So brazen that he openly laughs about potentially being a sex offender
Bust by Xavier Von Erck @ 2/20/2007 3:17 AM PST


Perverted Justice mark: James, 43
Yahoo IM: holdyoucloser2003 [ ]
Location: Marietta, Georgia
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit Nahtasha, a 15 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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If you get bored and want to hear one of the most boring men alive talk, download his verification recording and have a listen to what we put our verifiers through. During the long phone call, James here openly laughs about the potential of being a sex offender. Just wasn't enough motivation forhim not to... well, become a sex offender.

The chat follows...

holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:09:28 PM): hi midnight. nice profile. how are you tonight? where in Ga?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:09:56 PM): heya im good just bored and chattin im in sw ga
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:09:59 PM): whats your asl?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:10:10 PM): 35 / male/ atlanta (Why do they always think that shaving eight years off their age makes what they want to do better?)
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:10:17 PM): you?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:10:29 PM): im 15/f/by columbus
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:11:08 PM): atl is a cool city
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:11:12 PM): i only been a couple times
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:11:42 PM): you look older than 15
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:11:50 PM): you have a nice look about you
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:12:03 PM): thanks and i hope i dont loo too old i dont wanna look 30 when im 20
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:12:17 PM): lol
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:12:30 PM): no no look early 20s
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:12:43 PM): oh well im 15 i hope that isnt a prob (This is where I give him his graceful exit line)
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/069:13:01 PM): no no....why should that be a problem? (And he wouldn't take it)
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:13:24 PM): i dunno i had some guy mesage me earlier and he was all you a baby get outta chat so its hard to say
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:14:08 PM): no no no....not me....not my style....Ifeel age is just a number....its how you feel....its how you carry yourself
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:14:19 PM): yeah i agree age is just a numbah and color is just a shade
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:14:39 PM): exactly....I've been color blind most of life (This was my first time playing a blackdecoy, I expected to get some racist comments but I didn't get one during the entire sting)
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:14:50 PM): thats cool you cool then some guys on here are jerks
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:15:04 PM): yes they are
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:15:27 PM): and I apologize to you on their behalf....and since they have no clue about how they are
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:15:29 PM): lol
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:15:44 PM): lol its okay aint your fault
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:15:53 PM): I know...I know
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:15:55 PM): lol
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:15:57 PM): lol
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:16:06 PM): you got a pic on prof?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:16:25 PM): you don't see it on the chat window?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:16:30 PM): no that stuff never works
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:16:36 PM): just damn
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:16:39 PM): hold on.....
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:16:55 PM): that stuff dont work either i gotta firewall thingy
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:17:01 PM): :-?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:17:05 PM): can u email?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:17:09 PM): ok
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:17:15 PM): thanks sorry :(
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:18:03 PM): no problem
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:18:18 PM): cool tell me when u send it
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:21:36 PM): just sent 3 pics
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:22:00 PM): wow nice bed
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:22:23 PM): your cute you look like a cowboy
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:22:29 PM): :\">
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:22:38 PM): thank you
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:22:41 PM): yw
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:22:49 PM): did you see my other pics or just my pic on prof?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:23:19 PM): just pic on prof.....can you email me other pics of you?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:23:43 PM): i got too may for that theyre on my myspace and my yahoo pics folder tho wanna link?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:23:52 PM): sure
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:24:22 PM):
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:26:18 PM): very nice......I liked them. so you need supervision huh?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:26:30 PM): lol i like that shirt but my mom dont
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:26:40 PM): that was what i wore when i went to jamaca with her
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:26:55 PM): >:)
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:26:58 PM): lol
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:27:01 PM): lol :)
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:27:36 PM): you have more pictures?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:27:44 PM): just those ones i wish i had more
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:28:06 PM): I can take more....I have a dig camera ;;)
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:28:26 PM): oh yeah? thats awesome :)
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:28:51 PM): yeah.....memory card holds like 400 pics
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:28:59 PM): and will do a 3 min movie as well
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:29:01 PM): wow thats a lot
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:29:07 PM): WITH sound
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:29:12 PM): thats cool u gotta n ice one then
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:29:30 PM): I have enjoyed it
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:30:02 PM): cool
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:30:07 PM): i dont got one of those i wish
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:30:19 PM): so where \"by columbus\" are you? I have been down that dad was stationed at Ft Benning
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:30:31 PM): thats cool im like 15 away from it
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:30:56 PM): i dont give my real town right away cause you never know with guys online u know they could be sereial killers or somethin and this is a really small town were like some of the only black peopl in it
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:31:47 PM): that's fine....I'm cool not knowing where you are. I mean what are the chances that you and I would ever meet anyway?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:31:55 PM): i dunno are they bad?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:32:16 PM): I dunno
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:32:46 PM): guess I presumed you wouldn't be interested in meeting me
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:32:59 PM): why wouldnt i if you were nice and we talked more and we got along?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:33:42 PM): I try not to presume stuff.....know what I'm saying?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:33:49 PM): i dunno what u mean no
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:34:39 PM): well.....I don't automatically think that you would want to meet me.....simply because of our age difference. Not all people view age as just a number
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:34:49 PM): oh well you do and so do i so who cares?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:34:55 PM): true
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:35:04 PM): what about your parents?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:35:20 PM): my dads in jail and i didnt tell my mom about my ex sooooo who cares
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:35:28 PM): lol
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:35:35 PM): tell me about your ex
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:35:58 PM): he was 19 i met him on vacay on the island
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:36:12 PM): what island?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:36:18 PM): jamaca
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:36:22 PM): cool
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:37:13 PM): yeah
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:37:19 PM): it was okay but he was kinda a playa
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:37:49 PM): how long has it been since you have been with him?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:38:22 PM): months we broke up a while back im over it now
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:39:13 PM): good
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:39:34 PM): yah its all good now
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:39:43 PM): glad to hear that
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:39:45 PM): now its about findin a guy that cares about me u kno?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:39:53 PM): or is at least cool to hang with
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:39:57 PM): w/e not a liar like he was
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:40:09 PM): yeah
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:40:17 PM): that must have been tough for you
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:40:45 PM): it was but i got tough oer it and im tougher than anyone so its all good
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:40:54 PM): yes it is
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:41:13 PM): brb...can ya hold on a few minutes?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:41:29 PM): lol sure
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:41:32 PM): cool
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:41:43 PM): lol...why is that funny?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:41:50 PM): like i cant hold on a few minutes? :p
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:44:51 PM): :-P back at ya
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:45:18 PM): well...I didn't know if you were on your way offline or
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:45:25 PM): lol its all good
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:45:49 PM): oh...and I have a rule.....don't stick your tongue out unless you plan on using (Oh, here we go)
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:46:20 PM): lol i aint got nothin to use it on here :p
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:46:28 PM): :-P
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:46:41 PM): well.....when we meet
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:46:54 PM): lol
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:47:00 PM): lol oh yah youd like that i bet
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:47:17 PM): I would...I love to kiss
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:47:52 PM): thats cool its fun
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:48:13 PM): so what do you do to keep yourself busy?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:48:49 PM): not much just do stuff on the puter not much to do here
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:49:38 PM): what do you enjoy doing? if those things were available to you
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:49:55 PM): i dunno i wish i lived in a real city
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:50:08 PM): sorry.....>:D<
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:50:15 PM): lol yah it syour fault of ocourse
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:50:31 PM): totally my fault
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:50:35 PM): :-P
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:50:36 PM): yep
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:50:45 PM): oh now u stickin the tonuge out
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:50:54 PM): damn...what can I ever do to make that up to you?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:51:00 PM): lol buy me a pony
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:51:03 PM): well you started it
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:51:10 PM): uh huh :p
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:51:18 PM): yeah you did :-P
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:51:30 PM): why you want a pony?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:51:39 PM): lol i just though it was funny to say
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:52:06 PM): it made me laugh
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:52:13 PM): thanks
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:53:02 PM): you're quite welcome ;;)
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:53:12 PM): heya blinky
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:53:20 PM): heya back at ay
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:53:35 PM): lol u likkkeeeeee me
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:54:11 PM): and what makes you say that?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:54:49 PM): cause you do :p
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:55:04 PM): and what if I do?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:55:10 PM): problem with that?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:55:12 PM): lol thats cool
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:55:16 PM): not at all
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:55:34 PM): good
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:55:34 PM): makes me feel good
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:56:17 PM): well I'm glad to make you feel good
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:56:29 PM): thanks
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:57:06 PM): so tell me what you like to do......say when we meet.....what would be your ideal time?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:57:27 PM): ideal time to meet? anytime this weekend cause my mom is going to my aunts
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:57:42 PM): for how long?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:58:00 PM): few days till mon
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:58:08 PM): wow
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:58:52 PM): when she leave?
nahtasha (07/20/06 9:58:58 PM): tomorrow sometime
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 9:59:53 PM): and what would you enjoy doing when I come see you?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:00:06 PM): i dunno im down for w/e what do u wanna do?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:00:43 PM): I'm down for whatever as well
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:01:10 PM): thats cool if u could do one thing with me at all and i would say yes what would it be? >:)
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:01:56 PM): :-?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:02:42 PM): well if you would say yes...then it would be safe to say that you would want to do that as well....correct?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:02:57 PM): lol i guess so unless its like eat worms or somethin
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:03:08 PM): just be honest :p
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:03:37 PM): sure........
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:04:31 PM): I would enjoy being close with you on the couch or wherever.....and kissing you......and if that lead be it....if not, that would be fine too
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:04:46 PM): lol dont kissin always lead somewhere? :p
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:05:45 PM): doesn't have to unless you want it to...I don't go where I'm not invited
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:05:55 PM): lol i didnt think u did
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:06:51 PM): so now its your turn to answer..... if u could do one thing with me at all and i would say yes what would it be?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:07:15 PM): lemme think
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:08:53 PM): welcome back >:D<
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:08:59 PM): thanks that so sucked
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:09:03 PM): awwwwwwwwwww
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:09:13 PM): booters sometimes boot me if im in chat cause im black (Untrue, I just had my IM program crash randomly, but it sounded good!)
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:09:28 PM): that is not right on ANY level
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:09:41 PM): yah so its nice that your nice to me
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:10:06 PM): if i could do one thing with u right now itd just be to chat honest and get to know each other and maybe then i wont be bored all weekend lol
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:10:34 PM): cool
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:11:18 PM): it would be hard for me to imagine you being bored
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:11:31 PM): well its a small town not much to do easy to be bored
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:11:48 PM): yeah...but are the guys there blind?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:12:17 PM): lol i dunno most of them are white so its probs not okay for them to be atracted to me
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:12:44 PM): I don't understand that......they are missing out
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:13:05 PM): lol i guess hard not to feel like im not good for guys when that happens like im not cute and stuff
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:13:45 PM): are you kidding me?!?!? you are quite attractive
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:13:56 PM): oh thanks just dont feel that way sometimes
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:14:08 PM): I know what ya mean
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:14:48 PM): the way we think causes us to feel a certain way which causes us to act a certain way
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:15:11 PM): >:D<>:D<>:D<
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:15:21 PM): lol thanks for the hug
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:15:27 PM): anytime
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:16:18 PM): so tell me.....what's on your mind? what are you thinking?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:16:36 PM): im thinkin that i like u and i hope u like me a lot in the guy way
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:17:25 PM): and tell me what you mean by \"in the guy way\"....just so I know what you mean
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:17:50 PM): lol that u dont wanna go mall shoppin and play barbies with me silly :p
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:18:07 PM): oh hell no
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:18:08 PM): lol
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:18:15 PM): :-P back at ya
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:18:25 PM): :-*
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:18:34 PM): ooo which smiley is that?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:19:30 PM): : then - then * I think
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:19:38 PM): :-*
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:19:41 PM): yep
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:20:00 PM): its not in your smiley list?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:20:12 PM): yep i just found it
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:21:22 PM): good
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:21:35 PM): cool
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:21:47 PM): so do you cook?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:21:52 PM): lol no
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:22:07 PM): whatcha gonna do while mom is gone?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:22:15 PM): i dunno be bored probs
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:22:30 PM): what about eating?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:22:34 PM): what are u gonna do all wekeend?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:22:51 PM): i can heat up frozen food stuff like pizzas and stuff plus she leaves me cash for stuff
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:23:19 PM): i though u meant cook like the cooking shows where they do crazy stuff i can reheat or heat up anything
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:23:56 PM): well not necessarily the crazy stuff...but just cook
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:24:14 PM): oh gotcha
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:24:24 PM): if its simple i can
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:24:43 PM): really its a matter of following directions
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:25:03 PM): i can do that pretty good
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:25:06 PM): and if you screw it up....then order out :))
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:26:33 PM): lol id rather just do that
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:26:47 PM): I can relate...its much easier at times
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:28:01 PM): I'm curious to know what you are thinking
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:28:20 PM): im thinkin your cool
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:28:30 PM): :\">
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:28:33 PM): thank you
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:28:41 PM): you know what I could use right now?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:28:55 PM): lol what?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:28:57 PM): a massage...especially my shoulders and neck
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:29:04 PM): thats cool i havent don ethat
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:29:37 PM): well I'd let ya practice then :-P
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:29:45 PM): lol i bet u would
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:29:57 PM): but I would give you one as well
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:30:04 PM): I'm fair about that
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:30:07 PM): lol
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:30:14 PM): lol thats good i dont like stuff when its not fair
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:30:51 PM): give me an example
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:31:06 PM): oh my ex wasnt very fair
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:31:10 PM): he was a lazy guy
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:31:22 PM): tell me how he was not fair
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:31:55 PM): oh he just wanted everything done to him u kno? guys are like that
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:32:03 PM): like he didnt want to do back
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:32:18 PM): like?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:32:27 PM): oh sex stuff
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:32:53 PM): so he wasn't in to pleasuring you......he just wanted you to pleasure him
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:33:04 PM): yeah iw ouldnto tho unless he did me so we just did reg
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:33:57 PM): so you wouldn't go down on him unless he went down on you.....and then you two just ended up doing regular
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:34:02 PM): yah
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:34:40 PM): but you would have liked it if he took the lead and went down on you
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:34:59 PM): yah like i shouldnt have to say do this do that or this or that the guy is suposed to be the guy
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:36:02 PM): I hear ya
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:36:34 PM): see...I wouldn't want you to go down on me because you thought I would like it....I would want you to go down on me because you enjoyed it
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:36:45 PM): i dunno if i enjoy it i aint done it yet
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:37:10 PM): so he never went down on you?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:37:15 PM): nope we just did reg
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:37:31 PM): have you thought about it?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:37:44 PM): yah of course
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:38:16 PM): I can tell you one thing
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:38:46 PM): my tongue would be all over you.....your mouth, your nipples....down between your legs too (And there he throws his caution to the wind)
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:39:08 PM): lol ooohhhhh wow
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:39:35 PM): and you would be pulling my head back up saying....\"ok baby ok baby...that's enough now\"
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:39:41 PM): lol i doubt id do that! (Who says we're deceitful, I straight up told him that it would not be like that!)
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:40:04 PM): then I would turn over and you could ride my face for a while
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:40:19 PM): lol u wouldnt let me do that now u playin
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:40:32 PM): no...I would
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:40:43 PM): lol i dont beleve that
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:40:59 PM): and I would play with your nipples while you rode my face
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:41:05 PM): wow that sounds cool
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:41:24 PM): its all about your pleasure
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:42:10 PM): thats cool to say but i bet u wouldnt really do that lol
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:42:23 PM): I bet you are wrong
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:42:25 PM): lol
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:42:28 PM): lol i bet im not
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:42:47 PM): I KNOW you are wrong
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:42:54 PM): lol thats BIG talk
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:43:36 PM): I know where you are coming from......but I mean what I say
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:43:42 PM): thats cool i hope u do
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:44:06 PM): why is that?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:44:11 PM): because it sounds cool
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:44:17 PM): lol not cool hot :p
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:44:21 PM): lol
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:44:40 PM): well I'm hard just thinking about going down on you and you riding my face
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:45:01 PM): thats cool im glad u like me tat way makes me feel good
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:45:55 PM): and when I make you feel want to make me feel good
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:47:17 PM): lol u keep sayin when and yeah if u did that id be down for w/e
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:48:01 PM): should I be saying \"if\"....or \"when\"?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:48:28 PM): depends on if or when for u really im down for w/e
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:49:04 PM): brb
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:49:30 PM): okay
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:52:14 PM): back
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:52:46 PM): welcome back
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:52:57 PM): thank you
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:53:32 PM): when would you be interested in me coming down there?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:53:47 PM): i dont know my mom is gone till mon so the weekend would be cool
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:54:05 PM): the whole weekend?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:54:33 PM): huh i dunno but anytime the weekend is good
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:55:22 PM): if I came down tomorrow after work where would I stay?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:55:31 PM): huh?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:56:22 PM): if I came down tomorrow after work and stayed til saturday evening....where would I stay?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:56:34 PM): why wouldnt u stay here?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:56:54 PM): I'm just asking.....what about neighbors? what would they say?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:57:27 PM): lol u dont know my town theres like nobody here
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:57:33 PM): its a stupid small town
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:57:52 PM): so nobody lives near you?
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:58:19 PM): yeah i mean its a big place im at and were not even friends with peple in town so its not a big deal
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 10:59:04 PM): I owuldn't want to get you in to trouble with your mom because someone said something
nahtasha (07/20/06 10:59:36 PM): nah that wouldnt happen i wouldnt even think about it if it was poss
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:00:08 PM): so you want me to come down?
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:00:27 PM): if u wanna i mean im bored all weekend otherwise and u kinda got me all goin a bit lol
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:01:34 PM): sorry :\">
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:01:51 PM): lol dont say sorry :p
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:02:41 PM): if you say so :-P
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:02:50 PM): ok...another question..........
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:03:27 PM): how do I know this isn't some kind of sting operation?.....I've heard a lot about those kinds of things on the news (Like... DATELINE NBC? REAAAALLLYYYYYYY... I'll have to watch this show sometime.)
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:03:54 PM): like the cops and stuff?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:04:19 PM): shows up....and then he is escorted out to the back seat of the cuffs
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:04:21 PM): lol
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:04:31 PM): lol i havent seen that is it like on cops the show?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:04:59 PM): no...but I have heard stories in the newa
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:05:03 PM): news*
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:05:30 PM): oh weird i havent seen those
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:05:57 PM): I've heard stories like that on the radio
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:06:05 PM): thats weird so they do that in ga?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:06:14 PM): do what?
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:06:51 PM): like the tv stuff u saw?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:07:26 PM): no no...didn't see anything....heard it on the news on the radio
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:07:30 PM): oh okay
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:07:38 PM): well im not a cop or w/e
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:07:59 PM): and you are not working with them
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:08:01 PM): lol
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:08:20 PM): lol no im just bored im not a cop
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:09:24 PM): so....what do we do now? how do we set this up for me to come see you?
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:10:41 PM): i dunno thats a good question
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:11:23 PM): I'm known for asking good questions from time to
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:11:37 PM): lol lemme go to the bathroom and think about that ill brb u gonna be here?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:11:53 PM): ok
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:26:01 PM): heya sorry mom wanted to gab at me about where the cash is and stuff before she left
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:26:06 PM): u still there?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:26:11 PM): yep yep
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:26:15 PM): cool :)
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:26:51 PM): well what time do u get off work?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:26:52 PM): so what are you thinking? tell me your thoughts
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:27:02 PM): oh just thinkin about u coming :)
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:27:24 PM): so you want me to come down tomorrow after work?
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:27:41 PM): if thats what you wanna do i dont wanna be stood up
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:27:55 PM): depends what time u get off tho and stuff
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:28:14 PM): i get off about 5 pm......
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:28:30 PM): when is mom leaving?
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:28:47 PM): like 1 pm
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:29:08 PM): so that shouldn't be a problem then
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:29:18 PM): yah should be all good :)
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:30:01 PM): I should be able to be there about 7pm or so
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:30:23 PM): 7 works for me what kinda car u drive?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:30:34 PM): white explorer
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:30:46 PM): cool
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:30:46 PM): why?
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:30:57 PM): just wanna know what to look for :) im excited
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:31:22 PM): so what is this small town I will be coming to?
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:31:43 PM): ill give ya my addy and u can map it
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:31:49 PM): ok
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:32:03 PM): *Addy Removed*
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:34:23 PM): u map it?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:34:34 PM): yes....I see it
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:34:50 PM): cool u got a good idea how to get there? its pretty small lol
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:34:51 PM): you're just north of columbus
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:34:56 PM): yep by columbus
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:35:14 PM): yeah it looks like it is out in the middle of nowhere
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:35:21 PM): lol yah told u this town is borin
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:35:35 PM): how close is your closest neighbor?
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:36:03 PM): pretty far
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:36:30 PM): its a big house we live in its cool
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:36:31 PM): how is it that you ended up out in the middle of nowhere?
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:36:55 PM): my dad went to jail like when i was 2 and my dads dad my granddad set us up in the house and my mom and he pay for it
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:37:05 PM): that way were taken care of
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:37:14 PM): cool
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:37:35 PM): so yeah its a cool house town kinda sucks but the house is nice youll like it
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:38:26 PM): what about us talking on the phone before I come there?
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:38:44 PM): u want me to call u while you drivin?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:39:10 PM): call me after your mom about that?
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:39:17 PM): at your work?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:39:32 PM): I cna give you my cell number
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:39:39 PM): cool go ahead ill call
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:39:49 PM): 678-274-2395
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:39:59 PM): by the name is Jim
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:40:06 PM): i know that silly your email said so
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:40:09 PM): lol
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:40:51 PM): ill def call
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:41:01 PM): cool
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:41:16 PM): so I should hear from you by what time you think?
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:41:27 PM): prob after 1 cause thats when she leaves
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:41:32 PM): def by 2
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:42:04 PM): and if I don't hear from you by what time that would mean that it is off and that I should not come
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:42:21 PM): ill call either way so dont worry bout that
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:42:31 PM): just take the map so u can find it
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:42:48 PM): no problem there....I'm printing it out right now
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:42:54 PM): cool
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:43:41 PM): so now tell me....what are you thinking about?
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:44:01 PM): im thinkin about how cool itll be when your here and were having fun :p
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:45:44 PM): cool
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:45:56 PM): what are u thinkin about?
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:46:21 PM): same.....and driving up and giving you a big hug
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:46:28 PM): nice aww you so sweet
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:46:37 PM): :\">
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:46:57 PM): ok....well I'm gong to head off to bed now
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:47:05 PM): okay have a nice sleep i hope u think of me :p
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:47:39 PM): if I am thinking of you I won't be able to go to sleep...:-P
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:47:49 PM): lol thats true okay u get a good rest then :)
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:48:21 PM): and you may leave me an offline or email and I'll check it in the morning before I go to the office
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:48:40 PM): cool i might i might not it depends if i can get on the puter before she leaves she might wanna hang for a bit with me before she go
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:48:51 PM): also depends on when i wake lol
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:49:35 PM): lol....ok....well send an email since I won't get an offline IM at the and pleasant dreams to you....will look for your call
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:49:51 PM): cool ill def call
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:49:58 PM): talk to u tomorrow and see u too :)
holdyoucloser2003 (07/20/06 11:49:59 PM): >:D<:-*
nahtasha (07/20/06 11:50:13 PM): ;;)

Of course, you can't call or email him very easily, check the conviction file for more details.

Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this. Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog. The only person with the authority to remove this file is

Anyone who attempts to use this information to commit a criminal act against another person can be subject to criminal prosecution or civil action. condemns the attempt, use, or even thought of physical violence, extortion or harassment against the individual above. Such actions are not in the spirit of what is all about and would put your own personal safety at risk.

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