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May 16, 2008

This was my longest chat with someone that showed thusfar. He was the biggest egomaniac I've talked to.

chaznd74(0ccc5/16/08 10:11:18 PM): hello how are you doing tonight
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:12:03 PM): fine ty you?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:12:10 PM): doing good
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:12:28 PM): just looking for people to chat with
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:12:35 PM): watching some tv
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:13:06 PM): asl?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:13:08 PM): what are you up to
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:13:13 PM): 33 male fargo
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:13:26 PM): 15/f/nd
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:13:40 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:14:00 PM): what are you watching?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:14:13 PM): numbers
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:14:31 PM): I never saw that
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:14:49 PM): its a cool show
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:15:36 PM): its a crime drama on cbs
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:15:41 PM): hmm, whats it about? If its math, forget it.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:16:15 PM): they use math yes, but you dont have to understand the complex math they use to like the show
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:16:30 PM): Oh, maybe i will watch it someday.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:16:59 PM): they go way beyond my understanding of math, and I love the show
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:17:43 PM): so what do you like to do for fun then
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:17:44 PM): I am so bad at math.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:18:07 PM): I am pretty good at it, but its not my best subject either
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:18:22 PM): I know I have to do good, but its hard for me. lol
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:18:24 PM): i took calculus in collage
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:18:38 PM): biology is my strong suit
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:18:41 PM): jeez, you must be like a genius.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:19:14 PM): i consider myself pretty smart (Not smart enough to realize that wanting to have sex with a kid is WRONG)
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:19:38 PM): yeah, i think so
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:19:38 PM): wish I could have understood chemistry better
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:19:51 PM): and phsycology
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:20:38 PM): I like history. I think I want to be a teacher.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:20:42 PM): so what are you thinking about taking up in collage
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:20:43 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:20:49 PM): history is cool too
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:21:08 PM): I like watching the history channel at my parents place when I am over there
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:21:41 PM): yeah, sometimes I watch it. I learned stuff from geography class. And that was like introducing us to the history.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:22:04 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:22:46 PM): I was not very good at geography in highschool
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:23:15 PM): I tried to get my parents to let me take ap biology
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:23:24 PM): they did not think I was ready for it
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:23:37 PM): then I get to collage and ace the class (Yet.. you can't even spell the word college.)
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:23:49 PM): really? I got a cp class next year, and I am going to get into NHS.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:24:07 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:24:30 PM): yeah, I'm happy about it. My mom was glad. So was my brother.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:24:53 PM): I tutored biology during the genetics portion
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:25:22 PM): You are very smart then. What do you do now?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:25:34 PM): I am a welder and spray painter
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:25:43 PM): I had problems with chem
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:25:49 PM): and then I had a daughter
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:26:03 PM): had to start working to support her
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:26:21 PM): how old is she?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:26:27 PM): 11
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:26:58 PM): she lives with her mother most of the time
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:27:14 PM): oh. yeah, I don't live with my dad either.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:27:25 PM): I get to see her still
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:27:32 PM): I get her every other weekend
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:28:02 PM): I could not immagine not spending time with my daughter
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:28:10 PM): Thats cool. She is lucky then.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:28:30 PM): your dad does not want anything to do with you?
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:28:46 PM): no. he got a new wife, she came with new kids.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:28:55 PM): I am sorry to hear that
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:29:12 PM): no biggie. if he doesnt care about me, then i dont need to care about him.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:29:24 PM): I love my daughter
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:29:37 PM): I take her fishing and camping during the summer
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:29:51 PM): I used to fish. I never got to go camping though.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:29:51 PM): we work on my parents garden together
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:29:55 PM): She is so lucky.
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:30:01 PM): OMG you garden?
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:30:04 PM): I love that.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:30:10 PM): we started putting up duck houses
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:30:27 PM): She is lucky to have you.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:30:30 PM): we do lots of things
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:30:37 PM): I am a good dad (You are a selfish man that didn't think about her for a minute when talking to me. )
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:31:18 PM): Yeah, I bet you are. Thats so cool.
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:31:26 PM): Especially the camping.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:31:33 PM): I am planning on taking her camping out at bismark this summer
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:31:44 PM): really? thats kinda near me.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:31:45 PM): go to the dakota zoo
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:32:00 PM): where are you at if I may ask
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:32:16 PM): near dickinson
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:32:21 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:32:36 PM): I have been in dickinson befor
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:32:57 PM): went through there on my way to a wedding in Montanna
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:32:57 PM): really?
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:33:02 PM): oh yeah.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:33:13 PM): stopped in dickinson for the night
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:33:26 PM): that was when I was still with her mother
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:33:41 PM): my daughter was about 1 1/2
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:33:47 PM): how long have you not been with her?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:33:54 PM): 6 years
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:34:05 PM): wow. Thats the same for my mom and dad.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:34:18 PM): makes for a lonely life
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:34:29 PM): Yeah, I guess. Do you still love her?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:34:45 PM): I dont know, i know I could never trust her again
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:34:57 PM): why?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:35:05 PM): she left me for another guy
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:35:12 PM): wow.
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:35:18 PM): Im really sorry to hear that.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:35:19 PM): I think she was seeing him befor she left me
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:35:23 PM): Thats really mean.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:35:27 PM): yes
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:35:32 PM): and ty
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:35:33 PM): My ex was a player.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:35:59 PM): I am one of those who cant even cheat in my dreams
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:36:25 PM): Me either Its really mean. It hurts people so bad. If you want to cheat, you should just break up.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:36:45 PM): I agree
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:37:03 PM): I know I got hurt realy bad by my ex
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:37:30 PM): I was in couseling, and group theropy
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:37:41 PM): on antidepressants
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:37:52 PM): we had been together for 8 years
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:38:08 PM): I am sorry for you.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:38:11 PM): ty
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:38:31 PM): I still deal with depression some
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:38:47 PM): but I am on meds, so i am feeling great now
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:39:01 PM): Well, I'm glad for that.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:39:26 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:39:47 PM): the only thing I dont like about the meds is I can have a beer every now and then
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:40:13 PM): I dont drink often but I do like a beer every few months
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:40:19 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:40:42 PM): but no alcohol with the antidepressants
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:41:06 PM): Really? That sucks.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:41:37 PM): its ok, I know the reason I cant drink is the same reason I am feeling so good
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:41:55 PM): the occasional beer is not worth how I was feeling befor
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:42:21 PM): Well, I'm glad that you feel better. Your daughter is probably happy too.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:42:36 PM): yes, everyone I know is happy I am better
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:43:01 PM): Thats cool.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:43:04 PM): this is a nice chat
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:43:13 PM): Yeah it is. You are too cool.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:43:37 PM): just too bad for me you are too
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:43:52 PM): im not a baby.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:44:19 PM): no but you are young enough to get me in trouble if we dated (It isn't going to stop you from trying though.)
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:44:39 PM): I dont want to get in trouble.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:45:10 PM): no, not many people do
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:45:57 PM): so, when you go camping, what do you do?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:46:26 PM): well I usually try and find a camp ground that has a swimming beach
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:46:37 PM): and things to do near by
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:46:45 PM): we go fishing too
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:46:57 PM): omg. never mind. I don't want to hear more. I won't ever get to go camping. I will be totally jealous.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:47:00 PM): at night we have a campfire and roast marchmellow
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:47:25 PM): you might get to go someday
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:47:42 PM): no, my mom hates it.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:47:49 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:48:08 PM): you need to get a bf that likes it then
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:48:22 PM): yeah, thats true.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:48:46 PM): my daughter loves it
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:48:54 PM): I know I would
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:49:05 PM): for me its alot of work, but I still enjoy it
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:49:13 PM): thats cool
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:49:24 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria is starting to help me with the work
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:49:40 PM): getting the campsite set up, doing dishes
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:49:50 PM): and some of the cooking
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:50:01 PM): I get to borrow a camper this year
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:50:12 PM): a lady my mom works with
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:50:24 PM): Wow, I am so jealous.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:50:27 PM): her and her husband bought a brand new pop up
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:50:57 PM): she told my mom they wont use it alot, and we could borrow it anytime they are not using it
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:51:16 PM): That is really neat for you.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:51:23 PM): yes it is
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:52:02 PM): now I just need to find a gf to bring camping with us
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:52:14 PM): well she will be lucky for sure.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:52:46 PM): yes but it seems not many women I meet want to be that lucky gal (Because you are an idiot and lots of women don't like dating men that want to have sex with kids.)
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:52:58 PM): that sucks
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:53:32 PM): yes it does
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:54:17 PM): Its hard sometimes, thats for sure.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:54:49 PM): they all seem to have bfs or are realy big, cant have kids anymore, I am too old for them or something
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:55:29 PM): what do you mean really big? and how come they cant have kids?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:56:21 PM): I mean women that are very over weight, and they have already had all the kids they want to have and have had thier tubes tied
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:57:34 PM): I am of average size
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:57:53 PM): i think none of that should matter if people really care about eachother.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:57:55 PM): 5' 8" and 165-170 lbs
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:58:18 PM): there has to be some physical attraction there at first
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:58:24 PM): so what if someone is fat or too skinny. or kids or not. Or age, none of that should matter if you really care.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:58:28 PM): and I still would like to have more kids (So you can meet their friends probably. )
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:58:48 PM): yeah, I want kids. i can see that being important.
breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:59:02 PM): But the other stuff, no, not really.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:59:25 PM): but your right I have met some women who I did not care about thier size
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:59:41 PM): a few not many
chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:59:51 PM): and they already were seeing someone else
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:00:18 PM): I would rather be with a guy that isnt the cutest, but cares about me, than one who is cute and treats me like crap.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:00:29 PM): true
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:01:06 PM): and as far as age goes, I dont care about age, its just a number, but not many young women feel that way (Smooth move there Sparky.)
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:01:31 PM): I am a nice guy as you have probobly figured out by now (You are an egotistical, selfish jerk. )
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:01:53 PM): but they dont seem to want to give me a chance once they find out how old I am
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:02:00 PM): I think you are very nice
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:02:19 PM): thank you
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:03:09 PM): you seem like a nice girl too
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:03:11 PM): You are welcome.
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:03:15 PM): Thank you.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:03:22 PM): your welcome
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:03:44 PM): I am nice, well I try to be.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:04:01 PM): yeah, we all try, but mistakes are made
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:04:06 PM): its human
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:04:14 PM): Yeah. true
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:04:41 PM): so what do you like to do for fun then
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:05:17 PM): I like to read, garden, dance, work out, hang with my friends and watch movies.
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:05:23 PM): What about you?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:05:24 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:06:00 PM): fishing camping reading cooking swimming gardening woodworking riding bike
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:06:15 PM): I like to swim too. What kind of books do you like to read?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:06:22 PM): watch movies
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:06:25 PM): sci fi
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:06:28 PM): mostly
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:06:59 PM): my brother had to read a sci fi book for his senior year last year. He let me read it. It was good.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:07:18 PM): what was it? do you remember?
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:07:27 PM): ender's game
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:07:39 PM): have not read that one
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:07:53 PM): I read alot of star wars
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:08:05 PM): yes I am a star wars geek and proud of it
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:08:31 PM): I dont dress up in costume though
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:08:46 PM): I like star wars movies. You should read that book its good.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:08:53 PM): no jedi robes or storm trooper armor
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:08:58 PM): ha ha ha ha
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:09:10 PM): I have read most of the books
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:09:17 PM): so you don't walk around saying may the force be with you?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:09:27 PM): no I dont
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:09:45 PM): ha ha ok
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:10:06 PM): what kind of music do you listen to?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:10:14 PM): classic rock
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:10:30 PM): stuff from the 70s 80s and 90s
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:10:40 PM): some newer stuff is good too
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:10:47 PM): not much though
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:10:51 PM): My mom loves the 80s stuff.
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:10:55 PM): I think its cool.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:10:57 PM): Nickle back
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:11:12 PM): I like some nickle back, some fergie, and even hannah montana
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:11:32 PM): I have not heard much of the newer pop music
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:11:55 PM): Ok, you daughter probably has heard of hannah montana.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:12:02 PM): I listened to pop during the 80s
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:12:15 PM): she has the bratz cd
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:12:31 PM): and yes she has heard of hannah montana
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:12:42 PM): watches it every saturday morning
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:12:51 PM): i dont like bratz. But I even have hannah's song quote, as my myspace quote.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:13:00 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:13:32 PM): I have heard one or 2 songs by Alisha keys
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:13:36 PM): those are good
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:13:38 PM): I like her.
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:13:54 PM): everythings gonna be alright. Idk how she can sing like that.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:13:59 PM): she has a realy good voice
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:13:59 PM): I wish i could sing.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:14:11 PM): I like to sing occasionally
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:14:19 PM): go to karoke
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:14:37 PM): really? you are lucky
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:15:41 PM): I like listening to christian music too.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:15:51 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:16:17 PM): who do you sing the most?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:16:30 PM): bob segar
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:16:35 PM): seagar
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:16:43 PM): i dont think I heard of him.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:17:04 PM): his most famous song I think would be old time rock and roll
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:17:12 PM): or turn the page
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:17:23 PM): I think i heard the first one.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:17:55 PM): more than likely, alot of shows like to do a skit from a movie that has that song
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:18:11 PM): oh, ok
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:18:29 PM): Just take those old records off the shelf
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:18:39 PM): I'll sit and listen to them by myself
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:18:45 PM): lol, im youtubing it.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:18:52 PM): todays music aint got the same soal
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:19:02 PM): I like that old time rock and roll
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:19:10 PM): yeah, i heard that before
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:19:50 PM): I also sing Tom Petty, simon and garfunkle
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:19:54 PM): is that how your voice sounds?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:19:57 PM): no
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:20:13 PM): my voice is not as gravelly
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:20:18 PM): it smoother
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:20:21 PM): oh ok
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:20:21 PM): its
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:20:50 PM): I have sung some country too
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:21:22 PM): and I have been tempted to sing pat benatar
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:21:46 PM): although I could never even come close to her voice (You might hit close to it when Bubba gets hold of you.)
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:22:21 PM): i bet you are really good though.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:22:35 PM): I am pretty decent
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:22:46 PM): and never taken any singing classes
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:22:56 PM): so, you are really smart, nice, and can sing? Cool,.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:23:05 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:23:49 PM): and unlike most guys online I dont talk about sex all the time
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:24:03 PM): thats cool
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:24:22 PM): as you have figured out already
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:24:30 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:25:06 PM): thats because you are a real person, that has good stuff to talk about. Thats cool. At least you do cool things to talk about.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:25:19 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:25:35 PM): you are cool too
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:25:47 PM): type of girl I would like to date
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:25:58 PM): really?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:26:07 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:26:10 PM): thanks thats a nice thing to say.
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:26:16 PM): :)
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:26:21 PM): your welcome
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:26:50 PM): I am glad you don't talk to me like I'm dumb.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:27:14 PM): you seem like a very mature girl
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:27:24 PM): thank you
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:27:49 PM): your welcome
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:28:33 PM): you just live accross the state from me, and I dont think your mom would be too happy with you dating me
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:29:02 PM): my mom is never happy with who i date.LOL. yeah, sucks i live far.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:29:20 PM): yes it does
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:29:53 PM): it would take me half the day to get out to you
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:30:04 PM): ha ha ha, no it wouldn't
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:30:19 PM): hey you are bad at geography
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:30:29 PM): ok I cant remember how many hours of a drive it is
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:30:45 PM): from fargo to out there
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:30:47 PM): like 3 or 4, if you drive like my mom
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:31:04 PM): I drive 65 to save on gas
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:31:22 PM): even though I drive a subaru
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:31:47 PM): got 28 mpg on the way back from wisconsin last summer
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:32:06 PM): i used to live there. My brother is in school there now.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:32:16 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:32:28 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria and I went to the dells on vacation
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:32:46 PM): the dells are cool. I used to go to lake geneva a lot.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:33:01 PM): we were at mirror lake state park camping
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:33:20 PM): she is lucky she goes camping with you.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:33:28 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:33:48 PM): care to join us this summer in bismark?
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:33:57 PM): ha ha
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:33:59 PM): really?
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:34:05 PM): or are you playing with me?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:34:23 PM): well there will be room in the camper if you want to
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:34:48 PM): 2 regular beds and the tables make beds too
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:34:48 PM): that would be so cool
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:35:29 PM): i would like that, if you are serious.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:35:32 PM): I have camp chairs for 3
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:35:39 PM): yes I am serious
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:35:47 PM): when do you go?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:36:00 PM): it would be nice to have someone a little bit older to talk to
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:36:11 PM): hold on let me look at the calender again
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:36:14 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:36:51 PM): july 12-14
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:37:03 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:37:03 PM): just a couple of days
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:37:22 PM): get there on sat and stay till mon
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:37:33 PM): can we do the marshmellow thing?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:37:40 PM): yes of course
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:37:55 PM): thats a standard as long as it does not rain
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:37:58 PM): oh, and do you stick food on sticks or something and put it in the fire, like hot dogs?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:38:10 PM): I have camp forks
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:38:15 PM): 3 of them
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:38:20 PM): but you put the food in the fire right?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:38:26 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:38:35 PM): omg yes yes yes. I would love to go.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:38:37 PM): I also cook with a camp stove
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:38:58 PM): does it get cold at night?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:39:05 PM): sometimes
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:39:15 PM): thats what sleeping bags are for
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:39:26 PM): ok, no i just wondered if i needed a jacket.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:39:39 PM): you might need a sweatshirt
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:39:47 PM): cool, i got a hoodie
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:40:02 PM): yeah, just pack a little bit of everything
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:40:12 PM): and swimming too right?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:40:33 PM): if I can find a camp ground that has a swimming beach out there
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:40:51 PM): and it has to have a bathroom with showers
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:40:57 PM): ok, i dont care, I dont want to bug. i am so excited though. whatever it is I will be happy.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:41:09 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:41:42 PM): I will add you to my messenger list
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:41:48 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:42:22 PM): that way we can keep in touch
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:42:29 PM): i would like that
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:42:40 PM): and you will know where to meet me there
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:42:51 PM): ok cool
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:43:16 PM): and you can tell me everything to bring right?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:43:24 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:44:06 PM): your clothes, shower items, swimm suit possibly
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:45:03 PM): not sure what soda or other soft drink you like to drink, you could bring a cooler with what ever you want with
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:45:08 PM): ok cool I just got a new swim suit.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:45:14 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:45:28 PM): i dont drink soda. I drink green tea and water.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:45:34 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:45:49 PM): I need to get a new suntea jug
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:46:05 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:46:18 PM): my old one leaks around its seal
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:46:36 PM): oh ok.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:47:03 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria likes gatorade actually
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:47:19 PM): gatorade is good if its really really cold
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:47:24 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:47:41 PM): but I will have a big water cooler too
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:47:55 PM): good i drink lots of water
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:48:09 PM): I need my coffee in the morning
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:48:24 PM): i drink it with hot chocolate mixed in
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:48:46 PM): you'll get along great with Child's name removed by La Victoria
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:48:53 PM): she loves hot chocolate
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:48:58 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:49:05 PM): she wont get mad if I go will she?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:49:19 PM): no
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:49:30 PM): she has been wanting me to get a gf
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:49:58 PM): you think im ok enough to be your g/f?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:50:10 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:50:16 PM): really?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:50:30 PM): except it might be a bad Idea telling her your real age (Because we don't want anyone to know daddy is wanting to have sex with a kid.)
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:50:36 PM): she would tell her mom
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:50:50 PM): yes really
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:51:02 PM): ok, I can say a different age.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:51:17 PM): at least 18 (Yeah, that'll make it better. )
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:51:23 PM): ok.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:51:59 PM): although, I should warn you, she will be expecting you to sleep on the same bed as me (Oh sure she will.)
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:52:13 PM): like her moms bfs do
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:52:22 PM): my mom goes to her b/fs too.
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:52:58 PM): ok are you gonna mind if we do?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:53:06 PM): no
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:53:10 PM): I dont mind
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:53:20 PM): wondering if you did
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:54:03 PM): well, we have a while to know eachother. If we really like eachother, no I wouldnt mind at all.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:54:09 PM): we can have seperate sleeping bags on the bed
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:54:28 PM): yes we have a couple of months
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:55:13 PM): your mom lets you stay up late on the weekends it seems
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:55:30 PM): yeah, my mom works 2 jobs so I stay up lol.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:55:36 PM): I see
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:55:58 PM): so do you have a pic then
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:56:03 PM): yeah, do you?
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:56:09 PM): I would like to know what my gf looks like
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:56:10 PM): but don't laugh at them ok.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:56:12 PM): yes I do
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:56:14 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:56:31 PM): you first
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:56:33 PM): lol
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:56:49 PM): its not the best pic
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:56:59 PM): wow
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:57:18 PM): my gotee is more trimmed now and hair is shorter
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:57:37 PM): its a nice pic.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:57:40 PM): ty
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:57:42 PM): you are handsome
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:57:44 PM): very
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:57:49 PM): ty
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:57:58 PM): your turn
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:58:08 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:58:32 PM): wow
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:58:41 PM): you are hot
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:58:57 PM): lol serious? my ex said i looked like a bitch in this pic.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:59:10 PM): I dont think so
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:59:25 PM): lucky me you dont care about age
breeisme93 (05/16/08 11:59:32 PM): ok and remember you said about fat people, this pic kinda makes me look fat.
chaznd74 (05/16/08 11:59:56 PM): no not really
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:00:16 AM): not when you see some of the girls I have met online
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:00:47 AM): some have been nearly 200 pounds over weight
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:01:02 AM): I am ok with a few extra pounds
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:01:11 AM): oh,well, yeah i guess.
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:01:24 AM): My grandma is really big. But I love her anyhow. And I miss her.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:01:36 AM): and I have met some girls that I wanted todate besides thier wieght
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:01:54 AM): my grandmother is over wieght too
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:02:14 AM): do you have anymore?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:02:29 AM): yes but not decent ones
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:02:36 AM): ?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:02:49 AM): they are naked pics
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:02:55 AM): oh
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:03:29 AM): I took them a while ago
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:03:56 AM): one girl I was trying to get to know and date wanted to see
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:04:04 AM): oh, thats cool
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:04:26 AM): I have been thinking about deleting them
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:04:48 AM): thats up to you.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:04:57 AM): yes I know
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:04:57 AM): I like this one for sure.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:05:04 AM): ty
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:05:12 AM): yw
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:05:40 AM): I should have cleaned up after work, but I was not planning on going anywhere tonight
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:05:54 AM): I would turn my cam on for you otherwise
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:06:00 AM): you have a cam?
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:06:01 AM): cool
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:06:03 AM): yes
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:06:13 AM): thats what I took that pic with
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:06:22 AM): oh. thats so cool
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:06:35 AM): i like it
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:07:13 AM): I can tell you realy dont care if I am a little bit dirty from work hold on it takes a bit to start up (Wow, you can tell all that from a 20 min conversation.)
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:07:55 AM): ok cool
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:08:26 AM): ok its up
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:08:41 AM): Hi!!!!
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:08:46 AM): Omg, you are so cute
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:08:50 AM): ty
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:08:58 AM): yw
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:09:07 AM): do you have a cam too then?
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:09:17 AM): no, i wish i did. sorry.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:09:24 AM): thats ok
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:09:43 AM): wave hi again
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:09:55 AM): ha ha ha that is so neat
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:10:23 AM): I like having a cam to show people what I look like
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:10:31 AM): I think you rock
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:10:48 AM): and its nice to see who you are talking with when you are talking with them
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:11:24 AM): yeah, i asked for one for my bday, but i didnt get it.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:11:57 AM): yeah, parents worry about what their teens might do on line (No, they worry about what perverts like you will try with them online.)
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:12:19 AM): I have a realy hot gf
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:12:47 AM): ?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:12:51 AM): you
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:13:02 AM): aww, really even after you saw me?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:13:08 AM): yes
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:13:17 AM): wow, ok i would like that.
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:13:31 AM): i got a smokin hot boyfriend.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:13:31 AM): cool
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:14:01 AM): I will have to drive out to you occasionally
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:14:08 AM): I would like that.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:14:20 AM): meet up somewhere
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:14:22 AM): Do you even know my name? LOL
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:14:27 AM): bree
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:14:34 AM): ha ha cool I wondered.
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:14:40 AM): Charles is yours?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:14:44 AM): yes
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:14:53 AM): you can call me charlie chuck, chaz
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:15:00 AM): what do you like most?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:15:11 AM): I realy dont have a prefferance
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:15:21 AM): what do most people call you?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:15:29 AM): charlie or chuck
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:15:35 AM): then i will call you chaz.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:15:36 AM): family call me charlie
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:15:45 AM): friends chuck
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:15:50 AM): cool
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:16:10 AM): its the british nickname for charles
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:16:43 AM): I didn't know that. Are you british?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:16:53 AM): no
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:17:04 AM): I just remembered hearing it somewhere
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:17:16 AM): I thought it sounded cool
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:17:25 AM): it does
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:17:31 AM): I am norwigian, german, and lux
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:17:59 AM): I am german, spanish and probably lots of other stuff too.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:18:09 AM): ok
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:18:25 AM): you look like you are a bit dark complected
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:18:39 AM): so possibly native american
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:18:41 AM): is that bad?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:18:44 AM): no
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:18:53 AM): spanish and a good tan lol
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:18:59 AM): I like all races
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:19:13 AM): I had a chinese gf back in high school
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:19:19 AM): cool
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:19:39 AM): yeah we were together for a summer
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:20:05 AM): she had to go back to china though and could not get another visa
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:20:36 AM): thats sad
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:20:41 AM): yes it is
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:21:04 AM): we were realy good together
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:21:21 AM): she was part of the immagine program
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:21:59 AM): a cultural student exchange program through the theatrical arts
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:22:26 AM): oh, well thats sad. Lucky for me though ha ha.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:22:31 AM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:22:51 AM): lucky for you my ex could not stay faithfull (Okay, really now you are that vain? This guy is a total misogynistic idiot)
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:23:08 AM): yeah, you too.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:23:27 AM): yes, I have been single since she left me
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:23:46 AM): no i meant you too that my ex was a player
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:23:57 AM): ok
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:25:07 AM): well if we make it till we are a leagal couple, i think that is a good decideing factor if we are going to make it
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:25:24 AM): Yeah me too. I won't cheat.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:25:40 AM): you should try to go to collage at NDSU when you graduate
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:25:51 AM): Thats one I am looking at.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:25:56 AM): cool
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:26:14 AM): my dad got his educational degree there
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:26:39 AM): my sister got her phd at UND
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:26:58 AM): really? cool. You have a smart family.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:27:28 AM): and my brother is waiting for a teacher to retire from MSU befro he finishes his music education degree
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:27:51 AM): wow
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:27:55 AM): I am trying to write a book to pay to go back to school
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:28:03 AM): what kind of book?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:28:09 AM): sci fi
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:28:14 AM): cool
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:28:21 AM): its about an after life court
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:28:41 AM): it has the potential to be a seiries of books
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:29:11 AM): wow thats cool Ok, if we stay together can you dedicate one to me?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:29:17 AM): and if the first one does well it will be a series
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:29:22 AM): sure
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:29:38 AM): I can figure out how to write one of them like that
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:30:13 AM): have the central charector run into a young love he had during his first life
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:30:55 AM): he'll have an inner debate on weather to complete his mission or pursue her
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:31:17 AM): wow thats so cool and you just thought of it? you are smart. I knew it.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:31:38 AM): writing is something that comes pretty easy for me (Spelling isn't however. )
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:31:55 AM): i still suffer from writers block occasionally
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:32:07 AM): maybe i can help you?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:32:15 AM): maybe
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:33:07 AM): I think I might try and get a laptop next year with my tax returns so I can write when away from my home computer (Except now you can't. Part of your sentence is no computer jack ass.)
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:33:20 AM): Thats a good idea.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:33:24 AM): yup
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:33:40 AM): like when out camping and Child's name removed by La Victoria is still sleeping
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:34:23 AM): get up in the morning start my coffee and write, and drink my morning coffe till she gets up
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:34:45 AM): That would be good. Or, you can take me again too.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:34:53 AM): true
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:34:59 AM): but if you are sleeping too
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:35:04 AM): I can write
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:35:10 AM): yeah, true, plus I dont' want to get in your way.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:35:24 AM): I dont think you would be in the way
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:35:48 AM): last summer I was realy wanting a more mature conversation by the end of the week
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:36:07 AM): well good. I like those too.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:36:24 AM): like we are having tonight
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:36:40 AM): yeah, I like this.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:36:45 AM): so do I
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:37:03 AM): were you serious about coming to see me?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:37:08 AM): yes
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:37:12 AM): why wouldnt I be
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:37:16 AM): I would love that chaz.
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:37:29 AM): Idk, I guess its hard to believe you'd want to for me.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:37:52 AM): ok, your last bf must have treated you like shit
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:38:10 AM): yeah, he did.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:38:29 AM): so you dont think real highly of yourself
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:38:42 AM): no. sorry
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:38:54 AM): its ok, I will treat you better
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:39:05 AM): I think you will.
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:39:08 AM): I can tell.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:39:14 AM): you will feel like you are worth while
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:39:29 AM): more than worth while
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:39:50 AM): I will do the same too. I will do my best to make you smile lots.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:39:57 AM): ty
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:40:03 AM): ty too
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:40:42 AM): I can think of some things you could do to make me smile, but that can wait (Wow, that took a lot of thought.)
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:40:47 AM): lol
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:40:56 AM): ? ok
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:41:24 AM): sorry, was thinking perverted for a bit there
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:41:47 AM): lol, thats ok i didn't get it.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:41:53 AM): ok
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:42:13 AM): sexual thoughts, never mind
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:42:19 AM): oh ha ha. lol
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:42:38 AM): like i said that can wait
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:42:45 AM): ok
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:43:06 AM): too early to talk about that stuff
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:43:18 AM): ok
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:43:33 AM): what does your shirt say?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:43:42 AM): Dakota Fence
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:43:47 AM): whats that?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:43:54 AM): the company I work for
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:44:03 AM): its a construction company
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:44:07 AM): oh, cool you get to wear their shirts.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:44:12 AM): yup
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:44:23 AM): they give us 5 free shirts a year
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:44:42 AM): so we have nice shirts to wear when customers are around
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:44:54 AM): oh, thats smart.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:45:20 AM): I like to let the girl set the pace of the relationship
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:45:34 AM): what do you mean?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:45:57 AM): as far as sex goes, making out, things like that
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:46:05 AM): oh ok
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:46:11 AM): I dont like to seem pushy
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:46:35 AM): i guess i can understand that.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:46:46 AM): being a gentleman that way
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:47:04 AM): but doesnt that make the girl seem pushy?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:47:12 AM): I dont think so
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:47:20 AM): I think I would lol
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:47:32 AM): I always think the girls are the ones that want to wait
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:47:45 AM): oh
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:48:11 AM): so if you feel the same way I do, we might never have sex
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:48:13 AM): lol
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:48:17 AM): ha ha ha
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:49:12 AM): I am getting tired now though
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:49:16 AM): I should go to bed
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:49:20 AM): oh, ok
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:49:39 AM): going to help my dad work on the boat tomarrow
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:49:52 AM): do your parents live close to you?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:49:53 AM): and maybe plant in thier garden some
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:50:00 AM): they live in north fargo
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:50:07 AM): I live in south fargo
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:50:13 AM): oh ok
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:50:53 AM): about 58 blocks
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:51:04 AM): oh, thats not too far.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:51:08 AM): no 60
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:51:14 AM): or so
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:51:21 AM): no
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:51:27 AM): in the same town anyway
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:51:35 AM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:51:48 AM): I have walked up to thier place
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:52:07 AM): yeah, I could walk that. I like walking
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:52:13 AM): cool
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:52:21 AM): are you ok?
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:52:30 AM): yeah just need to use the bathroom
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:52:38 AM): and my leg cramped up a bit
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:52:51 AM): oh, ok it looked like something hurt you.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:53:00 AM): the leg cramp
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:53:11 AM): well, i can let you go.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:53:12 AM): it went away right away though
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:53:26 AM): ok, are you going to be on again tomarrow?
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:54:04 AM): um I should be tomorrow night. My friend Tori is sick again, so if she goes in the hospital again I will be there with her.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:54:19 AM): ok I will see you tomarrow night then
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:54:27 AM): ok Chaz.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:54:33 AM): night bree
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:54:40 AM): :-*
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:54:45 AM): :-*
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:54:55 AM): night Chaz
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:55:13 AM): I am so glad I got such a cool boyfriend. How lucky for me.
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:55:23 AM): lucky for me too
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:55:34 AM): I have a hot young gf now
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:55:48 AM): aww thanks chaz
chaznd74 (05/17/08 12:55:52 AM): yw
breeisme93 (05/17/08 12:56:04 AM): my boyfriend is taking me camping. woot.

Offline Messages
chaznd74 (05/17/08 10:03:04 PM): I was looking online at campgrounds out by Bismark, and found the patterson lake recreation area in dickinson
chaznd74 (05/17/08 10:04:16 PM): its a little over an hour from Bismark but it has more of what I like to have in a camp ground
chaznd74 (05/17/08 10:06:43 PM): hope Tori is ok
breeisme93 (05/18/08 2:59:25 AM): Hi baby, I had to go to the hospital with Tori, well I didn't have to, but well shes my friend. Anyhow she is better now, just sad so I stayed with her. Wherever you think camping is cool sounds kk with me, Im just happy I get to go. I miss you. TTYL.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 7:48:10 AM): its good to hear Tori is ok. I spent the day helping my parents with thier garden yesturday. We have a little bit more work to do today.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 7:49:08 AM): Today we are planting the tomatoes and flowers. My mom wanted alot of tomatoes this year, we have 12 plants.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 7:49:34 AM): TTYL hun, bye

chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:48:39 PM): Hello bree
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:48:50 PM): Hey Chaz how are you?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:48:54 PM): doing good
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:49:15 PM): I planted the tomatoe plants today at my parents
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:49:24 PM): cool. i bet they are happy.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:49:27 PM): and the parsnips
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:49:30 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:49:45 PM): So now I have thier entire garden planted
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:50:00 PM): my mom just has to plant her flower beds
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:50:01 PM): thats cool i love veggies
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:50:09 PM): i love planting flowers
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:50:17 PM): I think she is going to wait to do that with Child's name removed by La Victoria
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:50:29 PM): or my nieces
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:50:40 PM): thats cool
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:50:45 PM): and I got my laundry done today
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:51:36 PM): wow, you got lots done
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:51:40 PM): yup
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:51:40 PM): i missed you yesterday.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:51:46 PM): I missed you too
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:51:53 PM): I was thinking about you all day
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:52:01 PM): I was thinking about you too.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:52:20 PM): did you tell your friend Tori about me then
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:52:56 PM): nope, i dont want to. I dont want to make her sad, and I keep some of that to myself. I dont want trouble
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:53:04 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:53:18 PM): why would it make her sad?
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:53:44 PM): cuz she doesnt think anyone will ever want to date her
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:53:57 PM): because of her cancer?
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:54:05 PM): yeppers
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:54:12 PM): that is sad
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:54:39 PM): I am sure once she is over it, she will get a bf too
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:54:51 PM): yeah, but she thinks sometimes she wont live
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:55:09 PM): I had a friend is high school that had cancer too
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:55:22 PM): he ended up getting a bone marrow transplant
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:55:49 PM): really? idk if she can
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:56:03 PM): yeah it depends on the type of cancer
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:56:21 PM): yeah, and i think they need to find someone with the right stuff too
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:56:32 PM): I am sure her doctors are doing all they can
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:56:39 PM): yeah, they are
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:56:54 PM): yeah, thier blood types have to match as well as some other stuff too
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:57:04 PM): so, have you talked to your daughter lately? Did you tell her you might be bringing company camping
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:57:21 PM): not yet, I get to see her next weekend
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:57:26 PM): oh, ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:57:33 PM): i was tempted to call her yesturday
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:57:48 PM): tell her that some of the plants we planted have started to come up
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:58:13 PM): some radishes are poking through and a couple of kolerabis
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:58:35 PM): I love gardening
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:58:40 PM): cool. whats your favorite veggie?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:58:42 PM): watching the plants grow
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:58:52 PM): I would have to say radishes
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:59:01 PM): to eat?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:59:03 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:59:07 PM): ewww
breeisme93 (05/18/08 4:59:08 PM): lol
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:59:14 PM): I love them
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:59:20 PM): always have
chaznd74 (05/18/08 4:59:34 PM): even when I was young and thought they were spicy
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:00:07 PM): I kept eating them because I liked the other taste besides the hotness of the radish
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:00:25 PM): I like most veggies
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:00:46 PM): not all the fond of parsnips and beets though
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:00:59 PM): yuk
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:01:19 PM): whats your favorite veggie
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:01:26 PM): cucumbers
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:01:33 PM): yup those are good
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:01:33 PM): I eat them on all my sandwiches.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:01:55 PM): my parents dont have a big enough garden for them though
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:02:03 PM): they need room to vine out
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:02:24 PM): we do plant one called a lemon cucumber
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:02:29 PM): sometimes
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:02:42 PM): it trains well along fences
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:02:51 PM): wow, you know lots about it too
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:03:07 PM): I learn from my parents
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:03:23 PM): my dad is realy good with plants
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:03:40 PM): and knows alot about different varieties
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:03:53 PM): Thats so cool.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:04:04 PM): we planted 15 tomatoe plants this year
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:04:27 PM): 9 varieties
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:05:27 PM): wow
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:05:48 PM): Chocolate cherry tomatoes, super sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, yellow pear, improves whopper, big boy, jet star, beefmaster, amish paste, and roma
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:06:01 PM): improved whopper (This is like a scene from Forrest Gump.)
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:06:36 PM): we have 2 varieties of beans
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:06:43 PM): 2 of radishes
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:06:49 PM): 2 of corn
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:07:31 PM): I want to get a house real bad, so I can have my own garden
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:07:49 PM): but another 6 1/2 years for that
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:07:49 PM): where do you live now?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:07:53 PM): in an apt
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:08:07 PM): 2 bedroom
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:08:23 PM): thats good. you daughter has her own room?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:08:30 PM): yes she does
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:09:02 PM): when i dont have to pay child support and insurance I will get a house
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:09:15 PM): oh. cool
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:09:16 PM): but those 2 alone are almost 800 a month
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:09:24 PM): Wow.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:09:29 PM): thats pretty much a house payment
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:09:33 PM): i guess
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:09:36 PM): yikes
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:10:05 PM): yeah I will be taking home alot more when she turns 18
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:10:53 PM): I might be able to afford a house at that time
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:11:04 PM): That will be cool.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:11:07 PM): yes
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:12:02 PM): I stayed up till 9;30 last night, but at that time my medication was kicking in pretty good and I just had to go to bed
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:12:13 PM): I was hoping to see you on last night
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:12:48 PM): i tried baby, i really did.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:12:55 PM): I know
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:12:56 PM): but she needed me to be at the hospital
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:13:00 PM): thats ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:13:20 PM): you are her rock during this difficult time
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:13:29 PM): yeah its hard though
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:13:48 PM): I know what it is like to be the rock for someone
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:14:15 PM): a friend of mines daughter has muscular distrafy
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:14:23 PM): or how ever you spel it
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:14:31 PM): spell
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:14:43 PM): oh, i heard of that. that has to be hard
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:15:04 PM): yes espeacially when she first came down with it
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:15:28 PM): are you busy?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:15:34 PM): dad
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:15:39 PM): tell dad i said hi
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:16:24 PM): ok, I was going to go back to my parents place for supper tonight
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:16:37 PM): he was just calling to tell me they were taking off for a bit
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:16:53 PM): they are going to be close to my place in a bit
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:17:15 PM): oh, so we cant talk?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:17:22 PM): we can still talk
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:17:40 PM): they were going to my sisters first
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:18:00 PM): oh, do you do this all the time, or is it someones birthday
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:18:24 PM): no they are making me supper to say thank you for planting thier garden
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:18:51 PM): the next birthday isnt untill august
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:19:01 PM): thats my nephew
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:19:13 PM): oh, when is yours?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:19:20 PM): Nov 9th
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:19:28 PM): oh cool
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:19:31 PM): when is yours?
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:19:43 PM): april 11
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:19:49 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:19:56 PM): 6 days after my sister
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:20:16 PM): oh, ok cool
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:20:47 PM): so you just turned 15 then
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:20:51 PM): yep
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:20:57 PM): that ok?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:21:00 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:21:11 PM): I like you for who you are
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:21:19 PM): i like you for the same thing
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:21:42 PM): we should have a good relationship then
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:22:01 PM): yeah, we should. as long as we care about eachother and stuff.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:22:06 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:22:32 PM): and then in 3 years we can come out with our relationship
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:22:53 PM): Yeah, that will be good. Do you think your family will like me?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:23:02 PM): yeah I think so
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:23:22 PM): my dad is a bit older than my mom too
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:23:28 PM): how old is your dad?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:23:33 PM): 63
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:23:40 PM): and your mom?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:23:45 PM): I think 54
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:23:54 PM): shes almost my dads age
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:24:25 PM): wow, he was a bit older when you were born
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:24:52 PM): yep hes 50 now
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:25:05 PM): I was graduating from highschool when you were born
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:25:27 PM): really?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:25:36 PM): yes I graduated in 93
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:25:53 PM): oh, what year where you born?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:25:58 PM): 1874
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:26:01 PM): 1974
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:26:26 PM): what town do you actually live in
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:26:32 PM): ha ha you scared me there for a minute
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:26:42 PM): I know you said near dickenson
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:26:53 PM): yeah typo
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:27:32 PM): yeah, like right there.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:27:45 PM): ok you live in dickenson
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:27:55 PM): or on a farmstead nearby
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:28:05 PM): l don't live on a farm, omg lol,
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:28:10 PM): do i look like a farmer?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:28:29 PM): as far as I have known farmers dont realy have a look
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:28:39 PM): do i look like one?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:28:49 PM): because my family used to farm
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:29:06 PM): no, you dont
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:29:33 PM): so what did you do today then
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:29:40 PM): i went to church
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:29:47 PM): i got chinese food
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:29:53 PM): yummy
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:30:02 PM): yep, and thats it.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:30:24 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:30:26 PM): im supposed to go to my friends house later and watch a movie. One of the best evah.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:30:38 PM): what movie
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:30:43 PM): a walk to remember.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:30:47 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:30:52 PM): I have not seen that yet
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:31:10 PM): omg, it is so romantic. I wont watch it with tori cuz, well we used to.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:31:25 PM): I liked the pirates quote on your profile page
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:32:02 PM): anyhow the girl gets cancer and this guy meets her and he is a jerk, and then she has to help him in a play and he starts to fall in love with her, and he does all the most romantic stuff.
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:32:14 PM): yeah, I LOVE pirates movies.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:32:24 PM): I have them on DVD
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:32:33 PM): i loved the last one
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:32:37 PM): me too
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:33:07 PM): Richards did a great job as jack sparrows dad
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:33:26 PM): he realy had the pirate look down
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:33:34 PM): yeah i didnt know who he was, but i love johnny depp as jack. his dad was totally perfect
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:33:51 PM): I cant think of the guys first name
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:34:02 PM): he is in the rolling stones
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:34:11 PM): idk
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:34:15 PM): his daughter is denise richards
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:34:56 PM): shes pretty
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:34:56 PM): I want to say he is Michael Richards
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:35:03 PM): yes she is
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:35:14 PM): yeah, no one could look like her.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:35:24 PM): was married to Charlie Sheen
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:35:44 PM): she was a Bond Girl
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:36:14 PM): she was in the movie Starship Troopers
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:36:23 PM): i never saw that
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:36:33 PM): its a good action movie
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:36:38 PM): oh
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:36:42 PM): the second one sucked though
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:36:48 PM): I have both of them
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:36:56 PM): oh.
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:37:02 PM): maybe one day i will rent them
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:37:15 PM): maybe one day you can watch them with me
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:37:24 PM): yeah? i would love that
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:37:53 PM): one weekend when your mom is working
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:38:08 PM): I can drive down to see you and we can watch them
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:38:25 PM): yeah. she works some weekends. Oh, and she goes away with her b/f some weekends too.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:38:36 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:38:42 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:38:53 PM): you pretty much take care of yourself then
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:39:04 PM): yep
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:39:20 PM): what is your brother studying in collage
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:39:27 PM): political science
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:39:31 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:39:45 PM): I like politics
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:39:50 PM): really?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:39:58 PM): I was in student congress in high school
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:39:59 PM): are you gonna be in them?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:40:12 PM): no i dont want to enter politics (Good thing because that conviction you got ended any chance of that.)
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:40:29 PM): although I have been tempted to run against Earl Pomeroy
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:41:09 PM): but I like to pay attention to politics so I will know how I want to vote
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:41:25 PM): oh, yeah. I cant wait to vote
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:41:46 PM): I know what you mean
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:42:05 PM): I was 4 days shy of being able to vote the year I turned 18
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:42:24 PM): that was when Clinton first got elected
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:42:29 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:42:47 PM): would you have voted for him?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:42:51 PM): I would have voted the same way the rest of the state did
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:43:01 PM): how did they vote?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:43:07 PM): no I would have voted for Bush
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:43:13 PM): the first Bush
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:43:38 PM): I voted for the second one twice too, but I am regretting the second one
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:43:50 PM): my mom too.
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:44:04 PM): but i think it was better than the other guy, he was scary looking.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:44:16 PM): Collen Powell is who this country needs as president, and he is not running
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:44:35 PM): lol, yeah my brother said the same thing.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:44:44 PM): I know I am not the only one
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:44:52 PM): everyone I talk to about that aggrees
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:45:21 PM): it does not seem to matter wether they are demecrat or republican
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:45:21 PM): i guess i am glad i dont get to vote this time then
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:45:55 PM): I want to start an email campaign to try and convince Powell to run in 2012
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:46:09 PM): hey, i can vote then
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:46:13 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:46:45 PM): if this nation would ever elect its first black president it should be powell
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:47:00 PM): he is a real leader
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:47:06 PM): yeah, idk what color people are, i only care if theyaren't stupid.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:47:07 PM): Not obama
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:47:22 PM): yes I agree
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:47:55 PM): baby what do you think your daughter will say when you tell her about me?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:47:55 PM): unfortunatley there are alot of people out there that want to vote for Obama just because he is black
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:48:07 PM): i think she will be happy
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:48:19 PM): she know I am lonely alot
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:48:26 PM): yeah?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:48:34 PM): and she will be happy I finnaly have found someone
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:48:47 PM): and she will be excited to meet you
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:48:58 PM): i will be nervous to meet her.
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:49:22 PM): im glad i will have met you already though, i couldnt meet you both the same time.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:49:36 PM): yeah, that would be difficult
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:49:40 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:50:04 PM): I will have to drive out to see you in June
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:50:16 PM): cool, i will be out of school then.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:50:20 PM): yup
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:50:29 PM): what do you want to do?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:50:36 PM): it doesnt matter
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:50:48 PM): take a walk and visit in a park or something
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:50:54 PM): id like that.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:51:13 PM): I know I will be getting a room when I am there for one night
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:51:20 PM): it would be along drive back
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:51:24 PM): a long
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:51:31 PM): yeah.
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:51:41 PM): cool then you dont have to rush early.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:51:47 PM): nope
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:51:59 PM): yay more time together.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:52:03 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:52:24 PM): and I am not expecting you to sleep with me that night
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:52:38 PM): that would be too soon
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:52:44 PM): thats up to you.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:53:02 PM): I think it probobly would be
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:53:18 PM): but we will have to see how our day together goes
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:53:24 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:53:50 PM): i think we will have lots of fun together.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:53:57 PM): do you know if patterson lake has fish in it
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:54:05 PM): ha ha, i have no idea
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:54:18 PM): ok, you dont go fishing then
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:54:33 PM): nope, i went when i was little. not since my dad and mom broke up
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:54:39 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:55:04 PM): I could bring my fishing rods and maybe we will do some fishing
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:55:15 PM): that would be fun if you could help me
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:55:20 PM): I have my lisence already
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:55:22 PM): and maybe if its nice we can go swimming.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:55:26 PM): and you dont need one yet
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:55:30 PM): yup
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:55:38 PM): do you like to swim lots?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:55:47 PM): I like to go as much as I can
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:55:52 PM): me too
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:55:59 PM): i am good at it.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:56:06 PM): I am self taught
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:56:24 PM): and I was on the swimming team in highschool
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:56:26 PM): i like when we go on vacation. the best part of it is swimming in different pools.
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:56:33 PM): what high school did you go to?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:56:39 PM): Fargo North
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:57:00 PM): our biggest competitor was Minot
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:57:09 PM): what was your best stroke?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:57:15 PM): Minot was number one we were number 2
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:57:23 PM): the breast stroke
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:57:28 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:57:35 PM): second best was freestyle
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:57:42 PM): thats the one i do best
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:58:02 PM): i cant get the butterfly for anything
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:58:07 PM): i look so dorky
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:58:11 PM): I competed in the 200 medely relay
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:58:19 PM): the 400 medley relay
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:58:30 PM): the 2000 freestyle relay
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:58:32 PM): 200
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:58:41 PM): the 400 freestyle relay
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:58:49 PM): the 200 freestyle
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:59:01 PM): and the 100 breast stroke
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:59:31 PM): in the freestyle relays I would usually pull anchor
breeisme93 (05/18/08 5:59:49 PM): does that mean last swimmer?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 5:59:53 PM): yes
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:00:14 PM): it was either achor or starter
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:00:20 PM): anchor
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:00:23 PM): so you were really good then
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:00:36 PM): best JV swimmer in the state at the time
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:00:41 PM): wow
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:00:47 PM): maybe we can race?
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:00:51 PM): lol
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:00:56 PM): I am not that fast anymore
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:01:03 PM): good, then i can win
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:01:08 PM): want to make it a contest ha ha ha
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:01:20 PM): whats the prize?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:01:23 PM): lol
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:01:24 PM): ha ha i made you smile
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:01:29 PM): idk, you decide.
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:01:40 PM): i love when you smile
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:02:01 PM): I just had a thought and now I lost it
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:02:10 PM): ha ha, quit laughing,
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:02:45 PM): did you remember your thought yet?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:02:51 PM): nope
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:03:07 PM): couldnt have been that important then
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:03:24 PM): ok so anyhow we were talking about a swimming contest
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:03:36 PM): I dont know what to pick for a prize
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:03:53 PM): hmm me either, but im gonna practice so i can win.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:03:55 PM): what would you want for your priz
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:03:58 PM): so make it a good one lol
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:04:33 PM): I would say a kiss, but I am pretty sure I am going to get that anyway(No, but you are going to get a big ol' welcome from the police. Will that do?)
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:04:43 PM): yep you are right there
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:05:20 PM): do you mind?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:05:27 PM): no I would like a kiss
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:05:31 PM): me too
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:05:46 PM): among other things
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:05:51 PM): like what?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:05:53 PM): but that will wait
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:06:00 PM): what?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:06:09 PM): well sex
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:06:19 PM): its been a while for me
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:06:27 PM): oh, yeah? never for me.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:06:38 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:06:47 PM): so yeah that can wait
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:06:54 PM): thats up to you
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:07:12 PM): i know i will love kissing you for sure.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:07:22 PM): yes that will be good
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:07:30 PM): yeah it will
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:07:50 PM): great, now I am getting excited
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:08:06 PM): really?
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:08:09 PM): you are making me smile
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:08:19 PM): i cant wait to see you either
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:08:31 PM): yes certain things are growing on me
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:08:53 PM): you are getting a big smile too? I know silly I can see you.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:09:01 PM): yes
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:09:24 PM): I have been to your myspace page too
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:09:29 PM): yeah?
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:09:32 PM): do you like it?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:09:33 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:09:36 PM): yes I do
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:09:39 PM): thanks
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:09:45 PM): I read everything (Thank you to those that volunteer for this. You are so important.)
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:09:48 PM): i might change my song on it.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:10:03 PM): I dont have speakers on my computer yet
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:10:11 PM): so I could not hear it
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:10:14 PM): so you like my sticks or stones love comment?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:10:19 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:10:20 PM): and lol
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:10:31 PM): yeah, i loved that part
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:10:35 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:10:47 PM): I read everything looked at your pics
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:10:54 PM): hey, maybe we can watch that movie together when you come here.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:10:58 PM): saw the picture of tori
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:11:05 PM): that would be good
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:11:39 PM): do you have a myspace?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:11:42 PM): if your mom is not working or with her bf, I should be able to hook up my dvd player in my hotel room
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:11:55 PM): yes but I never did anything with my page
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:12:04 PM): I was just checking it out
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:12:27 PM): can you hold on a min I want to go take a few more things out of my car
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:12:29 PM): so you read my blogs?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:12:37 PM): yes I read your blogs
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:12:44 PM): ha ha ok i can wait for you.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:12:49 PM): ty
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:18:12 PM): ok I am back
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:18:18 PM): yay
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:18:38 PM): do you have a cell phone
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:19:14 PM): no, i used to. My dad made me give it back.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:19:19 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:19:33 PM): I was hoping to be able to call you sometime
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:20:09 PM): i would love that. I have lots of calling cards from my grandma in wisconsin. I could call you.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:20:16 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:20:31 PM):is my cell number
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:20:46 PM): I need to charge my cell phone too
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:21:08 PM): cool, want to charge it for a bit, and i can call in like half hour?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:21:11 PM): I have one bar of power left
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:21:18 PM): sure
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:21:36 PM): cool baby!!! I can't wait to hear you.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:21:46 PM): I cant wait to hear you
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:22:07 PM): aww me too.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:22:24 PM): what does your new swim suit look like
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:23:29 PM): oh, its a bikini, it is white and pink
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:23:33 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:23:42 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:23:53 PM): my swim trunks are blue
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:24:02 PM): its pink and white with hawaiin flowers on it.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:24:07 PM): nice
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:24:27 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:24:33 PM): do you have any pics of you in it
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:24:52 PM): I wouldnt expect you to considering you just got it
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:24:54 PM): no i just got it
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:24:57 PM): lol
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:25:16 PM): plus, idk if i told you, but i broke my camera.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:25:26 PM): no you didnt
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:25:38 PM): yep, it died a sad death.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:25:48 PM): thats too bad
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:25:56 PM): I just use 35 mm yet
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:26:06 PM): disposable cameras
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:26:11 PM): I had it at school, and i was trying to take a picture of my friends, and i tripped and i dropped it.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:26:21 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:26:28 PM): was it a digital?
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:26:51 PM): yep
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:27:09 PM): ouch those are expensive
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:27:43 PM): so i wont get to see any new pictures of you
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:27:45 PM): yeah, tell me about it. so now my moms bf wont even let me borrow his. he says im too clumsy and careless.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:27:56 PM): :(
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:28:19 PM): i dont like him he makes me feel dumb
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:28:29 PM): I wouldnt like him either
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:28:44 PM): he thinks he is so cool. he is a jerk
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:28:54 PM): so what would you like to do when I drive out there
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:29:12 PM): whatever you want. i am gonna be so happy to see you.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:29:20 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:30:18 PM): I find it kinda odd that you are a virgin still but you are willing to sleep with me if I want to
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:31:15 PM): you are my boyfriend, its not like you are some random guy.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:31:26 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:31:34 PM): what are you trying to say about me?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:31:48 PM): I was just saying it was odd is all
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:32:07 PM): but like I said befor we will see how things go when we meet
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:32:21 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:33:09 PM): if nothing else we can cuddle up and watch movies together
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:33:29 PM): and what aobut you. the same could be said for you too.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:33:40 PM): hopefully the weather is nice
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:33:50 PM): what do you mean?
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:34:34 PM): well, you say i am quick to say i would sleep with you, but what about you? Are you saying something mean about me?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:34:46 PM): no not at all
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:35:00 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:35:37 PM): I do want to get to know you more befor we do sleep together
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:36:07 PM): and we will have time befor I drive out there, and we will have that day when I am there too
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:36:33 PM): i didnt say we had to, i said i didnt say anything about it, i just said i wanted to do whatever you did. you took it to that.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:36:48 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:37:00 PM): I am sorry if I offended you, I didnt mean to
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:37:54 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:38:03 PM): the walk, fishing, and swimming does sound good though
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:38:16 PM): and I will take you our for dinner too
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:38:19 PM): out
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:38:25 PM): god I can type tonight
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:38:28 PM): lol
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:38:41 PM): lol
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:38:51 PM): :-*
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:40:07 PM): let me check my cell phones charge
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:40:34 PM): this is going to take a while
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:40:41 PM): its still on one bar
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:40:45 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:41:25 PM): tell you what I need to get going back over to my parents, do you think you could call me about 7:30
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:41:37 PM): nope im going to my friends house
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:41:42 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:42:00 PM): what time do you think you could call
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:42:11 PM): i can call real quick just to say hi and then maybe call later.
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:42:26 PM): ok I can talk while it is still charged
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:42:30 PM): charging
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:43:22 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:45:31 PM): how long till school is out for you?
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:45:40 PM): 2 weeks
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:45:44 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:46:08 PM): let me look at a calender
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:47:11 PM): how about June 7th
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:47:22 PM): what day is that?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:47:28 PM): its a saturday
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:47:32 PM): idk
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:47:41 PM): i will check and see if my mom works
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:47:46 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:47:50 PM): can you come during the week?
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:47:58 PM): no i work all week long
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:48:13 PM): I have my weekends off
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:48:29 PM): hmm ok well i will check
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:48:36 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:48:55 PM): were you looking for a calling card
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:49:35 PM): yeah, i have to go to the kitchen to call, my mom didnt charge the cordless
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:49:41 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:49:50 PM): I will wait for my phone to ring
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:51:15 PM): I am going to logg off now
breeisme93 (05/18/08 6:51:24 PM): ok im calling
chaznd74 (05/18/08 6:51:26 PM): ok

chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:08:40 PM): Hey baby
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:08:46 PM): hi baby
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:08:50 PM): how was work?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:08:57 PM): it was busy
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:09:12 PM): oh. im glad you are home.
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:09:15 PM): Are you tired?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:09:43 PM): a little bit, just kinda sitting here relaxing befor making supper
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:09:55 PM): what are you gonna make?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:10:07 PM): chicken and french fries
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:10:11 PM): yummy
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:10:36 PM): how was school today
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:10:49 PM): its was good
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:10:53 PM): thats good
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:11:18 PM): I made a decision about us haveing sex
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:11:48 PM): I am going to do my best to keep it in my pants for the next 2 years 10 months and 22 days
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:11:55 PM): ha ha ha ha
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:12:08 PM): you are keeping sex in there?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:12:34 PM): going to keep my penis away from you in there
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:12:43 PM): so I dont get in trouble
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:12:47 PM): oh. ok
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:12:57 PM): lol i didnt know what you meant
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:12:58 PM): ha ha
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:13:11 PM): plus we would not want you getting pregnant while you are still in highschool
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:13:26 PM): that could suck.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:13:41 PM): yes it would
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:13:46 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:13:59 PM): so I think that is a good plan
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:14:12 PM): ok, whatever you want. I already told you that.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:14:20 PM): yeah I know
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:14:39 PM): I know you understand my reasons too
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:14:41 PM): are you gonna kiss me like you said?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:14:46 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:14:48 PM): or does that have to wait too?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:14:55 PM): nothing illeagal about that
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:14:57 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:15:48 PM): I would not be able to go 3 years without kissing you
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:15:59 PM): me either. that would be too hard.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:16:31 PM): yes it would
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:16:46 PM): we can still sleep together when we camp
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:16:58 PM): we just will keep our clothes on
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:17:18 PM): Yeah okay.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:17:35 PM): holding you close to me will be enough
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:18:03 PM): aww baby, that will be very nice.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:18:25 PM): yes it will
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:18:41 PM): lol, its kinda like the sleepovers with my friends.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:18:47 PM): yeah kinda
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:19:04 PM): ha ha
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:19:38 PM): and then I deffinately plan on being in dickinson on the weekend of or right after your 18th birthday
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:19:52 PM): ha ha, ok
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:20:20 PM): so , are we just like friends until then?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:20:29 PM): no we are still bf and gf
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:20:34 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:21:05 PM): I like you bree
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:21:10 PM): we have alot in common
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:21:12 PM): i like you too chaz
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:21:34 PM): yeah, we do
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:21:43 PM): and you are very mature
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:21:51 PM): thanks, i try to be
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:21:59 PM): sometimes i still act like a brat though
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:22:09 PM): hold on a min. I need to turn on my oven and fryer
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:22:14 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:22:47 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:22:53 PM): they are heating up
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:23:02 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:23:11 PM): so how was your movie last night
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:23:28 PM): good, then i watched fat albert after taht.
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:23:36 PM): I love the song from there.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:23:37 PM): that one I want to see
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:23:45 PM): omg, it has the best song
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:24:00 PM): I used to watch the cartoon Fat Albert and the Cosby kids
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:24:05 PM): cool.
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:24:14 PM): have you ever heard the song dancin in the moonlight?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:24:28 PM): I might have
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:24:56 PM): its such a cool song. I guess its old but I love it.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:25:16 PM): there are alot of old songs that are realy good
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:25:37 PM): Love of a Lifetime by firehouse
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:25:55 PM): that came out befor you were born though
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:26:11 PM): that was from like 92
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:26:16 PM): oh. i will have to check it out sometime
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:26:30 PM): I have it on a disc
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:26:40 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:27:20 PM): there is no cd player in my car, but I can bring my daughters when we go camping and bring some cds of mine
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:27:40 PM): That will be cool
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:27:45 PM): its a sponge bob cd player
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:27:51 PM): Ha ha
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:27:57 PM): she still likes sponge bob
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:28:10 PM): hes cool
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:28:23 PM): I will admit I liked the movie
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:28:30 PM): so, when we go camping, can we sit under the stars?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:28:39 PM): the ending was hillarious
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:28:47 PM): yes we can if they are out
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:28:57 PM): can we kiss under the stars?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:29:03 PM): might be clouds you never know
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:29:09 PM): yes we can
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:29:17 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:30:06 PM): we can have some nice deep kisses under the stars
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:30:17 PM): ooohhh chaz i would love that.
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:30:48 PM): are you busy?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:30:50 PM): I would too
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:31:13 PM): no I just went to pull out a cookie sheet for my chicken
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:31:22 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:31:57 PM): we had burgers last night for supper
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:32:02 PM): i wondered cuz you got quiet when i said id like to kiss you under the stars.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:32:15 PM): thats all that happened
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:32:19 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:32:24 PM): burgers are ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:32:30 PM): next time I leave my computer I will let you know
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:32:43 PM): no, no prob. you dont have to do that
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:32:48 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:32:59 PM): I missed you today
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:33:06 PM): i missed you so much
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:33:23 PM): I wanted to go home and back to my computer
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:33:36 PM): even though I knew you were at school
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:33:48 PM): aww chaz, that is so sweet baby
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:34:16 PM): my parents are happy thier garden is all planted
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:34:22 PM): i bet
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:34:37 PM): my mom started planting her flower beds
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:34:54 PM): she has to add some soil to the one in front of thier house
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:34:58 PM): what is she planting?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:35:03 PM): befor she plants that one
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:35:23 PM): I can remember all the differant kinds of flowers
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:35:44 PM): but its a mix of purple, orange and yellow
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:36:13 PM): I know she is planting deep purple morning glories in the front
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:36:24 PM): i love those. I love purple
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:36:39 PM): I like that color too
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:36:49 PM): although blue is my favorite
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:36:59 PM): i guess you could tell on my myspace. I love blue too!
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:37:21 PM): it would be easy to pick the colors if we end up getting married
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:37:39 PM): yeah, it would
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:38:04 PM): I did tell one guy at work about you
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:38:14 PM): really?
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:38:18 PM): what did he say?
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:38:23 PM): what did you say?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:38:24 PM): and I told him how old you are too
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:38:41 PM): that I met a great girl who I have alot in common with
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:39:03 PM): I told him how old you are and he was like whoa
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:39:12 PM): chaz, im not a baby
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:39:18 PM): yes I know
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:39:29 PM): so whats the big deal then
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:39:34 PM): this is so dumb
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:39:40 PM): I am sorry
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:39:45 PM): for what?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:39:55 PM): I thought I got you mad at me
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:40:09 PM): no, im mad that people think my age is such a big deal
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:40:16 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:40:52 PM): you are my boyfriend. i dont care about anything else. You are so nice, and hot and sweet and smart. What else could matter.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:41:00 PM): true
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:41:30 PM): only the law, and we are going to stay leagal
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:41:41 PM): there is nothing wrong with us dating
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:41:49 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:42:45 PM): I like you alot too, you are very nice, your hot, mature, you like to follow politics too
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:43:13 PM): and as far as I could tell from our political conversation you are a conservative too
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:43:45 PM): I think I am for the most part. My mom and brother are. My dad isn't.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:44:17 PM): brb need to start my supper up the oven and fryer are heated up now
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:44:22 PM): kk
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:46:10 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:46:15 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:46:20 PM): do you like sausages
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:46:21 PM): i gotta learn to cook more
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:46:30 PM): can i help with cooking when we camp
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:46:37 PM): you could learn alot from me
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:46:43 PM): sure you can help
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:46:47 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:46:58 PM): what kind of sausages
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:47:07 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria has started helping me cool
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:47:16 PM): well any type
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:47:25 PM): i dont like italian sausage
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:47:40 PM): niether do I
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:47:53 PM): I make all my own sausages
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:47:59 PM): really?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:48:12 PM): yes
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:48:19 PM): been doing it for 10 years now
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:48:36 PM): wow
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:48:38 PM): realy gotten into it in the last 4 years
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:48:56 PM): thats neat
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:49:12 PM): hold on fries are done
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:49:22 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:49:38 PM): I just lift them up still the chicken is doen
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:49:41 PM): done
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:49:54 PM): oh, ok. what do you like cooking the best?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:50:13 PM): I like grilling steaks
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:50:24 PM): ooh, i love that
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:50:37 PM): I also like making differnt salads
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:50:56 PM): potatoe salad, and a seafood pasta salad
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:51:01 PM): yuk
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:51:20 PM): which one
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:51:27 PM): both
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:51:29 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:51:34 PM): i dont like mayonaise
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:51:39 PM): ah I see
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:51:48 PM): want to know some of my favorites?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:51:57 PM): yes of course
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:52:09 PM): ok, i love the smell of grilling steaks, and its one of my favs
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:52:14 PM): chicken is my most fav
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:52:37 PM): I love hot stuff
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:52:48 PM): i like some sweet stuff but not a lot
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:52:59 PM): my favorite ice cream is orange sherbert
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:53:02 PM): or caramel stuff
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:53:07 PM): I enjoy making smoked meats
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:53:32 PM): and my favorite popsical is grape
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:53:43 PM): unless its big sticks, then i love raspberry
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:53:50 PM): i love cereal and i dont like eggs
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:54:05 PM): i love lots of fruits and veggies
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:54:10 PM): we have some different tastes
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:54:19 PM): do you like squash
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:54:23 PM): yep
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:54:27 PM): good
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:54:38 PM): and lots of others
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:54:45 PM): just not radishes, sorry
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:55:06 PM): thats ok I will eat all the radishes
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:55:13 PM): chicken is done
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:55:21 PM): ok, guess i should let you go
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:55:35 PM): yeah I need to eat I will be back
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:55:54 PM): k, i may go eat soon too. So if Im gone leave me an im ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:55:57 PM): I have to talk to you as much as I can
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:56:03 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:56:10 PM): yeah, i know the feeling. i hate saying goodbye on here
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:56:24 PM): talk to you later though baby
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:56:28 PM): k baby
chaznd74 (05/19/08 7:56:41 PM): bye for now
breeisme93 (05/19/08 7:56:49 PM): bye baby
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:11:33 PM): hey hun, I am back
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:11:43 PM): k baby. how was dinner?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:11:52 PM): it was good
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:12:04 PM): kinda still hungry though
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:12:10 PM): me too
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:12:27 PM): I want to save the last of the chicken patties for this weekend with Child's name removed by La Victoria
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:12:41 PM): does she like them a lot?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:12:54 PM): she loves chicken
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:12:58 PM): so do I
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:13:06 PM): like every kind almost
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:13:15 PM): lol you read my blogs right?
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:13:22 PM): you know what a pig i am then
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:13:32 PM): yes I read the hungry one
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:14:06 PM): what did you have for supper
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:14:13 PM): it was weird that day. I dont eat that much normally.
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:14:31 PM): i havent eaten yet
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:14:42 PM): should have seen me when I was on this one cough syrup in collage
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:15:14 PM): I am allergic to codine so they cant give me anything with codine in it
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:15:52 PM): I got this cough syrup that had the opposite effect of codine
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:16:06 PM): I made me hyper and increased my metabolism
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:16:23 PM): what did that do
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:16:40 PM): I was eating constantly for 2 days
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:17:00 PM): dang
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:17:18 PM): the first night after I started taking it I started to get hungry
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:17:26 PM): we went to the frying pan
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:17:31 PM): my friends and i
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:17:45 PM): I had 3 breakfast meals and was still hungry
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:18:10 PM): went back to the dorm ate a bag of popcorn and half a bag of chips
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:18:51 PM): in the morning I ate 2 bowls of cerial befor my shower
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:19:00 PM): another 3 befor I left for class
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:19:21 PM): I would have thrown up
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:19:55 PM): was a little early for class so I went to the vending machines and got a snickers bar, a bag of M&Ms, and a pepsi
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:20:29 PM): after class went back to the dorm room ate another bag of popcorn and the rest of my chips
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:20:40 PM): then it was lunch time
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:20:52 PM): i would have been so sick
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:20:59 PM): I was still hungry
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:21:01 PM): i can't imagine having all that food
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:21:13 PM): would you belive I lost wieght too
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:21:24 PM): omg serious?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:21:32 PM): in 2 days of constant eating I lost 5 pounds
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:21:46 PM): dang, i work out so when i pig out i dont gain
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:21:54 PM): my metabolism was through the roof
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:22:07 PM): do you work out now?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:22:17 PM): I have a naturally high metabolism
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:22:28 PM): going to start
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:22:53 PM): I have a friend who needs to loose wieght and I am going to help him
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:23:03 PM): thats nice of you
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:23:12 PM): yup
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:23:19 PM): brb, i want a orange
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:23:24 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:24:20 PM): apples are my favorite fruit
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:24:54 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:24:56 PM): back
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:25:02 PM): i love apples too
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:25:04 PM): welcome back
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:25:08 PM): green ones
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:25:11 PM): thanks baby
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:25:13 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:25:22 PM): granny smiths
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:25:36 PM): idk the kinda yellow ones
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:25:48 PM): golden delicious?
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:25:55 PM): yeah, those ones
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:26:14 PM): I preferr the tartness of the granny smiths
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:26:37 PM): i like those too, but sometimes they are so sour, omg
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:26:59 PM): yeah I know what you mean, but thats one of the things I like about them
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:27:23 PM): its ok that we like different foods
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:27:41 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:28:25 PM): we arent gonna like the same things all the time.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:28:32 PM): no we arent
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:28:56 PM): its what being individuals is about
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:29:02 PM): yep
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:30:03 PM): but we agree on alot of things
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:30:11 PM): oh, i may go to my friend beths this weekend
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:30:22 PM): if its nice we are going to go in her hot tub
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:30:28 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:30:32 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:30:51 PM): that would be nice
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:31:08 PM): yep i love hot tubs
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:31:13 PM): so do I
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:31:20 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:32:01 PM): I enjoy just sitting in them when I go to a hotel that has one
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:32:09 PM): its realxing
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:32:16 PM): relaxing
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:32:19 PM): yah it is
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:32:24 PM): I love being in them
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:32:42 PM): the only thing I dont like is my trunks filling up with air
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:32:51 PM): ha ha yeah,
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:33:11 PM): have to squeeze the air out and it makes that big bubble
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:33:20 PM): kinda looks like I farted
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:33:22 PM): lol
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:33:25 PM): yep ha ha
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:34:04 PM): i like them except i can fall asleep in them
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:34:10 PM): I cant wait to come visit you
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:34:15 PM): me too baby
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:34:18 PM): I have never done that
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:34:38 PM): lol, i can.
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:34:52 PM): i get relaxed and fall asleep
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:35:26 PM): I could keep you awake
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:35:30 PM): ya?
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:35:46 PM): ;;)
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:36:12 PM): how, by making the bubbles from your shorts?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:36:25 PM): I'll kiss you everytime you start to nod off
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:36:32 PM): oh, i would like that
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:36:39 PM): that would be so romantic
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:36:51 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:37:22 PM): baby i cant wait
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:37:31 PM): niether can I
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:37:43 PM): so, can i ask you something?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:37:59 PM): of course ask me anything
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:38:06 PM): you read all my blogs?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:38:18 PM): not all of them
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:38:40 PM): read a number of them
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:38:49 PM): oh. ok. i just wanted to know if you did, becasuse I talked about other people in some
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:39:11 PM): yes I know
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:39:25 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:39:55 PM): you talk about your friends in them
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:39:58 PM): and your family
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:40:13 PM): and that guy you liked
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:40:26 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:40:35 PM): i don't like him anymore.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:40:40 PM): I know
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:40:52 PM): lol, but he asked me out last week
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:41:02 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:41:14 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:41:57 PM): you like me now
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:42:16 PM): yeah i do
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:42:32 PM): so, did you read about my brother's friend too?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:42:48 PM): yes you kissed his friend chris
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:42:58 PM): back in april
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:43:03 PM): yeah, ok, just wanted to make sure you knew everything up front
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:43:18 PM): I am not worried
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:43:32 PM): you are with me now
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:43:37 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:43:37 PM): I trust you
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:46:37 PM): sorry kinda watching tv
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:46:26 PM): welcome back
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:46:38 PM): ty got booted
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:46:45 PM): it happens
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:47:03 PM): yep. well im gonna go find something to eat
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:47:09 PM): ok dear
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:47:40 PM): call me later if you can
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:47:57 PM): ok baby i will. if not will you be on later?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:48:21 PM): I will come back on in another hour or so
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:48:32 PM): ok have fun watching tv
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:48:37 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:48:40 PM): bye
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:48:45 PM): bye
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:48:49 PM): :-*
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:49:00 PM): :-*
breeisme93 (05/19/08 8:49:04 PM): :x
chaznd74 (05/19/08 8:49:15 PM): >:D<
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:14:54 PM): Hey baby, I am back now
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:15:11 PM): hey baby i just signed on too
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:15:20 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:15:29 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:15:30 PM): how was supper
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:18:13 PM): what did you eat?
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:18:23 PM): I had cereal
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:18:31 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:18:48 PM): the comedies I usually watch were boring
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:19:03 PM): so I was watching a documentary on FDR
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:19:12 PM): really?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:19:25 PM): yup
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:19:29 PM): he was in a wheel chair.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:19:36 PM): yes he was
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:19:48 PM): not many people at the time knew it
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:19:58 PM): yeah thats what my tteacher said
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:20:17 PM): they hid it well
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:20:58 PM): Yes, they did.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:21:40 PM): and the supreme court was against many of his reforms
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:22:07 PM): the country needed it at the time
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:22:15 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:23:33 PM): I did read on your blog that you are having problems with algebra
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:23:56 PM): yeah, i am. I hate it. But a few more days and im done.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:24:14 PM): yeah that will be good for you
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:24:29 PM): I never had troubles in algebra
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:24:40 PM): because you are smart
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:25:00 PM): my head is good with math
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:26:01 PM): you are lucky
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:26:48 PM): yeah, I was the first person to finish my finals in algebra one and two
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:27:34 PM): ugh, i wish i was like that.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:27:58 PM): its ok, not everyone has the head for the more complex maths
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:29:15 PM): i dont. i just need enough to get in a good school
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:29:20 PM): my brother in-law is one that realy does
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:29:26 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:29:54 PM): really, hes smart?
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:30:05 PM): how many brothers and sisters do you have?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:30:17 PM): one sister and one brother
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:30:55 PM): my brother in-law could not take anymore math courses after his freshman or sophmoore year in highschool
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:31:18 PM): why
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:31:33 PM): he had finished collage calculous
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:31:45 PM): omg
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:31:49 PM): im so dumb at it
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:33:25 PM): so what you up to now
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:33:41 PM): nothing, trying to decide what color to paint my nails.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:33:51 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:34:03 PM): how many choices do you have
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:34:18 PM): 4
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:34:29 PM): pink, blue, purple and white
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:34:49 PM): alternate between purple and blue
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:35:13 PM): thats sounds good.
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:35:20 PM): im gonna redo them friday anyhow
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:35:45 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:37:25 PM): if i go to my friends hot tub, i want to do my nails to match my bikini.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:37:49 PM): I keep looking at camping gear, even though I have pretty much all I need
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:38:13 PM): thinking about getting some pie irons
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:38:23 PM): what are those
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:39:06 PM): have you seen those electric sandwich makers
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:39:12 PM): for making grilled cheese
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:39:24 PM): no
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:40:27 PM): ok, well for the pie irons, you can put a couple of pieces of bread in them with your choice of filling and cook it over the fire
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:40:54 PM): oh
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:41:31 PM): you could use a fruit filling or cheese, even make pizza pockets with them
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:41:41 PM): oh, i like pizza
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:42:20 PM): yeah pizza is good
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:43:22 PM): I wish i could find the recipe for a good pepperoni
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:43:33 PM): that would be cool
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:44:07 PM): do i hve to wear shoes there?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:44:09 PM): yeah i had one in a spice mix once
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:44:32 PM): sandles should be enough
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:44:57 PM): are we gonna go hiking?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:45:12 PM): we could take a walk
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:45:18 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:45:32 PM): so then i need my nikes too
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:46:06 PM): i will just have sandles if the weather is nice
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:46:37 PM): i hate wearing shoes, i love being barefoot.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:47:08 PM): so do i
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:48:39 PM): really?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:48:57 PM): I took my socks off already
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:49:08 PM): i havent had shoes on since i got home
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:50:15 PM): yeah i dont like wearing shoes because i cant find ones that fit well
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:50:31 PM): how come?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:50:52 PM): wide thick feet
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:51:16 PM): oh
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:51:41 PM): I have an 8 1/2 eee shoe size
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:51:55 PM): idk what that is
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:52:19 PM): normal feet are d in width
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:53:21 PM): after that is e for width then ee, eee, eeee etc.
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:53:41 PM): oh. ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:54:17 PM): so my feet are pretty wide
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:54:23 PM): yeah.
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:54:27 PM): mine are regular
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:54:32 PM): thats good
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:54:39 PM): easier to find shoes
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:54:44 PM): yep
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:54:56 PM): my dads are wider than mine
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:55:08 PM): he has 8 1/2 eeee
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:55:12 PM): wow
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:55:33 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:55:52 PM): I am the only one that got his wide feet
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:56:18 PM): oh, lol
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:56:50 PM): my brother has normal feet
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:56:55 PM): and so does my sister
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:57:07 PM): but they both got his thinner hair
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:57:15 PM): I got the thicker hair
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:58:10 PM): my work boots are the worst for finding
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:58:17 PM): they have to be steel toe
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:58:32 PM): and that pinches if it is too tight
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:58:32 PM): i think you are just fine
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:58:38 PM): ty
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:59:02 PM): I think you are just fine too
breeisme93 (05/19/08 10:59:25 PM): thanks
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:59:38 PM): I have been thinking about shaving the gotee off
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:59:48 PM): but not certain yet
chaznd74 (05/19/08 10:59:59 PM): I have had it for over 6 years
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:00:06 PM): do i get a vote?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:00:09 PM): yes
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:00:12 PM): of course
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:00:25 PM): keep it.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:00:28 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:00:45 PM): I do have braces on my teeth
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:00:52 PM): but am getting them off soon
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:01:22 PM): thats good. you are gonna have a nice smile.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:01:41 PM): yes finnaly getting my bottom teeth straightened out
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:01:52 PM): they were a mess
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:02:24 PM): another couple months I think
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:02:32 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:02:45 PM): I am looking forward to getting them off
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:03:02 PM): tired of getting food stuck in them all the time
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:03:10 PM): breads are the worst
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:03:35 PM): really?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:03:39 PM): did you have braces
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:03:47 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:03:52 PM): no i didnt
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:03:57 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:04:20 PM): thats good, they hurt when you get them on and get adjustments
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:05:21 PM): ouch
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:05:39 PM): yes, soft foods for a few days after every visit
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:05:59 PM): and i mean realy soft foods
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:06:08 PM): burgers are too tough
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:06:31 PM): i dont eat hamburgers a lot
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:06:36 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:06:47 PM): do you like fish?
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:07:06 PM): some of it
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:07:12 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:07:18 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria loves it
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:07:27 PM): i mostly eat chicken.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:07:30 PM): and I do too
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:07:37 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:08:09 PM): I will bring some of my homemade hot dogs camping
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:08:39 PM): they kinda taste like a wrangler hot dog
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:09:28 PM): I had to substitute some spices, but have found them since then, so next year they will be better
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:09:41 PM): i like hotdogs
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:09:55 PM): do you like brauts
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:10:20 PM): yeah, in wisconsin you have to like them
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:10:28 PM): I make my own
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:10:59 PM): I am going to have to get 10 pounds of ground pork and make some more
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:11:11 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:11:41 PM): I made 10 pounds in march and that is almost gone
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:12:23 PM): it would be nice to cook some of those over the fire while camping
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:13:07 PM): still painting your nails?
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:13:52 PM): lol, was painting my toes.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:13:59 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:14:39 PM): i want to put a hot dog on a stick and stick it in the fire.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:14:46 PM): I should get going to bed though
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:14:51 PM): yes we will do that
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:14:56 PM): already?
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:15:10 PM): I'll bring some cheese hotdogs those are Child's name removed by La Victorias favorites
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:15:11 PM): i guess it is later there
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:15:20 PM): yes I have to get up at 5
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:15:28 PM): and its 10:16
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:15:33 PM): yeah, i know.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:15:48 PM): yeah you are 1 hour behind me
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:16:00 PM): yeah, i know
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:16:22 PM): kinda wierd considering we are in the same state
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:16:37 PM): ya i know. i didnt believe my mom when she first told me.
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:16:42 PM): must be wierder for people in bismark and mandan
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:17:03 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:17:04 PM): only the river seperating them
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:17:11 PM): and they are one hour apart
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:17:20 PM): could kinda be cool
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:17:25 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:17:44 PM): if you lived in one and worked in the other
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:17:55 PM): you could be late and not be late
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:17:59 PM): true
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:18:14 PM): but anyway baby, I do need to get going
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:18:21 PM): I will talk to you tomarrow
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:18:22 PM): k baby
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:18:29 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:18:35 PM): good night
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:18:43 PM): night baby. i hope you sleep good
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:18:49 PM): yup you too
chaznd74 (05/19/08 11:19:00 PM): :-*
breeisme93 (05/19/08 11:19:06 PM): :-*

chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:35:25 PM): hello dear
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:35:46 PM): hi baby how was your day
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:35:53 PM): it was pretty good
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:36:27 PM): I got some work done on that handrail that has been giving me problems
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:36:42 PM): I got my parents handrail built most of the way
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:37:14 PM): and I started on another project that I will finish up tomarrow morning
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:37:32 PM): how was your day
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:37:53 PM): Wow, you were busy. My day was ok. I hurt my back though.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:38:01 PM): oh no
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:38:07 PM): Well its sore, we were dancing and I hurt it.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:38:13 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:38:18 PM): it really hurts
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:38:42 PM): have you taken anything for it
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:39:11 PM): no not yet
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:39:25 PM): im gonna put a hot pad
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:39:33 PM): you probobly just pulled a muscle
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:39:50 PM): that sounds like a good idea
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:40:18 PM): yeah and im rubbing it
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:40:41 PM): I would give you a massage if I was closer
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:40:49 PM): that would feel so good
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:41:13 PM): I have nice strong hands
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:41:30 PM): i bet you do. That would be nice baby
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:41:49 PM): just wanting to help you feel better
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:42:01 PM): you would
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:42:22 PM): did you just get home from school
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:42:40 PM): nope i came home and laid down to try and make this stop
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:42:54 PM): thats a good idea
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:43:05 PM): elevate your legs when you do
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:43:11 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:43:35 PM): i wish you were here to kiss me and make it feel better.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:43:44 PM): I pulled a back muscle once when I was in swimming
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:44:02 PM): during a practice start befor a meet
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:44:17 PM): I pulled up too quick
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:44:32 PM): oh
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:44:45 PM): yeah I had to sit out the meet
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:45:07 PM): laying on my back, with my legs on the bleachers
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:45:34 PM): that sucked
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:45:44 PM): yeah i bet
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:46:01 PM): but it worked, my back straightened out
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:46:09 PM): good
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:46:28 PM): how was the weather out there today
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:46:48 PM): nice, its sunny
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:46:56 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:47:05 PM): what about there?
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:47:08 PM): it was sunny here too, but we had a bit of wind
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:47:20 PM): got up to about 60
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:47:22 PM): we might get thunderstorms tomorrow my mom said
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:47:27 PM): its like in the 70s here
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:47:33 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:47:39 PM): real nice weather then
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:47:44 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:48:02 PM): I wont be on till later tomarrow then
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:48:11 PM): we should have that weather tomarrow
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:48:16 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:48:16 PM): and I am going to grill
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:48:44 PM): too much wind today to grill
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:48:52 PM): wow
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:49:10 PM): I just have a charcoal grill
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:49:20 PM): its hard to get started when it is windy
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:49:25 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:49:43 PM): do you and your mom grill
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:49:53 PM): no her boyfriend does
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:49:56 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:50:04 PM): what type of grill does he use
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:50:08 PM): idk
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:50:20 PM): you dont know if its gas or charcoal
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:50:28 PM): idk it has rock stuff in it
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:50:33 PM): gas
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:50:37 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:50:44 PM): i thought that was charcoal
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:50:47 PM): easier when its windy
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:50:59 PM): you have to add charcoal every time
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:51:24 PM): but with a gas grill sometimes you have lava rocks in it
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:51:32 PM): or other flavor rocks
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:51:32 PM): thats it
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:51:43 PM): no, thats what he said, lava rocks
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:51:54 PM): yup its a gas grill
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:51:57 PM): honest, i really didnt care, i just wanted to eat
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:51:58 PM): propane
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:52:10 PM): charcoal I think has better flavor
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:52:30 PM): gas is just mor convieniant
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:52:57 PM): my mom likes charcoal too
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:53:09 PM): my dad cant tell the differance
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:53:52 PM): does your moms bf live with you guys
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:53:59 PM): nope
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:54:03 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:54:13 PM): he is just over alot then
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:54:25 PM): no, we go there sometimes, and she goes there more.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:54:31 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:55:04 PM): I am so glad you were on yahoo the other night
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:55:08 PM): in room 2
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:55:19 PM): ya?
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:55:27 PM): i like when you say that stuff.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:55:43 PM): I am very happy to have met you
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:55:57 PM): me too. I like talking about things other than food though.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:56:03 PM): sorry
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:56:10 PM): its ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:56:49 PM): I like to think of you coming here sometime
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:57:29 PM): me too
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:57:34 PM): i think about you lots.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:57:53 PM): I think about you alot too
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:58:07 PM): it would be nice if you could spend a week here
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:58:24 PM): ya? i think so too.
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:58:37 PM): Would you want me to for a whole week?
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:58:42 PM): yes
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:58:57 PM): that would be hard to work out though i think
breeisme93 (05/20/08 6:59:18 PM): yeah, maybe a few days
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:59:38 PM): yeah, figureing what to tell your mom
chaznd74 (05/20/08 6:59:44 PM): about where you are going
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:00:18 PM): well i can wait till her and her bf go away, they are planning on going away for a few days next month
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:00:28 PM): but not a whole week, only like 4 days
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:00:51 PM): that would be more difficult for me, considering I work all week
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:01:24 PM): yeah, they are gonna leave on a wed and come back on sunday
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:01:52 PM): where are they going?
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:02:09 PM): he wants to take her to vegas
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:02:20 PM): oh wow
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:03:03 PM): if you could figure out a way here, after they leave, I could easily bring you back
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:03:16 PM): how would i figure a way lol
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:03:25 PM): I dont know
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:03:53 PM): cant you come get me?
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:04:02 PM): not in the middle of the week
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:04:48 PM): if I left right after work I would not get there till around 9 my time
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:04:53 PM): 8 your time
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:05:13 PM): so
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:05:13 PM): then if we left right away we would get back here around 1 am
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:05:22 PM): cant we do that?
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:05:25 PM): and I have to work at 7
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:05:31 PM): oh
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:05:58 PM): I would not get much sleep that night
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:06:41 PM): but if it is on a weekend I dont have my daughter I could come down on friday after work
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:06:50 PM): oh, well i cant go all that way by myself
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:07:12 PM): no, I am sure you dont drive yet
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:07:33 PM): nope
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:07:51 PM): do you know when they are going to leave?
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:08:18 PM): I could check the calender
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:08:49 PM): no, its either the 10th or 17th i think
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:08:56 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:09:15 PM): let me know when you find out
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:09:58 PM): why, you cant do it anyhow
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:10:12 PM): maybe we can have a weekend together
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:10:35 PM): if they arent going to be back till sunday
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:11:02 PM): that would give us friday night, sat, and then sunday till I have to leave or they get back
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:12:27 PM): yeah maybe
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:12:50 PM): doing homework too?
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:13:00 PM): no
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:13:13 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:13:38 PM): what are you thinking
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:13:42 PM): lots of stuff
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:13:58 PM): ok tell me about it if you want too
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:14:44 PM): i just think about if im ever really gonna be with you. I wish my back stopped hurting, and I wonder if you are gonna be really shy when you meet me.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:15:32 PM): well I am planning on going to see you on the first weekend in June
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:15:48 PM): I dont think I will be shy
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:16:12 PM): and your back will get better
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:16:26 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:16:53 PM): were you afraid I was not going to come see you
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:17:03 PM): kinda.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:17:22 PM): why?
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:17:43 PM): idk, just wondered
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:17:50 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:17:55 PM): well dont worry
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:18:01 PM): I am going to see you
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:18:13 PM): cuz like when i talk about kissing you you dont even say anything
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:18:28 PM): I want to kiss you
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:18:35 PM): are you sure?
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:18:37 PM): yes
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:18:56 PM): I realy want to
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:19:03 PM): promise?
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:19:05 PM): yes
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:19:11 PM): I promise
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:19:15 PM): if you dont please dont think you have to.
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:19:26 PM): i just want to know the truth so i don't look dumb
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:19:37 PM): that is one of the first things I want to do when I get there
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:20:34 PM): I will pick you up either at your house or somewhere else we can meet
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:20:50 PM): and as soon as you get in the car I want to kiss you
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:21:27 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:21:57 PM): is your brother moving back home for the summer
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:22:21 PM): no he will probably stay with my dad, he is dating a couple girls there
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:22:32 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:22:40 PM): where is that then
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:22:51 PM): wisconsin
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:22:57 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:23:49 PM): do I get a nice big kiss when I get there
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:24:02 PM): yes, for sure, lots of them
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:24:09 PM): good
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:24:36 PM): i think about kissing you lots.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:24:40 PM): I am looking forward to them
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:24:51 PM): I think about kissing you too
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:25:01 PM): really? i didnt think you did.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:25:06 PM): yes I do
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:25:28 PM): im glad, i honestly didnt think you did.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:25:45 PM): you should not have that low of self esteem
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:26:06 PM): you should talk about more than grilling so i know you want to.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:26:28 PM): I am sorry if I talk about food too much
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:26:49 PM): its not that, its cool, but you never say much about us.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:27:30 PM): I was thinking about getting you more into the music I listen to today
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:27:45 PM): I think you would realy like some of the bands
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:27:49 PM): like who
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:27:56 PM): Journey for one
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:28:03 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:28:15 PM): they have some realy great music
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:28:23 PM): good love songs
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:28:28 PM): do you dance?
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:28:37 PM): I can slow dance
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:28:49 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:29:17 PM): when I was in school I was more into the metal music of the time
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:29:21 PM): oh
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:29:34 PM): so I was into head banging
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:30:21 PM): I had long hair after I left ROTC
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:30:29 PM): kk
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:31:05 PM): but I always liked the slower stuff too
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:31:17 PM): Roxette is another good singer
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:31:27 PM): never heard of them
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:31:44 PM): its just one person
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:31:56 PM): She went by the name Roxette
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:32:08 PM): her big hit was Listen to your Heart
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:32:28 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:33:00 PM): I have been thinking about us and love songs from my time
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:33:29 PM): serious? Chaz I honestly didnt think you thought that much about us.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:33:36 PM): yes
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:33:42 PM): I do
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:34:19 PM): if i did not have my daughter this weekend I would be driving down there on friday night
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:34:27 PM): ya?
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:34:37 PM): Bree I can wait to meet you
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:34:39 PM): cant
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:34:53 PM): I can't wait to meet you either.
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:35:03 PM): I thought I was the only one, I was feeling stupid.
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:35:16 PM): dont feel stupid
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:35:50 PM): does your computer have speakers?
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:36:02 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:36:14 PM): google Journey
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:36:27 PM): listen to some of the songs I think about when I think of us
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:37:07 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:37:17 PM): or Pat Benatar
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:38:04 PM): who is he
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:38:15 PM): she
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:38:41 PM): she is another singer from the late 80s and early 90s
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:38:57 PM): i need to listen to my moms music more
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:39:39 PM): ok try Pat Benatar "Shadow of the Night"
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:39:44 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:39:49 PM): Shadows
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:40:35 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:40:50 PM): one of my favorite songs of hers
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:42:47 PM): Invincible is another realy good song of hers
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:43:02 PM): ok i will have to find those
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:43:23 PM): trying to think of the names of some Journey songs
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:43:42 PM): I can hear them in my head, the music anyway
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:43:52 PM): baby, I have to go. My mom wants to drag me to her boyfriends for a while
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:43:58 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:44:07 PM): I will talk to you later then
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:44:17 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:44:21 PM): Take care
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:44:24 PM): Kisses
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:44:24 PM): u 2
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:44:29 PM): kisses back
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:44:33 PM): :-*
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:44:49 PM): :x
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:45:01 PM): :-*>:D<:-*
chaznd74 (05/20/08 7:45:40 PM): I will deffinately bring my cds with
breeisme93 (05/20/08 7:46:09 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/20/08 10:34:20 PM): I am going to bed early baby, talk to you tomarrow

breeisme93 (05/21/08 12:14:26 AM): I'm sorry I missed you baby. I will talk to you tomorrow.

chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:42:15 PM): hey baby
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:42:40 PM): how was your day
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:42:54 PM): hey baby my day was good how was yours?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:43:07 PM): it was good
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:43:14 PM): I just finished eating
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:43:14 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:43:19 PM): what did you eat
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:43:26 PM): steaks
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:43:30 PM): yummy
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:43:42 PM): what about you
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:43:52 PM): i havent eaten yet
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:44:05 PM): ok, do you know what you are going to have
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:44:20 PM): maybe cereal unless i can find something else
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:44:37 PM): ok, your mom must be working then
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:44:51 PM): yeah, and she hasnt gone to the store lately
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:44:58 PM): thats too bad
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:45:10 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:45:18 PM): I need to do that befor this weekend
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:45:27 PM): ya
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:45:43 PM): yeah I need to get a few things
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:45:52 PM): milk, sugar, buns
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:46:03 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:46:37 PM): so school went well today
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:46:52 PM): are you getting ready for finals?
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:47:09 PM): im taking some already
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:47:18 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:47:29 PM): how are they going
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:47:43 PM): fine, i should finish the year with a 3.5
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:47:51 PM): thats good
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:48:11 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:48:49 PM): what finals have you taken already
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:49:00 PM): geo and algebra
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:49:21 PM): how did the algebra final go
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:49:53 PM): it wasnt as bad as i thought
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:50:02 PM): thats good
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:51:04 PM): I am almost finished with my parents railing
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:51:30 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:51:31 PM): I had a dream about you last night
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:51:40 PM): really? what did you dream?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:51:52 PM): about our camping trip
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:52:06 PM): cool and what?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:52:24 PM): laying in bed with you, curling up behind you
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:52:36 PM): oh, that sounds nice
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:53:02 PM): yeah it was nice in my dream
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:53:27 PM): Yeah, thats so sweet, and cool.
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:53:46 PM): I am looking forward to it
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:53:58 PM): me too
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:54:24 PM): I cant wait to kiss you under the stars
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:54:27 PM): and I was thinking about you when I was grilling
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:55:14 PM): thought about how it would be nice to pull down my loveseat camp chair and have you sitting next to me
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:55:26 PM): yeah? that would be so nice
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:56:00 PM): just sitting there listening to music, waiting on the food, kissing
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:56:42 PM): how was last night with your moms bf
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:56:54 PM): it sucked.
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:57:12 PM): nothing for you to do over there?
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:57:57 PM): no, and i missed you
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:58:04 PM): I missed you too
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:58:30 PM): I just sat there, watching them and thought ugh, I miss chaz.
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:59:00 PM): I wonder why she takes you with
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:59:29 PM): idk
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:59:45 PM): one bad thing happened today
breeisme93 (05/21/08 7:59:52 PM): what
chaznd74 (05/21/08 7:59:57 PM): I hit my thumb with a hammer
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:00:15 PM): Ouch. I wish I could kiss it and make it feel better.
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:00:38 PM): its just bruised real bad
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:01:18 PM): that would hurt
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:01:24 PM): my back is still a little sore
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:01:28 PM): yeah it hurts a bit still
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:01:44 PM): I twisted my back a bit too far today too
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:01:49 PM): ouch
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:01:56 PM): just normal stuff at work for me
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:02:01 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:02:17 PM): at least no bad burns yet this summer
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:02:17 PM): baby, do you have any more pictures yet? I miss seeing you.
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:02:32 PM): no I just have the pic I sent you
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:02:40 PM): :(
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:02:58 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:03:50 PM): I am going to have to ask my parents if I can get some of the pics from thier digital camera for my computer
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:04:10 PM): do you have any more pics
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:04:20 PM): hi baby
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:04:30 PM): hi dear
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:04:51 PM): do you have anymore pictures
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:05:00 PM): that are on your computer
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:05:09 PM): I know you broke your camera
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:05:10 PM): nope i think i showed them all to you
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:05:26 PM): I think I have seen 4 pictures
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:05:44 PM): the 3 you sent me and the other one on your myspace page
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:05:45 PM): hmm, yeah, but those and the ones on myspace are all i have
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:05:52 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:06:28 PM): I will have to wait till I see you
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:06:44 PM): Yeah, i know
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:07:24 PM): looking at your myspace page now
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:07:37 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:08:34 PM): gummy bear salesgirl?
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:08:39 PM): ya ha ha
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:09:03 PM): 5' 2" thats nice
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:10:27 PM): I am 5' 8"
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:10:42 PM): lol
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:10:54 PM): whats funny
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:11:27 PM): i was eating an orange and i squirt my keyboard
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:11:34 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:11:53 PM): im being a pig now, you made me hungry
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:11:59 PM): lol
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:13:29 PM): still planning on going to your friends this weekend
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:13:37 PM): yep
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:13:43 PM): thats good
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:13:49 PM): I want to sit in the hot tub
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:13:52 PM): its supposed to be a nice weekend here
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:14:29 PM): I think my dad and i will take Child's name removed by La Victoria fishing
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:14:31 PM): might rain tomorrow,
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:14:59 PM): from the weather report I heard today the rain is going to miss us
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:15:19 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:15:28 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:15:59 PM): my dad was telling me I might have to replant the peas
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:16:24 PM): how come?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:16:29 PM): a thrush was going through where i planted them picking the out and eating them
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:16:51 PM): a thrush is a bird
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:16:55 PM): oh ok
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:16:57 PM): in case you did notn know
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:17:05 PM): yeah, i didnt
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:17:50 PM): i think we all are going to have to take a nature walk when we go camping
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:18:14 PM): that would be fun
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:18:23 PM): are you sure its gonna be okay for me to go?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:18:38 PM): yeah, and you and Child's name removed by La Victoria can ask questions
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:18:45 PM): yes I am sure
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:19:07 PM): I will answer any questions I can
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:19:15 PM): okay
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:19:26 PM): I cant wait
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:19:57 PM): I will bring along my field guides to help me Identify plants and birds
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:21:01 PM): I do have other pics, but they are of me naked
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:21:16 PM): serious?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:21:19 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:21:24 PM): oh
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:21:42 PM): you can understand why I have not sent them
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:21:52 PM): thats your decision
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:22:14 PM): yes, and I am not going to
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:22:37 PM): where would you send them to?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:23:22 PM): well if I could send them without getting in trouble for it, I would just open photo share again
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:23:40 PM): thats up to you
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:23:46 PM): I know
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:24:44 PM): I need to talk to Child's name removed by La Victorias mom so I can switch a couple of weekends
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:24:52 PM): for what?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:25:07 PM): I want to trade the first weekend in June for fathers day weekend
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:25:13 PM): oh
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:25:39 PM): I am supposed to have her for fathers day anyway
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:25:54 PM): I might as well take her for the whole weekend
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:26:10 PM): that way my mom can see her too
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:26:26 PM): she is usually working the weekends I have her
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:26:55 PM): honey, how come you have those pictures?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:27:30 PM): I was flirting on line with a girl, long befor I met you, I have not talked to her in months
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:27:36 PM): oh, cool.
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:27:43 PM): :)
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:27:51 PM): hold on a min
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:27:55 PM): bathroom
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:27:56 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:31:57 PM): ok, I'm back
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:32:06 PM): yay
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:32:29 PM): so you dreamt about me huh? Thats so cool.
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:32:41 PM): yes I dreamt about you
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:33:14 PM): I think my metabolism has spiked again
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:33:19 PM): why
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:33:32 PM): how much I have eaten the past couple of nights
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:33:51 PM): oh
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:33:52 PM): last night I ordered a large pizza
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:33:57 PM): ate the whole thing
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:34:24 PM): tonight it was 4 steaks and a package of instant potatoes
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:34:38 PM): dang. i thought i ate a lot right now
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:34:53 PM): i ate an orange a piece of toast and a half of a cucumber
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:35:06 PM): I eat more than anyone else I know
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:35:23 PM): and I am not a big guy
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:35:34 PM): my brother is smaller than me
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:35:36 PM): wow, thats cool. I don't think I could eat that much.
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:35:57 PM): of course he does not do manual labor or eat like I do
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:36:03 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:36:26 PM): my friend that has to loose wieght I told you about
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:36:43 PM): I eat about twice what he does
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:36:55 PM): wow
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:37:03 PM): well you look good
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:37:21 PM): I plan on putting him on a diet along with the workouts
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:37:38 PM): and i am going to have to start eating more than I already do
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:37:54 PM): because I will be burning more calories
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:37:58 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:38:10 PM): im gonna sweat them out this weekend
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:38:23 PM): i plan on relaxing in that hot tub for a long time
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:38:35 PM): you realy dont need to loose any wieght
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:38:50 PM): that sounds nice
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:38:57 PM): it will be good for your back too
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:38:59 PM): ha ha, I ate a piece of pie with whipped cream last night. I have to work out.;
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:39:31 PM): I have to remember my metabolism is not normal
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:39:55 PM): I was just thinking, "because of one piece of pie?"
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:40:06 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:40:13 PM): I'm getting hungry again
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:40:28 PM): ha ha
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:40:50 PM): trying to think of what else I can make
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:41:11 PM): and, it was a lot of whipped cream. So yeah work out tonight.
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:41:37 PM): I usually cover my pie with whip cream
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:41:45 PM): i love whip cream
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:41:50 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria does not like whipped cream
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:41:57 PM): i do
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:42:07 PM): what is your favorit pie?
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:42:30 PM): strawberry and pumpkin. But last night I had banana cream.
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:42:33 PM): Whats yours?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:42:39 PM): pumpkin
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:42:50 PM): my grandma makes the best
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:42:57 PM): and then strawberry/rubarb
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:43:15 PM): my moms family is big on pies
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:43:31 PM): you should see the line up at holidays
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:43:40 PM): really? wow
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:43:59 PM): I have tried about every type of pie there is
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:44:11 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:44:25 PM): so, what else are we gonna do camping?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:44:31 PM): banana strawberry pie is good too
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:44:48 PM): we will be going to the dakota zoo
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:45:06 PM): i've never been there
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:45:09 PM): whats there?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:45:23 PM): last time I was there I wasnt even in school yet
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:45:36 PM): what school?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:45:47 PM): kinder garden
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:45:51 PM): wow
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:45:59 PM): I was only about 4 or 5 years old
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:46:10 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:46:30 PM): so I am not realy sure what is there either
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:46:36 PM): hmm,ok
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:46:47 PM): I like zoos though
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:46:53 PM): so does Child's name removed by La Victoria
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:47:17 PM): i went to the miluakee zoo when i was little i dont remember it much.
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:47:33 PM): next year when we go back to wisconsin I plan on going to the zoo in madison
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:47:55 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:48:14 PM): I have 3 things planned for that trip
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:48:17 PM): so far
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:48:38 PM): the zoo, a duck ride, and Noahs ark
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:48:53 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:49:10 PM): yup, we will stay at mirror lake again
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:49:46 PM): and I plan on reserving the campsite in January
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:49:55 PM): thats good
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:50:10 PM): yeah I reserved it in Feb last time
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:50:21 PM): and alot of sites were already taken
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:51:00 PM): it would be nice if you could join us for that trip, but thats going to be a full week
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:51:33 PM): Yeah, I wish I could. Who knows, maybe by then i could. Its a year from now?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:51:42 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:51:59 PM): i would probably drive you crazy for a whole week. Ha ha. I don't want to bug.
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:52:15 PM): you would be fine dear
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:53:35 PM): the only bad thing about my meds is they make me tired
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:54:13 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:54:41 PM): I dont mind not being able to have a beer every now and then
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:55:00 PM): but I could do without getting tired this early in the night
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:55:11 PM): yeah, this sucks
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:55:23 PM): espeacially when I am talking to you
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:55:28 PM): yep
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:55:57 PM): and when we are together, I would like to stay up a little later
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:56:07 PM): so I can kiss you longer
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:56:09 PM): yeah, i hope so
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:56:30 PM): maybe i will take my meds after we have smores
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:56:40 PM): that would be good
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:56:50 PM): I have to take them after I eat something
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:56:59 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:57:22 PM): i dont want you falling asleep kissing me
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:57:45 PM): I should bring fresh fruit and cream camping
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:57:53 PM): ooh, that sounds good
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:58:03 PM): that sounds good right now
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:58:08 PM): yeah
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:58:21 PM): strawberrys, blueberrys or peaches
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:58:33 PM): mmmm strawberries, and blueberries.
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:58:58 PM): we might have fresh strawberrys in the garden by then
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:59:14 PM): from the garden
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:59:23 PM): oh, those would be good
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:59:41 PM): actually I might be able to take some fresh veggies with me
chaznd74 (05/21/08 8:59:50 PM): beans or peas
breeisme93 (05/21/08 8:59:58 PM): ok, i like those
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:00:14 PM): i hope there is swimming
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:00:21 PM): there will be
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:00:34 PM): Patterson lake has a swimming beach
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:00:59 PM): cool, I can work on my tan too
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:01:07 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:01:17 PM): so can I
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:01:40 PM): I will be prepared
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:01:47 PM): with what?
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:01:55 PM): sunblock
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:02:16 PM): oh, lol yeah
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:03:12 PM): and I will be sure to bring a camera
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:03:28 PM): ya? cool
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:03:59 PM): I will bring you a disposable camera that you can take pictures with and develop
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:04:16 PM): oh, that will be nice, we can take pictures together
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:04:22 PM): yup
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:04:46 PM): I am sure Child's name removed by La Victoria will take pictures of us sitting next to each other
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:05:00 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:05:18 PM): i want one of you holding me too.
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:05:33 PM): just give Child's name removed by La Victoria your camera
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:05:50 PM): are you sure she is gonna be cool with it
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:05:55 PM): she can take the picture
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:05:57 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:06:03 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:06:11 PM): i will talk to her about it this weekend
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:06:30 PM): I get her for 3 days this weekend
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:06:37 PM): oh ok
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:06:50 PM): extra day because of the holiday
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:07:07 PM): yeah coo
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:07:09 PM): cool
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:07:25 PM): I am happy when I get more time with my daughter
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:08:13 PM): I should go though, realy starting to get tired now
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:08:28 PM): yuk
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:08:30 PM): i hate taht
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:08:33 PM): really
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:08:47 PM): yes, I am sorry
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:09:18 PM): ok
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:09:19 PM): I will have to do some baking this weekend so I can eat something befor I go to bed and take my medication later
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:09:26 PM): k
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:09:37 PM): so I can talk to you longer
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:09:51 PM): good night honey
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:09:58 PM): night
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:09:59 PM): kisses
chaznd74 (05/21/08 9:10:10 PM): :-*
breeisme93 (05/21/08 9:10:16 PM): :-S

chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:42:43 PM): hello
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:42:55 PM): hello
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:43:05 PM): Chaz?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:43:19 PM): yes its me
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:43:47 PM): how come you have this?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:44:07 PM): the yahoo ID I was using was stolen
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:44:22 PM): when?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:44:30 PM): I tried checking my mail this morning and I could not get into it
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:44:54 PM): Really?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:44:58 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:45:12 PM): I made a stronger pass word this time
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:45:17 PM): but last night, when we talked that was you right?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:45:33 PM): did I logg on again?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:45:48 PM): no, not after you went to bed.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:45:51 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:45:56 PM): yeah that was me
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:46:13 PM): between right after eating and going to bed
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:46:24 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:46:44 PM): I got scared for a minute. I am glad it was you, actually it had to be, you were on your webcam
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:46:51 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:47:09 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:47:45 PM): trying to get everything back to the way I had it
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:48:06 PM): okay baby
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:50:01 PM): ok I think I have everything reset now
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:50:09 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:50:44 PM): going to have to cancle my debit card
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:50:59 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:51:32 PM): I cant remember if there was any emails that I got from buying something online
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:51:40 PM): not taking any chances
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:52:11 PM): I finished my parents handrail today
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:52:25 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:52:38 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:53:28 PM): they should have it completely done and in by the end of next week
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:53:58 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:54:10 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:54:25 PM): how was school today for you
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:54:39 PM): good
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:54:43 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:55:20 PM): that thrush did not eat as many peas as my parents thought he did
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:55:34 PM): good im glad for that, i bet they are too
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:55:42 PM): yes they are
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:56:29 PM): I am glad I rememberes your yahoo ID
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:56:44 PM): yeah, that would have been awful
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:56:50 PM): yes it would have
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:57:12 PM): you would have been wondering what happened to me
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:57:19 PM): yes, I would have.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:57:55 PM): but I remembered so we can continue our relationship
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:58:13 PM): I'm glad. Would you have been sad if we couldn't?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:58:20 PM): yes I would have
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:58:30 PM): I was very frustrated this morning
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:58:49 PM): how come?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:59:16 PM): because this is the second time my yahoo ID has been stolen
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:59:35 PM): the first one was loboer eating and going to bed
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:46:24 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:46:44 PM): I got scared for a minute. I am glad it was you, actually it had to be you were on your webcam
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:46:51 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:47:09 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:47:45 PM): trying to get everything back to the way I had it
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:48:06 PM): okay baby
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:50:01 PM): ok I think I have everything reset now
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:50:09 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:50:44 PM): going to have to cancle my debit card
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:50:59 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:51:32 PM): I cant remember if there was any emails that I got from buying something online
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:51:40 PM): not taking any chances
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:52:11 PM): I finished my parents handrail today
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:52:25 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:52:38 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:53:28 PM): they should have it completely done and in by the end of next week
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:53:58 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:54:10 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:54:25 PM): how was school today for you
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:54:39 PM): good
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:54:43 PM): good
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:55:20 PM): that thrush did not eat as many peas as my parents thought he did
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:55:34 PM): good im glad for that, i bet they are too
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:55:42 PM): yes they are
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:56:29 PM): I am glad I rememberes your yahoo ID
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:56:44 PM): yeah, that would have been awful
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:56:50 PM): yes it would have
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:57:12 PM): you would have been wondering what happened to me
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:57:19 PM): yes, I would have.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:57:55 PM): but I remembered so we can continue our relationship
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:58:13 PM): I'm glad. Would you have been sad if we couldn't?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:58:20 PM): yes I would have
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:58:30 PM): I was very frustrated this morning
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:58:49 PM): how come?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:59:16 PM): because this is the second time my yahoo ID has been stolen
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:59:35 PM): the first one was lobodc2000
breeisme93 (05/22/08 6:59:49 PM): omg thats awful chaz
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 6:59:58 PM): I know
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:00:03 PM): I had that one for years
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:00:37 PM): There is a friend of mine that lives near chicago that I have not been able to talk to since then
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:01:07 PM): I have been wondering if her bfs parents approved of her or not
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:01:17 PM): he is from India
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:01:28 PM): and they still have arranged marriages
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:01:55 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:02:34 PM): he had told her they might not because of religious differances
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:02:53 PM): thats dumb
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:02:57 PM): religions should never be a factor
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:03:08 PM): nothing but love should be a factor
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:03:13 PM): I agree
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:03:23 PM): alot of people dont though
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:03:40 PM): I follow a god and goddess
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:03:42 PM): well life is too short for me to care about that.
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:03:46 PM): you do?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:03:49 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:03:56 PM): I am not christian
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:04:04 PM): I am
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:04:12 PM): I used to be catholic
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:04:24 PM): Not me but I started going to church.
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:04:34 PM): What god and goddess do you follow?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:04:51 PM): the god and the goddess
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:04:56 PM): they dont have names
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:05:07 PM): well in some religions they do
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:05:14 PM): but not to me
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:05:26 PM): I will call them my lord and lady
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:05:42 PM): I accept all faiths
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:06:03 PM): they are all the same, except told from a different point of view
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:07:01 PM): since I became wiccan I feel more spiritual
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:07:54 PM): you got quiet
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:08:15 PM): im just reading what you are saying.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:08:19 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:08:44 PM): you do not have a problem with my faith do you?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:08:51 PM): nope
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:08:56 PM): thats good
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:09:10 PM): as long as you don't have a problem with mine.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:09:25 PM): no I dont have a problem with christianity
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:09:32 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:09:48 PM): Jesus was a great man
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:10:11 PM): one of the greatest teachers of morality our world yas ever seen
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:10:20 PM): has*
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:10:38 PM): yeah He rocked.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:10:47 PM): Gahndi was another one
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:11:36 PM): I wish muslims would pay closer attention to the teachings of mohammed
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:12:03 PM): he said Christians and jews are to be tollerated and respected
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:12:16 PM): because they are people of the book
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:13:21 PM): what book?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:13:39 PM): there was a time in the middle east when christians jews and muslims all got along well
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:13:51 PM): any religious book
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:14:23 PM): Mohamed felt that pagans were the one that were to be converted by the sword
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:14:45 PM): who are they
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:15:01 PM): people who followed mulitiple gods
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:15:14 PM): oh. so are you one?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:15:26 PM): yes I would be considered one
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:15:38 PM): because I follow more than one diety
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:15:42 PM): I follow 2
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:16:11 PM): god who is the heavens, and the goddess who is the heavenly bodies
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:16:29 PM): i dont get that
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:16:36 PM): it does not matter
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:17:01 PM): there is not one religion that is right for all people
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:17:18 PM): that is why there are so many different religions
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:17:38 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:17:44 PM): look at how many different christian religions there are
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:17:58 PM): ya i guess
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:18:43 PM): the sad thing is many wars have been fought and are still fought over religion
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:19:09 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:19:37 PM): what ever you believe is right for you
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:20:01 PM): you should never try and force someone to believe what you do
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:20:15 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:20:57 PM): that was a long conversation on religion
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:21:05 PM): yep lol
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:21:07 PM): I had to look back up to see what started it
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:21:24 PM): ha ha
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:21:52 PM): 3 day weekend coming up
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:21:58 PM): whoo hoo
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:22:13 PM): yep. oh, guess what.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:22:18 PM): what?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:22:44 PM): my mom surprised me and instead of going to my friends. we are going away for the weekend
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:22:53 PM): really
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:23:01 PM): where are you going
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:23:30 PM): to montana to some hotel
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:23:36 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:23:52 PM): her bf taking you
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:23:58 PM): yep
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:24:13 PM): well that kinda sucks for you then
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:24:49 PM): nah they said there is a pool with a waterfall, and a hot tub too. Idk where it is yet, but I am packing in a little while.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:25:01 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:25:45 PM): are you thinking you will have new pics by the end of the weekend?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:26:00 PM): Im not sure, if he takes some then yeah.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:26:09 PM): that would be cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:26:20 PM): I just had a thought
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:26:35 PM): I have a spare web cam
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:26:55 PM): would you like me to mail it to you?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:27:08 PM): my mom gets the mail
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:27:12 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:27:31 PM): that would be a no then
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:28:06 PM): I need to pore myself something to drink brb
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:28:26 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:28:51 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:29:11 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:29:32 PM): have you thought about what you are going to tell your mom when I take you camping
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:29:48 PM): depends on her schedule
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:29:55 PM): if she is working she wont know.
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:30:02 PM): if not, i will think of something.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:30:15 PM): have one of your friends cover for you?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:30:20 PM): yep
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:30:30 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:30:41 PM): its good that you have friends that will do that (Yes because all good friends should help you commit a crime.)
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:30:56 PM): yeah, it is
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:31:34 PM): so what are you going to have for supper tonight
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:31:49 PM): spaghetti
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:31:56 PM): that sounds good
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:32:13 PM): did it rain there today
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:32:22 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:32:27 PM): and its cloudy now
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:32:49 PM): we are now expecting rain tomarrow night or saturday
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:33:10 PM): Its supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:33:14 PM): hopefully it doesnt befor I get a chance to fit my parents railing
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:33:43 PM): I would have liked to take Child's name removed by La Victoria fishing on saturday
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:33:54 PM): I guess I will just have to play it by ear
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:34:11 PM): brb bathroom this time
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:34:16 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:37:55 PM): okback
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:38:07 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:38:25 PM): so what is on your mind tonight
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:38:41 PM): Just thinking about us.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:38:52 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:38:59 PM): what you thinking
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:39:21 PM): About you holding me while we are camping, laying with you like you said.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:39:35 PM): yeah that is going to be nice
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:39:42 PM): Yeah, it is.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:40:01 PM): did you ever look up any of those songs I told you about?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:40:35 PM): I looked up journey and I looked up firehouse
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:40:44 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:40:53 PM): what did you think of Journey
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:41:09 PM): I liked some of their songs. I like the one faithfully.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:41:21 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:41:50 PM): I was just thinking about pulling out Child's name removed by La Victorias cd player and putting in a pat benatar cd
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:42:06 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:44:04 PM): yup I did
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:44:18 PM): pulled out her player and now I have music
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:45:15 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:45:18 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:45:37 PM): the current song isnt a love song though
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:45:44 PM): I will change that
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:46:18 PM): much better song
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:46:31 PM): brb
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:46:33 PM): Shadows of the Night
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:46:35 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:49:45 PM): We're running with the shadows of the night
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:49:55 PM): so baby take my hand we'll be alright
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:50:08 PM): surrender all your dreams to me tonight
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:50:21 PM): they'll come true in the end
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:53:00 PM): back
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:53:13 PM): welcome back
breeisme93 (05/22/08 7:53:24 PM): ty
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:53:43 PM): I was just typeing the chorus of that song
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 7:54:02 PM): and then put up a pic of you as my desktop background
breeisme93 (05/22/08 8:46:38 PM): hey baby im sorry we lost power
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 8:59:12 PM): ok I am back now too
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:00:09 PM): where did you go
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:00:21 PM): you were not on, so I went and made supper and watched some tv
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:00:40 PM): oh, what did you watch
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:00:52 PM): uggly betty
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:01:14 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:01:41 PM): I decided when it first came out to check it out
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:01:50 PM): and I got into it
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:01:51 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:02:28 PM): so what did you do when you lost power
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:02:49 PM): got scared, and then finished making a salad.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:06:35 PM): computer problems?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:06:45 PM): yahoo sucks
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:07:03 PM): get booted?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:07:12 PM): yes, i think its the weather
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:07:22 PM): that could be
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:07:53 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:08:17 PM): so what did you do during your power outage
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:08:32 PM): made a salad, and watched water boil
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:08:55 PM): how did you boil water with no power?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:09:10 PM): gas
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:09:16 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:09:41 PM): a salad sounds good
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:10:01 PM): yep, i put lots of different lettuce, and spinach and cucumber and carrots.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:10:10 PM): yummy
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:10:37 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:10:59 PM): I should get some cucumbers when I go to the store
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:11:06 PM): i love them
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:11:12 PM): so do I
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:11:28 PM): I need to make up a grocery list
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:13:09 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:13:11 PM): ok I wrote down the things I could think of right off the top of my head
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:13:20 PM): for what?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:13:28 PM): groceries
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:13:58 PM): but for when
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:14:07 PM): for this weekend
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:14:35 PM): I should start getting a few things for camping too
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:14:54 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:15:19 PM): starter logs are one thing I need to get for my summer camping trips
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:15:35 PM): I can pick up a box of them
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:15:46 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:16:24 PM): I have been thinking about getting camp lights too
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:16:57 PM): camp lights are strings of lights to decorate your camp site
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:17:43 PM): cool, we can dance under them
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:17:52 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:18:17 PM): the ones I like look like lanterns
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:18:33 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:18:45 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:19:17 PM): I might get a couple of those and one string that looks like an old airstream camper
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:20:14 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:20:33 PM): I cant wait to be done with work tomarrow
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:21:18 PM): ya i bet
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:21:42 PM): 3 day weekend, and I get to fit my parents railing
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:21:54 PM): I get to see my daughter this weekend
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:22:15 PM): thats cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:22:40 PM): she is going to get a kick out of how much of the garden is up already
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:23:04 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:23:29 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:24:14 PM): I dont know what else we are going to do this weekend
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:24:20 PM): but we will think of something
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:25:05 PM): yeah you will
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:25:52 PM): I should check out todays paper and see what is going on around town this weekend
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:26:02 PM): yeah, that would be fun
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:26:29 PM): I will have to do that tomarrow at my parents place
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:27:11 PM): yeah, hey brb
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:27:14 PM): phone
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:30:28 PM): back
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:41:56 PM): ok I am back
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:42:54 PM): a buddy from work
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:43:13 PM): ok sorry went for cocoa
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:43:29 PM): thats ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:43:47 PM): thats another thing I will have to bring with camping
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:44:28 PM): yeah, i love it
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:44:49 PM): I will have my coffee, and you and Child's name removed by La Victoria will have cocoa
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:45:01 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:45:37 PM): do you use water to make yours or milk
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:45:41 PM): water
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:45:55 PM): I usually use milk
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:46:18 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:46:46 PM): I think it makes it creamier
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:47:06 PM): that sounds good. i just put my moms coffee mate in it
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:47:25 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:47:39 PM): I just use a little sugar in my coffee
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:48:11 PM): yeah, i wouldnt like coffee unless it was sweet
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:49:02 PM): I would put maybe one or 2 sugar cubes in my coffee
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:49:39 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:50:27 PM): I use sugar cubes when camping
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:50:33 PM): why
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:50:37 PM): works better than loose sugar
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:51:35 PM): then grahm crackers and a bag of small hersey bars
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:51:48 PM): mm sounds yummy
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:52:21 PM): smores
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:53:01 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:54:18 PM): maybe go to best buy this weekend, try and find a cd of good love songs
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:54:34 PM): really? oh baby i would love that.
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:54:42 PM): I lvoe when you think of stuff like that for us
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:55:01 PM): yup, find a good cd of songs to slow dance to
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:55:24 PM): i would like that.
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:55:39 PM): Oh chaz i love when you talk about us dancing and camping.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:57:20 PM): yeah, and when Child's name removed by La Victoria goes to bed we can turn the volume down and kiss while listening to it
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:57:46 PM): yeah, i really would love that
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:57:52 PM): Kissing you, dancing with you
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:58:00 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 9:59:00 PM): it will be realy nice
breeisme93 (05/22/08 9:59:42 PM): yeah, it will. I want to dance, and have you hold me in your arms and kiss you and hug you.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:00:11 PM): mmmm...that sounds realy nice
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:00:21 PM): yeah. I think about it lots.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:00:39 PM): I do too
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:00:52 PM): really?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:00:58 PM): i didnt think you would
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:00:59 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:01:02 PM): I do
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:01:02 PM): im really glad you do
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:01:28 PM): im glad you tell me
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:01:50 PM): I think about kissing you and holding you
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:02:10 PM): me too. so much
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:03:14 PM): wondering how you will react when you feel me getting hard when holding you
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:03:47 PM): i wonder how you will feel with my arms wrapped around you.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:04:23 PM): I will kiss you deeply
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:04:34 PM): i will kiss you back
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:06:18 PM): and when we go to bed I will just curl up behind you
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:06:28 PM): and hold you close to me
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:07:04 PM): i will love that so much
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:07:10 PM): to be in your arms
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:07:29 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:07:51 PM): baby, i have a question im embarrassed to say
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:08:01 PM): go ahead
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:08:40 PM): you said you want to see how i react when you get hard. what is that.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:09:05 PM): when my penis gets hard
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:09:39 PM): oh. lol i kinda thought
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:09:47 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:09:51 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:10:27 PM): kinda wondering how you will react to that
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:11:26 PM): idk i never saw one before
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:11:31 PM): :">
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:11:42 PM): not saying you will see it
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:12:05 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:12:08 PM): but I am sure you will feel it pressed up against you
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:12:21 PM): oh, i never felt one before either
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:12:46 PM): you have not had a bf get hard when holding you?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:12:53 PM): not that i know
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:12:58 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:13:55 PM): i still cant wait for you to hold me when we lay down together.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:14:08 PM): yeah that will be nice
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:14:17 PM): can i kiss you then too?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:14:22 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:14:25 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:14:54 PM): you can face me and kiss me when we are lying in bed together
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:15:10 PM): you did in my dream
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:15:21 PM): i would like that very much
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:15:46 PM): I would too
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:15:54 PM): ya? good
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:16:13 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:16:38 PM): you got a bit curious in my dream too
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:16:47 PM): really? how?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:16:57 PM): you reached into my shorts
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:18:58 PM): why
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:19:14 PM): you wanted to feel my penis
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:19:23 PM): oh really?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:19:35 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:19:46 PM): kk
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:20:20 PM): like I said, in my dream you got curious
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:20:28 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:20:41 PM): :)
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:21:25 PM): I would not ask you to do that, but I wouldnt stop you if you did
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:22:00 PM): for real
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:22:08 PM): yes for real
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:23:25 PM): :)
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:23:28 PM): why, had you been thinking about that?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:25:30 PM): about what
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:25:37 PM): sorry, phone
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:25:57 PM): reaching into my shorts
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:26:31 PM): thats ok
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:28:48 PM): back
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:28:50 PM): sorry
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:28:55 PM): thats ok
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:28:59 PM): I never really thought about it before
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:29:03 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:29:19 PM): your smile faces made me wonder
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:29:54 PM): oh lol I just was listening to what you were saying, I didn't want to interrupt.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:30:07 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:31:11 PM): I thought you were curous
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:33:11 PM): phone again?
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:33:13 PM): I am curious.
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:33:34 PM): yes, it was my mom making sure i had my bag ready to pack
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:33:40 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:34:37 PM): so yeah, I am.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:34:57 PM): you can ask questions you know
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:36:00 PM): like what
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:36:13 PM): what ever you want to know
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:36:28 PM): whatever you might be curious about
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:38:05 PM): I don't know a lot about that stuff to know what to ask
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:38:39 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:40:04 PM): if you ever think up any questions you can ask
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:40:20 PM): Baby, Idk what to ask. I don't know a lot.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:40:44 PM): I know, but you can learn by asking questions
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:40:54 PM): not if i dont know what to ask lol
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:40:59 PM): true
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:42:45 PM): baby, i should get going to bed
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:42:52 PM): sigh
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:43:01 PM): its getting close to 10
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:43:07 PM): ok baby
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:43:14 PM): i wont talk to you until tuesday
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:43:25 PM): need to brush my teeth and everything
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:43:33 PM): I know, I will miss you
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:43:58 PM): I will leave you messages everyday
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:44:22 PM): ok baby
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:44:27 PM): and you can call me too
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:44:38 PM): ok baby i will try.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:44:49 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:44:54 PM): good night dear
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:45:05 PM): promise you will leave me messages?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:45:05 PM): sleep well
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:45:14 PM): yes I promise
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:45:26 PM): oh, are you gonna find out for sure if its ok for me to go with you
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:45:44 PM): yes i will talk to Child's name removed by La Victoria tomarrow
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:45:52 PM): okay baby
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:45:59 PM): do you think it will be ok?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:46:07 PM): yes i do
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:46:12 PM): i hope so
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:46:17 PM): I will show her your picture too
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:46:36 PM): are you sure you want to tell her now?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:46:45 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:47:03 PM): she will need to find out befor we leave
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:47:12 PM): why delay
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:47:17 PM): idk
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:48:06 PM): so anyway, I will tell her this weekend
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:48:47 PM): what if she tells someone, and they tell my mom somehow
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:49:09 PM): I will only tell her your first name
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:49:22 PM): besides Jones is a pretty common name
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:49:55 PM): besides you live in dickenson I live in Fargo
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:50:13 PM): not much chance of that happening
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:50:23 PM): just thought maybe is should wait until we meet. What if you end up not liking me. Then you tell her and then nothing.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:51:03 PM): I can explain that I have someone who might be joining us
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:51:13 PM): and i cant see me not liking you
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:51:20 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:51:59 PM): your just worried because of your low self esteem
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:52:22 PM): dont worry
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:52:26 PM): ok baby
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:52:40 PM): I like you alot
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:52:54 PM): promise?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:52:58 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:53:18 PM): I can feel myself falling for you more and more everytime we talk
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:53:36 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:53:57 PM): you are a wonderfull girl bree
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:54:19 PM): thanks Chaz
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:54:27 PM): you are welcome
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:54:31 PM): and thank you
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:54:44 PM): for what?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:54:59 PM): for being you, and for filling a void in my life
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:55:34 PM): aww chaz. thank you for telling me that. It makes me so happy and feel so good.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:56:11 PM): this may sound wierd, but I want to see the back of your head
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:56:27 PM): I get these visions every now and then
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:56:53 PM): I can remember having one shortly after I started seeing Child's name removed by La Victorias mom
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:57:02 PM): it was of her pregnant
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:57:24 PM): she was wearing this shirt that said when she was due
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:57:34 PM): and it came true
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:57:55 PM): well I had another of the woman that is going to be my wife
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:58:04 PM): I was grilling and holding our son
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:58:22 PM): and she was pregnant with our second child
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:58:30 PM): I only saw her from the back
breeisme93 (05/22/08 10:58:42 PM): and?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:59:12 PM): all it was, was her giving me a kiss
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 10:59:48 PM): I can only realy remember the back of her head
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:00:50 PM): so thats the reason I want to see the back of your head
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:00:58 PM): to see if its mine?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:01:03 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:01:24 PM): wow baby, that would be a trip
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:01:53 PM): yes it would be
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:02:09 PM): ok baby. I guess I have to let you get some sleep.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:02:24 PM): yeah, I need to get to bed
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:02:33 PM): Ok. I will miss you so much.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:02:40 PM): I will miss you too
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:03:02 PM): I wish you could join me in bed, but we will have to wait for that
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:03:13 PM): I would like that too.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:03:47 PM): I wont lie I do think about sleeping with you and making love to you
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:03:48 PM): Camping time.
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:04:06 PM): really? you do? I didn't think you would
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:04:09 PM): yes we will sleep together then
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:04:14 PM): I thought you meant sleeping sleeping.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:04:18 PM): I think about it
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:04:35 PM): and yes at that time it will just be sleeping
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:05:02 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:05:44 PM): although there is a part of me that just wants to just go with the flow when we are kissing
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:06:11 PM): ya? I like thinking about us kissing.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:06:20 PM): I do too
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:06:39 PM): you make me feel happy.
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:06:50 PM): you make me feel happy too
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:07:39 PM): just curious, do you think you will reach into my shorts to feel what it is like (Gee, how long did it take him to think of that line.)
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:08:35 PM): I don't know, do you want me to?
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:08:45 PM): if you want to
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:09:02 PM): I wouldnt mind
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:09:53 PM): but I need to get to bed
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:10:00 PM): gnight dear
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:10:01 PM): lol, i don't kow
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:10:03 PM): know
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:10:05 PM): oops
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:10:10 PM): its ok
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:10:10 PM): i can't spell
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:10:35 PM): ok baby. talk to you Tuesday
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:10:41 PM): yup
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:10:46 PM): :-*
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:10:49 PM): have fun this weekend
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:10:54 PM): you too
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:11:03 PM): :-*>:D<:-*
chaznd1974 (05/22/08 11:11:12 PM): kisses
breeisme93 (05/22/08 11:11:19 PM): kiss back

chaznd1974 (05/23/08 9:16:44 PM): hey hunny, I miss you, had a good day at work, Child's name removed by La Victoria is staying with my parents tonight
chaznd1974 (05/23/08 9:17:15 PM): I will ask her tomarrow about camping

chaznd1974 (05/24/08 4:42:47 PM): I talked to Child's name removed by La Victoria today, and she would like to have you camping with us

chaznd1974 (05/25/08 3:30:28 PM): its a realy warm day today, having Child's name removed by La Victoria try on her swim suit from last year right now, to see if it still fits her
chaznd1974 (05/25/08 3:31:32 PM): she says its not too tight, I think it kinda is

chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:19:32 AM): well I was hoping to take Child's name removed by La Victoria fishing today out by valley city, but its too windy, its also a cold day out, I miss you, hope to chat tonight after I take Child's name removed by La Victoria home to her mom

breeisme93 (05/26/08 4:38:01 PM): Hi baby, I'm back. I should be on later. I missed you so much, hope your time with your daughter was good. I will ttyl.

chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:36:18 PM): hey hunny
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:36:29 PM): hi baby
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:36:42 PM): how was your weekend in montana
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:37:09 PM): it was fun, the hotel was beautiful
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:37:20 PM): thats great
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:37:38 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria and I had fun today
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:37:43 PM): this weekend
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:37:53 PM): went to see the new Narnia movie today
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:38:00 PM): really? I want to go see that.
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:38:07 PM): was it good
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:38:16 PM): yes it was realy good
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:38:26 PM): we went to a park yesturday for a while
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:38:49 PM): went out looking for camo shorts and a swim suit for her
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:38:56 PM): couldnt find either
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:39:00 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:39:15 PM): her suit just barely fits
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:39:23 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:39:40 PM): she is a growing girl
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:39:54 PM): oh ya i guess so.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:40:01 PM): she will deffinately need a new one next year
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:40:14 PM): yeah i had to get a new one this year
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:40:25 PM): and I guess the camo shorts are out of style this year
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:40:36 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:40:46 PM): she still wants them
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:41:01 PM): ya they are cool
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:41:12 PM): i have some pink and black and grey and white ones.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:41:22 PM): thats cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:41:39 PM): its too bad her cousins did not have any last year
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:42:04 PM): my first cousin had twin girls
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:42:17 PM): they are a little bit older than Child's name removed by La Victoria
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:42:32 PM): she gets to go through thier clothes when they out grow them
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:42:39 PM): thats cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:42:47 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:43:29 PM): she is playing with her bratz dolls rightnow
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:43:50 PM): in about 20 min we will eat, and then I have to take her home
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:44:00 PM): what are you going to eat?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:44:23 PM): some left over homemade pizza
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:44:33 PM): yummy i love pizza
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:44:42 PM): so, my moms bf is a total jerk
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:44:49 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:44:57 PM): what did he do this time
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:45:11 PM): i asked my mom if i could get my belly pierced.
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:45:17 PM): she said no
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:45:34 PM): he said the way I eat sometimes, i wont have a belly to pierce.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:45:52 PM): not very nice
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:45:59 PM): nope
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:46:04 PM): i still want my belly pierced.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:46:09 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:46:34 PM): I dont know what the age is when you dont need a parents permission
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:47:04 PM): I want to say 16
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:47:08 PM): idk
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:47:15 PM): i dont want to piss her off with it.
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:47:36 PM): omg, the hotel we were at, had a waterfall in the pool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:47:36 PM): no that would not be good either
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:47:43 PM): nice
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:47:51 PM): where in Montana did you go?
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:47:55 PM): billings
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:48:08 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:48:16 PM): what hotel did you stay at
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:48:42 PM): the grand billings
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:48:49 PM): I have a great aunt that lives in billings
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:48:57 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:49:53 PM): and I have an uncle that lives in lewiston
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:49:58 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:51:11 PM): but a belly button piercing is cool
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:51:21 PM): ya i want it
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:51:31 PM): i think it would be okay on me
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:51:40 PM): its the only thing besides the ears that I like pierced on a woman
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:51:53 PM): ya, im not doing my nose.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:52:23 PM): not the nose, not the tongue, or anything else
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:52:35 PM): no way for sure not the tongue
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:52:42 PM): or the eyebrows. yuk
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:53:03 PM): I have a tatoo, but no piercings
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:53:10 PM): whats your tattoo?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:53:19 PM): a scorpion
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:53:28 PM): its on my right sholder
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:53:28 PM): what arm is it on?
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:53:33 PM): oh cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:53:48 PM): I'm a scorpio, that why I picked that
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:53:52 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:54:35 PM): I like it
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:54:41 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:54:57 PM): I will have to show it to you later after I take Child's name removed by La Victoria home
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:55:15 PM): I would love that
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:55:43 PM): so did you miss me bunches?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:55:49 PM): yes I did
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:56:01 PM): I have been thinking about you all weekend
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:56:05 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:56:23 PM): yes, when I was at the park yesturday with Child's name removed by La Victoria I wanted you there
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:56:36 PM): aww chaz, I wish i could have been
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:56:38 PM): when we were out shoping
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:57:17 PM): when I brushed her hair after her shower, I was thinking about how bad I am with putting hair things in her hair
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:57:28 PM): brets, and hair ties
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:57:33 PM): lol
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:57:35 PM): things like that
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:57:57 PM): I am sure she will let you put them in her hair when we are camping
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:58:14 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/26/08 6:58:45 PM): how come she doesn't do it?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:59:04 PM): she will put hair ties in occasionally
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:59:16 PM): whe just likes to have someone else put them in
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:59:42 PM): but I need to get going and get Child's name removed by La Victoria something to eat
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 6:59:51 PM): I will be back after I take her home
breeisme93 (05/26/08 7:00:12 PM): ok baby
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 7:00:19 PM): she just likes*
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 7:00:22 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 7:00:25 PM): bye hun
breeisme93 (05/26/08 7:00:30 PM): yeah, i get it, its cool.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 7:00:31 PM): kisses
breeisme93 (05/26/08 7:00:40 PM): kisses back

breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:39:25 PM): hi baby
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:39:34 PM): hello hun
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:39:44 PM): back already?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:39:49 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:39:52 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:39:58 PM): I have been back for over an hour
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:40:26 PM): I have been waiting for you to come back
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:40:36 PM): oh, i had to go see tori
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:40:46 PM): its ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:40:51 PM): how is she doing
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:41:05 PM): okay. she lost some more weight though
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:41:13 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:41:24 PM): how is her weight?
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:41:36 PM): she is 101
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:41:36 PM): is she severly underweight
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:41:46 PM): and how tall is she?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:42:08 PM): thats realy light
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:42:14 PM): 5 5
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:42:27 PM): I know, Im 5 2 so yeah
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:42:39 PM): she is badly underweight
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:43:05 PM): kinda
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:43:05 PM): well how much do you weigh then if I may ask
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:43:16 PM): i weigh 107
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:43:30 PM): thats good for your height
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:43:39 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:44:31 PM): but she is realy light
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:44:36 PM): yep
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:44:45 PM): she should weight around 120 or 130
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:44:54 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:45:23 PM): I am 5' 8" and weigh about 165
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:45:38 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:46:14 PM): So, how much did you miss me?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:46:54 PM): I missed you alot this weekend
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:47:05 PM): i love when you tell me that stuff.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:47:28 PM): wanted you with me all weekend
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:47:34 PM): aww baby, i love that
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:48:14 PM): I cant wait to see you
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:48:19 PM): me either
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:48:34 PM): and kiss you
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:48:43 PM): oh yeah
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:48:44 PM): !!
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:49:53 PM): I was curious this weekend when I was looking for swim suits with Child's name removed by La Victoria, how do they size those for women
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:50:18 PM): I mean do they take into account cup size
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:50:22 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:50:34 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:51:21 PM): kinda hard to tell sometimes, they make them different, and sometimes, like a sm bottom may still need a med top part.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:51:42 PM): i know what that can be like
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:51:53 PM): trying to find clothes for Child's name removed by La Victoria
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:51:57 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:52:07 PM): and swim suits are kinda like that
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:52:16 PM): she likes the 2 piece suits
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:52:21 PM): yeah sometimes. I have a 2 piece.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:52:27 PM): easier for her to go to the bathroom
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:52:53 PM): yeah, plus they look better
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:53:06 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:53:14 PM): and you can get more of a tan
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:53:31 PM): true
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:54:02 PM): I have tan lines
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:54:11 PM): yeah, i get those
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:54:35 PM): are you busy?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:54:45 PM): watching a little tv right now
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:54:49 PM): o
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:54:53 PM): I should turn it off
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:54:59 PM): brb
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:55:02 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:55:29 PM): ok tv is off
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:55:34 PM): thats better
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:55:55 PM): I wont see your tan lines though
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:56:18 PM): how come
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:56:38 PM): well do you think i am going to see you naked?
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:56:51 PM): haha, you can see my shoulders
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:56:58 PM): true
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:57:21 PM): you'll get to see my tshirt line
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:57:40 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:58:10 PM): and I suppose in a few years I will get to see the rest of your tan lines
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:58:40 PM): if you want
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:58:55 PM): yes I would want to
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:59:03 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 9:59:35 PM): would you want me to
breeisme93 (05/26/08 9:59:47 PM): ya if you want
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:00:39 PM): that is a few years down the road
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:00:46 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:01:11 PM): till then it is just heavy kissing
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:01:21 PM): i would like that very very much
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:01:30 PM): I will too
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:02:04 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:02:10 PM): yes realy
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:02:34 PM): just out of curiosity what is your bra size
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:02:47 PM): 34b
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:02:50 PM): is that okay?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:02:53 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:03:14 PM): I am kinda odd among men, I like smaller breasts
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:03:38 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:03:41 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:03:54 PM): I just dont get the big boob fasination
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:04:01 PM): idk
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:04:39 PM): I came up with a little philosophy about breasts
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:04:44 PM): what?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:04:53 PM): breats on a woman are like deer antlers
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:05:11 PM): once they get past a certain size all they are is decoration
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:05:38 PM): ha ha, okay
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:06:20 PM): I have a friend that is a stripper, i was talking with her and her husband one time and told them that
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:06:33 PM): they thought it was hillarious
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:06:54 PM): i think its funny
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:06:58 PM): it came up because she was thinking about getting implants
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:07:34 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:07:35 PM): her husband and I both told her she did not need them
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:07:48 PM): thats cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:08:19 PM): yeah, he agreed with my philosophy
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:08:48 PM): Thats good. Idc, as long as you like me.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:08:56 PM): she did not go and get implants
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:09:08 PM): I do like you
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:09:12 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:09:18 PM): yes realy
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:09:22 PM): how come?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:09:25 PM): we have alot in common
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:09:45 PM): and just enough not in common
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:10:03 PM): you are a nice girl
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:10:07 PM): polite
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:10:19 PM): you like family
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:10:40 PM): you dont mind that I have a daughter already
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:10:51 PM): you dont care about age
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:11:04 PM): these are all things I like about you
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:11:12 PM): your beautifull too
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:11:12 PM): Wow, I like that whole list.
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:11:21 PM): Oh Chaz ty for the last one.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:11:33 PM): your very welcome
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:11:56 PM): I'm glad you like me.
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:12:02 PM): I like you too.
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:12:07 PM): More and more every day.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:12:18 PM): you care about your friends alot too, as do I
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:12:45 PM): one guy I know said once that I dont have friends, they are all family
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:13:00 PM): because I treat my friends that way
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:13:22 PM): That is so cool. I do the same thing.
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:13:27 PM): I love my friends, a lot.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:13:33 PM): I do too
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:13:41 PM): I want to spend time with you
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:13:50 PM): and I am likeing you more every day too
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:14:00 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:14:02 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:14:05 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:14:59 PM): the only problem I have with your age is that the law says we cant be together for another 3 years
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:15:13 PM): so its not realy your age I have a problem with its the law
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:15:29 PM): I think the law is dumb
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:15:35 PM): i do too
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:15:45 PM): why should anyone decide for us
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:15:57 PM): if we care about eachother, that should be all that matters.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:15:59 PM): it wasnt that long ago when couples like us were common
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:16:41 PM): ya, i think that people need to mind their own business
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:16:57 PM): older men could date and marry young girls
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:17:22 PM): yeah, as long as they love eachother then they should be able to do what ever they want
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:17:31 PM): hold on phone
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:17:34 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:18:30 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:18:38 PM): yay
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:18:42 PM): I agree with you
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:19:21 PM): chaz, i like you, a lot. I want to kiss you and spend time with you. I don't care what people think. Not like im gonna broadcast it anyhow.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:19:39 PM): no, your not
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:19:56 PM): and I want to kiss you and spend time with you too
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:19:59 PM): the law is dumb
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:20:11 PM): yes I think it is too
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:20:26 PM): but that is the liberals screwing things up
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:20:42 PM): i think you are the smartest, nicest and hottest guy i ever met, I am glad you are my boyfriend.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:21:18 PM): I think you are a wonderfull girl, I am very happy you are my girlfriend
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:22:05 PM): I cant wait to go camping with you and kiss you, and fall asleep together.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:22:24 PM): I have been thinking about going hunting out west this fall so I can see you
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:22:34 PM): I'd like that.
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:22:36 PM): a lot
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:22:45 PM): so would I
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:22:54 PM): I just have to see if i can afford it
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:22:58 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:23:27 PM): I am falling for you bree
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:23:47 PM): really? I am too Chaz
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:24:33 PM): hell with it, I am going to say it, I love you (I almost fell out of my chair laughing.)
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:24:55 PM): really? omg I love you too
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:25:29 PM): I have been wanting to say that since a few conversations ago
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:25:51 PM): really? i felt something, but i was afraid to say anything.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:26:04 PM): yes realy
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:26:12 PM): im so happy chaz
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:26:33 PM): I am too
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:27:13 PM): and i cant wait to fall asleep holding you in my arms
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:27:36 PM): me too baby
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:27:40 PM): so much
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:28:07 PM): so what do you wear to bed usually
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:28:18 PM): during summer or winter?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:28:22 PM): summer
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:28:33 PM): tank top and shorts
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:28:53 PM): I will usually just wear my underwear
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:28:58 PM): or nothing
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:29:06 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:29:20 PM): but when camping i will wear shorts too
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:29:27 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:29:33 PM): because of Child's name removed by La Victoria
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:29:46 PM): yeah, that would be a good idea.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:29:56 PM): yup
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:30:03 PM): should i wear something different?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:30:08 PM): its up to you
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:30:16 PM): well what do you think?
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:30:19 PM): is it ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:30:26 PM): tank top and shorts is ok
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:30:34 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:30:55 PM): in winter, i wear a hockey jersey
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:31:17 PM): I wear lounge pants and a tshirt in winter
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:31:23 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:31:48 PM): yeah I like them
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:32:00 PM): you will be okay with me wearing the tank top and shorts?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:32:06 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:32:15 PM): ok baby
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:32:26 PM): why wouldnt I be
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:32:51 PM): idk, just want to make sure
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:32:57 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:33:48 PM): I am having naughty thoughts about it though
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:33:57 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:34:05 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:34:54 PM): what do you mean?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:34:55 PM): thoughts about sliding my hands up your tank top
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:35:59 PM): lol
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:37:03 PM): or sliding your tank top out of the way a little
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:37:50 PM): like I said naughty thoughts
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:37:53 PM): lol
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:38:42 PM): have you been having naughty thoughts too
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:39:19 PM): like what
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:39:35 PM): well simalar to mine
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:40:05 PM): hmm lol
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:40:34 PM): I never really thought about that before.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:40:37 PM): or are you thinking about it now
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:41:14 PM): idk, it might be cool.
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:41:38 PM): a little bit I guess.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:41:46 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:41:54 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:42:25 PM): I had to make adjustments
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:42:40 PM): for what?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:43:17 PM): I have been getting hard, and it was a little unconfortable
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:43:35 PM): your getting hard? are you okay?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:43:45 PM): yes i am ok
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:44:29 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:44:40 PM): whats the matter?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:44:49 PM): nothing
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:45:08 PM): my penis was getting hard so I had to move it a bit
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:45:43 PM): ooohhh lol
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:46:59 PM): hi baby
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:47:03 PM): hello dear
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:47:24 PM): oh ty
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:47:35 PM): your welcome
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:48:53 PM): would you like me to hold your breasts
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:49:01 PM): do you want to?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:49:23 PM): yes, but I would like you to want me to as well
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:49:58 PM): sounds kinda fun
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:50:28 PM): theres lots of things I would like to do, but how much we do is another matter
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:50:43 PM): like what?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:50:58 PM): well I would like to make love to you
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:51:05 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:51:11 PM): yes realy
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:51:25 PM): oral sex and everything
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:52:05 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:53:03 PM): would you like that?
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:53:18 PM): Yeah, if you really do.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:53:49 PM): we will have to see once we are in bed together
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:54:16 PM): ok baby
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:54:55 PM): my god my penis is hard right now
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:55:03 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:55:07 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:55:44 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:56:14 PM): is your pussy getting wet?
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:56:23 PM): im not sure
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:56:49 PM): does it feel wet?
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:57:15 PM): i cant tell
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:57:24 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:57:46 PM): have you ever masturbated befor?
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:57:51 PM): no
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:57:56 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:58:47 PM): is your computer in your room or out in the open
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:58:53 PM): in my room
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:59:24 PM): do you want to reach down and feel your pussy
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:59:31 PM): no baby, i dont.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:59:35 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:59:40 PM): thats fine
breeisme93 (05/26/08 10:59:47 PM): i can wait to be with you.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 10:59:52 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:00:22 PM): so what else did you do this weekend besides swim
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:00:28 PM): thought about you
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:00:37 PM): thats nice
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:00:51 PM): and they had a fitness center, so I worked out.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:00:56 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:01:04 PM): did you and your mom go shoping at all
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:01:11 PM): a little bit
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:01:20 PM): did you get anything
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:01:24 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:01:35 PM): cool, what did you get
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:02:11 PM): I got a new pair of jean shorts, a pair of capris, and some flip flops and an anklet.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:02:23 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:02:25 PM): 2 tank tops and one halter
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:02:29 PM): nice
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:03:00 PM): I hate to cut this short, but my clock just told me its 10 I need to get going to bed
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:03:09 PM): ugh
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:03:19 PM): I need to be up at 5
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:03:23 PM): i forget the time difference for us
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:03:38 PM): yes, it sucks
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:03:44 PM): chaz, im glad you were honest tonight, and tole me you love me, and that you want to make love to me.
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:04:08 PM): I love you too.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:04:10 PM): I am happy too, its a relief to me
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:04:20 PM): i love you bree
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:04:27 PM): I love you Chaz.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:04:34 PM): I wish the laws were different
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:04:43 PM): so what
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:04:48 PM): we love eachother baby.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:04:52 PM): yes we do
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:05:20 PM): but if that love continues to grow like it has, its going to be along time till we can be married
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:05:38 PM): yeah. it will
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:05:49 PM): but we will be together
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:05:58 PM): yes we will be
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:06:14 PM): and you were serious about the other stuff too?
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:06:18 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:06:22 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:06:40 PM): I love you for all those reasons
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:06:58 PM): Im glad. I love you for what I said too.
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:07:07 PM): I want to do all those things you said too.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:07:14 PM): good night baby
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:07:19 PM): so do I
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:07:24 PM): cool baby
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:07:27 PM): good night.
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:07:31 PM): I love you.
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:07:38 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:07:41 PM): and I am gonna think about this talk tonight.
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:07:48 PM): for sure
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:07:54 PM): I will too
chaznd1974 (05/26/08 11:07:59 PM): talk to you tomarrow
breeisme93 (05/26/08 11:08:03 PM): okay baby

breeisme93 (05/27/08 3:28:34 PM): Hi baby, I miss you, wish you were home.

breeisme93 (05/27/08 8:55:41 PM): Hi honey, where are you? Are you okay?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:06:56 PM): I just got home
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:07:16 PM): ok, I am glad, I kinda got worried.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:07:50 PM): yeah the guy that was going to help me at my parents had to work late today
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:08:11 PM): I was fitting that hand rail today after work
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:08:23 PM): ok, did you get it set up?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:08:27 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:08:52 PM): I just have to fill in some welds some more and grind them down, then paint it
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:09:22 PM): I am glad you are so smart with all that. It will be good for us if we get married. You can fix our house.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:09:46 PM): yeah, I get alot of practice right now
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:09:53 PM): good
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:10:00 PM): helping my parents out
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:10:04 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:10:19 PM): and work too
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:10:26 PM): what?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:10:38 PM): doing things like that at work
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:10:44 PM): Oh, yeah.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:10:49 PM): I helped my boss build his house
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:11:01 PM): really? wow, you are amazing
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:11:33 PM): yup, he did most of the work, but I spent alot of hours up there helping him
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:11:46 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:12:12 PM): there is alot of his house that is my work
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:12:22 PM): wow, I would love to see it.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:12:54 PM): I sealed the base of the house for him
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:13:02 PM): painted all the railings in it
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:13:44 PM): helped him insulate it
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:14:01 PM): lots of stuff
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:14:14 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:14:19 PM): how was your day
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:14:25 PM): boring, i missed you
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:14:32 PM): I missed you too
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:14:37 PM): yeah?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:14:40 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:14:47 PM): I thought about you so much today.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:15:03 PM): I was thinking about you alot too
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:15:32 PM): when I was over at my parents place waiting for mike to get there, I kept wanting him to hurry up
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:15:47 PM): so I could finish what I had to do there and get home to talk to you
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:15:56 PM): Yeah? Thats so sweet.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:16:36 PM): what did you have for supper tonight
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:16:52 PM): chicken and carrots and potatoes.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:17:15 PM): I had part of a grilled chicken breast at my parents place
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:17:18 PM): did you eat at your parents?
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:17:19 PM): lol
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:17:34 PM): I had chicken breast too.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:17:45 PM): I figured I would have left over pizza when I got home
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:17:53 PM): i want some. lol
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:18:11 PM): home made
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:18:24 PM): pepperoni, canadian bacon and sour kraut
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:18:29 PM): eww
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:18:46 PM): have you tried sour kraut on pizza
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:18:50 PM): nope
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:19:00 PM): its the only way Child's name removed by La Victoria likes it
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:19:08 PM): and she loves it on pizza
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:19:13 PM): i never tried sour kraut. my grandma made it, and it smells.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:19:21 PM): yes it smells
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:19:34 PM): and I am not too found of it just cooked either
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:19:43 PM): I like it on brats and pizza though
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:19:56 PM): maybe i will try it one day
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:19:59 PM): i dont know
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:20:04 PM): you should
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:20:14 PM): maybe with you i will.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:20:15 PM): never know if you'll like it till you try it
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:20:38 PM): my grandmother always made us try a little bit
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:20:53 PM): if we didnt like it we didnt have to eat anymore
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:21:06 PM): I used the same idea with Child's name removed by La Victoria
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:21:14 PM): hmm, good idea.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:21:25 PM): she became a better eater that way
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:21:32 PM): thats good.
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:21:34 PM): i eat good
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:21:40 PM): just dont try lots
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:22:14 PM): all she wanted to eat befor was mac and cheese and cheese in a soft taco shell
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:22:21 PM): yummy
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:22:24 PM): brb
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:22:32 PM): or anything with cheese really
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:22:34 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:25:22 PM): back
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:25:35 PM): welcome back hunny
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:25:44 PM): thank you baby
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:26:01 PM): your welcome
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:26:22 PM): just a few more day of school left for you
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:26:37 PM): no baby, i told you the other day, i got out alreayd
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:26:51 PM): I dont remember that
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:27:04 PM): lol yeah, i was doing finals last week remember
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:27:09 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:27:26 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria gets done at the end of the week here
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:27:36 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:27:46 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:28:02 PM): I get to see her again on thursday
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:28:07 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:28:09 PM): why
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:28:17 PM): tomarrow I have an eye appointment
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:28:43 PM): get my new perscription and order my contacts
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:28:56 PM): what kind of contacts?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:29:06 PM): just regular contact
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:29:25 PM): acu view
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:29:34 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:29:42 PM): are you gonna not wear your glasses anymore
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:30:01 PM): I still wear my glasses
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:30:14 PM): I just want to be able to have sunglasses
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:30:58 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:31:18 PM): I have light sensitive eyes, and sometimes my glasses dont darken enough
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:31:24 PM): oh ok
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:32:05 PM): my welding helmet is 2 shades darker than most people
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:32:11 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:33:00 PM): I had lent it to another guy at work the other day, he had set it to a shade 9 and I weld on 12
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:33:27 PM): I put my helmet on today and started to weld without changeing it back
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:33:36 PM): my god that was bright
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:34:01 PM): lol
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:35:24 PM): I went and talked to him after I got done welding, asked him in the future if he barrows my helmet to please set it back to 12 when he is done
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:35:39 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:36:16 PM): he said,"my bad. I will do that next time"
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:36:21 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:36:30 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:36:56 PM): so what is your favorite flower
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:37:18 PM): now, i think i like roses and tulips the most.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:37:31 PM): those are nice
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:37:41 PM): what colors do you like them in
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:37:49 PM): pink, and red
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:37:59 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:38:19 PM): I had seen some realy nice roses once called fire and ice
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:38:34 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:38:37 PM): they blended from white to red
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:38:49 PM): perfect blending too
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:39:14 PM): realy pretty flowers
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:39:17 PM): Yeah, those are nice.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:39:44 PM): have you seen them befor?
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:39:49 PM): nope
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:40:01 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:40:38 PM): so what did you do today then
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:40:55 PM): cleaned my room.
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:40:58 PM): worked out
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:41:02 PM): thought about you lots
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:41:15 PM): called Tori
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:41:21 PM): how is she doing
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:41:47 PM): good today
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:41:55 PM): thats good
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:42:26 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:42:26 PM): is she eating
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:42:32 PM): ya some stuff
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:42:37 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:43:09 PM): you have not updated your blog in a while I saw
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:43:25 PM): nope i've been busy thought about doing it this weekend.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:43:34 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:43:47 PM): busy with studing for finals
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:44:07 PM): yeah, and talking to you, and being with Tori.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:44:25 PM): yeah, we tend to talk for a few hours every night
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:44:32 PM): ya
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:44:38 PM): is it okay if we do?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:44:38 PM): but thats good
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:44:45 PM): ya, i think so
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:44:53 PM): I dont want you to get tired of me.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:45:09 PM): it means we get along well and enjoy each others company
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:45:15 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:46:18 PM): and we dont talk about sex much, that a bonus because it means we have something deeper than that
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:47:05 PM): yeah I think its important to talk about lots of things. What we like what we think, how we feel, and even if we say we want to kiss or make love its okay.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:47:20 PM): yes I agree
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:48:12 PM): kissing and making love is part of a relationship, but it should not be the main thing in the relationship
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:48:19 PM): exactly
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:48:36 PM): and for us it isnt the main thing
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:48:47 PM): we have so much more than that
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:48:53 PM): yeah, we do.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:49:31 PM): and I am sure we will have more in common still once I introduce you to camping and fishing
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:49:53 PM): I am certain you will enjoy them
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:49:53 PM): Yeah, that will be fun
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:49:57 PM): Yep
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:50:25 PM): and hopefully you like wild game meat too
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:50:37 PM): I never had that, what is it?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:50:50 PM): well deer meat for one
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:50:58 PM): deer meat?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:50:59 PM): ducks, pheasant, grouse
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:51:04 PM): like bambi?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:51:11 PM): yeah kinda
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:51:22 PM): oh my, idk
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:51:29 PM): except bambi was a movie charector
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:51:35 PM): but he was cute
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:51:45 PM): and I dont shoot the young ones
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:51:56 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:52:47 PM): and killing them quickly and thinning out the herd is better than letting them get over populated and starve during the winter months
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:53:12 PM): i guess so
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:53:15 PM): its still sad.
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:53:18 PM): they are cute
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:53:29 PM): yes I enjoy watching them too
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:53:48 PM): but I also understand the management aspect of things
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:53:58 PM): i trust what you think.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:54:25 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:54:34 PM): its what I studied in collage
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:54:39 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:55:31 PM): you wont have to see anything
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:55:37 PM): promise?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:55:46 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:55:55 PM): I will take care of all that at my parents place
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:56:01 PM): ok baby.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:56:06 PM): with the garage door closed
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:56:33 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:56:53 PM): my mom and I usualy do all the butchering
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:57:00 PM): oh, ok
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:57:18 PM): I dont know how long it has been that way
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:57:31 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:58:14 PM): anyway, I will have to bring some marrinated steaks camping
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:58:30 PM): do you like fish
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:58:48 PM): sometimes
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:58:54 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:59:36 PM): I like chicken mostly.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:59:40 PM): I know
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:59:41 PM): and sandwiches.
breeisme93 (05/27/08 9:59:47 PM): and veggies and fruits.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 9:59:52 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:00:13 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria and I shared a cucumber on monday night
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:00:20 PM): those are my favorite
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:00:42 PM): I know, I went and bought a couple of them last weekend
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:01:13 PM): they are good huh
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:01:22 PM): yes I like them alot
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:01:33 PM): so does Child's name removed by La Victoria
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:01:39 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:02:15 PM): the entire garden is up now
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:02:20 PM): except the parsnips
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:02:30 PM): they are slow to come up
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:02:54 PM): the beans popped up this last weekend
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:03:01 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:03:29 PM): yeah it wont be long now till we are enjoying fresh veggies
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:03:36 PM): lucky for you
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:04:07 PM): for all of us
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:04:12 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:04:19 PM): for all of you i meant.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:04:55 PM): yeah, you will get to enjoy them too when we go camping
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:05:05 PM): oh yeah, that will be good.
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:05:08 PM): I cant wait for that.
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:05:19 PM): I want to get a cd burned for it too
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:05:24 PM): I'll bring some fresh beans
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:05:32 PM): that would be cool
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:05:34 PM): yay fresh beans
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:06:22 PM): if the farmers markets are open with lettuce, I will have to get some for salad
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:06:34 PM): ok. can i help make it?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:06:46 PM): sure
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:07:18 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:07:50 PM): my right eye is hurting some
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:07:57 PM): why?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:08:08 PM): not sure, it might just be dry
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:08:16 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:08:36 PM): its what happens with my eyes, when they get too much light
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:08:52 PM): wow, well im glad you are going to the dr
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:09:24 PM): its just a normal check up, but I plan on asking for some realy dark sunglasses
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:09:44 PM): that will be good
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:09:49 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:10:13 PM): hoping I can get some that are as dark as torching goggles
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:10:28 PM): what are those
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:10:55 PM): they are goggles I wear when I have to use a torch to cut metal
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:11:02 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:11:20 PM): but I sometimes like to wear them outside, espeacially during the winter
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:11:47 PM): yeah, the snow hurts my eyes
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:12:25 PM): I was at the devils lake ice fishing derby this last winter, by the time it was done my eyes were realy hurting
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:12:44 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:12:58 PM): I went and got some goggles after that to wear outside
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:13:11 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:13:46 PM): they help alot during the winter
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:14:00 PM): although people ask sometimes how I can see out of them
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:14:18 PM): i never saw any. I guess they must be dark
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:14:26 PM): yes they are
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:14:36 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:14:46 PM): brb I need to find my medication
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:15:12 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:18:26 PM): ok I am back
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:18:33 PM): wb
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:18:36 PM): ty
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:19:00 PM): so what are you doing right now
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:19:33 PM): nothing, just talking to you, and eating cheerios out of the box
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:19:47 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:20:58 PM): my mom made rhubarb pie today
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:21:07 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:21:10 PM): sounds yummy
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:21:22 PM): have you ever had rhubarb
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:21:28 PM): nope
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:21:35 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:21:49 PM): most people up here have tried it
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:21:59 PM): my mom doesnt bake
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:22:03 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:22:17 PM): my family is big on baking
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:22:24 PM): I am learning
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:22:45 PM): all of my aunts, my mom, cousins of mine, my sister
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:22:56 PM): my grandmother still bakes
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:22:57 PM): cool, i will look like the dumb one there.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:23:19 PM): no you wont, we like to help others learn
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:23:27 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:23:37 PM): do you think whenever i meet them, they will like me?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:23:55 PM): I have had cousins who's wives did not know how to bake when they first got married
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:24:02 PM): yes I do
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:24:12 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:24:41 PM): food is a big part of my family
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:24:52 PM): its part of what brings us together
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:25:00 PM): im gonna have to work out lots
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:25:07 PM): its the center of holiday gatherings
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:25:13 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:26:03 PM): you should have seen the line up of pies during christmas at my mom's family
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:26:36 PM): wow. my mom and me and my brother just had a turkey and some apple pie and potatoes.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:27:05 PM): just about any type of pie you can think of
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:27:09 PM): for us on christmas eve
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:27:42 PM): lately christmas has become more individual families
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:27:51 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:27:56 PM): now that most of my aunts are grandmothers
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:28:26 PM): we still get together occasionally
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:28:33 PM): thats cool
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:28:40 PM): had a big family reunion last summer
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:28:52 PM): 125 people
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:29:24 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:30:03 PM): it was a hot day too
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:30:11 PM): kids had a water ballon fight
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:30:43 PM): fun
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:30:46 PM): i like those
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:30:48 PM): it kept them cool
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:30:57 PM): did you do it too?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:31:05 PM): I got to fill balloons
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:31:14 PM): you should play too
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:31:20 PM): I did some
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:31:56 PM): i hit one of my aunts with a water balloon
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:31:59 PM): ha ha
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:32:09 PM): and some of the kids
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:32:17 PM): yay, thats cool.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:32:18 PM): I would play fair though
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:32:33 PM): i would catch the ballon they through at me
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:32:40 PM): and throw it back at them
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:33:00 PM): wouldnt play fair*
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:33:19 PM): just noticed I did not spell that right
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:34:11 PM): lol
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:34:24 PM): we plan on having a reunion every couple of years
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:35:34 PM): maybe next summer you will get to go
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:35:40 PM): id like that
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:35:48 PM): do you think your family would mind?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:36:04 PM): they would not mind
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:36:11 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:36:42 PM): some of my cousins brought thier bf or gf to the reunion
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:36:48 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:37:02 PM): I am glad I'm your girlfriend.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:37:15 PM): I am glad I am your boyfriend
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:37:26 PM): I'm more glad you said you love me.
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:37:34 PM): that made me smile all night and day.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:37:40 PM): I do love you
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:37:49 PM): I love you too chaz. Very much.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:39:08 PM): so if our feelings continue to grow, do you think your mom would notice an engagement ring on your fingur (The cops will notice it when you bring it, that is for sure.)
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:39:23 PM): no, i dont think she would.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:39:55 PM): your friend might though
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:40:05 PM): friends
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:40:25 PM): maybe, but they are too busy to really think about that stuff.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:40:34 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:41:02 PM): would you really want to? if things keep going like this?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:41:13 PM): yes deffinately
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:41:35 PM): thats is how we all want our relationships to go
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:41:42 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:42:09 PM): to hopefully find someone to spend the rest of your life with
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:43:03 PM): Yeah, and be happy and treat eachother nice. So they are happy.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:43:15 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:43:54 PM): so if they are happy then so are you if you reallylove someone
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:44:12 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:45:39 PM): to have children with
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:45:46 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:45:46 PM): raise them
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:46:02 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:46:28 PM): and spend time together and work together, and smile together.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:46:38 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:47:27 PM): grow old together
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:47:39 PM): Yeah, and not play eachtoher.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:47:50 PM): deffinately
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:48:07 PM): and just be happy to be with eachother. No matter where we are.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:48:21 PM): yes I agree
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:48:46 PM): im glad
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:51:01 PM): I purchased a new engagement ring about a year after Child's name removed by La Victoria's mom left me
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:51:51 PM): I was looking for something for Child's name removed by La Victoria when I saw it
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:52:29 PM): I figured it was the engagement ring I wanted to give the woman I was going to marry
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:53:01 PM): Really? Thats cool. Like you know it will be perfect for whoever you marry.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:53:06 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:53:22 PM): wow
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:53:40 PM): can I ask what it looks like?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:53:44 PM): sure
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:53:57 PM): ok, what does it look like
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:54:06 PM): I have it right here
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:54:19 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:54:22 PM): its mainly white gold
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:54:46 PM): it has a 1/3 karrot round diamond in the center
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:55:18 PM): with 4 smaller diamonds 2 on either side of the main diamond
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:55:27 PM): wow, that sounds beautiful
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:55:36 PM): and 2 bands of yellow gold after that
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:55:49 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:56:39 PM): it is beautifull
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:57:01 PM): Thats nice
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:57:48 PM): I kept my ring and still have it
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:58:03 PM): its put away in my dresser
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:58:29 PM): why?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:58:56 PM): well I shouldnt be wearing it
breeisme93 (05/27/08 10:59:31 PM): i know, im just wondering why you still have it.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 10:59:45 PM): I am not sure
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:00:18 PM): I suppose I could sell it or try trading it in on Child's name removed by La Victoria's earings
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:00:36 PM): Do you still love her?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:00:41 PM): no
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:00:54 PM): I did at one point
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:00:59 PM): but not anymore
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:01:06 PM): why not, whats changed?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:01:22 PM): I could never trust her with my heart again
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:01:33 PM): thats all?
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:01:41 PM): yup
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:01:57 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:02:04 PM): she cheated on me and devistated my life
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:02:18 PM): it took me a long time to recover
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:02:27 PM): i c
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:04:02 PM): I think I will try trading it in on Child's name removed by La Victorias earings
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:04:22 PM): chaz are you sure you dont love her, even if you dont trust her
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:04:30 PM): yes I am sure
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:04:41 PM): I got over her
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:05:02 PM): i thought you were gonna say because you love me now.
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:05:35 PM): that is part of it too, but I did not love her befor I met you
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:05:44 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:06:29 PM): I need to get going to bed now though
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:06:45 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:06:47 PM): i know
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:06:49 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:06:49 PM): its just after 10 here
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:06:53 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:07:08 PM): I will talk to you again tomarrow
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:07:12 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:07:16 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:07:20 PM): I love you too
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:07:25 PM): kisses
breeisme93 (05/27/08 11:07:31 PM): :-*
chaznd1974 (05/27/08 11:07:45 PM): >:D<:-*>:D<

chaznd1974 (05/28/08 7:31:18 AM): have a good day baby, I miss you
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 6:47:02 PM): I miss you hun, hope you are on tonight

chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:12:09 PM): hey baby
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:12:18 PM): Hi baby
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:12:32 PM): missed you today
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:12:38 PM): missed you too
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:12:49 PM): how was your day
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:13:12 PM): It was good, how was yours?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:13:19 PM): it was good
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:14:08 PM): good
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:14:10 PM): I got the bumper posts painted, and out of the booth, primed a hand rail, and got some posts in the booth
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:14:19 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:14:41 PM): going to prime the post tomarrow with my parents handrail, and paint them
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:15:06 PM): my eyes are good
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:15:16 PM): they got a little bit better actually
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:15:30 PM): really? thats good
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:15:33 PM): I got a trial pair of contacts
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:15:51 PM): and I ordered some new glasses and sunglasses
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:15:51 PM): how do they look?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:16:03 PM): same as my current ones
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:16:18 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:16:23 PM): just getting new so they have a warrenty
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:16:28 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:16:39 PM): and the sunglasses are black
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:16:47 PM): grey lenses
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:16:59 PM): nice
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:17:21 PM): they wrap around well so I wont get much unfiltered light in
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:18:06 PM): once I get my flex money to pay for them it wont take long till I get them
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:18:18 PM): what is flex money?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:18:20 PM): going to order my contacts next month
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:18:45 PM): it is money that is taken out of my check for medical and dependant care expenses
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:18:54 PM): if i dont use it I loose it
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:19:14 PM): I flex some every year
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:19:26 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:19:29 PM): flexed the money to pay for my braces
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:19:50 PM): I put aside money for a new hearing aid every 5 years
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:20:08 PM): those things are spendy
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:20:27 PM): I have one and it costs $1000
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:20:41 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:21:02 PM): the good thing is I dont have to have all that money in my flex account to use it
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:21:24 PM): good
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:21:41 PM): once I start putting money into it I can access whatever I elected to flex that year
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:21:56 PM): oh ok
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:22:06 PM): it helps pay for things
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:22:12 PM): thats good.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:22:19 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:22:44 PM): that money is taken out of my check so I never see it and dont have to worry about saving it
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:22:58 PM): thats smart. i would spend mine.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:23:11 PM): I would too if I didnt have it set aside
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:23:18 PM): thats why I do it this way
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:23:34 PM): it will be nice if we ever have kids
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:23:42 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:24:06 PM): I can flex some of thier medical expenses
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:24:14 PM): like what?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:24:16 PM): and day care
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:24:28 PM): what ever might come up
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:24:57 PM): set aside so much and hopefully use it all and not anymore
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:25:08 PM): if not we make payments to the clinic
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:25:16 PM): what clinic?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:25:35 PM): the clinic we would take our kids to
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:25:54 PM): oh, ok
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:26:00 PM): not just a doctor?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:26:18 PM): most doctors in fargo work for 2 clinics
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:26:22 PM): hold on phone
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:26:32 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:27:06 PM): telemarketer
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:27:14 PM): ha ha
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:27:26 PM): we don't get those, because of how my mom has our phone.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:27:34 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:27:46 PM): this was quest
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:27:58 PM): trying to get me to sign up for stuff
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:28:02 PM): fun
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:28:25 PM): so what did you do today
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:28:57 PM): went to see tori, found some stuff to take camping with you, thought about you, and washed some clothes.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:29:12 PM): what did you find to take camping
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:29:38 PM): a book, a word search, and some flip flops and a hat.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:29:45 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:29:59 PM): do you have a bathroom bag
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:30:05 PM): a what?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:30:43 PM): bathroom bag, something you can put your soap, shampoo, toothbrush and stuff like that in
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:30:51 PM): oh, yeah I do.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:30:57 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:31:31 PM): do you have a small bag to take you clothes and towell in to the showers
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:31:48 PM): I was gonna use my back pack and a big purse.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:31:54 PM): that works
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:31:57 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:32:10 PM): if I forget a towel will you have extra?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:32:10 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria has a beach bag that she uses
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:32:20 PM): I will make sure to pack one
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:32:24 PM): Okay.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:32:35 PM): do you want a wash cloth too
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:32:41 PM): yes please
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:32:44 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:33:21 PM): I have suntan lotion, regular lotion, stuff for my lips, and my body wash, shampoo, conditioner and hair stuff.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:33:35 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:33:46 PM): we will have sunblock too
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:33:56 PM): I have mouthwash and a tooth brush. Do I need to bring my own toothpaste too?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:34:12 PM): you can or you can share Child's name removed by La Victorias
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:34:32 PM): why can't I share yours?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:34:34 PM): its either watermellon or bubblegum flavor though
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:34:42 PM): no, I dont use flavors.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:34:44 PM): I will be in the other bathroom
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:35:04 PM): but can't i use your toothpaste, or is it stuck there?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:35:30 PM): no I can give it to you so you can use it
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:35:39 PM): ya, im not using bubblegum stuff.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:35:56 PM): I have extra tubes of toothpaste too for that matter
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:36:04 PM): whichever
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:36:07 PM): yup
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:36:13 PM): are you sure you are gonna be ok with me going?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:36:18 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:36:23 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:36:30 PM): it will be great to have you along
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:36:33 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:36:54 PM): I will have someone to cuddle with at night
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:37:03 PM): that will be very nice.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:37:10 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:37:34 PM): its nice to cuddle up with Child's name removed by La Victoria by the fire too
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:37:55 PM): but I dont get to cuddle up with her when I go to bed
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:38:02 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:38:17 PM): i will get to cuddle up with you at night
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:39:02 PM): hopefully somone will be there to take a picture of the 3 of us together
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:39:25 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:39:52 PM): I miss vacations like this one
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:40:06 PM): ones that are more like a family vacation
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:40:07 PM): what do you mean?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:41:04 PM): last time I took one I was still with Child's name removed by La Victorias mom
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:41:16 PM): that was over 6 years ago
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:41:21 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:41:54 PM): I am going to enjoy having my daughter and the woman I love together with me
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:42:03 PM): Yeah that will be great!
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:42:05 PM): on vacation
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:42:21 PM): so , you wanna cuddle with me like you do her?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:42:40 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:42:50 PM): lolz but im not your daughter.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:43:01 PM): have you sitting next to me on the camp love seat
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:43:17 PM): with my arm wrapped around you
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:43:20 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:43:31 PM): just on differance
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:43:33 PM): one
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:43:44 PM): I will be kissing your lips
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:43:53 PM): not just your head
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:44:13 PM): that sounds nice, really nice
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:44:34 PM): and when we go to bed we can continue to cuddle and kiss
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:44:50 PM): I would really like that a lot.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:45:12 PM): I will like it too
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:45:34 PM): yay
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:46:17 PM): maybe let our hands wander over each other as we kiss
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:46:33 PM): ya?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:47:23 PM): wake up in the morning and kiss some more while Child's name removed by La Victoria is still sleeping
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:47:43 PM): yeah, that will be nice.
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:47:58 PM): very nice
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:48:15 PM): I will just put my coffee on first befor we start
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:48:26 PM): so it can brew while we kiss
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:48:45 PM): Chaz that sounds perfect.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:49:25 PM): then after breakfast we can go to bismark and go see the zoo
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:49:32 PM): yay
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:49:57 PM): and see what else we can do there
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:50:10 PM): go to the mandan indian village
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:50:18 PM): sounds fun
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:50:43 PM): then go back to camp and go swimming and or fishing
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:51:43 PM): have supper, play some games, and then have another campfire
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:51:54 PM): roast marshmellows
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:51:56 PM): I would like that so much.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:52:10 PM): hotdogs
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:52:39 PM): we will have 2 nights together
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:52:56 PM): I am going to love it!
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:53:02 PM): so am I
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:53:38 PM): I am realy going to like it when you graduate, so you can come here
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:54:00 PM): yeah? that will be cool
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:54:24 PM): yes, we could live together then
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:54:35 PM): ya? you want to?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:54:39 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:55:18 PM): I love you bree, of course i would want to
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:55:27 PM): I love you too Chaz.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:56:38 PM): this morning on my way to work i was thinking about the oil fields out there
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:56:53 PM): they are hiring welders at realy good wages
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:57:13 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:57:17 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:57:26 PM): 30-40 an hour
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:57:31 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:57:52 PM): thats more than double what I make now
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:58:07 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:58:22 PM): but moving that far away from Child's name removed by La Victoria
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:59:04 PM): I just dont know if I could do it
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:59:09 PM): hard decision
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:59:13 PM): how far would it be?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 8:59:34 PM): I am sure I could live in dickenson
breeisme93 (05/28/08 8:59:58 PM): ya? you would do that?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:00:10 PM): I am still thinking about it
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:00:25 PM): wow, you really love me that much?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:00:44 PM): the extra money would more than pay for the gas to travel back to fargo every other weekend
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:00:54 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:01:17 PM): but if something were to happen to her while I was out there
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:01:48 PM): and of course I would still get to see her for 2 weeks during the summer
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:01:58 PM): its a hard desicion
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:02:20 PM): ya i guess it would be
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:02:33 PM): yes I do love you that much that I am thinking about moving out there
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:02:44 PM): if I could get a job on the oil fields
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:02:48 PM): wow
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:02:49 PM): okay
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:02:59 PM): it would also help me save to go back to school
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:03:58 PM): bree you are the second most important person in my life right now
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:04:07 PM): the most important is Child's name removed by La Victoria of course
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:04:13 PM): of course
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:04:39 PM): its is something to think about
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:04:56 PM): Yes, it is
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:05:26 PM): it would be realy nice to see you everyday
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:05:36 PM): yes it would be nice to see you too.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:06:03 PM): have you come over to my apt everyday after I get home and shower
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:06:13 PM): ya that would be very nice
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:07:01 PM): if things realy start to go well between us maybe befor I take my shower, and then you can join me in the shower
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:07:49 PM): ya? would you want me too?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:07:52 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:08:01 PM): sounds nice
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:08:44 PM): I like to shower together
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:08:56 PM): Child's name removed by La Victorias mom didnt
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:08:59 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:10:00 PM): yeah she said it made her feel like a gold fish
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:10:10 PM): why?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:10:25 PM): I dont know
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:10:39 PM): hmm, seems dumb
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:10:45 PM): I thought so too
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:10:57 PM): but she did not like showering together
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:11:13 PM): oh, I think it would be cool.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:11:22 PM): I think its kinda romantic
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:11:26 PM): so do i
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:12:22 PM): Baby, when do you think if you came out here it would be?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:12:46 PM): I am going to try to come out soon
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:12:57 PM): no, i meant, to live
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:13:04 PM): i dont know
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:13:31 PM): its something I have to think about, and talk with some people about
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:13:37 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:13:40 PM): my parents for one
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:13:45 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria for another
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:13:52 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:14:43 PM): so I have some thinking to do
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:14:50 PM): yes baby, you do.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:15:02 PM): i think it would still be this summer if I did
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:15:32 PM): Baby that would be sooooo nice.
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:16:13 PM): Then I could be kissing you everyday you come home.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:16:25 PM): yeah, I keep thinking about the money, and seeing you
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:16:36 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria is what is keeping me here
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:16:41 PM): Ya
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:17:30 PM): whatever you decide baby, its up to you.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:17:40 PM): I know
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:18:37 PM): I still love you
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:18:42 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:18:43 PM): no matter what.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:19:05 PM): you know I have my daughter to think about too
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:19:12 PM): and you understand
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:19:16 PM): thats important
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:19:28 PM): Yep for sure
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:20:20 PM): I think about my hobbies out there too
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:20:37 PM): lake sakakawia is not that far
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:20:42 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:20:54 PM): for fishing
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:21:04 PM): That would be fun
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:21:08 PM): and of course there is patterson lake
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:21:25 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:21:29 PM): and pheasant hunting out there
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:21:48 PM): bully pulpit golf course
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:21:57 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:22:44 PM): I might be able to buy a house out there for a garden with the extra money
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:23:26 PM): yeah? if you do can I help with it?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:23:31 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:23:44 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:24:04 PM): I dont want to ever seem lazy to you or not wanting to help with stuff.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:24:18 PM): I know
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:24:38 PM): you just dont want to help me take care of my deer after i kill it
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:24:51 PM): ha ha yep
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:24:52 PM): and i can understand that
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:25:16 PM): I grew up around that stuff, you didnt
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:25:22 PM): no, I didn't
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:25:51 PM): have to see how you react to seeing me fillet a fish
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:26:05 PM): eww
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:26:42 PM): ok I will do all the cleaning
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:26:49 PM): I guess I can try.
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:26:52 PM): I might cry though.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:27:14 PM): keep in mind that fish have no pain nerves
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:27:25 PM): okay
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:28:44 PM): there are lots of things out there to keep my interests as far as the outdoors are concerned
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:28:56 PM): and you are there too
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:29:07 PM): yeah, im here.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:29:53 PM): I'll just have to make sure i dont distact you too much during the school year
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:30:10 PM): so you can study and do your homework
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:30:23 PM): we'll have weekends
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:30:32 PM): ya, I can do taht. I think you would be more help than anything. You could help with my math.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:31:13 PM): yeah, after I get used to it again
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:31:30 PM): its been a few years since I have had to do it
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:32:18 PM): oh
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:32:25 PM): but you are really smart baby
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:32:32 PM): I am good at math
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:32:51 PM): you shouldnt have that many more years of math though
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:33:08 PM): If i want to go to a good school i need two more
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:33:17 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:34:28 PM): I think its neat that we can think about all of this.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:34:37 PM): yes it is
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:34:51 PM): makes me happy that you love me so much
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:35:14 PM): I wonder how much I could save up over the next 3 years
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:35:21 PM): for what?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:35:33 PM): collage
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:35:41 PM): so I can finish my degree
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:35:43 PM): what are you gonna go for?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:35:56 PM): finish my wildlife management degree
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:36:07 PM): that would be good baby
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:36:30 PM): yeah, I want to start working in that field
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:36:37 PM): instead of welding
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:36:42 PM): yeah?
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:36:47 PM): you would be good at it.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:37:18 PM): I know I would be, its my passion
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:37:34 PM): yeah. I would be proud of you.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:38:11 PM): I will still have my cell phone so I could call Child's name removed by La Victoria
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:38:22 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:38:37 PM): I have to talk to my parents and Child's name removed by La Victoria
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:38:59 PM): ya, and you kinda have to see if you can get the job too.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:39:13 PM): I dont doubt I could get the job
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:39:28 PM): I'm a certified welder
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:39:43 PM): yeah.
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:39:48 PM): brb baby
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:39:51 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:43:21 PM): back
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:43:44 PM): wb
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:43:56 PM): ty
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:44:00 PM): yw
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:44:30 PM): did you eat dinner?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:44:45 PM): yeah I has seafood salad
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:44:51 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:45:17 PM): shrimp and mock crab in a regular salad
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:45:27 PM): oh ok
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:46:30 PM): brb I am going accross the streat to get myself an iced tea
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:47:05 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:51:58 PM): ok, I am back
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:52:08 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:52:45 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:53:05 PM): I love you too baby.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:54:07 PM): what did you have for supper tonight
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:54:14 PM): tacos
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:54:18 PM): nice
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:54:20 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:54:25 PM): I love those
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:54:32 PM): homemade?
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:54:34 PM): yeah? my mom taught me how to make them
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:54:38 PM): yes home made
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:54:56 PM): cool, I like taco salad too
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:55:11 PM): me too
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:56:06 PM): I should make some this week
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:56:18 PM): yes, its yummy
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:56:37 PM): I have hamburger take out
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:56:52 PM): taken*
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:57:16 PM): oh ok
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:57:30 PM): tomarrow I get to see Child's name removed by La Victoria after work
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:57:56 PM): really? cool
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:57:58 PM): how come
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:58:09 PM): thursday visit
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:58:39 PM): when I set up the visits with her I was working at a different place with a different schedule
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:58:58 PM): I worked everyother weekend and every other thursday
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:59:09 PM): so I would get to see her on my thursdays off
breeisme93 (05/28/08 9:59:26 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 9:59:47 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:00:20 PM): this weekend I am hoping to go fishing
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:00:27 PM): yeah?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:00:48 PM): yeah, head out to valley city and lake astrabula
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:01:08 PM): nice
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:01:54 PM): what do you think you are going to do
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:02:23 PM): im not sure. Hopefully not go with my moms bf anywhere.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:02:35 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:02:49 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:04:04 PM): how long has your mom been seeing him
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:04:15 PM): a few months
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:04:32 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:04:46 PM): it sucks
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:04:58 PM): yeah I know you dont like him
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:05:07 PM): because he does not treat you well
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:05:26 PM): ya
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:05:33 PM): and I think he is a jerk.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:05:44 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:06:08 PM): I'm glad you aren't like him.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:06:13 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:06:24 PM): you have a bf that treats you well
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:06:33 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:06:34 PM): I do
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:07:17 PM): Do you watch Disney movies?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:07:21 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:07:52 PM): me too, i love them
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:08:02 PM): love lilo and stitch
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:08:11 PM): ha ha
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:08:19 PM): guess which is my favorite
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:08:47 PM): little mermaid?
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:09:07 PM): nope thats my second one
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:09:31 PM): Aladin?
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:09:35 PM): nope close
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:10:49 PM): I give up
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:10:57 PM): Beauty and the Beast.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:11:01 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:11:30 PM): I was thinking about that but was trying to think of another one
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:11:38 PM): oh.
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:11:50 PM): yeah i like it. She reads and stuff, and shes smart
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:11:55 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:12:54 PM): I am hoping that I can take my parents handrail over to them tomarrow after work
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:13:17 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:16:02 PM): in a month and a half we have out camping trip
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:16:11 PM): ya, that will be so nice baby
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:16:22 PM): yes it will
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:16:52 PM): I cant wait to sit with you, look at the stars, kiss you and be in your arms.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:17:02 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:18:13 PM): ging swimming together
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:18:15 PM): going
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:18:21 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:18:30 PM): i still want to race you
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:18:36 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:18:51 PM): that will be fun
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:19:08 PM): holding each other close in the lake and kissing
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:19:47 PM): ooh, i like that idea.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:20:56 PM): so do i thats why I thought of it
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:21:12 PM): lol cool
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:22:14 PM): I can stand on the botton in deeper water have you wrap your legs around me
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:22:37 PM): ya? oh i think that sounds fun
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:24:18 PM): sorry I am not talking much, I keep thinking about moving out there
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:24:27 PM): aww baby
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:25:36 PM): what file were you going to send me
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:25:55 PM): none, i clicked the wrong thing, i got a bot, and went to click spam
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:26:03 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:27:14 PM): Baby
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:27:17 PM): I love you.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:27:32 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:28:15 PM): cant wait to hear you say it.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:28:29 PM): can you call me tonight
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:28:54 PM): hmm, idk, I will try
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:29:01 PM): If not, tomorrow I can
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:29:20 PM): ok I am only going to be up for another 30 minutes
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:29:43 PM): ok baby
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:31:48 PM): so what do you have planed for tomarrow
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:31:54 PM): nothing
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:32:20 PM): sleeping in, visiting tori or beth
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:32:41 PM): yep, yep and yep. Oh, and my friend will wanted to hang out too.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:32:53 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:33:40 PM): So, thats it.
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:33:45 PM): And think about you.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:34:08 PM): yeah, I will be thinking about you alot too
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:34:24 PM): do you think about me at work?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:34:34 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:34:48 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:35:05 PM): I think about you when I get up in the morning too
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:35:24 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:35:31 PM): thats why I sent you that message this morning
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:35:55 PM): I loved that by the way, thank you.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:36:03 PM): your welcome
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:36:47 PM): You make me feel so special.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:37:15 PM): so if we get married, do you think your mom will approve of me enough to come to the wedding
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:37:37 PM): When she sees how good you are to me, yeah.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:37:48 PM): ok, thats good
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:38:32 PM): if not, then, oh well.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:39:11 PM): we'll send your dad in invite too
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:39:43 PM): ok doubt he will come
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:40:13 PM): should send him an invite anyway
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:40:20 PM): Ya, I guess so.
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:40:25 PM): I dont like his wife
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:40:36 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:41:15 PM): Will your family come?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:41:22 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:41:40 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:43:57 PM): its going to be a long month and a half till we go camping
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:44:12 PM): I know baby. Thats a long time to wait.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:44:37 PM): yes it is
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:46:50 PM): baby can we have a honeymoon too?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:46:56 PM): sure
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:47:05 PM): where would you want to go
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:47:18 PM): omg, im not sure, where would you want to go
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:47:35 PM): puerto rico
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:47:41 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:47:51 PM): its still in the US
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:48:02 PM): no passport needed
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:48:22 PM): is there lots to do there? have you been there?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:48:31 PM): no I have not been there
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:49:20 PM): I would suggest Dysney world, but I think we should bring Child's name removed by La Victoria if we go there
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:49:48 PM): Yeah, that would be cool.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:49:57 PM): I suppose it also depends on what time of the year it is
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:50:20 PM): Yes, thats true too.
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:50:37 PM): Do you want a big wedding?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:51:01 PM): not realy, just a simple ceromony
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:51:07 PM): and then a nice reception
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:51:10 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:51:37 PM): the reception is the big thing I think anyway
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:51:43 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:52:22 PM): what about you
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:52:53 PM): I kinda wanted a big one, not real big, but not just small.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:53:05 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:53:10 PM): I only plan on having one, Ever in my life.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:53:24 PM): yeah, so do I
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:53:59 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:54:12 PM): I want to wear a pretty dress.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:54:46 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:55:25 PM): I want to make whoever I marry so happy. If things work out for us, that would be great.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:55:41 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:56:16 PM): you are so quiet
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:56:21 PM): I would want to make you happy too
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:56:29 PM): ya?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:56:58 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:57:13 PM): why are u quiet?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:57:28 PM): thinking still and getting tired
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:57:44 PM): thinking?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:57:55 PM): about the move
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:58:05 PM): okay baby
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:58:18 PM): thinking how it would be nice if it does work between us
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:58:41 PM): we end up getting married, having children
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:58:50 PM): ya that would be nice
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:59:04 PM): I keep thinking about you saying you could move here in the summer.
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:59:21 PM): And me getting to go over to your apt when you get home.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 10:59:29 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/28/08 10:59:44 PM): that will be cool
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:00:16 PM): thinking about that vision I had, of me holding my son
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:00:25 PM): Ya?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:00:43 PM): I would want to name him Travis Harold
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:00:56 PM): why that name
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:01:22 PM): I like the name travis, and harold is my middle name
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:01:44 PM): it was the name of the man I knew as my grandfather
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:01:58 PM): oh, okay
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:02:29 PM): my dads father was killed in a car accident when my dad was 8
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:02:39 PM): my grandmother remarried
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:03:10 PM): and he wanted to adopt my dad and my uncle, but they did not want to give up thier last name
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:03:32 PM): so do honor him, they gave me his first name as my middle name
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:03:46 PM): and my cousin got his middle name as his middle name
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:04:29 PM): and Darren gave his son his middle name
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:04:55 PM): its a way of honoring our grandfather
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:05:30 PM): That is really, really cool.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:06:23 PM): and I kinda like the name jocelynn Kaye for a girl
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:06:28 PM): why?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:06:47 PM): I just think its a cool name
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:06:53 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:07:26 PM): but names are something to discuss when the baby is on the way
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:07:38 PM): Yeah.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:07:56 PM): but harold is a deffinate middle name for my son
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:08:27 PM): okay, good to know.
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:08:46 PM): you can understand
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:09:15 PM): yes baby of course
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:09:33 PM): thats good, but I do need to go to bed baby
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:09:55 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:10:12 PM): I will talk to you tomarrow after I drop Child's name removed by La Victoria off
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:10:23 PM): should be home around 6 30 your time
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:10:31 PM): okay baby
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:10:44 PM): good night Bree
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:10:48 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:11:02 PM): baby, before you go, if we go to puerto rico, is she gonna go with us?
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:11:08 PM): no
chaznd1974 (05/28/08 11:11:19 PM): our honeymoon would just be the 2 of us
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:11:24 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:11:39 PM): I love you too Chaz.
breeisme93 (05/28/08 11:11:42 PM): good night.

breeisme93 (05/29/08 11:34:16 AM): Hi baby, I miss you. I am finishing my chores and going to Beth's for a while. She got a new boyfriend.

chaznd1974 (05/29/08 1:28:31 PM): thats great, I am at my parents for lunch right now
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 1:29:17 PM): I cut my little fingur at work this morning pretty bad, I will tell you about it tonight

breeisme93 (05/29/08 6:21:31 PM): Oops, I forgot to turn off my computer. I hope you are okay baby. Love you.

chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:34:42 PM): ok, i am at home now
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:34:52 PM): hi baby
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:35:02 PM): hello dear
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:35:43 PM): my fingur is ok, I got 5 stitches in it
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:36:39 PM): what happened
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:36:57 PM): i was cutting pipe this morning, and I had just made a cut, and was moving the pipe forward to make another cut, the back end fell down
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:37:36 PM): and the end i had my hand on went up, taking my hand with it, my little fingur on my right hand went into the saw blade\
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:37:39 PM): blade
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:38:17 PM): omg, ouch
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:38:35 PM): yeah, it hurt
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:39:05 PM): I was wearing gloves at the time too
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:39:42 PM): cut right through the glove, the stitches will be in for at least a week
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:39:58 PM): im glad thats all that happened
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:40:18 PM): so am I, I didnt cut the tendon
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:41:05 PM): then I got back to work, and I went back to doing my job
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:41:18 PM): I just had to paint left handed
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:41:32 PM): wow baby
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:42:17 PM): I got my parents handrail painted today, so that is done and in place now
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:42:25 PM): good
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:42:30 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:42:43 PM): tomarrow I get to do more left handed painting
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:43:19 PM): I am glad I have been painting for so long, that I can actually do that
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:43:40 PM): Yeah, I am sure you will do good
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:43:48 PM): I did today
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:44:38 PM): and I am getting all the things painted that haved been backed up for a bit
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:44:46 PM): have*
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:45:06 PM): good
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:45:07 PM): I even did some left handed welding today
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:45:45 PM): how was your visit with beth
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:45:55 PM): good we talked lots
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:46:03 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:46:17 PM): did you tell her you have a new bf too
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:46:49 PM): nope
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:47:04 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:47:41 PM): thought you might have
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:48:17 PM): no, I want to wait to make sure it would be okay with you
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:48:50 PM): its ok
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:49:24 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:50:04 PM): you can tell whoever you want
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:50:13 PM): okay baby
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:50:44 PM): so what did you 2 talk about
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:50:52 PM): her boyfriend
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:50:59 PM): and tori
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:51:03 PM): and summer plans
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:51:18 PM): I did tell her I like someone, but I didn't tell her about your personal info.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:51:26 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:51:53 PM): she didnt try to get more info out of you
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:53:06 PM): At first, but all I said was I met someone I really like, and if it works out I will tell her more.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:53:23 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:53:37 PM): what about you?
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:53:57 PM): I have told people that I met someone I realy like
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:54:06 PM): they dont ask many questions
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:54:20 PM): other than where you are from
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:54:35 PM): Oh, she asked what you look like
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:54:53 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:55:36 PM): So, did you see your daughter today?
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:55:41 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria was good today
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:55:45 PM): good
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:55:56 PM): I had to work a little bit late today too
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:56:00 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:56:08 PM): I was helping fix a gate on site
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:56:25 PM): we didnt finish though, we got rained out
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:56:53 PM): Yeah, its sunny here now
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:56:56 PM): not all that crazy about welding in the rain
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:57:11 PM): it was cloudy all day today
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:57:25 PM): started to rain about 5:00
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:58:32 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 8:58:56 PM): going to finish tomarrow, after I paint
breeisme93 (05/29/08 8:59:50 PM): yeah. I think I am going with Beth tomorrow. We want to get something to eat and stuff
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:00:03 PM): thats cool
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:00:36 PM): my eye is finnaly feeling better
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:01:24 PM): im glad
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:01:56 PM): yeah, I plan on paying for my glasses on saturday
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:02:20 PM): so they get ordered
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:02:26 PM): Oh, that will be good
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:02:30 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:02:42 PM): not ordering contacts till next month
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:02:51 PM): how come
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:03:06 PM): acu view is coming out with a new contact lens material
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:03:14 PM): it wont be out till june
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:03:38 PM): so I am holding off ordering them till the new matieral comes out
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:03:55 PM): oh, thats good
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:04:17 PM): yeah, it will be better for my eyes
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:04:29 PM): I have one set of contacts right now
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:04:48 PM): that will be enough to last me till I get the new ones
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:05:04 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:06:33 PM): I am going to have to ask my mom to come over to my place this weekend to wash dishes for me
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:06:49 PM): cant do dishes with my stiches
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:06:56 PM): oh yeah
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:07:16 PM): yeah, i am suppose to keep my wound clean and dry
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:07:57 PM): yeah.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:08:21 PM): oh well its only for a week or 2
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:09:11 PM): really? thats good
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:09:18 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:09:30 PM): it should be all healed up by then
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:09:48 PM): will it scar?
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:09:56 PM): maybe
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:10:04 PM): I dont know yet
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:10:09 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:10:39 PM): I have scars on my hand already though
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:10:51 PM): they do fade with time
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:11:00 PM): why do you have scars?
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:11:08 PM): oh, and you have a tattoo too huh
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:11:17 PM): I have cut my hands befor
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:11:25 PM): accidents happen
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:11:44 PM): yes I have a tatoo as well
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:12:00 PM): thats cool
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:12:07 PM): do you have a pic of it?
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:12:26 PM): I can show you it on my web cam
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:12:39 PM): hold on let me start it up
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:12:59 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:15:05 PM): nice
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:15:10 PM): ty
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:15:21 PM): yw
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:15:34 PM): I want to get one more
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:15:42 PM): a tiger on my right pec
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:15:46 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:15:48 PM): i want one
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:16:05 PM): its something you have to think hard about
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:16:11 PM): what to get
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:16:27 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:16:28 PM): because it has to be you
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:16:37 PM): something that will never change
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:16:54 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:17:11 PM): like my scopion, I am a scorpio
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:17:22 PM): yeah, thats a good idea.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:17:24 PM): I will always be a scorpio
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:17:33 PM): i wnat a flower, because i like flowers
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:17:36 PM): I was born in the year of the tiger
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:17:50 PM): thats why I want a tiger
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:18:17 PM): things that will never change
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:18:37 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:20:22 PM): a flower would be a good idean
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:20:28 PM): I think so too
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:20:36 PM): doubtfull that will ever change
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:20:40 PM): but what flower
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:20:50 PM): idk, a rose probaby
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:20:51 PM): and colot
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:20:54 PM): color
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:21:09 PM): mm, idk pink maybe
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:21:54 PM): I like my scorpion
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:22:40 PM): i like it too
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:23:49 PM): so tell me about beths new bf
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:24:28 PM): he seems nice, he is 17 and cool.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:24:51 PM): thats cool
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:25:29 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:25:33 PM): but its new, so, idk
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:25:37 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:25:56 PM): but she likes him
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:26:00 PM): do they seem to have alot in common
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:26:05 PM): yeah so far.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:26:09 PM): thats good
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:26:19 PM): it was cute seeing them hold hands and stuff
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:26:26 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:26:46 PM): soon we will get to do that
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:26:54 PM): yeah, i cant wait
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:27:07 PM): niether can I
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:27:38 PM): we have alot in common
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:27:59 PM): yeah, we do
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:28:18 PM): I had to leave after a while because they kept being all lovey and stuff.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:28:46 PM): yeah, I am sure it was making you miss me more
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:28:55 PM): ya, it was
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:31:02 PM): my fingur still hurts
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:31:26 PM): they told me to take Ibuprophen for pain
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:31:37 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:31:52 PM): yeah, i expected something stronger
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:32:27 PM): but oh well
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:32:51 PM): I'm just glad you didn't do worse.
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:32:59 PM): can i see it?
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:33:00 PM): yes i am too
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:33:13 PM): wait i didnt see it
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:33:15 PM): its all bandaged up right now
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:33:46 PM): I suppose I could change the dressing
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:33:51 PM): yah
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:34:09 PM): hold on let me get my stuff from the bathroom
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:34:13 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:36:46 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:38:23 PM): did you see it
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:39:09 PM): yes eww
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:40:46 PM): ok done with that
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:40:52 PM): feel better
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:41:14 PM): yeah, I'm not putting any pressure on it
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:41:46 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:42:16 PM): just holding it above the keyboard
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:42:30 PM): oh okay
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:42:49 PM): I know it does not look the best
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:42:59 PM): So, yeah me and beth aren't really gonna talk to Tori much about her bf or you.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:43:10 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:43:21 PM): do you think its a good idea?
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:43:43 PM): yeah, you dont want to make her depressed any more than she already is
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:43:50 PM): with her cancer and all
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:43:50 PM): thats what we said
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:44:10 PM): as long as you have me on cam right now
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:44:25 PM): omg
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:44:41 PM): so you can see it
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:44:43 PM): thats really pretty from what i see
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:45:01 PM): yeah my cam is not the clearest
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:45:10 PM): can you put it up closer?
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:45:34 PM): wow
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:45:40 PM): let me see the top
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:46:01 PM): wow baby thats beautiful
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:46:20 PM): ty
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:47:11 PM): That is nice.
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:47:16 PM): You have good taste
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:47:39 PM): I like to think so, I chose you to date
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:47:47 PM): aww baby
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:47:52 PM): :">
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:48:36 PM): so yeah, seeing beth made me miss you.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:48:46 PM): ty
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:49:06 PM): for missing me so much
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:49:25 PM): yeah, i do
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:50:01 PM): I missed you too
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:50:47 PM): one of the first things that popped into my mind when I cut my fingur, was how much you would worry at first
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:51:11 PM): I was worried, I'm glad you told me right away you were okay.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:51:38 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:52:42 PM): I wish you were here with me now
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:52:51 PM): so do i
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:53:16 PM): so I could hold you, and kiss you
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:53:42 PM): baby i would love that.
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:53:51 PM): I cant wait for you to come here so we can.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:53:58 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:54:31 PM): if you were here we could laydown on the couch together and make out
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:54:41 PM): Chaz I would love that
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:54:57 PM): When you come here we can too if you want
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:55:04 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:55:47 PM): that is going to be sooooo nice
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:55:53 PM): yes it is
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:57:03 PM): you are too quiet
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:57:09 PM): sorry
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:57:15 PM): thats okay
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:57:36 PM): had a long day
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:57:38 PM): then, i wont feel sad when i see beth
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:58:10 PM): if we make out when I am there?
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:58:15 PM): yep
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:58:38 PM): will have to make sure we do that then
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:58:45 PM): ya lots
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:58:50 PM): yup
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:59:14 PM): yay
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:59:40 PM): i like that
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:59:44 PM): so do I
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:59:49 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 9:59:51 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/29/08 9:59:59 PM): cool
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:00:01 PM): im glad
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:00:07 PM): would be sad if it was only me.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:00:16 PM): no its not just you
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:00:31 PM): for sure?
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:00:36 PM): yes for suer
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:00:45 PM): k
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:01:26 PM): I have said we will be kissing alot, and maybe letting our hands roam over each others bodies
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:01:42 PM): that sounds so nice chaz.
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:01:50 PM): I love you, so ya.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:01:59 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:02:26 PM): I can't wait to be with you.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:02:40 PM): I cant wait either
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:02:57 PM): I want to kiss you, and hug you so much.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:03:07 PM): so do i
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:03:18 PM): ya? I love when you tell me that.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:03:55 PM): I love hearing that you want to do that as well
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:04:28 PM): ya? cool
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:05:21 PM): my neck is a sensitive area
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:05:40 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:05:44 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:06:11 PM): kissing that realy turns me on
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:06:25 PM): really
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:06:29 PM): yes
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:06:34 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:07:09 PM): thought you might like to know
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:07:14 PM): ya
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:07:30 PM): i like to know all about you baby.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:08:19 PM): and we get to explore what you like together
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:08:38 PM): what do you mean?
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:08:49 PM): find out what turns you on
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:08:53 PM): oh
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:08:58 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:09:25 PM): I had a tetnus shot today too
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:09:31 PM): how come
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:09:39 PM): I was due for one
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:09:50 PM): its been 11 years since my last one
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:10:20 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:10:52 PM): hold on I am going to go grab some crackers to munch on
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:11:48 PM): ok I'm back
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:12:18 PM): wb
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:12:37 PM): ty
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:12:43 PM): what kind of crackers
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:12:53 PM): cheese and peanut butter
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:14:05 PM): I will have plenty of insect repellant too for camping
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:14:56 PM): baby, can i call you again
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:15:04 PM): sure
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:15:14 PM): k, im gonna get a drink and then i will
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:15:18 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:19:29 PM): do you need my number again?
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:19:29 PM): sorry got my calling card now
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:19:57 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:20:03 PM): nope i got it
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:20:11 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:20:28 PM): my phone is right next to me
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:22:00 PM): my calling card is acting dumb
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:22:07 PM): i think its the thunderstorms
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:22:13 PM): maybe
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:22:25 PM): is it raining there now
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:22:40 PM): now it is
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:22:52 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:24:05 PM): I wouldnt think thunderstorms would affect a land line that much
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:24:15 PM): idk, maybe its my calling card
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:24:27 PM): let me see if i can find my other one brb
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:24:31 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:27:53 PM): baby, i cant find it
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:27:55 PM): idk
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:28:07 PM): its ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:28:12 PM): can I call you?
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:28:14 PM): k
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:28:22 PM): i will try in a bit
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:28:28 PM): no, you arent on my moms list
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:28:35 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:29:12 PM): she has a list of certain people that the phone accepts
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:29:21 PM): thats different
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:29:27 PM): yep she hated my dads wife calling
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:29:37 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:29:57 PM): most people just get caller ID and screen thier call
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:30:29 PM): no, not her. She said this way only the people she wants to call can
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:30:41 PM): ok
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:31:22 PM): I will try it in a bit.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:31:29 PM): thats fine
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:31:35 PM): I love you baby
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:31:41 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:31:50 PM): I hope you dont get tired of hearing that.
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:31:56 PM): never
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:32:01 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:33:07 PM): my hand is starting to cramp up because of my fingur
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:33:14 PM): really? i wonder why?
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:33:47 PM): probobly because I am using all my fingurs but that one to type
breeisme93 (05/29/08 10:34:17 PM): i found another card
chaznd1974 (05/29/08 10:34:26 PM): cool

chaznd1974 (05/30/08 7:31:13 AM): Hey baby, have a good day today. I love you.:-*
chaznd1974 (05/30/08 6:37:31 PM): parents are taking me out for supper, as a thank you for the handrail

chaznd1974 (05/30/08 9:16:44 PM): I am home now baby

chaznd1974 (05/30/08 11:22:06 PM): I miss you baby

chaznd1974 (05/31/08 8:31:14 AM): I missed you yesturday, I hope to see you on today or maybe talk on the phone. I have to go into work for a couple hours. I love you hunny.

breeisme93 (05/31/08 11:09:50 AM): Hi baby, I'm sorry I didn't get on yesterday. I went out with Beth and then Tori wanted us to go over there. We were hanging out and she started getting sick. We went with her to the hospital and I didn't bring my calling card so I couldn't call you. I am going back there in a while, so I may not be on today. I will try and call, or see whats going on. I love you too Chaz, have a good day.

chaznd1974 (05/31/08 1:55:08 PM): going to go fishing with my dad today, hope you have a good day, I miss you. I love you so much. :-*

breeisme93 (05/31/08 1:56:12 PM): I guess we keep missing eachother.
breeisme93 (05/31/08 1:56:35 PM): I love you so much too. I hope you have fun and I hope you stay safe and I hope you catch lots.

chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:35:46 AM): hopefull we will get to chat today, I love you

chaznd1974 (06/01/08 11:55:39 AM): hey, your on
breeisme93 (06/01/08 11:55:47 AM): hi baby
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 11:56:04 AM): I missed you yesturday
breeisme93 (06/01/08 11:56:14 AM): I missed you too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 11:56:18 AM): how was fishing
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 11:56:24 AM): not good
breeisme93 (06/01/08 11:56:29 AM): aww
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 11:56:37 AM): didnt get out there till late
breeisme93 (06/01/08 11:56:44 AM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 11:57:03 AM): yeah we had to get the trailer lights working first
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 11:57:35 AM): hopefully this next weekend with Child's name removed by La Victoria will be better
breeisme93 (06/01/08 11:58:03 AM): are you going fishing again?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 11:58:11 AM): planning on it
breeisme93 (06/01/08 11:58:21 AM): k
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 11:58:31 AM): go fishing on saturday morning
breeisme93 (06/01/08 11:58:38 AM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 11:59:06 AM): what did you do yesturday
breeisme93 (06/01/08 11:59:30 AM): went with beth, went to the mall and then went to see Tori
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 11:59:38 AM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 11:59:54 AM): is she gaining any wieght yet
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:00:00 PM): nope
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:00:13 PM): didnt loose anymore I hope
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:00:16 PM): no
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:00:26 PM): brb i need cocoa
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:00:29 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:00:58 PM): going to use bathroom while your making cocoa
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:02:35 PM): okI'm back
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:02:55 PM): wb
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:03:00 PM): ty
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:03:19 PM): so were you just hanging out at the mall then
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:03:30 PM): or were you shopping
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:03:39 PM): shopping and looking
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:03:45 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:03:56 PM): buy anything
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:04:26 PM): I bought some lip gloss and some lotion from bath and body works
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:04:35 PM): cool
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:05:07 PM): yep it smells good
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:05:12 PM): nice
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:05:21 PM): what scent is it
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:05:41 PM): japanese cherry blossom
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:05:53 PM): oooh, that sounds nice
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:06:04 PM): it is so good smelling
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:06:28 PM): looking forward to smelling that on you
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:06:28 PM): you don't need body spray with it, it lasts.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:06:39 PM): i hope you like it.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:06:50 PM): I'm sure I will
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:07:20 PM): Good
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:07:39 PM): I was thinking about you alot yesturday
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:07:49 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:08:13 PM): I didnt want to paint the extra railing at work because I wanted to get home to see if you were on
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:08:23 PM): but I did anyway
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:08:58 PM): then when I went to help my dad with the boat trailer I was wishing we were done so I could get back home earlier
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:09:51 PM): Yeah when I was at the mall I thought how cool it would be to go shopping with you and walk around and hang out. Maybe go to a movies or something.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:10:06 PM): that would be nice
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:10:19 PM): Yeah
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:10:31 PM): Its hard, sometimes ya know, seeing other people
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:10:42 PM): yeah, other couples
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:10:45 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:10:59 PM): and wishing we could be together
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:11:07 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:11:21 PM): I know I wish you could live here with me
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:11:33 PM): ya?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:11:40 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:11:49 PM): I'd like that
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:12:00 PM): so would I
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:12:34 PM): It would be nice
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:12:43 PM): yeah, it would be
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:12:55 PM): nice to come home and have you here
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:12:59 PM): ya
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:13:11 PM): I can't wait for you to come here,
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:13:23 PM): I know, I cant either
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:13:52 PM): Oh, so my mom is going away either the 13th or 20th, they haven't decided yet.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:14:04 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:14:34 PM): you are so quiet
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:14:37 PM): are you busy?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:14:52 PM): I went to look at my calender
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:15:01 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:15:07 PM): I hope its the 20th
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:15:13 PM): why?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:15:28 PM): fathers day is the 14th
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:15:38 PM): I have Child's name removed by La Victoria
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:15:40 PM): haha, i would never remember that day
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:15:56 PM): and I could trade weekends with XXXX
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:16:09 PM): who is XXXX?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:16:15 PM): Child's name removed by La Victorias mom
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:16:33 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:17:04 PM): yeah I am supposed to just get her on the 14th for fathers day
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:17:27 PM): but could trade that whole weekend with her for the following weekend
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:17:51 PM): then the weekend after fathers day I could go out to see you
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:18:10 PM): That would be cool.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:18:23 PM): I would leave right after work
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:18:30 PM): on friday
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:18:32 PM): What time do you get done?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:18:38 PM): 5 my time
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:18:42 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:18:56 PM): so I would get out there about 8 your time
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:19:04 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:19:37 PM): I would have a bag packed and in my car ready to go as soon as I get off work
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:20:06 PM): That would be so good baby.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:20:08 PM): I can't wait.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:20:20 PM): hope your mom leaves on the 20th then
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:20:28 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:21:03 PM): what hotels are in Dickinson, for me to stay at
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:21:12 PM): there a a few
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:21:40 PM): guess it depends on how much you want to spend
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:21:57 PM): as little as possible
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:22:03 PM): dont need much
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:22:14 PM): just a bed and a bathroom
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:22:53 PM): idk, theres a comfort one and a holiday inn stuff. I'm not sure I never looked really.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:23:06 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:23:17 PM): I will have to check it out when I get there
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:23:21 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:23:30 PM): you'll have to call me about 8
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:23:41 PM): for what?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:23:58 PM): so you would know where I am staying and we can get together
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:24:19 PM): I cant call you
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:24:22 PM): oh, ha ha, duh
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:24:32 PM): i thought you meant tonight
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:24:38 PM): omg im a dork
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:24:43 PM): its ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:24:51 PM): we all have brain farts
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:24:56 PM): ya lol
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:25:19 PM): i think its just because im excited tothink about you coming out here, its hard to just be this way.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:25:35 PM): yes it is
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:25:55 PM): yep
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:26:08 PM): it will be realy nice to see you in person
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:26:13 PM): and kiss you
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:26:16 PM): alot
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:26:19 PM): yes a lot
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:27:29 PM): if your mom doesnt leave till saturday, then you will have to see if you can get out of the house that friday night
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:28:23 PM): Yeah, I will be able to, but she is going away with her bf, so she will leave on friday.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:28:36 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:28:44 PM): no problems then
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:29:03 PM): nope, when they go they usually leave friday mornings.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:29:13 PM): they want to have as much time together as they can
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:29:21 PM): what hotel is closest to your place
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:29:35 PM): they are all grouped up
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:29:39 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:30:19 PM): are they within walking distance of you, or will I need to pick you up
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:30:36 PM): you can pick me up.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:30:50 PM): unless i have some stuff to do, we can meet at the lake
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:31:12 PM): ok, I could camp out that weekend too
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:31:21 PM): just bring the tent
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:31:28 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:31:35 PM): i guess
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:31:50 PM): unless you wanted to stay at the hotel
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:32:07 PM): up to you
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:32:19 PM): if you want to
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:32:45 PM): its our first official date, so you choose
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:33:02 PM): your are the boyfriend, its up to you.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:34:09 PM): hotel the first night I am there thats for certain, I would be tired after working all day and then driving out there
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:34:28 PM): too tired to want to set up the tent
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:34:32 PM): ya
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:34:42 PM): see, that sounds smart to me.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:34:49 PM): i wouldn't think like that.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:35:20 PM): so I will just check into a hotel that first night for certain
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:35:30 PM): dont know about the second night yet
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:35:51 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:36:21 PM): I just want to be with you, I just want to see you and kiss you
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:36:38 PM): if I pick you up befor I check in you can watch tv while I take a shower, I will need one yet
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:36:53 PM): if you want to
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:37:00 PM): I'd like that.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:37:07 PM): The more time with you the better
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:37:13 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:37:50 PM): or if you are feeling curious you can join me in the shower...;)
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:37:59 PM): if you want me to.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:38:04 PM): its up to you
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:38:16 PM): nope you are the boyfriend its up to you
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:38:29 PM): we will see
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:38:36 PM): why?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:38:58 PM): I deffinately would like it, because I do love you
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:39:24 PM): but I want you to be comfortable with it too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:40:21 PM): I am comfortable with you.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:40:27 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:40:30 PM): Very much
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:40:35 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:40:45 PM): Baby, curious about what?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:40:55 PM): seeing me naked
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:41:25 PM): well, ya I guess I am a little curious.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:41:53 PM): so you want to join me in the shower then
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:42:03 PM): I never saw someone before. That would be cool.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:42:32 PM): yeah, we'll go swimming too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:42:40 PM): in the shower?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:42:58 PM): if it is raining i am sure the hotel will have a pool
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:43:05 PM): no I was talking about the lake
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:43:08 PM): oh ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:43:51 PM): takes walks along the lake holding hands and kissing
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:44:12 PM): Yeah, I will love that so much Chaz.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:44:31 PM): Its hard to see others, and miss you so much.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:44:42 PM): hopefully it doesnt rain
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:44:57 PM): I want lots of kisses, so it doesnt seem so far from the next time.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:45:05 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:45:12 PM): I do too
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:45:19 PM): long passionate kisses
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:45:52 PM): yes. Oh, we can even kiss in the shower.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:46:00 PM): yes we can
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:46:20 PM): that would be like kissing in the rain, or under a waterfall.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:46:30 PM): yeah kinda
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:46:48 PM): that would be so romantic chaz
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:46:59 PM): I will love it
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:47:03 PM): so will I
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:47:22 PM): I am glad I'm with you, and I love you. its so great
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:47:33 PM): yes it is great
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:47:47 PM): To do that with you, that is the best. Because we love eachother.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:47:57 PM): yes we do
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:48:24 PM): and if we are still together in 3 years, we will get married
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:48:45 PM): ya. I hope we are. I think we will be. I know I love you very much.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:48:52 PM): I think we will be too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:49:34 PM): I hope so
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:49:46 PM): what time of year would you want to be married in
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:49:59 PM): spring or summer. What about you?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:50:11 PM): early summer
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:50:28 PM): Would you mind if I went to school after?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:50:42 PM): no of course not
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:50:54 PM): NDSU has married student houseing
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:51:10 PM): wouldn't I live with you?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:51:18 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:51:26 PM): we could live there
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:51:41 PM): if its cheaper than what I pay for rent at my apt
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:51:46 PM): Oh, okay.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:51:52 PM): I can get a job too.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:51:58 PM): but Im going to school for sure
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:52:01 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:52:07 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:52:50 PM): we will have to be an official out in the open couple for a little while
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:53:03 PM): what do you mean?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:53:42 PM): meaning we will have to date after you turn 18 for a while befor we could announce an engagemen
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:53:51 PM): Oh, okay
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:54:06 PM): But I turn 18 in april.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:54:16 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:54:24 PM): your bday is april 11
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:54:26 PM): I mean, 3 years from now April.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:54:38 PM): yeah I know
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:55:05 PM): k
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:55:13 PM): how is your finger?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:55:19 PM): its doing good
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:55:23 PM): good
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:55:30 PM): doesnt hurt as much any more
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:55:57 PM): I have the bandage off right now and am acutally typing with its some
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:56:07 PM): thats good
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:56:29 PM): I think I need to save my money to get a cute outfit for when you come here.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:56:43 PM): are you going to be on for a bit yet hun, I still need to take a shower
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:56:53 PM): I was gonna go eat.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:56:59 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:57:32 PM): what ever you wear will be fine, I realy have not seen many of your clothes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:57:33 PM): Do you like sundresses or shorts better?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:57:58 PM): I guess it depends on what they look like
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:58:20 PM): but both are nice
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:58:28 PM): that helps
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:58:30 PM): zero
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:58:30 PM): long skirts are nice too
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:58:51 PM): shorts are nice because they show off the legs
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:59:01 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:59:17 PM): I have always liked the long skirts though
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 12:59:32 PM): something sexy about them
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:59:38 PM): really?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 12:59:45 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:00:02 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria even has one
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:00:22 PM): I just like them
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:00:34 PM): Oh, okay
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:01:10 PM): but between a sundress and shorts, I would have to say shorts
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:01:40 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:02:37 PM): are you busy?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:02:58 PM): I miss talking to you, and then, you are quiet
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:03:05 PM): just turning on my webcam if you wanted to see me
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:03:10 PM): yeah, i do
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:03:15 PM): I always want to
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:03:23 PM): have not taken a shower or gotten dressed yet though
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:03:30 PM): so
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:03:58 PM): I love you, idc if you haven't showered lol, not like i can smell here.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:04:06 PM): true
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:04:26 PM): hi baby
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:04:42 PM): I am just sitting here talking to you in my underwear (Wow, how smart it was to through that in. Can anyone guess what is going to be shown soon?)
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:04:57 PM): ha ha, glad you feel comfortable.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:05:03 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:05:27 PM): so what are you planning on for today
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:05:40 PM): not sure yet. I am going to take a shower for sure.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:05:47 PM): Oh, do you take hot or cold ones?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:05:53 PM): hot
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:05:58 PM): me too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:06:02 PM): I love the steam.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:06:10 PM): cooler after work during the summer though
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:06:17 PM): just to cool off
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:06:32 PM): yeah, if i work out sometimes in the summer i like that too
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:06:47 PM): hold on min, I need to use the bathroom
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:08:27 PM): ok'
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:08:38 PM): yay
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:09:11 PM): I am going to do some cleaning around my apt, maybe do some baking
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:09:20 PM): Thats good.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:09:34 PM): going to trim my gottee after I shower
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:09:50 PM): I am going to put my winter clothes away, and find all my summer stuff, I am missing two tank tops.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:10:30 PM): my mom has alot of rhubarb, I figured I can bake some stuff with it and freeze some
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:10:46 PM): thats good baby
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:10:51 PM): i want to help one day
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:10:56 PM): you will
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:11:20 PM): I think we will end up being perfect partners
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:11:26 PM): so do i baby
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:11:31 PM): like a good marriage should be
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:11:35 PM): I love you so much, I am glad we are together.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:11:41 PM): I am too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:11:43 PM): I can't wait to kiss you.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:11:46 PM): I love you alot
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:11:53 PM): I cant wait either
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:12:21 PM): I am looking forward to fathering your children, and raising them together
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:12:32 PM): so do I
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:12:55 PM): teaching them to fish
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:13:11 PM): teach them to hunt if they want to
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:13:23 PM): i dont have to clean it baby right?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:13:26 PM): right
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:13:31 PM): hold on, I need some lotion.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:13:34 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:13:54 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:13:56 PM): just rasing them to be good kids
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:14:01 PM): I had ashy legs
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:14:15 PM): ashy?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:14:34 PM): you know, kinda white, chalky lol
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:14:37 PM): i needed lotion
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:14:38 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:15:00 PM): I have hair all over my legs so I dont know about that stuff
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:15:17 PM): ha ha, i wuold freak if I had hair all over my legs.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:15:56 PM): I sometimes like to shave my genitles though (With any luck one day they'll fall off.)
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:16:12 PM): I just think it feels good
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:16:15 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:16:19 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:16:19 PM): why
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:16:37 PM): I just think it feels good when they are nice and smooth
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:16:47 PM): oh ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:17:05 PM): its not just a woman thing, guys shave too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:17:25 PM): really?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:17:27 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:17:36 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:17:48 PM): I don't know anything about how guys do things lol.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:17:55 PM): thats ok
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:18:02 PM): i feel dumb lol.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:18:19 PM): dont, your young yet thats why you dont know things like that
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:18:42 PM): not all women shave thier pubic hair either
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:18:54 PM): oh ok.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:19:03 PM): glad you know that.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:19:24 PM): I just don't want to seem dumb to you.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:19:30 PM): and some shave it differently
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:19:38 PM): what do you mean?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:19:55 PM): some shave it so all they have is a little strip
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:20:09 PM): others will just trim it short
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:20:27 PM): some will just shave around thier vaginal opening
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:20:44 PM): wow
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:21:02 PM): i hd no idea
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:21:14 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:21:21 PM): do you mind if I ask what you do
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:21:29 PM): for what
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:21:45 PM): shaving or not shaving of your pubic hair
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:21:52 PM): oh, i never shaved there.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:21:56 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:22:00 PM): is that okay?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:22:04 PM): just wondering
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:22:09 PM): why do other people do it?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:22:17 PM): why do they have different ways?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:22:27 PM): some guys like it clean shaven
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:22:38 PM): others like just the little strip
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:22:41 PM): wait
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:22:46 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:22:55 PM): we are talking about guys or girls shaving?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:23:00 PM): girls
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:23:06 PM): ok so they do it why?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:23:08 PM): the girls I think shave for guys
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:23:12 PM): oh
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:23:15 PM): okay go on
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:23:28 PM): some guys like it hairy
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:23:46 PM): some will like it just shaved around the opening
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:24:17 PM): I have heard girls it for guys to shave because oral sex in nicer
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:24:31 PM): what?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:24:45 PM): girls like it for guys to shave because oral sex is nicer then
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:24:56 PM): what do you mean?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:25:04 PM): no hair on the penis
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:25:10 PM): or the balls
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:25:14 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:25:20 PM): and the girl does?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:25:39 PM): oral sex is nicer for the same reason
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:25:41 PM): or do they both shave?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:25:44 PM): oh, ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:25:52 PM): no hair in your mouth
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:26:12 PM): I never knew people really did that.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:26:14 PM): it also looks nice
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:26:51 PM): shaving also feels good for guys
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:27:05 PM): how come?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:27:18 PM): its a refreshing feeling
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:27:23 PM): how?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:27:35 PM): I am not sure how to describe it
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:27:54 PM): its just a nice cool refreshing feeling
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:28:04 PM): oh
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:28:12 PM): thats good then for you right?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:28:17 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:28:26 PM): do you a lot?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:28:36 PM): everynow and then
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:28:50 PM): I have been thinking about shaving again recently
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:28:58 PM): Oh, okay.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:28:58 PM): I havent for a few months
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:29:02 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:29:36 PM): you could always shave and see if you like it
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:29:44 PM): yeah, i guess.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:29:46 PM): i don't know
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:30:00 PM): what do you think?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:30:25 PM): well I know I like the looks of a girl with a little strip
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:31:02 PM): oh, ok
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:31:20 PM): a girl?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:31:25 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:31:35 PM): who?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:31:47 PM): no one in perticular
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:31:51 PM): just in general
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:31:51 PM): oh
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:31:55 PM): sorry
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:31:55 PM): sorry
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:32:02 PM): didnt make that clear
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:32:05 PM): nope
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:32:23 PM): told you im a dork
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:32:30 PM): i just don't know lots, sorry.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:32:35 PM): its ok
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:32:46 PM): still love me?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:32:49 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:33:02 PM): this is how you learn too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:33:10 PM): ya, i like it.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:33:19 PM): i don't feel as dumb.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:33:53 PM): do you think you will try shaving?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:34:00 PM): i might
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:34:04 PM): just to see what its like
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:34:18 PM): i think i might
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:34:24 PM): it grows back
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:34:30 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:34:54 PM): I need to go take my shower though
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:35:00 PM): aww, not yet baby
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:35:08 PM): a few more minutes please.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:35:11 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:35:15 PM): yay
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:35:20 PM): i missed you the last 2 days
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:35:26 PM): I missed you too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:35:45 PM): I can't wait for you to be here baby
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:35:54 PM): I cant wait to get there
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:36:12 PM): I can't wait for you to kiss me,
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:36:17 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:36:33 PM): I will pick you up, kiss you when you get in the car
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:36:42 PM): go check into the hotel
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:36:52 PM): go up to my room
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:36:59 PM): ooh thats cool
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:37:14 PM): kiss you a few times on the way up to the room
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:37:30 PM): ya baby
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:37:53 PM): go into the bathroom and start up the shower
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:37:59 PM): a hot one?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:38:11 PM): yes, I will have cooled of in the car
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:38:18 PM): good
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:38:39 PM): get undressed in the room, then go in the shower
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:39:11 PM): get all washed off, and then kiss you a bunch in the shower
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:39:24 PM): oh yeah
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:39:59 PM): i will love that
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:40:16 PM): then dry off, sit you on the bathroom counter and kiss you some more
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:40:29 PM): order a pizza
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:40:41 PM): you really want to do that stuff?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:40:47 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:40:48 PM): wow, I never have done that
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:41:14 PM): I want to kiss you as much as I can
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:41:24 PM): I want to kiss you soooooooooo much
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:41:52 PM): and then we can make out till the pizza gets there
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:41:58 PM): ya?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:42:25 PM): then eat, and make out somemore watching tv
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:42:50 PM): till we get tired, and go to sleep
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:43:29 PM): so, wonder how long we can go till we are tired
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:43:40 PM): I dont know
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:43:46 PM): i dont sleep lots
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:44:05 PM): you'll be all full of energy then
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:44:12 PM): yep
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:44:15 PM): excitement of meeting me (Jeez this guy is so full of himself.)
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:44:22 PM): yeah, you too i hope
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:44:27 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:44:37 PM): of course I will be excited
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:44:45 PM): im glad
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:45:05 PM): my penis will be rock hard too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:45:10 PM): oh ya?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:45:15 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:45:34 PM): very cool
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:46:00 PM): then in the morning when we wake up we can shower again
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:46:51 PM): and we will kiss more
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:46:56 PM): ok, so we can kiss lots theer
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:47:00 PM): nice
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:47:12 PM): yes we will kiss lots
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:47:36 PM): and I will hold you close against me
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:47:51 PM): I can wash your back
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:48:04 PM): that will be so nice i bet
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:48:15 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:48:56 PM): thats so cool
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:49:03 PM): let me check out dickinson hotels
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:49:17 PM): oh, yah
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:52:57 PM): did you find one?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:53:15 PM): I found all of them
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:53:29 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:53:56 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:54:05 PM): which one looks good
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:54:29 PM): all of them are reasonably priced
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:55:07 PM): oh cool
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:55:41 PM): i am gonna kiss you so much
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:56:00 PM): I will kiss you alot too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:56:04 PM): Ya?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:56:08 PM): I cant wait
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:56:59 PM): hello?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:57:40 PM): I was checking out the hotels
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:57:46 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:57:59 PM): the holiday inn looks realy nice
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:58:06 PM): really? cool
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:58:31 PM): yeah, they have rooms with hot tubs
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:58:41 PM): really wow!
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:58:43 PM): and a water slide
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:58:54 PM): in their pool area
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:59:05 PM): really
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:59:18 PM): I like hot tubs
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 1:59:44 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/01/08 1:59:51 PM): do you?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:00:29 PM): yes I do too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:01:28 PM): they have a pool and a hot tub?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:01:39 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:01:51 PM): the rooms have hot tubs?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:02:07 PM): some of them do
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:02:12 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:02:55 PM): yeah, I might have to splurge a little one of those nights
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:03:06 PM): ya?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:03:16 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:03:19 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:03:29 PM): get us a room with a hot tub
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:03:37 PM): that would be sooo much fun baby. I would love it.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:03:53 PM): yeah it would be
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:04:10 PM): I do need to take my shower now though baby
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:04:15 PM): why
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:04:22 PM): are you bored with me?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:04:27 PM): Its 1 in the afternoon
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:04:42 PM): so, its just me and you talking
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:04:43 PM): my mom is going to be coming over to do my dishes since I cant
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:04:55 PM): ugh
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:05:11 PM): If she wasnt I would stay on longer
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:05:41 PM): can you call me in a half hour?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:05:49 PM): idk, i will try
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:05:57 PM): i guess im gonna go get ready too
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:06:02 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:06:04 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:06:11 PM): ya
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:06:16 PM): ok, i love you too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:06:33 PM): i wish you ddint have to go
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:06:34 PM): I will talk to you later tonight if nothing else
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:06:36 PM): i missed you
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:06:42 PM): I missed you too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:06:52 PM): i totally blew off will to talk to you
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:07:06 PM): I will be thinking about you in the shower
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:07:11 PM): ya?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:07:15 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:07:19 PM): what are you gonna think about me?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:07:34 PM): how nice it would be if you were in there with me
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:07:40 PM): so we could kiss?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:07:43 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:07:54 PM): and you could wash my back?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:07:58 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:08:14 PM): and you could wash mine
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:08:21 PM): ya? I would like that baby
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:08:23 PM): so much
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:08:31 PM): and we could make love in the shower
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:08:36 PM): really?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:08:40 PM): do you want to chaz?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:08:46 PM): yes I do
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:09:05 PM): I am hard right now thinking about it
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:09:09 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:09:12 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:09:15 PM): wow
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:09:34 PM): how come?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:09:52 PM): I get excited thinking about it
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:09:58 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:10:02 PM): i love you too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:10:18 PM): i am glad
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:10:37 PM): so when you come out here?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:10:57 PM): hopefully the weekend your mom is gone
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:11:37 PM): ya
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:11:50 PM): and we can take a shower and do all that stuff.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:11:54 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:11:59 PM): really baby?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:12:02 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:12:12 PM): I want to kiss you all over
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:12:19 PM): ?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:12:23 PM): ya?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:12:26 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:12:32 PM): all over?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:12:34 PM): my face?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:12:36 PM): ha ha
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:12:46 PM): your lips your body
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:12:55 PM): your neck
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:12:55 PM): really? my body too?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:13:00 PM): nice
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:13:17 PM): I am excited just thinking about it
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:13:23 PM): are you really?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:13:27 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:13:27 PM): I like thinking about it too
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:13:50 PM): do you want to see it
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:13:57 PM): see what?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:14:04 PM): my penis
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:14:07 PM): if you want
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:14:49 PM): omg wow
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:15:13 PM): you like
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:15:40 PM): wow, i didn't know it looked like that. Thats big
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:16:06 PM): some are bigger and some are smaller
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:16:11 PM): jeez
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:16:19 PM): mine is thicker than most (No it isn't. After viewing him I realized he needed a non experienced person because a grown woman would have laughed at him.)
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:16:26 PM): really? omg
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:16:47 PM): average length though
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:16:55 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:17:03 PM): 6 inches long
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:17:17 PM): jeez, thats long chaz, thats half a foot
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:17:26 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:17:42 PM): wow baby
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:18:02 PM): Thats amazing
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:18:06 PM): idk what to say but wow
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:18:22 PM): I got you speachless (You have me laughing at you.)
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:18:26 PM): yeah, you do
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:18:28 PM): lol
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:18:34 PM): :D
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:19:19 PM): I think most guys are actually smaller, but there are some that are realy long that makes the average 5 1/2 to 6 inches
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:19:31 PM): omg, i can't even imagine.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:19:43 PM): so I am on the upper side of average
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:19:49 PM): yeah, I'd guess so
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:19:54 PM):
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:20:26 PM): I so cant wait to be with you and kiss you. I like you kissing my neck.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:20:43 PM): I cant wait either
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:21:02 PM): I thought when you said you were gonna kiss me all over you meant my face
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:21:11 PM): lol, i didnt knowyou meant neck too
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:21:33 PM): and your chest and your belly
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:21:42 PM): ha ha? ya, im ticklish
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:22:05 PM): would you like that
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:22:23 PM): yeah, if you do
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:22:29 PM): i think it sounds cool
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:22:58 PM): your going to be speachless again
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:23:02 PM): really?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:23:04 PM): how come?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:23:23 PM): because you have never expierenced that stuff befor
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:23:30 PM): I think you will like it
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:23:34 PM): what do you mean?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:23:35 PM): most people od
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:23:41 PM): i kissed before
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:23:46 PM): haveing a guy kiss you all over though
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:23:52 PM): oh, no never had that
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:23:59 PM): no one has kissed my belly
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:24:02 PM): or my chest.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:24:20 PM): i think it sounds fun
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:24:44 PM): and then seeing my penis again in the shower
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:24:50 PM): ya that too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:25:02 PM): and kissing you in the shower
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:25:07 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:25:22 PM): kissing while we are both naked
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:25:28 PM): yeah baby
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:25:36 PM): that will be nice i think
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:25:45 PM): because i love you
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:25:53 PM): and I love you
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:26:01 PM): i hope you don't tickle me when you kiss my belly
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:26:10 PM): we will see
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:26:13 PM): haha
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:26:27 PM): and my chest?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:26:32 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:26:37 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:26:41 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:26:54 PM): okay baby
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:27:24 PM): i cant wait for that
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:28:06 PM): dispite what I said earlier about wanting to wait with making love, I think we are going to, because I realy have fallen in love with you, and dont want to wait (Really? Was there ever really a doubt. NO.)
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:28:15 PM): really baby?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:28:19 PM): I love you so much too
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:28:28 PM): yes realy
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:29:03 PM): Yeah, I think thats good.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:29:18 PM): I do too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:29:28 PM): So, when you come here?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:29:51 PM): like I said the weekend your mom is gone hopefully
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:31:20 PM): Baby, you really don't want to wait? You really want to make love to me? Now?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:31:29 PM): yes I do
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:31:45 PM): I love you so much bree
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:31:55 PM): Chaz I love you so much too.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:31:59 PM): I miss you so much.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:32:07 PM): I wish so much that we could be together everyday
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:32:31 PM): so do i
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:32:38 PM): and I want to express that love for you in the ultimate way
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:32:48 PM): what is the ultimate way?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:32:54 PM): making love
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:33:27 PM): baby, i don't know much about how.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:33:35 PM): its ok
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:33:41 PM): are you sure?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:33:43 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:33:49 PM): will it hurt?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:33:55 PM): I will be gentle
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:34:01 PM): promise?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:34:03 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:34:07 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:34:28 PM): and if it hurts you too much all you have to do is ask me to stop
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:34:39 PM): okay baby
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:34:49 PM): I love you
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:34:54 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:35:34 PM): You are such a great boyfriend, i am so lucky
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:35:43 PM): I am lucky to have you too
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:36:02 PM): but I really do need to get my shower befor my mom gets here
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:36:08 PM): ok baby
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:36:11 PM): im gonna miss you
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:36:18 PM): I will miss you too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:36:21 PM): I hope you think about me lots.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:36:26 PM): I will
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:36:33 PM): yay
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:36:36 PM): i will too baby
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:36:41 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:36:45 PM): I love you too
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:36:57 PM): and any time you want to see my penis all you have to do is ask (Yes, lets all count how many times that happened. ZERO. I'd sooner ask for hot needles in my eyes.)
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:37:13 PM): lol, ok,baby, but im not gonna ask. Thats up to you.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:37:22 PM): You are the boyfriend.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:37:41 PM): my wants and needs arent the only ones that matter
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:37:49 PM): yours do too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:38:05 PM): yeah, I know but, for that, I think its up to you.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:38:16 PM): and thats how I feel.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:38:25 PM): I know
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:38:42 PM): I will make you speachless once more befor I go here (I needed a good laugh, thank you.)
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:38:48 PM): ok baby
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:39:23 PM): omg
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:39:36 PM): you like it
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:39:45 PM): w.o.w.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:40:11 PM): bye for now baby
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:40:29 PM): bye baby
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 2:40:40 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:40:45 PM): I love you too,
breeisme93 (06/01/08 2:45:52 PM): I thought you were leaving?

chaznd1974 (06/01/08 8:10:35 PM): hey baby, I am home, my parents have left, I miss you

chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:19:51 PM): hey baby wb
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:20:07 PM): Hi baby, how was your visit with your parents?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:20:21 PM): its was good
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:20:30 PM): What did you do?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:20:55 PM): just visited
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:21:00 PM): oh, okay
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:21:20 PM): how did you spend your day
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:22:00 PM): I went with Will to go see Tori, she is home. I watched a movie with her. That was it.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:22:14 PM): ok what movie
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:22:42 PM): Alvin and the chipmunks.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:23:07 PM): cool thats a good one
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:23:44 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:24:43 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria loves that movie
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:25:05 PM): plan on getting her the sound track for christmas
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:25:29 PM): really? cool
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:25:46 PM): I could have talked longer this morning, i was waiting around most of the day for my parents
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:25:57 PM): really? lol, that sucks.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:26:08 PM): I thought they said they were on their way.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:26:18 PM): yeah I thought so too
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:26:27 PM): but they went over to my sisters first
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:26:32 PM): oh okay
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:26:35 PM): played with the kids there
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:26:45 PM): I called them about 430
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:27:03 PM): they were just leaving my sisters and heading over to lowes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:27:15 PM): oh ha ha
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:27:39 PM): Well, I am glad we got to talk this morning, I missed you so much the last two days. do you think thats dumb?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:27:49 PM): so i went out to Fleet Farm and picked up this rhubarb cookbook that I wanted
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:27:59 PM): no its not dumb
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:28:05 PM): I missed you too
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:28:14 PM): and was happy to see you on this morning
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:28:45 PM): and then I have been going back and forth between my computer and the couch all night
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:28:52 PM): why?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:28:53 PM): checking to see if you were on
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:28:57 PM): oh baby
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:29:08 PM): and then sitting back down to watch tv
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:29:09 PM): you didn't go to bed?
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:29:27 PM): its 9:30 and I have not been tired yet
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:29:38 PM): really?
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:29:40 PM): thats good.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:29:54 PM): was planning on using my iced tea pot to make an iced tea blend
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:30:02 PM): but I needed to make more ice first
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:30:18 PM): I like green tea blends.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:30:31 PM): so I have also been waiting on ice cubes to freeze
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:30:49 PM): That sounds good.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:30:57 PM): I was blending earl grey and orange spice
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:31:10 PM): I never had that
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:31:27 PM): I am just trying something new
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:31:53 PM): I like that you do that, I don't try lots of new stuff, only if it looks or smells yummy.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:32:06 PM): the grocery stores here have lots of bulk tea blens that I have been wanting to try
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:32:48 PM): Thats cool.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:32:56 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:33:03 PM): they are cheap too
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:33:14 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:33:33 PM): yeah it is
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:33:44 PM): I want ice cream.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:33:55 PM): one of these days I will pick one out and make some iced tea with it
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:34:13 PM): I have vanilla and butterscotch
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:34:22 PM): I like vanilla
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:34:32 PM): Never tried butterscotch.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:34:50 PM): My mom is gonna take me in a little bit to get an ice cream
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:34:58 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria tried it for the first time last time she was here
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:35:06 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:35:06 PM): she liked it
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:35:19 PM): her mother does not like butter scotch
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:35:25 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:35:45 PM): I do though
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:36:11 PM): there are some of her tastes she gets from me
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:36:19 PM): Thats cool.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:36:23 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:36:43 PM): espeacially the ones where it is only my mom, Child's name removed by La Victoria and I that eat them
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:36:59 PM): like what
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:37:12 PM): squash for one
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:37:21 PM): I like that.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:37:27 PM): Grilled
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:37:28 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:38:01 PM): never had it grilled
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:38:13 PM): but I have done grilled sweet potatoes
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:38:15 PM): i only like my veggies like that.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:39:06 PM): we make most veggies alot of different ways
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:39:30 PM): raw, boiled, baked
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:39:36 PM): we grill some things
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:39:39 PM): i like raw and grilled
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:39:47 PM): except potatoes
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:39:55 PM): I eat those raw
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:40:09 PM): no way
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:40:11 PM): eww
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:40:42 PM): Hey, my mom wants to go soon. I need to get my shoes on.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:40:49 PM): ok baby
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:41:07 PM): I love you, talk to you tomarrow
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:41:10 PM): I love you honey.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:41:30 PM): because I will be in bed when you get back
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:42:20 PM): Okay baby, I will talk to you tomorrow.
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:42:25 PM): I hope you sleep good.
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:42:28 PM): love you
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:42:33 PM): :-*
breeisme93 (06/01/08 10:43:01 PM): Bye baby
chaznd1974 (06/01/08 10:43:09 PM): bye
breeisme93 (06/02/08 6:32:43 PM): Hey baby, I'm going for a run and work out. I will be on later. i love you.
chaznd1974 (06/02/08 8:56:43 PM): I ended up working late today, and am going in early and staying late for the next couple days
chaznd1974 (06/02/08 9:58:57 PM): I am going to bed early hun. I love you.
breeisme93 (06/02/08 11:08:59 PM): Gosh baby when am I going to talk to you? I miss you, how come you have to go in early? I love you too.
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 5:35:16 AM): hopefully we will get a chance to chat tonight after I get home. I should be home around 6:30 your time
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 5:36:01 AM): I am going in to work early because the gate area at work is behind on thier orders. I am working out there to get them caught up
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:11:52 PM): hello dear, I just got home
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:12:08 PM): Hi baby. I am glad you are home.
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:12:25 PM): ty, how was your day
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:13:00 PM): It was good, how was yours?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:13:11 PM): tireing
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:13:26 PM): I have been up since 4 this morning
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:13:41 PM): oh baby
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:13:52 PM): you should relax
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:14:04 PM): thats what I am doing right now
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:14:21 PM): I think I should just order a pizza tonight
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:14:43 PM): mm that sounds yummy
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:15:16 PM): the only reason I am not going to cook is because I am so tired from work
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:15:49 PM): and I still have to go in tomarrow morning early
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:16:19 PM): im sorry baby, wish there was something I could do
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:16:47 PM): I know, but its how things have been going in the gate area
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:17:15 PM): the guy thats supposed to be in charge of the gate area tends to be kinda lazy
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:17:45 PM): its nothing new for me to be picking up his slack
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:18:02 PM): I have been doing it for a few summers already
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:18:22 PM): Wow, you are so good.
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:18:42 PM): I am getting tired of it though
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:18:53 PM): ya, I guess I would
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:19:00 PM): But its because you are nice
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:19:02 PM): and smart
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:19:27 PM): its because they know I work fast and do know that area well
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:20:10 PM): the shop forman and I used to work out in the gate area together
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:20:42 PM): last night we covered 6 gates in 1 hour 45 min.
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:20:50 PM): is taht good?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:20:55 PM): yes its good
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:21:25 PM): no one that is out there currently could even think about getting them done that fast
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:22:00 PM): all they have to do is get a good rythum going
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:22:15 PM): its normally not that hard of work
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:22:23 PM): oh
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:22:34 PM): you should be their teacher
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:23:06 PM): I have taught most of the guys that have worked out in the gate area to cover gates
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:23:35 PM): it doesnt help when they are lazy
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:23:40 PM): ya thats true
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:24:08 PM): we lost a couple of guys in the shop recently
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:24:23 PM): where did they go
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:24:23 PM): one hadnt shown up for work in over 2 weeks
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:24:35 PM): so he got fired
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:25:06 PM): and yesturday one guy called in said he was taking the bus to work
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:25:15 PM): then called back and said he was sick
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:25:29 PM): Thats dumb
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:25:44 PM): pretty obvious he wasnt sick
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:26:02 PM): just didnt feel like working that day
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:26:08 PM): so he got fired
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:26:17 PM): dumb
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:26:22 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:26:51 PM): you have to have a good work ethic
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:27:00 PM): whats that
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:27:36 PM): it means showing up for work all the time, on time or early, unless you are realy realy sick
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:27:46 PM): and work hard though out the day
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:28:03 PM): my mom has that
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:28:11 PM): its important
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:28:29 PM): employers know who is realy sick
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:28:48 PM): I have one of the best attendance records in the company
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:29:12 PM): if I call in sick, my boss knows I feel like death warmed over
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:29:27 PM): wow
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:29:31 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:29:58 PM): yeah, I have gone into work sick befor, but it wasnt bad enough for me to stay home
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:30:11 PM): yeah, my mom too
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:30:18 PM): I go to school sick
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:30:36 PM): yup, its good to get work ethics like that now
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:31:05 PM): there are some guys at work that are alot better than others
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:31:12 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:31:50 PM): I think there are just a couple more guys in the shop that we should get rid of
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:31:56 PM): one for certain
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:32:05 PM): the other he has been getting better
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:32:38 PM): really
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:32:40 PM): so what did you do today
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:32:43 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:33:24 PM): I went through my closet to see if I could get rid of any clothes, talked to my brother, worked out for like an hour, and thats it
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:33:35 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:33:51 PM): I usually go through my closet once a year
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:34:07 PM): how is your brother doing
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:34:17 PM): Yeah, I get lots of stuff, so I need to do it more, plus I want more summer clothes.
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:34:58 PM): I think I might look for some more shirts this summer
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:35:07 PM): and maybe one pair of shorts
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:35:15 PM): Yeah, that will be cool.
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:35:41 PM): You should get brown shirts, I think you would look good.
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:36:08 PM): I wear darker green shirts alot
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:36:22 PM): and tan
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:36:26 PM): yeah, I seen your pics
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:36:41 PM): that was a ducks unlimited shirt
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:36:56 PM): the other one I like to wear is a muppets shirt
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:37:19 PM): do you know what the muppets are?
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:37:34 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:37:35 PM): they might be a little befor your time
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:37:47 PM): I know they had the new muppets tonight show
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:37:48 PM): my mom has videos from my brother
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:37:54 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:38:08 PM): I started introducing Child's name removed by La Victoria to them
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:38:17 PM): mainly because I like them still
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:38:48 PM): we went to the library once and checked out the muppet movie
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:38:54 PM): they are cool
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:38:58 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:39:21 PM): we used to do that alot, check out movies from the library
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:39:29 PM): really?
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:39:31 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:39:43 PM): yeah, its free
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:39:53 PM): cool idea
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:40:05 PM): I find old movies from when I was a kid, and want to see them again
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:40:13 PM): she ends up likeing them too
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:40:27 PM): me too
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:40:40 PM): omg My mom loved Grease, she showed me and I love it
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:40:46 PM): she loved dysneys "Flight of the Navigator"
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:41:08 PM): i never saw that
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:41:28 PM): its a cool sci-fi movie
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:41:49 PM): one of the first movies that Sarah Jessica Parker was in
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:42:08 PM): oh ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:42:36 PM): I am going to have to find that movie at best buy or someplace
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:42:43 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:43:06 PM): its a good family movie
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:43:40 PM): we also watched the Laberinth together
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:43:46 PM): she liked that
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:44:24 PM): I have that movie
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:44:38 PM): i never saw that either
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:44:41 PM): Dark Crystal is another that I need to show her
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:45:09 PM): never heard of that
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:45:13 PM): oh baby those are good family movies
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:45:28 PM): classics
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:45:55 PM): they use muppets in them
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:46:22 PM): Jim Henson and Frank Oz worked together to do alot of stuff like that
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:46:36 PM): really? thats cool I never knew.
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:47:03 PM): Jim henson was the creator of the muppets
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:47:31 PM): and Frank Oz was another person that did simalar work
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:48:00 PM): Frank Oz was responsible for Yoda from the star wars movies
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:48:16 PM): oh, i like yoda
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:48:51 PM): Frank Oz created the puppet they used and supplied the voice
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:49:12 PM): serious?
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:49:15 PM): Thats so cool
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:49:15 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:49:26 PM): I loved the one line he had but idk what movie it was
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:49:37 PM): what was the line
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:50:10 PM): Do or not do there is no try. or something like that. My brother used to tell me it lots when I was having a hard time with stuff
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:50:23 PM): Empire strikes back
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:50:34 PM): wow, you know the movies good?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:50:57 PM): I have practically memorized the first 3 star wars movies
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:51:21 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:51:24 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:51:31 PM): thats cool
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:51:41 PM): and I still watch them
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:51:58 PM): hold on phone
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:52:02 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:53:13 PM): My dad, he had found some old insurance quotes over at thier place
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:53:28 PM): wanted to know what they were
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:53:35 PM): oh
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:53:48 PM): have you thought more about moving here?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:53:57 PM): still thinking about it
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:54:11 PM): I am going to talk with my parents this weekend I hope
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:54:45 PM): want to talk to them befor I talk to Child's name removed by La Victoria
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:55:19 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:56:04 PM): trying to think about who I should order a pizza from
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:56:20 PM): or if I should just have a couple bowls of cereal
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:56:41 PM): either is yummy
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:57:06 PM): yeah I think I will save my money and just eat cereal tonight
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:57:29 PM): what kind do you have
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:57:34 PM): I am starting to feel more relaxed now
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:57:55 PM): I have generic coco puffs, and honey nut clusters
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:58:03 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:58:16 PM): I buy the bag cereals
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:58:29 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:58:45 PM): I do what I can to save money
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:59:24 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/03/08 7:59:26 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 7:59:34 PM): there are certain things I will spend extra on, but its because of needing quality
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:00:17 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:00:31 PM): like my cook wear
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:00:51 PM): I am slowly starting to get some more quality stuff thats going to last
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:01:29 PM): I bought a skillet pan recently, it cost me $50
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:01:36 PM): and that was on sale
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:01:37 PM): wow
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:01:39 PM): thats a lot
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:01:52 PM): but it has a 30 year warrenty
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:02:06 PM): oh, thats good
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:02:12 PM): yes it is
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:02:30 PM): I am going to start to buy more things of that same brand
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:02:46 PM): next thing I want to get is a small frying pan
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:03:20 PM): then a larger one
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:03:49 PM): oh, ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:04:20 PM): although I need to get a new couch or love seat soon too
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:04:41 PM): and chair
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:04:56 PM): my living room funiture is falling apart
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:05:04 PM): really? how come?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:05:08 PM): its old
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:06:01 PM): hopefully I can get it to last till next winter when I get my tax returns back
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:06:18 PM): then replace them both
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:06:24 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:07:03 PM): there are lots of larger price items that I need to get
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:07:09 PM): or want to
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:07:32 PM): I bought a new computer with my last tax returns
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:07:53 PM): the one you have?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:07:56 PM): the couch and chair I need to replace
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:08:01 PM): yes the one I have
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:08:18 PM): I could use a new shotgun
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:08:46 PM): when you consider the one I have been using is a very valuble collectors piece
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:08:57 PM): my dads old shotgun
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:09:29 PM): browning arms company quit making it, the value of the A-5 shotgun jump way up
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:09:56 PM): my dads shotgun is probobly worth 2000
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:10:02 PM): for a gun?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:10:05 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:10:27 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:10:41 PM): and I keep hunting with it
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:11:00 PM): I was turkey hunting with it this spring
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:12:07 PM): it seems like all I use for hunting is collectable firearms
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:12:48 PM): my deer rifle is 109 years old
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:12:53 PM): no way
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:13:34 PM): I looked up the serial number on the springfield armory website
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:13:42 PM): it was made in 1899
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:13:50 PM): omg, thats neat
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:14:10 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:14:18 PM): all my guns are realy old
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:14:25 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:14:37 PM): and that makes them valuble too
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:14:49 PM): how come?
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:14:54 PM): because its history?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:15:00 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:15:20 PM): my deer rifle was used in the Phillipine insurection
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:15:49 PM): I also have a M-1 30 carbine from WW II
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:16:05 PM): whats that
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:16:27 PM): the phillipine insurection or the M-1
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:17:01 PM): the m1
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:17:35 PM): its a US military rifle that was used during WW II, korea, and vietnam
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:17:59 PM): it was retired from service after vietnam
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:18:18 PM): how come?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:18:23 PM): low power
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:19:06 PM): the M-16's round has more power than a 30 carbine round
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:20:05 PM): during the Korean war, it was not unheard of for chinese soldiers to be picking 30 carbine bullets out of their winter parkas
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:20:21 PM): the round did not have enough power to penetrate the parka
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:20:40 PM): oh wow
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:21:07 PM): it worked well in vietnam because the VC were not wearing as heavy of clothes
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:21:28 PM): oh, I see. Wow thats good to know
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:22:05 PM): but with body armor becoming more prevalent in todays militaries, the 30 carbine had to be phased out
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:22:19 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:22:47 PM): the US military needs something with more power behind it
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:23:12 PM): hold on a min. I am going to pour my cereal
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:23:20 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:24:50 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:25:36 PM): it was a rainy day today here
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:26:30 PM): rained most of the day
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:27:00 PM): its raining here now
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:27:09 PM): I saw my malto meal hot cereal up in the cubbard
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:27:26 PM): I think I might make myself a bowl of that next
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:27:32 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:27:52 PM): yeah, warm me up some more
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:28:44 PM): if you hadnt been on when I got home, I was planning on taking a hot bath
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:28:45 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:28:54 PM): oh, do you want me to let you go?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:28:58 PM): no
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:29:10 PM): I will be fine
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:29:23 PM): are you sure?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:29:36 PM): I took my wet socks off so my feet are dry now
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:30:00 PM): Ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:30:22 PM): I will preferr to talk to you over taking a hot bath any day
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:30:42 PM): aww baby
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:31:03 PM): your much more important
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:31:31 PM): so are you baby
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:31:39 PM): but i hope you are warm and stuff
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:31:57 PM): I have 2 sweat shirts on still from work
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:32:20 PM): we cant weld galv pipe with the doors closed
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:32:33 PM): so it got cold in the shop
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:32:45 PM): omg
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:32:52 PM): i hope you dont get sick
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:33:03 PM): I will be fine
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:33:27 PM): but I have been in 50 degree temps all day
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:33:41 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:33:42 PM): till now
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:34:24 PM): I'll make my hot cereal befor i go to bed
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:34:51 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:34:57 PM): maybe hot cocoa too
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:35:14 PM): thats another thing I was thinking of at work
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:35:30 PM): what
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:35:45 PM): hot cocoa
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:36:08 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:36:49 PM): some of the guys were talking about hot drinks with alcohol in them
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:37:09 PM): I know I cant have that so I though hot cocoa would be good
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:37:50 PM): other wise I might have a cup of coffee with a shot of baileys irish cream in it
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:37:56 PM): I never had that
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:38:05 PM): I'm sure you havent
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:38:15 PM): but its a nice warming drink
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:39:02 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:39:40 PM): when we used to stay at the hotel in Lakota during dear season, we would eat in the reasturant at the hotel
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:39:56 PM): they have a bar there too, and I would order one
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:40:05 PM): to warm up a bit and relax
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:40:22 PM): it sounds good
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:40:33 PM): it is
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:40:49 PM): you'll have to try one when your old enough
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:41:37 PM): ha ha, ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:41:58 PM): or if we get married, we can have them some nights during the winter
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:42:29 PM): I would like that
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:42:40 PM): Do you think a lot about us being married?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:42:48 PM): yes I do
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:43:59 PM): I think about you all day long
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:44:10 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:44:11 PM): and about us
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:44:57 PM): yes, realy, when I dont have to think about my work
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:45:14 PM): thats so cool
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:45:45 PM): so how is your brother doing
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:46:12 PM): good
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:47:04 PM): thats good,going to make myself some cocoa now
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:47:19 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:51:41 PM): ok, I'm back
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:52:00 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:52:10 PM): yummy
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:52:23 PM): wheres mine?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:52:50 PM): I have more packages up in the cubbard
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:53:07 PM): lol, silly I meant did you bring me some.
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:53:18 PM): sure
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:53:45 PM): ha ha
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:54:43 PM): you are quiet baby
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:54:49 PM): sorry
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:54:52 PM): its ok
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:54:56 PM): are you tired?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:55:02 PM): kinda
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:55:09 PM): long day
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:55:09 PM): do you want me to go?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:55:21 PM): after I finish my cocoa
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:55:46 PM): so what are you doing besides talking to me
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:55:59 PM): nothing
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:56:05 PM): listening to music
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:56:29 PM): it had been taking you a while to respond sometimes so I was wondering
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:56:57 PM): oh, i had been looking at the email from my brother.
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:57:01 PM): sorry
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:57:04 PM): its ok
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:57:12 PM): i miss him
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:57:33 PM): yeah, you tend tomiss family when they move
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:57:47 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:58:20 PM): you will probobly get homesick when you go to collage
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:58:47 PM): i guess
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:59:07 PM): but it will be cool if I was with you
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:59:13 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 8:59:22 PM): that will be nice
breeisme93 (06/03/08 8:59:54 PM): ya
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:00:23 PM): I can't wait to meet you.
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:00:36 PM): I cant wait to meet you either
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:01:08 PM): to hold you and kiss you
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:01:23 PM): Yeah, that is gonna be so nice
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:01:43 PM): to walk with you, sit down and talk with you
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:01:54 PM): Yeah, that will be soooo nice
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:02:12 PM): yes it will
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:02:37 PM): and maybe you can sing for me?
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:02:50 PM): yeah, I could do that
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:02:56 PM): I'd like that.
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:03:00 PM): A pretty song
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:03:22 PM): I will have to pick a good one
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:03:52 PM): Ya, omg, we should have a song.
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:04:03 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:04:14 PM): we can pick one out together
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:04:34 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:05:09 PM): Did you ever listen to any of Pat Benatar's songs
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:05:33 PM): I heard one, but I dont remember it
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:05:59 PM): Ok, try finding Shadows of the Night
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:06:09 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:06:36 PM): its probobly my favorite song of hers
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:06:37 PM): I heard the one, love is a battle field I think
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:06:46 PM): thats a good one too
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:07:14 PM): yeah, my mom had some
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:07:21 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:07:38 PM): I heard lots of her music yesterday
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:08:12 PM): Shadows of the night is on the best of volume 1
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:08:26 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:09:43 PM): but I finished my cocoa now
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:09:55 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:09:56 PM): I am going to go to bed
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:10:00 PM): ok baby
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:10:08 PM): have to get up early again tomarrow
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:10:17 PM): ok baby
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:10:29 PM): I will talk to you again tomarrow
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:10:41 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:10:44 PM): bye
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:10:45 PM): have a good day
chaznd1974 (06/03/08 9:10:47 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:10:50 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/03/08 9:10:54 PM): bye baby

chaznd1974 (06/04/08 6:06:06 AM): I miss you baby, I am glad we got some time to chat last night
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 6:06:13 AM): I love you

chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:15:09 PM): hey baby, I am home now
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:15:22 PM): hi baby
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:15:30 PM): we finished all the gates today
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:15:57 PM): all caught up now, I dont have to go in early tomarrow
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:16:29 PM): so how was your day
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:19:01 PM): did you get booted?
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:19:11 PM): Yes, sorry
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:19:25 PM): its ok, not your fault
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:19:41 PM): how was your day
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:19:53 PM): it was good, yours?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:20:09 PM): it was good, we finished all the gates today
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:20:16 PM): great
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:20:35 PM): yup, I dont have to go in early tomarrow
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:21:01 PM): good
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:21:05 PM): get to sleep an extra hour
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:21:17 PM): and talk to you longer
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:21:23 PM): YAY
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:21:31 PM): Ty for the messages this morning.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:21:43 PM): your welcome
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:22:08 PM): so what did you do today
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:22:28 PM): Painted my nails, talked to Tori, worked out, read, and cleaned the house.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:22:41 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:23:28 PM): we actually got done earlier than expected, but I made supper and ate befor i came online
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:23:54 PM): what did you eat baby?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:24:17 PM): I just made a hamburger and some french fries
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:24:45 PM): sounds yummy
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:24:53 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:24:58 PM): it was good
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:25:04 PM): simple meal
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:25:10 PM): do you like ketchup
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:25:24 PM): I use ketchup on my burger and fries
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:25:43 PM): I have to get more actually I am almost out
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:26:15 PM): Friday night I am going to make an egg bake with Child's name removed by La Victoria
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:26:21 PM): for saturday morning
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:26:48 PM): whats an egg bake
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:27:23 PM): you tear up bread into small pieces, and put them in a cake pan or small baking pan
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:27:46 PM): add whatever breakfast meat you want and shredded cheese
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:28:24 PM): then for a full cake pan you take one dozen eggs, and some milk and mix them up
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:28:42 PM): pour this over the bread, cheese and meat mixture
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:28:54 PM): let it sit over night in the fridge
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:29:30 PM): then in the morning add one can of condenced soup(my mom uses cream of chicken I use broccoli cheese)
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:29:40 PM): spread this over the top of it
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:29:53 PM): then bake at 375 for one hour
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:30:40 PM): my parents are outside waiting for my flex money check, brb
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:31:47 PM): k
breeisme93 (06/04/08 7:33:39 PM): i need to reboot
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:34:02 PM): ok I am back
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 7:34:30 PM): let me know when you are back
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:01:28 PM): welcome back baby
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:01:50 PM): Hey baby, omg my pc is possessed.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:01:57 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:02:27 PM): i was about to remind you I dont have speakers to make pc to pc calls
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:02:41 PM): its ok, i didnt mean to hit that.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:02:50 PM): its ok
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:03:31 PM): anyway, I usually add a layer of cheese right at the end of baking the egg bake, just enough to melt on top
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:04:34 PM): I have to call the company that manages my flex account
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:04:52 PM): they only took money from what I had last year nothing from this year
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:05:45 PM): so the check was only 398, out of the 2800 I sent in a claim for
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:05:54 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:06:20 PM): yeah I am going to call tomarrow on my break
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:06:32 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:06:50 PM): see if I can get the rest of it
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:07:15 PM): for sure
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:08:02 PM): my parents put that money on thier credit card, I need it back so they can pay it off right away with out any interest
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:09:07 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:09:24 PM): so how is tori doing today
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:09:44 PM): good, alot better
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:09:56 PM): thats great
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:10:00 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:10:16 PM): what color did you paint your nails
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:10:32 PM): orange
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:10:52 PM): thats different
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:11:17 PM): ya, i wanted something different
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:11:25 PM): thats cool
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:12:15 PM): so what do you think you are going to do this weekend
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:12:42 PM): maybe watch the world cup
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:13:15 PM): soccor?
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:13:17 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:13:29 PM): ok, I never realy got into that
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:14:37 PM): I like christiano ronaldo
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:14:43 PM): I keep hearing different reports on the weather this weekend, so I am going to play it by ear
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:14:53 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:15:15 PM): the only player I have heard of is david beckom
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:15:27 PM): he is cool
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:16:24 PM): the news made such a big deal about him coming to play for the LA galaxy team that everyone know who he is
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:17:37 PM): i think his wife is cool
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:18:06 PM): yeah they made a big deal about her too
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:18:32 PM): she's hot, and used to be a spice girl
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:18:39 PM): thats about all I know
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:18:56 PM): ya I know shes a spice girl
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:19:09 PM): I know they have 2 boys
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:19:30 PM): and live near tom cruise and his wife
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:19:45 PM): really
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:19:58 PM): I know I heard that somewhere
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:20:11 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:21:19 PM): if its not raining on saturday I think I will take Child's name removed by La Victoria fishing, if it is we will do some baking
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:21:40 PM): maybe go see kung fu panda
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:22:10 PM): yeah, I want to see that. I still haven't seen Narnia
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:22:32 PM): it looks like a good movie
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:22:45 PM): which one?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:22:57 PM): kung fu panda
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:23:07 PM): we saw narnia last weekend she was here
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:23:42 PM): I havent seen any movies in the theater lately
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:23:49 PM): hold on phone
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:24:25 PM): no one there
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:24:43 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:25:28 PM): I am going to put pat benatar in the cd player again
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:25:53 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:26:34 PM): I needed some music
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:26:56 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:27:39 PM): I am going to have to do laundry tomarrow night
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:27:42 PM): brb, i need to find something to eat
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:27:45 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:31:08 PM): back
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:31:19 PM): welcome back
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:31:26 PM): my mom needs to get food here.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:31:44 PM): yeah, I need to go shoping for this weekend too
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:32:00 PM): restock the fridge
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:32:06 PM): no, we have nothing. no bread, no milk, no cereal
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:32:12 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:32:28 PM): I have some of the basics
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:32:32 PM): not me
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:33:04 PM): i am eating a cucumber and a cinnamon english muffin and a baked potato for dinner.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:33:05 PM): I need to get ketchup, cheese slices, and some veggies
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:33:44 PM): he is so self absorbed
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:33:56 PM): who?
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:34:02 PM): i meant she
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:34:05 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:34:06 PM): my mom
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:34:14 PM): sometimes she gets so busy
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:34:18 PM): with her bf
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:34:32 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:35:09 PM): do you want me to adopt
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:35:13 PM): ha ha
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:36:01 PM): are you thinking about getting a job next summer
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:36:15 PM): yep
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:36:26 PM): that will be good
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:36:34 PM): yeppers
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:37:13 PM): anything will be good too
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:37:35 PM): just so you have some spending money, and can start doing some saving for collage
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:38:35 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:38:43 PM): save up for a car, when you get your liscence
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:39:11 PM): ya that would be cool.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:39:18 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:39:31 PM): you dont need anything fancy, when you start out
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:39:51 PM): just something reliable, that can get you from point a to point b
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:40:03 PM): ya. I can't wait
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:40:17 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:40:37 PM): when do you think you are going to get your drivers permit
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:41:13 PM): idk, my mom needs to see about insurance
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:41:20 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:42:00 PM): I read an article in the paper yesturday that said that rent prices are increasing alot in dickinson
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:42:26 PM): idk
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:42:58 PM): I didnt think you would, not something that realy concerns you at the moment
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:43:08 PM): just mentioning it is all
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:43:23 PM): ya. I guess maybe I should pay attention, but I don't.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:43:48 PM): I saw the name Dickinson and started to read
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:44:03 PM): aww
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:44:29 PM): had to read it, knowing its from your area
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:44:44 PM): ya?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:44:51 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:45:12 PM): espeacially when I am thinking about moving out there
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:45:21 PM): yeah, thats true.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:46:52 PM): so what else are you doing
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:47:13 PM): nothing, my brother imd me.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:47:17 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:47:24 PM): tell him I said hi
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:47:28 PM): ha ha sure
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:47:45 PM): um andy, my boyfriend said hi. dont tell mom.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:48:09 PM): he doesnt need to know how old i am
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:48:32 PM): ya sure you dont mind
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:48:37 PM): no
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:48:49 PM): do your parents know about me
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:48:58 PM): I am sure he will be happy to know that you have a bf
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:49:14 PM): they know I chat with a nice girl on line
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:49:33 PM): have not told them how old you are, they dont need to know
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:49:42 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:50:20 PM): do they know im your girlfriend? Or just a nice girl
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:50:37 PM): they dont realy believe in online dating
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:50:45 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:51:10 PM): so if I told them you were my gf they would not think it is anything like it realy is
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:51:27 PM): Oh, okay.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:52:10 PM): have you told beth I am your bf
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:52:20 PM): or will
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:52:45 PM): mm, idk, i think she will think like your parents.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:53:14 PM): alot of people do think that way
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:53:31 PM): what about you?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:53:44 PM): I dont think that way
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:54:00 PM): I am serious about our relationship
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:54:10 PM): good. me too.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:54:25 PM): we love each other
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:54:38 PM): ya, I know I love you baby.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:54:48 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:55:18 PM): i wonder, if you will think im the person in your dream that you married.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:55:36 PM): I hope you are
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:55:54 PM): do you think maybe?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:56:09 PM): yes there is a deffinate posibility
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:56:27 PM): what if im not, but you really love me
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:56:53 PM): some of the visions I have had have not come true, this might be one of them
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:57:04 PM): k
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:57:49 PM): im listening to hannah montana right now
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:58:06 PM): still listening to pat benatar
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:58:18 PM): do you ever listen to her?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:58:36 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria does not have any of her cds
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:58:41 PM): oh
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:58:47 PM): i love rockstar
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:59:07 PM): I am sure she will get some though soon
breeisme93 (06/04/08 8:59:26 PM): I have her quote on my myspace for my headline.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:59:41 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 8:59:49 PM): going to have to look at that again
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:00:04 PM): myspace has been being dumb. I couldnt get in today.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:00:46 PM): it came right up for me
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:01:27 PM): i havent tried lately, this morning I did
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:01:33 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:01:47 PM): its up right now
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:02:13 PM): k
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:02:31 PM): im not going on right now, I will later.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:02:38 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:03:13 PM): how is your finger baby?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:03:26 PM): its getting better
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:03:30 PM): healing nicely
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:03:36 PM): good
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:03:44 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:03:57 PM): stitches out on tuesday morning
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:04:10 PM): yay
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:04:28 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:04:45 PM): get to start stretching it out after that
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:05:02 PM): ya? hey have you started working out with your friend?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:05:17 PM): not yet
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:05:32 PM): I ran 3 miles today
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:05:49 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:05:52 PM): thats good
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:05:59 PM): I like running
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:06:10 PM): I can do about 4 at a time.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:06:22 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria and I should go for a nice bike ride this weekend
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:06:32 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:06:44 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:07:01 PM): by the end of the summer I need to be able to bike 15 miles
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:07:14 PM): and run 5-10
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:07:52 PM): that would be cool
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:07:55 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:08:21 PM): I want to be able to swim 2 miles as well
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:08:47 PM): ya that would be good
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:08:53 PM): I want to do a triatholon
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:09:20 PM): really? wow
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:09:56 PM): labor day weekend my friend and I are supposed to do that
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:10:10 PM): one day we are going to swim about 2 miles
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:10:36 PM): the next day the winner gets his lead as a head start running 5 miles
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:10:44 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:11:13 PM): and the final day the winner the day befor gets his lead as a head start biking the final 12 miles
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:11:35 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:11:46 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:11:59 PM): the winner gets bragging rights
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:12:35 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:12:56 PM): so we both need to get in good shape
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:13:12 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:13:56 PM): I forgot to take my medicine
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:14:04 PM): why?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:14:23 PM): after I ate I went on line and started talking to you
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:14:39 PM): oh, will you be okay?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:14:58 PM): yeah, I just need to take it now
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:15:50 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:17:23 PM): Ok I took my pills
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:17:28 PM): k
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:18:00 PM): so, tell me more about our camping trip.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:18:31 PM): well, on saturday morning Child's name removed by La Victoria and I will leave fargo
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:19:04 PM): drive to dickenson, we'll make a stop in Jamestown to get out and stretch our legs
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:19:37 PM): stop and see the bison herd
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:19:57 PM): they just had another white buffalo calf
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:20:27 PM): thats 3
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:20:49 PM): they were surprised
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:21:09 PM): then we will continue on, and get to dickenson
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:21:14 PM): pick you up
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:21:25 PM): head out to lake patterson
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:21:37 PM): set up camp
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:21:45 PM): have lunch
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:22:17 PM): then maybe go see the dinosaur museum
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:22:34 PM): head back to camp and go swimming
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:22:49 PM): Yay, I can't wait for that.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:22:53 PM): take a nature walk
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:23:19 PM): have supper, and play some board games or other games
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:23:40 PM): then I will start up a campfire
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:24:07 PM): so we can have marshmellows, smores and hotdogs befor bed
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:24:45 PM): have Child's name removed by La Victoria go brush her teeth and I will tuck her in bed
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:25:08 PM): then we can sit, visit and kiss for a while befor we go to bed
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:25:12 PM): hold on phone
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:25:17 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:25:44 PM): telemarketer
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:26:07 PM): then we can kiss more in bed
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:26:44 PM): I'd like that
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:26:48 PM): snuggling close to each other
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:27:08 PM): ya?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:27:27 PM): holding each other
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:28:16 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:28:42 PM): running our hand up and down each others bodies
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:28:57 PM): oh, chaz that sounds nice
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:29:54 PM): then in the morning I will make my coffee, and heat up some milk for you and Child's name removed by La Victoria's cocoa
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:30:04 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:30:31 PM): and if you are awake we can kiss more till Child's name removed by La Victoria wakes up
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:30:45 PM): or 8:30 which ever comes first
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:31:10 PM): why what happens at 830
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:31:35 PM): I have to wake her up for her adhd medication
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:31:57 PM): then we can start making breakfast
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:32:04 PM): k
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:32:21 PM): I'll wake up early for sure.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:32:32 PM): what time do you usually wake up
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:33:24 PM): depends. If its something I want to do, I get up early, if I have to get up (like my one pic) then, I do whenever I need to.
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:33:38 PM): If its a whatever day, I am up by 8 or 9.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:33:52 PM): what one pic
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:34:02 PM): But if I want up early, I get up about 6
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:34:09 PM): the one of me going to work out.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:34:21 PM): I dont think I have seen that one
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:34:28 PM): really? huh.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:34:33 PM): nope
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:34:35 PM): I thought I showed you.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:34:41 PM): the 2 of you at a party
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:34:45 PM): I look totally busted, and grumpy
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:34:47 PM): the one of your messy room
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:35:01 PM): the one where you thought you looked fat
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:35:08 PM): and the one of you and your friends
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:35:22 PM): oh, then ya i guess i didnt show you.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:35:55 PM): can I open photoshare so I can see it
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:36:11 PM): ok. do you have any more baby?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:36:16 PM): not yet
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:37:29 PM): you still look beautifull
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:37:35 PM): thanks baby
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:38:04 PM): your brother got cut?
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:38:13 PM): ya, out of the pic
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:38:28 PM): yeah I see him in the background
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:38:33 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:39:06 PM): how did he get cut
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:39:42 PM): my mom took the pic wrong.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:39:50 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:39:59 PM): now I know what your talking about
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:40:39 PM): I was thinking a cut like my fingur or something less extreme
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:41:09 PM): but you just meant cut out of the pic
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:41:24 PM): oh, ha ha, yeah
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:41:55 PM): hold on a min, need to use the bathroom
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:42:09 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:43:34 PM): ok, I'm back
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:43:54 PM): k
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:44:05 PM): i wish you had more pics.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:44:29 PM): yeah I will have to talk to my parents about that this weekend
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:44:36 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:44:52 PM): send me a reminder
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:45:04 PM): ok baby
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:45:35 PM): so, are you still thinking about when you come out here?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:45:44 PM): yes I am
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:45:56 PM): I can't wait.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:46:04 PM): niether can I
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:46:16 PM): omg I cant wait for you to hold me and stuff
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:46:36 PM): I will talk to Child's name removed by La Victorias mom this weekend about switching
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:47:13 PM): and if she agrees i will be there in a couple weeks
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:47:35 PM): ok baby
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:47:44 PM): please do talk to her.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:47:48 PM): I will
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:47:48 PM): I miss you
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:48:14 PM): and if she agrees I head out right after work that friday
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:48:33 PM): when will you talk to her?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:48:41 PM): On sunday
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:48:44 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:48:56 PM): when I take Child's name removed by La Victoria back
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:49:07 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:49:23 PM): I dont need to stop if its just me, so I will drive straight there
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:49:32 PM): ok baby
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:49:41 PM): I will be so sad if you can't.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:49:49 PM): I will too
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:50:12 PM): I think about you so much. I cant wait to kiss you.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:50:20 PM): then I will pick you up, and go check into the hotel
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:50:32 PM): yay
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:50:44 PM): take my or our shower
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:50:50 PM): ya
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:50:59 PM): that seems so cool
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:51:09 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:51:26 PM): kissing you in the shower
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:51:37 PM): i think i will love that.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:51:48 PM): yeah, I will too
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:51:52 PM): i hope so
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:52:06 PM): then kiss you more when we get out of the shower
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:52:11 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:52:52 PM): sit you on the bathroom counter, have your wrap your legs and arms around me as we kiss
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:53:04 PM): that would be so cool
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:53:33 PM): are you here?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:53:39 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:54:14 PM): have you hold onto my penis
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:54:22 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:54:30 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:54:35 PM): okay baby.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:54:42 PM): if you want to
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:54:56 PM): ya, I do.
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:55:09 PM): as long as you want me to
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:55:13 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:55:17 PM): ok baby
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:55:48 PM): then we can move onto the bed
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:56:05 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:56:16 PM): and kiss more
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:56:31 PM): Oh Chaz, that would be so romantic
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:56:48 PM): yeah it would
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:57:55 PM): and if you feel ready, I will slowly put my penis inside you
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:58:19 PM): wow, really?
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:58:29 PM): its slow?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:58:45 PM): the first time I would
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:58:55 PM): how come?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:59:09 PM): so it doesnt hurt you
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:59:24 PM): oh, ok
breeisme93 (06/04/08 9:59:30 PM): thats cool baby
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 9:59:52 PM): and we will make love
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:00:14 PM): wow, baby i love you
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:00:24 PM): I love you too
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:00:44 PM): there are things I can do to make it easier to go in too
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:00:58 PM): what do you mean?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:01:24 PM): to start to loosen you up befor I put my penis in
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:01:45 PM): loosen? like what?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:02:12 PM): well I can lick you down there and put my fingurs inside you
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:02:32 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:02:36 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:02:55 PM): you'd want to do that?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:03:06 PM): yes if you want me to
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:03:16 PM): i never knew guys really did that.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:03:25 PM): yes we do
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:03:43 PM): wow
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:04:15 PM): and that helps?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:04:20 PM): yes it does
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:04:37 PM): ok baby
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:05:07 PM): but its up to you
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:05:20 PM): if you want we can wait too
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:05:31 PM): if you want to, I want to too.
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:05:41 PM): I love you baby.;
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:05:49 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:06:10 PM): I cant wait
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:06:18 PM): niether can I
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:06:34 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:06:56 PM): are you busy? lol you seem like, you talk but then you are so quiet sometimes.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:07:20 PM): sorry, starting to get tired a little
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:07:31 PM): lol, am i boring you?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:07:36 PM): but I dont want to leave
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:07:46 PM): no your not boring me
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:07:51 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:08:16 PM): I love you and want to keep talking to you
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:08:28 PM): I love you and want to keep talking to you too.
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:08:38 PM): But, if you are tired, I understand too.
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:08:49 PM): As long as you aren't getting bored of me.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:09:02 PM): yeah, its been a long day, and my meds are starting to kick in
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:09:08 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:09:31 PM): it will be nice to be with you finally
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:09:51 PM): yes baby it will
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:09:57 PM): and kiss you and everything else
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:10:09 PM): yes, shower and kissing and everything.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:10:19 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:10:29 PM): im so happy to be with you.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:10:40 PM): I am happy to be with you too
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:10:48 PM): really? good im glad
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:10:58 PM): you make me happy
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:11:12 PM): you make me smile so much
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:11:44 PM): and it will be nice to wake up next to you
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:11:56 PM): yes, in your arms
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:12:00 PM): and kiss you
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:12:06 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:12:14 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:12:19 PM): laying together at night
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:12:36 PM): ya, that will be so nice.
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:12:46 PM): kissing, talking, whatever.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:12:51 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:13:37 PM): and waking up in the middle of the night to kiss more
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:14:02 PM): Really?!!!omg that is totally romantic and cool
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:14:09 PM): yes it is
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:14:26 PM): i hope you wake up for that
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:14:44 PM): if I dont and you do, wake me up with a kiss
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:14:51 PM): ok i will
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:15:13 PM): I will wake you up the same way
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:15:22 PM): i would like that
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:15:49 PM): and then I can kiss you nice and deep
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:16:07 PM): i can't think of anything better
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:16:31 PM): roll you on top of me
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:16:39 PM): ha ha, really?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:16:53 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:16:57 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:17:29 PM): and then kiss your neck
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:17:51 PM): oooh! that sounds so good.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:18:14 PM): yes it will be
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:18:35 PM): you don't mind that I don't know much about that do you?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:18:45 PM): no I dont
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:18:53 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:19:30 PM): I might be your first and only
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:19:41 PM): huh?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:19:45 PM): I hope I am
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:19:57 PM): the only guy you ever make love to
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:20:06 PM): oh, ya
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:20:09 PM): me too
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:20:15 PM): I love you so much.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:20:22 PM): I love you too
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:21:20 PM): and while we are kissing if you want to again you can slide yourself down on me and put my penis inside you again
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:21:51 PM): really? you can do that too?
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:21:54 PM): serious?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:21:57 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:22:17 PM): wow
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:22:38 PM): it would be okay with you?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:22:41 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:23:04 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:23:44 PM): of course it would be
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:23:54 PM): ok, i didnt know.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:24:14 PM): its ok
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:24:24 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:24:41 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:24:56 PM): I love you too. So much Chaz
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:25:36 PM): what are you doing?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:25:52 PM): sitting here trying to think of what to say next
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:26:13 PM): ha ha, i thought you fell asleep.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:26:18 PM): not yet
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:26:25 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:26:41 PM): I wish you were here right now
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:26:55 PM): so do I baby, so much.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:27:15 PM): just so I could hold you close and kiss you
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:27:26 PM): i would be so happy
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:27:45 PM): I would be too
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:28:07 PM): and i could talk to you till you fell asleep.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:28:12 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:28:18 PM): and you could hold me.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:28:22 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:28:49 PM): after you graduate we can do that
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:29:02 PM): ya, i can't wait
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:29:06 PM): you could move in with me then
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:29:18 PM): really? youd want to?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:29:21 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:29:34 PM): what about that ring?
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:29:45 PM): what if its for someone else?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:29:59 PM): it would be on your finger if you moved in with me
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:30:15 PM): i cant wait to be able to see it.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:30:35 PM): if we make it that long I think it is meant to be
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:30:46 PM): i think you are right baby
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:30:58 PM): omg, and we could plan a wedding too
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:31:05 PM): yes we could
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:31:25 PM): ive already thought about the kinda dress i want
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:31:35 PM): yeah?
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:31:40 PM): yep
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:31:46 PM): cool
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:31:51 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:32:27 PM): what else have you thought about
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:33:08 PM): about getting married?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:33:12 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:33:57 PM): like who would be in it. If Tori is okay I would want her and my brother for sure
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:34:05 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:34:38 PM): my brother and your brother being the grooms party
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:34:49 PM): ya
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:35:03 PM): and i want a big party after
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:35:09 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:35:22 PM): a nice big reception
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:35:32 PM): yes and a pretty cake and good music
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:35:43 PM): hire a dj and have a dance
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:35:55 PM): oh, and I thought about like you know how the bride and groom say their vows. I want to write my own
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:35:57 PM): what flavor of cake
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:36:05 PM): cool
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:36:08 PM): vanilla, with fresh berries.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:36:19 PM): sounds yummy
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:36:36 PM): raspberries, strawberries, black berries
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:37:17 PM): its a good idea to use sheet cakes as well as a decrative wedding cake
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:37:35 PM): how come?
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:37:37 PM): less expensive that way
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:37:47 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:37:51 PM): the towering cakes can get spendy
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:38:05 PM): so everyone can have cake that way
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:38:16 PM): oh okay
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:38:25 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:38:39 PM): okay baby
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:39:06 PM): well, I'd better go soon, I know you have to go to sleep, and I need to take a shower.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:39:19 PM): ok baby
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:39:25 PM): I love you Bree
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:39:35 PM): I love you too Chaz.
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:39:41 PM): good night
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:39:45 PM): night baby
chaznd1974 (06/04/08 10:39:48 PM): sleep well
breeisme93 (06/04/08 10:39:52 PM): you too

chaznd1974 (06/05/08 7:59:10 PM): I miss you baby, hope we can chat tonight

chaznd1974 (06/06/08 6:53:56 AM): I missed you last night, maybe get to chat this weekend
chaznd1974 (06/06/08 6:54:05 AM): I love you

breeisme93 (06/06/08 9:55:50 AM): Hi baby, I missed you too. I got grounded because my mom said I was rude to her boyfriend. I should be on tonight. I love you and I really really missed talking to you.
chaznd1974 (06/07/08 8:45:37 AM): did you get grounded again last night?
chaznd1974 (06/07/08 8:46:13 AM): I miss you, hope to chat sometime this weekend. If I dont get to, I hope you have a good weekend

breeisme93 (06/07/08 4:26:17 PM): Hi baby. No I didn't get grounded, I got on and waited for you for a while but didn't see you on, so I went to Tori's for awhile. I am back there today, so Idk if I will be on later. I love you and miss you and hope you are having fun this weekend. Don't forget to ask about the 20th. My mom is gone for sure that weekend.

chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:10:21 PM): hey baby, I was just stoping by my place to pick up a movie and check mail
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:10:31 PM): hi baby
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:10:36 PM): how is your weekend?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:10:43 PM): its going good
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:11:06 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria and I went to the local family fun park and rode the go karts
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:11:17 PM): cool. Ya miss me?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:11:27 PM): she is out in the car eating ice cream right now
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:11:32 PM): yes I missed you
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:11:59 PM): cool
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:12:05 PM): what kind of ice cream
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:12:17 PM): strawberry
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:12:25 PM): yummy
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:12:37 PM): yeah we stopped at tcby
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:13:01 PM): good
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:13:36 PM): but I have to go she is waiting out there, just was checking for messages and picking up my little mermaid dvd
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:13:53 PM): ok baby
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:13:59 PM): I will be back in 3 hours
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:14:03 PM): don't forget to ask tonight about 2 weeks
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:14:08 PM): yup I wont
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:14:08 PM): i miss you and I want to see you
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:14:14 PM): I dont want to wait much longer
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:14:16 PM): I want to see you too
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:14:25 PM): Im gonna kiss you soooooo much.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:14:29 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:14:40 PM): I love you too
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:14:40 PM): I will kiss you lots too
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 5:14:44 PM): bye
breeisme93 (06/08/08 5:14:48 PM): bye baby

chaznd1974 (06/08/08 8:58:23 PM): Hey baby, I hope to see you on tonight, I talked with Child's name removed by La Victorias mom, and she agreed to the weekend trade

chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:05:51 PM): hey hun
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:06:10 PM): Hi baby, I was just responding to your IM.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:06:11 PM): Yay
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:06:23 PM): yup, its great
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:06:36 PM): I am so excited baby.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:06:47 PM): so am I
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:06:54 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:06:57 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:07:09 PM): so how was your weekend
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:07:31 PM): good, except I missed you.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:07:35 PM): how was yours?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:07:42 PM): it was good
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:08:09 PM): we had a picnic on sat
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:08:47 PM): how was it? who went.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:09:17 PM): it was fun, it was my parents, my sister and her family, and my brother
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:09:23 PM): along with Child's name removed by La Victoria and me
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:10:00 PM): the kids had fun playing on the playground stuff
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:10:11 PM): I ate alot as usual
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:10:20 PM): what did you eat?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:10:41 PM): 3 burgers, half a bag of chips and half a plate of patatoe salad
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:11:06 PM): along with some musk mellon and strawberries
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:11:30 PM): we had hotdogs and brats there too
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:11:31 PM): yummy. except the 3 burgers and potato salad.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:12:19 PM): then today we played outside at my parents place for a while, and made a rhubarb peach cobbler
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:13:11 PM): besides going and playing minigolf and riding go karts
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:13:29 PM): omg, sounds so fun
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:13:37 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:14:06 PM): it was fun
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:14:44 PM): and I cant wait till I get to see you
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:14:56 PM): omg baby, neither can I.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:14:59 PM): I love you so much.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:15:04 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:15:35 PM): So, omg, I can't believe I'm gonna be in your arms.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:15:41 PM): I get to have Child's name removed by La Victoria next weekend
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:15:54 PM): its going to be great
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:16:15 PM): what is?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:16:21 PM): being with Child's name removed by La Victoria on fathers day and getting to see you the next weekend
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:16:27 PM): cool
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:16:46 PM): I can't wait. Omg.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:17:01 PM): niether can I
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:17:28 PM): its going to be so nice to hold you and kiss you
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:17:50 PM): yes baby, i want to be in your arms.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:18:09 PM): I want to hold you so much
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:18:20 PM): me too
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:18:53 PM): its going to be so nice
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:19:30 PM): yeah it is.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:19:44 PM): I can't wait to go to the hotel with you.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:19:52 PM): you'll have to call me when I get there
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:20:13 PM): yes laying in bed with you is going to be nice
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:20:22 PM): Yes it is.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:20:46 PM): holding you in my arms and kissing you
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:21:27 PM): Yes, baby, omg I can't wait.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:21:41 PM): having you hold onto my arm as I drive
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:21:55 PM): ya, put my head on your shoulder.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:22:01 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:22:22 PM): lay on the bed and watch a movie together
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:22:27 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:22:56 PM): then on saturday we can go out to the lake
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:23:09 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:23:23 PM): or if its raining we can go swimming at the hotel
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:23:46 PM): I have some candles, we have when the power goes out. I can bring them to the hotel.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:23:56 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:24:19 PM): would you like them?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:24:22 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:24:38 PM): we could turn the lights out and light them anyway
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:24:47 PM): it would be romantic
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:24:55 PM): ya that would be so romantic.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:25:24 PM): yes it would be
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:25:43 PM): and do you still want to shower together?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:25:48 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:26:10 PM): I wont have had my shower yet
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:26:19 PM): I will need to shower
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:26:23 PM): and you can join me
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:26:24 PM): but you still do with me?
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:26:25 PM): yay
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:27:11 PM): Why are you quiet?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:27:16 PM): I dont know
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:27:42 PM): what else would you want to do
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:27:52 PM): all the stuff we talked about.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:28:11 PM): I love you so much. I just can't wait to be with you.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:28:21 PM): I cant wait to be with you
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:28:53 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:28:59 PM): I love you too.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:29:46 PM): I should bring my fishing gear too if its not raining we can go fishing
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:30:04 PM): I would like that.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:30:09 PM): I don't have a pole though.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:30:17 PM): I have extras
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:30:42 PM): I can bring Child's name removed by La Victorias for you
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:31:31 PM): Oh, don't bring hers. I don't want to use hers I don't know her.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:31:38 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:31:40 PM): do you have an extra one?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:31:47 PM): I can bring 2 of mine
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:32:20 PM): ok.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:32:32 PM): baby, can I ask a big favor, its okay if you say no.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:32:41 PM): go ahead and ask
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:33:05 PM): Can you bring that ring? So I can see it up close.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:33:13 PM): sure
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:33:17 PM): I know it may not be for me, but still.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:33:30 PM): its no problem
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:33:42 PM): thank you
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:34:24 PM): it may be for you
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:35:03 PM): time will tell
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:35:04 PM): I'm hoping.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:35:32 PM): we will see
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:35:49 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:36:33 PM): anything you want to do around town
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:37:02 PM): mm, no. I just want to be with you.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:37:06 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:38:12 PM): it will be so nice to be with you
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:38:39 PM): Yeah, it will be nice to be with you too.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:39:22 PM): just laying in bed with you will be nice
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:40:06 PM): taking a shower with you will be nice too
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:40:15 PM): Yes, that will be nice, listening to your heartbeat.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:40:26 PM): its going to be a nice romantic weekend
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:40:27 PM): Taking a shower will be so romantic, kissing you. wow
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:40:58 PM): can you call me or is your mom home
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:41:29 PM): I can't call right now, I can try later.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:41:35 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:42:02 PM): so what did you do this weekend
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:42:18 PM): went to Tori's, went to the mall, worked out, watched movies.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:42:32 PM): cool, how is tori
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:43:02 PM): She is doing okay.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:43:14 PM): thats good
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:43:52 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:44:02 PM): I brought her ice cream lol
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:44:08 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:44:19 PM): what type of ice cream
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:45:12 PM): breyers caramal and vanilla
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:45:20 PM): cool
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:45:29 PM): yeah, she liked it.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:45:39 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:45:46 PM): what did you do at the mall
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:45:50 PM): just hang out?
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:46:39 PM): yeah, walked around
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:46:42 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:47:07 PM): what movies did you watch
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:47:56 PM): cinderella story, 13 going on 30 and freedom writers.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:48:04 PM): cool
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:48:53 PM): yeah, what did you watch?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:49:10 PM): just little mermaid
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:49:38 PM): she watch finding nemo on saturday night
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:49:42 PM): I love that movie.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:49:51 PM): I saw Nemo last night too ha ha
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:49:56 PM): and I watched nationa treasuer
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:49:59 PM): national
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:50:22 PM): I love that movie
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:50:37 PM): yeah, i want to see book of secrets
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:50:49 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:51:05 PM): I also would like to see the new indiana jones movie
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:51:42 PM): I wonder what movies will be playing on cable the weekend I am there
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:51:49 PM): for us to watch together
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:52:01 PM): Oh, I know, and we could get pizza or something.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:52:07 PM): yeah we could
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:52:35 PM): if the room has a microwave we could make popcorn
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:52:42 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:54:11 PM): do you want to just stay naked after we shower?
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:54:24 PM): if you do
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:54:38 PM): it would be nice and romantic
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:54:50 PM): I think so too.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:55:58 PM): holding each other
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:56:09 PM): kissing
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:56:37 PM): yes, thats going to be so nice.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:57:20 PM): yes it is
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:57:53 PM): I get to have my stitches taken out on tuesday
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:57:58 PM): yay
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:58:10 PM): yay
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:59:25 PM): hello baby
breeisme93 (06/08/08 9:59:33 PM): hi baby
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 9:59:56 PM): I still have your pic up as my screen background
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:00:08 PM): really? aww, which one?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:00:16 PM): your messy room
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:00:22 PM): hahahahaha
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:00:27 PM): my room isnt that messy.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:00:37 PM): I should switch it to your brouther getting cut out of the pic
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:01:01 PM): why?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:01:24 PM): just for a change, but that one is kinda blurry when I put it up
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:01:31 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:01:53 PM): early morning walk is better
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:02:00 PM): ya?
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:02:02 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:02:05 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:02:09 PM): that one is up now
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:02:35 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:02:59 PM): I should tell you I do smoke, but I am working on quiting
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:03:20 PM): oh, ok. You wont smoke in the room will you?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:03:25 PM): no I wont
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:03:40 PM): I will get a non smoking room
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:03:49 PM): ok, cuz that stuff smells.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:03:53 PM): yes I know
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:04:02 PM): and I am trying to quit
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:04:26 PM): okay baby, i know its hard. i took health.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:04:35 PM): I had managed to quit for a few months last year
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:04:46 PM): wow, hat good
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:04:52 PM): no wait it was the year befor
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:04:58 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:05:28 PM): but I am going to try and get into meritcares stop smoking program
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:05:39 PM): get a little bit extra help
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:05:56 PM): oh, okay thats good.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:06:01 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:06:20 PM): I am tired of the addiction
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:06:43 PM): I still support peoples right to smoke if they choose, but I want to quit
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:06:49 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:07:29 PM): my antidepressant is starting to kick in
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:07:34 PM): oh, okay.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:07:41 PM): baby, um one more question?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:07:44 PM): but I am going to stay up for another hour
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:08:05 PM): ok ask as many questions as you would like
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:08:19 PM): I have nothing to hide from you
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:08:22 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:08:53 PM): so when you come, you know how we talked about doing stuff. Um, I don't want to get preggers, so......
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:09:04 PM): yeah I know
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:09:19 PM): I can pick up some protection
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:09:26 PM): befor we go to the hotel
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:09:27 PM): ok good
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:09:52 PM): or you can now, so people dont see you here.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:09:54 PM): getting it
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:10:19 PM): whichever.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:10:20 PM): lol
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:10:27 PM): Its not like they would know who I am
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:10:29 PM): I just didn't know how to ask.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:10:30 PM): lol
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:10:40 PM): its ok
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:11:24 PM): ha ha, i get embarrassed asking that.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:11:32 PM): dont worry
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:11:39 PM): I love you so much.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:11:41 PM): its going to be nice just being with you
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:12:01 PM): Yeah, I want to do all that stuff we talked about. i can't wait .
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:12:02 PM): even if we dont do anything, although we are planning on it
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:12:12 PM): I just dont want to sound...dumb.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:12:32 PM): its not dumb, its smart to think about protection
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:12:38 PM): okay
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:12:41 PM): I have been thinking about it too
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:12:59 PM): I never did anything, so thats okay, but you know.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:13:07 PM): yes I know
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:13:20 PM): i cant wait to with you.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:13:29 PM): I love you Chaz.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:13:37 PM): yes we have so much in common
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:13:44 PM): yeah, we do.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:13:47 PM): I love you too bree
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:14:03 PM): i hope you like my kisses lol.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:14:49 PM): it sucks that we will have to wait 3 years to be married, but at the same time it doesnt, because we will know for certain if we are meant for each other by that time
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:15:10 PM): I was thinking the same thing. Divorces suck, so this way we will know before we do.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:15:18 PM): yes we will
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:15:31 PM): we will know what eachother likes, an doesn't like.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:15:46 PM): yes, we are already finding those things out
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:16:06 PM): Yeah, we are.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:16:33 PM): and I will find out how you like fishing and camping this summer
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:16:44 PM): ya, that will be fun
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:16:50 PM): yes it will be
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:17:10 PM): and we will get to make love again when we are camping
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:17:18 PM): under the stars?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:17:34 PM): we could
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:17:45 PM): that would be romantic
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:17:52 PM): if we can find a private area out there
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:18:09 PM): after Child's name removed by La Victoria goes to bed, sneak off and make love
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:18:13 PM): okay.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:18:24 PM): or we can just make love in the camper
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:18:47 PM): that would be good too, if you want.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:18:50 PM): befor we go to sleep and then befor Child's name removed by La Victoria wakes up
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:18:53 PM): no bugs lol.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:18:57 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:19:17 PM): cool.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:19:22 PM): are there lightning bugs out there
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:19:34 PM): I think it would be cool for Child's name removed by La Victoria to catch some
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:19:35 PM): ya what about htere.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:19:43 PM): not in town
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:20:13 PM): I saw some out at a state park in MN that is close to fargo
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:20:48 PM): they had tons in wisconsin
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:21:07 PM): we didnt see any when we were there
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:21:28 PM): lots in genoa city
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:21:37 PM): we were in the dells
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:21:48 PM): i think there are more people there.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:22:14 PM): although next time we go I plan on stopping for the night befor we get to the dells
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:22:25 PM): so its not such a long day in the car
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:22:32 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:22:51 PM): stop just inside wisconsin and set up the camper
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:23:05 PM): the camper will be easier to set up and take down
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:23:18 PM): dont have so much to pack into the car again
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:23:41 PM): so we could get back on the road right after breakfast
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:23:44 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:24:54 PM): if we get married we should try for a nice long family vacation like that every couple of years
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:25:22 PM): That would be a good idea. And the other years we can take small little ones.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:25:29 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:25:42 PM): thats what I am doing with Child's name removed by La Victoria right now
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:25:59 PM): now that I have a week of vacation time during the summer
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:26:02 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:26:25 PM): out trip out west is our small weekend one
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:26:53 PM): next year i would like to take her to the black hills of south dakota I think
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:27:13 PM): see mount rushmoore and reptile gardens
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:27:22 PM): That would be great.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:27:33 PM): the trout hatchery in spear fish
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:27:44 PM): huh?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:27:59 PM): my parents took us out to the black hills
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:28:08 PM): we stayed in spear fish sd
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:28:16 PM): oh, cool.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:28:16 PM): they have a trout hatchery
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:28:24 PM): you can feed the trout
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:28:27 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:28:37 PM): its realy cool
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:28:51 PM): and we could pick you up along the way
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:28:59 PM): I'd love taht baby.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:29:01 PM): I love you.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:29:06 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:29:11 PM): I want to be with you whenever I can.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:29:25 PM): that will be a week vacation
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:29:34 PM): leave on sat morning
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:29:56 PM): stop in dickinson that afternoon and stay over night
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:30:15 PM): sunday continue on to spear fish
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:30:27 PM): spearfish
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:30:50 PM): then on monday we can go see mount rushmoore
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:31:03 PM): tuesday reptile gardens
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:31:14 PM): That would be fun
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:31:29 PM): I would be better at cooking by then too, so I could help a lot more.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:31:30 PM): find something to do each day
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:31:36 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:31:45 PM): it will be nice
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:31:59 PM): yes. sit outside, kiss you, hold you hang out and play games.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:32:12 PM): you will just have to pack enough clothes for a week
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:32:17 PM): I can do that.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:32:31 PM): yup it will be a nice vacation
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:33:24 PM): I will have to bring a couple rolls of quaters with, if I remember right you have to pay for the showers in spearfish
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:33:50 PM): oh, okay
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:34:14 PM): it was a long time ago when I last stayed there
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:34:31 PM): hold on I want to get a glass of water
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:34:39 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:35:09 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:35:14 PM): wb
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:35:17 PM): ty
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:36:02 PM): you relaxing baby?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:36:08 PM): yes I am
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:36:16 PM): good
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:36:43 PM): typical male, sitting here with my pants undone
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:36:47 PM): lol
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:36:53 PM): lol, thats cool baby
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:37:33 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria was asking me why i was not wearing my shoes or sandles in the backyard today
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:37:45 PM): I told her I like to go barefoot
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:37:59 PM): oh, she never noticed before?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:38:14 PM): I am sure she did, just never asked
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:38:20 PM): oh lol
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:38:29 PM): cute story from this weekend
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:38:43 PM): I was helping my dad install a new walk door on thier garage
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:38:53 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria was outside playing
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:39:28 PM): I had just gong to check on her,when I got back my dad was looking for his hammer, asked if I could see it
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:39:38 PM): It was above the door
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:40:03 PM): anyway, Child's name removed by La Victoria came over and asked because she heard we were looking for something
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:40:23 PM): at this time I had taken the hammer down and it was sitting on the step stool
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:40:39 PM): she asked what we were looking for
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:41:02 PM): my dad, joking with her said his hammer and asked if she could find it
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:41:22 PM): she starts looking all over the place, even looking at the hammer on the step stool
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:41:37 PM): I asked her if she knew what a hammer was
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:42:09 PM): she says,"yes" and points to the hammer on the step stool, then goes to look some more
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:42:22 PM): my dad and I both just cracked up
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:42:45 PM): ha ha
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:43:10 PM): it was realy funny
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:43:28 PM): lol, I bet.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:43:43 PM): hey, I told you about those tomatoes we planted just as seeds into the garden
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:43:50 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:43:57 PM): 3 of them finnaly poped out
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:44:20 PM): really??????? awesome
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:44:24 PM): hopefully they will get to produce yet this year
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:44:33 PM): they are a bit behind
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:45:02 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:45:31 PM): yes, this is the first time we planted tomatoe seeds into the garden
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:45:48 PM): usually we get plants that are already started
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:46:19 PM): oh really?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:46:22 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:46:37 PM): the other tomatoe plants we have were already started
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:47:06 PM): and they have established thier roots in the garden now and are starting to grow more
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:47:37 PM): wow. I want to see that sometime.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:48:03 PM): well hopefull I will be able to have a garden when I do get a house
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:48:29 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:48:51 PM): my dad was talking to a guy that is remodeling a house today, the guy is a teacher in west fargo who is doing it just for something to do
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:49:43 PM): I am going to ask my dad if the guy is planning on selling it when he finishes
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:50:06 PM): that would be cool
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:50:29 PM): yes it would be, it has a nice big back yard
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:50:46 PM): its a smaller house but thats ok
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:50:52 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:51:14 PM): it had a stone grill in the back yard
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:51:22 PM): that would be so good for you.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:51:36 PM): yes it would be
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:51:44 PM): I wouldnt want a gas grill
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:51:49 PM): why
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:51:59 PM): I preferr charcoal
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:52:09 PM): so does Child's name removed by La Victoria
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:52:37 PM): my parents just like the convienience of gas
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:53:00 PM): they have had gas grills for a long time
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:53:18 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:53:21 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:53:31 PM): i love bbq food.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:53:35 PM): so do I
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:53:37 PM): omg especially steaks.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:53:40 PM): and veggies
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:53:46 PM): yes steaks are good
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:54:07 PM): I have only cooked potatoes on the grill so far
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:54:18 PM): omg, try squash.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:54:26 PM): I should
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:54:28 PM): and corn
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:54:41 PM): my parents have done corn on the cob
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:55:09 PM): its good
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:55:25 PM): yes it is
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:55:47 PM): going to have to try making squash
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:55:52 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:56:01 PM): if not maybe we can when we go camping.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:56:08 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:57:02 PM): I can't wait for that.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:57:14 PM): yes neither can I
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:57:30 PM): I know we are gonna have so much fun
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:57:43 PM): And I can't wait for us to be taking a shower together.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:57:59 PM): yes that going to be so nice
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:58:12 PM): yes it is.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:58:17 PM): like kissing in the rain
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:58:24 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:58:43 PM): i hope i make you happy.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:58:49 PM): I am sure you will
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:58:54 PM): I already am
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:59:27 PM): ya? Im just worried, cuz I never did before. i hope i don't mess up.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:59:39 PM): dont worry
breeisme93 (06/08/08 10:59:48 PM): promise?
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:59:51 PM): it will be fine
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 10:59:58 PM): yes I promise
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 11:00:23 PM): I love you, whatever happens thats not going to change
breeisme93 (06/08/08 11:00:36 PM): Me too baby.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 11:00:39 PM): I love you so much.
breeisme93 (06/08/08 11:01:04 PM): i want to hold your hand in the car.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 11:01:23 PM): yes I do too
breeisme93 (06/08/08 11:01:27 PM): are you still gonna kiss me in the elevator
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 11:01:44 PM): what elevator?
breeisme93 (06/08/08 11:01:58 PM): hotel, you said you were gonna kiss me in a elevator
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 11:02:13 PM): no we never talked about an elevator
breeisme93 (06/08/08 11:02:22 PM): ye baby
breeisme93 (06/08/08 11:02:38 PM): you said a week ago if we got a hotel you would kiss me in the elevator
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 11:02:50 PM): I didnt know the hotel had an elevator
breeisme93 (06/08/08 11:02:57 PM): you said if it did
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 11:03:24 PM): I dont remember, but yes if it does I can kiss you in the elevator
breeisme93 (06/08/08 11:03:30 PM): I know what you said, because I kept thinking how lucky I was that you are so romantic
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 11:04:04 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 11:04:20 PM): I need to get going to bed now hun
breeisme93 (06/08/08 11:04:40 PM): fine
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 11:04:41 PM): getting realy tired and it is 10:00
breeisme93 (06/08/08 11:04:48 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 11:04:52 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/08/08 11:05:03 PM): I love you too,.
chaznd1974 (06/08/08 11:05:07 PM): good night
breeisme93 (06/08/08 11:05:14 PM): night
chaznd1974 (06/09/08 7:23:03 AM): hope you have a good day hun, I love you
chaznd1974 (06/09/08 10:39:03 PM): I miss you baby, but I am going to bed, hope to talk tomarrow
breeisme93 (06/10/08 2:43:29 AM): Hi baby, I'm sorry I wasn't on. I got sick and had to go to the hospital for not drinking enough water. They gave me an iv and i went home and slept.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 2:43:43 AM): I love you, hope you have a good day. I can't sleep now lol
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 7:58:58 AM): I am glad you are ok, I hope you are feeling better. I love you talk to you tonight
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:23:22 PM): Hi baby
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:41:10 PM): Hope I talk to you soon. I love you.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:43:08 PM): hey
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:43:19 PM): how are you
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:43:23 PM): Hi baby
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:43:29 PM): I'm okay, how are you?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:43:53 PM): ok something is wrong with my messenger, I am not seeing any posts
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:44:03 PM): not yours not mine
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:44:26 PM): really?
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:44:36 PM): I can see everthing
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:45:14 PM): I am going to try restarting my computer, be back in a bit
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:48:05 PM): ok now lets see if I can see
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:48:07 PM): it works
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:48:14 PM): Yay
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:48:17 PM): Can you see me?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:48:37 PM): yes I can see what you are saying
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:48:41 PM): okay
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:48:58 PM): how are you feeling today
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:49:33 PM): Tired, but better. What about you?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:49:41 PM): I am doing good
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:49:49 PM): had a good day at work
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:50:12 PM): Really? I am glad
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:50:48 PM): yup, it rained bad yesturday, but today it just drizzled some
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:51:20 PM): So, you aren't like all cold now are you?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:51:29 PM): no
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:51:32 PM): I am fine
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:51:46 PM): Good. So, you still excited about next week?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:51:50 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:52:05 PM): I think about it alot
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:52:05 PM): Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:52:13 PM): ya?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:52:18 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:52:44 PM): I love you baby.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:52:48 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:53:17 PM): Im gonna make you a present for when you come.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:53:21 PM): I learned how
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:53:26 PM): I cant wait to hold you in my arms
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:53:29 PM): Me too.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:53:34 PM): Guess what I'm gonna make.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:53:40 PM): I would have no idea
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:53:45 PM): A blanket.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:53:51 PM): cool
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:53:55 PM): So when you get cold, you can use it and think of me.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:54:03 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:54:08 PM): that will be nice
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:54:22 PM): I love you. I just want to do nice stuff for you.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:54:29 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:54:58 PM): brb baby
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:55:01 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:55:19 PM): I missed you last night
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:57:40 PM): I missed you too.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:57:58 PM): I am so glad you are ok
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:58:27 PM): Me too, I was so worried that you would worry. I just couldn't get online, I was really sick. I got a bruise on my arm now.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:58:41 PM): from the IV?
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:58:46 PM): yep
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:59:07 PM): thats too bad, but it will go away
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:59:11 PM): Ya.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:59:20 PM): I feel better now so thats good.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 8:59:24 PM): I got so sick.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:59:25 PM): yes it is
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 8:59:45 PM): I make sure I drink plenty of water during the summer
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:00:19 PM): Ya, I will do better.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:00:20 PM): when I get home form work on a hot day the first thing I do is get a tall glass of water
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:00:31 PM): I am gonna carry a bottle around with me.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:00:42 PM): and I make sure I drink 2 befor I go to bed
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:01:30 PM): I know all about dehidration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:01:45 PM): I have had heat exhuastion a few times
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:01:58 PM): Really?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:02:02 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:02:30 PM): I watch myself realy carefully now
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:02:52 PM): if I start to feel or notice signs I go and stand in front of a fan
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:03:17 PM): Hmm, I guess I should have done that.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:04:00 PM): there was one day a couple of summers ago, when I left work early, went to my parents place, because it closer
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:04:09 PM): and checked my temp
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:04:20 PM): I was 103
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:04:31 PM): omg
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:04:37 PM): I was overheating badly
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:05:10 PM): I went and took a shower and slowly lowered the temp of the water
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:05:28 PM): Omg, thats scary.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:05:34 PM): yes it is
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:05:53 PM): but i got myself cooled off
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:06:33 PM): Thats good. I threw up.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:06:41 PM): thats not good
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:07:11 PM): I got my stitches out today
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:07:55 PM): Are you scarred? I mean did you get a scar?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:08:10 PM): Its not fully healed yet
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:08:22 PM): I dont know if there will be a scar
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:08:38 PM): Oh.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:08:46 PM): Is it like bloody still?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:08:59 PM): but I pulled off alot of the dried up skin around it and it looks better
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:09:17 PM): it still has some scabbing on it
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:10:06 PM): I will most likely have a light scar there
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:10:13 PM): aww.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:10:35 PM): its ok
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:10:41 PM): doesnt bother me
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:10:59 PM): Yeah, I know. I am still glad it wasn't worse.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:11:07 PM): so am I
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:11:38 PM): So did you eat dinner yet.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:11:42 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:11:50 PM): what did you eat?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:11:56 PM): left over pizza
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:12:08 PM): Can we have pizza when you come here?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:12:13 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:12:31 PM): who has the best pizza there
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:13:16 PM): here its a local pizza house called duanes
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:13:43 PM): Idk, we only get pizza hut usually.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:13:49 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:13:57 PM): Is yours good?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:14:06 PM): one of my uncles was duanes brother
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:14:19 PM): yes Duanes is the best pizza
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:14:20 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:14:22 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:14:35 PM): I like lots of sauce and cheese on mine
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:14:41 PM): Duane passed away several years ago from a heart attack
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:15:15 PM): pizza hut here in fargo barely puts sause or cheese on theirs
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:15:57 PM): I tend to order duanes or happy joes
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:16:07 PM): they sound yummy
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:16:20 PM): yup they are
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:16:37 PM): duanes has its own sauce recipe
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:16:51 PM): its one of the things that makes them so good
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:17:05 PM): I want to taste it. It sounds yummy.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:17:21 PM): you will get a chance to someday
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:17:25 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:18:03 PM): just a week and a half to go till I get there
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:18:29 PM): Omg, I can't wait.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:18:54 PM): I found some camoflauge material to make your blanket. its east to do, I just cut and tie it together.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:19:04 PM): cool
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:19:36 PM): yeppers
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:19:47 PM): I was gonna surprise you but I got too excited
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:19:54 PM): thats ok
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:20:19 PM): I just cant wait to be with you
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:21:01 PM): sorry, my pc froze for a sec
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:21:06 PM): thats ok
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:21:13 PM): I can't wait to be with you either.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:21:32 PM): cuddling up together watching a movie
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:21:35 PM): maybe if feels my heart beating
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:21:39 PM): yep
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:21:51 PM): The pc freezes when I think about you lol.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:21:59 PM): lol
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:22:07 PM): hahahhaa
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:22:30 PM): holding you close to me in the shower
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:22:46 PM): kissing you in the shower
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:22:48 PM): Oh, yes baby.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:22:59 PM): kissing you on the bathroom counter
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:23:08 PM): kissing you in bed
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:23:50 PM): Yes, sooooo much.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:24:25 PM): wakeing up next to you
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:24:38 PM): Yes, in your arms.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:24:48 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:25:00 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:25:34 PM): making love to you
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:25:43 PM): Yes, I want that
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:26:24 PM): your ready to loose your virginity
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:26:39 PM): To you ya, I love you.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:26:47 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:27:03 PM): Then yeah, I'm ready. Are you?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:27:10 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:27:16 PM): ya?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:27:37 PM): I lost mine a long time ago, but I am ready to make love to you
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:28:04 PM): I'm glad.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:28:23 PM): I love you so much
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:28:50 PM): Baby I love you more than anything.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:29:12 PM): I am hard right now thinking about it
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:29:24 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:29:28 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:29:33 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:30:03 PM): you thinking about when you saw it the first time
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:30:10 PM): yep
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:30:52 PM): cant wait to see it in person
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:31:07 PM): lol
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:31:12 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:31:38 PM): I am glad
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:32:00 PM): Ya?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:32:03 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:33:19 PM): I cant wait to give you kisses, and pleasure
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:33:41 PM): I can't either. Idk what to expect, but I love you so much, I am just happy.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:34:01 PM): I love you too, and am happy you are happy
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:34:53 PM): I am soooo happy
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:35:14 PM): I am happy too
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:36:06 PM): I am going to be all dorky talking to you.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:36:20 PM): why do you think that
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:36:31 PM): I will probably be quiet at first, and then not shut up.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:37:10 PM): we will have lots of time to talk inbetween deep kisses
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:37:25 PM): Yeah omg, I can't wait
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:37:54 PM): I cant wait either
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:38:49 PM): My pc is being a butt
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:39:02 PM): that sucks
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:39:05 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:40:24 PM): keeps locking up on you?
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:40:27 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:40:36 PM): just for a bit and then it starts again
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:40:58 PM): at least it doesnt crash
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:41:26 PM): ya that would suck
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:41:31 PM): yes it would
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:42:15 PM): Omg, I want to plan my hair and everything for you
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:42:37 PM): dont worry, you will be fine to me
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:42:42 PM): however you look
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:42:53 PM): but I know its a girl thing
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:44:06 PM): I just look forward to being with you
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:45:06 PM): Ya, it is a girl thing. I want to see you smile when you see me. I want you to say, wow she took time to get ready for me.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:45:19 PM): Cuz Im probably gonna look funky in the morning.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:45:41 PM): you should see my hair first thing in the morning
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:46:12 PM): haha really?
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:46:21 PM): guess I will see it on saturday morning.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:46:46 PM): but then I take a shower, shave, comb my hair, and I look good again
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:47:22 PM): and on sunday morning
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:47:24 PM): Ya, you do look good!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:47:39 PM): ty, you do too
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:47:49 PM): aww ty baby
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:48:31 PM): you are welcome
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:48:52 PM): Chaz, I love you so much. I hope I make you happy!!
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:49:01 PM): you already have
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:49:04 PM): I can't wait to be with you, and then camping after.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:49:07 PM): omg, I am so lucky
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:49:19 PM): I am lucky too
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:49:59 PM): ya
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:50:02 PM): ?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:50:12 PM): to have you as my gf
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:50:32 PM): I am so lucky to have you as a boyfriend.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:50:33 PM): you are a wonderfull girl
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:51:24 PM): we will probobly stay up past midnight on fri night
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:51:40 PM): ya, I hope so.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:52:04 PM): talking, watching movies, kissing, making love
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:52:20 PM): Yes, baby. I can't wait.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:52:26 PM): And I hope you like my present.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:52:35 PM): I'm sure I will
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:52:42 PM): its from you
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:52:55 PM): You can take it camping with us if you want.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:52:59 PM): I will
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:53:34 PM): we can cover up our legs with it at night when we sit by the camp fire
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:53:49 PM): Yeah that will be cool.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:53:57 PM): yes it will
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:54:08 PM): I cant wait to stick food in the fire.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:54:29 PM): we will get to do that
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:54:33 PM): yay
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:55:57 PM): we can make love again in the morning befor we shower together again
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:56:35 PM): Ohh, Chaz, I would love that.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:56:42 PM): I hope I dont mess up lol.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:57:04 PM): dont worry, just do what feels right
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:57:29 PM): okay baby
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:57:41 PM): do what feels good
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:57:47 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:58:40 PM): and it gets better the more you do it with one person
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:59:08 PM): really?
breeisme93 (06/10/08 9:59:10 PM): how come?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:59:30 PM): you get to learn how the other person moves
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 9:59:39 PM): what they like and dont like
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:00:04 PM): its just getting to know each other
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:00:11 PM): oh, thats true.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:00:20 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:00:37 PM): getting to know each other in an intimate way
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:00:49 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:01:35 PM): I cant understand people that want to try and have sex with as many people as they can and not settle down with one person
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:02:14 PM): I wouldnt like that.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:02:26 PM): thats what I want
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:02:53 PM): Yeah, I just want to be with one person.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:03:08 PM): so do I
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:03:31 PM): ya, im glad.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:03:46 PM): I might have a surprise for you too that weekend
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:03:59 PM): ya?
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:04:02 PM): can i have a hint
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:04:02 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:04:06 PM): nope
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:04:13 PM): going to keep it a surprise
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:04:26 PM): ppppleeaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:04:45 PM): nope
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:04:49 PM): tiny one?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:05:22 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:05:28 PM): its in 2 pieces
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:05:33 PM): ??
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:05:55 PM): thats your hint
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:06:09 PM): nnnoooo
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:06:12 PM): more please.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:06:26 PM): you will just have to wait
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:06:37 PM): one more hint baby please
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:06:54 PM): anymore and it would give it away i think
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:07:26 PM): tiny one please
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:07:54 PM): ok I think I can come up with another realy vague one
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:08:07 PM): 7 parts of it are round
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:08:15 PM): thats hard
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:08:40 PM): I dont want to give it away
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:08:52 PM): pplleeasse
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:09:00 PM): nope thats it
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:09:12 PM): aww
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:09:16 PM): :(
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:09:20 PM): sorry
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:09:35 PM): lol, maybe tomorrow you will tell me more.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:09:46 PM): I do know you will love it
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:09:53 PM): ya?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:09:57 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:10:02 PM): what color is it.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:10:06 PM): not saying
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:10:11 PM): ugh
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:10:35 PM): hold on a min. bathroom
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:11:08 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:12:14 PM): ok I'm back
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:13:00 PM): yay
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:13:02 PM): I need to get knew work boots soon
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:13:15 PM): I have a blister on the bottom of my foot
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:13:36 PM): ouch baby
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:13:48 PM): yes it hurts when I walk
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:14:03 PM): I bet, I hate those.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:14:09 PM): so do I
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:14:23 PM): used to get them alot when i went roller skating
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:15:06 PM): I got them running.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:15:31 PM): yeah, I can immagine you would get them with that to
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:15:33 PM): too
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:16:00 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:17:10 PM): so what did you do today then
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:17:32 PM): I slept, and I read and I thought about you.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:17:46 PM): thats nice
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:17:53 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:17:58 PM): I am glad you got extra sleep
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:18:13 PM): ya my mom said i had to.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:18:33 PM): did it get realy hot there yesturday?
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:19:02 PM): not really, but the dr said I didn't have enough water.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:19:10 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:20:10 PM): I have been drinking my rhubarb iced tea at work this week
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:20:43 PM): is it sweet?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:21:00 PM): I put some sugar in it
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:21:19 PM): oh
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:21:25 PM): can I try it when we camp?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:21:28 PM): sure
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:21:34 PM): I can bring some with
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:21:51 PM): Okay.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:21:54 PM): I will probobly have some with me when I go see you
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:22:07 PM): Oh, I would like that. What does it taste like?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:22:12 PM): for something to drink along the way
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:22:23 PM): like rhubarb and tea
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:22:31 PM): I never tasted rhubarb.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:22:39 PM): Can I taste some when you come this time.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:22:43 PM): rhubarb has its own flavor
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:22:47 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:22:55 PM): I'd like that.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:23:39 PM): I will take a couple water bottles with it in
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:23:50 PM): okay
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:24:09 PM): I don't know what rhubarb tastes like. Is it like strawberry?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:24:15 PM): no
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:24:23 PM): its realy tart by itself
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:24:26 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:25:32 PM): the way I made the tea was perfect, just enough rhubarb and tea flavor
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:25:53 PM): not too sweet
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:25:54 PM): you are making me thirsty.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:26:06 PM): and it is very refreshing
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:26:15 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria liked it too
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:26:41 PM): yeah? cool, then I am sure its good.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:26:52 PM): yup it is
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:27:13 PM): I have to make more tomarrow night
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:27:30 PM): I am out
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:27:59 PM): Okay baby
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:28:19 PM): then you can show me how.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:28:26 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:28:37 PM): I can show you when we are camping
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:28:41 PM): okay
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:28:49 PM): it just takes a while
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:29:00 PM): because the rhubarb has to simmer for an hour
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:29:39 PM): the tea only for 20 min
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:29:47 PM): oh, i didn't know you cooked it.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:29:49 PM): then it has to cool
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:30:29 PM): yup, you have to cook the rhubarb so it softens up and you can get the flavor of it out
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:30:51 PM): ooohh.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:31:38 PM): I had a dream the other night that my family opened its own reastraunt
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:32:06 PM): my brother and I cooked, my mom baked, and helped with cooking
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:32:12 PM): and my dad ran the books
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:32:28 PM): really? I bet you'd be sooo good at ti.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:32:31 PM): it
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:32:42 PM): I handled the meats
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:32:56 PM): my brother handled fruits and veggies
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:33:39 PM): Ya? I bet your family would make a good restarant with how much you like to cook.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:33:46 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:34:07 PM): my dad thought it would be a cool idea for us to do at one time
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:34:24 PM): when they found out I could cook realy well too
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:34:51 PM): my brother is just starting to develop his cooking
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:35:28 PM): he is getting better
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:35:46 PM): his broccoli salad is realy good
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:37:11 PM): sorry, my whole pc froze again brb
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:37:15 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:41:18 PM): back
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:41:25 PM): welcome back
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:41:43 PM): ty. I drank wayyyy to much water.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:41:53 PM): thats good though
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:42:02 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:42:03 PM): at least your not dehydrated
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:42:06 PM): yep
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:42:36 PM): I love you
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:43:54 PM): so yes it would be cool to start our own reastraunt
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:44:20 PM): I love you too. I think you would be smart to do the restaurant
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:44:21 PM): just a little family restraunt
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:44:35 PM): like a cafe
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:45:19 PM): my mom would need someone to pass her baking secrets on to
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:45:39 PM): ya?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:45:42 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:45:50 PM): she would be able to do it forever
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:46:10 PM): although her mom kept doing it for a long time
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:46:12 PM): who will she give them too.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:46:21 PM): I dont know
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:46:37 PM): my sister is realy busy, with her family and being a doctor
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:47:02 PM): my brother and I both are not very good at baking
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:47:12 PM): maybe you
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:47:22 PM): wow, I would be honored.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:47:48 PM): they are family recipes
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:48:11 PM): for pie crust, lefse, things like that
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:48:28 PM): my sister helps make lefse
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:48:30 PM): whats lefse?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:49:21 PM): its kinda like a realy flat potatoe pancake
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:49:28 PM): I guess
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:49:39 PM): its a norwigian food
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:49:49 PM): oh, I never even heard of it.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:49:52 PM): she learned how to make it from my dads mom
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:50:00 PM): and brought it to her family
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:50:19 PM): my mom is full blooded german
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:50:30 PM): my dads mom is norwiegian
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:50:44 PM): thats cool.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:51:22 PM): its surprising to find someone up in this area of the country that doesnt know what lefse is
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:52:21 PM): we put butter and sugar on it, roll it up and then eat it
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:52:39 PM): some people eat it with lutefisk
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:53:02 PM): thats another norwiegian food
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:53:05 PM): its a fish
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:53:55 PM): cod, cured in lyme, completely dried, so all the lyme is out of it, and then rehydrated
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:54:09 PM): wow, you do need to open a restaruant
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:54:42 PM): we couldnt cook lutefisk there
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:54:50 PM): my brother is allergic to fish
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:55:10 PM): really? all fish?
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:55:12 PM): if we searved fish it he could not work there
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:55:21 PM): pretty much
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:55:28 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:55:51 PM): just the smell is enough to give him a reaction
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:56:11 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:56:43 PM): yeah, my parents are glad I have my own place so they can come over to have fish every now and then
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:56:51 PM): I bet.
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:57:00 PM): Ugh, I'm sleepy lol.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:57:10 PM): I was about to say the same thing
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:57:18 PM): hahaha
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:57:27 PM): I need to go to bed so I can get up in the morning for work
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:57:33 PM): Okay baby.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:57:39 PM): I love you
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:57:42 PM): good night
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:57:45 PM): I love you too baby.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:57:49 PM): :-*
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:57:50 PM): Have a good day.
chaznd1974 (06/10/08 10:57:55 PM): you too
breeisme93 (06/10/08 10:57:57 PM): :-*
breeisme93 (06/12/08 2:43:41 PM): Hi baby. Did you miss me yesterday? I got grounded again. I hate my mom's bf. Anyhow, I will be on tonight for sure. I hope your day was good. Oh, I got your blanket done.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 7:33:41 AM): I missed you last night, I love you
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:15:49 PM): hello dear, I just got home
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:16:03 PM): Hi honey
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:16:15 PM): yes I missed you last night
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:16:19 PM): Okay
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:16:24 PM): I missed you so much.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:16:40 PM): my day yesturday was ok, it rained most of the day
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:17:00 PM): How is your finger?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:17:02 PM): today it was nice for most of the day
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:17:04 PM): its good
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:17:24 PM): it dried out a bit too much and the skin cracked open
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:17:43 PM): I put some salve on it and a bandaid
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:17:55 PM): Oh, thats good.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:18:27 PM): my sunglasses are done, I have to pick them up after work tomarrow
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:18:45 PM): Okay baby, then what are you gonna do?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:19:00 PM): go pick up Child's name removed by La Victoria from my parents place
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:19:09 PM): have supper
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:19:34 PM): after she goes to bed I will be on here
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:19:36 PM): so, we probably won't be able to talk much this weekend huh?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:19:52 PM): just in the evenings
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:20:23 PM): how was your day today
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:20:32 PM): Okay, I will look for you. If you are busy thats okay, I don't want to interrupt your time.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:21:12 PM): thank you, my time with Child's name removed by La Victoria is important to me
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:21:36 PM): I know, besides, I get you the whole next weekend after.
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:21:38 PM): Yay
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:21:43 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:22:10 PM): I think I pulled a muscle in my sholder today at work
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:22:21 PM): are you okay
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:22:32 PM): my left sholder is a little sore
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:22:48 PM): Oh, you should put something on it.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:23:09 PM): it will be ok, I'll just take some ibuprphen
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:23:27 PM): are you sure?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:23:37 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:23:47 PM): Okay baby.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:23:55 PM): I was lifting heavy steel today
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:24:08 PM): Why?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:24:11 PM): making some hitch plates for a truck
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:24:33 PM): Oh
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:25:03 PM): I am almost done with them, I need the truck now for some hole locations
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:25:19 PM): Oh, idk what that means.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:25:29 PM): its ok
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:25:54 PM): basically I need the truck so I can get some mounting holes in the right spots
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:26:13 PM): oh, okay
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:26:39 PM): after that I can finish welding it
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:27:00 PM): and someone else gets to make the bed
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:27:36 PM): our new aluminum welder is pretty reliable for showing up everyday
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:27:52 PM): I am still the back up
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:28:07 PM): I am the back up for
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:28:29 PM): Thats cuz you are the best.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:28:41 PM): its because I know how to do everything
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:28:51 PM): Yeah.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:28:53 PM): hold on phone
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:28:57 PM): kk
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:29:07 PM): never mind, no second ring
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:29:32 PM): You know what you are the best at?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:29:42 PM): in the shop?
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:29:45 PM): no
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:30:00 PM): being a dad, and loving you
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:30:17 PM): Yeah, I was gonna say being a boyfriend.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:30:42 PM): my boss likes that I can do so many different things
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:31:10 PM): although I get stretched thin sometimes
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:31:50 PM): I hope I get a good raise this year
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:32:15 PM): I have been doing alot of extra stuff around the shop
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:32:32 PM): and if i do it will mean I can come and see you more often
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:32:52 PM): So, you aren't gonna take the job out here?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:33:07 PM): I talked to someone who used to work out there
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:33:38 PM): he said dont if you value your life, alot of the guys that work out there come to work drunk or high
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:33:49 PM): or both
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:33:53 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:34:26 PM): thats why this guy had quit
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:34:44 PM): oh, okay
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:35:30 PM): if they other people that worked out there were sober I think I would try for a job out there
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:36:26 PM): between the extra money so I can come back to see Child's name removed by La Victoria everyother weekend, and you being out there
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:36:54 PM): it would be worth it
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:37:23 PM): Yeah, and lots of nights, I could go to your place and make you dinner or at least be there when you came home.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:37:30 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:37:49 PM): I would give you a key
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:37:55 PM): Spend as much time as possible with you.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:38:08 PM): yeah it would be nice
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:38:15 PM): Yeah it would.
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:38:20 PM): I love you.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:38:25 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:38:43 PM): So do you have fun plans for the weekend?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:39:10 PM): the weather is supposed to change for the better now, so we might go fishing
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:39:25 PM): cool. I hope we get to too.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:39:31 PM): so do I
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:39:56 PM): I plan on going over to my parents early on sunday morning to cook breakfast
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:40:04 PM): what are you gonna make?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:40:10 PM): I dont know yet
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:40:29 PM): i was thinking an egg bake and rolls
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:40:50 PM): but my dad might preferr bacon and eggs or sausage and eggs
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:41:07 PM): I like bacon.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:41:16 PM): I like them both
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:41:35 PM): and I made both of them
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:41:51 PM): the breakfast sausage and the bacon
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:42:03 PM): what do you mean?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:42:30 PM): I mixed the seasonings into the sausage, and I cured and smoked the bacon
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:42:38 PM): wow
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:42:42 PM): serious?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:42:47 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:43:04 PM): I told you I make all my own sausage
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:43:17 PM): and I know how to cure bacon
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:43:31 PM): its not hard it just takes a long time
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:43:41 PM): I knew about the sausage, I didnt know about the bacon.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:43:48 PM): bacon has to cure one day per pound
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:43:58 PM): Is there anything you don't know?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:44:08 PM): I cant do surgery
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:44:10 PM): lol
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:44:27 PM): and I am not the best at bakeing
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:44:28 PM): lol
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:45:18 PM): but yes there are alot of things that I do know how to do
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:45:32 PM): thats so cool
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:46:01 PM): yup, and I am so proud, Child's name removed by La Victoria is starting to remember different animals
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:46:18 PM): what?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:46:47 PM): she sometimes cant remember what type of bird or bear she sees on tv or outside
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:47:08 PM): we were watchin funny animal videos on tv tonight
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:47:19 PM): and I asked her what an animal was
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:47:26 PM): she told me it was a bear
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:47:34 PM): and I asked her what type of bear
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:47:44 PM): she sais a polar bear
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:47:48 PM): she was right
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:48:02 PM): thats cool
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:48:09 PM): yes it is
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:48:32 PM): she sometimes can identify a duck species
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:48:47 PM): Thats cool, I couldn't do that.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:49:13 PM): I work with her on it, and I encourage her to ask questions
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:49:29 PM): my dad tells her to ask me
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:49:45 PM): because I know more than he does when it comes to wildlife
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:50:07 PM): Really?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:50:11 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:50:33 PM): my nephew the brain is catching up to me though
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:50:53 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:51:04 PM): wildlife seems to be his passion too
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:51:15 PM): thats cool
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:51:19 PM): yes it is
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:51:43 PM): I can talk to him about that stuff almost on the same level
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:51:57 PM): how old is he?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:52:05 PM): but its good because he can learn from me
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:52:09 PM): 10
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:52:29 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:52:36 PM): he is a grade ahead of his age
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:52:45 PM): what grade?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:52:46 PM): so is his sister
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:52:53 PM): he is in 5th grade
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:53:09 PM): he'll be in 6th next fall
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:53:25 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:53:30 PM): same grade as Child's name removed by La Victoria
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:54:13 PM): all 3 of those kids are brains
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:54:32 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:54:42 PM): but if you look at their parents it makes sence
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:54:42 PM): I thought I was smart lol.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:54:54 PM): my sister is a doctor
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:55:28 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:55:36 PM): my brother in-law dropped out of collage, but could go back for one year and graduate with a bachlors in 7 different fields
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:55:55 PM): jeez
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:56:17 PM): yeah, both parents are super smart too
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:56:38 PM): wow, so are you.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:56:51 PM): something kinda funny
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:57:07 PM): I decided to try out student congress one year
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:57:24 PM): my sister was already in it, and she was in the senate
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:57:39 PM): I got entered into the lowest house
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:57:55 PM): I won that house with a commanding lead
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:58:14 PM): my dad was in the back of the theater when they were giving out award
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:58:27 PM): standing next to one of the other coaches
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:58:52 PM): when they said my name, the other coach said,"oh god,not another one."
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:59:05 PM): hahahahh
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:59:26 PM): Meaning another Lippert in student congress
breeisme93 (06/12/08 8:59:41 PM): thats funny.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 8:59:51 PM): yes it is funny
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:00:08 PM): I also did some speach
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:00:22 PM): and just like my sister I excelled at that too
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:01:11 PM): my second tournament was EDC(eastern dakota confrence) the qualifier for state
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:01:27 PM): I bet your parents are proud of you.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:01:32 PM): in my speach division, I made alternate for state
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:01:56 PM): yes, they just wish I would have finished collage
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:02:08 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:02:26 PM): my speach coach was extatic
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:02:48 PM): I bet
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:03:27 PM): she had asked me to enter so the edc could send one more person to state, she didnt expect it to be me
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:03:57 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:04:22 PM): I only had one tournament to learn how things went with speech
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:04:40 PM): Wow, thats great.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:04:59 PM): yeah it was great
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:05:24 PM): so what did you do today then
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:06:22 PM): I worked out not like I normally do, just a bit. I went to Tori's, and then I cleaned my room, and worked on your present.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:06:33 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:06:49 PM): how is tori doing
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:06:49 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:06:59 PM): she is doing better.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:07:06 PM): thats good
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:07:33 PM): Yeah
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:08:34 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria and I could look for a hunting pouch for my dad on sat, as a fathers day gift
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:08:49 PM): I got the idea last winter
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:08:57 PM): to look for one for him
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:09:01 PM): what it that?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:09:06 PM): I have one and I love it
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:09:46 PM): its a bag that attaches to my leg and waist, that I carry some of my extra gear in
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:10:40 PM): I put my deer tag in it, my field saw, latex gloves, first aid stuff, and wet wipes
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:11:11 PM): I can carry extra shells in it too
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:11:36 PM): do you use all your guns at the same time?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:11:46 PM): no
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:12:12 PM): just carry the rest of the box in my pouch
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:12:22 PM): how many guns do you have total?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:12:35 PM): me I own 3
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:12:55 PM): We don't have any.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:13:21 PM): I have the 2 I told you about and I inherited my grandfathers 22 rifle
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:13:37 PM): Oh, wow.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:13:55 PM): yeah, it is also very old
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:14:06 PM): but incredibly acurate
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:14:21 PM): you aren't gonna bring any with you when you come are you?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:14:25 PM): I can remember shooting gophers with it
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:14:27 PM): no
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:14:37 PM): no reason too
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:14:39 PM): I don't like them.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:15:23 PM): thats ok
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:15:38 PM): I never really been near one lol.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:15:59 PM): from what you have told me about your family I am not surprised
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:16:23 PM): my family is into hunting though
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:16:31 PM): so I have guns
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:16:32 PM): Yeah.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:17:00 PM): I still want to get a couple of newer guns
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:17:12 PM): a new shotgun and deer rifle
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:17:34 PM): because the ones i use are so old and should be put away just on display
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:17:42 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:18:01 PM): I wouldnt mind getting a pistol or 2 also
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:18:12 PM): but they are not a big deal
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:18:37 PM): I had a 45 long colt revolver at one point
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:19:16 PM): I want to try harvesting a deer with a pistol someday
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:20:08 PM): I have been bow hunting a couple of times when I should have had a pistol
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:20:17 PM): because the deer was too close
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:20:52 PM): couldnt even bring the bow up, the deer was walking past me at less than an arms length
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:21:47 PM): so what would have happened?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:22:28 PM): if I had had a pistol I could have just shot from the hip and gotten it, no real need to aim when its that close
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:22:49 PM): but with my bow there was no way I could have drawn it back
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:23:08 PM): would have had better luck trying to stab it with my knife
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:24:47 PM): but it was a doe, and she had a fawn with her, she bolted as soon as she got right next to me
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:24:54 PM): she smelled me
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:25:20 PM): the faun is the baby right?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:25:21 PM): and they ran past me and then stopped about 40 yards out
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:25:26 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:25:42 PM): its spots were gone at that time of the year
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:26:20 PM): why do they go away?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:26:58 PM): early in the year the fawns have spots to help with camoflage
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:27:15 PM): the adults have bright yellow or reddish coats
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:27:21 PM): so they stand out more
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:28:14 PM): if a preditor approaches the doe tries to get it to follow her, she can easily loose it once she has led it far enough away from the fawn
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:28:31 PM): thats why the does have bright coats
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:28:44 PM): wow I didn't knowthat
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:28:53 PM): later in the year the coats turn dull brown almost grey
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:29:04 PM): so both can hide better
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:29:10 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:29:58 PM): animals are my thing
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:30:27 PM): Thats neat to know.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:30:31 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:31:09 PM): its difficult to actully see fawn early in the year
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:31:23 PM): they stay hidden mostly
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:31:56 PM): I would have to spend an entire day out in the woods to hope to see some
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:32:06 PM): and hardly move the entire time
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:32:26 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:32:42 PM): although Child's name removed by La Victoria and I were lucky in wisconsin last summer
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:33:07 PM): we were walking down to the lake early in the day, and we spoted a doe and fawn
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:33:09 PM): there are lots there.
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:33:23 PM): when we lived there deer would just walk up the road.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:33:45 PM): we have them in fargo too
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:34:23 PM): Fargo actually opened up part of the city for a speacial bow season
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:34:37 PM): to reduce the number of deer in the city
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:34:38 PM): eww, Chaz, thats still sad.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:35:32 PM): some people were complaining about it when it was first proposed, but archers are very good at making a clean kill
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:35:44 PM): so the animal does not suffer
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:36:44 PM): So, it doesn't hurt?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:37:11 PM): it would still hurt them for a little while, but they die in under a minute
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:37:26 PM): bet that minute sucks.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:38:05 PM): they have enough adrenaline going through them I doubt they know they were hit
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:38:37 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:39:55 PM): can you tell yet why I am the person my nieces and nephew and my daughter turn to about questions regarding wildlife
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:40:35 PM): Yeah, thats why I am asking too. If I ever have to do a report on that stuff for science, I'm calling you.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:41:01 PM): it just comes naturally to me
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:41:17 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:41:53 PM): yup, and I love it too
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:42:05 PM): its just incredibly interesting to me
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:42:39 PM): you are good at it
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:43:18 PM): yeah, I am
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:43:56 PM): I think I might bring the Yahtzee game camping
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:44:04 PM): I like that.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:44:15 PM): yeah its fun
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:44:19 PM): I have checkers here, should I bring them to the hotel?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:44:29 PM): if you want to
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:44:45 PM): Only if we aren't gonna fish.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:44:45 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria is realy good at checkers
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:44:51 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:45:35 PM): we also play this outdoors trivia game called camp
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:45:50 PM): there are different leavels of questions
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:46:11 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria plays at the beginners level or level 2
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:46:18 PM): I play on level 4
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:46:23 PM): what is it?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:46:37 PM): its called Camp
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:46:43 PM): but how do you play
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:46:59 PM): you roll dice to go around the board
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:47:19 PM): if you land on a green set of tracks you get a question
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:47:32 PM): if you answer the question right you roll again
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:47:51 PM): white tracks and its the end of your turn
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:48:07 PM): there are go to club house spaces too
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:48:24 PM): then you go to the club house and read a fun fact
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:48:40 PM): first one back to camp wins
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:49:12 PM): there is a short cut but you have to have gotten a compass quetion and answered it right to use it
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:49:35 PM): I think it will be easier for me to get it if I see it.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:49:44 PM): probobly
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:49:57 PM): but its fun and educational
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:50:25 PM): hey baby, i got a few minutes before dinner. Can I call you?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:50:34 PM): sure
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:50:57 PM): I have my phone right here
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:51:15 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 9:52:49 PM): omg, time flies when I am talking to you
breeisme93 (06/12/08 9:53:59 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:00:13 PM): it was nice to talk to you on the phone again
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:00:24 PM): you too!!
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:00:31 PM): I cant wait to see you.
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:00:32 PM): omg
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:00:45 PM): I cant wait to see you either
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:00:55 PM): the week will be over soon though
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:01:29 PM): Ya, I am going to a party at Beth's house Saturday night.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:01:41 PM): thats cool
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:02:09 PM): that will be fun for you, except seeing other couples there
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:02:32 PM): yeah, but knowing you will be here sooon, makes it okay
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:02:43 PM): thats good
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:04:02 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:04:10 PM): I should maybe bring the camp game so you and I can play that if its raining too
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:04:41 PM): ohh, that will be cool, then I won't look dumb when we are actually camping and playing it.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:04:52 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:05:02 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria loves the game
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:05:27 PM): thats cool
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:06:01 PM): wow we are getting some severe weather right now
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:06:14 PM): most of its passing south of fargo though
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:06:17 PM): its raining here too
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:06:46 PM): in MN they are getting hail and some reporst of cloud rotation
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:06:59 PM): should you get offline?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:07:19 PM): no I am fine, i will hear the tornado alarm if there is one
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:07:32 PM): its less than a block from my apartment
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:07:54 PM): okay
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:08:28 PM): so what are you 2 having for your late supper
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:08:36 PM): chicken enchiladas
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:08:43 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:09:19 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria and I are going to go grocery shoping after I get off work tomarrow
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:09:38 PM): Okay, I probably wont talk to you til monday huh?
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:09:45 PM): along with picking up my sunglasses
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:09:56 PM): will you be on after 8 tomarrow
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:10:05 PM): probably
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:10:23 PM): because Child's name removed by La Victoria will be going to bed around that time
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:10:45 PM): remember thats 9 for us
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:10:46 PM): oh, okay baby
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:12:15 PM): so we could talk then, and then on sunday after 6:30 your time
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:12:42 PM): okay baby
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:12:57 PM): I'm gonna go eat now baby.
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:13:03 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:13:14 PM): I will talk to you tomarrow night then
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:13:30 PM): Okay baby. I hope you sleep good
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:13:33 PM): I love you
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:13:39 PM): I love you too
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:13:43 PM): sleep well
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:13:51 PM): bye
breeisme93 (06/12/08 10:13:56 PM): bye
chaznd1974 (06/12/08 10:13:59 PM): :-*
chaznd1974 (06/13/08 7:30:45 AM): hope you have a good day dear, I love you.
breeisme93 (06/14/08 11:06:02 AM): Hey you, hope your day yesterday was good. I hung out with Beth and Tori, Tori feels good enough to go to the party tonight..yay. I didn't get home in time to talk to you. I miss you. and will talk to you tomorrow.
chaznd1974 (06/14/08 10:17:40 PM): hey baby, my day was good today, Child's name removed by La Victoria and I found my dads fathers day gift.
chaznd1974 (06/14/08 10:18:05 PM): glad to hear tori is feeling well enough to go to the party tonight, I hope you have fun.
chaznd1974 (06/14/08 10:18:25 PM): hope to talk to you tomarrow night. I love you.
chaznd1974 (06/16/08 6:40:41 AM): I was hoping you would be on last night, but I guess we will just talk tonight, I missed you. I love you.
breeisme93 (06/16/08 5:32:07 PM): Hi baby, I missed you so much. I hope you had a fun weekend. I didn' want to interrupt you. I love you. I am going tonight over to Beth's aunts house. Her aunt has the coolest clothes but she kinda gained weight and doesn't fit into them so she is giving them to me and Beth and taking us out to dinner. I love you an I will talk talk to you either tonight or tomorrow.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:19:15 PM): hey baby, my weekend went well with Child's name removed by La Victoria, I hope you had a good weekend too
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:20:03 PM): today was a long day at work, the gate area again. I was there at 6 am and did not leave till 6:30 pm
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:20:59 PM): it got hot out today too, not realy complaining, because after last weeks rains, the warm weather and sun is good for the plants.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:21:42 PM): I am going to take a shower now and start on my laundry, I will check my computer off and on to see if you are on
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:21:45 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:45:17 PM): Hi baby
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:45:39 PM): I miss you.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:50:51 PM): I miss you too
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:51:06 PM): Hi baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:51:21 PM): how have you been
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:51:31 PM): Good, except I have missed you.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:51:48 PM): I have missed you alot too
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:51:58 PM): I am tired from work today though
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:52:17 PM): You should rest, I saw on your offline you had to work lots.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:52:30 PM): I started my laundry, but I sat down for a bit to rest befor my shower
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:52:39 PM): Guess what
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:52:44 PM): what
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:52:50 PM): 3 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:52:56 PM): yes I know
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:53:04 PM): are you as excited as I am?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:53:12 PM): yes I am excited
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:53:31 PM): finnaly will get to meet you in person
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:53:48 PM): I know. You aren't gonna be too tired are you baby?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:54:06 PM): I will make it there, dont worry
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:54:22 PM): I'll get some good sleep tonight
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:54:31 PM): Okay baby.
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:54:40 PM): I am so excited.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:55:12 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria and I went to see kung fu panda on sunday
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:55:22 PM): lucky, how was it?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:55:30 PM): it was realy good
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:55:40 PM): deffinately one I am going to buy
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:56:02 PM): I want to see it.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:56:19 PM): is it showing in dickinson?
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:56:48 PM): idk, but there is a carnival at the mall where the theater is this weekend
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:57:07 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:57:25 PM): we should go to that
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:57:42 PM): if you want to we can.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:58:03 PM): it sounds fun
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:58:10 PM): Not friday, I think you will be tired. Saturday we could ya?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:58:18 PM): yeah saturday
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:58:35 PM): it will be late when I get there on friday night
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:59:11 PM): what is the weather supposed to be like there this weekend
breeisme93 (06/17/08 8:59:44 PM): idk, i haven't asked my mom
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 8:59:50 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:00:28 PM): can you give me 20 min. so I can take a shower real quick
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:00:41 PM): ya, if im not on, I will be in like an hour.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:00:48 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:00:53 PM): see you in a bit
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:00:57 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:01:02 PM): I love you too
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:22:43 PM): ok I'm back
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:22:51 PM): I feel better now
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:23:01 PM): im glad. BRB
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:23:04 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:27:56 PM): ok back
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:28:13 PM): did you miss me?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:28:18 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:28:50 PM): Are you feeling better?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:28:56 PM): some
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:29:14 PM): I dont feel all greasy and sweaty anymore
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:29:28 PM): I feel clean
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:29:44 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:29:49 PM): I had a little bit of supper at my parents afterwork
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:30:14 PM): went there because it was closer, and I needed some rest befor going home
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:30:31 PM): aww baby you need sleep.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:30:49 PM): yes, but i need to finish my laundry first
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:31:08 PM): getting your stuff ready for here?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:31:32 PM): I will pack some clothes on thursday, and fill up my car
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:32:02 PM): I will make some rhubarb tea tomarrow
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:32:42 PM): Yay, I can't wait. I want to taste it.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:32:55 PM): its good
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:33:25 PM): the garden is coming along well now with the sun coming out finnaly
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:33:52 PM): That is so cool I planted some wild flower seeds and they are growing too.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:34:02 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:34:48 PM): one of our tomatoe plants has a tomatoe already
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:35:02 PM): Oh, baby, our neighbors had a break in yesterday
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:35:13 PM): oh no
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:35:51 PM): yep, so my mom is making me stay at her boyfriends apartment for the weekend, so can you get me there?
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:36:00 PM): they wont be there
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:36:02 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:36:14 PM): I dont know either address
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:36:36 PM): oh, i can give you his now if you want. I wrote it down
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:36:42 PM): thats ok
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:37:16 PM): you can call me around 8 on friday and let me know then
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:37:33 PM): but how will you know how to get there?
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:37:37 PM): idk directions
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:37:52 PM): I'll have to figure out the streets there when I get there
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:39:21 PM): if I can figure it out, I will have to meet you at a gas station or something thats near his apt
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:39:42 PM): im not walking in the dark by myself
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:40:05 PM): it shouldnt be dark when I get there
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:40:32 PM): what time are you gonna get here?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:41:01 PM): I am thinking I should get there around 8 or 9
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:41:24 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:42:54 PM): I am hoping I wont be so tired tomarrow after work, I want to go to the store and get some cream for strawberries, and some cucumbers
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:43:15 PM): for what?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:43:26 PM): just to eat
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:43:41 PM): i mean for us or for you silly
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:43:43 PM): I've been hungry for cucumbers lately
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:43:48 PM): for me
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:44:03 PM): but I can get some for us too
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:44:08 PM): oh, i thought you were bringing some for us. I love that stuff.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:44:45 PM): strawberries are on sale right now
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:44:49 PM): really?
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:44:50 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:45:18 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:45:47 PM): are you bringing your poles?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:45:59 PM): yes I am
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:46:07 PM): yay
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:46:20 PM): i dont want to look dumb when we go camping.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:46:23 PM): lets hope the weather is nice
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:46:26 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:46:35 PM): what time do you have to go home sunday?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:47:07 PM): I should leave by 2 in the afternoon
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:47:12 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:47:39 PM): then, you can come out again right? I dont have to wait till camping to see you again do I?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:48:08 PM): yeah you will, I will need to save up again for camping
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:48:20 PM): huh?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:48:26 PM): save my money
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:48:35 PM): for what?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:49:15 PM): for gas to drive out there and to pay for camping, the zoo, dinosaur museum
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:50:05 PM): I will be trying to come out to see you once a month
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:50:48 PM): Yay, cuz I would miss you a lot baby.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:51:04 PM): yeah, I will miss you too
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:51:58 PM): I'll have to get a battery for my bike, so gas to go out there wont be as expensive
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:52:14 PM): yeah that will be good
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:53:00 PM): yeah, just have to pack a duffle bag and secure it to the back of my bike
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:53:10 PM): that will be good.
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:53:11 PM): brb
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:53:16 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:55:48 PM): ok back
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:56:01 PM): is your laundry done?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:56:05 PM): welcome back
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:56:20 PM): I am going to have to go check it soon
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:56:34 PM): one load still has to go in the dryer
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:56:45 PM): my mom wants me to go to the store with her.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:56:49 PM): but thats just jeans and I have one clean pair
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:56:53 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:57:08 PM): will you be on later?
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:57:23 PM): I should, if not I will talk to you tomarrow
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:57:29 PM): okay baby
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:57:31 PM): I love you.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:57:40 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:57:49 PM): I can't wait til Friday
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:58:00 PM): neither can I
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:58:26 PM): the drive is going to seem alot longer than 4 hours
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:58:35 PM): ya, the wait will too.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:58:46 PM): yes it will
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:58:50 PM): i'll call you a couple times.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:58:58 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:58:59 PM): if I have enough minutes
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:59:08 PM): true
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:59:12 PM): for sure at least once
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:59:20 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:59:25 PM): ok, shes hollering. I love you gtg.
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:59:32 PM): ok I love you too
chaznd1974 (06/17/08 9:59:34 PM): bye
breeisme93 (06/17/08 9:59:38 PM): bye
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 6:31:06 PM): I had a much better day today, I got the gate area caught up, and ahead a little
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 6:31:25 PM): didnt have to work real hard, just kept a steady pace
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 6:32:00 PM): I am going to grill tonight for supper, talk to you hopefully when I get back in
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 6:32:03 PM): I love you
breeisme93 (06/18/08 6:48:36 PM): Hi baby, I guess you are grilling. Sounds yummy I hope you sign on soon. I miss you.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:02:21 PM): hello dear, I am on now
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:02:28 PM): finished eating supper
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:02:32 PM): hi baby
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:02:40 PM): I'm going to be eating mine soon.
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:02:46 PM): I bet yours was better.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:03:04 PM): I grilled a couple of chicken breasts
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:03:15 PM): yummy
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:03:18 PM): what are you having
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:03:30 PM): chicken tortilla soup and salad.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:03:38 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:03:55 PM): yeah I think the grilled chicken breasts are better
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:04:09 PM): I like this soup though, its really good.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:04:18 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:04:43 PM): I just feel so much better than yesturday
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:04:50 PM): I am so glad.
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:04:58 PM): I hate when they make you work so much.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:05:08 PM): it has to be done
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:05:20 PM): tomarrow should not be too hard
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:06:04 PM): I will be back in the gate area again, but the work schedule out there looks better now
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:06:39 PM): I have to put a truss support on a couple of large sliding gates and then build and cover 3 more gates
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:07:10 PM): myself and one other guy built and covered 8 gates today
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:07:42 PM): and I got 2 more built that are due on friday
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:08:15 PM): Wow. I don't know what it all means, but it seems hard.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:08:28 PM): I didnt have to work hard today
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:08:41 PM): I should not have to work hard tomarrow
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:09:09 PM): I just have to keep a steady pace
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:09:14 PM): I hope you dont have to work hard Friday.
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:09:27 PM): I don't want you to be real tired.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:09:29 PM): I shouldnt have to
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:09:43 PM): I am keeping ahead of the work orders now
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:10:31 PM): oh, ok
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:11:14 PM): I felt fine coming home today, and it feels good to be ahead of schedule
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:11:30 PM): its relaxing
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:11:43 PM): Im glad
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:11:58 PM): so is everyone at work
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:12:05 PM): ha ha
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:12:07 PM): i bet
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:12:57 PM): hopefully the guy that is supposed to be running the gate area is done now, and I can get a new guy trained in, and he will have my work ethic
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:13:29 PM): i am glad you are so good at your work,
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:13:35 PM): yes I am
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:13:42 PM): not like some people who are lazy and make others do there jobs
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:13:50 PM): My mom has someone like that at her work.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:13:56 PM): yeah we have some of those at my work too
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:14:25 PM): thats the reason I have been out in the gate area so much lately
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:14:42 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:15:38 PM): the guy that is supposed to be doing that job, shows up late most of the time, didnt show up at all today
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:16:13 PM): and he does not work very hard when he is there
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:16:56 PM): sorry, my soup was ready
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:17:01 PM): thats ok
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:17:29 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria got me a tie died shirt for fathers day
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:17:50 PM): really? cool, I want to see it.
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:18:07 PM): You can wear it camping.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:18:27 PM): I am wearing it now
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:19:02 PM): what do you think
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:19:13 PM): I love it
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:19:18 PM): Its cool colors
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:19:28 PM): its deffinately colorfull
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:19:38 PM): ha ha
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:19:53 PM): I should have gotten a hair cut last weekend
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:20:15 PM): I like your hair like that.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:20:31 PM): I like to have it a littl shorter
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:20:44 PM): I used to wear my hair long
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:21:00 PM): but I was getting heat exhaustion too often
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:21:08 PM): yuk
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:21:25 PM): yeah its no fun
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:21:51 PM): went home early more than once because I was over heating
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:22:15 PM): wow, thats bad
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:22:22 PM): yes it is
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:23:01 PM): I should get another good nights sleep tonight
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:23:22 PM): then on friday morning I have an apointment with my orthodontist
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:23:43 PM): hopefully he will think its time to take my braces out
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:24:01 PM): that will be cool
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:24:07 PM): yes it will be
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:24:16 PM): I don't care if you have them or not, I just want to see you.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:24:37 PM): yeah, but I am getting tired of these things and want them out
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:24:55 PM): cant wait till its time to get rid of them
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:25:11 PM): yeah, then we can take a picture with you having a big smile.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:25:25 PM): at least my teeth are straight now
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:25:33 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:25:50 PM): they were realy crowded in the bottom
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:26:27 PM): I went to the dentist last month for a cleaning.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:26:34 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:26:54 PM): I will be going to one as soon as I get my braces out
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:27:02 PM): I need to get a cleaning
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:27:27 PM): and then also going to get some filling in of some spaces that are still there
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:27:36 PM): but not much
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:27:57 PM): Oh, okay
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:28:33 PM): my mom got to be grandma all day today
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:28:45 PM): she was watching my youngest niece
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:29:03 PM): my sister has her other daughter at this diabetes camp
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:29:26 PM): and my brother in-law and nephew were having a father and son day
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:29:54 PM): whats a diabetes camp?
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:29:58 PM): who has that?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:30:47 PM): its for kids with diabetes
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:30:56 PM): I am not sure who puts it on
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:31:25 PM): no..who has diabetes
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:31:46 PM): my sister does and so does my youngest niece
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:32:01 PM): my sister is one of the doctors at the camp
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:32:16 PM): she volenteers for it
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:32:35 PM): oh, thats cool
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:32:38 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:32:55 PM): its good that there is a camp like that
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:32:58 PM): but its sad they have that
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:33:12 PM): its something they learn to deal with
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:33:23 PM): do they get to eat ice cream?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:33:41 PM): yes, they just have to watch how much they eat
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:33:58 PM): they have to watch thier sugar intake
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:34:05 PM): good, that would suck if they couldn't.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:34:26 PM): there are somethings they can eat as much as they want
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:35:10 PM): when we are having a family dinner and I make something, I try to watch how much of everything I put in it
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:35:56 PM): and if the recipe calls for sugar I use a sugar subsitute
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:36:27 PM): oh, thats good. it would be hard i think to have that.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:36:51 PM): yes it would be, I get my sugar checke occasionally
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:36:55 PM): checked
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:37:04 PM): it runs in the family
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:37:16 PM): so I watch myself for signs
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:37:29 PM): and have myself checked occasionally
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:37:49 PM): what are you drinking?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:38:07 PM): a mixture of powerade and fruit juice
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:38:32 PM): Oh
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:39:41 PM): I drink a few of the powerade of gatorades at work, I had a little left over from one, so I just poured in some juice befor I went outside to grill
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:39:55 PM): so I would have something to drink out there
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:40:19 PM): I still need to replace some fluids from yesturday and today
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:40:29 PM): oh yeah, thats good
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:40:44 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:40:58 PM): have to keep hydrated
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:41:17 PM): yes you do
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:42:34 PM): I drank alot of water and a 32 ounce gatorade last night when I got home
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:43:16 PM): I am drinking water right now.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:43:22 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:43:33 PM): so what did you do today
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:44:38 PM): I watched movies, did a new work out and reorganized my drawers
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:44:51 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:45:26 PM): hold on a min, I need to go put my grill away, the coals should have burned down by now
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:50:17 PM): ok, I'm back
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:50:21 PM): wb
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:50:29 PM): thank you
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:51:00 PM): I have to take this shirt off, the sleeves are iritating my sunburn
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:51:18 PM): better
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:51:27 PM): good
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:51:57 PM): wearing sleeveless shirts at work to stay a little bit cooler
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:52:30 PM): Yeah, it sucks when its hot. I was wearing shorts and a tank today
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:52:46 PM): I cant wear shorts at work
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:52:59 PM): Yuk, that would suck.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:53:01 PM): or a tank top
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:53:15 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:53:25 PM): sleeveless shirts are ok though
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:53:31 PM): thats good
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:53:42 PM): lots of guys cut the sleeves off thier shirts
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:53:52 PM): my brother does that lol.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:54:07 PM): I buy them without sleeves
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:54:24 PM): Thats good.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:54:45 PM): yup, ready to wear for work, no extra cutting
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:54:54 PM): ha ha.
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:55:04 PM): My mom gets mad at my brother for that.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:55:23 PM): I will be bringing one of my fathers day gifts with me this weekend
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:55:34 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria also got me a fishing net
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:55:39 PM): Cool.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:55:59 PM): its a small one, the right size for pan fish or walleys
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:56:15 PM): bass
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:56:28 PM): Okay. If we catch something, you are gonna cook it right?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:56:36 PM): I can
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:56:50 PM): I don't want to.
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:57:05 PM): did you call the hotel yet?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:57:08 PM): I was just planning on catch and release
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:57:10 PM): no
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:57:21 PM): I was just planning on checking in when I got there
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:57:28 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:58:01 PM): just going to ask for a room
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:58:09 PM): cool
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:58:16 PM): I ca't wait
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:58:20 PM): lol can't
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:58:27 PM): neither can I
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:58:36 PM): just a couple more days
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:58:46 PM): ya baby. I am so happy.
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:59:01 PM): oh, can i have another hint at my surprise?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:59:07 PM): no
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:59:14 PM): you'll just have to wait
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:59:20 PM): pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:59:29 PM): ha ha, I see you smiling.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:59:30 PM): nope, sorry
breeisme93 (06/18/08 8:59:42 PM): pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 8:59:55 PM): no, anything more would give it away
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:00:01 PM): uh uh
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:00:12 PM): one teeny tiny one
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:00:19 PM): hahahahaha
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:00:25 PM): i see you shaking your head
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:00:29 PM): pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:00:33 PM): you know you love me
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:00:39 PM): pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:00:47 PM): yes I do, but this will have to wait
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:00:55 PM): pretty please?
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:01:20 PM): ha ha, i love when you smile
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:01:53 PM): you make me so happy when you smile.
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:01:59 PM): i can't wait to be with you.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:02:09 PM): I cant wait to be with you
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:02:18 PM): ya?
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:02:22 PM): yay!!
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:02:36 PM): its going to be a nice weekend together
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:02:46 PM): ya, its supposed to be nice too.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:03:00 PM): thats good
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:03:12 PM): I asked my mom, so i would know what to bring with me to her b/fs house.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:03:30 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:03:47 PM): im gonna bring my bathing suit in case we want to go swimming
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:04:01 PM): it will all be packed and ready to go
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:04:32 PM): just have to put your bag in my car and head to the hotel
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:04:39 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:05:39 PM): then I can go in and check in
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:06:06 PM): do you want to come in with me or wait in the car for me to come get you to go up to the room
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:06:31 PM): mm, i dont care, what do you think?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:06:40 PM): its up to you
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:06:47 PM): I'll go with you.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:06:58 PM): do you think anyone that might know you would be working there
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:07:17 PM): No
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:07:22 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:07:32 PM): are you still gonna get the know.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:07:47 PM): I should
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:07:51 PM): condoms
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:08:27 PM): ?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:08:33 PM): I should go get some
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:08:44 PM): yeah, I dont want to get preggers
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:08:51 PM): yeah I know
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:09:01 PM): I mean, later if we are still together for sure I do, but not now.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:09:16 PM): I wouldnt want you to get pregnant yet either
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:09:21 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:10:16 PM): I cant wait to be with you.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:10:31 PM): I cant wait either
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:10:57 PM): if we end up getting married then we can make love without the condoms
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:11:02 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:11:17 PM): then it will be good.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:11:24 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:11:26 PM): are you okay?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:11:43 PM): just an itch
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:12:01 PM): I am a bit tired, but not exhausted like last night
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:12:09 PM): thats good baby
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:12:14 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:12:45 PM): Oh, I have a couple cds to bring too.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:12:51 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:13:25 PM): do you have a small cd player too?
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:13:30 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:13:37 PM): should i bring it?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:13:50 PM): yeah, my car does not play cds
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:14:03 PM): Okay, I will bring it.
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:14:12 PM): Your car doesn't have a cd player?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:14:22 PM): I know its unusual for a 2001 model
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:14:30 PM): what kind is it?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:14:35 PM): subaru
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:14:48 PM): i dont think i know what that looks like.
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:14:52 PM): I dont really know cars
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:14:57 PM): outback wagon
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:15:06 PM): huh?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:15:15 PM): subaru is the make
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:15:26 PM): the model is the outback wagon
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:15:33 PM): oh, is it a big car?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:15:36 PM): no
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:15:49 PM): its a small station wagon
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:15:57 PM): oh what color is it?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:16:04 PM): green and tan
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:16:17 PM): omg, its not like lime is it?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:16:21 PM): no
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:16:41 PM): ok, I saw a car that color the other day, it was ugly
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:16:51 PM): not to be mean, I would still go, but you know.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:17:04 PM): there is some guy driving around fargo in a mustang that color
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:17:16 PM): god that is one ugly car
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:17:22 PM): thats so ugly, that just killed that car.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:17:49 PM): its not as bad as some of the crotch rockets around town
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:18:19 PM): there are 3 of them that the people put shag carpet on the body pannels
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:18:52 PM): my first thought when I saw the fist one that was like that was,"what was that guy thinking?"
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:19:17 PM): my second thought was,"what does his boyfriend think of that?"
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:19:41 PM): it looked so gay
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:19:42 PM): how do you know he had a boyfriend?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:19:55 PM): It was just an assuption
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:20:16 PM): then that weekend I saw another one
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:20:31 PM): the first one had blue and orange carpet on it
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:20:39 PM): yuk
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:20:40 PM): the second one, pink, and white
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:20:49 PM): and it was a guy riding it
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:20:55 PM): oh heh
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:21:13 PM): well theres the boyfriend of the first
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:21:20 PM): oh ha
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:21:25 PM): you are silly
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:21:50 PM): I dont like crotch rockets to begin with
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:21:56 PM): those were just ugly
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:22:00 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:23:03 PM): one of the guys at work and I have an ongoing joking debate about crotch rockets vs. cruisers
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:23:10 PM): what?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:23:24 PM): the different types of motorcycles
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:23:33 PM): whats the debate
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:23:42 PM): which is better
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:24:06 PM): he says crotch rockets are better because they are faster
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:24:31 PM): I say cruisers are better because they are more comfortable
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:24:43 PM): what kind do you have?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:24:47 PM): and I still say crotch rockets are gay
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:24:53 PM): I have a cruiser
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:24:59 PM): cool
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:25:03 PM): I still want a ride one day.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:25:19 PM): you'll get one
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:25:27 PM): ya?
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:25:29 PM): cool
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:25:58 PM): our debate is mainly just joking around
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:26:14 PM): he is right about crotch rockets being faster
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:26:34 PM): but he admits I am right about cruisers being more comfortable
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:26:46 PM): you should make one that does both.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:27:14 PM): I have joked around and told him I am going to convert his crotch rocket into a cuiser
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:27:19 PM): cruiser
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:27:36 PM): ha haha you are smart enough to do it too
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:28:09 PM): put some longer handle bars on it, rake it out a little, move the shift lever forward
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:28:32 PM): whats rake it out mean?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:29:08 PM): it means to move the front wheel forward
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:29:34 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:29:34 PM): on crotch rockets its pretty much right below the handle bars
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:29:58 PM): on cruisers its forward of them and the shocks angle back and up
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:30:22 PM): lol, i dont know anything about it
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:30:51 PM): it has to do with phisics which you will learn in a couple of years
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:31:07 PM): oh, okay
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:31:17 PM): im gonna bug you for help with it okay
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:31:23 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:32:21 PM): basicaly with the wheel tighter to the body of the bike, the center of gravity when turning is in a better position
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:33:30 PM): thats why crotch rockets are designed more for racing
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:33:46 PM): oh okay
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:34:19 PM): I need to get something to drink
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:34:24 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:35:29 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:35:43 PM): kk
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:36:22 PM): I took an ibuprphen tablet too, muscles are a bit stiff and sore
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:36:58 PM): ohh, how come?
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:37:03 PM): You should take a hot bath.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:37:13 PM): working so much harder lately
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:37:47 PM): and muscles started to cramp up yesturday too
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:37:52 PM): aww
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:38:28 PM): you need to relax and take a hot bath or shower.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:38:43 PM): my sunburn would not like the hot water right now
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:38:52 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:38:53 PM): in a couple of days it will be fine
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:39:06 PM): good, i want you to feel good when you get here.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:39:20 PM): I will be fine
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:39:24 PM): kk
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:40:03 PM): I should go though so I can take a shower and get cleaned up befor bed
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:40:17 PM): get some extra sleep tonight
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:40:19 PM): oh...ok
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:40:43 PM): i will be here tomarrow night, and you have the whole weekend with me
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:41:05 PM): ok baby
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:41:06 PM): I know baby
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:41:13 PM): I just miss you so much
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:41:19 PM): I miss you too
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:41:37 PM): ok. I will talk to you later then k?
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:41:41 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/18/08 9:41:41 PM): I love you.
chaznd1974 (06/18/08 9:41:46 PM): I love you too
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 7:28:21 AM): hello dear, I might be on a bit late tonight, I want to get everything packed and ready to go for tomarrow, I love you
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:16:36 PM): hello dear
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:16:49 PM): Hi baby
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:17:10 PM): I have some bad news (I do too, You're going to go to jail.

chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:17:16 PM): I ran over a nail today
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:17:26 PM): if you cant come i am going to be so hurt
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:17:37 PM): I am sorry
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:17:42 PM): why cant you come
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:17:45 PM): had to get a new tire
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:17:50 PM): and?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:18:03 PM): the tire cost 120 bucks
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:18:12 PM): and?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:18:29 PM): there went a good portion of the money for this weekend
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:18:38 PM): what do we need money for baby?
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:18:42 PM): I don't want anything.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:18:44 PM): gas, hotel
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:18:49 PM): food
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:18:54 PM): we dont need a hotel or food
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:19:09 PM): you want me to just stay with you
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:19:17 PM): I want to see you more than anything
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:19:22 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:19:44 PM): we can stay at your moms bfs place and eat his food (Actually, I'll be going out with friends. You will be in jail.)
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:20:10 PM): Yep, I was going to take the food anyhow, I have to look like I ate it.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:20:19 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:20:27 PM): My mom bought frozen pizzas, cereal, sandwich stuff,
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:20:29 PM): everything.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:20:32 PM): I can still afford it then
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:20:42 PM): Yay
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:20:53 PM): Omg, you made me cry right now.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:21:17 PM): I am sorry, I was upset when I had to get a new tire
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:21:41 PM): I miss you, I have been so excited, I couldn't even eat today.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:21:53 PM): thats not good, that you didnt eat
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:22:32 PM): I will still pack tonight and be on the road right after I fill up tomarrow
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:22:56 PM): Okay baby
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:23:39 PM): I wont be able to bring the rhubarb tea, but I will make sure to bring some camping
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:24:03 PM): Thats okay, I can wait for it.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:24:10 PM): Can I help you make it there?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:24:28 PM): sure, I can bring the rhubarb out there
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:24:39 PM): and bring a strainer and my tea
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:25:05 PM): I pack a couple containers with food
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:25:26 PM): a big cooler, and a plastic tote for dry food
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:25:52 PM): I will have to bring a sugar container too
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:26:21 PM): Oh, okay, it won't be too much trouble will it?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:26:25 PM): no
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:26:46 PM): Its no trouble at all
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:27:27 PM): I am looking forward to camping so much
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:27:35 PM): Me too
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:27:52 PM): its nice to be outside all weekend
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:28:12 PM): I did grab my fishing stuff at lunch time today
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:28:18 PM): its in my car already
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:28:32 PM): I am going to take the knives out though
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:29:04 PM): I have a couple of filleting knives
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:29:08 PM): We aren't cleaning the fish then right?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:29:11 PM): no
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:29:21 PM): just release them back in the water
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:29:33 PM): I like that better.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:29:34 PM): this weekend anyway
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:29:44 PM): Okay, but camping we cook them?
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:29:47 PM): Or, you cook them?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:29:53 PM): when we go camping, if we catch some I will cook them
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:30:07 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria loves fish
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:30:15 PM): she will want to eat them
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:30:46 PM): I want to taste it.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:30:58 PM): I have been thinking about our trip next year
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:30:59 PM): I think you will make them taste good.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:31:07 PM): going down to SD
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:31:09 PM): The one in spear something?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:31:16 PM): Spearfish
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:31:20 PM): ya that
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:31:30 PM): its in the black hills of SD
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:31:58 PM): what are you thinking about it?
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:32:05 PM): are we still going?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:32:05 PM): its going to be fun
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:32:14 PM): Yeah, I think so too.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:32:28 PM): you and Child's name removed by La Victoria will get to see mt. rushmoore for the first time
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:32:41 PM): yeah, that will be cool
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:32:58 PM): we'll go to reptile gardens
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:33:29 PM): do they have real stuff there or just plants that look like snakes and stuff?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:33:45 PM): they have real snakes and lizards there
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:34:00 PM): as well as some mamals
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:34:06 PM): Yikes
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:34:36 PM): my parents have pictures of us when we were just kids at reptile gardens
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:34:48 PM): my sister and I sitting on a tourtus
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:35:11 PM): there is a picture of my sister with a snake around her neck
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:35:19 PM): wow
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:35:29 PM): we don't have to do that do we
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:35:35 PM): no
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:35:44 PM): I think the tourtus would be cool though
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:35:52 PM): tortous
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:36:18 PM): get a pic of you and Child's name removed by La Victoria sitting on one
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:36:36 PM): that would be cool
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:36:47 PM): she gonna be okay with that?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:36:53 PM): sure
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:37:07 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:37:26 PM): every other year take a nice vacation like that
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:37:36 PM): one thats a week long
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:37:42 PM): Yeah, thats what we planned on.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:38:24 PM): so SD is the next one to plan for me
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:38:42 PM): Yeah. Then we can sit down and think aobut the one after too.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:38:48 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:39:01 PM): I am thinking I would like to go back to wisconsin
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:39:11 PM): or maybe yellowstone
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:39:22 PM): I'll be 18 then.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:39:25 PM): 3 years
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:39:42 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:39:58 PM): That would be fun.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:40:05 PM): I want to be able to go with you.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:40:14 PM): and after that we could take 2 weeks
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:40:25 PM): I should have the extra week
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:40:45 PM): and if we get married? Can we go on a honeymoon still?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:40:50 PM): yes we can
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:41:14 PM): and we can figure out where to go, when we are planning the wedding
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:41:41 PM): Yeah, that would be good.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:41:50 PM): I would like to go somewhere, with a beach.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:41:59 PM): hold on a min. I need to take my pill
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:42:04 PM): k
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:42:36 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:42:51 PM): do you know if your mom's bf drinks coffee
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:42:57 PM): yep
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:43:13 PM): I will bring my own, just needed to know if he has a coffee pot
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:43:24 PM): Yeah, he has one.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:43:30 PM): good
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:44:01 PM): my mom drinks lots of coffee.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:44:06 PM): so I know he has to have one.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:44:13 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:44:16 PM): omg you should see what she packed for tomorrow.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:44:28 PM): what did she pack
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:44:57 PM): like 4 pairs of shoes, 5 outfits, bathing suits fancy dress,
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:45:01 PM): all kinds of stuff.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:45:15 PM): sounds like they are going to have a nice time
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:45:58 PM): I'm just going to pack socks and underwear, a couple pairs of shorts, a pair of pants and 3 shirts
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:46:12 PM): as well as a pair of shoes and my sandles
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:46:55 PM): I just packed 2 pairs of shorts, one dress, a pir of jeans, 4 tops, my bikini and my vans and sandles.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:47:28 PM): and of course my bag with shampoo, soap and such in it
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:47:36 PM): kk
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:48:07 PM): we'll have a good weekend
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:48:15 PM): ya baby we will.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:48:23 PM): does he have cable or should I bring some movies
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:48:27 PM): Oh, and I have to remember to bring your blanket.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:48:45 PM): I'm not sure, I am sure he has cable, but if you want to bring some movies you can.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:48:52 PM): He just moved to this apartment.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:48:56 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:49:22 PM): I will pack a few movies
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:49:30 PM): Cool
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:49:36 PM): what ones are you gonna bring?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:50:34 PM): I was thinking, I would bring Beyond the Law, Spaceballs, the last star fighter, and one more, but not sure what yet
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:50:53 PM): I never saw those.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:50:57 PM): Or even heard of them.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:51:16 PM): Beyond the Law is a true story, its a biker movie
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:51:32 PM): Space Balls is a comedy
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:51:56 PM): The last starfigher is sci-fi
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:52:13 PM): it came out around 83 or 84
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:52:34 PM): Oh, okay. Cool.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:53:12 PM): what type of movies do you like
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:53:28 PM): Disney, comedies, and chick flicks.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:53:32 PM): most of mine are scifi/fantasy
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:53:54 PM): Star Wars?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:53:57 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:54:02 PM): I have all of them
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:54:08 PM): The old ones?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:54:10 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:54:14 PM): Like with han solo?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:54:16 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:54:22 PM): can we watch those?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:54:27 PM): I have episodes 1-6
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:54:42 PM): I dont know how they number them. But the first ones.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:54:50 PM): with han and luke
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:54:57 PM): those are 4,5, and 6
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:55:00 PM): ok those.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:55:08 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:55:21 PM): it will be my pleasure to bring them
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:55:27 PM): I love those movies
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:55:32 PM): Cool.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:55:43 PM): they have a shelf to themselves
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:55:50 PM): really?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:55:54 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:56:15 PM): my dvd shelves have 5 levels
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:56:25 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:56:38 PM): the Star wars movies sit on a level by themselves
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:57:06 PM): I have been thinking about putting Dune with them
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:57:16 PM): whats that?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:57:21 PM): its another great classic story
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:57:34 PM): ok I have to bring dune now
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:57:41 PM): ok cool
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:57:42 PM): you have to see that
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:57:49 PM): its a longer movie
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:57:52 PM): ok, i never even heard of it. Who is in it?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:58:08 PM): 2 actors you might know
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:58:16 PM): Dean Stockwell
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:58:27 PM): and Patrick Stewart
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:58:39 PM): nope i never heard of them
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:59:04 PM): did you ever watch Star Trek the next generation
breeisme93 (06/19/08 9:59:14 PM): nope
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:59:18 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:59:26 PM): how about Quantum Leap
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 9:59:33 PM): these are tv shows
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:00:01 PM): I saw taht once on the sci fi channel., My mom said she used to watch it all the time. It was good, she loved it.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:00:10 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:00:27 PM): Dean Stockwell played Al on quantum leap
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:00:42 PM): the holagram
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:01:16 PM): Oh okay , I remember him. That was a good show. I liked it. I don't think they show it, I don't really watch t.v. Mostly movies.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:01:26 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:01:46 PM): how about the newer star trek movies
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:01:59 PM): I never watched any star trek.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:02:02 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:02:43 PM): Patrick Stewart played Professer Xavior in the X-men movies
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:02:53 PM): OH I saw that.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:02:55 PM): Okay
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:03:23 PM): I was trying to think of something more recent he had done
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:04:10 PM): ok so I will bring the starwars movies and dune as well
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:04:30 PM): Okay that will be good.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:04:33 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:04:44 PM): We can stay in his guest room okay?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:04:45 PM): that will be plenty of movies
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:04:49 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:05:20 PM): he must have a 2 bedroom
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:05:34 PM): yep
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:05:42 PM): cool
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:05:53 PM): ya, do you?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:05:56 PM): yes
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:06:05 PM): the other room is Child's name removed by La Victorias though
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:06:14 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:07:09 PM): I need to get her some more stuff to decorate her room with
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:07:30 PM): yeah?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:07:52 PM): yeah, she has some sponge bob posters and a pictur on the walls but thats it
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:08:09 PM): and she has a unicorn night light
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:08:38 PM): oh, yeah, more would be good
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:09:11 PM): yeah, I will have to take her shoping somewhere to get some stuff for her room
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:09:27 PM): target of Kmart
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:09:33 PM): or
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:09:44 PM): Yeah
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:10:13 PM): I am still planning on bringing my Pat Benatar CDs
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:10:36 PM): cool, I will still bring my cd player
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:10:43 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:10:53 PM): you have to hear some of her music
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:11:11 PM): Yeah...oooh, we can dance
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:11:20 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:11:36 PM): yay
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:11:40 PM): I am so excited.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:11:44 PM): I am too
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:11:59 PM): Okay, since you made me cry earlier, can I have a little hint on my surprise?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:12:31 PM): actually when I got my flat today, I was planning on just telling you
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:12:44 PM): what is it?
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:12:51 PM): wait..a hint
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:13:05 PM): just a hint?
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:13:26 PM): mm ya
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:13:48 PM): ok, it is meant to show how much you mean to me
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:14:07 PM): aww baby
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:14:52 PM): I will bring it out right after I shower, I want to be cleaned up when I give it to you
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:15:14 PM):, did you still want to shower together?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:15:27 PM): yeah, if you want to
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:15:38 PM): yeah, I do
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:15:47 PM): I want to do all the things we planned on doing.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:15:56 PM): I have been counting the days to see you.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:16:07 PM): yeah, its tomarrow night
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:16:18 PM): omg, I know baby
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:16:21 PM): I love you.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:16:27 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:16:33 PM): ok, one more hint?
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:16:40 PM): lol, I hate surprises.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:16:49 PM): there is nothing more I can tell you about it
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:17:11 PM): do i eat it, put it in my hair, sleep with it, drink it, spray it.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:17:22 PM): you wear it
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:17:46 PM): Oh...hmm, and it comes in 2 pieces?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:17:52 PM): yup
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:18:06 PM): I hope it fits.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:18:16 PM): so do I
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:18:38 PM): how was your day today
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:18:44 PM): long
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:19:04 PM): Its hard to do stuff when I just want it to be tomorrow already
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:19:18 PM): yeah, what did you do today
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:19:46 PM): helped my mom pack, went to the store to get food for the weekend, washed some of my clothes and read.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:20:00 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:20:12 PM): I worked out in the gate area again this morning
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:20:38 PM): in the afternoon I was cutting and drilling some bent pipe, thats for a canopy
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:21:16 PM): then I started marking out steel plates for making posts that the pipe will go over
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:21:41 PM): I have to weld some smaller pieces of pipe to the plates tomarrow
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:21:56 PM): work is slowing down for us
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:22:12 PM): thats good right?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:22:17 PM): not realy
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:22:47 PM): we have not had that many jobs to work on so far this year
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:23:08 PM): Oh, but you keep having to work late.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:23:16 PM): just the gate area
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:23:27 PM): its the only place that is staying busy
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:23:34 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:24:05 PM): I know how to work out there, so I get to work late and help them finish gates
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:24:27 PM): they like you to better anyhow, since they know you are a good worker.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:24:43 PM): yeah, thats true
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:25:10 PM): and you are honest and they know they can trust you.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:25:37 PM): thats part of the reasons I love you too.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:25:40 PM): true, the shop manager trusts me with his personal stuff
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:26:03 PM): I get to take his company truck to get washed and fill it up
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:26:15 PM): I helped him build his house
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:26:23 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:26:54 PM): he had me go up there to do work somedays and just left me there to do the work
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:27:09 PM): he had work he had to do back at the shop
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:27:17 PM): jobs to bid and such
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:27:24 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:28:17 PM): he would get permision from the owner to let me go up there to work, and they still paid me
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:28:33 PM): wow, thats good
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:28:38 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:29:02 PM): I am starting to get some of the fringe benefits of being there so long
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:29:20 PM): I get to make somethings for myself as long as I do it on my breaks
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:29:28 PM): and it does not cost me anything
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:29:34 PM): like what?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:29:44 PM): I made myself a fishing spear
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:29:56 PM): and my parents handrail
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:30:07 PM): oh, that is so cool
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:30:12 PM): yup
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:30:31 PM): the steel for that handrail should have cost me 80
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:30:54 PM): I used some pipe that was left over from a different job
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:31:08 PM): so I didnt have to pay anything for the handrail
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:31:19 PM): but there is only 3 people that know that
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:31:29 PM): my boss, you and me
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:31:41 PM): my parents dont even know
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:32:00 PM): hes nice then.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:32:05 PM): yes he is
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:32:19 PM): I told my parents happy aniversery early
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:32:57 PM): Wow, thats cool, and it didnt cost anything but you made it. My mom says homemade stuff is the best.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:33:18 PM): yeah, this was a very profesional job
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:33:46 PM): my time invested in it is alot though
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:33:53 PM): Ya, I bet.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:34:02 PM): that handrail should have cost around 500
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:34:06 PM): wow
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:34:17 PM): that was sweet of you to do
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:34:19 PM): for labor and materials
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:34:31 PM): they needed it
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:34:53 PM): brb baby
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:35:01 PM): it looks good, my mom thinks it realy completes the steps
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:35:02 PM): ok
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:36:22 PM): ok back
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:36:49 PM): are you there?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:37:08 PM): I was just grabing the movies
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:37:18 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:37:58 PM): its going to be nice to get out of town and see you
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:38:25 PM): Yeah, it is. I can't wait.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:38:40 PM): Omg, when you said you had bad news, the tears went in my eyes right away.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:38:48 PM): I am sorry
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:39:06 PM): Its okay, I thought you just didn't want to come.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:39:46 PM): I still want to, of course I do, I was just worried about being able to pay for food and the hotel as well as gas to get there and back
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:40:06 PM): yeah
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:40:18 PM): no I know I will be able to
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:40:25 PM): Yay
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:40:29 PM): now
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:40:53 PM): I just have to fill up my tank a few times this weekend
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:41:18 PM): tomarrow after work, and then on sunday befor I leave
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:41:26 PM): then again when I get back
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:41:30 PM): Yeah
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:41:44 PM): But we will have a good weekend.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:41:49 PM): yes we will
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:42:05 PM): Then you can fix your bike to come, because, baby, its gonna be real hard not seeing you.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:42:23 PM): yeah, I will need to get it running
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:42:43 PM): do you think you will miss me as much as I will you?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:42:53 PM): yes I will
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:43:15 PM): my bike gets nearly twice the millage that my car gets
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:43:30 PM): ok good
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:43:46 PM): it gets around 50 mpg on the highway
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:44:05 PM): wow
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:44:10 PM): my car is around 28
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:44:11 PM): thats good right
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:44:20 PM): for its age it is
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:44:42 PM): the bike is only 5 years younger than I am
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:44:53 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:45:18 PM): its a good bike though
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:45:39 PM): cool, can I have a ride on it?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:45:43 PM): yeah
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:45:53 PM): yay
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:46:26 PM): I love riding
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:46:36 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:46:55 PM): so 4 hours on the back of my bike to go see you will be nice
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:47:20 PM): ya. and maybe it wont take that long.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:47:34 PM): maybe
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:47:47 PM): I will have to stop for gas along the way
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:47:51 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:48:07 PM): I'll make a stop in Jamestown
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:48:24 PM): top off the tank and keep going
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:48:54 PM): ok
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:49:18 PM): I will have to look at batteries for the bike next weekend
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:49:52 PM): yeah, that would be good.
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:50:12 PM): I know you can't be here all the time, but I want to spend as much time with you as I can.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:50:18 PM): yeah, then see if I can get it running and go for a test ride
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:50:33 PM): ya
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:50:53 PM): I still need to find a short in the front turn signal
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:51:05 PM): I keep blowing bulbs
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:51:16 PM): oh, thats not good
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:51:30 PM): no, I have been using hand signals
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:51:42 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:52:08 PM): except when stopping, my brake lights work
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:52:34 PM): thats good, it would be dangerous if they didnt
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:52:58 PM): my dad has a multi meter and my cousin went to school for wiring
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:53:16 PM): he should be able to track down the problem
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:53:25 PM): whats a multi meter
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:53:45 PM): its for measuring current going trough wires
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:53:56 PM): it can tell you if a wire is bad or not
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:54:05 PM): oh
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:54:09 PM): if you know how to read one
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:54:43 PM): oh my, its almost 10 already
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:54:49 PM): I still need to pack
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:55:08 PM): oh
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:55:17 PM): it feels like we just started talking.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:55:21 PM): I know
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:55:58 PM): its how we are though, time goes by so fast because we enjoy talking to each other so much
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:56:29 PM): Yeah, we have so much to say, and I just love spending time with you.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:56:44 PM): I love spending time talking to you too
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:57:07 PM): but I need to go now
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:57:17 PM): pack my bag, and go to bed
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:57:18 PM): okay baby.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:57:25 PM): I will see you tomarrow
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:57:27 PM): promise you will be here tomorrow?
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:57:30 PM): yes
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:57:36 PM): Okay, I love you.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:57:40 PM): I love you too
breeisme93 (06/19/08 10:57:43 PM): Good night.
chaznd1974 (06/19/08 10:57:47 PM): good night
chaznd1974 (06/20/08 1:26:50 PM): Hey baby, dont forget to call me today, I need to know where I am going(Jail, you are going to jail. )
chaznd1974 (06/20/08 1:26:58 PM): I love you

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