDancer14 (4:38:56 PM):ur bein silly
SetOnMyShaft (4:39:03 PM): never mind
FancyDancerl4 (4:39:21 PM):k lol u dont work outside wher cold?
SetOnMyShaft (4:39:24 PM):I cant explain
SetOnMyShaft (4:39:34 PM):hell no
FancyDancerl4 (4:39:38 PM):gud
SetOnMyShaft (4:39:52 PM):I sit at a desk most of the time
FancyDancerl4 (4:39:58 PM):kewl
FancyDancerl4 (4:40:04 PM):me 2 but its in skool
FancyDancerl4 (4:40:10 PM):YUK
SetOnMyShaft (4:40:27 PM):yeah skewl sux big ons
FancyDancerl4 (4:41:03 PM):at lest is not public skool. thats worst
SetOnMyShaft (4:41:09 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (4:41:39 PM):xcept we dont hay sports so dont Ilk that
FancyDancert4 (4:42:01 PM):i do gymnastics but now not until after jan
SetOnMyShaft (4:42:13 PM):are u still dancing? have u got married since last time we talked? Just Kidding - LOL.
FancyDancerl4 (4:42:32 PM):no and aint got screwed either ROFL
FancyDancerl4 (4:42:41 PM):silly -
SetOnMyShaft (4:42:58 PM):yeah i'm silly
SetOnMyShaft (4:43:24 PM):hey i no got screwed either
SetOnMyShaft (4:43:32 PM):been along time
FancyDancerl4 (4:43:38 PM):not my falt
SetOnMyShaft (4:43:46 PM):I know
FancyDancerl4 (4:43:47 PM):ur cute
SetOnMyShaft (4:43:54 PM):thanks
FancyDancerl4 (4:44:35 PM):im glad back online so can talk agin
SetOnMyShaft (4:44:42 PM):me too
FancyDancerl4 (4:45:01 PM):realy lonely when cant talk
SetOnMyShaft (4:45:15 PM):you always make me laugh and smile
FancyDancerl4 (4:45:23 PM):gud
FancyDancerl4 (4:45:52 PM):mom says i dont ajust well.
SetOnMyShaft (4:45:59 PM):
FancyDancerl4 (4:46:11 PM):thik I spelld wrong
FancyDancerl4 (4:46:34 PM):adjust?
SetOnMyShaft (4:46:38 PM):yep
SetOnMyShaft (4:46:52 PM):but still dont undersatnd?
SetOnMyShaft (4:46:58 PM):silly
FancyDancerl4 (4:47:22 PM):make u laff caus im not well adjustd. ROFL
SetOnMyShaft (4:47:34 PM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (4:47:56 PM):bend over and ill adjust you. lol
FancyDancerl4 (4:48:03 PM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (4:48:16 PM):hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (4:48:19 PM):ur2 far
SetOnMyShaft (4:48:23 PM):hey thats my hehehehe
SetOnMyShaft (4:48:32 PM):did u move?
FancyDancerl4 (4:48:36 PM):no
SetOnMyShaft (4:48:43 PM):me neither.
FancyDancerl4 (4:49:10 PM):i dont adjust well 2 walkin long ways when feet r cold. lol
SetOnMyShaft (4:49:23 PM):(sad smiley)
SetOnMyShaft (4:49:41 PM):be nice
FancyDancerl4 (4:49:45 PM):k
FancyDancerl4 (4:49:55 PM):i will caus glad 2 talk 2 u agin
FancyDancerl4 (4:50:18 PM):i was missin u and wantd 2 find out bout baby goats and stuff
SetOnMyShaft (4:51:13 PM):i wish should would have some but i just dont know. the boy humps her everyday
SetOnMyShaft (4:51:38 PM):lucky goat
FancyDancerl4 (4:51:43 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (4:52:11 PM):im gonna have to go do some stuff
FancyDancerl4 (4:52:18 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (4:52:25 PM):nice talking wit ya
FancyDancerl4 (4:52:38 PM):yep i liked it 2
SetOnMyShaft (4:52:42 PM):catch ya later
FancyDancerl4 (4:52:46 PM):k bye
SetOnMyShaft (4:52:50 PM):bye
SetOnMyShaft (4:52:57 PM):bye sweety
SetOnMyShaft (4:53:01 PM):bye cutie
SetOnMyShaft (4:53:06 PM):bye sexy
SetOnMyShaft (4:53:11 PM):bye fancy
FancyDancerl4 (4:53:15 PM):bye sweet man
FancyDancerl4 (4:47:35 PM):whatcha doin
SetOnMyShaft (4:47:54 PM):nuttin honey
FancyDancerl4 (4:48:04 PM):me neithr
SetOnMyShaft (4:48:21 PM):my but hurts from sitting all day
FancyDancerl4 (4:48:36 PM):me 2 hate skool
SetOnMyShaft (4:48:57 PM):yeah i hate it too. hehehe and i dont even go
FancyDancerl4 (4:49:03 PM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (4:49:20 PM):cud b worse. i cud b in publik skool
SetOnMyShaft (4:49:27 PM):yeppers
FancyDancerl4 (4:49:40 PM):then hafta go more hours evry day
SetOnMyShaft (4:49:48 PM):u know i like to deer hunt right?
FancyDancerl4 (4:49:52 PM):rite
SetOnMyShaft (4:49:53 PM):how many hrs u go now
FancyDancerl4 (4:50:51 PM):dont hafta go gymnastics til jan so dont hafta bin skool till 9:30 then git out when i finish my work 2:30 if i work fast
SetOnMyShaft (4:51:26 PM):thats not a very long day
FancyDancerl4 (4:51:36 PM):sad cud be worst
FancyDancerl4 (4:51:40 PM):said
SetOnMyShaft (4:51:43 PM):are my buddy sounds working? i cant hear them
SetOnMyShaft (4:51:55 PM):i hear yur dinngle bells
FancyDancerl4 (4:52:08 PM):just regular aol sound i thik
FancyDancerl4 (4:52:37 PM):spidr dont make sound silly
SetOnMyShaft (4:53:16 PM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (4:53:32 PM):i finally got my deer on 11/30/04
FancyDancerl4 (4:53:37 PM):kewl
FancyDancerl4 (4:53:51 PM):u got plc
SetOnMyShaft (4:53:54 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (4:53:56 PM):of new deer
SetOnMyShaft (4:54:00 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (4:54:12 PM):let me c it mighty hunter
SetOnMyShaft (4:54:26 PM):brb
FancyDancerl4 (4:54:26 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (4:56:29 PM):i cant figure out who that funny looking guy with my deer is
FancyDancerl4 (4:56:38 PM):brb
FancvDancr14 (4:58:18 PM:very kewl an ur not funny lookin. ur cute
FancyDancerl4 (4:58:27 PM):big deer
SetOnMyShaft (4:58:52 PM):yep. i'm gonna put his head on my wall with the others
FancyDancerl4 (4:59:08 PM):kewl he has big horns
SetOnMyShaft (4:59:11 PM):it will take about 9 months
FancyDancerl4 (4:59:22 PM):why so long
SetOnMyShaft (4:59:50 PM):have to tan the hide
FancyDancerl4 (4:59:59 PM):k
FancyDancerl4 (5:00:19 PM):gues what
FancyDancerl4 (5:00:37 PM):i dont hafta go skool next week. xmas vacaton
FancyDancerl4 (5:00:46 PM):u get xmas vacaton
SetOnMyShaft (5:00:47 PM):xmas vac already?
SetOnMyShaft (5:00:52 PM):no not me
SetOnMyShaft (5:01:03 PM):u will be sooo bored
FancyDancerl4 (5:01:08 PM):yep in our skool publik kids hafta go lol
FancyDancerl4 (5:01:15 PM):I kno will b bord
SetOnMyShaft (5:01:22 PM):4
SetOnMyShaft (5:01:37 PM):i was on vac last week
FancyDancerl4 (5:01:51 PM):bummer but gud 4 U
SetOnMyShaft (5:02:17 PM):so hows yur pussy?
SetOnMyShaft (5:02:22 PM):i mean yur cat
FancyDancerl4 (5:02:26 PM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (5:02:38 PM):my pussy jus fine tyvm
SetOnMyShaft (5:02:43 PM):yummy
FancyDancerl4 (5:02:48 PM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (5:02:51 PM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (5:03:28 PM):i bought 3 more parakeets at the auction saturday. now i have sex.
SetOnMyShaft (5:03:30 PM):six
SetOnMyShaft (5:03:49 PM):and 1 cockatiel
FancyDancerl4 (5:03:49 PM):u hav parakets?
FancyDancerl4 (5:03 :53 PM):kewl
SetOnMyShaft (5:03:54 PM):yeppers
FancyDancerl4 (5:04:19 PM):u r nice man caus u lik animalz
SetOnMyShaft (5:04:36 PM):hehehee like to eat them)
SetOnMyShaft (5:04:42 PM):not parakeets
FancyDancerl4 (5:04:53 PM):not very big bite
FancyDancerl4 (5:04:59 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (5:05:02 PM):you should see my turkey. he's getting big
SetOnMyShaft (5:05:15 PM):lol (big bite)
FancyDancerl4 (5:05:19 PM):omg I wanna c urgoats
SetOnMyShaft (5:05:50 PM):i would like to show u. my billy goat really smells bad though
FancyDancerl4 (5:06:01 PM):ewwwww
FancyDancerl4 (5:06:05 PM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (5:06:14 PM):u will stink if you pet him
FancyDancerl4 (5:06:22 PM):ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww
FancyDancerl4 (5:06:30 PM):aint gonna pet him
SetOnMyShaft (5:06:35 PM):then u will need a bubble bath
FancyDancerl4 (5:06:43 PM):im clean little grl
FancyDancerl4 (5:06:54 PM):dont wanna smell bad
SetOnMyShaft (5:07:09 PM):i dont want u 2 either
FancyDancerl4 (5:07:13 PM): (icon)
FancyDancerl4 (5:07:48 PM):u very gud at math
SetOnMyShaft (5:07:48 PM):is it rainning at yur house?
FancyDancerl4 (5:07:51 PM):???
SetOnMyShaft (5:07:54 PM):kinda sorta
FancyDancerl4 (5:08:07 PM):not rainin black clouds tho
FancyDancerl4 (5:08:13 PM):warm
SetOnMyShaft (5:08:23 PM):rain here but warm
SetOnMyShaft (5:08:38 PM):got math question??
FancyDancerl4 (5:08:42 PM):i gotta do algebra homework 2nite i dont do gud at it
SetOnMyShaft (5:08:59 PM):hmmm
SetOnMyShaft (5:09:15 PM):what r you good at?
FancyDancerl4 (5:09:33 PM):uh.....hmmmmm.......dunno
SetOnMyShaft (5:09:51 PM): gymnastics, dancing, singing??
FancyDancerl4 (5:10:23 PM):gud at gymnastics and dancin. not gud sing. gud
SetOnMyShaft (5:10:32 PM):kewl
FancyDancerl4 (5:10:59 PM):what u gud at
SetOnMyShaft (5:11:12 PM):you need to send me a new plc of yurself
SetOnMyShaft (5:11:22 PM):im not much good at anything
FancyDancerl4 (5:11:26 PM):i dont hav a new one
FancyDancerl4 (5:11:38 PM):I thik i sent a newest one
SetOnMyShaft (5:11:54 PM): maybe
FancyDancerl4 (5:12:12 PM):bet ur gud at sumthin
FancyDancerl4 (5:12:21 PM):gad deer huntr
SetOnMyShaft (5:12:28 PM):sorta
SetOnMyShaft (5:12:36 PM):kinda good at fishing
SetOnMyShaft (5:12:53 PM):maybe other things
FancyDancerl4 (5:12:58 PM):what
SetOnMyShaft (5:13:06 PM):but you'll have to decide for yourself
FancyDancerl4 (5:13:06 PM):u gud reader
SetOnMyShaft (5:13:13 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (5:13:14 PM):k ill decide
SetOnMyShaft (5:13:17 PM):k
FancyDancerl4 (5:14:03 PM):what u wanna b when u grow up. LMAO
SetOnMyShaft (5:14:09 PM): hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (5:14:10PM):hehehhehehehheheheh
SetOnMyShaft (5:14:27 PM):i want a do-over. i wanna be young again
SetOnMyShaft (5:14:29 PM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (5:15:18 PM):gross i hate bein young. its borin and peeple dont Ilk a caus ur just a kid and talk 2 u lik ur stupid. i hat it
SetOnMyShaft (5:15:28 PM): im sorry
SetOnMyShaft (5:15:37 PM):i like you (tongue smiley)
FancyDancerl4 (5:15:50 PM):I wudnt lik u if u wer a boy lol
FancyDancerl4 (5:15:57 PM):boys rgeeky
SetOnMyShaft (5:16:02 PM):hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (5:16:04 PM):i lik u 2
SetOnMyShaft (5:16:19 PM):i gotta go take care of goats and pigs
FancyDancerl4 (5:16:23 PM):dam
SetOnMyShaft (5:16:31 PM):will u be here later?
FancyDancerl4 (5:16:38 PM):if u want me 2
SetOnMyShaft (5:16:42 PM):yep
FancyDancerl4 (5:16:45 PM):when
SetOnMyShaft (5:16:55 PM):maybe 6
FancyDancerl4(5:17:01 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (5:17:21 PM):if im not here just sent me a email or something
FancyDancerl4 (5:17:28 PM):u gotta work 2morrow
SetOnMyShaft (5:17:36 PM):yep
FancyDancer14 (5:17:40 PM):k
SetOnMyShaft (5:17:51 PM):or maybe i can be late?
FancyDancerl4 (5:17:55 PM):kewl
SetOnMyShaft (5:18:10 PM):i'll be back later - k?
FancyDancer14 (5:18:13 PM):k
FancyDancer14 (5:18:16 PM):bye
SetOnMyShaft (5:18:24 PM):bye 1 miss u already
FancyDancerl4 (6:34:37 AM):hi whatcha doin
SetOnMyShaft (6:34:58 AM):just browsing around
SetOnMyShaft (6:35:07 AM):why u up so early?
FancyDancer14 (6:35:28 AM):cat bit me on the toes caus he wantd 2 go out
FancyDancerl4 (6:35:53 AM):did I evr send u pix of my cat
SetOnMyShaft (6:36:00 AM):lucky cot i mean getting to bite you
FancyDancerl4 (6:36:02 AM):BIG CAT
SetOnMyShaft (6:36:06 AM): yepp
SetOnMyShaft (6:36:11 AM):he was a big 'un
FancyDancerl4 (6:36:24 AM):bites thro covers and hurts
SetOnMyShaft (6:36:36 AM):ouch
FancyDancer14 (6:36:41 AM):yep
FancyDancer14 (6:36:57 AM):u havent sent no jokes
FancyDancer14 (6:37:02 AM):???
SetOnMyShaft (6:37:24 AM):???
FancyDancer14 (6:37:33 AM):u used 2 send me jokes
FancyDancer14 (6:37:39 AM):now u dont no more
SetOnMyShaft (6:37:50 AM):i never see you online
FancyDancerl4 (6:37:53 AM):i liked them
FancyDancerl4 (6:38:35 AM):i dont hav skool until no more this year cause christmas vacat
SetOnMyShaft (6:38:46 AM):wow
SetOnMyShaft (6:38:57 AM):u r sooo lucky
FancyDancer14 (6:39:13 AM):I kno xcept it mite be kinda boring
SetOnMyShaft (6:39:25 AM):maybe
FancyDancerl4 (6:39:43 AM):my nana took me christmas shoppin yesterday
SetOnMyShaft (6:39:53 AM):that sounds fun
FancyDancer14 (6:40:06 AM):thats caus u dont kno nana
SetOnMyShaft (6:40:14 AM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (6:40:25 AM):who is nana?
FancyDancerl4 (6:40:37 AM):dads mom
SetOnMyShaft (6:40:44 AM):oh
SetOnMyShaft (6:41:00 AM):were the stores busy?
FancyDancer14 (6:41:13 AM):oh hell ya
SetOnMyShaft (6:41:29 AM):I didnt go anywhere yesterday
FancyDancer14 (6:41:43 AM):u didnt hafta work
SetOnMyShaft (6:41:44 AM):but i have to work for awhile 2day
SetOnMyShaft (6:41:52 AM):hehehe
FancyDancer14 (6:42:06 AM):whatcha gotta work for
SetOnMyShaft (6:42:15 PM):no body is at work but i have to get stuff ready for monday
SetOnMyShaft (6:42:25 AM):they will start at 2am
FancyDancer14 (6:42:37 AM):who will start
FancyDancer14 (6:42:40 AM):what work
SetOnMyShaft (6:42:42 AM):the workers
FancyDancerl4 (6:43:07 AM):you mean on ur clubl
FancyDancerl4 (6:43:07 AM):club
SetOnMyShaft (6:43:13 AM):i have to leave them instructions on what to do
SetOnMyShaft (6:43:17 AM): club?
FancyDancerl4 (6:43:29 AM): u sad ur buildin a club?
FancyDancerl4 (6:43:38 AM):a niteclub or sumthing
SetOnMyShaft (6:43:47 AM):I think u confused
SetOnMyShaft (6:43:54 AM): who are u?
FancyDancerl4 (6:44:14AM): omg I thot u were (name) from (town)
FancyDancerl4 (6:44:26 AM): omg ur deer hunter
FancyDancerl4 (6:44:30 AM): duh
SetOnMyShaft (6:44:30 AM):hohoho
SetOnMyShaft (6:44:40 AM): hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (6:44:46 AM): crazy woman
FancyDancerl4 (6:44:49 AM):dam
FancyDancerl4 (6:44:58 AM): not awak yet
SetOnMyShaft (6:45:16 AM): damit fancy wake up
FancyDancerl4 (6:45:43 AM): ther a guy in (town) who is buildin a strip
club and he sends me
SetOnMyShaft (6:45:51 AM): hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (6:45:58 AM): but hes not cute or nothin
SetOnMyShaft (6:46:07 AM): yeah right
FancyDancerl4 (6:46:13 AM):hes not
SetOnMyShaft (6:46:17 AM): maybe hes yur boyfriend?
FancyDancerl4 (6:46:22 AM):nope
SetOnMyShaft (6:46:26 AM): ok
SetOnMyShaft (6:47:00 AM): man its cold huh
FancyDancerl4 (6:47:13 AM):so why u hafta work so early and hell ya its cold
SetOnMyShaft (6:47:42 AM):I dont hafta go in now but im awake so why not
FancyDancerl4 (6:47:57 AM):u sad 2 am 2morrow
FancyDancer34 (6:48:10 AM):2 early
SetOnMyShaft (6:48:21 AM):they go in at 2am
SetOnMyShaft (6:48:29 AM): not me 1 g in at lam
SetOnMyShaft (6:48:42 AM): we have lots of work to do
FancyDancerl4 (6:48:58 AM):I dont hav no work for 2 weeks ROFL
SetOnMyShaft (6:48:59 AM): they work 12 hrs
FancyDancerl4 (6:49:10 AM):omg what they do
SetOnMyShaft (6:49:18 AM): so what ore u gonna be doing?
FancyDancerl4 (6:49:40 AM): probly sittin home bein damd bord most of time
SetOnMyShaft (6:49:48 AM): too bad
FancyDancerl4 (6:50:06 AM): i hafta still keep doin gymnas evn if not with coach tho
SetOnMyShaft (6:50:31 AM): i know some1 who can coach u
FancyDancerl4 (6:50:37 AM):who
SetOnMyShaft (6:50:41 AM): hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (6:50:56 AM): omg u can b my coach 4 two weeks
Fan cyDancerl4 (6:50:59 AM):kewl
FancyDancerl4 (6:51:06 AM): whatcha goin 2 tech me
SetOnMyShaft (6:51:10 AM): sounds kewl
SetOnMyShaft (6:51:13 AM): hehehe
FancyDancerl4 (6:51:15 AM): lol
FancyDancerl4 (6:51:37 AM):do u hav yahoo
SetOriMyShaft (6:51:47 AM): yep
FancyDancerl4 (6:52:03 AM):fancydancer_14
FancyDancerl4 (6:52:36 AM): i dont chat caus i cant use yahoo very gud and
computer crashs so only use aol but i hav YIM
SetOnMyShaft (6:52:56 AM):my puter dont like it either
FancyDancerl4 (6:53:43 AM):thers a guy on aol who keeps buggin me so havent been on much. he's realy weird and sent me pix and hes just bad fuckin ugly
and he wont go away. lol
FancyDancerl4 (6:54:00 AM):so if im not on aol sumtimes im on YIM
SetOnMyShaft (6:54:05 AM):ok
FancyDancerl4 (6:54:12 AM): what ur yahoo name
SetOnMyShaft (6:54:18 AM): hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (6:54:27 AM): yull have to wait and see
FancyDancerl4 (6:54:36 AM):hateful
FancyDancerl4 (6:54:39 AM): lol
FancyDancerl4 (6:55:47 AM): send me sumthin
on yahoo
SetOnMyShaft (6:55:59 AM): i will try
FancyDancerl4 (6:56:16 AM): i just turned it on
SetOnMyShaft (6:56:20 AM):im just not good at yahoo
FancyDancerl4 (6:57 :00 AM):me 2 but i can use YIM but dont kno how 2 check profiles. nevr works 4 me. ill lern.
SetOnMyShaft (6:57:14 AM):you have yahoo and aol on at same time?
FancyDancerl4 (6:57:23 AM): yep
FancyDancerl4 (6:57:32 AM): got only YIM
SetOnMyShaft (6:57:32 AM): i duuno how 2 do that
FancyDancerl4 (6:57:57 AM):i only hay YIM and I just click on it
FancyDancerl4 (6:58:18 AM): i dont hafta open all of yahoo or nothin
FancyDancerl4 (6:58:30 AM): i have yahoo messenger
FancyDancerl4 (7:00:55 AM): whered u go?
SetOnMyShaft (7:03:17 AM):im still here FancyDancerl4
(7:03:27 AM): thot u left
SetOnMyShaft (7:03:32 AM):no
SetOnMyShaft (7:03:39 AM): messing with yahoo
FancyDancerl4 (7:03 :49 AM):k
FancyDancerl4 (7:04:45 AM):i dont rememb how i did it but just downloded
yahoo messenger from main yahoo page i think, not sure
FancyDancerl4 (7:06:34 AM): caus some of my freinds from ok use it and i can talk 2 my best freind that way and my dad uses it 2
SetOnMyShaft (7:06:52 AM): i cant figure it out
SetOnMyShaft (7:07:18 AM): i downloaded it now it asks me to download again
FancyDancerl4 (7:07:26 AM): caus ur 2 old. ROFL say no
SetOnMyShaft (7:07:27 AM): thats stupid
SetOnMyShaft (7:07:31 AM): hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (7:07:37 AM): cum and show me how
SetOnMyShaft (7:07:41 AM):lol
FancyDancerl4 (7:07:48 AM): ya i will lol
SetOnMyShaft (7:07:56 AM): woo hoo
FancyDancerl4 (7:08:19 AM):ur gonna coach me not me coach u lol
SetOnMyShaft (7:08:29 AM):hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (7:09:18 AM):i need a shower, do you?
FancyDancerl4 (7:09:28 AM): yep lol
FancyDancerl4 (7:11:46 AM):omg the ugly fuck is on
FancyDancerl4 (7:12:05 AM):lol
SetOnMyShaft (7:12:27 AM): hehehe
SetOnMvShaft (7:12:32 AM): sory
FancyDancerl4 (6:12:39 AM):give me ur yahoo nam
SetOnMyShaft (7:12:48 AM): im still working on it
Fan cyDancerl4 (7:12:52 AM): k
SetOnMySh aft (7:13:30 AM): are you leaving aol?
FancyDancerl4 (7:13:51 AM):in a few mins if he dont stop iming me. lol
FancyDancerl4 (7:13:58 AM):not for a few tho
SetOnMyShaft (7:14:02 AM):just put him on block
FancyDancerl4 (7:14:20 AM):I dunno how 2 do that without blockin all
SetOnMyShaft (7:15:05 AM): see the buddy info box down at the bottom?
FancyDancerl4 (7:15:24AM):ya
SetOnMyShaft (7:15:47 AM): well click it on HIS Instant message
FancyDancerl4 (7:16:08 AM): what if he gets mad
SetOnMyShaft(7:16:I5AM): boo hoo
SetOnMyShaft (7:16:17 AM): lol
FancyDancerl4 (7:18:24 AM): can he tell if i block him or will it just look like im not onlin
SetOnMyShaft (7:19:28 AM): i think he will get a message saying he has been
SetOnMyShaft (7:19:31 AM):just try iy
SetOnMyShaft (7:19:33 AM): lol
SetOnMyShaft (7:19:36 AM): chicken
SetOnMyShaft (7:19:39 AM): hehehe
SetOnMyShaft (7:19:47 AM): dont block me silly
FancyDancerl4 (7:20:07 AM): let me try it on u first then im me and ill unblock and u tell me what it did
SetOnMyShaft (7:20:18 AM):k
FancyDancerl4 (7:20:41 AM):ther wasnt anthing said block
SetOnMyShaft (7:20:51 AM):i dunno
SetOnMyShaft (7:21:12 AM):maybe yurs is different
SetOnMyShaft (7:22:05 AM):i think im gonna go drive around for awhile
FancyDancerl4 (7:22:25 AM):k ill talk 2 u later
SetOnMyShaft (7:22:38 AM):bye sweet thong
FancyDancerl4 (7:22:46 AM):bye sexie man
arbuckbuster [off line 8:31:37 PM]: hey what are you up to?
fancydancer_14 [9:09:55 PM]: Hey r u still online?
fancydancer_14 [9:10:34 PM]: yoo hoo
fancydancer_14 [9:10:53 PM]: i gotta put u on my freinds list
Yahoo! Messenger [9:11:13 PM]: arbuckbuster has signed back in
fancydancer_14 [9:11:34 PM]:u get booted
arbuckbuster [9:12:03 PM]:no im still here
arbuckbuster [9:12:05 PM]:sorry
fancydancer_14 19:12:15 PM]: i saw big deer 2day and thot of u lol
arbuckbuster [9:12:16 PM]: whats up sweetie?
arbuckbuster [9:12:23 PM]: hehee
fancydancer_14 [9:13:26 PM]: so what u do 2day
fancydaricer_14 [9:13:31 PM]: i kno u worked
arbuckbuster [9:13:44 PM]: thought of you
fancydancer_14 [9:13:53 PM]:this is gonna b a born xmas vacat
arbuckbuster [9:14:10 PM]:how can u make it better?
fancydancerl4 [9:14:17 PM]:was 2 cold 2 go outside
fancydancer_14 [9:14:29 PM]: so watchd tv all day
fancydancerl4 [9:14:54 PM]:at least hav cable
arbuckbuster [9:14:59 PM]:cant u think of anything else?
fancydancer_14 [9:15:15 PM]:not by myself lol
arbuckbuster [9:15:46 PM]:what do u mean??
fancydancer_14 [9:16:07 PM]: mean when just me all I can do is watch tv or
play vid games
fancydancer_14 [9:16:19 PM]:nobody talk 2
fancydancer_14 [9:16:30 PM]:morn at bfs
fancydancer_14 [9:16:59 PM]:shes off on mon so goes out with bf
arbuckbuster [9:17:28 PM]:thats not what i meant silly
fancydancer_14 [9:17:33 PM]: what
fancydancr 14 (9:17:49 PM]:oh alone caus u not here? ROFI
arbuckbuster [9:18:07 PM]Hmmmm?
fancydancer_14 [9:18:28 PM]:sum guy sent me web cam thing. lol
fancydancer_14 [9:18:53 PM]:i didnt look. lot
arbuckbuster [9:18:58 PM]:sure
arbuckbuster [9:19:11 PM]: u got cam??
fancydancer_14 [9:19:13 PM]: yep caus last time he sent it i looked
fancydancerj4 [9:19:28 PM]:he had teeny wienie ROFL
fancydancer_14 [9:19:37 PM]: and he was just pullin it.
fancydancerj4 [9:20:06 PM]:it was like realy teeny
arbuckbuster [9:20:11 PM]:so you have a cam or what?
fancydancer_14 [9:20:40 PM]: and stupid lookin I dont hav cam he has cam and sent me thing says webcam invitation
fancydancer_14 [9:20:49 PM]:i wish i had cam
fancydancer_14 [9:21:28 PM]:i askd mom if i cud hav one. hell no u cant have a web cam!
fancydancer_14 [19:21:32 PM]: lol
fancydancer_14 [9:21:48 PM]: u have one?
arbuckbuster [9:21:56 PM]:so whats on tv tommorrow?
arbuckbuster [9:22:01 PM]:im gonna get one
fancydancerj4 [9:22:36 PM]: same stuff i gues dunno but gotta watch Dog the bounty hunter on tues nite. hes sexie
fancydancer_14 [9:23:08 PM]:mom sad i probly gonna end up in truble caus i like bad boys. lol
arbuckbuster [9:23:13 PM]:sexier than me?
fancydancer_14 [9:23:27 PM]: nope
fancydancer_14 [9:23:39 PM]: ur pretty sexie
fancydancer_14 [9:23:50 PM]: in camo
fancydancer_14 [9:24:04 PM]: i like camo
arbuckbuster [9:24:08 PM]: does that pic look fuzzy?
fancydancer_14 [9:24:18 PM]:dont thik so
arbuckbuster [9:24:29 PM]: looks fuzzy here
arbuckbuster [9:24:45 PM]:i scanned it to a disk then downloaded it fancydancer_14 [9:24:51 PM]:mabe a little but not bad
fancydancer_14 [9:24:56 PM]:big deer
arbuckbuster [9:25:01 PM]: didnt have my digital camera then
arbuckbuster [9:25:18 PM]:i have another getting done now
arbuckbuster [9:25:22 PM]:i will have 3
fancydancer_14 [9:25:33 PM]:Dammit Fancy wants a digi cam 2 but mom sad cant afford it rite now
fancydancer_14 [9:26:00 PM]:3 what?
fancydancer_14 [9:26:11 PM]:3 deer?
arbuckbuster [9:26:13 PM]:I think only about 30$ at walmart
arbuckbuster [9:26:18 PM]:yes 3 deer
fancydancer_14 [9:26:22 PM]:kewl
arbuckbuster [9:26:47 PM]: wanna cum see them?
fancydancer_14 [9:27:07 PM]:i dont want one u hafta take 2 walmart 2 get pics. I wanna plug one into computr my dad has one like that and its kewl fancydancer_14 [9:27:20 PM]:ya i wanna c them
arbuckbuster [9:27:23 PM]:thats like mine
arbuckbuster [9:27:28 PM]:its a kodak
fancydancer_14 [9:27:42 PM]:u can plug in computr?
arbuckbuster [9:27:53 PM]:yep and into printer
fancydancer_14 [9:28:00 PM]: i dont hav printr
arbuckbuster [9:28:16 PM]:mine is made only for camera
fancydancer_14 (9:28:16 PM]:mabe dad get me digi cam 4 xmas
arbuckbuster [9:29:14 PM]: so u have plans tommorro?
fancydancer_14 [9:29:17 PM]:no
fancydancerl4 [9:29:27 PM]: do u
arbuckbuster [9:29:40 PM]: no plans here
fancydancer_14 [9:29:43 PM]: what u gonna do
fancydancer_14 [9:29:49 PM]: u gotta work rite?
arbuckbuster [9:30:00 PM]: for awhile
fancydancer_14 [9:30:11 PM]: when u off
arbuckbuster [9:30:27 PM]:4
fancydancer_14 [9:30:37 PM]: then wife is home?
arbuckbuster [9:30:43 PM]: start @ 830
arbuckbuster [9:30:46 PM]: yep
fancydancer_14 [9:30:51 PM]: boooooo
arbuckbuster [9:31:23 PM]: so what are ya gonna do?
fancydancer_14 [9:31:30 PM]:gues nothin
arbuckbuster [9:31:43 PM]:thats no fun?
arbuckbuster [9:31:49 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [9:32:11 PM]: i dont kno what worst goin skool with peeple i hate or stayin home without peeple i hate
fancydancer_14 [9:32:22 PM]: LMAO
arbuckbuster [9:32:33 PM]: (icon)
fancydancerl4 [9:32:57 PM]: (icon)
arbuckbuster [9:33:18 PM]:whats that on yur lips?
fancydancer_14 [9:33:24 PM]:lol
arbuckbuster [9:33:26 PM]:oh, its a finger
fancydancer_14 [9:33:32 PM]:dunno
arbuckbuster [9:33:46 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [9:33:58 PM]:whats that
arbuckbuster [9:34:07 PM]: i dunno
arbuckbuster (9:34:37 PM]:i've got a small weenie?
fancydancer_14 [9:35:07 PM]:it dont hav a kiss one or id send u a kiss. u dont evn kno what teeny wienie is till u c this guy. im not kiddin
arbuckbuster [9:35:29 PM]: no thanks, i dont wanna see
arbuckbuster [9:35:31 PM]:lol
fancydancer_14 [9:35:33 PM]:looks like my 4 yo cousin
arbuckbuster (9:35:35 PM]:not him
fancydancer_14 [9:35:37 PM]:hehehe
fancydancerl4 [9:36:15 PM]:i sure didnt wanna c it agin lol
arbuckbuster [9:36:25 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [9:36:26 PM]: tole him was silly lookin
fancydancer_14 [9:36:59 PM]: thik he was pullin on it tryin make it biggr and wasnt workin ROFL
arbuckbuster (9:37:16 PM]: here pull this
arbuckbuster (9:37:18 PM]:hehehe
fancydancer_14 [9:37:22 PM]:hehehe
fancydancerl4 [9:37:25 PM]:k
arbuckbuster [9:37:25 PM]: it WILL get bigger
fancydancer_1 4 [9:37:30 PM]:lol
fancydancer_14 [9:37:51 PM]:my freakin feet r cold
arbuckbuster [9:37:59 PM]:you can pull it anytime
arbuckbuster (9:38:04 PM]:mine are cold too
fancydancerl4 [9:38:11 PM]:k do it 2morrow lol
arbuckbuster [9:38:18 PM]:k
fancydancer_14 [9:38:34 PM]: bring it here
arbuckbuster [9:38:37 PM]:k
fancydancer_14 [9:38:39 PM]: i cant rech it
arbuckbuster [9:38:56 PM]:i need 2 be closer
fancydancer_14 19:39:01 PM]:i kno
fancydancer_14 [9:39:49 PM]: brb i gotta go get coke
fancydancer_14 [9:39:55 PM]: dont leave
arbuckbuster (9:39:59 PM]:k
fancydancer_14 [9:43:13 PM]: back
arbuckbuster (9:43:17 PM]: almost asleep
fancydancer_14 [9:43:21 PM]: had go pee 2
arbuckbuster [9:44:24 PM]: i think im gonna go to bed so i can wake up early to see something fancy
fancydancer_14 [9:44:32 PM]: hehehe
fancydancerl4 [9:44:55 PM]:fancy cant get outta house if mom home
fancydancer_14 [9:45:04 PM]:if she dont cum home 2nite i probly cud
arbuckbuster [9:45:08 PM]:<‹wishing
fancydancer_14 [9:45:13 PM]: me 2
fancydancer_14 [9:45:40 PM]: u tak kids 2 skool
arbuckbuster [9:45:50 PM]: nope. they take buss
fancydancer_14 19:45:57 PM]: kewl
fancydancer_14 [9:46:52 PM]: did u hafta go tell evrybody what 2 do at 2 in morn?
arbuckbuster [9:47:08 PM]: most of the tyme
fancydancerj4 [9:47:17 PM]: omg even when cold?
arbuckbuster [9:47:35 PM]: no, not tuesday -silly me
fancydancer_14 [9:47:45 PM]: kewl
fancydancer_14 [9:48:16 PM]: home cum they dont kno what 2 do when go 2 work
fancydancer_14 [9:48:34 PM]: leave note and say start work
arbuckbuster [9:48:35 PM]: ill explain in person
arbuckbuster [9:48:37 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [9:48:43 PM]: k
fancydancer_1 4 [9:48:47 PM]:realy?
fancydancer_14 [9:49:07 PM]: i kno ur realy teasin me
arbuckbuster [9:49:30 PM]: no more tease
fancydancer_14 [9:49:40 PM]: omg im cold
arbuckbuster 19:51:17 PM]: i got a warm blanket
fancydancer_14 19:51:28 PM]:kewl i need it
fancydancerj4 [9:51:47 PM]: u got ur little goats inside
fancydancer_14 [9:51:58 PM]:dont let em freeze
fancydancerj4 [9:52:42 PM]:mabe can cuddle with ur little pig lol
fancydancer_14 [9:52:57 PM]: does pig like goats?
arbuckbuster [9:53:24 PM]: my boy goat luvs them girl pigs
fancydancer_14 [9:53:40 PM]: kewl
fancydancer_14 [9:54:25 PM]: whatcha doin
arbuckbuster [9:54:56 PM]: thinking of you
arbuckbuster [9:55:07 PM]: and what i want to do
fancydancer_14 [9:55:12 PM]: k
arbuckbuster [9:55:13 PM]:?
fancydancerl4 [9:55:31 PM]:?
arbuckbuster [9:55:58 PM]: now u teasing me
arbuckbuster [9:56:03 PM]: yes u are
fancydancer_14 [9:56:04 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [9:56:12 PM]: mite b
arbuckbuster [9:56:39 PM]: i think u are?
fancydancer_14 [9:56:50 PM]: not teasin
fancydancer_14 [9:57:13PM]:?
arbuckbuster [9:57:24 PM]: im gonna go to bed cause you ain't gonna ask me
fancydancer_14 [9:57:40 PM]: what?
arbuckbuster [9:57:46 PM]: you know
fancydancer_14 [9:57:54 PM]: u want me ask u?
arbuckbuster [9:58:00 PM]: I am really sleepy
arbuckbuster [9:58:02 PM]: yes
fancydancer_14 [9:58:12 PM]: k u gonna cum c me?
arbuckbuster [9:58:16 PM]: but its okay if you dont
arbuckbuster [9:58:20 PM]: you bet
fancydancer_1 4 [9:58:29 PM]:when
fancydancer_14 [9:58:46 PM]: talk 2morrow and u tell me when
fancydancer_14 [9:58:58 PM]: ok?
arbuckbuster [9:59:02 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 [9:59:13 PM]: fraid u wont cum agin
arbuckbuster [9:59:24 PM]: i bee dreaming of YOU tonite
arbuckbuster [9:59:37 PM]: not tonite
arbuckbuster [9:59:41 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [9:59:48 PM]: k i give u anothr chance
arbuckbuster [9:59:54 PM]: k?
fancydancer_14 [10:00:01 PM): kewl
arbuckbuster [10:00:19 PM]: talk tomorrow, good nite princess
fancydancer_14 [10:00:28 PM]: gud riite sweet man
fancydancer_14 [10:00:32 PM]: bye

12-16 #1
arbuckbuster: hiya fancy
arbuckbuster: how ya feeling??
fancydancer_14: better
arbuckbuster: thats good
fancydancer_14: think i jus ate 2 much candy
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer_14: eat candy when bord
fancydancerl4: lol
arbuckbuster: i know what you can put in your mouth next time you are bored
arbuckbuster: lol
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: k
fancydancer_14: i mite b bord in the morn when mom goes work
arbuckbuster: Hmmmmm
fancydancer_14: yep I thik im gonna b bord
fancydancer_14: lol
arbuckbuster: Hmmmmm?
fancydancerj4: outta candy
arbuckbuster: hehehe
arbuckbuster: i got rock candy
fancydancer_14: kewl
fancydancer_14: whats rock candy
arbuckbuster: hard to describe
arbuckbuster: need to show u
fancydancerj4: k
fancydancer_14: u got car or truck
fancydancer_14: gud heater?
arbuckbuster: truck wit good heater
fancydancer_14: kewl
fancydancer_14:dont wanna freeze my butt off
arbuckbuster: oh you wont, u will get HOT
arbuckbuster: might even sweat
fancydancer_14: u gotta work in morn?
arbuckbuster: yeppers
arbuckbuster: i can be a little late
fancydancerl4: mom leavs bout 8
arbuckbuster: friday is when i get yearly bonus $$
arbuckbuster: damn, thats way late
fancydancer_14: has 2 b in class in Berryville at 9
fancydancer_14: 2 late?
fancydancer_14: well i cant leav till moms gone
arbuckbuster: 630 is my start time for work
fancydancerl4: dam
arbuckbuster: hehehe
arbuckbuster: sorry
fancydancer_14:whatcha doin
fancydancer14: yoo hoo
Yahoo! Messenger: arbuckbuster has signed out
12-16 #2
arbuckbuster [6:33:38 PM]: you still there?
fancydancer-14 [6:33:44 PM]: yeppers
fancydancer_14 [6:33:50 PM]: what happend
arbuckbuster [6:33:54 PM]: my piece of shit froze up
fancydancer_14 [6:33:58 PM]: oops
fancydancer_14 [6:34:01 PM]: gues what
arbuckbuster [6:34:03 PM]: had 2 reboot
arbuckbuster [6:34:06 PM]: what?
fancydancer-14 [6:34:37 PM]: gestation period for pygmy goatz is 145-155 dayz fancydancer_14 [6:34:48 PM]: tole u I cud find it
arbuckbuster [6:35:04 PM]: thats about sex months
arbuckbuster [6:35:08 PM]: *six
fancydancer_14 [6:35:20 PM]:i ran little goats and it sad pygmy goats
arbuckbuster [6:35:36 PM]: well shes getting pretty big
arbuckbuster [6:35:46 PM]: nipps are still small
arbuckbuster [6:35:57 PM]: maybe it will be soon
fancydancer_14 [6:35:59 PM]: can hav 1-4 babies
arbuckbuster [6:36:04 PM]: wow
fancydancer_14 [6:36:34 PM]: will nurse immidately and eat grain in one week
fancydancer_14 [6:36:40 PM]: see how smart i am
arbuckbuster [6:36:47 PM]: u r smart
arbuckbuster [6:36:55 PM]: and sexy looking too
fancydancer_14 [6:37:03 PM]: lol tyvm
fancydancer_14 [6:37:28 PM]: techer sad u can find anythig on internet arbuckbuster [6:37:36 PM]: really?
fancydancer_14 [6:37:41 PM]: yep
arbuckbuster [6:37:46 PM]: what r u looking for??
fancydancer_14 [6:37:54 PM]: little goats ROFL
arbuckbuster [6:37:57 PM]: oh
fancydancer_14 [6:38:13 PM]: they make us do reserch for papers at skool fancydancer_14 [6:38:34 PM]: we hav computrz at skool and they showd us how 2 do it
arbuckbuster [6:38:49 PM]: they show you how 2 do what?
fancydancer_14 [6:38:58 PM]: lookup stuff
arbuckbuster [6:39:00 PM]: oh i see
fancydancerj4 [6:39:05 PM]: silly
arbuckbuster [6:39:10 PM]: i thought sumpin else
arbuckbuster [6:39:14 PM]: hehehehe
arbuckbuster [6:39:18 PM]:?
fancydancerl4 [6:39:25 PM]: they mite kill us 4 lookin up dirty stuff
arbuckbuster [6:39:33 PM]: probly
fancydancer_14 [6:39:55 PM]:Dammit Fancy aint gonna b bad at skool. Dont wanna get grounded agin. lol
arbuckbuster [6:40:02 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [6:40:23 PM]:if gonna b bad gotta sneak lol
arbuckbuster [6:40:30 PM]: cousin still cumming friday?
fancydancer-14 [6:40:43 PM]: shes comm sat
arbuckbuster [6:40:43 PM]: I am sneaky
arbuckbuster [6:40:49 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 [6:40:55 PM]: dadz bringin her sat
arbuckbuster [6:41:06 PM]: i forgot what day
fancydancer_14 [6:41:20 PM]: he hasta work fri
arbuckbuster [6:41:36 PM]:how long cousin staying?
fancydancer-14 [6:41:48 PM]:just sat and sun i thik
arbuckbuster[6:41:59 PM]: is it boy or girl?
fancydancer_14 [6:42:15 PM]: caus momz off mon
fancydancer_14 [6:42:33 PM]: glad not longr
fancydancerl4 [6:42:50 PM]: she talks 2 much is fun 4 bout one day. lol
fancydancer_14 [6:42:59 PM]: shes 14
arbuckbuster [6:43:04 PM]: hehehe?
arbuckbuster [6:43:32 PM]: what tyme mom get home 2nite?
arbuckbuster [6:43:47 PM]: i all alone by self now
fancydancerl4 [6:43:56 PM]: probly late
fancydancer_14 [6:44:11 PM]: but u dont want no kid throwin up on u lol
arbuckbuster [6:44:20 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [6:44:22 PM]: wherz wife
arbuckbuster (6:44:31 PM]: shopping wit kids
fancydancer_14 [6:44:50 PM]: omg bad time 4 me 2 b throwin up
arbuckbuster [6:44:58 PM]: real bad
fancydancer_14 [6:45:19 PM]:crap
arbuckbuster [6:46:20 PM]: so how u play games together online?
fancydancer_14 [6:46:43 PM]: nevr did only alone
fancydancer_14 [6:46:57 PM]: I play games on
fancydancerl4 [6:47:31 PM]: and gameboy
fancydancer_14 [6:47:35 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [6:47:55 PM]: do you see the invitation i sent you?
fancydancer_14 [6:48:12 PM]: brb let me c
fancydancer_14 [6:48:33 PM]: no
arbuckbuster [6:48:42 PM]: should be on the IM
fancydancerl4 [6:48:48 PM]: its not
arbuckbuster (6:48:58 PM]: now??
fancydancer_14 [6:49:05 PM]: no
arbuckbuster (6:49:11 PM]: hmmm
fancydancer_14 [6:49:27 PM]: did u put fancydancerl4
arbuckbuster [6:49:55 PM]: i just click on games icon
arbuckbuster [6:50:06 PM]: and it says waiting on u
fancydancer_14 [6:50:21 PM]: i dont hav a games thing
fancydancer_14 [6:50:25 PM]: on my window
arbuckbuster [6:50:36 PM]: too bad
arbuckbuster [6:50:38 PM]: i do
arbuckbuster [6:50:43 PM]: hehehe arbuckbuster [6:50:59 PM]: what stuff u got??
fancydancer_14 [6:51:16 PM]: on im window at top?
arbuckbuster [6:51:34 PM]: are u on messenger?
fancydancer_14 [6:51:40 PM]: yep
arbuckbuster [6:51:53 PM]: at top of IM window
fancydancerl4 [6:51:57 PM]: im on a mac mite b different
arbuckbuster [6:52:03 PM]: maybe
fancydancer_14 [6:52:15 PM]: send file webcam invite ignore
fancydancer_14 [6:52:35 PM]: on first window is
fancydancer_14 [6:52:44 PM]: message add webcam mail
arbuckbuster [6:52:51 PM]: no games??
fancydancer_14 [6:52:56 PM]: no
arbuckbuster [6:53:09 PM]: i will have to play with myself
fancydancer_14 [6:53:14 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [6:53:16 PM]: rather play wit you
fancydancer_14 [6:53:23 PM]: me 2
fancydancerl4 [6:54:17 PM]: I chekd evrythig and no games
arbuckbuster [6:54:52 PM]: when?
arbuckbuster [6:54:56 PM]: now?
fancydancer_14 [6:55:05 PM]: when now WHAT?
arbuckbuster [6:55:17 PM]: i play with everything
fancydancerl4 [6:55:23 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [6:55:47 PM]: at bottom of first window i hav
fancydancerl4 [6:56:21 PM]: some smily faces arrow newspaper weather mite b
a book and a basketball
fancydancer_14 [6:56:40 PM]: ROFL -
fancydancer_14 [6:56:46 PM]: u got a web cam
arbuckbuster [6:56:56 PM]: i will this weekend
fancydancer_14 [6:57:09 PM]: kewl i wanna get one but mom wont let me
fancydancerl4 [6:57:20 PM]: HELL NO U CANT HAV A WEB CAM
arbuckbuster [6:57:24 PM]: hide it
fancydancer_14 [6:57:41 PM]: i nevr seen one is big or little
arbuckbuster [6:57:52 PM]: i think small
arbuckbuster [6:57:56 PM]: you mean cam?
arbuckbuster [6:57:58 PM]: small
arbuckbuster [6:58:01 PM]: hehehe
fancydancerl4 [6:58:04 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [6:58:15 PM]: wait till you see mine
fancydancer_14 [6:58:25 PM]: and jus wher u thik I find one in the big city of eureka sprin
arbuckbuster [6:58:35 PM]: walmart
fancydancer_14 [6:58:43 PM]: we dont got a walmart
arbuckbuster [6:58:46 PM]: oh
arbuckbuster [6:59:05 PM]: I buy one 4 u and bring it at 6am sat
fancydancer_14 [6:59:17 PM]: kewl
arbuckbuster [6:59:26 PM]: 6am this sat
fancydancer_14 [6:59:29 PM]: dont tease me
arbuckbuster [6:59:37 PM]: not
fancydancer_14 [6:59:43 PM]: u realy mean it
arbuckbuster [6:59:54 PM]: maybe alittle earlier
arbuckbuster [7:00:01 PM]: 545am
fancydancer_14 [7:00:03 PM]: omg not earlier
arbuckbuster [7:00:14 PM]: 6 is k?
fancydancer_14 [7:00:21 PM]: well ya
arbuckbuster [7:00:31 PM]: where will i find u?
fancydancer_14 [7:00:46 PM]: remembr water tower i tole u about
arbuckbuster [7:00:51 PM]: sorta
arbuckbuster [7:00:57 PM]: not very good
fancydancer_14 [7:01:05 PM]: i can hide ther until u pull up
arbuckbuster [7:01:17 PM): what time cousin cumming?
fancydancer_14 [7:01:41 PM]: probly by noon dad nevr gits up early on sat
fancydancerl4 [7:01:56 PM]: r u serius
fancydancer_14 [7:02:13 PM]: that wud b so kewl
arbuckbuster [7:02:13 PM]: so u really want me to cum sat at Gam with a cam?
fancydancer_14 [7:02:28 PM]: yep I do
arbuckbuster [7:02:36 PM]: k
fancydancerl4 [7:02:44 PM]: but U dont haifa get cam
fancydancer_14 [7:02:52 PM]: it hasta b 4 a mac
arbuckbuster [7:02:59 PM]: I want to if u will use it
arbuckbuster [7:03:10 PM]: whats a mac? a black man?
fancydancer_14 [7:03:19 PM]: ill use it if can figur out how hook it up
fancydancer_14 [7:03:22 PM]: ur silly
arbuckbuster [7:03:36 PM]: kewl
fancydancer_14 [7:04:03 PM]: only if its little caus I gotta hide it
arbuckbuster [7:04:10 PM]: k
arbuckbuster [7:04:18 PM]: tell me about tower again
fancydancer_14 [7:04:34 PM]: k u kno wher east mountain drive is
fancydancer_14 [7:05:04 PM]: u kno wher ANYTHIG is
arbuckbuster [7:05:14 PM]: not really
arbuckbuster [7:05:19 PM]: just hwy 62
arbuckbuster [7:06:29 PM]: hello?
fancydancer_14 [7:06:33 PM]: stay on hwy 62 until u pass Pine Mountain Jamboree and Pine Mountain village
(shoppin centr). Its on left
fancydancer_14 [7:07:04 PM]: next street is on big corner thats east mountain
fancydancerl4 [7:07:28 PM]: turn left.
fancydancer_14 [7:08:08 PM]: turn rite on first street and ull c water towr and mason lodg
arkbuckbuster [7:09:47 PM]:is that all?
fancydancer_14 [7:10:06 PM]: yep I can hide by towr
arbuckbuster [7:10:11 PM]: kewl
fancydancer_14 [7:10:17 PM]: i kno
fancydancer_14 [7:10:24 PM]: brb gotta go pee
arkbuckbuster [7:10:30]:is many people drive down road?
fancydancer_14 [7:10:37 PM]: no
fancydancer_14 [7:10:43 PM]: gotta pee hold on
fancydancer_14 [7:13:03 PM]: back
fancydancer_14 [7:13:19 PM]: u still here
arbuckbuster [7:13:24 PM]: yes
arbuckbuster [7:13:55 PM]: what if mom wakes up and u not home?
fancydancer_14 [7:14:12 PM]: III leav a note that I've gon joggin
arbuckbuster [7:14:17 PM]: kewl
fancydancer_14 [7:14:23 PM]: I do that sumtimz anyway
arbuckbuster [7:14:45 PM]: so you wear jogging clothes
fancydancer_14 [7:14:49 PM]: she aint gonna b up that early caus shell party fri nite
fancydancer_14 [7:15:16 PM]: wear sweats usualy or shorts in summr
arbuckbuster (7:15:34 PM]: wear bra yet?
fancydancer_14 [7:15:40 PM]: no sorry
arbuckbuster [7:15:49 PM]: thats kewl
arbuckbuster [7:15:51 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [7:16:09 PM]: ur probly gonna thik I look Ilk a baby and ur gonna hate me
arbuckbuster [7:16:21 PM]: i dont think so
fancydancer_14 [7:16:28 PM]:i hope not
arbuckbuster [7:16:37 PM]: but i havent looked at you pix in awhile
fancydancer_14 [7:16:42 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [7:16:44 PM]: not sure what u look like
fancydancer_14 [7:16:55 PM]: im kinda gettin titties but not much
arbuckbuster [7:17:14 PM]:?
arbuckbuster [7:17:29 PM]: may i touch them?
fancydancer_14 [7:17:38 PM]: gues
fancydancer_14 [7:17:55 PM]: if u can find em? ROFL
arbuckbuster [7:17:59 PM]: lol
fancydancer_14 [7:19:08 PM]: mom makes fun of me caus I dont hav any
arbuckbuster [7:19:20 PM]: u will
fancydancer_14 [7:19:33 PM]: i hope so
fancydancer_14 [7:20:14 PM]: u aint gonna mak fun of me r u
arbuckbuster [7:20:21 PM]: no
arbuckbuster [7:20:24 PM]: no way
arbuckbuster [7:20:26 PM]: hell no
fancydancer_14 [7:20:32 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 17:21:11 PM]: u realy will cum?
arbuckbuster (7:21:24 PM]: yes
arbuckbuster [7:21:29 PM]: if your good
fancydancer_14 [7:21:38 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 [7:21:58 PM]: Dammit Fancy will be gud
fancydancer_14 [7:22:23 PM]: u swear ur realy gonna do it
arbuckbuster [7:22:28 PM]: if u real good i will cum 2 times
fancydancer_14 [7:22:34 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [7:22:58 PM]: never cum 2 times b4
fancydancer_14 [7:22:59 PM]: im so exited!
arbuckbuster [7:23:21 PM]: mee to
fancydancer_14 [7:23:37 PM]: and ur bringin pics of ur little goats and stuff
arbuckbuster [7:23:41 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 [7:23:55 PM]:that is so kewl
fancydancer_14 [7:24:29 PM]: and u gotta swear ull nevr tell NOBODY
arbuckbuster [7:24:35 PM]: ok
fancydancer_14 [7:24:39 PM]: caus I wud get killed
arbuckbuster [7:24:56 PM]: but you gotta meet me on here friday night
fancydancer_14 [7:25:01]:k
fancydancer_14 [7:25:50 PM]: that is kewl
fancydancer_14 [7:26:23 PM]: whatcha doin
arbuckbuster [7:27:02 PM]: playing
arbuckbuster [7:27:02 PM]: whatch doing
fancydancer_14 [7:27:15 PM]: yoo hoo sweet man whatcha doin
fancydancer_14 [7:27:31 PM]: computr actd like gonna freez
arbuckbuster [7:27:35 PM]: i say playing
arbuckbuster [7:27:42 PM]: yurs?
fancydancer_14 [7:27:42 PM]: playin what
arbuckbuster [7:27:51 PM]: its a secret
fancydancer_14 [7:28:01 PM]: ???
fancydancer_14 [7:28:05 PM]: why secret
arbuckbuster [7:28:12 PM]: dont wanna tell
arbuckbuster [7:28:17 PM]: embarressed
fancydancer_14 [7:28:43 PM]: i kno what ur doing i kno what ur doing I kno what ur doing i kno what ur doing ROFL
arbuckbuster [7:28:59 PM]: wish u were doing it
fancydancer_14 [7:29:03 PM]: me 2
fancydancer_14 [7:29:16 PM]: sat morn
arbuckbuster [7:29:25 PM]: kewl beans
fancydancer_14 [7:29:30 PM]: yep
fancydancer_14 [7:30:12 PM]: ur kewl
arbuckbuster [7:30:19 PM]: tyvm
fancydancer_14 [7:30:35 PM]: and ur cute
arbuckbuster 17:31:12 PM]: thanks
arbuckbuster 17:31:22 PM]: now i blushing
fancydancer_14 [7:31:28 PM]: lol
fancydancer_14 [7:31:55 PM]: why u gotta go work so early
arbuckbuster [7:32:10 PM]: thats what time I start
arbuckbuster [7:32:20 PM]: sooner i go the sooner i get out
fancydancer_14 [7:32:31 PM]: thot peepz went work like 8 or sumthin
fancydancer_14 [7:32:56 PM]: too early
arbuckbuster [7:33:17 PM]: some start at 12 midnight silly
fancydancer_14 [7:33:30 PM]: i kno but not as bad as 6
arbuckbuster [7:33:45 PM]: i always wake up early
fancydancer_14 [7:33:56 PM]: me 2
fancydancer_14 [7:34:06 PM]: unles go 2 bed 2 late
arbuckbuster [7:34:16 PM]: i never go 2 bed late
fancydancer_14 [7:34:29 PM]: cat goes pee at 5 lot
arbuckbuster [7:34:34 PM]: lol
fancydancer_14 [7:34:39 PM]: me 2
arbuckbuster [7:34:47 PM]: rofl
fancydancer_14 [7:34:55 PM]: cats got me traind
arbuckbuster [7:35:00 PM]: hehehe
arbuckbuster [7:35:36 PM]: fancy i need to go wash clothes
fancydancer_14 [7:35:42 PM]: k
arbuckbuster [7:35:45 PM]: they r all ditry
fancydancer_14 [7:35:53 PM]: k
arbuckbuster [7:36:08 PM]: remember u need to be on here friday night
fancydancerl4 17:36:11 PM]: i hafta do that on fri nite and clean house b4 mom gets home or i get grounded
arbuckbuster [7:36:13 PM]: or i no show sat
fancydancer_14 [7:36:35 PM]: ill b here ill clean hous aftr we talk
arbuckbuster [7:36:46 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 [7:36:48 PM]: or clean house and we can talk late
arbuckbuster [7:36:54 PM]: ok
fancydancer_14 [7:36:54 PM]: whatevr u wanna do
arbuckbuster [7:37:18 PM]: i bee here about 7pm
fancydancerl4 [7:37:23 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 [7:37:31 PM]: im so exited
fancydanceri4 [7:37:43 PM]: i cant beleive it
arbuckbuster [7:37:45 PM: u have a good nite bye
fancydancer_14 [7:38:01 PM]: gud nite sweet man bye
Yahoo! Messenger [7:38:37 PM]: arbuckbuster has signed out


(The following conversation, which looks innocent enough, is being accompanied by Clark wanking on his webcam. To try to cover what he was doing, he was talking normally BUT on his YIM buddy list name, he was adding messages that appeared after his name. Here are a list of the messages he was leaving during the following IM. Screenshots were made of all the action, messages as they appeared and the chat and presented with other evidence.
1. Wish i was between Fancys legs -
2. I need to lick something Fancy
3. Fancy is the best
4. 1 wanna CUM for you
5. Cum on and show me them teets
6. I want to kiss you all over
7. Are we gonna do it today??
8. Maybe she can cum too (refers to my cousin who i told him was visiting.)
9. I cant wait to slid my thingy in you
10.You could warm meup
11. Wish you would lick it
12. It will blow like a volcano

arbuckbuster: hey ?
fancydancer_14: what
fancydancer_1 4: hi
arbuckbuster: hi
fancydancer_14: lol
arbuckbuster: what??
fancydancer_14: ur thingy bout fancys legs lol
fancydancer_14: howd u do that
arbuckbuster: what do u mean?
fancydancer_14: ur silly
fancydancer_14: how u doin that
arbuckbuster: dang its cold 2day
fancydancer_14: yepperz
arbuckbuster: my dog wont even go outside
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: how r u doin that
arbuckbuster: magic?
fancydancer_1 4: mabe
arbuckbuster: i really dont no
fancydancer_14: lol
arbuckbuster: what u talking bout
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: urdoin pretty fancy stuff ROFL
arbuckbuster: really? kewl
fancydancer_14: hehehe
fancydancer_14: way kewl
arbuckbuster: i took my daughter to doctor friday. she had her tonsild cut
fancydancerl4: whatcha doin
arbuckbuster: *tonsils
arbuckbuster: just sitting here
arbuckbuster: freezing me balls off
fancydancer_14: u had sick gurl
arbuckbuster: tonsils sweeled up
arbuckbuster: swelled
fancydancer_14: i wuz here when u sad b here and u didnt cum cuz u lied
arbuckbuster: hate to take her tonsils out
arbuckbuster: now she gets to eat alot of ice cream
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: i had my tonsils out and ate jello
arbuckbuster: i would be here but my kid was sick
fancydancer_14: and ice cream
arbuckbuster: when did u get yurs oyt?
arbuckbuster: i still got mine
fancydancer_14: was 10
fancydancer_14: not bad just scary
fancydancerl4: chewd gum so wudnt hurt cant member name thik had aspirin
or sumthig
fancydancerl4: cudnt drink coke caus bubbles hurt throt
arbuckbuster:i luv coke
fancydancer_14: me 2
fancydancerl4: cant do ti 2day caus cousin here
arbuckbuster: i think i need my boots to keep toes warm
arbuckbuster: do what?
fancydancer_14: Iol
fancydancer_14: ur silly
fancydancer_14: mite tell
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer_14: dont trust her
fancydancer_14: that is soooooo kewl
fancydancer_14: omg ROFL
arbuckbuster: im shaking cause i soo cold
arbuckbuster: heater must not be working
fancydancerj4: im cold 2
arbuckbuster: tv said maybe snow for chridtmas
fancydancer-14: kewl
arbuckbuster: christmas
arbuckbuster: doink
fancydancer-14: hehehe
arbuckbuster: is yur cat outside
fancydancer_14: yep he is
fancydancer_14: lick what
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer_14: snow?
arbuckbuster: guess again
fancydancer-14: heheh ur thingy
fancydancer_14: k
arbuckbuster: yeppers fancydancer_14: yeah rite dad alwayz say fool me once shame on u fool me twice shame on me
arbuckbuster: whatever
fancydancer-14: u gonna send me little goat pics agin
fancydancer-14: and i thik ur cute
arbuckbuster: well dont be mean?
fancydancer 14: sorry
arbuckbuster: im soory to
fancydancer_14: k
arbuckbuster: didnt no kid had to get tonsils out
fancydancer_14: sorry she had 2 do that
arbuckbuster: you ever go on AOL?
fancydancer-14: if that weirdo aint ther i can
arbuckbuster: oh i forgot bout him
arbuckbuster: im gonna but a cam today
fancydancer_14: kewl
arbuckbuster: what do you wanna see?
fancydancer_14: u arbuckbuster:?
arbuckbuster: k
arbuckbuster: maybe u cant see on mac
fancydancerl4: probly but YIM has message bout cam at top of window and one guy did his cam on here
arbuckbuster: k
fancydancerl4: i clikd on yes and it was just plc of his thingy ROFL
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer_14: and it was teeny and stoopid lookin
fancydancerl4: i tole him he had teeny weinie and he left ROFL
arbuckbuster: dont u think a big one might hurt you??
fancydancer_14: dunno
arbuckbuster:? wanna find out?
fancydancer-14: mabe if dont hurt 2 bad
fancydancerl4: cousin did it and sad only hurt 4 minut
fancydancer_14: then felt gud
arbuckbuster: i hope ya like
fancydancer-14: probly will caus i lik u
arbuckbuster: i gotz to go
fancydancer_14: k
arbuckbuster: need to buy food and cam
fancydancer_14: cousin go hom 2morrow
arbuckbuster: kewl
fancydancer_14: TG
fancydancer_14: talk latr
fancydancer_14: bye
arbuckbuster: k
arbuckbuster: bye
fancydancer_14 [8:44:17 PM]: guess not oh well
fancydancer_14: hi whatcha doin
arbuckbuster:just being bored
fancydancer_14: me 2 -.
fancydancer_14: freezin
arbuckbuster: yeah, cold here sux
fancydancer_14: Im on aol 2 i tole that weirdo 2 go away
arbuckbuster: he wont listen
fancydancer_14: he hasnt bothr me 4 2 days
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer_14: he sent pic agin and omg hes weird lookin
arbuckbuster: me weird looking too
fancydancer_14: huh uh ur cute
fancydancer_14: brb I wanna show u
fancydancer_14: forgot ur aol name
arbuckbuster: SetOnMyShatft@aolcom
fancydancer_14: k
fancydancer_14: bad weirdo
fancydancer_14: u got mail
fancydancer_14: u got it?
arbuckbuster: brb
fancydancer_14: k
arbuckbuster: gross
fancydancerj4: ROFL i tole u so
fancydancer_14: he scard me
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer_14: u got baby goats yet
arbuckbuster: nope not yet
fancydancer_14: bet little goat is freezin
arbuckbuster: i think sooo
fancydancer_14: u got her inside or out
arbuckbuster: shes outside
arbuckbuster: but shes got fur
arbuckbuster: u got fur yet?
fancydancer_14: no no no is 2 freezin tv sad animal cud freeeze
fancydancerl4: Jot
arbuckbuster: maybe i close there door 2nite
fancydancer_14: can go inside?
arbuckbuster: nope
arbuckbuster: well,- inside of barn
arbuckbuster: not inside house
fancydancer_14: k thats kewl
fancydancer_14: id let in house
fancydaricerl4: lot
fancydancer_14: sleep on bed and keep warm
arbuckbuster: but they poop on floor
fancydancer_14: probly
fancydancer_14: my cat has littr box but wont use it wants out
fancydancer_14: u need get goat box
fancydancer_14: lot
fancydancer_14: i thot u b on computr this morn but u didnt
arbuckbuster: i was almost late this morning
fancydancer_14: oops lot
arbuckbuster: truck wood not start
arbuckbuster: had to charge battery
arbuckbuster: dammit
fancydancerl4: o no
arbuckbuster: I hate doing that
arbuckbuster: special when its sooo damn cold
fancydancer_14: ur fingers got freezy
arbuckbuster: yep
fancydancer_14: i hate cold
fancydancer_14: yep -
arbuckbuster: I know where 2 put them
fancydancerl4: pocket
arbuckbuster: nope
fancydancer_14: u got gloves rite
arbuckbuster: guess again
fancydancer_14: uh oh lol
arbuckbuster: arbuckbuster: yep
fancydancer_14: i got chili 4 diner
fancydancer_14: i just gotta go heat it
fancydancer_14: yum
fancydancer_14: u want sum?
arbuckbuster: sure. but it might make me fart?
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: ur silly
arbuckbuster: i just want something warm to hold
fancydancer_14: me 2
fancydancer_14: u get ur cam
arbuckbuster: i got I but it dont work
fancydancer y?
arbuckbuster: need to take it back to walmart
arbuckbuster: I duuno
fancydancer_14: boo
arbuckbuster: maybe get new I sat
fancydancer_14: kewl
fancydancer_14: is it big or little
fancydancer_14: i nevr seen one
arbuckbuster: hehehehe
arbuckbuster: oh the cam?
arbuckbuster: its small
arbuckbuster: like a tennis ball
fancydancer_14: kewl
arbuckbuster: maybe smaller
fancydancer_14: 0mg
arbuckbuster: ????
fancydancer_14: I thot wud b size of vid cam or sumthin like that
arbuckbuster: oh no
fancydancer_14: cost alot?
arbuckbuster: but i cant see you if u dont have one
arbuckbuster: $30
fancydancer_14: kewl
fancydancerl4: even if I hay one u mite not c me
fancydancer_14: u got one and i cant c u ROFL
arbuckbuster: I gotta go feed goats, pigs and chickens
arbuckbuster: will u b here later?
fancydancerl4: and i gotta go warm chili. yep i will if u will
arbuckbuster: k
fancydancer_14: k bye
arbuckbuster: bye
12-25 offline
arbuckbuster [off line 10:03:57 AM]: Merry X-Mas Fancy. Hope You're Having A
Wonderful Day.
arbuckbuster [off line 6:39:24 PM]: I Got My Cam But It Only Works Part Of
The Tyme?
fancydancer_14 [6:54:03 PM]: r u online
fancydancer_14 [6:55:56 PM]: merry xmas

arbuckbuster [8:31:49 PM]: hello
fancydancer_14 18:31:55 PM]:hi
arbuckbuster [8:32:09 PM]: how was x-mas?
fancydancer_14 [8:32:15 PM]: borin
arbuckbuster [8:32:23 PM]: mine 2
arbuckbuster [8:32:29 PM]: glad its over
fancydancer_14 [8:32:35 PM]: me 2
arbuckbuster (8:32:46 PM]: so whatcha doing?
fancydancer_14 [8:33:03 PM]: watchin movie my dog skip
arbuckbuster [8:33:11 PM]: kewl
fancydancer_14 [8:33:32 PM]: how cum evr time i send sumthin it says ur not onlin
arbuckbuster [8:34:06 PM]: cause im not
fancydancer_14 [8:34:25 PM]: huh?
arbuckbuster [8:34:42 PM]: i always say hi if im here silly
fancydancer_1 4 [8:34:50 PM]:lol
fancydancerl4 [8:35:35 PM]: now u like that
arbuckbuster [8:35:46 PM]:?
arbuckbuster [8:35:51 PM]: funny girl
fancydancer_14 [8:35:55 PM]: hehehe
arbuckbuster [8:35:57 PM]: I still see you
fancydancer_14 [8:36:21 PM]: beter
fancydancer_14 [8:36:39 PM]: what u got 4 xmas
arbuckbuster [8:36:46 PM]: clothes
arbuckbuster [8:36:50 PM]: boring
arbuckbuster [8:36:56 PM]: boring?
fancydancer_14 [8:37:00 PM]: me 2
Yahoo! Messenger [8:37:08 PM]: arbuckbuster has signed back in
fancydancer_14 [8:37:24 PM]: but got gameboy sp 2
fancydancerl4 [8:37:30 PM]: and 3 games
arbuckbuster [8:38:02 PM]: lucky you?
fancydancer_14 [8:38:08 PM]: yep
arbuckbuster [8:38:46 PM]: i kinda got my cam 2 work but its too dark to see very well
fancydancer_14 [8:38:57 PM]: turn on lite
fancydancerl4 [8:38:59 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster (8:39:15 PM]: lite is on
fancydancerl4 [8:39:21 PM]: o
arbuckbuster [8:40:09 PM]: wanna try it?
fancydancer_14 [8:40:17 PM]: yep
fancydancer_14 [8:41 :17 PM]: kewl
arbuckbuster [8:41:24 PM]: real dark huh?
fancydancer_14 [8:41:32 PM]: a little
arbuckbuster [8:41:49 PM]: i dont like it
arbuckbuster [8:41:52 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [8:41:59 PM]: ur cute tho
arbuckbuster [8:42:00 PM]: dont know whos watching
fancydancer_14 [8:42:07 PM]: fancy
arbuckbuster [8:42:22 PM]: maybe other people to
fancydancer_14 [8:42:35 PM]: can othr peeple c it 2
fancydancer_14 [8:42:41 PM]: i dont thik so
arbuckbuster [8:42:55 PM]: not sure
arbuckbuster (8:43:15 PM]: affraid to show my winkie?
fancydancer_14 [8:43:17 PM]: why it stopped
fancydancerl4 [8:43:25 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [8:43:29 PM]: i felt stupid
fancydancer_14 [8:43:34 PM]: lol ........
fancydancer_14 [8:43:44 PMwell sure didnt look stupid
arbuckbuster [8:44:06 PM]: just felt stupid i guess
fancydancer_14 [8:44:12 PM]: lol
fancydancer_14 [8:44:47 PM]: its kewl
fancydancer_14 [8:45:13 PM]: i was hopin i wud get one but i new i wudnt
arbuckbuster [8:46:14 PM]: if i turn my puter off my cam wont work when i turn it back on
fancydancer_14 [8:46:22 PM]: bummer
arbuckbuster [8:46:33 PM]: yeah, sux trying to get it 2 work
arbuckbuster [8:47:34 PM]: have fun with cousin?
fancydancer-14 [8:47:46 PM]: first day then wantd her go home
fancydancer_14 [8:47:52 PM]: 2 loud
arbuckbuster [8:47:59 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [8:48:19 PM]: nevr shuts the rck up
arbuckbuster [8:48:25 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [8:48:38 PM]: and shes born
fancydancer_14 [8:48:49 PM]: giggles all time
fancydancerj4 [8:48:54 PM]: YUKKKKKKKK
arbuckbuster [8:48:59 PM]: heheeheh
fancydancer-14 [8:49:09 PM]: stoopid
fancydancer_14 [8:49:20 PM]: was glad she went home
arbuckbuster [8:49:37 PM]: damn
arbuckbuster [8:49:43 PM]: u must not lick her
arbuckbuster [8:49:45 PM]: like
fancydancer_14 [8:49:53 PM]: either way
fancydancer_14 [8:49:57 PM]:lol
arbuckbuster [8:49:57 PM]: how was dad??
fancydancer_14 [8:50:01 PM]: gud
arbuckbuster [8:50:10 PM]: thats gud
fancydancerj4 [8:50:11 PM]: wish i livd with him
fancydancerj4 [8:50:21 PM]: but didnt stay
fancydancer_14 [8:50:30 PM]: bout an hour
fancydancer_14 18:51:40 PM]: whatcha doin
arbuckbuster [8:51:54 PM]: jus sitting here
arbuckbuster [8:52:09 PM]: im bored
arbuckbuster [8:52:13 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [8:52:15 PM]: just saw what u wrote
fancydancer_14 [8:52:17 PM]: lot
arbuckbuster [8:52:26 PM]: wrote in while ago silly
fancydancer-14 [8:52:35 PM]:just saw it
arbuckbuster [8:52:44 PM]: deer hunting starts again sunday
arbuckbuster [8:52:51 PM]: gun hunting i mean
fancydancerj4 [8:52:59 PM]: kewl
arbuckbuster [8:53:09 PM]: i hope i get another
fancydancer-14 [8:53:21 PM]: fun
fancydancer_14 [8:53:31 PM]: u must got big freezr
arbuckbuster [8:53:39 PM]: yep
arbuckbuster [8:54:15 PM]: i got 2 pigs almost ready 4 freezer
arbuckbuster [8:54:27 PM]: whatch doing fancy
fancydancer-14 [8:54:45 PM]: watchin movie and talkin 2 u lot
fancydancer_14 [8:55:03 PM]: and thikin bout talkin U outta killin little pig
fancydancer_14 [8:55:12 PM]: lot
arbuckbuster [8:55:27 PM]: mmmmmm. bacon
arbuckbuster [8:56:03 PM]: i gotta turn this off is bitch sees it
fancydancer_14 [8:56:15 PM]: hehehe
arbuckbuster [8:56:29 PM]: im scared again
fancydancer_14 [8:56:33 PM]: lot
arbuckbuster [8:56:44 PM]: im turning it off
fancydancer-14 [8:56:47 PM]: k
arbuckbuster [8:57:00 PM]: wanna see winkie?
fancydancer_14 [8:57:01 PM]: chicken
fancydancer-14 [8:57:04 PM]: lot
fancydancer_14 [8:57:39 PM]: ur silly ur wife gonna kill u dead if catch u lot
arbuckbuster [8:57:46 PM]: hehehe
arbuckbuster [8:57:48 PM]: yep
arbuckbuster [8:58:04 PM]: she my wonder why i have winkie out
arbuckbuster [8:58:09 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [8:58:11 PM]: ROFL
arbuckbuster [8:58:13 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [8:58:22 PM]:?
arbuckbuster [8:58:52 PM]: why dont you have pix in IM?
fancydancerl4 [8:59:12 PM]: in im?
arbuckbuster [8:59:23 PM]: you see mine ->
fancydancer_14 [8:59:32 PM]:no
arbuckbuster [8:59:56 PM]: you dont see squirrell drinking coke?
fancydancer_14 [9:00:18 PM]: no but sumtims its differnt on a mac
arbuckbuster [9:00:33 PM]: is there a button with a head on it?
fancydancer_14 [9:00:49 PM]: only ignore
arbuckbuster [9:00:56 PM]: hmmm
arbuckbuster [9:01:36 PM]: i dont got no ignore button
fancydancer_14 [9:02:00 PM]:on top next to invite button
arbuckbuster [9:02:20 PM]: i guess yurs is different
fancydancer_14 [9:02:27 PM]: ya
arbuckbuster [9:03:20 PM]: did family cum 4 christmas?
fancydancer_14 [9:03:27 PM]: no
arbuckbuster [9:03:43 PM]: i went to my mom & pops house for lunch
fancydancer_14 [9:03:57 PM]: kewl
arbuckbuster [9:03:58 PM]: seen my brother& sister today
arbuckbuster [9:04:15 PM]: my sister gotz BIG ones
arbuckbuster [9:04:18 PM]: wow
fancydancer_14 [9:04:22 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [9:04:26 PM]: i liked giving her hugs
fancydancer_14 [9:04:44 PM]: lol ur nautie
fancydancer_14 [9:04:47 PM]:lol
arbuckbuster [9:04:49 PM]:?
arbuckbuster [9:05:08 PM]: u need to upgrade yur yahoo
fancydancer_14 [9:05:21 PM]: why
fancydancer_14 [9:05:36 PM]: dunno no how
arbuckbuster [9:05:44 PM]: so we can play games ogether on instant message
fancydancer_14 [9:05:52 PM]:o
fancydancer_14 [9:06:36 PM]: lol just saw message
arbuckbuster [9:06:48 PM]: which I ?
fancydancer_14 [9:06:55 PM]: set on lap
arbuckbuster (9:07:06 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [9:07:43 PM]: kewl i dunno how do that
arbuckbuster [9:07:56 PM]: do what?
fancydancerj4 [9:08:32 PM]: make message on screen name
arbuckbuster [9:08:58 PM]: i could show you
fancydancerj4 [9:09:05 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 [9:09:30 PM]:I BET I NO!!!
arbuckbuster [9:09:47 PM]:??
arbuckbuster [9:10:15 PM]:see, you did it
fancydancerl4 [9:10:18 PM]: did i do lt
arbuckbuster [9:10:19 PM]: silly
arbuckbuster [9:10:26 PM]: ur silly
arbuckbuster [9:10:28 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer14 [9:10:30 PM]: yeaaaaa
fancydancerl4 [9:11:20 PM]: kewl
arbuckbuster [9:11:39 PM]: write sumpin nautie. i dare you
fancydancer_14 [9:11:47 PM]: scard
fancydancerl4 [9:13:05 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [9:13:06 PM]:?
arbuckbuster [9:13:17 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 (9:13:31 PM]:?
arbuckbuster [9:13:37 PM]:?
arbuckbuster [9:13:46 PM]:?
fancydancerl4 [9:15:03 PM]: im gettin sleepy
arbuckbuster [9:15:21 PM]: let me lay with you
arbuckbuster [9:15:31 PM]: i snore?
fancydancer_14 [9:15:34 PM]: k
fancydancerj4 [9:15:36 PM]: me 2
fancydancer_14 [9:15:38 PM]: ROFL
arbuckbuster [9:15:41 PM]: hehehe
arbuckbuster [9:16:05 PM]: wanna go out 4 lunch?
fancydancer_14 [9:16:27 PM]: yeah like sumbody wudnt tell mom lol
fancydancer_14 [9:16:44 PM]: and like ud realy show up
fancydancer_14 [9:16:53 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [9:17:04 PM]: i think wife gonna be gone sunday so ask tomorrow
fancydancer_14 19:17:27 PM]: mom off sunday
fancydancer_14 [9:17:33 PM]: and monday
arbuckbuster [9:17:41 PM]: i work mon
arbuckbuster [9:17:45 PM]: damit fancy
fancydancerj4 [9:17:50 PM]: hehehe
arbuckbuster [9:18:08 PM]: well i let u go 2 sleep
fancydancer_14 [9:18:28 PM]: i will dream bout u and little goat
arbuckbuster [9:18:37 PM]: ok
fancydancer_14 [9:18:38 PM]: and dead pig
arbuckbuster [9:18:41 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [9:18:42 PM]: ROFL
arbuckbuster [9:18:56 PM]: goodnite fancy
fancydancer_14 [9:19:02 PM]: gud nite sweet man
fancydancer_14 [9:19:04 PM]: bye
arbuckbuster [offline 12:23:59 PM]:you home?
fancydancer_14 [12:59:44 PM]:hi
arbuckbuster_14 [12:59:52 PM]:hiya sweety
fancydancer_14 [1:00:12 PM]:just woke up
arbuckbuster [1:00:26 PM]: sleepy head
fancydancer_14 [1:00:33 PM]: sick last nite throwin up yuk beter now
arbuckbuster [1:00:46 PM]: too much kandy
fancydancer_14 11:00:59 PM]:yep lol too much cookies
arbuckbuster 11:01:22 PM]:maybe you should lick my candy cane=))
fancydancer_14 [1:01:34 PM]: nautie boy
fancydancer_14 [1:01:38 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [1:01:56 PM]: i was watching myself in my cam and i dont got no hair
arbuckbuster [1:02:05 PM]: im bald?
fancydancer_14 [1:02:15 PM]: wherd it go. u had hair yestrday
arbuckbuster [1:02:36 PM]: i always wear a hat so you cant tell
fancydancer_14 11:03:07 PM]:my dad is kinda bald and all my uncles 2
arbuckbuster [1:03:34 PM]:im bored, no body is home
fancydancer_14 [1:04:05 PM]:me 2 mom went sumwher with bf not sure wher
arbuckbuster [1:04:16 PM]: everybody went shopping again
fancydancer_1411:04:25 PM]: omg
arbuckbuster [1:04:46 PM]: taking stuff back that dont tit i guess
fancydancer_14 11:05:02 PM]:mite b what shes doin
arbuckbuster [1:05:18 PM]:or looking for boyfriend
fancydancer_14 11:05:44 PM]:lot note said shes with bf
arbuckbuster [1:06:02 PM]:no silly, my wife))
fancydancer_14 [1:06:11 PM]:o hehehe
fancydancerl4 11:06:22 PM]: she hav bf?
arbuckbuster [1:06:28 PM]: i think so
fancydancer_1 4 [1:06:59 PM]:she liv with u in same house
arbuckbuster [1:07:08 PM]:yeppers
fancydancer_14 [1:07:29 PM]:bet she donthav bf
arbuckbuster [1:07:49 PM]:well she dont give me any
fancydancer_14 [1:08:00 PM]:headacke
fancydancer_14 (1:08:02 PM]:lol
arbuckbuster (1:08:11 PM]:always give me that
fancydancer_14 [1:09:32 PM]:whatcha doin
arbuckbuster [1:10:03 PM]:nuttin
arbuckbuster [1:10:29 PM]:whatcha doing
fancydancer_14 [1:10:48 PM]:eatiri chip and dip stuff lol
arbuckbuster [1:11:33 PM]:you gonna get sick again
fancydancer_14 [1:11:57 PM]:ewwww hope not
fancydancer_14 [1:13:27 PM]:nothin else eat cept cookies snak mix friut cake
fancydancer_14 [1:13:35 PM]:dontwanna cook stuff
arbuckbuster [1:13:51 PM]:why not
fancydancerl4 [1:14:27 PM]:dunno just rathr talk on computr i gues lot
arbuckhuster (1:14:57 PMJ:i would rather fool around
fancydancer_14 [1:15:22 PM]:i got big dam cat a present lol snaks
arbuckbuster [1:15:42 PM]:hehehe
fancydancerl4 [1:16:06 PM]:k u gonna fool around?
arbuckbuster [1:16:23 PM]:l am. hehehe
fancydancer_14 [1:16:37 PM]:lol
fancydancer_14 11:17:29 PM]:ur rite
fancydancer_14 [1:17:37 PM]:shudnt eat chips and dip
arbuckbuster [1:17:38 PM]:what?
arbuckbuster [1:17:42 PM]:oh
fancydancer_14 [1:17:51 PM]: wont do that no more
fancydancerl4 [1:17:53 PM]: lol
fancydancer_14 [1:18:52 PM]: u talkin 2 sumbody else
arbuckbuster [1:19:07 PM]: no silly
fancydancer_14 [1:19:11 PM]: k
arbuckbuster [1:19:29 PM]:trying to get dam cam working
fancydancerl4 [1:19:33 PM]: ROFL
fancydancer_14 11:20:07 PM]: brb
arbuckbuster [1:22:05 PM]: hehehe...u missing good show
fancydancer_14 [1:23:37 PM]: back what show
arbuckbuster [1:24:30 PM]: ever see a guy cum?
fancydancer_14 [1:24:35 PM]: no
arbuckbuster 11:24:40 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [1:24:49 PM]: lol
fancydancer_14 [1:25:09 PM]: u got cam on?
arbuckbuster 11:25:14 PM]: yep
fancydancer_14 [1:25:23 PM]: so whos watchin
arbuckbuster 11:25:29 PM]: nobody
fancydancer_14 11:25:36 PM]:lol
fancydancer_14 11:27:12 PM]:yoo hoo whatcha doin
arbuckbuster 11:28:01 PM]:u still there?
fancydancer_14 [1:28:03 PM]:now u see em now u dont
fancydancer_1411:28:11 PM]:lot
arbuckbuster [1:28:28 PM]:i guess i need a mac
fancydancerl4 [1:28:34 PM]: yepperz
arbuckbuster [1:28:44 PM]: and u need a cam
fancydancerl4 [1:28:51 PM]: yep
fancydancerl4 [1:29:10 PM]: mom dont thik so and dad said no 2 lol
arbuckbuster [1:29:21 PM]: thats 2 bad
fancydancer_14 11:29:27 PM]:yep
arbuckbuster [1:29:55 PM]: u can show everything wit cam
fancydancer 14 [1:30:10 PM]: but probly b tike urs and not work lol
fancydancer_14 11:31:00 PM]:omg whats that
arbuckbuster [1:31:07 PM]: im outside
fancydancer_1 4 [1:31:12 PM]:kewl
fancydancer_14 [1 :31 :23 PM]:u got computr outside?
arbuckbuster [1:31:43 PM]:nope, just at window
fancydancer_14 11:31:50 PM]:k
fancydancer_14 [1:32:04 PM]:whers little goat
arbuckbuster [1:32:20 PM]: other side of house
fancydancer_14 [1:32:27 PM]: k lot
fancydancer_14 [1:33:10 PM]: kewl
fancydancer_14 [1:33:19 PM]: now it says view cam agin
arbuckbuster [1:33:24 PM]: yah pretty neat
arbuckbuster [1:33:31 PM]: hmmm
fancydancer_14 [1:33:43 PM]: now quit
arbuckbuster [1:34:27 PM]: mine is working
fancydancer_14 [1:34:32 PM]: kewl
fancydany_4[1:34:48 PM]:turn back on
arbuckbuster [1:35:00 PM]: u wanna see
arbuckbuster [1:35:38 PMJ: did it work?
fancydancer_14 [1:35:45 PM]: well i can c that u nautie boy
arbuckbuster [1:35:57 PM]: is it still on?
fancydancer_14 [1:36:07 PM]: says stopped
arbuckbuster [1:36:12 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_1 [1:36:59 PM]: kewl
fancydancer_14 [1:38:17 PM]: whatcha doin
arbuckbuster [1:38:28 PM]: nuttin
fancydancer_14 [1:38:55PM]: i like ur cam
arbuckbuster [1:39:01 PM]: thanks
fancydancer_14 [1:39:17PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [1:41:33 PM]: i bet ur talkin 2 sumbody else
fancydancer_14 11:41:41 PM]:who u talkin 2
fancydancer_14 [1:41:51 PM]:tell truth
arbuckbuster [1:41:59 PM]:sorry, putting clothes in dryer
fancydancerl4 [1:42:04 PM]:lol
Yahool Messenger 11:42:36 PM]: arbuckbuster has signed out

From: fancydancer_14 To: arbuckbuster 12-29 offline sent to Clark
fancydancer_14: omg omg ur not gonna beleive whats hapened now. Were movin agin. im nevr gonna hav no freinds. now hafta go new skool agin. momz goin work in Rogers and goin 2 tak collage classes at nite. Dammit Fancy hates movin
fancydancer_14: talk 2 u later
fancydancer_14: shes suposed 2 look at apartment in pea ridge 2day. omg i hat this

arbuckbuster 15:50:43 PM]: Hello
arbuckbuster 15:50:45 PM]: ??
fancdancer_14 [:50:52 PM]: i still gotta go fix cheerios. Iol
arbuckbuster (5:51:12 PM): how hard could it be to make cheerios?
arbuckbuster (5:51:23 PM]: got milk?
fancydancer_l4 [5:51:30 PM]: was talkin 2 dad and hes pissd caus were movin agin,
fancydancer_l4 [5:51:37 PM]: got mik yep
arbuckbuster 15:51:42 PM): hehehe
fancydancer_14 [5:52:06 PM]: brb gotta get cheerios and go pee then b back. dont leave
fancydancer_14 15:52:19 PM]: u wont leave?
arbuckbuster [5:52:26 PM]: okay
fancydancer_14 [5:52:29 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 (5:52:30 PM]: brb
fancydancer_14 [5:56:08 PM]: back
arbuckbuster 15:56:19 PM]: missed ya
fancydancer_14 [5:56:30 PM]: missed u 2
fancydancer_14 [5:56:48 PM]: what u flxd 4 dinner
arbuckbuster 15:57:01 PM]: pizza hut
fancydancer_14 (5:57:06 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 (5:57:20 PM]: is wife home
arbuckbuster [5:57:39 PM): yep but not in this room
fancydancer_14 (5:57:52 PM]: b carful
arbuckbuster [5:57:55 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 [5:58:01 PM]: dont wanna get in truble
arbuckbuster [5:58:25 PM): wanna see me nude on cam?
arbuckbuster [5:58:35 PM]: just kidding))
fancydancer_14 [5:53:36 PM]: yea
arbuckbuster 15:58:47 PM]: not when she is home
arbuckbuster [5:58:55 PM]: maybe later
fancydancer_14 [5:58:56 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 [5:59:05 PM]: what time she gets
home arbuckbuster [5:59:16 PM]: about 4:30
fancydancer_14 [5:59:31 PM]: k
arbuckbuster [5:59:32 PM]: but she sleeps in real late in the mornings
fancydancer_14 [5:59:44 PM]: kewl but ur alwayz late lol
arbuckbuster [5:59:44 PM]: shes lazy azz woman
fancydancer_14 (5:59:49 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [6:00:00 PM]: see goat in plc?
arbuckbuster [6:00:22 PM]: do you have plc on IM?
arbuckbuster [6:00:26 PM]: hello?
fancydancer_14 (6:00:28 PM]: no
fancydancer_14 [6:00:34 PM]: hav no plc on im
arbuckbuster [6:00:35 PM]: i forgot
arbuckbuster [6:00:51 PM]: well it is pic of momma goat
arbuckbuster [6:00:56 PM]: well, not momma yet
fancydancer_14 [6:01:15 PM]: email 2 me
arbuckbuster [6:01:18 PM]: i cant wait 4 u to move
arbuckbuster [6:01:25 PM]: i think you saw it b4
fancydancer_14 (6:01:26 PM]: why is very far
arbuckbuster [6:01:38 PM]: but i can sleep over
fancydancer_14 16:01:43 PM]: u kno where pea ridge is
arbuckbuster [6:01:50 PM]: i looked on map
arbuckbuster [6:01:53 PM]: so yes
fancydancer_14 (6:82:00 PM]: kewl
arbuckbuster [16:02:20 PM]: now you need to tell me street name
arbuckbuster [6:02:36 PM]: are u going there friday?
fancydancer_14 [6;02:49 PM]; yep probly
arbuckbuster [6:02:51 PM]: what is yur real name?????
fancjdancer_14 [6:02:54 PM]: fancy
arbuckbuster [6:02:58 PM]: no
fancydancer_14 [6:03:04 PM]: what u mean no
arbuckbuster [6:03:12 PM]: no its not real name
fancydancer_14 [6:03:20 PM]: xcuse me?
arbuckbuster [6:03:22 PM]: no
arbuckbuster [6:03:34 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [6:03:39 PM]: francis kay ellis
fancydancer_14 [6:03:47 PM]: now u happy caus is stupid name
arbuckbuster [6:03:56 PM]: nice name
fancydancer_14 [6:04:01 PM]: not
fancydancer_14 [6:04:11 PM]: stupid name
arbuckbuster [6:04:15 PM]: ? not
fancydancer_14[16:04:34 PM]: i hate it and evrybody calls me fancy
arbuckbuster [6:04:53 PM]: fancy is good too
arbuckbuster [6:05:13 PM]: will u tell me street name tomorrow?
fancydancer_14 [6:05:19 PM]: yep why
arbuckbuster [6:05:22 PM]: kewl
fancydancer_14 (6:03:33 PM]: why
arbuckbuster [6:05:39 PM]: u got truck 2 move stuff?
arbuckbuster [6:05:47 PM]: just curious
fancydancer_14 [6:06:00 PM]: moms bf alredy rnovd sum
arbuckbuster [6:06:04 PM]: im not the boggy man
fancydancer_14 [6:06:09 PM]: hehehe
arbuckbuster [6:06:10 PM]: where he live?
fancydancer_14 [6:06:15 PM]: eureka
arbuckbuster [6:06:20 PM]: too bad
arbuckbuster [6:06:23 PM]: soo sad
arbuckbuster [6:06:39 PM]: :-<
fancydancer_14 16:06:52 PM]: scard mom will end up movin him in with us.
fancydancer_14 [6:07:12 PM]: hes nice but dont wanna live with him
arbuckbuster [6:08:02 PM]: maybe they get hitched
arbuckbuster [6:08:07 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [6:08:10 PM]: omg dont evn say that
arbuckbuster [6:08:15 PM]: sorry
fancydancer_14 [6:08:31 PM]: make me throw up my cheerios
fancydancer_14 [6:08:34 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [6:08:36 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [6:03:55 PM]: he wears a tie and looks like a nerd
arbuckbuster (6:09:02 PM]: did I tell u i got ring in my nipple?
fancydancer_14 [6:09:12 PM]: u do not
arbuckbuster [6:09:18 PM]: well I do
fancydancer_14 [6:09:23 PM]: huh uh
arbuckbuster [6:09:29 PM]: yeppers
fancydancer_14 [6:09:32 PM]: turn on cam and lernme c
arbuckbuster [6:09:42 PM]: cant rite now
fancydancer_14 [6:09:52 PM]: not puttin no ring in my nipple ewwwww
fancydancer_14 [6:10:04 PM]: why u do that
arbuckbuster [6:10:08 PM]: i duuno
fancydancer_14 16:10:11 PM]: omg must hurt
arbuckbuster [6:10:12 PM]: crazy
arbuckbuster [6:10:17 PM]: not anymore
fancydancer_14 [6:10:36 PM]: dammit fancy is crazy but not THAT crazy arbuckbuster [6:10:46 PM]: only hurts when i take a bath and the towel gets stuck on it
fancydancer_14 [6:10:49 PM]: makes my nipple hurt to thik bout it
arbuckbuster [6:10:56 PM]: oh yeah, fancy is crazy
arbuckbuster [6:11:09 PM]: i wan na see them
arbuckbuster [6:11:11 PM]: hehehe
fncydencec13 [6: 11:13 PM): lol
fancydancer_14 [6:11:23 PM]: wanna c ur ring
arbuckbuster (6:11:38 PM]: u can see soon
fancydancer_14 (6:11:43 PM): why u just ddnt get an earring
arbuckbuster (6:12:02 PM]: didnt want everbod to see
fancydancer_14 [6:12:08 PM): hehehe
arbuckbuster [6:12:30 PM]: did mom quit job?
fancydancer_14 [6:13:07 PM): yep she put app in for this job a month ago and got hird.
fancydancer_14 [16:13:134 PM]: starts 2morrow
arbuckbuster [6:13:43 PM]: in eureka?
fancydancer_14 [6-13:50 PM]: no silly in rogers
arbuckbuster [6:13:55 PM]: hehehe
arbuckbuster [6:14:07 PM]: u staying in pea ridge while she works?
arbuckbuster [6:14:20 PM]: pr = pea ridge
fancydancer_14 [8:14:21 PM]: well ya where u thik i stay
arbuckbuster [6:14:33 PM]: i dunno
fancydancer_14 (6:14:38 PM]: silly
arbuckbuster [6:14:41 PM]: where
arbuckbuster [6:14:42 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 (6:14:49 PM): pr
arbuckbuster [6:14:49 PM]: eureka??
arbuckbuster [6:14:53 PM]: really
fancydancer_14 [6:15:06 PM]: stay in pr not gonna llv in eureka no more arbuckbuster [6:15:17 PM]: on friday
fancydancer_14 [6:15:54 PM]: yep. I gotta sleep on floor 2nite in sleepin bag. then 2morrow will go 2 new place
arbuckbuster [6:16:03 PM]: no way
fancydancer_14 [6:16:22 PM]: way moms bf gonna finish movin stuff. not much left arbuckbuster [6:16:26 PM]: is sleeping bag big enough for 2 people? fancydancer_14 [6:16:36 PM]: hehehe no
fancydancer_14 [6:16:47 PM): my bed is tho i got big bed
arbuckbuster [6:16:56 PM]: so you gonna be in pr fnday when she is working? fancydancer_14 [6:17:39 PM]: irn
not sur what time but i thik im gonna b ther 2morrow sumtime sat for sure
fancydancer_14 [8:17:45 PM]. mom dont tell me nothin
Yahoo! Messenger [6:17:55 PM]: arbuckbuster has signed out
arbuckbuster [6:18:32 PM]: dammit, i got booted
arbuckbuster [6:18:46 PM]: u still there?
fancydancer_14 [6:18:54 PM]: wonderd wher u went
arbuckbuster [6:19:27 PM]: i didnt want 2 leave
arbuckbuster [6:19:28 PM]: so what about friday?
fancydancer_14 [6:19:40 PMJ: what about sat
arbuckbuster [6:19:56 PM]: will u be home alone in pr on friday?
arbuckbuster [6:20:20 PM]: sounds scary
fancydancer_14 [6:20:24 PM]: not sure. scard momz bf will b there
arbuckbuster [6:20:25 PM]: =))
fancydancer_14 [6:20:44 PM]: he shudnt b there sat tho
arbuckbuster [6:20:48 PM]: well tell them you going for walk
arbuckbuster [6:20:59 PM]: is there a store?
fancydancer_14 [6:21:00 PM]: 2morrow?
arbuckbuster [6:21:04 PM]: yes
arbuckbuster [6:21:55 PM]: who you talking 2?
fancydancer_14 [6:21:58 PM]: ur askin ME if therez a store? how wud i kno I saw sum stores but not sure wher they r or how 2 get ther i kno how 2 get 2 ball field fancydancer_14 [6:22:12 PM]: im talkin 2 u and only u
arbuckbuster [6:22:21 PM]: k
arbuckbuster [6:22:37 PM]: will you have computer friday?
arbuckbuster [6:22:43 PM]: how will we talk?
fancydancer_14 [6:22:49 PM]: shud have it
fancydancer_14 [6:23:54 PM]: whatcha don
arbuckbuster [6:24:04 PM]: thinking bout you
fancydancer_14 [6:24:10 PM]: kewl
arbuckbuster [6:24:14 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 (6:24:25 PM]: ?
arbuckbuster [6:24:33 PM]:?
arbuckbuster [6:24:42 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 (6:24:47 PM]: ?
arbuckbuster [6:24:59 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 (6:24:25 PM]: ?
fancydancer_14 (8:25:12 PMJ: u hafta b home when wife gets hom?
arbuckbuster [6:25:21 PM]: no
fancydancer_14 [6:25:29 PM]: u hafta babysit
arbuckbuster [6:25:43 PM]: babysit you arbuckbuster [6:25:45 PM]: hehehe fancydancer_14 [6:25:50 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [6:25:52 PM]: whatcha thinking
arbuckbuster [6:25:57 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [6:26:11 PM]: thinkin I wud like 2 c u 2morrow for reel
arbuckbuster [6:26:17 PM]:?
arbuckbuster [6:26:25 PM): 2morrow is friday
fancydancer_14 [6:26:34 PM]: I kno
arbuckbuster [6:26:37 PM]: ?great!!
fancydancer_14 (6:27:29 PM]: if I rid ovr with moms bf when he taks stuff at
noon, I cud just go running caus they kno I do that
arbuckbuster [6:27:47 PM]: kewl beans
arbuckbuster [6:28:07 PM]: which way ya running?
fancydancer_14 [6:28:13 PM]: u bring can whip creme and fancy will make a mess
fancydancer_14 16:28:23 PM]: ?
arbuckbuster [6:28:24 PM]: yee haw?
fancydancer_14 [6:28:52 PM]: dunno which way. is ballpark safe?
arbuckbuster [6:29:06 PM): i dunno
fancydancer_14 [6:29:16 PM): didnt look like nobody around i dunno eithr fancydancer_14 [6:29:30 PM]: I hate movin and not kno nothin
arbuckbuster [6:29:39 PM]: how far is ballpark from house?
fancydancer_14 [6:29:55 PM]: waz just getting to kno what wuz here.
fancydancer_14 [6:30:13 PM]: i cud c it from apartment down road
arbuckbuster [6:30:28 PM]: can u IM me friday when you get there? fancydancer_14 [6:30:40 PM]: at noon
arbuckbuster [6:30:50 PM]: is that 12:00?
fancydancer_14 [6:30:55 PM]: ya
arbuckbuster [6:31:04 PM]: gosh i hope i am here
arbuckbuster [6:31:09 PM]: dont wanna miss ya
arbuckbuster [6:31:13 PM]: ?
fancydancer_14 [6:31:17 PM]: u gotta b at work
arbuckbuster [6:31:24 PM]: no
fancydancer_14 [6:31:36 PM]: u dont hafta work 2morrow
arbuckbuster 16:31:41 PM]: i will be home but might forget
arbuckbuster 16:31:50 PM]: i will work on sat
arbuckbuster [6:31:53 PM]: or sun
fancydancer_14 [6:31:53 PM]: u wud forget fancy
arbuckbuster [6:32:06 PM]: ? i hope not
arbuckbuster [6:32:13 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [6:32:16 PM]: omg
arbuckbuster [6:32:20 PM]:??
fancydancer_14 (6:32:33 PM]: scard ull 4get me
arbuckbuster [6:32:43 PM]: i dont think soooooooo
fancydancer_14 (6:33:12 PM]: if meet u at ballpark can we go sumwher safe arbuckbuster [6:33:24 PM]: yes
fancydancer_14 [6:34:40 PM]: i will tell u what time in mornin aftr find out when hes cumin to pick up stuff. wont take long caus not much left can put in his pickup arbuckbuster [6:34:56 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 [6:35:18 PM]: kewl
fancydancer_14 [6:36:48 PM]: I wont hav phone yet to use computr so will just tell u in morn what time ill b ther
arbuckbuster [6:37:04 PM]: okay
fancydancer_14 [6:37:19 PM]: u bringin whip creme? ROFL
arbuckbuster [6:37:28 PM]: ?
fancydancer_14 &6:37:37 PM]: I uv lickin whip creme
arbuckbuster 16:37:45 PM]: ummrnrnmm
fancydancer_14 [6:37:53 PM]: kewl
arbuckbuster [6:38:10 PM]: i better go 2 store now
arbuckbuster [6:38:12 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [6:38:16 PM]: hehee
fancydancer_14 [6:33:39 PM]: did that I time
fancydancer_14 [6:38:50 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [6:38:52 PM]: lick whip cream?
fancydancer_14 [6:33:58 PM]: yep did
fancydancer_14 (6:39:10 PM]: wasnt my idea but was fun
fancydancer_14 [6:39:36 PM]: but realy made a mess ROFL
arbuckbuster [6:40:26 PM]: sorry again
fancydancer_14 [6:40:30 PM]: yoo hoo whatcha doin
arbuckbuster [6:40:39 PM]: nuthng
arbuckbuster [6:40:49 PM]: wishing i was licking
fancydancer_14 [6:40:54 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [6:41:14 PM]: i better get off here. i keep getting disconnnected fancydancer_14 (6:41:27 PM]: k talk 2 u 2morrow in mornin
arbuckbuster [6:41:36 PM]: someone is prbably calling
fancydancer_14 (6:41:38 PM]: and b4 we leave
arbuckbuster [6:41:44 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [6:41:58 PM]: k bye sweet man ill let u kno what time were leavin arbuckbuster [6:42:10 PM]: kewl
arbuckbuster [6:42:19 PM): talk wit ya in the morning around ???
fancydancer_14 [6:42:41 PM]: c u 2morrow talk bout early if ur here. b4 noon for sure
fancydancer_14 (6:43:02 PM]: if ur not on ill leave a message on YIM
arbuckbuster [6:43:02 PM]: 7am?? 8am?? when??
fancydancer_14 (6:43:10 PM]: 7
arbuckbuster [6:43:12 PM]: that will be good
fancydancer_14 (6:43:17 PM]: k
arbuckbuster [6:43:30 PM]: Iuv ya?
fancydancer_14 (6:43:39 PM]: luv ya 2
arbuckbuster [6:43:41 PM]: good nite
fancydancer_14 [6:43:46 PM]: gud nite
arbuckbuster [6:43:48 PM): bye
fancydancer_14 [8:43:52 PM]: bye

12/31/2004 8:32:12 AM Eastern Standard Time
fancydancer_14: hehehe
arbuckbuster: gud morning
fancydancer_14: gud mornin
fancydancer_14: just kinda awake lol
arbuckbuster: hehehe
arbuckbuster: i been washing dishes
fancydancer_14: yuk
arbuckbuster: and clothes
arbuckbuster: someone gotta clean around here
fancydancer_14: 2 yuks
fancydancer_14: wife dont clean?
arbuckbuster: not much
arbuckbuster: lazy azz woman i told you
fancydancer_14: she hav hard job?
fancydancer_14: mabe tired
arbuckbuster: maybe lazy azz woman
fancydancer_14: my mom is 2
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer_14: I hafta do all house stuff
fancydancer_14: i hate it
arbuckbuster: that sux
arbuckbuster: but i know the feeling
fancydancer_14: u got whip creme?
fancydancer_14: hehehe
arbuckbuster: no?
fancydancer_14: bummer
arbuckbuster: suppose to rain 2day i think
fancydancer_14: suposd 2 rain yestrday
fancydancer_14: not 2day
arbuckbuster: oh
fancydancer_14: so can mov stuff 2day
arbuckbuster: yep
fancydancer_14: mr. nerd said so
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer_14: and he knos evrything
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: hes sucha dweeb
arbuckbuster: yeah rite
fancydancer_14: thik mom is nuts
arbuckbuster: maybe
fancydancer_14: mom sad he partys gud and dances gud
fancydancer_14: I thik hes a nerd
arbuckbuster: maybe he has lots of $$
fancydancer_14: thik so sells reel estat
arbuckbuster: then why dont he sell mom a house??
fancydancer_14: why dont he GIVE mom a house
fancydancer_14: lol
arbuckbuster: lol
fancydancer_14: she wants house out of town
fancydancer_14: not in town
arbuckbuster: i like out of town 2
fancydancer_14: mabe hes just a smart nerd ROFL
fancydancer_14: but suposed 2 bring me sumthin 2 eat. wish hed hurry arbuckbuster: brb clothes are dry
fancydancer_14: k
arbuckbuster: im back
arbuckbuster: only 3 pair of jeans
fancydancer_14: mom left for work @ 5:30 and sad bf wud bring me Mcdonalds for brekfast
arbuckbuster: i ate left over pizza
fancydancer_14: i want sum 2
fancydancer_14: im hungry
arbuckbuster: have meatlovers and some pepporoni
fancydancer_14: yum
fancydancer_14: I lik both dont lik suprem
arbuckbuster: i do
fancydancer_14: I Ilk 2 get peperoni and mushrum
arbuckbuster: I luv all pizza
arbuckbuster: lol
fancydancer_14: xtra cheeze yum
fancydancer_14: hafta sit in floor and do computr no chairs lol
arbuckbuster: lot
fancydancer_14: my butt hurts arbuckbuster: my floor is cold
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: u realy got a ring in ur nipple
arbuckbuster: yep
fancydancer_14: I wanna c
arbuckbuster: i wood show on cam but I look like shit and house is mess fancydancer_14: u cud nevr look Ilk shit
fancydancer_14: ur 2 kewt
fancydancer_14: big dam cat cant unnerstand why no furnitur 2 lay on arbuckbuster: I got man boobs
arbuckbuster: lol
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: i got no boobs
arbuckbuster: lol
arbuckbuster: kinda dark in house 2day
fancydancer_14: what is that
fancydancer_14: computr cord
arbuckbuster: mouse cable
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: omg u reely do
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer_14: wanna c agin
fancydancer_14: and dont hurt?
arbuckbuster: nope
fancydancer_14: that is so kewl
arbuckbuster: feels good to pull on it
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer_14: reely
fancydancer_14: duz reely feel gud
arbuckbuster: sorta
fancydancer_14: what is that
arbuckbuster: nuttin
fancydancer_14: lot
arbuckbuster: i put hat in front of cam
fancydancer_14: wanna c ring agin
arbuckbuster: dont want u see dirty house
fancydancer_14: dont car i wanna c ring agin
fancydancer_14: i32o
arbuckbuster: see it
fancydancer_14: 132o
fancydancer_14: kewl had flngr on wrong keys
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: wanna c u silly
arbuckbuster: me?
fancydancer_14: well ya
arbuckbuster: i have bad hair day
fancydancer_14: huh uh
arbuckbuster: u need get a cam
fancydancer_14: i kno
fancydancer_14: whats that
arbuckbuster: hat again
arbuckbuster: lol
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: momz not gonna get me cam
arbuckbuster: sorry
fancydancer_14: I kno me 2 said HELL NO YOU CANT HAVE A WEB CAM FANCY
fancydancer_14: that was a clue that I wasnt gonna get 1
fancydancer_14: lol
arbuckbuster: lol
fancydancer_14: i dont wanna move
fancydancer_14: im scard
arbuckbuster: yaeh i know
arbuckbuster: i only moved like 3 times
fancydancer_14: wher u moved
arbuckbuster: along time ago
fancydancer_14: I movd from tulsa to here now to pea ridge
fancydancer_14: and im only 13 shud still b in tulsa with dad
fancydancer_14: by time im 18 mom will probly move 100 times
arbuckbuster: dam
fancydancer_14: get hat off cam
arbuckbuster: I tuned it off silly
fancydancer_14: oops
fancydancer_14: kewl
arbuckbuster: everything in slow motion
fancydancer_14: i kno
arbuckbuster: feel drunk
fancydancer_14: its kewl 2 watch tho
fancydancer_14: smile ur on candid cam ROFL
arbuckbuster: I probly am
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer_14: hehehe
fancydancer_14: i can c urshirt
fancydancer_14: and ur arm
fancydancer_14: but nothin else
arbuckbuster: hehehe
arbuckbuster: good
fancydancer_14: chicken
fancydancer_14: lol
arbuckbuster: maybe
arbuckbuster: whatcha doing
fancydancer_14: watchin ur arm
fancydancer_14: lol
arbuckbuster: what ya wanna see?
fancydancer_14: u
arbuckbuster: im chicken
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: ur not reely chicken caus u showed me ur thingy
fancydancer_14: lol
arbuckbuster: no i didnt
fancydancerj 4: hehehe
arbuckbuster: when?
fancydancer_14: the othr day
fancydancer-14: silly
arbuckbuster: nope
arbuckbuster: i think u asked 2 see it
fancydancer_14: i probly wud have if I thot about it.
fancydancer_14: i gonna c it 2day rite
arbuckbuster: maybe
fancydancer_14: and ur gonna buy me a can of whip creme and ill show u sumthin
fancydancer_14: gonna lick it off
arbuckbuster: are u gonna get me in trouble 2day?
fancydancer_14: hehehe
fancydancer_14: fancy aint gonna do nothin 2 get grounded agin
fancydancer-14: cant get caut
arbuckbuster: maybe you get me put in jail
fancydancer_14: why wud I do that ur so silly
fancydancer_14: what did it say by ur name i missd it
fancydancer_14: just saw it go away
arbuckbuster: something bout turning cam off
fancydancer_14: oh
fancydancer_14: and u promisd u wud nevr evr tell nobody
fancydancer_14: and u beter not
arbuckbuster: but what if this is a trick?
fancydancer_14: u tricked me b4 r u sayin ur trickin me agin
fancydancer_14: if u r just say so
arbuckbuster: im not fooling u
fancydancer_14: pleeeze just say so
fancydancer-14: u sad that b4
arbuckbuster: when u going to pr?
fancydancer_14: dunno yet. mr. nerd isnt her with brekfast. i thik bout noon tho arbuckbuster: what color clothes will u b wearing?
fancydancer_14: me and big dam cat r realy 2 go
fancydancer_14: eithr jeans or sweats
arbuckbuster: i need to know what color
arbuckbuster: so i can find u
fancydancer_14: if im at ball park runnin u can find me. ill be the only one
ther. lol i dunno what i can find in boxes. probly gray ill put on a gray
arbuckbuster: k
fancydancer-14: if cant find my gray hoodie ill wear navy blu one
fancydancer_14: i gotta unpack all my cloths and mom shoved em in trash bags arbuckbuster: maybe if you running naked i can find you easy
fancydancer-14: lol yea im the one with no boobs bouncin
arbuckbuster: lol
fancydancer_14: i cant stay gone long caus hafta unpack stuff
arbuckbuster: k
arbuckbuster: but no whip cream - we aint doing that 2day
fancydancer-14: why no whip creme
arbuckbuster: not 2 day
fancydancer_14: k whatevr
arbuckbuster: ? dont be mad
fancydancer_14: not mad is just fun
arbuckbuster: k
fancydancer-14: tastes gud
arbuckbuster: hehehe
fancydancer-14: when hook up cam do u hafta put program stuff in computr?
arbuckbuster: yes
fancydancer_14: bummer
arbuckbuster: mine dont work like suppose 2
arbuckbuster: if I unplug cam its hard to work again
fancydancer_14: lookd like was workin
arbuckbuster: it does work so i dont unplug no more
fancydancer_14: lol
fancydancer_14: u hafta work 2morrow
arbuckbuster: only a few hours on sat or sun
arbuckbuster: either day
arbuckbuster: unless u put me in jail 2day
fancydancer_14: mom works sat and sun
fancydancer_14: quit sayin that
arbuckbuster: she works alot
fancydancer_14: 5 days
fancydancer_14: and sumtimes overtime caus needs money
arbuckbuster: I dont get payed overtime
fancydancer_14: will get more money after goes college
arbuckbuster: kewl
fancydancer_14: I kno
fancydancer_14: dont make very much
arbuckbuster: me neither
fancydancer_14: dad makes money but dont share much and not at all with mom lol
arbuckbuster: can i take picture of you 2day?
fancydancer_14: caus she had bf and he kickd her out
fancydancer_14: u wanna take plc of me?
arbuckbuster: yep
fancydancer_14: k
arbuckbuster: kewl
fancydancer_14: u gonna take naked plc or cloths plc
arbuckbuster: whatever
fancydancer_14: hehehe
arbuckbuster: what u want?
fancydancer_14: kewl will u send me plc on email
arbuckbuster: yes
fancydancer_14: mabe just underware plc
fancydancer_14: scard 2 tak naked plc i thik
fancydancer_14: i hafta wear pretty stuff
arbuckbuster: clothes on is okay
fancydancer_14: k
arbuckbuster: I mean like plc of face silly
fancydancer_14: u hav pic of my face
arbuckbuster: i erase a long time ago
fancydancer_14: want me send agin
arbuckbuster: didnt want nobody to find it
arbuckbuster: okay send again
fancydancerj4: k
fancydancer_14: k brb send
arbuckbuster at aol?
fancydancer_14: or setonmyshaft
arbuckbuster: arbuckbuster
fancydancer_14: k u want face pic rite
Yahoo! Messenger:
arbuckbuster has signed out

arbuckbuster: hey fancy
fancydancer_14: hey sweet man
arbuckbuster: sorry i missed u this morning
fancydancer_14: and wher were u at 8 this mom after tellin me 2 b here lol arbuckbuster: i went to work earlier than i planned
fancydancer_14: I was here at 5
arbuckbuster: oh no
fancydancer_14: oh yeah
arbuckbuster: u must be sleepy by now
fancydancer_14: nope
fancydancer_14: took nap
fancydancer_14: fell asleep watchin tv ROFL
arbuckbuster: im cooking burgers on the grill rite now
fancydancer_14: dammit i want some
arbuckbuster: i have an extra
arbuckbuster: dont think wife would mind
fancydancer_14: wish i cud
arbuckbuster: they are actually DEER Burgers
arbuckbuster: yummy
fancydancer_14: oh yum
arbuckbuster: i guess u got school tomorrow
fancydancerj4: mustard onion pickles cheese drool ....
arbuckbuster: dont forget the bacon & jalapenos
fancydancer_14: oh yum but only little jalapeno caus cant eat 2 hot fancydancer_14: u gonna put bacon? dammit
arbuckbuster: yeppers
arbuckbuster: i need to go filp burgers
fancydancer_14: k
arbuckbuster: but I gotta turn this off so mean ol wife dont see IM
fancydancer_14: k
arbuckbuster: ill catch ya later
fancydancer_14: k
arbuckbuster: maybe i give you a show
fancydancer_14: kewl
Yahoo! Messenger: arbuckbuster has signed out

arbuckbuster [7:13:46 PM]: Hello Fancy
fancydancer_14 [7:13:59 PM]: hey
fancydancer_14 [7:14:09 PM]: u already ate
arbuckbuster [7:14:13 PM]: yep
fancydancer_14 [714:22 PM]: bet was beter than cheerios
arbuckbuster [7:14:23 PM]: and washed dishes
arbuckbuster [7:14:34 PM]: seems like that is all you eat
fancydancer_14 [7:14:42 PM]: omg ur a handy man
arbuckbuster [7:14:47 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [7:14:55 PM]: i kno but cheerios is cheap lol
arbuckbuster [7:15:13 PM]: do you have to buy them yurselve?
fancydancer_14 [7:15:27 PM]: only sumtimes
fancydancer_14 [7:15:42 PM]: but hav milk now
fancydancer_14 [7:15:48 PM]: yippee
arbuckbuster [7:15:52 PM]: whoo hoo
arbuckbuster [7:16:01 PM]: beats
eating eatin with water
fancydancer_14 [7:16:08 PM]: im glad u got back
arbuckbuster [7:16:13 PM]: why?
fancydancer_14 [7:16:18 PM]: caus i missd u
arbuckbuster [7:16:23 PM]: awwww
arbuckbuster [7:16:27 PM]: thats sweet
arbuckbuster [7:16:34 PM]:?
fancydancer_14 [7:16:38 PM]: i was playin jewel quest at arbuckbuster [7:16:47 PM]: sounds neat
arbuckbuster [7:16:56 PM]: ive never been there
fancydancer_14 [7:17:04 PM]: its free
arbuckbuster [7:17:08 PM]: kewl
arbuckbuster [7:17:19 PM]: I usually go to
arbuckbuster [7:17:26 PM]: its pretty funny
fancydancer_14 [7:17:28 PM]: that is games?
arbuckbuster [7:17:33 PM]: no silly
arbuckbuster [7:17:41 PM]: gross pictures of stuff
fancydancer_14 [7:17:42 PM]: waht
fancydancer_14 [7:17:49 PM]: oh
arbuckbuster [7:18:06 PM]: mans head cut off by helicopter blades
arbuckbuster [7:18:12 PM]: yuck
fancydancer_14 [7:18:18 PM]: gross
arbuckbuster [7:18:25 PM]: yeppers
fancydancer_14 [7:18:44 PM]: give me nitemares
arbuckbuster [7:18:52 PM]: i saw a guy with a bottle up his rump
arbuckbuster [7:18:55 PM]: hehehe
arbuckbuster [7:19:00 PM]; thats gotta hurt
fancydancer_14 [7:19:02 PM]: omg
fancydancer_14 [7:19:39 PM]: my cousin sent me a budlite thing today wanna c
arbuckbuster [7:19:46 PM]: sure
fancydancer_14 [7:19:59 PM]: hafta email it where
arbuckbuster [7:20:07 PM]: here is ok
fancydancer_14 [7:20:17 PM]: at yahoo?
arbuckbuster [7:20:21 PM]; yep
fancydancer_14 [7:20:28 PM]: brb
arbuckbuster [7:20:30 PM]: or AOL. i dont care
arbuckbuster [7:20:34 PM]; k
arbuckbuster [7:21:26 PM];?
fancydancer_14 [7:21:34 PM]: lol brb
arbuckbuster [7:21:37 PM]:?
arbuckbuster [7:21:46 PM]; just checking out my smiles
arbuckbuster [7:21:56 PM]: (icon)
arbuckbuster [7:22:04 PM]: (icon)
arbuckbuster [7:22:10 PM]; (icon)
arbuckbuster [7:22:25 PM]: (icon)
arbuckbuster[7;22:31PM]; (icon)
arbuckbuster [7:22:42 PM]: (icon icon icon)
fancydancer_14 [7:23:15 PM]: its sendin rite now says in 4 minutes
arbuckbuster [7:23:34 PM): that seems slow
fancydancer_14 [7:23:45 PM]: cant help it
arbuckbuster [7:23:50 PM]: k
arbuckbuster [7:24:07 PM]; (icon)
fancydancer_14 [7:24:40 PM]: 2 minut
fancydancer_14 [7:25:10 PM]: what was that u made
arbuckbuster [7:25:47 PM]; (icon)
fancydancer_14 17:26:02 PM]: kewl
fancydancer_14 [7:27:58 PM]: k its sent
arbuckbuster (7:28:35 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 [7:29:07 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 [7:31:28 PM]: did u get it
arbuckbuster [7:33:18 PM): still opening it up
fancydancer_14 [7:33:33 PM]: k
fancydancer_14 [7:33:51 PM]: u realy sittin ther naked???
fancydancer_14 [7:34:03 PM]: do u lock door so dont get caut
fancydancer_14 [7:35:04 PM]: lol yep ill sit on ur lap
fancydancer_14 [7:36:15 PM]: mabe I didnt send it rite
arbuckbuster (7:36:42 PM]: i got it
arbuckbuster [7:36:45 PM]: i think
arbuckbuster [7:36:48 PM]: a video?
fancydancer_14 [7:36:52 PM]: k yep
arbuckbuster [7:36:54 PM]: man it waz short
arbuckbuster [7:37:03 PM]: but looked neat
fancydancer_14 [7:37:21 PM]: did u look at it
arbuckbuster [7:37:29 PM]: yep
arbuckbuster [7:37:36 PM]: but was small on my screen
fancydancerj4 [7:37:38 PM]: y u didnt laff
arbuckbuster [7:38:09 PM]: looked like deer and sleigh in snow
fancydancer_14 [7:38:32 PM]: its a funny commercal
fancydancer_14 [7:38:52 PM]: nevr mind lol
arbuckbuster [7:39:14 PM]: i coundnt see very well
fancydancerj4 [7:39:20 PM]: make it bigger
fancydancer_14 [7:39:27 PM]: drag corner
arbuckbuster [7:39:32 PM]: oh
fancydancer_14 [7:40:21 PM]: whatcha doin
arbuckbuster [7:41:18 PM]: nuttin
fancydancer_14 17:41:25 PM]: oh well
fancydancer_14 [7:42:33 PM]: woman is holdin candel and deer farts and blows up sled
fancydancer_14 [7:42:45 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [7:42:49 PM]: hehehehe
fancydancer_14 [7:44:20 PM]: whatcha doin
arbuckbuster [7:44:35 PM]: bored
arbuckbuster [7:44:49 PM]: whatcha doin
fancydancer_14 [7:45:18 PM]: talkin 2 u and watchin xtreme hom makeovr caus it makes me cry
fancydancer_14 [7:45:21 PM]: lol
fancydancer_14 [7:46:12 PM]: how do u keep kids from cumin in wher u r fancydancer_14 [7:47:18 PM]: yoo hoo sexie man
arbuckbuster [7:47:46 PM]: im not naked now silly
arbuckbuster [7:47:59 PM]: I was a little bit ago but they come home
fancydancer_14 [7:48:03 PM]: oh lol
fancydancer_14 [7:48:14 PM]: dammit
arbuckbuster [7:49:05 PM): now they doing homework
fancydancer_14 [7:49:15 PM]: gud
fancydancer_14 [7:49:20 PM]: i alredy did mine
arbuckbuster [7:49:31 PM]: thats good
arbuckbuster [7:49:49 PM]: do you ride buss to school?
fancydancer_14 [7:50:02 PM]: nope
arbuckbuster [7:50:11 PM]: mom take you?
fancydancer_14 [7:50:24 PM]: yep
fancydancer_14 [7:50:30 PM]: ride bus home
arbuckbuster [7:50:37 PM]: does moms bf live with ya?
fancydancer_14 [7:50:46 PM]: mr nerd? nope
arbuckbuster [7:50:49 PM]: where does he live?
fancydancer_14 [7:51:05 PM]: kinda clos 2 rogers
arbuckbuster [7:51:26 PM]: i thought maybe eureka
fancydancer_14 [7:51:53 PM]: nope he was just ther evryday hes such a dork fancydancer_14 [7:52:14 PM]: yuk im scard she marry him and i dont Ilk him that much
arbuckbuster [7:52:47 PM]: you will probly meet nice boy in new skewl
arbuckbuster [7:52:57 PM]: arbuckbuster
fancydancer_14 [7:53:01 PM]: I dont Ilk boys
arbuckbuster [7:53:07 PM]: arbuckbuster: arbuckbuster:
fancydancer_14 [7:53:09 PM]: i like arbuckbuster
arbuckbuster [7:53:13 PM]: hehehe
fancydancer_14 [7:53:36 PM]: boys at skool r so stoopid u just dont kno fancydancer_14 [7:53:48 PM]: u hav a boy
fancydancer_14 [7:53:57 PM]: is little or big
arbuckbuster [7:54:03 PM]: no boys
arbuckbuster [7:54:06 PM]: girls
fancydancer_14 [7:54:11 PM]: ur lucky
fancydancer_14 [7:54:15 PM]: boys r stoopid
arbuckbuster [7:54:31 PM]: hehehe
arbuckbuster [7:54:37 PM]: (icon)
fancydancer_14 [7:54:53 PM]: on bed? sure
fancydancer_14 [7:54:55 PM]: lol
arbuckbuster [7:54:57 PM]: what?
arbuckbuster [7:55:00 PM]: lol
fancydancer_14 [7:55:02 PM]: ur silly
arbuckbuster [7:55:08 PM]: (icon)
fancydancer_14 [7:55:22 PM]: (icon)
arbuckbuster [7:55:29 PM]: (icon)
arbuckbuster [7:55:59 PM]: almost my bed tyme
arbuckbuster [7:56:04 PM]: im sleepy
fancydancer_14 [7:56:11 PM]: dammit
arbuckbuster [7:56:26 PM]: how does cat like new house?
fancydancerj4 [7:56:26 PM]: u got cam on?
arbuckbuster [7:56:33 PM]: no silly
fancydancerj4 [7:56:35 PM]: cat dont Ilk it
arbuckbuster [7:56:37 PM]: I wish i did
fancydancer_14 [7:56:45 PM]: why says free show on cam
fancydancer_14 [7:57:06 PM]: cat cant go outside her and he dont lik it arbuckbuster [7:57:43 PM]: dammit
arbuckbuster [7:57:47 PM]: got booted
arbuckbuster [7:57:54 PM]: my internet suxx
arbuckbuster [7:57:57 PM]: are u there?
fancydancer_14 [7:58:01 PM]: yep
arbuckbuster [7:58:45 PM]: i guess i should go
fancydancer_14 [7:58:51 PM]: nope
arbuckbuster [7:58:58 PM]: cant show cam tonite
fancydancer_14 [7:59:01 PM]: what u busy doin
fancydancer_14 [7:59:07 PM]: why
arbuckbuster [7:59:15 PM]: nuttin honey
arbuckbuster [7:59:22 PM]: people here
fancydancer_14 [7:59:29 PM]: dammit
fancydancer_14 [7:59:53 PM]: oh well
arbuckbuster [8:00:02 PM]: why, you wanna see?
fancydancer_14 [8:00:13 PM]: lol yeah
fancydancer_14 [8:00:24 PM]: that was so kewl
arbuckbuster [8:00:32 PM]: see what? ?
fancydancer_14 [8:00:37 PM]: u
arbuckbuster [8:00:41 PM]: o
arbuckbuster [8:01:24 PM]: I printed your picture and put it in my wallet fancydancer_14 [8:01:29 PM]: kewl
arbuckbuster [8:01:42 PM]: now i take you with me
everywhere fancydancer_14 [8:01:49 PM]: kewl
arbuckbuster [8:02:05 PM]: hey i really gotta go
fancydancer_14 [8:02:10 PM]: k
arbuckbuster [8:02:24 PM]: ill talk tomorrow
fancydancer_14 [8:02:26 PM]: k
arbuckbuster [8:02:30 PM]: be good
fancydancer_14 [8:02:41 PM]: u 2 talk 2morrow
arbuckbuster [8:02:42 PM]: miss ya
fancydancer_14 [8:02:46 PM]: miss u 2
arbuckbuster [8:02:48 PM]: bye
fancydancer_14 [8:02:51 PM]: bye
Yahoo! Messenger j:03:04 PM]: arbuckbuster has signed out

At this point, detectives made the decision to go to Clark's place of employment the next morning and arrest him.

Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this. Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog. The only person with the authority to remove this file is

Anyone who attempts to use this information to commit a criminal act against another person can be subject to criminal prosecution or civil action. condemns the attempt, use, or even thought of physical violence, extortion or harassment against the individual above. Such actions are not in the spirit of what is all about and would put your own personal safety at risk.

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