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Perverted Justice mark: Jibran Javaid Jamal, 31
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Location: Wilmette, Illinois
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit xocait_lynnox, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Kash Kahn: Hey
Me: hiii
Kash Kahn: Hi how are you
Me: good u?:) asl? im 14f/il
Kash Kahn: I'm alright damn baby girl your young :p
Kash Kahn: Age is just numbers tho but I'm 25 m Chicago but I look way younger thanmy age... I get carded if I'm buying a blunt or cig lol
Me: hahaha well thts cooool :P wht u up 2?
Kash Kahn: Nothing really just in my room bored... What are you upto
Me: bored 2 lol
Kash Kahn: Aw you should come over and entertain me :P
Kash Kahn: Lol
Me: i dont drive :P do ugot yahoo messenger?
Kash Kahn: I can download it for you
Kash Kahn: I drive tho and I live in wilmette not far from highland park
Me: really?thts not far at all!n kk d/l it n add me my name on there is xocait_lynnox
Kash Kahn: I just added you on yahoo

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4-4-14

kashkhan773 (04/04/14 7:17:30 PM): Hey :-p
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 7:26:55 PM): heyyyyy this kash kahn from meetme?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 7:27:14 PM): You got it cutie
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 7:27:24 PM): tht was a dumb question lmao
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 7:28:22 PM): Yeah I was gonna say how many guys you giving out your sn
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 7:28:43 PM): lol ur the only 1
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 7:28:47 PM): i barely get on tht site
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 7:34:49 PM): so wht u up 2
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 8:10:44 PM): Nothing just here in my room
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 8:14:47 PM): I hope I'm the only one lol
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 8:46:50 PM): whys tht haha
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 8:51:45 PM): Bcuz I'm the special one
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 8:51:52 PM): lol :P
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 8:53:11 PM): And I'm blessed :p
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 8:53:25 PM): how r u blessed lol
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 8:54:26 PM): I'm gifted baby... You will find out if we ever meet
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 8:54:42 PM): you would really wuna meet me?:)
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 8:55:11 PM): I wouldn't mind why wouldn't i
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 8:55:34 PM): Do you ?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 8:55:40 PM): idk lol i never met any1 from online beforeee :P n how r u gifted tell meee
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 8:55:52 PM): ya i would if u wanted 2!
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 8:57:16 PM): Put it that way I'm gifted on my men part what guys wish to have
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 8:57:39 PM): like howwwwww
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 8:57:45 PM): jus tell me!!!!
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 8:58:16 PM): It's big and thick :p
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 8:58:32 PM): wht is?:P
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 8:58:49 PM): My dick lol
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 8:58:54 PM): What else
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 8:59:10 PM): ohhh haha well thts wht i thought u were talkin bout but..idk lmao
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 8:59:13 PM): im stupid
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 8:59:36 PM): Uh huh
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 8:59:57 PM): X-(ur not supposed 2 agree
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:00:08 PM): Let me see you sexy
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:00:51 PM): how
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:02:06 PM): How can I see you ?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:02:21 PM): like pics?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:02:34 PM): Yeah
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:02:50 PM): i can email u some..u gotta send me some 2 tho :)
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:03:03 PM): I will
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:03:09 PM): whts ur email
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:03:53 PM):
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:05:15 PM): You know you can send me your pictures here too
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:08:23 PM): sent now ur turn
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:08:28 PM): my yahoo always messes up
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:10:32 PM): Damn baby you're hot :p
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:10:40 PM): thanks :D
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:11:08 PM): Muaaahhh on your big sexy lips
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:11:19 PM): haha
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:11:20 PM): ur turn!
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:12:01 PM): Bring your sexy ass here I'll show you my turn lol :-p
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:12:36 PM): i cant drive lol..cmonnn u said u send me some if i did
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:13:33 PM): I'm baby but let me tease you first lol
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:13:47 PM): mhmmmmmmmmmmmmm
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:13:55 PM): You better get in the car and come see me
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:14:07 PM): i cant drive!!!!
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:14:27 PM): Oh I thought you said you can lol
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:14:46 PM): uhh no im 14..which means i cant drive lmao
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:15:00 PM): I'm sure you can ryde and driver me tho
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:15:14 PM): huh
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:15:15 PM): Lol
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:15:35 PM): Just a joke babe
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:15:42 PM): i didnt get it lol
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:16:04 PM): You can ride me :p you get it now
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:16:15 PM): uhh i think so lmao
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:16:20 PM): 0
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:16:21 PM):
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:16:24 PM): Q.
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:19:00 PM): I don't think so tho it's very big
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:19:41 PM): send me a pic of youuuuuuuuuuX-(
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:22:42 PM): I'm right now I'm deciding should I tease you first or should I send my face pic you pick?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:23:18 PM): send me a pic of ur face :)i wuna know wht u look like
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:23:41 PM): Ok cutie
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:24:52 PM): There sent
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:25:11 PM): i didnt get em yet
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:25:18 PM): Refresh
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:27:03 PM): still nopeeee
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:28:12 PM): It says sent.... Check yours pan
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:28:40 PM): Check your spam box
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:28:55 PM): i got it
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:28:56 PM): h.o
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:29:03 PM): Ok
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:29:51 PM): cute ;)
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:30:18 PM): Aw thank you :)
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:30:36 PM): yw :)
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:30:59 PM): But your cuter and you fine
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:31:13 PM): awww ty :\">
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:31:13 PM): How talk are you?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:31:47 PM): You look tall enough
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:32:19 PM): idk like 5'4
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:32:53 PM): Not bad I'm 5'11
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:33:07 PM): ohh cool :)
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:33:40 PM): What you doing right now?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:33:54 PM): talkin 2 u n watchin vids on youtube lol
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:34:13 PM): Aw without me?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:34:59 PM): haha yepppp
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:35:30 PM): That's not kool I wanna watch it with you
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:36:19 PM): sryyyy haha
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:37:49 PM): Its cool I see how it is
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:38:01 PM): ya yaaaaaaaa
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:38:08 PM): Check your email
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:39:26 PM): kk
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:40:08 PM): dont got nothin yet
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:40:26 PM): What's your cell number ?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:40:51 PM): i cant talk my gmas here
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:41:06 PM): I know I'm not calling you
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:41:54 PM): haha niceeee :P
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:42:07 PM): n its *edit*
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:42:16 PM): y??
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:42:36 PM): Thank you sexy
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:42:50 PM): Let me see you...
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:43:04 PM): i sent u some!btw whts ur name
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:43:22 PM): Kashif nick is kash
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:43:36 PM): huh
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:44:09 PM): My first nane is Kashif but people call me kash
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:44:21 PM): ohhh kk!wht should i call u
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:44:38 PM): What would you like to call me ?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:45:01 PM): up 2 u!
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:45:22 PM): Whatever you like sweetie
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:45:35 PM): u tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:45:48 PM): I haven't got your 2nd email yet
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:46:02 PM): huh?i only sent 1
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:46:05 PM): You can call me by my name
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:46:25 PM): kk
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:46:35 PM): Oh I though you said you sent me 2nd one
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:46:59 PM): Who do you live with ?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:47:18 PM): my mom n my gma comes over sometimes
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:48:23 PM): What you mean they come over sometimes? So you saying that you live by yourself ?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:48:36 PM): Oh nvm
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:48:41 PM): noooo lmao..i live w my mom..n sometimes my gma comes over
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:48:57 PM): Lol yeah I got after
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:49:10 PM): lmao..tht made me actually lol
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:49:33 PM): Hahha well I'm glad I made you laugh :)
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:49:53 PM): :->
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:49:55 PM): I deserve a cookie for that no?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:50:00 PM): Lol
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:50:06 PM): haha ya u do!:P
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:50:22 PM): I'm waiting for it baby
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:50:36 PM): i bake good cookiess
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:50:49 PM): I'd take a kiss instead :p
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:51:04 PM): haha oh yaaaaa?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:51:12 PM): And I still will try your cookies tho
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:51:22 PM): lol
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:51:48 PM): Yeah I'd love to you have big lips :P
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:52:05 PM): hehe :)
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:52:21 PM): I'd love to bite you hard lol
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:52:41 PM): bite me!? :O
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:52:53 PM): Lol yeah
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:53:08 PM): thatll hurt
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:53:14 PM): You don't want me to?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:53:29 PM): noooo thatll hurt!!
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:53:34 PM): I'm gonna bite you softly
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:53:41 PM): Lol
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:53:49 PM): where?i still feel like that would hurt lol
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:54:20 PM): Mmm on your neck... N
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:54:35 PM): ohhh hehe
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:55:07 PM): I'm still waiting for my kiss
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:55:57 PM): i dont make the moves lmao
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:56:16 PM): plus were on the comp
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:56:47 PM): You not gonna have to... If I'm there with you I'm gonna grab your face and kiss your sexy lips
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 9:57:34 PM): So what if were on computer... You can take a pic while blowing me a kiss n send it to me
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 9:59:01 PM): i got my uncles old crappy phone n the camera dont work..n even if i wanted 2 i dont have pic messaging :( my moms a biatch
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:00:49 PM): You can email that to me
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:03:03 PM): email u wht
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:03:14 PM): i told u the cam dont work either
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:03:41 PM): The pic you don't have to send me a picture message... Hmmm I see
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:03:55 PM): sry :(
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:04:02 PM): Your comp doesn't even have a cam?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:04:19 PM): No don't be sorry it's all good no worries
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:04:21 PM): no :-/
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:04:28 PM): my mom dont trust me i dont think
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:04:44 PM): Aw that sucks
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:04:54 PM): ya shes dumb
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:05:17 PM): I guess she's watching over you nothing wrong with that
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:05:41 PM): no...shes dumb!
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:10:59 PM): ?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:14:09 PM): no she's not stop saying that
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:14:45 PM): Don't make me come over there and....
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:14:59 PM): and WHT!?:P
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:16:25 PM): And spank your ass
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:16:51 PM): :O
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:17:00 PM): Lol what?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:18:46 PM): You know you want me to :p
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:19:23 PM): wouldnt tht hurt haha
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:20:56 PM): Not really I won't spank hard I'm not talking about fucking your ass lol
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:21:18 PM): i didnt sat u were lmao
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:21:37 PM): Lol so no it won't hurt baby
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:21:46 PM): oooooooooooooook :P
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:22:59 PM): So you gonna let me spank your ass?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:23:20 PM): as long as it aint 2 hard lol
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:24:03 PM): What if I spank it hard :p?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:24:39 PM): i guees id say ouch hahahaha
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:25:11 PM): I'd love that lol
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:25:26 PM): y lol
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:25:33 PM): Then I'm gonna spank you even harder
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:25:39 PM): :O
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:26:25 PM): Bcuz you might sound sexy saying ouch and turn me on more
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:26:26 PM): Lol
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:26:48 PM): haha w/e u sayyyyy :P
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:27:40 PM): Ayee
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:31:05 PM): so wht u doin 2nite
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:32:16 PM): Nothing no plans I might just stay home... What you doing any plans?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:33:02 PM): nopeee..almost done w spring break tho :(
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:33:40 PM): Yeah I know that's true... So when we gonna meet up?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:34:57 PM): idkk id have 2 check my moms work schedule..she works 2-10
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:35:41 PM): That's good timing
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:36:03 PM): wht we guna do?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:36:20 PM): So are you gonna come out so you expecting me to come in?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:36:33 PM): huh?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:37:15 PM): Like do you want me to pick you up? Or you want me to come inside your house when your moms at work?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:38:06 PM): hmmm..well we have a nosey neighbor n i wouldnt wuna risk id probly jus walked somwhere n u could pick me up
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:39:18 PM):
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:40:54 PM): That sounds good to me but trust me they way I'd sneak in your neighbor won't even find out lol
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:41:31 PM): What would you wanna do babe?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:41:45 PM): idc id b down for anything!:)wht would u wuna do?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:42:06 PM): You :P lol
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:42:21 PM): wht ya mean :P
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:43:28 PM): I'd do you jk lol but I'm gonna be all over you sexy
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:44:03 PM): hehehe :)
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:44:31 PM): Would you be able to handle me?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:44:40 PM): like handle u how
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:45:01 PM): Inside you :p
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:45:41 PM): hmmmmmmm :Phahaha
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:46:03 PM): Are you Virgin ?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:46:14 PM): tht bad
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:46:45 PM): No it's not but maybe it's gonna be hard for you
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:46:58 PM): wht u mean
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:47:31 PM): How far have you gone with guys?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:48:04 PM): i gave a hj and he messed around w me
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:48:45 PM): You don't like to give a bj?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:49:24 PM): i never tried it
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:49:37 PM): I see
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:49:57 PM): yaaaaaa
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:50:03 PM): Would you try on mine ? :p
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:50:20 PM): if u wanted me 2 i might!:P
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:50:53 PM): Yeah I'd love that
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:51:24 PM): What if we go beyond that?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:51:39 PM): like wht
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:52:15 PM): Like I'll get you all naked while you sucking my dick and then...
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:53:07 PM): and thennnnnnnnnnnnn?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:53:45 PM): We both get very horny and what if I wanna put it inside you?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:54:37 PM): put it inside me???
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:55:12 PM): Yeah put my dick inside your pussy duh
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:55:44 PM): im curious how it feels cus my bff says she likes it..but im scared a lil :(
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:56:18 PM): Your bff she?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:56:47 PM): wht?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:57:01 PM): bff=best friend forever lmao
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:57:57 PM): Oh lol
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:58:19 PM): Let me see you baby....
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:58:38 PM): how
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:58:48 PM): However is possible lol
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:58:59 PM): lol
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 10:59:27 PM): Only you can make it possible :-*
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 10:59:47 PM): haha how can i only make it possible
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:00:10 PM): Only you would know
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:00:36 PM): Send me your pix
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:00:49 PM): i sent u some!u want more?
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:01:10 PM): Yeah babe
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:01:45 PM): do u got a fb?i got pics on there
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:01:57 PM): Yea I do
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:02:12 PM): u can add me if u want search cait shanda
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:02:15 PM): You can't email them to me
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:02:21 PM): i can if u want
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:02:54 PM): Yeah it will be better
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:03:01 PM): kk h.o
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:03:46 PM): Only if I was there if hold your sexy ass
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:03:55 PM): I'd hold^*^
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:04:03 PM): :P
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:07:01 PM): sent
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:09:52 PM): Your very pretty
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:09:58 PM): :x
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:10:39 PM): ty :D ur very cute :x
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:11:30 PM): Thank your :)
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:12:06 PM): Can I call you for couple of mins I wanna talk to you
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:13:04 PM): my mom jus got home :(
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:13:18 PM): :(
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:13:31 PM): im sry...
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:13:38 PM): Go in your room or bathroom I wanna hear your voice
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:14:22 PM): i dont wuna risk itttt
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:14:29 PM): :(
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:14:47 PM): Can't even call n say hello ?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:14:54 PM): i want 2
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:16:53 PM): You look sexy in your pink shorts
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:17:04 PM): lol thanks :P
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:17:32 PM): Yw
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:21:24 PM): i can try n call u monday?im goin 2 my friends 2morrow n stayin there this weekend
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:22:07 PM): Wow seriously Monday? Today is Friday
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:22:20 PM): or sunday nite mayb
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:22:32 PM): What's so hard about calling in for a sec and saying hi?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:22:49 PM): i dont want my mom 2 hear me
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:23:07 PM): y u tryin 2 get me in trouble :((
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:23:16 PM): You can put the music b call she won't hear you just don't be loud
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:23:31 PM): I'm not I'm sorry
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:24:02 PM): trust me i wuna hear u 2 but i dont wuna risk it
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:24:05 PM): I just wanna hear your voice
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:24:50 PM): You can go to bathroom run the water n just whisper say hi
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 11:25:28 PM): -_-
kashkhan773 (04/04/14 11:25:43 PM): :(
kashkhan773 (04/05/14 12:32:36 AM): Did you fell asleep or something
kashkhan773 (04/05/14 12:54:56 AM): ???
kashkhan773 (04/05/14 1:58:12 AM): Hellooo???
kashkhan773 (04/05/14 6:59:14 PM): Where are you ? Conversation 4-5-14

Kash Kahn: Hey cait

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4-6-14

xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 6:04:33 PM): hiiii
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:05:03 PM): Hey
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 6:05:55 PM): sry i went 2 bed tht one nite cus i thought u were mad at me..n then spent this weekend at my friends
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:06:48 PM): You were suppose to Call me?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 6:08:08 PM): i told u no cus my mom jus got home n i didnt wuna get in trouble...n then u got mad
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:08:34 PM): I know that but you said you will over the weekend
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 6:08:58 PM): u dont listen!i said i would sunday nite or monday
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:09:48 PM): I did n I do remember what you told me
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:11:49 PM): Anyways what are you doing right now ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 6:12:14 PM): on here talkin 2 u n on fb
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:12:41 PM): You back home now?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 6:13:36 PM): yaaa
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:14:01 PM): Is mom home or she at work ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 6:14:47 PM): shes home she was of this weekend
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:16:04 PM): So how are you going to call me tonight isn't she gonna be there again ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 6:17:11 PM): ya..sometimes she goes 2 her bfs but i think hes comin over here...i can call u 2morrow
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:25:02 PM): Why not right now? Just to say hi?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 6:26:21 PM): because shes home n her bf jus got not guna risk it n get in trouble sry
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 6:31:04 PM): so now ur guna quit talkin 2 me again?
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:32:24 PM): How are you gonna get in trouble just be like you talking to your friend
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 6:33:05 PM): i dont wuna risk it..i promise ill call u 2morrow
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:37:35 PM): :(
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:38:18 PM): Risk what not like I'm asking you to steal something
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 6:39:45 PM): k
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:40:06 PM): ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 6:43:14 PM): ill call u 2morrow..not goin 2 2day
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:43:23 PM): K what cait?
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 6:48:06 PM): Fine don't :(
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:10:04 PM): cool guess ur not guna talk 2 me on here then..bye
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:33:37 PM): K?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:33:51 PM): wht?
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:34:39 PM): Seems like you don't wanna talk to me
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:34:57 PM): ur the 1 not talkin 2 me
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:35:27 PM): I'm trying to but you don't wNt to
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:36:46 PM): i can talk on here
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:37:25 PM): Yeah but you can't call me ?
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:37:59 PM): She let you be on the computer the whole day but you can't call for a min?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:41:04 PM): im not on the comp the whole day
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:41:22 PM): im gettin off here since u dont wuna talk n r bein mean
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:41:24 PM): bye
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:41:34 PM): Wt the fuck?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:41:48 PM): ?
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:42:29 PM): I'm not bein mean
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:42:56 PM): ya huh u keep tellin me 2 call when i cant..i told u i will 2morrow n u keep sayin 2 call now
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:51:24 PM): I guess I will wait for tomorrow
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:51:38 PM): ok..
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:51:48 PM): What you doing right now ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:54:19 PM): on fb u?
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:54:46 PM): Nothing I just left the house I was bored
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:56:20 PM): ohhh wht u guna do?
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:57:10 PM): Just gonna go her a
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:57:23 PM): huh
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:57:29 PM): Gonna go get a car wash and something to eat ^*^^
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:58:04 PM): ohhhhh..moms makin dinner now :)
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:58:16 PM): What us she cooking ?
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:58:17 PM): Is
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:58:50 PM): spagetti
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:59:13 PM): Hmm yummy
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:59:33 PM): yaaaaa :) n garlic bread 2 of course haha
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 7:59:35 PM): What you gonna make for me?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 7:59:49 PM): i can make anything!ima good cook :D
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:00:13 PM): Are you? So what you gonna feed me baby?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:00:22 PM): wht do ya like?
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:01:23 PM): Anything... I'm asking you what would you like to feed me?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:02:11 PM): i can make good chicken poppercosh if u ever tried tht
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:02:44 PM): Nope I haven't
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:03:02 PM): What's that ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:03:42 PM): its realllll good..its jus chicken n dumplings mixed w a sauce i make outta sour cream
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:03:57 PM): it might sound gross buts its good!
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:05:01 PM): I'd love to try that
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:06:51 PM): It better be good or else lol
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:07:07 PM): it will be!n or else wht!?
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:07:48 PM): If it's not good then your booty gonna get spank hard :p
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:08:07 PM): hahaha thatll hurttttt
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:08:19 PM): I haven't even do anything yet
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:08:46 PM): :P
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:09:13 PM): You know you love it
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:09:36 PM): ur silly :)
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:09:52 PM): Lol
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:10:00 PM): Where's my kiss?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:10:10 PM): :-*
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:10:24 PM): No a good one
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:10:38 PM): how am i supposed 2 give a good 1 lol
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:11:03 PM): You suck
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:15:23 PM): brb ima eat dinner
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:30:25 PM): Ok
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:39:26 PM): Is your fat ass still eating ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:42:30 PM): heyyyyyy X-(i aint fat!!!n ya im done now
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:44:06 PM): I said fat ass lol :p
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:44:17 PM): same thing lol
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:44:54 PM): No I know your not fat but I bet you have a big ass?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:45:27 PM): no its lil :(
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:46:01 PM): Is it? I'm sure it's nice, round and handful ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:46:33 PM): i guessss lol
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:47:16 PM): You guess? Well only you would know
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:48:18 PM): i dont feel it tho haha
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:54:56 PM): You can see it and feel to when you taking a shower and when you washing your ass
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:55:19 PM): i guees lmao
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:56:49 PM): What you mean don't you?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:57:20 PM): ya but i never thought bout it lol
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:58:09 PM): Let me see how big is it I'll tell you if it's small or big enough
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 8:58:31 PM): how lol
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 8:58:53 PM): How can I? Take a pic and send it to me
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:00:07 PM): 1-this is my uncles old phone he gave me n the cam dont work...n 2-my mom made it so i dont have pic messaging
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:02:04 PM): That sucks so you saying you don't have not even one camera in your house ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:02:22 PM): my moms phone
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:02:44 PM): And of course you can't use that right lol?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:03:13 PM): do u want her 2 kill me lmao
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:03:34 PM): lemme see if i got any pics on here tht show my butt lol
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:03:51 PM): No but you could be slick enough
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:04:01 PM): Let me see it
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:06:09 PM): my butt aint in any of the pics i got on here :(
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:10:57 PM): :(
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:11:53 PM): i sryyyy
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:15:21 PM): It's ok babe
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:18:33 PM): wht u get 2 eat?
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:23:30 PM): Just got a gyro chess burger
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:24:17 PM): yummmmm
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:30:03 PM): Yeah it was very good babe
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:30:35 PM): Too bad your ass is not here to share it with me :p
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:30:57 PM): lol sryyyy :P
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:32:09 PM): Don't be
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:32:30 PM): But if you were here with me I'd be sharing something else with your fine ass:p
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:33:57 PM): What would you do if you were here with me right now ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:34:48 PM): wht would u be sharing?n idkkk wht would u want me 2 do lol
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:35:29 PM): That's what I wanna know what would you like to do?
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:35:59 PM): Let's say I'm there with you in your room...
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:36:09 PM): idkkkkk u tell me!
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:37:07 PM): I will but I wanna know about you first
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:37:31 PM): idddkkkkkkkk
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:38:29 PM): Udk?? And expecting me to know? Use your imagination ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:39:54 PM): brb
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:47:55 PM): Ok
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:53:01 PM): kk sry
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:53:15 PM): What you doing ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:53:43 PM): had 2 take the stupid dog out
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:54:20 PM): Lol who let the dogs out you you you lol
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:54:52 PM): You'd leave me alone in your room... I'm still waiting
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:56:18 PM): lmao!!
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:56:21 PM): n huhh
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:56:55 PM): Remember where were we before you left?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:57:06 PM): ohhhh
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:57:12 PM): Remember I'm in the room with you
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:57:36 PM): idkk talk 2 u?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:57:39 PM): lol
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:58:13 PM): Hajaha yeah sure and then after that ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:58:31 PM): make u dinner :P
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:58:51 PM): Uh huh after I'm done eating dinner then
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 9:59:18 PM): w/e u would wuna do!
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 9:59:50 PM): I'd take you to your bed n lay you down...
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:00:45 PM): :)
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:01:39 PM): Your turn
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:04:42 PM): uhhhhhhhhh idkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:11:04 PM): Ok
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:14:03 PM): ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:22:29 PM): :(
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:23:14 PM): What why are you sad?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:23:30 PM): u aint sayin anythinggg
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:23:36 PM): thought u were mad at me
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:24:13 PM): I'm here and No I'm not
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:50:49 PM): i didnt see ur msg sry..but im gettin sleepy n gotta go back 2 school 2morrow :(
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:51:35 PM): Are you gonna go to sleep right now or in a bit
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:52:00 PM): i think now..moms yellin at me 2 -_-
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:52:08 PM): ima dropkick her :P
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:52:25 PM): No
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:52:42 PM): You gonna leave me alone here ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:52:55 PM): :(ur makin me feel bad!
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:53:21 PM): No why you feeling bad baby?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:53:47 PM): cus im leavin u here
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:54:07 PM): It's ok I guess
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:54:27 PM): When you gonna call me n how ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:55:16 PM): i will 2morrow n wht u mean how
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:55:40 PM): I mean isn't like you mom gonna be there again?
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:55:55 PM): Your^*^
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:56:18 PM): she works 2morrow 2nd shift
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:57:26 PM): Oh ok
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:58:03 PM): i gotta get off here ill tty 2morrow gniteee :)
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:58:11 PM): Then can I be with you on 2nd shift babe?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:58:34 PM): if u want :)
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:58:50 PM): Of course
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:59:02 PM): Why wouldn't i ?
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 10:59:40 PM): idk lol..i gotta get off here moms yellin at me :(cant wait 2 hear ur voice 2morrowwwww :) gnite!
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 10:59:52 PM): Ur ass gonna be in trouble if I cum:P
xocait_lynnox (04/06/14 11:00:25 PM): :):P
kashkhan773 (04/06/14 11:01:03 PM): Ok babe go ahead then good night muahhh on your sexy lips

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4-7-14

xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 4:51:41 PM): heyyyy
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 5:11:46 PM): well i was guna call u but i guess notttttt
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 5:17:38 PM): well ima get off here n do h/w..ill bbl
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 6:41:53 PM): Hey
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 6:48:45 PM): Hellooo??
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 6:56:48 PM): heyyy :)
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:02:32 PM): kerjlkgjkrlglrtjgnnfdgdfng
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:04:35 PM): Sup
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:04:45 PM): nothinnn wht u doin
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:04:55 PM): I took a nap I was sleeping
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:05:01 PM): Laying in my bed
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:05:09 PM): ohhh i took a nap 2 when i got home :)
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:05:47 PM): You took one without me baby?
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:06:04 PM): i was tiredddd :P
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:06:35 PM): Yeah me too
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:06:40 PM): Are you home?
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:06:55 PM): yeppp
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:07:19 PM): Mom at work ?
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:07:26 PM): yepppppp
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:07:42 PM): Where's gma
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:07:53 PM): idk lol
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:07:59 PM): at her house i guess
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:08:03 PM): M. M
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:08:13 PM): huh?
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:08:37 PM): Oh nice so you home alone?
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:08:51 PM): ya y
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:09:05 PM): Just asking
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:09:18 PM): You don't have any bro or sis?
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:09:35 PM): no :(
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:10:09 PM): Aw
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:10:16 PM): i can call u if u want but i dont have a lot of mins so it cant be 2 long
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:11:32 PM): Yeah
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:11:40 PM): whts ur #
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:12:32 PM): It is
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:14:42 PM): *edit*
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:16:45 PM): kk ill call u in a min!
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:21:19 PM): Call me
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:28:30 PM): You sound cute
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:28:47 PM): u sound more cuteeee :)
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:29:02 PM): Thank you
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:29:08 PM): I'm coming to see you
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:29:50 PM): whennn lol
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:30:01 PM): Right now
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:30:16 PM): really?:D
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:30:36 PM): Do you want me to?
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:30:54 PM): if u want 2!h.o lemme call my gma first 2 make sure she aint comin
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:31:23 PM): Wt time does she comes home
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:31:57 PM): my mom?she gets home around 10:15
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:32:02 PM): Oh your gma ok... But what time does your mom gets home from work
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:32:09 PM): 10:15
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:32:14 PM): I see
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:32:41 PM): Well then I could be with you for three hours :p
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:34:48 PM): :'(....
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:35:04 PM): What!
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:36:02 PM): i called my gma n she said shes comin over n cookin dinner 4 meX-(
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:36:15 PM): :(
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:36:39 PM): That sucks
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:36:58 PM): i tried to tell her i already ate but she said shes almost here :(
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:37:06 PM): whts ur schedule usually like?
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:37:31 PM): Whatever babe I don't have school at the moment
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:37:54 PM): You should skip the school one day and be with me
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:38:13 PM): like tell my mom im sick?
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:38:56 PM): That or tent like you going to school but your not n I'm gonna pick you up from there
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:39:44 PM): we can figure somethin out :D
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:40:11 PM): I wanna hold you and kiss you :p
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:40:16 PM): if i sy im sick my gma might come over so we probly shouldn do tht
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:40:25 PM): i wuna kiss u 2 :)
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:40:53 PM): Come over then baby let me feel your sexy lips
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:41:12 PM): i cant 2niteeee :(
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:41:48 PM): I wish I was there with you right now
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:42:00 PM): i wish so 2
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:42:38 PM): I wanna kiss your lips bite your neck n then
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:42:53 PM): :):\">
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:44:24 PM): I wanna see you babe
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:44:49 PM): i wuna see u 2
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:45:02 PM): brb gma jus got here
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:45:13 PM): O wow
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:48:29 PM): kk back
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:48:39 PM): y u say wow
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:49:03 PM): Bcuz I wanna talk to you
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:49:12 PM): i can talk :)
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:53:42 PM): wht u guna eat 4 dinner
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:56:13 PM): I'm not sure yet babe
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:56:19 PM): What are you making me tonight ?
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:56:44 PM): nothinnnn cus stupid gma came over X-(
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:57:15 PM): What if she didn't ?
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:57:40 PM): idk lol wht u want me 2 make ya?
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 7:58:11 PM): Something good:P
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 7:58:34 PM): lol do u like spicy food
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 8:10:46 PM): ?
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 8:33:19 PM): well idk where u went but ima get off here..mayb ill get back on later
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 9:02:49 PM): I'm here I was busy doing something
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 9:45:32 PM): ohhhh..wht were u doin
kashkhan773 (04/07/14 10:35:45 PM): I was helping mom
xocait_lynnox (04/07/14 10:36:22 PM): ohh

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4-9-24

xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 4:33:51 PM): heyyyy
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:48:17 PM): Hey babe
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:48:28 PM): wht ya doinnnn
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:49:08 PM): Just woke up Layin in my bed
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:49:21 PM): ohhhh sleepy head :P
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:49:29 PM): Cum n join me
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:49:44 PM): Waiting for you :p
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:49:59 PM): haha i wishhh :P
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:50:11 PM): Is that right
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:50:26 PM): ya im tired lol
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:50:54 PM): Wt if you were here laying next to me ?
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:51:07 PM): id take a nappyyyyy lol
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:52:08 PM): Wt if I won't let you sleep?
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:53:10 PM): I'm gonna lay on top of you n....
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:53:54 PM): haha u dont want me to sleeeep?
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:54:09 PM): No way
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:54:37 PM): y nottt lol
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:54:58 PM): You would wanna go to sleep if you were here with me ?
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:55:21 PM): Bcuz i wanna...
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:55:39 PM): ........
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:56:19 PM): Hold you, Kiss you, lick you every where n then..
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:56:37 PM): :):D
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:56:45 PM): Bite your cherry...
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:56:59 PM): my cherry???
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:57:12 PM): Your pussy :p
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:57:40 PM): ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :\">
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:58:19 PM): Can I?
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:59:16 PM): maybeeeeeee
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 6:59:25 PM): Maybe???
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:59:39 PM): hehehe :P ;)
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 7:00:09 PM): Would you let me put something in there? :P
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:00:28 PM): hmmm like wht :P
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 7:00:39 PM): What do you think ?
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:01:09 PM): ohhhh idkkkkk hahaha
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 7:01:14 PM): What can a guy put inside there ?
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:01:53 PM): probly 9023478 diff things
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 7:02:36 PM): Ok ??? So what would you rather have inside your pussy?
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:02:54 PM): y u gotta put me on the spot all the time :P
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 7:03:30 PM): Tell me
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:04:14 PM): dont put me on the spottttttttttt
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 7:05:07 PM): You always put me on ... So tell me I wanna know since you said 858588 things so what would you like to have in there ?
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:07:00 PM): jkhsdgkjhsdbkbjfgkldh
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 7:07:10 PM): ?????
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:07:18 PM): ghgshdfgkfkh
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 7:07:58 PM): Ok??????
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:08:05 PM): :)lol
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:08:19 PM): y didnt u msg me yesterday
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 7:08:25 PM): Nvm.
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:08:40 PM): ?
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:12:00 PM): now ur guna ignore me?really?
kashkhan773 (04/09/14 7:12:51 PM): Just like you Doing to me when I'm asking you something
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:13:56 PM): so ur done talkin 2 me now?
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:26:14 PM): w/e then bye

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4-10-14

xocait_lynnox (04/10/14 6:58:39 PM): hi
xocait_lynnox (04/10/14 8:38:40 PM): i wont bother u anymore..:(
kashkhan773 (04/10/14 11:23:22 PM): I guess
kashkhan773 (04/10/14 11:55:53 PM): Have fun whatever you doing and whoever you talking to.

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4-11-14

xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 5:33:12 PM): wht u mean?i tried talkin 2 u n u didnt respond back
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 8:40:16 PM): Sure you did you were on whole day yesterday I Messaged you but no reply
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 8:40:27 PM): Call me right now
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 8:49:29 PM): no i wasnt i was at school?i messaged u at night n u didnt answer..i got on today n got ur msgs's
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 8:58:38 PM): Well it showed that you were online
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 8:58:53 PM): Call me
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 8:59:05 PM): well idk y n i didnt get any msgs from u til i got on today
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 8:59:24 PM): i cant my gma is here..and even if she wasnt i got like no mins left
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 8:59:39 PM): y whts wrong?
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 9:00:07 PM): No mins? Who the hell you been talking to?
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 9:00:55 PM): mom n gma and friends
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 9:01:52 PM): You can talk to your friends ??? When I ask you to call you can't ok.
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 9:02:43 PM): i talked to u on it..n if my mom looks at my mins n sees ur number always poppin up i dont want her askin me who u r..i dont wuna get in trouble
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 9:03:36 PM): Tell her I'm your friend just like you talk to you friends n she see their numbers right ?????
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 9:04:15 PM): ya..i jus dont wuna risk it..if she knew i met som1 online shed kill me..:(
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 9:04:40 PM): Don't tell her how would she know ?
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 9:05:00 PM): Tell her I'm one if your school friends
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 9:05:04 PM): Of
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 9:05:07 PM): if she seen ur number..idk i jus dont wuna risk it
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 9:05:16 PM): dont it show where they call from?like the city
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 9:05:28 PM): No
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 9:05:37 PM): i thought it does
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 9:05:45 PM): If you call me private the number won't even show up on the bill
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 9:06:06 PM): i jus dont wuna risk it...
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 9:06:33 PM): K
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 9:07:03 PM): wht u doin this weekend
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 9:18:42 PM): k well if ur not guna talk back then ima get off here n watch a movie..bye
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 9:46:42 PM): Uh huh
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 10:52:38 PM): wht u mean uh huh?
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 10:53:35 PM): Go ahead watch your movie that is very important for you
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 10:54:01 PM): i did
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 10:55:59 PM): n u werent talkin
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 10:57:07 PM): Obviously I'm talking to you
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 10:57:35 PM): earlier u werent..i asked wht ur doin this weekend n u didnt say anything back
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 10:58:37 PM): Maybe I was busy doing something
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 10:58:50 PM): ok...
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 11:06:31 PM): idk y ur bein mean 2 but im goin 2 bed gnite
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 11:11:28 PM): Ok I guess
xocait_lynnox (04/11/14 11:11:58 PM): well ur not talkin n i can tell ur mad at me cus ur bein mean 2 me :(
kashkhan773 (04/11/14 11:16:08 PM): If is that what you think

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4-12-14

kashkhan773 (04/12/14 9:59:32 PM): Wats up

Yahoo Instant Messeger 4-13-14

xocait_lynnox (04/13/14 8:24:31 PM): hey
kashkhan773 (04/13/14 10:01:05 PM): Hi

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4-14-14

xocait_lynnox (04/14/14 6:21:03 PM): hey

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4-15-14

kashkhan773 (04/15/14 12:32:00 AM): Hey
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:40:43 PM): heyy
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:40:48 PM): Wats up
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:41:06 PM): What you doing
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:41:11 PM): tired lol u?
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:41:40 PM): Same here tired just laying down
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:43:02 PM): ya im bout 2 watch a movie in a lil bit...wht u been up 2?
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:43:21 PM): Bored
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:43:30 PM): Been working
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:43:44 PM): ohhh u work a lot?
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:43:58 PM): I try not to
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:44:14 PM): Full time 5 days
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:44:41 PM): Can you call me right now?
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:45:39 PM): i told u already a couple days ago
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:46:25 PM): the pic didnt send :(
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:46:54 PM): It shows sent
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:47:05 PM): it started 2 then didnt
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:47:36 PM): That sucks
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:47:44 PM): try again
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:47:52 PM): There
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:48:41 PM): didnt work again :'(email it 2 me
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:49:20 PM): Yahoo suck
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:49:34 PM): *edited*
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:50:14 PM): dont make fun of the name i had it since i was lil lol
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:51:05 PM): I was gonna say
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:51:12 PM): Sent btw
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:51:18 PM): kk h.o
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:51:19 PM): Let me see you
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:51:37 PM): Let me see your fine ass :P
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:52:38 PM): hahaha wowww verry funny :P
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:52:44 PM): Lol
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:53:00 PM): Wanna eat that banana?
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:53:21 PM): haha sure i like bananas :Dmy fav fruit
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:53:32 PM): Lol
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:53:53 PM): Then you gonna love my banana
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:54:06 PM): haha oh yeah?:P
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:54:16 PM): Uh huh
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:54:25 PM): silly boyyyyyy :)
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:54:40 PM): Let me see your fine ass:p
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:54:49 PM): u mean like a pic?
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:55:02 PM): Yea
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:55:10 PM): kkk h.o lemme find 1
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:55:35 PM): K
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:57:21 PM): Yea looking cute
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:57:31 PM): ty :)
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:57:45 PM): But I said let me see your sexy ass
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:57:54 PM): :p
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:58:13 PM): i dont got anyyyyy plus i got a tiny butt lol
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:58:44 PM): Yeah right let me see it I know it's big enough
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 6:59:02 PM): its lillll n i dont got any pics of it
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 6:59:24 PM): Take a pic of it n send it to me baby
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:00:14 PM): i aint got a cam for the 8765 timeeee
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:00:31 PM): :(
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:00:39 PM): i sry :(
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:00:50 PM): You have a cam for these pix
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:00:52 PM): buy me 1 :P hahaha
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:01:11 PM): there from a while ago from moms n my friends
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:01:53 PM): Hmm ok so you telling me there's no cam at all at your house?
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:02:10 PM): moms phone whenever shes here
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:02:20 PM): she has an iphone
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:02:37 PM): Which you can't even use obviously right ?
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:03:05 PM): right..idk her pw plus id be afraid of gettin caught somehow
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:03:26 PM): You making me wanna go there n bite your ass
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:03:37 PM): haha y
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:03:50 PM): Bcuz :(
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:04:10 PM): What you wearing right now?
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:04:46 PM): sweats n a sweatshirt...its cold 2day :(
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:05:03 PM): N what else?
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:05:26 PM): socks panties n bra lol
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:05:41 PM): :p
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:05:53 PM): :P
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:05:53 PM): I like thongs on girl
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:06:05 PM): i wear em sometimes
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:06:21 PM): i only got 2 tho
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:06:36 PM): You better wear em when I'm with you
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:06:43 PM): Wt color
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:06:48 PM): haha kk!
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:07:00 PM): pink n the other lime green
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:07:23 PM): I like both color but green is my fav
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:07:51 PM): :P
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:08:31 PM): What you got for me behind your panties ? :p
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:08:55 PM): hahaha ur silly
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:09:07 PM): Tell me?
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:09:11 PM): hey ima get off here ima watch my movie
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:09:19 PM): ur sillyyyyy :P
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:09:43 PM): So your movie is more important huh
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:10:04 PM): noooo i jus really wuna watch it n mom finally rented it
kashkhan773 (04/15/14 7:10:21 PM): Ok then have fun bye
xocait_lynnox (04/15/14 7:10:28 PM): ttyl byeee

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4-16-14

xocait_lynnox (04/16/14 9:52:59 PM): hey
kashkhan773 (04/16/14 11:44:44 PM): Sup

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4-17-14

xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 4:07:22 PM): hiii
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 5:01:26 PM): Hey cutie
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 5:07:01 PM): What you sound?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 5:07:38 PM): What you doing
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 5:08:14 PM): P
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 6:59:12 PM): heyyy sry i went on a bike ride
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 7:46:27 PM): helllllooooo
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 7:59:39 PM): It's ok
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:00:03 PM): wht ya doin
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:00:20 PM): Just got out of the shower
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:00:45 PM): ohhh ima take 1 in a few min
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:01:19 PM): Without me?
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:02:35 PM): hahaha ya :P
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:06:15 PM): That's not kool
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:06:24 PM): lol sryyyyyy
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:06:43 PM): You not even gonna ask me to join you ?
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:06:58 PM): u already took oneeee
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:07:10 PM): I can help wash you down good :p
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:07:30 PM): hahaha oh yaaaa?:P ;)
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:07:35 PM): So what I can take another I love taking shower
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:08:02 PM): O yea I can wash you good up to down front and back :p
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:08:31 PM): hehehe :D
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:08:45 PM): do u like hot or cold showers
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:11:52 PM): Hot
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:11:59 PM): me tooooo
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:12:25 PM): So what's up want me to come help you?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:12:59 PM): Let me wash that ass good :p
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:13:29 PM): ya if ya want ;) hahaha
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:14:03 PM): What you mean of I want... you don't want me to?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:14:08 PM): If
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:15:24 PM): i didnt say tht!ill b back in a few ima go take it now
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:38:30 PM): backkk
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:46:19 PM): You done
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:47:31 PM): yep yep!
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:48:09 PM): All fresh huh
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:48:31 PM): yeppp :D
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:49:26 PM): In coming over to make you all dirty :p
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:49:58 PM): nooo i jus got a shower hahaha
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:52:49 PM): So what you can take one again
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:53:04 PM): lol ok
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:53:26 PM): Or I can wash you
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:53:49 PM): hehe :P
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:54:07 PM): What you got on
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:54:33 PM): tshirt n shorts
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:54:54 PM): N?
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:55:12 PM): n means and lol
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 8:55:22 PM): Yea
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:58:39 PM): yaaaaaaa
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 8:58:45 PM): so wht u do today
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:19:56 PM): Nothing really
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:20:00 PM): Same old shit
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:20:26 PM): sounds like funnn lol
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:22:13 PM): I guess
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:22:20 PM): lol
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:22:22 PM): What did you do today ?
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:22:55 PM): went 2 school..came on here for lil bit..n rode my bike around the park
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:43:32 PM): Nice look like you had fun shorty
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:43:54 PM): yaaa i like ridin my bike :D
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:44:17 PM): That's good to know
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:44:33 PM): lol
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:44:37 PM): You only like riding bike ?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:45:13 PM): Lol
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:45:25 PM): huh?lol
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:46:09 PM): You only like riding bike or anything else ?
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:46:43 PM): my uncle has a 4wheeler n i like ridin tht i guess
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:47:08 PM): Lol
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:47:10 PM): I see
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:47:20 PM): yaaaaaa
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:47:35 PM): Anything else ?
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:48:03 PM): uhhh i dont think so???
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:48:22 PM): Me
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:48:25 PM): Lol
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:48:35 PM): u?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:48:45 PM): Yeah
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:49:37 PM): im so confused :-/
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:49:58 PM): u like ridin 4wheelers?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:50:08 PM): What do you think ?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:50:17 PM): Wouldn't mind
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:50:19 PM): yes??
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:50:44 PM): Sure
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:50:51 PM): lmao im lost
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:51:06 PM): Your slow
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:51:09 PM): Nvm
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:51:19 PM): ur slowwwwwww
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:51:36 PM): That's what not she said
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:51:38 PM): Hahah
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:51:47 PM): hahahaha
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:51:53 PM): : p
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:52:54 PM): Come over and find out how slow I'm
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:53:33 PM): ya jus lemme get in the car tht i dont have w the license i dont have lmao
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:53:40 PM): What do you use to get on yahoo !
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:53:52 PM): wht u mean
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:54:02 PM): like the comp?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:54:07 PM): Like how do you use yahoo
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:54:10 PM): Yea
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:54:14 PM): my comp
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:54:18 PM): u?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:54:41 PM): Oh.. I use my cell phone
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:54:55 PM): ohhh..y lol
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:55:40 PM): What you mean why it's more convenience I'm not gonna sit in front of the computer
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:56:00 PM): i do lol :P
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:57:05 PM): I know you sit on your big ass :p
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:57:32 PM): actually im layin in my bed!X-(
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:57:59 PM): WhT kinda cheap old ass computer to you have that it doesn't even have a damn cam:p
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:58:17 PM): its a dell
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:58:18 PM): Oh are you so it's a laptop ?
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:58:25 PM): yeppp
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:58:47 PM): It should have a built in cam
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:59:16 PM): it dont its real old
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:59:26 PM): it has windows xp
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:59:27 PM): You suck
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 9:59:32 PM): no u dooooooooo
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 9:59:58 PM): That's what she said
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:00:24 PM): :P
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:00:41 PM): No you suck my....
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:00:45 PM): Lol
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:01:03 PM): lol :P
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:01:42 PM): I'm waiting for you
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:01:53 PM): ?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:02:40 PM): For you to suck my....
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:02:41 PM): :p
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:03:08 PM): ur wht!?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:05:12 PM): What do you think
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:05:30 PM): What would you like to suck?:p
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:05:52 PM): uhhhh idk
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:10:15 PM): ???
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:11:00 PM): wht the ??? for
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:18:42 PM): Udk
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:18:43 PM): I never know anything do you
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:19:22 PM): i kno more then u :Plol
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:19:47 PM): Sure you think so?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:20:00 PM): It doesn't seems like it
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:20:05 PM): probly not lol
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:20:40 PM): It sure doesn't
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:20:51 PM): ya yaaaaaaaaaa
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:21:13 PM): You don't speak up
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:21:17 PM): You gotta open up
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:21:29 PM): bout wht?i am open!
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:22:57 PM): When I ask you something or if we talking about something
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:23:38 PM): half the time idk wht ur talkin bout
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:26:13 PM): You do know but you pretend like you don't
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:26:33 PM): nuh uh
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:27:57 PM): So what you doing
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:28:28 PM): playin w my dog
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:29:41 PM): Lol leave your dog alone
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:29:57 PM): That's what I'm here for
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:30:06 PM): :p
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:30:11 PM): he keeps barkin at me!everytime i lay down he starts barkin n if i get up he runs away
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:30:21 PM): haha im talkin 2 u toooo :)
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:30:53 PM): You
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:31:01 PM): Yea I know ^*
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:31:13 PM): u got any pets?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:31:25 PM): No I don't
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:33:20 PM): y not
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:33:57 PM): Too much of work
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:34:18 PM): pshhhh
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:34:21 PM): lazy butt :P
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:34:46 PM): Ayeee
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:35:14 PM): hehe jk :)
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:35:19 PM): Don't make me go there n spank your butt :p
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:35:58 PM): hahaha :P ill tickle u
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:36:33 PM): I'll spank you herder :p
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:36:40 PM): Harder **
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:37:02 PM): ill run!im fast :)
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:37:35 PM): Your ass ain't gonna run nowhere
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:37:54 PM): ya huhhhhhhh im fast!
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:38:19 PM): I'm strong baby
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:38:41 PM): I'm Gonna grab your ass tight
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:38:44 PM): :p
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:39:00 PM): u cant be strong if u cant catch me haha :P
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:39:17 PM): im seriously like 1 of the fastest girls at my school lol
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:40:25 PM): Lol are you well to bad bcuz your ass gonna be under me:p
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:40:50 PM): So you didn't finish telling me what else you wearing ?
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:41:26 PM): bra panties n socks lol
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:42:00 PM): What color is your panties ?
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:42:12 PM): its a secret ;)lol
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:42:41 PM): Secret my ass tell me
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:42:54 PM): they are.......
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:43:10 PM): ..............
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:43:15 PM): ???
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:43:25 PM): lol light blue
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:43:49 PM): What you about to show me
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:43:59 PM): huh?
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:44:11 PM): Nice color I like that
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:44:18 PM): Your panties
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:45:01 PM): lol well ty
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:45:12 PM): What's behind your panties baby :p
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:45:25 PM): wht do u think!?lmao
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 10:45:46 PM): You tell me
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:47:08 PM): y do i ned 2 tell u when u knoooo
xocait_lynnox (04/17/14 10:54:24 PM): ima get off here moms guna be home in a lil bit n i gotta do the dishes b4 she gets home
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 11:01:34 PM): No
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 11:01:42 PM): Your not
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 11:02:07 PM): Call me right now
kashkhan773 (04/17/14 11:02:46 PM): Wtf and you just left??????!!

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4-18-14

xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:04:06 PM): i told u i had 2 do the dishes n had 2 get off
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:04:44 PM): Without saying bye or anything :(
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:04:55 PM): Im mad at cha
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:05:02 PM): i waited n u didnt say bye
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:05:16 PM): im sry...:( ill leave u alone...:(
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:05:23 PM): Bcuz You just left
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:05:42 PM): I'm gonna kick your ass
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:06:00 PM): noooo :(
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:06:19 PM): Why you gonna leave me again
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:06:29 PM): u said ur mad at me :/
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:06:48 PM): When you should be cheering me up
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:07:40 PM): i jus dont like when ppl r mad at me
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:08:15 PM): Well I'm try not to but you give me reasons to
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:08:21 PM): Anyways
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:08:28 PM): :(
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:08:42 PM): Muaaahhh
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:09:06 PM): muuuuuaaahhhhh
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:09:13 PM): Aww
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:09:17 PM): :)
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:09:35 PM): I wanna feel your lips baby :p
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:10:03 PM): kk want me to put em against the comp screen?haha
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:10:16 PM): No
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:10:25 PM): i was jk lol
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:10:31 PM): Put em against my lips
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:10:52 PM): Mom at work?
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:11:01 PM): yepppp
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:11:29 PM): Are you home alone ?
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:11:45 PM): yeppppp
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:12:54 PM): Aw I wish I was there
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:13:11 PM): me tooo
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:13:27 PM): I'd take your sexy blue panties off :p
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:13:48 PM): Are you gonna let me?
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:13:53 PM): hehe oh yaaaaa?:P
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:14:39 PM): Are you gonna let me?
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:15:05 PM): idc lol :P
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:15:47 PM): You know what's gonna happen after I take your panties off right ?
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:16:05 PM): nooo wht
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:16:51 PM): Mmm I'm gonna lick your cherry n then ....
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:17:15 PM): my cherrrry?
kashkhan773 (04/18/14 4:17:24 PM): Your pussy
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:17:41 PM): ohhhhhh :P
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 4:21:59 PM): u there?
xocait_lynnox (04/18/14 5:57:19 PM): where u gooooo

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4-19-14

kashkhan773 (04/19/14 3:23:57 PM): Sup
xocait_lynnox (04/21/14 3:59:46 PM): heyyy

Text Messaging 4-21-14

Me: heyyy 4:14 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Hi 5:39 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What's up baby 5:40 PM
Me: nothinnn :) wht u doin? 5:45 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Just woke up right now still laying in my bed 5:48 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Bring your sexy ass here and john me:p 5:49 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Join 5:49 PM
Me: y u sleep so late!?do u work at night or somethin..n ya right i cant drive haha 5:52 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah I work nights babe 5:53 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Are you home alone. ? 5:53 PM
Me: yeppp y? 5:54 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Not inviting me over ? 5:54 PM
Me: lol even if i did u wouldnt actually come 5:55 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Why wouldn't I come 5:56 PM
Me: idk lol i jus feel like u wouldnt! 5:57 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'd love to come n bite your sexy ass :p 5:57 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: If I come over you wouldn't be able to handle me 5:58 PM
Me: haha oh yaaaa?n wht exactly do u mean by tht mister!?:P 5:59 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I would be all over your sexy ass :p 6:00 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I wanna see your sexy ass 6:01 PM
Me: lol :P..well if u really do..i can see my moms work schedule this week..wht would we do n where would we go 6:03 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I will do your sexy ass good : p anywhere in my car or a hotel lol 6:04 PM
Me: have to be home by like mom gets home from work at 10:15 6:06 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Don't go to school in the morning I can pick you up from your school 6:07 PM
Me: decisions decisions lol 6:08 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What do you think ? 6:09 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Or after school 3-9 we gonna have 6 hours 6:10 PM
Me: hmm idk lol..we can figure something out!wht time do u work 6:13 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I start work around 11pm 6:14 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What do you wanna do and where would you wanna go baby? 6:15 PM
Me: omg!wht time do u get off 6:15 PM
Me: idc ill do w/ nervous haha 6:16 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: 4 sometime 5 depends how big of work I have 6:16 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Why are you nervous babe 6:17 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You acting like I'm gonna cum inside you and make your ass pregnant :p 6:17 PM
Me: omg aint u guna be tired?n cus lots of reasons lol..i never met anyone online n ur cute lol..ill probly be all shy :X 6:19 PM
Me: well i dont wuna get pregoo!! 6:19 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I won't get you pregnant baby of course not 6:20 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I wanna ... 6:20 PM
Me: how do u kno tho..r u guna wear a condom 6:20 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I don't like condoms but I can control my shit so don't worry I'm not gonna cum inside your pussy 6:21 PM
Me: i still think we should! 6:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Trust me baby 6:23 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I want you to come here n sit on my.... 6:23 PM
Me: on ur....lap?lol 6:24 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: On my dick :p 6:25 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: It's super hard right now 6:25 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: what you doing right now ? 6:29 PM
Me: haha oh is ittt?whys tht haha :P 6:29 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Bcuz I just woke up and then I'm talking to my sexy baby 6:29 PM
Me: doin hw :( 6:29 PM
Me: hehehe :) 6:30 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Fuck the hw... Let me come there and do you 6:30 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What would you do to me If was there with you 6:30 PM
Me: lol i got a C- in this class so i gotta do it..ima have to do extra credit too..n id do w/e would make u happy! 6:32 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I wanna see you babe 6:33 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Let me see that sexy ass :p 6:34 PM
Me: i wuna see u tooo!i think my mom works tomorrow but mayb the day after tht :) 6:36 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Around what time 6:36 PM
Me: moms off tomorrow* 6:37 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: And where so you want me to pick you up from 6:37 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Do you ^*^ 6:37 PM
Me: she works 2-10..n theres a park by my house tht i could walk to 6:38 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah I know her timing but what time should I pick you up 6:39 PM
Me: idk anytime after school unless i pretend to go n then dont lol 6:41 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Then it's gonna be in early morning 6:42 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Are you gonna wear my fav thong babe :P? 6:42 PM
Me: how early is early lol..n am i guna be w u all day or how is tht guna work? 6:43 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah of course you gonna be with me all day n night :p 6:44 PM
Me: which one the lime green?n kk as long as u can drop me back off at the park by like 9:30 lol 6:44 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yea lime green one n I will 6:45 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You gonna let me bite your cherry :p 6:46 PM
Me: tht sounds painful haha 6:48 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I meant to say lick lol 6:48 PM
Me: lmao big diff!! 6:51 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Lol I know 6:51 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Call me I wanna hear your voice baby 6:52 PM
Me: i wuna hear urs too but we gotta be careful i dont wuna risk it 6:53 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: How we gonna risk it your home alone 6:54 PM
Me: mom checks my min sometimes through her account online..she asked me before about ppl i called n i dont want her askin bout u! 6:56 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: :( 6:56 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Who else you be talking to beside me huh. ? 6:57 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You better not be talking to any other guy 6:58 PM
Me: i promse ur the only guy!ill even let u go through my phone when we meet if u dont believe me 7:00 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You can always delete stuff from the phone but I believe you baby 7:00 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'll take your words I hope you don't break my trust 7:01 PM
Me: i wont break it!:) 7:02 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Muaahhh 7:02 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I wish you were here I wanna grab your face and kiss your lips hard 7:03 PM
Me: i wish i was too!:( 7:04 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You're gorgeous baby 7:04 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm gonna wait until you turn 18 7:05 PM
Me: wht?? 7:07 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: So I can get you pregnant n then make you my wifey :) 7:07 PM
Me: lol ima good cook so i could cook for ya lol so u dont wuna do anything til im 18? 7:10 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I mean we can 7:11 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I was talking about that's when I'm gonna make you my baby mama then my wifey 7:12 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I mean if you don't want to we don't have to I can wait till your 18 7:14 PM
Me: its up to u babe!if u want to then so do i :) i jus wuna make u happy n i kno i can trust u 7:16 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Aw that was really nice and sweet of you baby 7:22 PM
Me: :) 7:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I wanna make you happy to if something you don't like or don't wanna do I won't do it 7:23 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Too^* 7:23 PM
Me: tht jus made me smile :) 7:26 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm glad it did... I wanna see you happy and always smiling :) 7:27 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Love you like fat kid love the chocolate cake hehe 7:28 PM
Me: :) so r we wating til im 18 or do u still wuna do it 7:28 PM
Me: lmao!! 7:28 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Whatever you want it really don't matter to me I'm gonna leave this up to you babe 7:30 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: So you decide 7:31 PM
Me: i feel like u dont wuna anymore 7:31 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No it's not true babe 7:32 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Do you wanna do it before ? 7:32 PM
Me: i wuna know wht its like but i feel like u might wuna wait n i dont wuna do it if u dont wuna 7:35 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No babe we can do it before I'd make you feel really good 7:36 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Are you gonna let me... 7:37 PM
Me: let u wht? 7:37 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Let me lick you in between your legs? 7:38 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: :p 7:38 PM
Me: haha u think ill like it?i feel like itd tickle 7:39 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You gonna love it 7:40 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What if I stick my dick inside your .... 7:40 PM
Me: in my wht?haha y u always do tht to me n not tell me in the same sentence!?:P 7:42 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Stick my dick inside your pussy 7:42 PM
Me: idk lol..thts y im curious bout wht it feels like lol 7:45 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm gonna make you feel like your in heaven 7:46 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What if I stick it in your ass: p? 7:46 PM
Me: haha it feels tht good?n u cant make fun of me if im shy n dont kno wht im doin :) 7:47 PM
Me: uhhh idk bout tht lol tht sounds painful 7:47 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: :p 7:48 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm gonna make you open up then you not gonna be shy any more 7:48 PM
Me: haha how u guna do tht 7:49 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: When I see you I'm gonna start first kissing your face, your lips then lick your neck take your shirt off then suck on your nipples 7:51 PM
Me: hehehe :) wellll my ex told me ima good kisser lol 7:52 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: After that I'm gonna take your pants off... Bend you down on your kness then lick your pussy from the back 7:53 PM
Me: lick it from the back??see i dont kno any of this stuff :( 7:55 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Don't worry baby you will 7:56 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm gonna do you in 69 position you know what this is right 7:57 PM
Me: uhhhh i think...idk for sure tho.....:( 7:58 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What do you think 7:59 PM
Me: i dont wuna sound dumb if im wrong lol 8:01 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No your not just tell me what do you think that is 8:02 PM
Me: aint tht when the guys on top 8:05 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No 8:24 PM
Me: ohhhh i think i kno wht it dumb 8:28 PM
Me: its when there both messin around w eachother at the same time 8:31 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah licking and sucking at the same time 8:47 PM
Me: ohhh ya i knew tht lol :P 8:54 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Uh huh sure you did guy On top 8:56 PM
Me: well i kinda knew!seee ur makin fun of meeee :( 8:58 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No I'm not babe 8:59 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: :) 9:00 PM
Me: yeah yeahhh w/e u say haha :P 9:01 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Aye 9:06 PM
Me: lol...btw do u care tht i texted u? 9:07 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No of course not babe you can text me all you want. I have unlimited text anyways 9:09 PM
Me: kk jus makin sure! 9:12 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What service do you have 9:15 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Att or tmobile 9:15 PM
Me: att 9:16 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I have att too 9:17 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: We have voice calls free att to att is unlimited 9:18 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I work on att network 9:19 PM
Me: mines prepaid tho..i get free unlimited texting 9:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I guess but you should call customer service and confirm with them 9:23 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: As far my knowledge att has unlimited mobile to mobile 9:23 PM
Me: ohhh..well if they do even w prepaid then i never knew tht!wht do u do at att 9:24 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Working on 4GLTE wireless network 9:26 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Networking 9:26 PM
Me: ur probly real smart im guessin?lol 9:27 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You got that right 9:33 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm genius baby beyond smart 9:34 PM
Me: so u probly make a lotta money too lol..luckyyy! 9:34 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yea I do 9:35 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: And I have nothing but benefits 9:35 PM
Me: get me a job there when im old enough haha 9:37 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I have my own two cars, but my company gave me a brand new truck a driver with unlimited gas card 9:37 PM
Me: really!?wht kind r they? 9:40 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Audi and a BMW 9:40 PM
Me: idk wht those look like but i heard of em n i kno there nice lol 9:41 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Are you serious and you live in highland park ? 9:47 PM
Me: haha i kno the symbols but i never remember wht cars look like n dont pay attention!dont make fun of me!!! 9:51 PM
Me: do u have any pics of ur cars 9:56 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yes I do 9:57 PM
Me: email em to me i wuna see em :) *edit* 9:59 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ok 10:01 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Sent 10:09 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: And I wanna see you baby 10:10 PM
Me: kk ill check n i wuna see u toooo! 10:10 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Sent 10:14 PM
Me: i didnt get anything on my email 10:16 PM
Me: ? 10:32 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Check again 10:40 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I sent it 10:40 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Two emails 10:41 PM
Me: i jus did n i didnt get em 10:43 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Did you check the spam or junk folder 10:44 PM
Me: i jus did still nothing..try my yahoo one even tho yahoo sucks lol 10:45 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Sent again check now 10:49 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Oh yahoo 10:49 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: On^* 10:52 PM
Me: i got em..omg idk which one i like better!which one u like best?which one is fastest? 10:52 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I like both but since I got my audi about more than a year ago my Beemer is just sitting parked on the driveway 10:53 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Both are in their own way audi has a shall engine good on gas but it's a Sparta edition so it's fast... And BMW is the biggest Beemer out there it's a 740 janes bond car with V8 engine it's fast too but killing me in gas lol 10:55 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Small engine ^*^ 10:55 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Sports edition ^*^* 10:55 PM
Me: u guna keep it or sell it? 10:55 PM
Me: so the bmw is faster? 10:56 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah it is but it's a very big sedan car 10:57 PM
Me: ohhhh..i wish i could drive haha 10:57 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I can teach you I'm a very good driver and a very good instructor 10:59 PM
Me: id like tht :) 11:02 PM
Me: im getting tired n moms guna be home in a few min so ima go to bed..ill tty tomorrow tho..have a good night at work!:) 11:04 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: :( I'm gonna miss you 11:05 PM
Me: ima miss u tooo!u can text me in the morning if ya want 11:08 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ok babe... what time do you wake up.? 11:09 PM
Me: depends on how many times i hit snooze first alarm goes off at 6:30 11:14 PM

Text Messaging 4-22-14

kashkhan773 Phone: Good morning beautiful 8:26 AM
Me: awww :) good morning! 8:37 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: How are you feeling this morning 8:39 AM
Me: tired was work? 8:39 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Boring 8:40 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Tired I didn't even do anything yet babe 8:40 AM
Me: wht u mean u didnt do anything yet lol i thought u work 11-5 8:43 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: i was talking about you baby 8:45 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Why you already tired I haven't do shit yet :p 8:45 AM
Me: cus i jus woke up like an hr ago haha 8:49 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: You should be all fresh baby. :p 8:51 AM
Me: haha i will be in an hr or so :P 8:52 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Lol are you at school yet ? 8:55 AM
Me: yaaa :( 8:58 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: You don't get in trouble if your on iPhone 8:59 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Phone 8:59 AM
Me: some classes i can text and some i cant..this teacher is old so its easy haha 9:01 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Hahaha 9:03 AM
Me: wht time do u go to bed when u get home 9:05 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm couple of hours I took a nap from 3am-6 9:06 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Only if you come then I will sleep with my wifey 9:07 AM
Me: u get to sleep at work?:P n i would if I could! 9:17 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah lol I work from my company SUV truck it's my office and my vehicle lol 9:18 AM
Me: ohhh haha well thts cool! 9:25 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah 9:42 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: So are we meeting tomorrow or what ? 9:42 AM
Me: ya as long as my gma aint comin over n my mom works :) 9:50 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Well we know mom is working so you gotta tell me about gma 10:01 AM
Me: idk if shes workin or not yet but ill let u kno as soon as i find out 10:09 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I thought you said she's gonna be off today and then she has work fat after 10:09 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Day *** 10:10 AM
Me: n gma comes over a couple times during the week but she always calls me the day before cus if she comes over she picks me up from school 10:10 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Oh I see... How do you get home like the other days 10:11 AM
Me: nooo lol shes off today n most likely has to work tomorrow but idk for sure yet 10:12 AM
Me: my friend cara mom drops me off 10:14 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Which school do you go to? 10:14 AM
Me: edgewood y? 10:16 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Jw 10:16 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you doing 12:45 PM
Me: sittin in class boredddd u? 1:51 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Nothing really I just ate my lunch 1:53 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Going to kinkos I got print some stuff and then fax them 1:53 PM
Me: did u sleep yet!? 1:54 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No babe 1:54 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm waiting for my wifey 1:55 PM
Me: omg!get some sleep babe! 1:57 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I know I will I have to get this stupid thing done 1:59 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Come over and put me to sleep baby :p 2:02 PM
Me: hahaha okay :P 3:12 PM

Text Messaging 4-23-14

kashkhan773 Phone: Hey 5:20 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Wake up baby 8:00 AM
Me: u texted me so early tht i forgot u texted me when i woke up again lol 9:47 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: You already forgot about me huh ? 9:48 AM
Me: nooo when u texted me i woke up and i was so out of it since i was half asleep i didnt know what was goin on haha 9:52 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I know I was just messing around with you. Where are you? School or home? 10:16 AM
Me: school :( 10:19 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Aw poor you- you better get your ass to study 10:21 AM
Me: mhmmm lol 10:24 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you thinking about girl ? 10:26 AM
Me: bout my test in like an hr :( 10:41 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Did you study for it? Are you ready? 10:44 AM
Me: a lil bit n i think so but i jus get nervous lol 10:46 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Don't be. I'm sure you gonna pass with A- I know you smart enough 10:48 AM
Me: i hope so!:) 10:50 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Muahhh best of luck (: 10:51 AM
Me: muahhh thanks :) 11:07 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I need a real one baby 11:08 AM
Me: me too haha 11:15 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Well then I'm coming 11:16 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: ?? 12:04 PM
Me: i think i did good on it 12:30 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Did you? Well that's good i told you you will 7:06 PM
Me: haha u were jus sayin tht to be nice tho! 7:39 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No that wish and luck came from my heart I wasn't just saying it 7:43 PM
Me: :) ur so sweet 7:45 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: :) 7:48 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I just woke up 7:48 PM
Me: how u sleep? 7:49 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I slept good baby I'm all fresh and feeling good 7:50 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Did your gma end up coming today or no? 7:51 PM
Me: nopeeee! 7:52 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: O well I told you this morning that I'm coming 7:53 PM
Me: it was hard to text in tht class n then u never texted me back cus u went to sleep :( 7:54 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Well bcuz you did I say anything back like you just ignored me 7:56 PM
Me: it was hard to text in tht class :( 7:58 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I see 8:10 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: It's all good 9:20 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you doing ? 9:20 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: ? 11:23 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I guess your busy 11:23 PM

Text Messaging 4-24-14

Me: sry..went to bed super early my allergies have been terrible :( 7:38 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Good morning , It's ok. I hope you feel better... How are you feeling now ? 7:40 AM
Me: just stuffed up now..last night was bad tho i kept sneezin n i had a real bad headache..i took allergy meds n they made me tired 7:42 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Lol poor baby 7:44 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I think I need to come there and make my baby feel better :p 7:44 AM
Me: i think u do tooo :) 7:45 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I wanna come there and give it to you good :p 7:45 AM
Me: hehehe :) 7:47 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I wanna lick your..... :p 7:48 AM
Me: like my wht? :P 7:50 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: In between your legs... Your juicy pussy :P 7:51 AM
Me: hehehe oh do youuu?:) ;) 7:51 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Can I? Are you gonna let me ? 7:52 AM
Me: id def let u :D 7:54 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I mean it's mine anyways I mean it belongs to me so you better not any body touch it 7:54 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Let anybody else touch it ^*^ 7:55 AM
Me: haha nobody else touches it trust me! 7:56 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Of anybody else did I'm gonna break his hand 7:57 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: If 7:57 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Babyyyy 8:00 AM
Me: well u wont have to worry about doin tht to anyone babe :) 8:00 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Muahhhh 8:01 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: On your lips 8:01 AM
Me: muahhh :) 8:04 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you doing right now sexy 8:04 AM
Me: eatin breakfast u? 8:06 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Driving back home.. What is my baby eating ? 8:06 AM
Me: cheerios with a banana cut up in it n a yogurt :) 8:09 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Sounds yummy :p 8:10 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Is mom awake or she still sleeping ? 8:10 AM
Me: shes guna wake up in bout 15 min n take me n my friend to school 8:14 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I see 8:15 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ayee I wanna eat something mhmmm yummy too what my baby gonna feed me :P 8:16 AM
Me: haha wht do u want!?i make good chocolate chip pancakes :P 8:17 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I don't wanna ear good baby lol 8:17 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I wanna eat that:p 8:18 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Don't wanna eat food^*^* driving can't type lol 8:19 AM
Me: y not lol i like cookin n bakin! 8:19 AM
Me: u dont wuna eat food?? 8:20 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Well that's good I bet you do baby but I wasn't talking about food right now 8:20 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yea I don't... But I wanna eat that :p lol 8:20 AM
Me: haha ur silly :P 8:22 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I wanna lay you down on your back n then.... 8:23 AM
Me: n then wht?i hate when u dont finish ur sentences!lol 8:26 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Lol gotta tease you baby :p 8:27 AM
Me: i can tell haha 8:29 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: N then first I'm gonna start kidding your lips... Lick your neck then go my way down to your chest I'm gonna suck on your nipples n then 8:29 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Kissing your lips ^*^* 8:29 AM
Me: :)...ur doin it again!haha 8:33 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Then I'm gonna spread your legs wide open n lick your pussy good :p 8:33 AM
Me: :) :) :) as long as it dont tickle haha 8:35 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: No it's not gonna tickle but I'm gonna make you feel really good 8:36 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: No it's not gonna tickle but I'm gonna make you feel really good 8:36 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: After I'm done licking you then I'm gonna :p 8:37 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm gonna stick my hard dick inside your... 8:40 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: :p 8:40 AM
Me: haha u like not tellin me right away dont u?:P 8:41 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Lol where do you think ? 8:41 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Or where do you want it ? 8:41 AM
Me: u tell me babe! 8:44 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'll tell you but I wanna know where do you want it ? 8:45 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: ?? 8:50 AM
Me: haha idkkkk :P jus tell me! 8:52 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Fine then don't I won't tell you either :( 8:53 AM
Me: :( 8:59 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Idk either 4:41 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Where are you baby 5:04 PM
Me: at home lol where r u? 5:07 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Home in my bed 5:07 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Are you alone? 5:08 PM
Me: gma is here 5:08 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I see 5:25 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: She gotta go so I can come over and 5:25 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Do your sexy ass good : P 5:26 PM
Me: ima tell her to leave :P 5:26 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I wanna see your sexy ass baby 5:27 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You should send me some pix of it:p 5:31 PM
Me: i canttt 5:41 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: :( 6:00 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: If you really want you can make it possible 6:00 PM
Me: want to try n use my gmas camera on her phone? 6:08 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah baby take some pix send em to me then delete en of her phone 6:09 PM
Me: i can trust u right...? 6:19 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Wow are you serious baby? What kinda question is that- of course you can trust me with your eyes close 6:20 PM
Me: lol jus makin sure..i dont want pics of me goin around..k holdon lemme try 6:25 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I promise you it's gonna only stay in between only you and me baby. Don't worry about that I'm not one of those lame guys 6:26 PM
Me: it had a pw on it..i got her to put her pw in n i pretended like i was playin a game..when i started to walk away she made me give it back to her...:( 6:35 PM
Me: i told her i jus had to go to the bathroom real quick n she told me to give her phone back 6:36 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: :( 6:36 PM
Me: im sry...i tried :( 6:54 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Uh huh sure you did :( 6:56 PM
Me: ? 7:01 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: It's ok don't worry about it 7:05 PM
Me: i really did try 7:12 PM
Me: so now ur not guna text me? 7:42 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm talking to you what you taking about 8:11 PM
Me: u quit textin there for a min 8:15 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm outside driving 8:22 PM
Me: ohhhh 8:35 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah it was nice outside today 8:57 PM

Text Messaging 4-25-14

kashkhan773 Phone: Good morning baby 7:45 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I guess someone is busy 10:15 AM
Me: good sry..i stayed home from school and real sick :'( 11:29 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Are you ? How are you feeling now 4:37 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: ? 4:44 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Hellooooo ? 6:30 PM
Me: sry my phones been upstairs all day in my room n i been sleepin on the couch...omg i hate this i cant hold anything in my stomach :( 9:45 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What's wrong? Did you go to doctor ? 9:46 PM
Me: no i hate goin but mom made me an appointment for tomorrow..ughh i hate feeling like this :( 9:49 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What exactly wrong with you ? 11:36 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Fever? Cold? What's the symptom ? 11:36 PM

Text Messaging 4-26-14

Me: sry went to bed early...fever..stuffed up..throwing up..ughhh this sucks :( 7:10 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Poor you 11:54 AM
Me: i kno i hate this 1:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah I hate it too when I'm sick 3:56 PM
Me: :'( 4:17 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Did you go to doctor yet or when is appointment ? 4:27 PM
Me: ya i did..he said i have a cold n the flu :(..he gave me some meds to help me keep my food down..i didnt get sick all winter n now i get the flu wtf 4:47 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: It happens... thanks god I barely get sick I hardly don't and when I do it's worse 4:48 PM
Me: i never get sick either but if i do its during the winter..ima take another nap tho these meds are makin me sleepy 5:04 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Go ahead I hope you feel better 5:26 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Are you still sleeping ? 10:31 PM

Text Messaging 4-27-14

Me: sry i woke up for a lil bit then went back to bed..but im startin to feel better :) 10:16 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Are you well that's good to hear 12:09 PM
Me: yaaa..i think ima take 1 more day off from school though haha :P 12:11 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah you should... Rest as much as you can 12:13 PM
Me: i am i been sleepin on the couch a fever went away 12:15 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Aw poor baby muahhh 12:18 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You can give me your fever 12:18 PM
Me: haha to late :P 12:19 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Lol well you barely talk to me in past few days 12:20 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Been ignoring me I gotta come over and fix your ass 12:21 PM
Me: i havent been ignorin u i jus been sick!:( 12:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I know you were baby- but you could still talk to me 12:22 PM
Me: i went into hibernation mode :P 12:24 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Lol 12:30 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Looking ass 12:30 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What are you doing ? 12:41 PM
Me: jus got done eatin soup wht u doin? 1:04 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I just woke up 1:07 PM
Me: jus woke up!?y u so tired lol 1:16 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Well not just but just got off the bed 3:01 PM
Me: ohhh lol 3:03 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm not tired said who I was ? 3:11 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Are you home alone ? 3:11 PM
Me: no y? 3:12 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Jw 3:13 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Who's home your mom or gma 3:13 PM
Me: there both here 3:23 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Oh I see 3:28 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Hey 5:40 PM
Me: heyyy 5:43 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you upto baby 5:45 PM
Me: layin on the couch watchin a movie u? 5:49 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Nothing just left my house driving around 5:50 PM
Me: ohhh where u guna go 5:57 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Idk I don't have any plans I guess I'm just gonna wash and cheap my car then a hair cut then I'm gonna go eat 5:58 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Clean^*^* 5:58 PM
Me: ohhhh wht ya guna eat??? 6:02 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm craving for a spicy gyro pizza 6:03 PM
Me: i never had tht but i like gyros..i like spicy..n i like pizza haha 6:09 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Lol well then we gonna get along so far same thinking and taste lol 6:44 PM
Me: :P 6:48 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Muahhh 6:49 PM
Me: muahhh :) 6:51 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Thank you hun 6:57 PM
Me: ;) :) 7:01 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I can tell that you are feeling much better than before 7:07 PM
Me: ya i am..ima still skip school tomorrow tho haha 7:17 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You would lol 7:19 PM
Me: :) 7:21 PM

Text Messaging 4-28-14

kashkhan773 Phone: Good morning 9:52 AM
Me: good mornin :) i jus woke up haha 12:11 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Lazy ass 3:56 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: :p 3:56 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I just woke up 4:08 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Where are you? 4:52 PM
Me: at homeee y? 6:19 PM
Me: ??? 8:37 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Took you awhile to reply back 8:59 PM
Me: mom knew i wasnt sick anymore n i had to go to the grocery store with my gma..took u a while too! 9:04 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah bcuz you wrote me back after 10 hours 9:06 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: So you didn't take your phone with ? 9:06 PM
Me: i took it but it was on silent 9:08 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ok 9:17 PM
Me: wht u doin? 9:20 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Just got out of the shower 9:37 PM
Me: ohhh 9:39 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah I woke up lil awhile ago 9:40 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What are you doing ? 9:41 PM
Me: watchin a movie on netflix :P 9:44 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Sounds like fun 9:49 PM
Me: i guesss lol 9:51 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah I guess too 9:55 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Which movie are you watching 9:56 PM
Me: coneheads lol its kinda dumb 9:58 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah sounds like it 9:58 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I hate watching movies and tv by myself 9:58 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I hate watching movies and tv by myself 9:59 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: It's boring it's just fun 9:59 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Not fun ^*^ 9:59 PM
Me: ya i dont like it either :( 10:02 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah it's not really fun 10:44 PM
Me: nope nopeee 10:47 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: How are you feeling tho? Much better than before ? 11:13 PM
Me: ya a lot better :) 11:13 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: That's good to know (: I'm happy for you 11:15 PM
Me: aww well ty :) 11:16 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Your welcome 11:17 PM
Me: i think ima go to bed 11:18 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Are you? Well go ahead then you should take some test baby 11:19 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Rest**^ 11:19 PM
Me: kk well ill tty tomorrow..gnite :) 11:21 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ok kool good night muahhh 11:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Sleep tight and only dreams about me 11:22 PM
Me: muah :-* i will :D 11:24 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Thank you Muahhhh 11:45 PM

Text Messaging 4-29-14

kashkhan773 Phone: Good morning beautiful 7:23 AM
Me: good mornin how was work last nite? 11:37 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: It wasn't that bad 4:23 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What are you doing ? 4:41 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: O well I guess your busy 5:07 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: ??? 8:48 PM
Me: sry my charger came unplugged last night n it died tday at school..i went to my friends after school to catchup on hw 11:23 PM

Text Messaging 4-30-14

kashkhan773 Phone: You just got home? 12:13 AM
Me: i got home when i texted u mom picked me up after she got off work 7:36 AM
Me: ? 9:01 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ok 12:43 PM
Me: ok 1:10 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You been ignoring me for past few days :( 1:13 PM
Me: no i haventtt :( 1:17 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah go the ought your messages with date and time stamps how many times I Messaged you 1:21 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Go through ^*^^ 1:21 PM
Me: it hasnt been on purpose i promise :(..hey its hard to text in these next couple classes but ill text u when i can 1:26 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Every time you gave me a reason, you were at your friend, your phone was dead, you were sleeping ... How could you be so careless 1:26 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You should know some one is waiting for your text or call... You could at lease give me heads up about where you going or you won't be able to talk to me got next couple hours or something but no who cares huh ? 1:27 PM
Me: i said im sry... 2:30 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I don't want you to be sorry 2:38 PM
Me: well idk wht u want me to say..i can tell ur mad at me 2:46 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No I'm not just keep me updated so I'm not sitting here and worrying about you 3:04 PM
Me: babe u dont have to worry bout me..but tht text made me smile :) 3:43 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: In a good way or bad? Was it funny or ? 4:41 PM
Me: it made me smile in a good way :) n no it wasnt was cute! ;) :) 4:45 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I was gonna I didn't say anything funny 4:46 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Where are you right now baby? 4:47 PM
Me: at home!:) where r u? 4:50 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Outside 4:50 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm calling you private right now my number not gonna show up on phone bill answer your phone 4:51 PM
Me: noo babe my mom would ask me who it is 4:52 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Wtf 4:53 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: ? 4:53 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Don't tell me she's home 4:53 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Tell her you talking to your school friend you can't even make a small excuse ? 4:53 PM
Me: shes at work but i dont wuna get in trouble 4:54 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No that's why I'm calling private call baby 4:54 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Don't worry she's not gonna find out 4:54 PM
Me: no shes not dumb shell think something is up trust me 4:54 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: My number won't show up 4:54 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Just pick up your phone trust me I know what I'm talking about she ain't gonna find out shit 4:55 PM
Me: ya but shes guna ask me 50 questions bout y im talkin to someone from a restricted number 4:55 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You can say it was a random call wrong number 4:56 PM
Me: im to scared to..i already talked to u once on it n tht was risking it 4:57 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: :( 4:58 PM
Me: i wuna talk to u trust moms jus nosey about my phone 4:59 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I don't even know why do you have a phone then 4:59 PM
Me: mainly use it to text n my friends tht my mom knows call me sometimes 5:01 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: So you can't tell her that one of your school gf 5:02 PM
Me: she knows there numbers n it wont say ur callin around here..sry but i dont wuna risk it since she looks at the account online..we talked once n tht was risky 5:03 PM
Me: ? 5:39 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I guess 5:43 PM
Me: wht u doin 5:45 PM
Me: ok well guess u dont wuna talk so jus text me tomorrow...bye 6:02 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm busy working 6:49 PM
Me: i thought u work night shift 6:50 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah I do but I help my dad with our business during the day 6:50 PM
Me: ohhh i see..ok sry for botherin u 6:53 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No your not bettering me I was busy with customers 6:53 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Couldn't reply you message 6:54 PM
Me: ohhh ok :)..wht do u do? 6:58 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Printing and digital design 6:59 PM
Me: idk wht tht even is u like make logos n stuff 7:00 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Well yeah I don't but my employees designer do 7:01 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Logos banners flyers post cards slash slash and slash 7:02 PM
Me: ohhhh...ur family is probly rich haha 7:04 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Average don't that rich we just start up this business about a year ago 7:05 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Trying to be rich yeah lol 7:05 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: But thanks to god can't complain 7:06 PM
Me: ohhh haha well u got nice cars! 7:08 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah I like to wear, drive and eat good 9:53 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You only live once you gotta enjoy to the fullest you know 9:53 PM
Me: yaaa thts true! 9:56 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Uh huh 10:04 PM
Me: do u ever go to the casino 10:06 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No that's a rip off 10:07 PM
Me: lol its not fun?my mom n gma r goin on friday 10:11 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Not really 10:11 PM
Me: ohhh..i wuna go w em but they said i cant even get in n there makin me stay home...meaniess 10:14 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Lol 10:17 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Well hey guess what I'm coming to see you then 10:17 PM
Me: haha liar :P 10:18 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No I'm for real 10:20 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: If they not gonna be home then let's meet up baby 10:21 PM
Me: idkkk lol..i wuna but im nervous! 10:22 PM
Me: ima go to bed im gettin tired..niteee :) 10:59 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Why are you so nervous about everything 11:01 PM
Me: im nottt lol 11:02 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yes you are 11:05 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Can't even talk to me.... You can't even see me 11:05 PM
Me: nuh uhh!i do wuna see u :) 11:06 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: It doesn't seems like it 11:09 PM
Me: i do!!! 11:11 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: :( 11:12 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You can't even talk to me on the phone how are you going to see me 11:12 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Idk 11:12 PM
Me: ill meet u!but jus warnin u im shy.. 11:14 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: It's ok you won't be shy any more after seeing me :p 11:17 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm gonna take all your shyness away 11:17 PM
Me: haha i hope not exciteddd :) 11:17 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: So am I 11:19 PM
Me: im fallin asleep..ill tty tomorrow niteee 11:23 PM

Text Messaging 5-1-14

kashkhan773 Phone: Good morning (: 8:37 AM
Me: good mornin :) 9:02 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Did you just wake up ? 9:03 AM
Me: nooo lol im at school 9:07 AM
Me: wht u doin 9:33 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Nothing driving back home 10:05 AM
Me: ohhh wht were u doin 10:21 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Working 10:21 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What else I could be doing baby ? 10:22 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Use your friend phone call me 10:22 AM
Me: im at school plus no one is guna let me use there phone lol 10:23 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What kinda friends do you have? 10:24 AM
Me: this is only my second yr at this school n i dont have a lot of friends :( 10:26 AM
Me: wht u doin? 10:52 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Layin in bed trying to sleep 10:53 AM
Me: oh sry..wht time u guna wake up 10:54 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Around 4 or 5 10:55 AM
Me: kk ill leave ya alone hope ya sleep good :) 10:56 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Thank you :). Good luck with the classes 10:59 AM
Me: wake up sleepy headdd 6:57 PM
Me: ? 8:15 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Hey 8:46 PM
Me: heyy..u jus wake up? 8:48 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yea I went to sleep late around 1 something 8:52 PM
Me: ohhh 8:56 PM
Me: wht u doin now 9:04 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Woke up jumped in the shower i just got out 9:31 PM
Me: ohhh..i feel like ur mad at me or somethin lol 9:35 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: And why do you feel like that? 9:36 PM
Me: idkkk 9:39 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What makes you feel that way then ? 9:40 PM
Me: idk i jus feel like u dont really wuna talk to me today 9:41 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ok? 9:42 PM
Me: jus nvm lol 9:44 PM
Me: r we still meetin tomorrow? 9:51 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah we are 10:14 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Unless you come up with some stupid excuse or a reason to not to see me 10:14 PM
Me: i aint guna back out!r u guna pick me up after i get outta school? 10:16 PM
Me: not AT school but after i get home from school 10:21 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: When are they going to casino ? 10:21 PM
Me: my gma has a doctor appt at 1:30 n there goin right after tht so probly around 2 10:26 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ok kool 10:29 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You sure they ain't gonna come back or anything right 10:29 PM
Me: there comin back at night but she always calls me when there on there way 10:32 PM
Me: wht time r u guna come get me?n where we guna go? 10:36 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Where do you wanna go baby? 10:39 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What's your house address ? 10:39 PM
Me: idc u tell me!n u cant pick me up at my house my nextdoor neighbors r nosey..theres a park by my house n ill jus walk there after i get home :) 10:43 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Well wts the address for the park then ? 10:46 PM
Me: its called fink park..h.o lemme find it online 10:47 PM
Me: *edit* 10:52 PM
Me: wht time?i get home from school around 3 11:09 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ok kool 11:09 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What time do you want me to pick you up 11:09 PM
Me: how bout 3:15?:) 11:14 PM
Me: well ur takin forever to text back n im fallin asleep..ill tty tomorrow gniteeee 11:28 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No 11:49 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Woke up 11:49 PM
Me: im still uppp but ur takin forever to text back n im tireddd 11:51 PM

Text Messaging 5-2-14

kashkhan773 Phone: Sorry I was doing something 12:18 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What are you doing 12:18 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Can I ask you something ? 12:18 AM
Me: jus woke up n ya 12:22 AM
Me: if i dont answer back im sry..i already fell asleep n its hard to keep my eyes open :( 12:23 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Your not police or anything to do with the law right ? 12:23 AM
Me: wht?no babe y do u think tht 12:25 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Idk baby just wondering ?? 12:26 AM
Me: lol ur silly..r u guna get me at 3:15 12:29 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah I'm 12:30 AM
Me: goin back to sleep babe n i gotta be up early for school..text me in the morning gniteee :) 12:33 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ok cutie. Good night, sleep tight and sweet dreams ???? 12:34 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Good morning 6:56 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Wake your sexy and lazy ass up baby 7:17 AM
Me: lol im so tireddd u didnt let me sleep last night :P 8:08 AM
Me: n good mornin to u to :) 8:09 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Lol I didn't let you sleep ? I wasn't even there imagine if I was there 8:09 AM
Me: haha u know wht i mean! 8:10 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I know baby but you know what I'm saying lol 8:11 AM
Me: wht?u would tell me to wake up?haha 8:12 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: lol yeah I won't let your ass go to sleep :p 8:14 AM
Me: meanieee :P 8:16 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah right you know you wouldn't wanna go to sleep 8:16 AM
Me: if i was tired i would! 8:18 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Nah I don't think so 8:18 AM
Me: y dont u think so lol 8:20 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Hmm confidence lol 8:20 AM
Me: lol w/e u say! 8:21 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you doing ? 8:24 AM
Me: sittin in class wht u doin? 8:28 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Layin in my bed 8:28 AM
Me: u guna go to sleep?n where we guna go today 8:31 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Where do you wanna go baby ? 8:34 AM
Me: idc babe u tell meee 8:36 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Idc anywhere I'll leave this up to you so you pick 8:37 AM
Me: noooo 8:39 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you mean no 8:41 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What do you wanna do? 8:41 AM
Me: idc ill do w/e u wuna do :) 8:42 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Do you :p 8:44 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you wearing today ? 8:47 AM
Me: right now i got an american eagle hoodie n blue jeans on 8:49 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Hot 8:50 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: And what else?:p 8:50 AM
Me: a tshirt :P haha 8:51 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: N??? 8:51 AM
Me: bra n panties :P 8:53 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Wt color baby 8:53 AM
Me: bra is red n panties r baby blue lol 8:55 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Sexy color combination :P 8:56 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you gonna wear for me ? 8:56 AM
Me: is wht i have on good or should i change 8:57 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: No that's fine baby... I thought you were gonna wear my fav :P 8:58 AM
Me: the lime green?haha i can change into em if u want :) 8:59 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah my fav thong :p 9:00 AM
Me: kk as long as its clean i will :) 9:02 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Am I gonna get to see it? 9:03 AM
Me: haha idkkk maybe if ur lucky :P 9:06 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you mean maybe if I'm lucky 9:06 AM
Me: if ur lucky ill let ya see it lol im jus playin tho 9:07 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: You gonna let me take it off :p 9:08 AM
Me: y would u wuna take it off?:) :P 9:09 AM
Me: guess u fell asleep 9:22 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: You know why.... n yea i kinda did 9:26 AM
Me: no i dont n ok sry ill let u sleep 9:27 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Wake me up around 2 9:28 AM
Me: set ur alarm! 9:33 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm not setting shit you better wake me up baby 2:03 PM
Me: its hard to text towards the end of the day 2:18 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm sure it is but you better text me no matter how hard and difficult it is 2:20 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I want your sexy ass join me in my bed :-p 2:21 PM
Me: i wish i could 2:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I would lick your... 2:22 PM
Me: haha y dont u ever finish ur sentences!? 2:23 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Bring your ass here so I can finish it 2:23 PM
Me: :P 2:24 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Are you gonna let me lick that? 2:24 PM
Me: omg ur guna hate me ...plz dont hate me... 2:25 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Y you saying this ? 2:26 PM
Me: i texted my mom n asked her if she was bringin dinner home when she comes home tonight n she said there not going and r goin a diff day... 2:26 PM
Me: plz dont be mad i swear i wuna see u 2:27 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: :( wow 2:27 PM
Me: babe plz dont be mad..there probly guna go sometime next week n we can hang out then..dont be mad 2:28 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: And she Is off today right ?? 2:30 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Of course 2:30 PM
Me: ya thts y they were guna go to the in my next class n its hard to text in here..but plz dont be mad im so sry..i really wanted to hang out w u 2:32 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Uh huh 2:34 PM
Me: u hate me dont u 3:46 PM
Me: im w my mom n gma n my phones dyin so if i dont answer thts y 4:25 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Idk 5:32 PM

Text Messaging 5-4-14

Me: hi.. 4:41 PM
Me: if u wuna give me another chance this week let me really sry but it wasnt my mom told me there guna go this week 6:35 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: So you gonna text me after three days ok???? 8:46 PM
Me: i went to a wedding last nite n i knew u were mad at me n i was scared to..:( 8:52 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Who's wedding ? And what about other two days ? 8:56 PM
Me: moms friend from work n i was scared cus ur mad at me..:( 9:01 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I was mad so you chose not to text me? Like this shit is gonna make it better by not texting me huh 9:18 PM
Me: i was scared..but i texted u today 9:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ok and you weren't scare today ? 9:38 PM
Me: ya i was n i was hopin u would text me first but i missed talkin to u n i dont like u bein mad at me :( 9:42 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: But you always give many reasons to:( 9:44 PM
Me: it wasnt my fault :( 9:46 PM
Me: im sry i really am..y dont u believe me :( 9:54 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm trying 9:55 PM
Me: i dont like when ur mad at me 9:58 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I try not to 9:59 PM
Me: r u still mad at me 10:02 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Idk 10:02 PM
Me: :(...ugh 10:04 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What's wrong with you ? 10:21 PM
Me: nothin i jus dont like tht ur mad at me 10:23 PM
Me: i think there guna go on wednesday.... 10:24 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: To casino 10:31 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: ? 10:31 PM
Me: ya 10:33 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Let's see if they do 10:35 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What time are they gonna go 10:36 PM
Me: probly the same time cus my gma doesnt ever wake up early 10:40 PM
Me: ima go to bed..ill tty tomorrow gnite 10:55 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ok go to sleep 11:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ttyl 11:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Good light 11:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Night 11:22 PM

Text Messaging 5-5-14

kashkhan773 Phone: Wats up 9:09 AM
Me: omg i had a math test today n think i failed it 10:27 AM
Me: wht u doin 10:58 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Did you really? That's not good. Nothing just laying in my bed 10:59 AM
Me: ill know tomorrow..hopefully i didnt usually im good in math but this chapter was hard :(..oh sry ill let u sleep 11:01 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: No it's ok 11:04 AM
Me: i feel bad lol..wht u guna do today? 11:09 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I don't have any special plans 11:13 AM
Me: ohhh..i feel like im botherin u 11:21 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ok? How and why ? 7:08 PM
Me: cus u were tryin to sleep 7:12 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I told you it's ok no your not- and I went to sleep anyways 7:13 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What are you doing ? 7:13 PM
Me: watchin netflix u? 7:15 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Laying in my bed... Waiting for your ass to join me:p 7:15 PM
Me: haha i wish i could :) 7:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Wt if you were here with me right now in my bed? 7:23 PM
Me: u tell meee :P 7:24 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You tell me first wt would you wanna do? 7:25 PM
Me: probly the stuff you been talkin bout if u still wuna 7:29 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Like? 7:30 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you mean if I want? So you don't huh 7:30 PM
Me: i do but i didnt kno if u wanted to anymore since u were mad at me 7:33 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Hmm ok 7:38 PM
Me: hmmmm ok 7:39 PM
Me: im boreddd 7:41 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah so am I 7:41 PM
Me: r we guna hang out wenesday 7:45 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ig 7:46 PM
Me: ? 7:48 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I guess 7:48 PM
Me: u guess...? 7:50 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah 7:51 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm sure something is gonna happened again or one of your excuse again 7:51 PM
Me: it wasnt my fault..i promise itll happen this time i really see u! 7:52 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Last time when we suppose to meet up I didn't hear from you for next three days- your phone was dead for three days n shit 7:59 PM
Me: it wasnt dead all 3 days..i told u i was scared to text u cus u were mad at me 8:02 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: It doesn't make any sense you didn't text me for three days but you texted me the forth day thinking and expecting that I'm not gonna be mad 8:06 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Or maybe you had plans with somebody else ? 8:07 PM
Me: i was hopin u would text me first..n after u never texted me i knew i had to..n no i didnt have plans w someone else? 8:09 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Idk only you would know better 8:16 PM
Me: u think im lyin to u? 8:17 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Call me right now 8:17 PM
Me: i told u a million times i dont wuna get caught..i talked to u on the phone once n tht was risky 8:19 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Let me guess you don't even have a house phone right ? 8:20 PM
Me: obviously not or i woulda called u already on it..stop bein mean to me... 8:21 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm been mean to you? When I ask you anything or request for anything of course there is always a fucking reason 8:24 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You could text me but you can't call me right? And if you call me private the number or private call won't even show up on the bill- of I call private yea it will show as a restricted call 8:26 PM
Me: k 8:42 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: ???? 8:45 PM
Me: nothin 8:51 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What's wrong with you now ? 8:51 PM
Me: ur bein a jerk to me n im not doin anything wrong.. 8:56 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: How am I bein a jerk baby ? 8:58 PM
Me: ur yelling at me n getting mad at me cus i cant call 9:02 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Obviously I wanna talk to you and when I don't or I can't then of course il gonna get upset :( 9:03 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm sorry 9:03 PM
Me: i wuna talk to u to but i cant..were guna talk all day wednesday when we see eachother 9:07 PM
Me: its ok jus stop yelling at me :( 9:07 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: :( 9:08 PM
Me: wht u doin 9:20 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Driving 9:33 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: And you ? 9:38 PM
Me: almost done w hw 9:41 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Need help baby ? 9:51 PM
Me: no i jus had to write vocab definitions but thanks :) 9:54 PM
Me: im goin to bed im tireddd..gnite! 10:45 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No sorry I got busy doing something 10:46 PM
Me: wht were u doin 10:49 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I went to the office to pick up some equipment 10:51 PM
Me: ohhh 10:52 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Are you done with your hw 10:52 PM
Me: yaaa 10:53 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Good girl (: 10:54 PM
Me: :) do u gotta work tonight 10:56 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah I do have work tonight 11:05 PM
Me: booo 11:06 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah bay 11:07 PM

Text Messagingn 5-6-14

Me: good mornin :) 9:50 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Good morning :)) 10:21 AM
Me: wht ya doin 10:25 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Just got home 10:38 AM
Me: ohhh how was work 10:45 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: It was ok- I started late around 2am that's why I just got home. I was so tired I had to get me my misto from Starbucks 10:46 AM
Me: idk wht a misto is but i love starbucks!:) 10:52 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: You gotta try misto it's my fav 10:53 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Now I'm wide awake :p 10:54 AM
Me: is it coffee or one of those cold ones 11:36 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: It's a coffee 12:07 PM
Me: ohh i dont like coffee haha 12:11 PM
Me: my mom said her n my gma r guna leave for the casino at 2 12:21 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Neither do I but I needed that 1:10 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Today ? Or tomorrow ? 1:11 PM
Me: wuna hang out after i get outta school tomorrow?like 3:15 1:17 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah I guess 1:20 PM
Me: u guess? 1:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Do you wanna meet me? 1:22 PM
Me: ya if u want to still...u sound like u dont wuna 1:23 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you mean if I what to? You don't wanna see me? 1:24 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Want^*^ 1:24 PM
Me: ya i do but u sound like u dont want to anymore... 1:26 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I haven't say that 1:26 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What do you wanna do tomorrow ? 1:26 PM
Me: idc ill do w/e u wuna do! 1:28 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Well idc either I'll do whatever you wanna do 1:59 PM
Me: kk 2:02 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: So wts the plan then ? 2:03 PM
Me: idk lol..where do u wuna go 2:04 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: To a hotel lol jk 2:04 PM
Me: oh ur jk?haha 2:07 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You tell me ? 2:15 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Do you wanna go there ? 2:16 PM
Me: ya if u do :) but i feel bad tht u would spend money..cus i dont have a lot so we dont have to if u dont wuna spend money 2:18 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Why you tripping about the money baby? 2:18 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What do you wanna do in the hotel :P 2:19 PM
Me: cus i feel bad tht u would be spendin money :( n u tell me babe ur the guy :) :P 2:20 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Haha I have to tell you huh? What do you think it's gonna happened if we go to a hotel ? 2:21 PM
Me: ur the guy so yes u tell me n then i approve or not :P haha 2:23 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You are virgin right ? 2:23 PM
Me: yaaa...y? 2:24 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Wt if shit goes down there and you end up losing your virginity ? 2:24 PM
Me: wht u mean if stuff goes down there?n does it hurt the whole time or jus in the beginning? 2:26 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I wouldn't know baby 2:28 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You should know your a girl and you have gfs 2:28 PM
Me: lol they said it does at first but idk if anyone ever told u if it hurt the whole time or not 2:29 PM
Me: im afraid of gettin prego to 2:31 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No it's doesn't hurt the whole time... I think it only hurt a lil pain when it does in 2:31 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Oh no baby trust me not even 1st if we have sex I'm not gonna cum inside you 2:32 PM
Me: aint it still possible to get prego tho?can u wear a condom..?id feel more safe tht way.. 2:34 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I don't like condoms 2:35 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Don't worry if you get prego I will marry your ass :) 2:36 PM
Me: plz id feel better if u did :( if i get prego my mom will literally murder me! 2:38 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: So you don't mind losing your virginity to me ? 2:53 PM
Me: r u guna wear a condom lol 2:56 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah I guess 2:56 PM
Me: sry im not tryin to be mean im jus scared about gettin prego 2:58 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Don't worry baby u won't get your pregnant 2:59 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I won't ^** 2:59 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: How long are you gonna be with me for? 2:59 PM
Me: i would jus feel better if u wore a condom..n can u drop me back off around like 7? 3:06 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Fine baby I will wear one happy 3:07 PM
Me: tomorrow ill tell her to call me on her way home cus im hungry n ill tell her to read me the menu so i can pick wht i want..tht way we know shes on her way 3:07 PM
Me: yes haha :P 3:08 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Sounds like a plan sexy baby 3:08 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You gonna let me lick that?:P 3:09 PM
Me: that? 3:12 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You know what- what do you think? ,,, what do you got for me to lick huh?? 3:16 PM
Me: the condom?im so confused 3:19 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Who lick condoms? Do you? 3:20 PM
Me: lmao thts wht we were talkin about n u said u wuna lick tht?! 3:22 PM
Me: i actually started laughin in class 3:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No not that... You know what I wanna lick... 3:23 PM
Me: the thing we been talkin bout? 3:24 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What thing the condom? 3:26 PM
Me: im so confused 3:33 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah like always-nvm 3:33 PM
Me: hush!ugh i gotta go to my uncles later..hes throwin a surprise party for my aunt lol 3:39 PM
Me: my uncles bout to pick me up..ill text u when i get home 5:04 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: K 9:04 PM
Me: heyyy 10:13 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Wats up 10:16 PM
Me: jus got home..omg my uncles r so funny when they get drunk! 10:18 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Why what happened ? 10:39 PM
Me: they were singin karaoke n then jumped in the pond when its still freezin haha 10:43 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: O wow that's crazy 10:44 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Were you there with your mom ? 10:44 PM
Me: no she worked today y? 10:46 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Just wondering 10:50 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: She doesn't mind if you ho there ? 10:50 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Go 10:51 PM
Me: to my uncles?no it was a surprise bday party for my aunt 10:54 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You were invited but your Mom weren't huh 10:54 PM
Me: well duh she was invited lol but she had to work 10:57 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I see 10:58 PM
Me: yaa..r u at work 11:00 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Nope 11:01 PM
Me: oh..wht u doin? 11:02 PM
Me: oook well i can tell ur either busy or dont wuna talk so i guess ill tty tomorrow 11:17 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm eating 11:25 PM
Me: ok 11:30 PM
Me: well im gettin tired so ill tty n see ya tomorrow..gnitee 11:43 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Ok baby food night 11:44 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Good^*^** 11:46 PM

Text Messaging 5-7-14

kashkhan773 Phone: Baby wake up.... Talk to me 12:00 AM
Me: im still up but ur takin long to respond back n im tiredd 12:03 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Sorry I told you I was eating babe 12:06 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What is my sexy baby doing ? 12:06 AM
Me: layin in my comfy bed :) wht u doin? 12:08 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Driving to work 12:08 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Laying without me? :( 12:08 AM
Me: yaa :( 12:10 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Not fair you can't even ask me to join you ? 12:11 AM
Me: moms home from work n she wouldnt like tht to much haha :P..but i wish u were here :( 12:12 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Well not like if you ask me to join in really gonna come there 12:13 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you wearing ? 12:13 AM
Me: i kno lol..panties n a long tshirt 12:14 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: :P nothing else ? 12:15 AM
Me: nope thts it lol :P..babe im nervous bout tomorrow :( 12:16 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: That sounds so fucking sexy 12:16 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Why are you nervous 12:16 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: We won't do anything if you don't what to n if your not ready yet 12:17 AM
Me: lol y is tht sexy?n im ready i jus dont wuna be bad n u make fun of me or not like me anymore 12:18 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Why wouldn't I like you and no I won't make fun of you why would I do that 12:19 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Oh and a long tshirt n panties is HOT- I wish I could see you right now:p 12:20 AM
Me: cus i might look dumb or wont know how to do everything right...:( n wht if u think im ugly when u see me 12:21 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I seen your pix first of all your not ugly you're beautiful 12:22 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: And I wouldn't mind wait for you until your good and whenever you wanna do anything 12:23 AM
Me: tht jus made me smile :)..n im ready babe as long as u still wuna :) 12:25 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I will wait till you turn 18 then I might marry you make you my wifey then my baby mama 12:26 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'd love to see what you wearing right now- that sounds so fucking hot:p 12:27 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I wish I was there with you right now 12:28 AM
Me: u wuna wait til im 18?u dont wuna do tht tomorrow?n id show u if i could :P 12:29 AM
Me: i wish u were too :) 12:29 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: I will take your shirt off n then 12:30 AM
Me: n thennn 12:31 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Then I'm gonna take your panties off.... 12:32 AM
Me: :) 12:32 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Let's say if I was in your room right now what would you do to me? 12:33 AM
Me: r u guna do tht stuff tomorrow?n idk lol u kno by now im shy bout tht stuff babe 12:36 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Do what stuff? 12:36 AM
Me: first u said u wuna have sex n stuff n then u said u wuna wait til im 18 to make me ur wife n baby momma lol 12:38 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: You wanna get fucked tomorrow ? 12:38 AM
Me: r u guna wear a condom..n as long as u dont get mad at me if im doin somethin wrong 12:40 AM
Me: do u still wuna 12:41 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Do you wanna get fuck tomorrow ? 12:41 AM
Me: i jus told u 12:43 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: That's not the answer to my question 12:44 AM
Me: i told u a million times tht ya im ready if u r 12:46 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: You don't even know me that well... But you wanna have sex with me and loss your virginity to me? 12:47 AM
Me: i been talkin to u for a while n i kno ur not guna tell anybody n tht way rumors wont go around my school n ppl wont think im a slut..wht u dont wuna now? 12:49 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Well your not a slut 12:51 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: And why would I get mad at you? What you gonna do wrong ? 12:52 AM
Me: ya but if i mess around w a guy at my school rumors would go around n ppl would think i am..i kno i can trust u..n idk wht if i dont do the positions right :( 12:54 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: What positions baby ? 12:55 AM
Me: idk..see thts wht i dont kno n dont want u to make fun of me..babe im tired :( 12:56 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: So where do you want me to take you tomorrow ? 12:57 AM
Me: i thought we were guna go to a hotel?do u wuna go somewhere else 12:58 AM
Me: im fallin asleep so if i dont respond back im sry 1:03 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: We can if only you want 1:16 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Baby 4:24 AM
Me: good mornin :) 9:45 AM
Me: guess ur sleepin lol 10:20 AM
kashkhan773 Phone: Well obviously I was 1:15 PM
Me: thts y i said tht 1:17 PM
Me: wht u doin now 1:30 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Nothing just here in my room 1:31 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: And you? 1:31 PM
Me: sittin in class bored lol 1:34 PM
Me: r we still hangin out today 1:43 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yeah 1:43 PM
Me: wht time 3:15?n try not to sound to excited lol 1:46 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Why is that ? 2:09 PM
Me: i was bein sarcastic cus u dont sound excited lol 2:12 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Are you? 2:12 PM
Me: yaaa :) 2:14 PM
Me: ima give u the biggest hug ever when i see u :) 2:14 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Is that right ? And what else ? 2:15 PM
Me: idkk haha..r u pickin me up at 3:15 at the park 2:17 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Should I? 2:24 PM
Me: omg if u dont want to anymore then jus forget it...ur actin diff like u dont want to anymore 2:28 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Never said that 2:28 PM
Me: well r u guna pick me up or not?ur actin like u dont wuna hang out now 2:32 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Yea I'm 2:34 PM
Me: ok well is somethin wrong? 2:36 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No why? 2:39 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I hope there's nothing wrong from your end 2:39 PM
Me: theres not!do u still have the address to the park?i delete my texts at night n i cant look up the address on my phone 2:42 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I have it. Why do you delete your messages ? 2:45 PM
Me: in case mom needs my phone or wants to see it lol 2:49 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Smart ass 2:50 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What you wanna do after I pick you up ? 2:50 PM
Me: hehe i kno :)..n idkk but can u bring me somethin to eat lol..jus somethin small cus i didnt really eat lunch today 2:53 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What do you wanna eat baby ? 2:53 PM
Me: somethin chicken lol 2:57 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Hahah tell me what you want ? 2:57 PM
Me: can u get me a 6 piece chicken nugget..i probly sound like a fatty haha 2:59 PM
Me: i have 4 dollars so ill pay u back 2:59 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Shut up talking about paying me back are you serious? 3:08 PM
Me: yaa haha ill jus hide it in ur car if u dont take it :) 3:10 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Stop it I'm gonna kick your ass 3:10 PM
Me: fine i jus wont tell u til u drop me off tonight n then ill text u n tell u where i hid it :) haha 3:14 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No you not gonna do that 3:15 PM
Me: oook w/e u say :) 3:17 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I mean it- you not gonna do anything like that 3:19 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Who's picking you up from the school ? 3:19 PM
Me: my friends mom n ill be home around 3 3:22 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Where's my kiss baby ? 3:23 PM
Me: :-* 3:27 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I want a real one 3:27 PM
Me: well i cant give u a real one through textin haha 3:29 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Duh 3:37 PM
Me: im on my way home now 3:44 PM
Me: r u on ur way?im guna walk there now 3:55 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: No don't don't yet 3:57 PM
Me: when should i be there? 3:58 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'll let you know baby 4:09 PM
Me: how long?wht r u doin 4:11 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: What are you doing ? 4:12 PM
Me: on the comp waitin to walk there 4:13 PM
Me: if u dont wuna meet me cus u dont like me just tell me... 4:19 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Why are you saying that ? Why wouldn't I like you ? 4:19 PM
Me: cus we were supposed to hang out at 3:15 n u told me dont..r we hangin out today? 4:21 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Come on I'm In a blue audi 4:23 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Where are you ? 4:25 PM
Me: kk im walkin there now im wearin jeans n a green tshirt 4:25 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: K 4:25 PM
Me: r u there already?ima be by the baseball fields 4:27 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm close to tennis court 4:28 PM
Me: kk text me when u see me :) 4:30 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Where the fuck is baseball field now? I see a football field n a tennis court 4:31 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: You are in Larry fink memorial park right ? 4:31 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I'm by baseball field I don't see you 4:32 PM
Me: im walkin there its a 10 min walk from my house im almost there 4:34 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: I thought you were already here? 4:34 PM
Me: said i was waitin for u to tell me but im here now..i dont see ur blue car? 4:36 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Where are you ? 4:36 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Walk towards the park building 4:37 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: ????? 4:39 PM
Me: im sittin by the baseball field n i dont see ur blue car 4:39 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: Walk towards the park building 4:40 PM
kashkhan773 Phone: ???? 4:41 PM
Me: ? 4:44 PM

Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this. Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog. The only person with the authority to remove this file is

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