Kyle Frankhouse gets arrested in Wayne County, MI
Bust by Retired Contributor @ 11/30/2009 4:48 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Kyle Frankhouse, 20
AOL IM: kfrankhouse350z
Location: Woodhaven, Michigan

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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit JetPackSideKick, a 13 year old boy
... or so they thought!

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kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:52:29 PM): hey
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 6:52:43 PM): sup
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:52:55 PM): not much just got done working out
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:52:56 PM): you?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 6:53:02 PM): bored
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:53:26 PM): yea. what did you do today
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 6:53:40 PM): we got a half day conferences
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:53:47 PM): thats always cool
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:54:05 PM): so is that why you put that ad up on craigslist
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 6:54:38 PM): i was on yahoo chat and some1 said u can make friends there thta yahoo is full of old pervs
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:54:49 PM): lol yea
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:54:59 PM): so are you gay or bi or something?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 6:55:05 PM): i think gay
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:55:10 PM): whys that
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 6:55:28 PM): like i dont think about girls
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:55:48 PM): you fantasize about guys then
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 6:55:52 PM): totally
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:55:57 PM): nice
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:56:12 PM): what are you fantasies like? just curious
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 6:56:34 PM): i feel kinda freak sayin like i dont no u
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 6:56:43 PM): and i never done it yet
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:56:50 PM): understandable
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:56:57 PM): so what would you like to know about me?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 6:57:19 PM): dunno ur 30?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:57:25 PM): nah 20
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 6:57:40 PM): o sorry im 13
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:57:52 PM): do you not like older?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 6:58:26 PM): like i think i dont want to meet no one my age cuz i dont want them to tell
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 6:58:58 PM): well i have no problem meeting you and I am totally discrete because i dont want anyone to know either
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 6:59:49 PM): im a diver and want to like go pro and next year im gonna be division 1 and thats when sponsers look at u and u gotta be perfect like grades and being gay would kill it
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:00:24 PM): I totally understand trust me your secrete is totally safe because I cant have anyone know I am gay
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:00:46 PM): sweet
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:00:56 PM): so i mean we are in the same boat
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:01:04 PM): im luke
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:01:08 PM): im kyle
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:01:12 PM): its nice to meet you
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:01:21 PM): where u work?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:01:28 PM): i work in romulus
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:01:33 PM): but live in woodhaven
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:01:43 PM): you?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:02:15 PM): wow ur like close i live off ecorse near teh freeway
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:02:40 PM): ok i have an idea of where that is
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:02:55 PM): u work at teh airport?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:03:07 PM): no there is GM plant near there where I work
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:03:15 PM): o
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:03:24 PM): i hate all teh noise
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:03:36 PM): lol yea those damn planes are loud
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:03:55 PM): when i first moved to my dads at christmas like the would wake me up
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:04:08 PM): that sucks
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:04:17 PM): i would hate that cause i love my sleep
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:04:35 PM): i dont hear them now
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:04:41 PM): use to it huh?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:04:46 PM): yea
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:05:15 PM): so what are you looking to do with a guy if you meet
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:05:45 PM): dunno like real date
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:06:00 PM): cool
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:06:17 PM): can i see a pic of you agian?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:06:27 PM): k u send some back?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:06:45 PM): i can send you some but there are face pics ok?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:06:53 PM): idc
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:07:19 PM): my puter sux that crashes me can u email
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:07:29 PM): sure
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:08:17 PM): ok i sent them
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:08:29 PM): so have you ever kissed a guy
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:08:38 PM): no just a girl
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:08:45 PM): how did you like that
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:10:39 PM): u like hot
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:10:42 PM): sent back
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:10:59 PM): what did you sent back
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:11:10 PM): pics
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:12:05 PM): hott
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:12:11 PM): i would love to kiss you
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:12:17 PM): really?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:12:26 PM): yea
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:12:38 PM): me to
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:12:57 PM): hopefully you get the chance
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:13:10 PM): really?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:13:15 PM): if you want it?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:13:23 PM): totally
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:14:00 PM): what would you want to do with me in the bedroom. go ahead and tell me what you want
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:14:15 PM): i feel like freak u say first
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:17:01 PM): well i would like to kiss you, make out, slowly take your out clothes off and feel each other against each other, kiss more, began rubbing your hard cock, maybe even suck it a little ;-), and go from there.
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:17:12 PM): you tell me now:-*
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:17:31 PM): thats hot i would love it
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:17:40 PM): so would i lol
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:18:18 PM): go ahead and tell me what you want trust me you won't sound freaky
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:18:52 PM): i just want some1 to like me like more then 1 time
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:19:28 PM): well if you pick the right day i will like you multiple times and more after that:-*
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:20:09 PM): i would love to make you cum
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:20:46 PM): i can like cum 5 times before it hurts
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:20:56 PM): nice i like endurance
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:20:59 PM): same here
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:21:39 PM): i would totally suck you off and let you cum in my mouth
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:22:17 PM): really?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:22:31 PM): thats so hot like i see it on porn here
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:22:45 PM): yea and i would swallow it too
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:22:58 PM): daym
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:23:13 PM): only if you want me to of course;-)
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:23:23 PM): totally ur so hot
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:23:30 PM): thanks so are you
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:24:20 PM): brb my dads yellin he is a dik hes going to disney 2morrow and not take me brb
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:24:25 PM): dont leave please
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:24:29 PM): k i wont leave
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:47:35 PM): srry back
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:47:46 PM): k
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:48:32 PM): my dad is goin to disney he got a trip from work and i beg to go but no he is takin the slut and like i would not even miss 2 whole days of school
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:48:55 PM): wow im sorry to hear that
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:49:18 PM): i hate him but i got the house to me til monday
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:49:32 PM): so i can sleep in his room watch cable and use the jet tub
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:49:50 PM): wow and if your lucky get lucky with me:-D lol
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:49:59 PM): really?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:50:13 PM): im serious if you want it we can set it up
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:50:26 PM): like what we do?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:50:59 PM): we could start out by haning out and making out and go from there. if you want?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:51:33 PM): totally then like go to the mall?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:51:52 PM): sure if you want
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:52:35 PM): totally
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:52:41 PM): what kinda car u got?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:52:48 PM): a mazda
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:52:56 PM): like red?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:53:00 PM): white
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:53:21 PM): like speed 6?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:53:34 PM): 6s with some mods that i have done to it
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:53:47 PM): those r sweet
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:53:51 PM): yea i love it
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:54:00 PM): ur rich
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:54:10 PM): lol no just lucky
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:55:22 PM): I cant wait to feel your naked body against mine
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:55:38 PM): really ur not playin me
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:55:47 PM): no and i hope your not playin me
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:56:05 PM): no like ur like the frist like real not freak i met here
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:56:29 PM): ur really not like 50 sayin ur 20 cuz i will run
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:56:47 PM): lol no i am 20 years old and those pics are really me lol
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:56:51 PM): k
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:57:16 PM): i just wanna kiss every square inch of your body
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:57:26 PM): like when?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:58:29 PM): well i can come over tomarrow night, saturday day, saturday nigth, sunday. and if you just want me to spend the weekend i can do that too. its totally up to you really.
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:58:52 PM): hott passionate sex all weekend
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 7:59:43 PM): k like im kinda like freaked
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 7:59:50 PM): lol why
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 8:00:23 PM): i never done it and just talk to like for a hour
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 8:00:51 PM): well we can take it slow or we can talk more. I am going to only go at your pace
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 8:01:07 PM): fuk my dad brb
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 8:01:11 PM): k
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 8:13:08 PM): srry back
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 8:13:13 PM): im here
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 8:14:44 PM): so what would you like to know about me?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 8:15:22 PM): can i call u? my dad ran to the store
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 8:15:30 PM): sure
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 8:16:11 PM): whats ur num i gota callin card so like wont show i dont gotta cell
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 8:16:23 PM): edit
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 8:16:44 PM): k my card says 800
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 8:16:49 PM): k
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 8:43:13 PM): what are you up to
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 8:48:58 PM): wait dads home
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 8:49:03 PM): k
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:17:59 PM): srry back
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:18:04 PM): k
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:18:34 PM): u sound hot
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:18:38 PM): so do you
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:19:13 PM): ur really nice
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:19:21 PM): thank you
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:19:39 PM): well you sound awsome and i would love to meet you
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:19:50 PM): really?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:19:55 PM): yea
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:20:41 PM): i hope you feel the same
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:21:11 PM): totally
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:21:27 PM): so when would you like to get together
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:22:14 PM): im like stuck here my dad like goes in the moring gets home monday after school
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:22:26 PM): well i can drive silly
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:22:39 PM): i know
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:23:04 PM): i can cum to you and then we can cum together lol;-)
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:23:23 PM): really?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:23:29 PM): yea
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:23:33 PM): ill drive to you
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:24:24 PM): k like my dad says his plain leaves at 8 in the mornin but i got half day 2morrow but then group project at my house
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:25:11 PM): well i dont get out of work till 4 so you can call me or wait till i get on aim at like 4:30 and we can make plans from there.
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:25:37 PM): k they be gone by 3 i think
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:25:55 PM): im excited to meet you
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:26:15 PM): me 2 ur hot
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:26:34 PM): like i dream about a guy like u
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:26:49 PM): lol i wont dissappoint
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:27:12 PM): k like im free like round 3 for sure
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:27:23 PM): k well i am free all weekend
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:27:40 PM): me 2
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:27:57 PM): i can't wait to kiss your lips
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:28:19 PM): me 2
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:29:58 PM): im going to be thinking about you all day tomarrow
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:30:08 PM): i am now
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:30:40 PM): well so am i, i am thinking about kissing you naked and feeling you against me.
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:31:18 PM): like this is like my dream i wait for a real one
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:31:34 PM): well i am that real one
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:32:02 PM): no like talkin i knw ur not gonna like use me 1 time
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:32:18 PM): no im not
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:32:29 PM): like how far ru from me?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:32:41 PM): can you tell me what city your in
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:33:08 PM): no one nos it but is van buren but on map is belleville
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:33:59 PM): like 20 minutes
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:34:24 PM): like u gotta a house?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:34:49 PM): yea, but i am living at my parents at the moment
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:35:57 PM): o me 2
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:36:06 PM): wll just my dads
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:36:14 PM): i moved here christmas
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:36:22 PM): when he got the house built
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:36:36 PM): nice
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:37:12 PM): i was with my mom then she got a new bf so we moved in his new house but he hated me so like we fight all the time
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:37:21 PM): they dont talk to me now
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:37:26 PM): im sorry to hear that
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:37:36 PM): idc
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:37:57 PM): he like tried to get me to not dive
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:38:26 PM): why
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:39:44 PM): like when my parents were married like i just jumped in the pool no fear so they started me divin then they got divorced and like is lots of money so the fight about it
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:40:11 PM): so my mom had to drive me to practice then her bf said she cant
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:40:27 PM): wow
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:40:49 PM): but im really good so my coach picked me up
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:40:58 PM): that pissed him off huge
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:41:06 PM): i would figure
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:41:54 PM): so like i would get home and he had like this huge list 4 me to do and I would be up after practice til like pas midnite
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:42:19 PM): geez
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:42:37 PM): and had to get my homework done cuz i gotta get all top grades
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:43:22 PM): my dad didnt want me but took me
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:43:37 PM): wow
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:44:50 PM): well just think about meeting me tomarrow
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:44:58 PM): like when?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:45:13 PM): how about aroung 5 or something
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:45:27 PM): k kewl
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:45:51 PM): i dont got practice or a meet this weekend
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:46:17 PM): then just me and you:-*
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:46:33 PM): totally
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:47:54 PM): so like what u wanna do?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:48:02 PM): i got 200 bucks for food
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:48:18 PM): i dunno
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:48:53 PM): what do you wanna do
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:49:46 PM): can we like get in the jet tub?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:49:50 PM): i love it
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:50:30 PM): i would love too
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:50:44 PM): i hoped you would ask that
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:51:17 PM): no like when i go in there i put my butt to the jet feels awesome
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:51:49 PM): lol thats cool
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:52:03 PM): i cant wait to see your cute butt
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:52:15 PM): i got no fat on me
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:53:47 PM): thinking about you has me so horny lol
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:53:59 PM): me to
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:54:13 PM): i wish my dad like was like gone now
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:54:28 PM): lol why?:-)
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:54:43 PM): like then like we could hang
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:56:12 PM): i would like that
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:57:12 PM): k like does it hurt to fuck?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:57:57 PM): not really. i mean it stings a little but that is what lube is for and besides i would be so gentle it will feel amazing
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 9:59:26 PM): trust me it feels awsome
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 9:59:55 PM): do we need rubberz
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:00:12 PM): it depends do you haven an STD
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:00:48 PM): i never done it
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:01:04 PM): and I am totally clean and safe
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:01:10 PM): so we really dont need them
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:01:25 PM): but i will bring lube
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:01:26 PM): k i trust u
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:01:34 PM): i trust you too
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:01:50 PM): u like got lots of hair?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:02:14 PM): my legs are really my hairiest part the rest of me i shave and trim
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:02:38 PM): my whole upper body has really no hair
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:02:42 PM): you?
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:02:58 PM): i only got like a little by my dik
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:03:08 PM): cute
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:03:33 PM): how big is your dik
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:03:50 PM): 5 but im still growin
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:04:18 PM): nice
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:04:20 PM): im 7
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:04:32 PM): wow ur like huge
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:04:38 PM): lol
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:05:16 PM): i can't wait for you to touch it
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:06:58 PM): ur dik?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:07:06 PM): lol yea
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:07:24 PM): this is like a dream
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:07:33 PM): why
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:07:59 PM): i never met like a real guy
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:08:22 PM): trust me your going to love it
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:08:59 PM): no like then i love u
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:09:15 PM): :-*
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:10:45 PM): like what tiem
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:11:04 PM): what time do you want
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:11:31 PM): im dont care
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:13:47 PM): i think prolly sometime after i get outta work
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:14:17 PM): k
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:14:38 PM): i can barely wait
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:14:54 PM): me to
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:15:30 PM): what do you want to do first
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:16:18 PM): dunno
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:16:48 PM): so what time do you have to go to bed
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:17:06 PM): soon like finisin my homework
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:17:20 PM): what kind of homework you go
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:17:52 PM): all i got is language arts
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:17:57 PM): left
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:18:32 PM): that suck
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:19:49 PM): how would you like me to give you head while you did your homework;-)
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:20:36 PM): haha
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:21:30 PM): like i got active and passive verbs
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:21:47 PM): wow its been a long time since i have done anything with those
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:22:21 PM): so gotta say whats active whats passive is easy
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:22:27 PM): i hate it
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:22:37 PM): i dont blame ya
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:25:55 PM): Yesterday I went to the store and bought fish but the fish was not fresh so I returned it today.
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:26:02 PM): i say passive
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:26:23 PM): thats what i would say
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:26:45 PM): see reatarded
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:26:57 PM): yea no kidding
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:28:36 PM): k like o gtg to bed
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:28:45 PM): ok
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:29:08 PM): ill see you tomarrow:-D
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:29:15 PM): wait my dad is yellin again
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:29:19 PM): k
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:36:53 PM): k back
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:37:02 PM): k
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:37:39 PM): k so will u pick me up?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:37:50 PM): from where
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:37:56 PM): my house
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:38:02 PM): where do you wanna go
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:38:28 PM): like 2morrow like what time
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:39:02 PM): i dunno ill get on aim when i get home from work. we are staying at your place arn't we
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:39:19 PM): totally
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:39:23 PM): ok cool
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:39:38 PM): well ill get on aim afterwork tomarrow and tell you what time
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:40:02 PM): like ur not playin me?
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:40:08 PM): lol no im not
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:40:25 PM): your not playin me are you
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:40:46 PM): no way
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:40:52 PM): ok cool then
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:41:05 PM): k i gtg
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:41:10 PM): k
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:41:35 PM): love u
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:41:48 PM): :-*
kfrankhouse350z (03/06/08 10:42:32 PM): sleep good youll need it for me lol;-)
JetPackSideKick (03/06/08 10:43:07 PM): ha ha
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 4:58:03 PM): hi
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 4:58:09 PM): hey
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 4:58:20 PM): i been waitin to see u get on
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 4:58:40 PM): i couldnt wait to get home to get on
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 4:59:09 PM): really?
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 4:59:15 PM): yea
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:00:01 PM): what u doin?
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:00:16 PM): nothing right now
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:00:21 PM): you?
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:00:33 PM): said was just sittin waitin for u to get on
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:00:53 PM): lol well here i am
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:01:12 PM): :)
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:04:45 PM): so what do you want to do tonight?
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:04:50 PM): y not talkin?
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:04:55 PM): u here i think im froze
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:05:01 PM): yea i m here
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:05:08 PM): u still gonna come over
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:05:15 PM): yea if you want me too
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:05:22 PM): totally been waitin all day
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:05:38 PM): what time?
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:05:58 PM): can now if u wanna im bored
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:06:21 PM): ok i just gotta get cleaned up from work
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:06:34 PM): u can here my dad got that big tub
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:07:18 PM): nice
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:07:23 PM): how long do you want me to stay
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:07:41 PM): thot u said over nite
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:08:00 PM): just making sure it was cool with you
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:08:25 PM): totally u can use the tub here is awesome
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:08:38 PM): would you like to join me
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:08:49 PM): totally that be hot
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:09:33 PM): :-D
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:09:45 PM): ok then give me the address, street and city
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:09:51 PM): so i can look up directions
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:10:00 PM): k
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:10:19 PM):edit
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:11:27 PM): u find it?
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:11:34 PM): yup
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:11:40 PM): so u comin
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:11:51 PM): yup ;-)
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:12:02 PM): sweet we gonna use the jet tub?
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:12:14 PM): hell yes
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:12:27 PM): sweet when u get here?
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:12:30 PM): im so boned
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:12:34 PM): but dont wanna jack
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:12:44 PM): dont jack wait for me
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:12:55 PM): im tryin im just so hard it hurts
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:13:12 PM): lol ill be there by 6 at least
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:13:26 PM): u get that stuff?
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:13:34 PM): what stuff is that
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:13:43 PM): for sex i forget what u call it
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:13:48 PM): oh lube
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:13:53 PM): yea thats it
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:13:57 PM): yea i have it
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:14:06 PM): k im so hard
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:14:14 PM): ur so hot i cant wait
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:14:21 PM): lol so are you
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:14:30 PM): u comin now
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:14:43 PM): yea so in other words i have to sign off now
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:14:50 PM): kkkk
kfrankhouse350z (03/07/08 5:14:58 PM): see you soon ;-)
JetPackSideKick (03/07/08 5:15:03 PM): hurry

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