Kenny Crowder meets PJ......
Bust by Jay Alternative @ 1/18/2006 12:35 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Ken, 52
Location: Suffolk, Virginia

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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit FridayzTuezday, a 14 year old boy
... or so they thought!

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KCROWOO [11:46 AM]: hi
FridayzTuezday [11:47 AM]: sup, a/s/l
KCROWOO [11:47 AM]: im 45 wm
FridayzTuezday [11:47 AM]: where frum
KCROWOO [11:47 AM]: virginia u?
FridayzTuezday [11:48 AM]: shyt im in virgina 2
FridayzTuezday [11:48 AM]: where u?
KCROWOO [11:48 AM]: where?

KCROWOO [11:48AM]: va beach
KCROWOO [11:49 AM]: u?
FridayzTuezday [11:49 AM]: suffolk
FridayzTuezday [11:50 AM]: suxfolk
FridayzTuezday [11:50 AM]: LOL
KCROWOO [11:50 AM]: so cool
KCROWOO [11:50 AM]: i know where that is
KCROWOO [11:50 AM]: name?
FridayzTuezday [11:50 AM]: im luke
KCROWOO [11:50 AM]: cool
KCROWOO [11:50 AM]: kevin here
KCROWOO [11:50 AM]: where in suffolk r u?
FridayzTuezday [11:51 AM]: u rich?
KCROWOO [11:51 AM]: not rich but ok why
FridayzTuezday [11:52 AM]: cuz we r porr and is sux
KCROWOO [11:52 AM]: where in suffolk?
FridayzTuezday [11:53 AM]: like in suffolk
KCROWOO [11:53 AM]: tell me what ya look like luke?
FridayzTuezday [11:53 AM]: i got pic u?
KCROWOO [11:53 AM]: no not yet ma i see?
FridayzTuezday [11:53 AM]: k
KCROWOO [11:53 AM]: thanks
FridayzTuezday [11:54 AM]: iz stupid one
KCROWOO [11:55 AM]: i like it
FridayzTuezday [11:55 AM]: i dont shave yet but want to
KCROWOO [11:55 AM]: u wanna meet?
FridayzTuezday [11:55 AM]: i dont no what u look like
KCROWOO [11:56 AM]: im 5 9 200 br eyes greyin hair white tan has teacher and coach
FridayzTuezday [11:56 AM]: u a teacher?
KCROWOO [11:56 AM]: yes
FridayzTuezday [11:56 AM]: what u teach?
KCROWOO [11:56 AM]: pe
FridayzTuezday [11:56 AM]: i hate that class all the kids make fun of me
KCROWOO [11:57 AM]: i wouldnt let em
KCROWOO [11:57 AM]: what school u go to?
FridayzTuezday [11:57 AM]: dont wanna say you might tell
KCROWOO [11:57 AM]: k no prob
KCROWOO [11:57 AM]: id really like to meet u maybe have some fun,,,
KCROWOO [11:58 AM]: wanna talk on phone?
FridayzTuezday [11:59 AM]: i can call u when my grandma gos back to sleep
KCROWOO [11:59 AM]: ok
FridayzTuezday [11:59 AM]: u know the schools here?
KCROWOO [12:00 PM]: some of them
KCROWOO [12:01 PM]: luke im in suffolk to i say va beach cause everyone knows where that is
FridayzTuezday [12:01 PM]: fuck
FridayzTuezday [12:01 PM]: what if u no me
KCROWOO [12:01 PM]: its ok....
KCROWOO [12:01 PM]: i dont
FridayzTuezday [12:01 PM]: no u can tell
FridayzTuezday [12:02 PM]: ru my teacher?
KCROWOO [12:02 PM]: i wont tell u could tell on me
KCROWOO [12:02 PM]: no i teach in norfolk
FridayzTuezday [12:02 PM]: where?
KCROWOO [12:02 PM]: ** edit ** gave the name of a school he never had affiliation with
FridayzTuezday [12:02 PM]: u swear?
KCROWOO [12:02 PM]: yes
KCROWOO [12:03 PM]: been ther 8 years
FridayzTuezday [12:03 PM]: u dont got pic on school web page
KCROWOO [12:03 PM]: no they do what they call an album they send to allpatrons
KCROWOO [12:04 PM]: i can ride by your house let u see me then u decide
FridayzTuezday [12:04 PM]: no i can walk to meet
KCROWOO [12:04 PM]: no just look out window
KCROWOO [12:05 PM]: ill give u ny cell
FridayzTuezday [12:05 PM]: k
KCROWOO [12:05 PM]: so cool
KCROWOO [12:05 PM]: tell me where to go.......
FridayzTuezday [12:05 PM]: whatz ur number?
KCROWOO [12:06 PM]: 374-2874
FridayzTuezday [12:07 PM]: I gotta change my grand ma then she go to sleep when i give her meds then i can call
KCROWOO [12:07 PM]: k tell me where to come i can ride by then u can call me
KCROWOO [12:07 PM]: i drive a black dodge truck quad cab
FridayzTuezday [12:08 PM]: im kinda freak to give up my address
KCROWOO [12:08 PM]: i promise i wont tell otr come back if u dont want me to
KCROWOO [12:09 PM]: just ride by
FridayzTuezday [12:09 PM]: can we like talk here more so i know ur not freak
KCROWOO [12:09 PM]: sure
KCROWOO [12:09 PM]: i am a nice guy love yngr thats all
FridayzTuezday [12:09 PM]: i just turned 14 in july
KCROWOO [12:09 PM]: nice....
FridayzTuezday [12:09 PM]: i wanted a leather coat but didnt get it
KCROWOO [12:10 PM]: have u done anything with guy?
FridayzTuezday [12:10 PM]: yeah
KCROWOO [12:10 PM]: cool tell me
FridayzTuezday [12:10 PM]: which one?
KCROWOO [12:11 PM]: just what ya done.....
FridayzTuezday [12:11 PM]: one guy from here said he would buy me xbox if i let him fuck me
KCROWOO [12:11 PM]: did he?
FridayzTuezday [12:12 PM]: he fucked me like 5 times but never got me the box
KCROWOO [12:12 PM]: damn thatshit
KCROWOO [12:12 PM]: well i like kissin suckin lickin will fuck only if u want to
FridayzTuezday [12:13 PM]: u do guys at ur school?
KCROWOO [12:13 PM]: i have ben awhile
KCROWOO [12:13 PM]: have to be careful
FridayzTuezday [12:13 PM]: id like pe if u were my teach
KCROWOO [12:13 PM]: hehe i like u too
FridayzTuezday [12:13 PM]: i hate that we gotta take showers
KCROWOO [12:14 PM]: so luke let me ride by now please we can talk more later
FridayzTuezday [12:14 PM]: i dont no u yet
KCROWOO [12:14 PM]: well its just a ride by
KCROWOO [12:15 PM]: im not gonna stop gonna wait for u to call
FridayzTuezday [12:15 PM]: im still kinda freak please just type more k?
FridayzTuezday [12:15 PM]: one guy hurt me
KCROWOO [12:15 PM]: i will not hurt u not into that i want us both to like it
KCROWOO [12:16 PM]: i will buy u things but not for sex just because i want to
FridayzTuezday [12:16 PM]: i dont got guy friends u know guys that might be my friend that like guys 2
KCROWOO [12:17 PM]: i know they are hard to find thats why i feel so lucky to find u on the inyernet had\rdly ever find someone close
FridayzTuezday [12:18 PM]: i find lots old guys
KCROWOO [12:19 PM]: imnot int o old guys
KCROWOO [12:19 PM]: ireally think we would like each other
FridayzTuezday [12:20 PM]: maybe i get key to ur house and can hang there?
KCROWOO [12:20 PM]: sure sometimes if u want
FridayzTuezday [12:20 PM]: hang my grandma is making noice
KCROWOO [12:21 PM]: let me ride by luke please
FridayzTuezday [12:21 PM]: brb
KCROWOO [12:21 PM]: u make the decision weather to call me or not
KCROWOO [12:21 PM]: if u dont call i wont bother u at all
FridayzTuezday [12:22 PM]: k i gotta give her lunch she is in a bed like deat person
FridayzTuezday [12:22 PM]: brb
KCROWOO signed off at 1:12 PM
KCROWOO [1:11 PM]: k luke im gonna sign off for a few cal me 374-2874 we wil talk or come back on line
Auto response from FridayzTuezday [1:11 PM]: I will be right back.
KCROWOO signed on at 1:19 PM
FridayzTuezday [1:48 PM]: hi
KCROWOO [1:49 PM]: hey
KCROWOO [1:50 PM]: u sound really cute on phone
FridayzTuezday [1:50 PM]: i dont like talkin on the fone
KCROWOO [1:50 PM]: its ok thanks for calling
FridayzTuezday [1:50 PM]: wait one more my grandma is making more noice
KCROWOO [1:51 PM]: k
FridayzTuezday [1:52 PM]: I wish my little brother had to take care of her
FridayzTuezday [1:52 PM]: its not fair
KCROWOO [1:53 PM]: maybe he could help
FridayzTuezday [1:53 PM]: no mom likes him more so he dont gotta do nothing
KCROWOO [1:53 PM]: how old is he?
FridayzTuezday [1:53 PM]: 11
KCROWOO [1:53 PM]: i see..
FridayzTuezday [1:54 PM]: u not talkin
KCROWOO [1:54 PM]: what ya wanna talk about buddy?
KCROWOO [1:54 PM]: im just bored and hony hehe
FridayzTuezday [1:54 PM]: you ever have like a real boyfriend
KCROWOO [1:54 PM]: not in a long time
FridayzTuezday [1:56 PM]: i want one one day
KCROWOO [1:56 PM]: cool im sure u will get one u r really cute
FridayzTuezday [1:56 PM]: i sux at sports
KCROWOO [1:56 PM]: its ok not everyone plays
KCROWOO [1:57 PM]: i bet u suck good hehe
FridayzTuezday [1:57 PM]: it dont bother you?
KCROWOO [1:57 PM]: no
FridayzTuezday [1:57 PM]: i mean i try but the other always dont let me
KCROWOO [1:57 PM]: its ok....
FridayzTuezday [1:57 PM]: yea i like suckin
KCROWOO [1:57 PM]: me too
FridayzTuezday [1:58 PM]: thats my favorit part
KCROWOO [1:58 PM]: same here i love suckin and lickin
FridayzTuezday [1:58 PM]: i cum fast i hate that
KCROWOO [1:58 PM]: hehe thats ok that maeans u wil be redy soon again
FridayzTuezday [1:59 PM]: yea i can do it lots
KCROWOO [1:59 PM]: id love to suck u
KCROWOO [1:59 PM]: let u cum in my mouth so hot...
FridayzTuezday [1:59 PM]: u far from me?
KCROWOO [1:59 PM]: dont think so
KCROWOO [1:59 PM]: ill suck u sogood
FridayzTuezday [1:59 PM]: but will u like me?
KCROWOO [1:59 PM]: im sure i will
KCROWOO [2:00 PM]: do u like your nips sucked too?
FridayzTuezday [2:00 PM]: it feelz weird i just like do what the guyz say
KCROWOO [2:01 PM]: cool im gonna treat u right not mean i want u to like it too
FridayzTuezday [2:01 PM]: that sounds hot
KCROWOO [2:01 PM]: ill even suck u first then if u want u can do me
FridayzTuezday [2:01 PM]: no i swear i will
FridayzTuezday [2:01 PM]: u no where washington and constance is
KCROWOO [2:02 PM]: yes
FridayzTuezday [2:02 PM]: i live by there
FridayzTuezday [2:02 PM]: is tha far frum you
KCROWOO [2:02 PM]: bo bout 5 min
FridayzTuezday [2:02 PM]: so i can walk?
KCROWOO [2:02 PM]: no i live towad lakeland school
KCROWOO [2:03 PM]: u know where bethlehem church is?
FridayzTuezday [2:03 PM]: thats my school
KCROWOO [2:03 PM]: yea u told me
KCROWOO [2:03 PM]: i live in negh behind wilco
KCROWOO [2:04 PM]: what street u on?
FridayzTuezday [2:05 PM]: if u by there u are close
KCROWOO [2:05 PM]: yea
KCROWOO [2:05 PM]: do u like your balls sucked to?
FridayzTuezday [2:05 PM]: no im hard
KCROWOO [2:05 PM]: mmm me too
FridayzTuezday [2:06 PM]: i can ride my bike to ur house
KCROWOO [2:06 PM]: u know where the hardees is close to u?
FridayzTuezday [2:06 PM]: yea i go there lots
KCROWOO [2:06 PM]: why dont u meet me there?
FridayzTuezday [2:07 PM]: let me ask my bro if he can watch grandma so i can go study
KCROWOO [2:07 PM]: k i will suck u so goodmmmm u will love it
FridayzTuezday [2:07 PM]: k wait
KCROWOO [2:07 PM]: k
FridayzTuezday [2:09 PM]: he only will if i give him 10 bucks and i dont got it
KCROWOO [2:10 PM]: ill give it to him
FridayzTuezday [2:10 PM]: how he cant c u
KCROWOO [2:10 PM]: ill give it to u to give to him
FridayzTuezday [2:10 PM]: really?
KCROWOO [2:10 PM]: sure i dont mind
FridayzTuezday [2:11 PM]: k u swear u wont hurt me
KCROWOO [2:11 PM]: i swear ill be so nice to u
FridayzTuezday [2:11 PM]: your name realy kevin the other guyz all lied
KCROWOO [2:11 PM]: no its kevin
FridayzTuezday [2:12 PM]: k
FridayzTuezday [2:12 PM]: where we go after hardee
KCROWOO [2:12 PM]: we will find somewhere
KCROWOO [2:13 PM]: u can pick if u want
FridayzTuezday [2:13 PM]: what u mean?
KCROWOO [2:13 PM]: we can go wherever u want for priviacy
FridayzTuezday [2:13 PM]: not ur house?
KCROWOO [2:13 PM]: my neighs here to nosey
KCROWOO [2:14 PM]: dont worry it will be ok
KCROWOO [2:14 PM]: ill meet u in 10 min?
FridayzTuezday [2:14 PM]: what i do with my bike?
KCROWOO [2:14 PM]: put it in my truck
FridayzTuezday [2:14 PM]: k
FridayzTuezday [2:15 PM]: i dont get wehre we go
KCROWOO [2:15 PM]: k its black dode
KCROWOO [2:15 PM]: dodge
FridayzTuezday [2:15 PM]: u swear u wont hurt me
KCROWOO [2:16 PM]: i swear luke it will be fun
FridayzTuezday [2:16 PM]: we go to like hotel?
KCROWOO [2:16 PM]: if u want
KCROWOO [2:16 PM]: i dont care
FridayzTuezday [2:16 PM]: they got those tiny friges with beer
FridayzTuezday [2:16 PM]: they r way cool
KCROWOO [2:16 PM]: hehe ill buy u a beer
FridayzTuezday [2:17 PM]: i did shower yet
KCROWOO [2:17 PM]: its ok just meet me im leaving now
FridayzTuezday [2:17 PM]: k i hurry
KCROWOO [2:17 PM]: k
KCROWOO signed off at 2:17 PM
KCROWOO [5:26 PM]: hey what happened?
FridayzTuezday [5:27 PM]: im in major shyt
KCROWOO [5:27 PM]: ?
FridayzTuezday [5:27 PM]: i got to corner and therez my mom turning in
KCROWOO [5:27 PM]: oh ,,,,
FridayzTuezday [5:27 PM]: im grounded
FridayzTuezday [5:28 PM]: i cant leave my grandma less I call her
KCROWOO [5:28 PM]: sorry to hear that
KCROWOO [5:28 PM]: i really wanted to meet u
FridayzTuezday [5:28 PM]: you dont hate me do u?
KCROWOO [5:28 PM]: no way
KCROWOO [5:29 PM]: maybe tomarrow
FridayzTuezday [5:29 PM]: then my little brother goes and tells i was gonna give him 5 bucks
KCROWOO [5:29 PM]: hehe little brothers
FridayzTuezday [5:29 PM]: i want to beat that fucker
KCROWOO [5:30 PM]: hehe
KCROWOO [5:30 PM]: i want ed to suck u so bad
FridayzTuezday [5:30 PM]: im kinda freaked
KCROWOO [5:30 PM]: im sure
FridayzTuezday [5:30 PM]: no bout you
KCROWOO [5:31 PM]: ?
FridayzTuezday [5:31 PM]: k you dont got pic
FridayzTuezday [5:31 PM]: the guy who hurt me got no pic
KCROWOO [5:32 PM]: im sorry but i can take chance with pic on here students may see it
KCROWOO [5:32 PM]: all i can tell u is im a nice guy that likes younger,,,,,,,just some fun no string attached
KCROWOO [5:32 PM]: i wont hurt no one
FridayzTuezday [5:33 PM]: but i go to that school you say you are at and therez no kevin
KCROWOO [5:33 PM]: they dont list us on website just department heads
FridayzTuezday [5:34 PM]: you playin me cuz therez tons of names there
KCROWOO [5:34 PM]: no im not luke but its ok i understand
FridayzTuezday [5:34 PM]: i just gotta cover me
KCROWOO: noprob
FridayzTuezday [5:34 PM]: therez freaks out there
KCROWOO [5:35 PM]: u r right
KCROWOO [5:35 PM]: u have to be careful i understand
FridayzTuezday [5:36 PM]: i mean the one guy like you took me in woods and tied my hands and legs then shaved me then put sticks in my hole
FridayzTuezday [5:36 PM]: then left me
KCROWOO [5:36 PM]: luke......i would never do that im sorry that happened it terrible
KCROWOO [5:37 PM]: ive been kivin in suffolk over 20 years im well respected everyine know me
KCROWOO [5:37 PM]: living
FridayzTuezday [5:38 PM]: but like that guy who did that i cant tell or my ma finds out
KCROWOO [5:38 PM]: i know.....its ok
FridayzTuezday [5:38 PM]: i just want some1 to like me
KCROWOO [5:39 PM]: i alrady like u and havnt even met u yet,,,,,,
FridayzTuezday [5:39 PM]: what your best movie?
KCROWOO [5:40 PM]: last one i saw was the 2nd harry potter
FridayzTuezday [5:40 PM]: thats gay
FridayzTuezday [5:40 PM]: i like independance day
KCROWOO [5:40 PM]: i like the matrrix
FridayzTuezday [5:40 PM]: thatz kewl to
KCROWOO [5:40 PM]: yea aweome effects
KCROWOO [5:41 PM]: well il let u go.......dont want to bother u
FridayzTuezday [5:41 PM]: no stay im grounded
KCROWOO [5:42 PM]: im sorry ,,,,,,
FridayzTuezday [5:42 PM]: i get my brother back
KCROWOO [5:42 PM]: hehe i bet
FridayzTuezday [5:42 PM]: what your screen name mean?
KCROWOO [5:43 PM]: the k is for my first name
FridayzTuezday [5:43 PM]: whatz the rest
KCROWOO [5:43 PM]: some of my last plus xtra letters aol made me put in
FridayzTuezday [5:44 PM]: mines a cult band in amsterdam
KCROWOO [5:44 PM]: cool
FridayzTuezday [5:44 PM]: you gotta last name of crow?
FridayzTuezday [5:44 PM]: like a bird?
KCROWOO [5:45 PM]: some of it
FridayzTuezday [5:45 PM]: LOL
KCROWOO [5:46 PM]: well im gonna fix some supper maybe ill be onlater i hope u learn to trust me would be fun meeting
FridayzTuezday [5:46 PM]: no stay
KCROWOO [5:46 PM]: ill be backluke
FridayzTuezday [5:46 PM]: u like my name?
KCROWOO [5:46 PM]: yes im lookin at your pic now so cute hehe
FridayzTuezday [5:47 PM]: i hate it
KCROWOO [5:47 PM]: its funny
FridayzTuezday [5:47 PM]: no my name
KCROWOO [5:47 PM]: oh i think its nice
FridayzTuezday [5:47 PM]: its my dads name
KCROWOO [5:47 PM]: thats cool
FridayzTuezday [5:48 PM]: no i dont know him
KCROWOO [5:48 PM]: oh sorry
FridayzTuezday [5:48 PM]: its all good
KCROWOO [5:48 PM]: im glad
FridayzTuezday [5:48 PM]: i hate my mom for calling me that
FridayzTuezday [5:49 PM]: Lucus Longsworth
FridayzTuezday [5:49 PM]: JR
KCROWOO [5:49 PM]: wow long name
FridayzTuezday [5:49 PM]: yea and my brother gets Miller
KCROWOO [5:49 PM]: look ill be back in a few stay cute hehe
KCROWOO [5:51 PM]: luke something u should think about if i was a bad guy i would give u my mumber
FridayzTuezday [5:51 PM]: the other guy did
KCROWOO [5:51 PM]: well i dont give it to everyone
KCROWOO [5:52 PM]: see y a later
FridayzTuezday [5:52 PM]: laytar
KCROWOO signed off at 5:52 PM

Convo 11/22/04

FridayzTuezday [4:15 PM]: hi
KCROWOO [4:15 PM]: hey
FridayzTuezday [4:15 PM]: bored
KCROWOO [4:15 PM]: me too and horny hehe
FridayzTuezday [4:16 PM]: im grounded til monday
KCROWOO [4:16 PM]: damn
FridayzTuezday [4:17 PM]: u at school
KCROWOO [4:17 PM]: no imhome
FridayzTuezday [4:17 PM]: i just got home
KCROWOO [4:17 PM]: cool want a bj before dinner? hehe
FridayzTuezday [4:17 PM]: im grounded
FridayzTuezday [4:18 PM]: what u coach?
KCROWOO [4:18 PM]: baseball and footabll
FridayzTuezday [4:18 PM]: i like football kinda but suck at it
KCROWOO [4:19 PM]: its ok
FridayzTuezday [4:19 PM]: i wish i can throw better
KCROWOO [4:19 PM]: i wish u could sneak out hehe
FridayzTuezday [4:20 PM]: no cuz im the only one here with my gramdam my aunt goez home when i get home
KCROWOO [4:21 PM]: ok...
FridayzTuezday [4:21 PM]: i wish u had pic
KCROWOO [4:21 PM]: if u let me ride by u could see me
FridayzTuezday [4:22 PM]: im scared
KCROWOO [4:22 PM]: dont tell me which house just the road
KCROWOO [4:24 PM]: luke?
FridayzTuezday [4:24 PM]: brb my grand ma
KCROWOO [4:24 PM]: k
KCROWOO [4:41 PM]: back?
KCROWOO [4:54 PM]: well luke gtg for a few call me f u get a chance 374-2874

Convo 11/23/04

FridayzTuezday [7:33 AM]: hi
KCROWOO [7:33 AM]: morning
FridayzTuezday [7:33 AM]: y still home?
KCROWOO [7:33 AM]: off till momday
FridayzTuezday [7:34 AM]: im sick
KCROWOO [7:34 AM]: oh sorry
KCROWOO [7:35 AM]: a cold?
FridayzTuezday [7:35 AM]: dunno was barfin all nite
KCROWOO [7:35 AM]: could have been something u ate
FridayzTuezday [7:35 AM]: duno
KCROWOO [7:36 AM]: i hate being sick
FridayzTuezday [7:36 AM]: i like it so i can stay home
KCROWOO [7:36 AM]: hehe cool
FridayzTuezday [7:37 AM]: ur school is on break all week?
KCROWOO [7:37 AM]: exams i dont have toi be there
FridayzTuezday [7:37 AM]: o was gonna say that would be sweet
KCROWOO [7:37 AM]: yep
KCROWOO [7:38 AM]: i could come make u feel better hehe
FridayzTuezday [7:38 AM]: my aunt getz here soon
KCROWOO [7:39 AM]: damn ,,,,,,be nice
FridayzTuezday [7:39 AM]: how far u again
KCROWOO [7:39 AM]: 10min
FridayzTuezday [7:40 AM]: i gotta get back in bed when she get here
KCROWOO [7:40 AM]: ok
KCROWOO [7:40 AM]: i hope we can meet soon
FridayzTuezday [7:41 AM]: im done grounded sunday
KCROWOO [7:41 AM]: i want to suck u so bad,,,,
KCROWOO [7:42 AM]: let u lay back and just enjoy it mmmmm
FridayzTuezday [7:42 AM]: i wish u had pic
KCROWOO [7:43 AM]: i know......
FridayzTuezday [7:43 AM]: id be kewl if we had camz
KCROWOO [7:43 AM]: i told u i could ride by so u can see me
KCROWOO [7:43 AM]: yea
FridayzTuezday [7:43 AM]: what if i dont see u go by
KCROWOO [7:44 AM]: u would it wont take long
FridayzTuezday [7:44 AM]: my street aint long
KCROWOO [7:44 AM]: kool i drive down turn around come back
FridayzTuezday [7:44 AM]: im just kinda scared
KCROWOO [7:45 AM]: i wear luke it wont be bad at all
FridayzTuezday [7:45 AM]: k if i tell u u tell me ur real name?
KCROWOO [7:46 AM]: im kevin like i told u no lie
FridayzTuezday [7:46 AM]: no last name
KCROWOO [7:46 AM]: k ill trust u,,,,,,its crowder
FridayzTuezday [7:47 AM]: u no mine
KCROWOO [7:47 AM]: yep
FridayzTuezday [7:47 AM]: i hate it
KCROWOO [7:47 AM]: i like it
FridayzTuezday [7:47 AM]: it easy to make fun of
KCROWOO [7:47 AM]: i wont .....
KCROWOO [7:48 AM]: luke i think we could be good freinds......just have fun and all
FridayzTuezday [7:49 AM]: i like that
KCROWOO [7:49 AM]: thats the way i am,,,,,,
KCROWOO [7:49 AM]: yng guys keep me young
FridayzTuezday [7:50 AM]: but it just be u and me
KCROWOO [7:50 AM]: sure
KCROWOO [7:50 AM]: i promise it will be fun we do what ever u want
FridayzTuezday [7:51 AM]: but we be real boyfriends?
KCROWOO [7:51 AM]: if u want it
FridayzTuezday [7:52 AM]: k i gotta go my aunt be here soon and don want to get more grounded
KCROWOO [7:52 AM]: ok tell me what street luke please i told u my last name
FridayzTuezday [7:52 AM]: we live on 2nd ave
KCROWOO [7:53 AM]: cool
KCROWOO [7:53 AM]: what time u want me to drive by?
FridayzTuezday [7:53 AM]: dunno
KCROWOO [7:53 AM]: u can just look out window
FridayzTuezday [7:53 AM]: maybe lunch time
KCROWOO [7:54 AM]: i got to go to bamk at 9 that ok?
FridayzTuezday [7:54 AM]: k
FridayzTuezday [7:54 AM]: i gotta go
KCROWOO [7:54 AM]: k i drive blavk dodge truck quad cab
FridayzTuezday [7:54 AM]: k
KCROWOO [7:54 AM]: cool luke

FridayzTuezday [6:03 PM]: hi
KCROWOO [6:03 PM]: hey luke
FridayzTuezday [6:03 PM]: u never drive by
KCROWOO [6:04 PM]: yes i did sereveral times
KCROWOO [6:04 PM]: which end u live on?
FridayzTuezday [6:05 PM]: my aunt kept yellin at me to get in bed
FridayzTuezday [6:05 PM]: so maybe i miss
FridayzTuezday [6:05 PM]: dunno
KCROWOO [6:05 PM]: maybe.....
KCROWOO [6:05 PM]: which end u live on?
FridayzTuezday [6:06 PM]: im kinda scared can i say when we like say more
KCROWOO [6:06 PM]: ok luke
FridayzTuezday [6:06 PM]: u still llike me
KCROWOO [6:06 PM]: yes i just wish u would trust me
FridayzTuezday [6:06 PM]: is just that guy who hurt me
FridayzTuezday [6:07 PM]: u teach me to be good quarter back
FridayzTuezday [6:07 PM]: so maybe guys like me
KCROWOO [6:07 PM]: ill try
FridayzTuezday [6:07 PM]: brb my grandma
KCROWOO [6:07 PM]: but we have to meet to do it
KCROWOO [6:33 PM]: ok luke maybe ill talk to ya later
Auto response from FridayzTuezday [6:33 PM]: FridayzTuezday is online but may be away from AOL right now.

Convo 11/25/04

FridayzTuezday [9:36 AM]: hi
KCROWOO [9:36 AM]: hey
KCROWOO [9:37 AM]: how r u?
FridayzTuezday [9:37 AM]: im still sick
KCROWOO [9:37 AM]: sorry,,,,
FridayzTuezday [9:37 AM]: all i do is barf
KCROWOO [9:38 AM]: must have a flu bug
FridayzTuezday [9:38 AM]: my moms nurse and that what she say
KCROWOO [9:39 AM]: yea,,,,,well it will be better has to run its course
FridayzTuezday [9:39 AM]: i met a guy here my age who likes guys
KCROWOO [9:39 AM]: cool
FridayzTuezday [9:40 AM]: but dunno could be playin me that happens lots here
KCROWOO [9:40 AM]: yea true he in suffolk?
FridayzTuezday [9:40 AM]: no
KCROWOO [9:41 AM]: oh ok
FridayzTuezday [9:41 AM]: hes in portsmouth
KCROWOO [9:42 AM]: cool maybe u can get together
FridayzTuezday [9:42 AM]: how i dont drive n hes only 13
KCROWOO [9:42 AM]: i dont know u never know he might come here
KCROWOO [9:43 AM]: i met realnice guy fr franklin
FridayzTuezday [9:43 AM]: so u dont like me no more?
KCROWOO [9:43 AM]: yes i do ...
KCROWOO [9:43 AM]: but u wont trust me ...
FridayzTuezday [9:44 AM]: no when i get not sick and not grounded i swear i meet u at hardees
KCROWOO [9:44 AM]: ok i think that will fun....
FridayzTuezday [9:44 AM]: is he better then me?
KCROWOO [9:44 AM]: i met him at the hardees in franklin hehe
KCROWOO [9:44 AM]: hes real nice cute too
FridayzTuezday [9:45 AM]: can he play sports?
KCROWOO [9:45 AM]: said he plays basketball
FridayzTuezday [9:45 AM]: so u will like him more
KCROWOO [9:45 AM]: no we just met one time
KCROWOO [9:46 AM]: if u like me we will meet a lot if u want
FridayzTuezday [9:46 AM]: what u do with him
KCROWOO [9:46 AM]: just bjs
FridayzTuezday [9:46 AM]: thats hot
KCROWOO [9:47 AM]: yea man so good ..he sucked so good
FridayzTuezday [9:47 AM]: how old he?
KCROWOO [9:47 AM]: 15
FridayzTuezday [9:47 AM]: i know u will like him more then me
KCROWOO [9:47 AM]: no i wont if we ever meet
KCROWOO [9:48 AM]: r u really on 2nd ave?
FridayzTuezday [9:48 AM]: yeah why i lie
KCROWOO [9:48 AM]: which end?
FridayzTuezday [9:49 AM]: close to brewer
KCROWOO [9:49 AM]: cool...
KCROWOO [9:49 AM]: lot of blacks at other end
FridayzTuezday [9:49 AM]: can i see his pic?
KCROWOO [9:50 AM]: he didnt have one
KCROWOO [9:50 AM]: we talked on phone
FridayzTuezday [9:50 AM]: does he look better then me?
KCROWOO [9:50 AM]: no......but hes cute
KCROWOO [9:50 AM]: had nice dick,, hehe
FridayzTuezday [9:51 AM]: you maybe let me meet him so i got friend
KCROWOO [9:51 AM]: maybe..
KCROWOO [9:51 AM]: i bought him beer and something to eat he was nice
FridayzTuezday [9:52 AM]: i bet i can drink more
KCROWOO [9:52 AM]: hehe maybe
KCROWOO [9:52 AM]: we drank two then went parking
FridayzTuezday [9:53 AM]: what u do in park?
KCROWOO [9:53 AM]: we made out then sucked each other
FridayzTuezday [9:53 AM]: thats so hot
KCROWOO [9:54 AM]: yea we kissed and licked it was so good
FridayzTuezday [9:54 AM]: i swear when i get not grounded i can be better then him
KCROWOO [9:55 AM]: ok i hope we find out
KCROWOO [9:55 AM]: i think u r hot too
FridayzTuezday [9:55 AM]: can i see his profile
KCROWOO [9:56 AM]: he was on moms screename i thought he was a girl at first
KCROWOO [9:56 AM]: till we talkedon phone
KCROWOO [9:57 AM]: hes no girl has nice balls mmmm
FridayzTuezday [9:57 AM]: he swallow ur cum?
KCROWOO [9:57 AM]: he tried didnt get it all
KCROWOO [9:58 AM]: i gave him good rim job he moaned so good
FridayzTuezday [9:59 AM]: i cum fast does he
KCROWOO [9:59 AM]: he did first time
KCROWOO [9:59 AM]: then he got hard again tooklonger
KCROWOO [10:00 AM]: he was so horny
KCROWOO [10:00 AM]: said he hadnt been sucked in long time
FridayzTuezday [10:00 AM]: i can do that 2 i can cum then do it again
KCROWOO [10:00 AM]: awesome luke
KCROWOO [10:01 AM]: how big is your dick?
FridayzTuezday [10:01 AM]: like 5 but im still growin
KCROWOO [10:01 AM]: m yea
FridayzTuezday [10:01 AM]: he bigger?
KCROWOO [10:01 AM]: hes bout 5 maybe 6
FridayzTuezday [10:02 AM]: i dont got lots of hair does he?
KCROWOO [10:02 AM]: no
KCROWOO [10:02 AM]: his ass so smooth
KCROWOO [10:03 AM]: damn luke wish we could meet ,,,,
FridayzTuezday [10:04 AM]: im not grounded monday
KCROWOO [10:04 AM]: ok...
FridayzTuezday [10:04 AM]: n i can lie and say i gotta stay at school after
KCROWOO [10:04 AM]: dont think u might get out today or tomarrow?
FridayzTuezday [10:05 AM]: if i stay up to long i get sick
KCROWOO [10:05 AM]: its ok il make u feel so good,,,,,,
FridayzTuezday [10:06 AM]: i dont like that guy in franklin
KCROWOO [10:06 AM]: why?
FridayzTuezday [10:06 AM]: dunno
KCROWOO [10:06 AM]: hes nice,,,,,
KCROWOO [10:06 AM]: great sucker hehe
FridayzTuezday [10:06 AM]: stop it
KCROWOO [10:07 AM]: ok sorry
FridayzTuezday [10:07 AM]: ur makin me feel dumb like im not good
KCROWOO [10:07 AM]: u r good luke.......just havnt met u yet
KCROWOO [10:07 AM]: he met me and it was fun
FridayzTuezday [10:08 AM]: what his name?
KCROWOO [10:08 AM]: chris
FridayzTuezday [10:08 AM]: thats a girls name
KCROWOO [10:08 AM]: hehe
KCROWOO [10:09 AM]: so u gonna eat turkey today?
FridayzTuezday [10:09 AM]: if i can my mom gotta work at 4
KCROWOO [10:09 AM]: k...
KCROWOO [10:10 AM]: so u didnt see me ride by the other day?
FridayzTuezday [10:10 AM]: no my aunt kept yellin at me to get in bed
FridayzTuezday [10:11 AM]: i tried
KCROWOO [10:11 AM]: ok. i rode by several times so u could see
FridayzTuezday [10:11 AM]: what happens if i gotta move?
FridayzTuezday [10:11 AM]: and you like me
KCROWOO [10:11 AM]: move where?
FridayzTuezday [10:12 AM]: my ma says when grandma dies we move close to her work
KCROWOO [10:12 AM]: where she work?
FridayzTuezday [10:12 AM]: chesapeke general
KCROWOO [10:12 AM]: oh thats not far
KCROWOO [10:12 AM]: i can still come see ya
FridayzTuezday [10:13 AM]: we only live here to take care of grandma its her house
KCROWOO [10:13 AM]: thats cool....
KCROWOO [10:13 AM]: u wanna tell me address?
FridayzTuezday [10:14 AM]: i hope we get lots of money for it so we can get better house
KCROWOO [10:14 AM]: cool...
KCROWOO [10:15 AM]: hold on phone ringing
KCROWOO [10:16 AM]: k back
KCROWOO [10:17 AM]: it was chris,,,,,
FridayzTuezday [10:17 AM]: fine
KCROWOO [10:17 AM]: i told him i was talking to u
FridayzTuezday [10:18 AM]: he online
KCROWOO [10:18 AM]: no his moms home
KCROWOO [10:18 AM]: want s to meet later,,,
KCROWOO [10:19 AM]: luke?
FridayzTuezday [10:20 AM]: fine he can be your boyfriend
KCROWOO [10:20 AM]: hold on
KCROWOO [10:20 AM]: i told him ididnt know yet
KCROWOO [10:21 AM]: and hes not boyfreind just freind
FridayzTuezday [10:21 AM]: im use to it he plays basketball and i bet hes popular
KCROWOO [10:21 AM]: i dont know if he is or not doesnt matter to me
FridayzTuezday [10:21 AM]: i gotta go i dont feel good
KCROWOO [10:22 AM]: ok i hope u feel better u stil have my number?
FridayzTuezday [10:22 AM]: yea i do
FridayzTuezday [10:22 AM]: so does chris
KCROWOO [10:22 AM]: cool call me if u get a chance
KCROWOO signed off at 10:23 AM

Convo 12/03/04

FridayzTuezday [10:48 AM]: hi
KCROWOO [10:48 AM]: hey
FridayzTuezday [10:49 AM]: srry i not be on but am now not sick
FridayzTuezday [10:49 AM]: but had to stay home today
KCROWOO [10:49 AM]: good to hear that
FridayzTuezday [10:49 AM]: my aunt is sick now so I have to stay home with my grandma
KCROWOO [10:49 AM]: ok.......
FridayzTuezday [10:50 AM]: y are you home?
KCROWOO [10:50 AM]: didnt have to go today
FridayzTuezday [10:50 AM]: you on break already?
KCROWOO [10:51 AM]: no i only substitute
FridayzTuezday [10:51 AM]: so you don't have a real job like everyday?
KCROWOO [10:52 AM]: dont have to teach every day
FridayzTuezday [10:52 AM]: wow thats cool
KCROWOO [10:52 AM]: yea i like it
FridayzTuezday [10:53 AM]: you talking to that guy in Franklin
KCROWOO [10:53 AM]: not today
FridayzTuezday [10:53 AM]: no you see him again?
KCROWOO [10:53 AM]: yes
FridayzTuezday [10:53 AM]: so your like boyfriends now
KCROWOO [10:54 AM]: no but at least he will see me
FridayzTuezday [10:54 AM]: I was really sick im sorry
KCROWOO [10:54 AM]: ok ,,,,,,,
FridayzTuezday [10:54 AM]: you like him more now
KCROWOO [10:55 AM]: not more but i do like seeing him
KCROWOO [10:55 AM]: we have fun
FridayzTuezday [10:55 AM]: what you do
KCROWOO [10:55 AM]: we make out suck drink a few beers go out and eat
FridayzTuezday [10:56 AM]: he come to yoru house?
KCROWOO [10:56 AM]: not yet
FridayzTuezday [10:56 AM]: please dont let him i want to
KCROWOO [10:56 AM]: wel we have to meet first
FridayzTuezday [10:56 AM]: im sad now
KCROWOO [10:57 AM]: KCROWOO is online but may be away from AOL right now.
KCROWOO [10:57 AM]: sorry but luke i cant just wait on u to make your mind up
FridayzTuezday [10:57 AM]: i was sick i am sorry
KCROWOO [10:57 AM]: how bout today?
FridayzTuezday [10:58 AM]: i cant leave my grandma or I get grounded again then I never get out
KCROWOO [10:58 AM]: well ok ,.,,,,

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