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    File originally posted on 1/7/2009 7:41 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/7/2009 7:41 PM PST

    kerikeepinit_13 (10/16/07 9:05:15 PM): how bout tacos?
    kerikeepinit_13 (10/16/07 9:05:19 PM): u like those?
    i_8u_raw (10/16/07 9:05:49 PM): ok but i do work for taco bell
    kerikeepinit_13 (10/16/07 9:06:02 PM): ohh lol
    kerikeepinit_13 (10/16/07 9:06:14 PM): guess u not gonna want tacos then
    i_8u_raw (10/16/07 9:06:57 PM): ill make it for u
    kerikeepinit_13 (10/16/07 9:07:05 PM): cool
    kerikeepinit_13 (10/16/07 9:07:14 PM): i luvs tacos
    kerikeepinit_13 (10/16/07 9:07:23 PM): i go 2 taco bell all the time!
    i_8u_raw (10/16/07 9:07:38 PM): i got a taco dont i ?lol=))
    kerikeepinit_13 (10/16/07 9:08:02 PM): so u gonna make them?
    i_8u_raw (10/16/07 9:08:13 PM): yea
    kerikeepinit_13 (10/16/07 9:10:53 PM): cool
    i_8u_raw (10/16/07 9:11:07 PM): what you doing now
    kerikeepinit_13 (10/16/07 9:11:13 PM): nothin
    i_8u_raw (10/16/07 9:11:28 PM): have you ever played with self before
    kerikeepinit_13 (10/16/07 9:11:50 PM): i played x box by myself all thte time
    i_8u_raw (10/16/07 9:12:39 PM): not xboxx
    i_8u_raw (10/16/07 9:12:48 PM): with self
    i_8u_raw (10/16/07 9:12:57 PM): finger
    i_8u_raw (10/16/07 9:13:10 PM): never mind
    That is not an endorsement for Taco Bell. Why they would hire a guy who was on an RSO list is rather perturbing. Not to mention that this individual was considered a \"missing\" RSO at the time. Background checks, much?

    Aaron Basham has molested children before, was imprisoned, and upon getting out... figured he'd try a new avenue to find young children. Fortunately, he hit us up. While practiced in trying to groom real children, our decoy was, to this serial molester, no different from the real kids he had victimized. Basham was arrested and charged with molestation.

    Because he was still on parole, he went immediately to jail for 114 days to serve out the rest of his former sentence. Then, he got a nice slap upside the head in the form of a eight year sentence for child solicitation. Three of the years are suspended, however, and he will supposedly be under strict probation. Still, that's five years where this serial predator will not be molesting children, something we consider a quality win.

    Contributor notes from Blue Bonnet
    Two previous convictions for molesting children did not deter Aaron Basham from trying to find a third child to molest. He was already on the convicted Registered Sex Offenders list after his early release but he moved and had not disclosed his new location to law enforcement. He was one of the thousands of \"missing\" RSO's.

    I should not have been able to chat with Basham. If he had served the entire sentences of his two previous convictions he would have still been in prison instead of in a chat room searching for his next victim. However, for reasons I fail to understand, he was allowed to be released early. Basham is a perfect example of why people who are convicted of child molestation should not receive parole. They WILL go out and do it again. I am so glad that this time he found PJFI instead of a third victim.

    When he gets out after serving his third prison term we will be waiting. I pray that he finds one of us first instead a real child.

    This is our 310th conviction since June of 2004 and our 7th conviction for 2009 thus far.