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    Report made 12/15/2009 12:41 PM PST

    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:29:31 PM): i like you enough to really talk to you like an adult and give you really good advice
    maddiegurl92 (07/24/06 7:29:59 PM): yeah n sho me everthin so i prepard thx soooo much
    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:30:14 PM): your not prepared
    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:30:23 PM): say this guy gets violent
    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:30:26 PM): what then?
    maddiegurl92 (07/24/06 7:30:49 PM): he wont dont worry...thats y i wish it wuld b u
    maddiegurl92 (07/24/06 7:32:19 PM): jeff u there?
    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:32:22 PM): yes
    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:32:28 PM): you dont know that sweetie
    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:32:36 PM): he is a stranger
    maddiegurl92 (07/24/06 7:33:08 PM): jeff jeff if u relly cared ud b the 1 for me
    maddiegurl92 (07/24/06 7:33:24 PM): insted of jus teasin me
    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:33:33 PM): if I truly cared I would tell you the truth ---- it would just be fucking
    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:33:44 PM): and I apologize for my actions, I was wrong
    maddiegurl92 (07/24/06 7:34:19 PM): 2 bad u dont wanna come c me cuz i relly relly think itd b great
    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:34:28 PM): http://www.missingkids.com/
    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:34:33 PM): look at that
    maddiegurl92 (07/24/06 7:35:10 PM): no jeff its ok...i unerstand wat ur sayin but i gonna b ok. jus wish ud want 2 b wit me
    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:35:21 PM): look at the thousands of young girls missing
    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:35:53 PM): http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/NewsEventServlet?LanguageCountry=en_US&PageId=2489
    atlanta.italian (07/24/06 7:35:57 PM): look at this article
    Yes, good point, look at that article. Funny how you eventually showed to meet a kid, right?

    It took quite a while, but thankfully Jeffrey Pansino ended up arrested in Twiggs County, Georgia. He was charged with four counts of computer child exploitation online, three counts of obscene internet contact with a child, two counts of electronically furnishing obscene material, one count of attempted child molestation and one count of attempted aggravated child molestation. It took a couple years, but under the weight of that many charges, and the severity of Georgia justice, he pled guilty. He received three concurrent sentences of 30, 30, and 10 years in prison. He has to serve five, and he has to register as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from SunnyD
    On July 22, 2006 during the Georgia Dateline sting, Jeffrey Pansino first approached my 13 year old girl decoy in a Yahoo chatroom. He had already chatted with Pibb's decoy prior to this, and wanked on his webcam for her. During my subsequent chats with Pansino, he was quick to go naked on webcam, but was a no-show for that sting.

    For most of the next year, Pansino, using multiple screennames, repeated a pattern of manipulation, masturbation and mistrust. When the opportunity came to move my decoy to the Macon area, Pansino quickly reestablished contact with \"Maddie,\" now 14, sending more porn and performing multiple webcam shows. His persistence over the year paid off when, on June 22, 2007, Pansino drove 2 hours to the Macon bust house, and was arrested by Major James Faulk.

    In August 2009, Pansino pled guilty and was sentenced to 30 years on 2 counts, 10 years on a 3rd, and 5 years to serve, concurrently. Many thanks to Major Faulk and his team, the Twiggs County GA Sheriff's Office, and District Attorney Chad Pritchett. All wanted a much stiffer sentence, but the 5 years still sends a strong message to predators who would think of preying on the children under their protection.

    Pibb, gladly volunteering to be the phone verifier on this case, did an excellent job. In fact, she chatted with Pansino during most of his drive to the bust house. She has my gratitude and respect, as always, for her patience, dedication and quality work.

    This is our 495th conviction since June of 2004, our 190th conviction for 2009, and our 24th conviction in Georgia thus far.