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    File originally posted on 10/27/2009 9:32 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/27/2009 9:32 PM PST

    nadd556 (04/20/08 10:59:40 PM): do you know what a peedafile is
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 10:59:45 PM): no
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:00:27 PM): its a man attracted to young girls..usually a older man
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 11:00:35 PM): ok
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:00:43 PM): i spelt it wrong
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:00:57 PM): but its not legal
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 11:01:03 PM): whats not?
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:01:56 PM): its against the law..... to be with a younger girl privatly... in just the company of themselves
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 11:02:06 PM): why?
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:02:36 PM): its considered unnapproite
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 11:02:45 PM): thats dumb
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:02:49 PM): like a molester
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 11:03:01 PM): oh
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:03:32 PM): like if i was sexually attracted to you i would be considered a pedafile
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 11:03:43 PM): oh
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 11:03:58 PM): is that a bad thing?
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:04:27 PM): and if i was with you in private sexually i would be arrested if you told the police
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 11:04:34 PM): omg
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 11:04:48 PM): i wouldnt tell nobody
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 11:04:56 PM): thats scary
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:05:25 PM): yea but if you did i could be arrested and put away for a long time
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 11:05:40 PM): i would b sad
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:05:45 PM): at least until you r 18
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:06:11 PM): then its no problem
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 11:06:31 PM): do u want me 2 not chat with u no more? not bug u no more?
    rubyslippers013 (04/20/08 11:06:37 PM): :(
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:06:44 PM): may be its different in utah
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:06:54 PM): no you do not bug me
    nadd556 (04/20/08 11:07:15 PM): maybe its younger there in utah
    Wishful thinking, perv.

    Gregg Stephen Bussey was arrested by the law enforcement in Iron County, Utah, but his case was picked up by federal authorities due to the fact that he conducted some of his chats across state lines. It's always good to have a case picked up federally because predators often face stiffer sentences than they might otherwise. Bussey is certainly someone deserving of the stiffest sentence possible.

    Contributor notes from Blue Bonnet
    rubyslippers013 (04/08/08 9:07:16 PM): whats ur fortune?
    nadd556 (04/08/08 9:07:31 PM): it says
    nadd556 (04/08/08 9:08:33 PM): It is sometimes better to travel hopefully than to arrive.

    Interesting that he got this fortune cookie... a bit prophetic I think. He should have stayed home instead of showing up at a hotel to meet a child.

    Gregg Stephen Bussey had a home in Kingwood, Texas as well as a home in Utah. He wanted to meet the child in a hotel room. He wanted to be dressed like a woman complete with dress, makeup and nails. HE brought up the subject and kept at it. If you read the chat notice how he later says that the kid wanted this to happen - not true - the kid simply went along with whatever he suggested. As the chat went along he got more and more bizarre. He brought with him the things to complete his perverse ideas.

    He was sentenced to 46 months in custody of BOP, followed by 120 months supervised release. He had to pay a $2,000 fine and SPA $100. He will be 70 years old by the time he completes his sentence.

    I want to thank the Iron County Sheriff's office for the awesome tackle of this guy when he showed up. I also want to thank Aloe Vera who was my awesome verifier for this case.

    This is our 349th conviction since June of 2004, our 45th conviction for 2009, and our 3rd conviction in Utah thus far.