Jake wants to turn over access to his bank account. Oh, and have lots of sex with a 14 year old.
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Perverted Justice mark: Jack Lavoy Lewis, 26
Yahoo IM: jakelewis315 [ ]
Location: Hartford, Alabama
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit er1ca_leah_cx, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Jake Lewis - Hey Cutie! You are so beautiful girl Jus sayin! I see you live in Hartford also! Wanna hang out sometime!
Me - Heyyyy lol ya I live in Hartford I'm 14 how old r u?
Jake Lewis - You are only 14? I am 26 lol
Me - Ooh that's kool lol.. Ur pretty cute tho I like ur tats ^_^
Jake Lewis - Lol thank you your beautiful yourself!
Jake Lewis - *phone number edited* text me if u want to
Me - Aww thanks :)
Me - Ok I will

Text Messaging 4/16/14

Me: Hey it's me Erica 10:17 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) hey cuti 10:17 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: So your from Hartford also 10:18 AM
Me: Yup lol 10:19 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) damn sucks you are so young! Jail bait lol 10:21 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Send me a pic of you 10:25 AM
Me: I can only send pix thru yahoo my mom blocked pix messaging on my phone :( 10:25 AM
Me: Yahoo messenger 10:26 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol! You must have been sending bad ones 10:26 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Can you receive them? 10:28 AM
Me: No only thru yahoo :( Do u have it? 10:29 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: I will get it! 10:29 AM
Me: Hehe kool 10:30 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: What you doing? 10:30 AM
Me: I'm in skool right now so I can't text a lot 10:33 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: That is fine:) I am down loading yahoo messenger! 10:34 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: I am at work so equally hard to text lol 10:35 AM
Me: Kool my name is er1ca_leah_cx on yahoo 10:42 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: OK its almost done 10:43 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: So you like older guys? 10:45 AM
Me: Ya I think there kool 10:46 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol well cool! :) 10:47 AM
Me: Hehe.. Do u have a gf? 10:51 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: No! You got a bf? 10:52 AM
Me: Nope 10:55 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Good 10:55 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) 11:00 AM
Me: Lol 11:04 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: I downloaded it but had insufficient space so got to redo it! Lol! We going to have to hang out sometime? 11:05 AM
Me: U want 2 for real? 11:08 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: If you do? 11:08 AM
Me: Ya sounds like fun lol 11:11 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) that's what up!!! 11:11 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: What you do for fun boo? 11:13 AM
Me: Hmm I like goin 2 the beach, hanging out, cruising, listening 2 music 11:21 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) you got any plans for this weekend? 11:22 AM
Me: Nope not really 11:23 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) :) cool lets make some! 11:24 AM
Me: Lol whatchu wanna do 11:25 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: What ever you want to boo! If you like it I love it! So nothing bother me! 11:26 AM
Me: Lol ok 11:31 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: ;) 11:38 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Are you able to do anything tonight? 2:42 PM
Me: No 2:52 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Only on weekends? 2:53 PM
Me: Sometimes during the week if my mom works 3:07 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Oh OK! :) so this weekend you think you can leave? We could go see a movie or anything you want 3:09 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I think I added you on yahoo 3:27 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Wyd? 5:17 PM
Me: Just got home from my grammas 7:49 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Cool! I added you on yahoo I think 7:51 PM
Me: Oh ok I'll go look 7:58 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) 7:59 PM

YIM Conversation 4/16/14

jakelewis315 (04/16/14 4:30:01 PM): Hey its jake
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:01:20 PM): Heyy
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:01:36 PM): :)
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:01:48 PM): I going to send ya pic
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:04:47 PM): Lolll cute
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:05:04 PM): Ty! Kisses for you
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:05:06 PM): Lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:08:56 PM): Did it work?
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:09:18 PM): Don't think so it let me open but its all black
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:10:12 PM): Awe you are sooo cute
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:10:22 PM): ;)
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:10:28 PM): Lol u really think so
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:11:07 PM): Yeah girl you are stunning!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:11:18 PM): Haha no wayy
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:11:34 PM): I think you are!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:11:42 PM): Thanks ^_^
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:12:06 PM): Your welcome!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:12:25 PM): Lol so wrud
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:13:01 PM): Just chillin playing ping pong at my house with couple friends!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:13:11 PM): Oh kool
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:13:37 PM): Lol that my game face boo"
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:13:48 PM): Wyd?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:14:06 PM): Hot lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:14:19 PM): Nuthin gotta do some homework n go 2 bed
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:14:20 PM): :) thank you!
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:14:30 PM): :(
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:14:57 PM): I kno.. Sux
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:15:06 PM): Yeah I know!
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:15:26 PM): Send me another pic boo?
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:17:02 PM): Wow! Lol you are absolutely beautiful!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:17:40 PM): Lol thanks
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:18:14 PM): What is your favorite perfume? I going to get you a surprise lol?
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:18:59 PM): Lol well you know what it is but you just got to act surprised
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:19:19 PM): Hmm I dunno. I like Beyonces perfume
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:19:44 PM): Kk can u get it at mall?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:20:11 PM): Ya
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:20:20 PM): Ok cool
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:21:08 PM): So miss Erica you think you would want to hang out sometime?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:21:25 PM): Hehe ya I think that would b kool
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:21:46 PM): So do I!
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:23:57 PM): So how do u not have a bf?
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:24:25 PM): You are so fine lol! Any guy be lucky to have u!!! Jus sayin
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:24:37 PM): Idk I had 1 last year but we broke up
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:24:44 PM): Well.. He broke up w me
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:25:26 PM): He is an idiot!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:26:02 PM): He's a jerk
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:26:48 PM): Well better off without him them boo! Plus I glade we get to hang out lol!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:27:30 PM): Ya
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:29:03 PM): You auburn or Alabama fan babe?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:29:34 PM): Kinda.. I moved here 2 years ago
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:29:48 PM): Oh where ya from?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:30:13 PM): We used 2 live in Chicago
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:30:37 PM): Really? Lol big change coming here huh?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:30:56 PM): Ya it's really different
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:31:42 PM): I know that is right! I never been that far north but I can only imagine!
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:32:14 PM): So you like guys In army?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:32:45 PM): Hmm ya there cool
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:32:51 PM): R u in the army?
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:33:16 PM): Yes mam
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:33:55 PM): Kool ^_^
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:34:20 PM): :) you make me smile girl!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:35:37 PM): :">
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:36:16 PM): Lol you do!!! I can't wait to see u in person!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:36:41 PM): Lol me 2
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:40:47 PM): So this weekend wanna let me take you shopping or to dinner or something?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:44:06 PM): Hmmm hehe yah maybe
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:44:44 PM): Lol why maybe? Why not yes I would love too! Lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:45:53 PM): Hehe idk I don't want ne one 2 find out
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:46:17 PM): No one will!
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:46:36 PM): I want say anything!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:46:56 PM): R u sure? If we go shopping people will see us..
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:48:03 PM): Yeah I'm sure! We can go shopping in troy no one will know us there!
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:49:32 PM): And we could just watch movie or something at my house
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:50:01 PM): Or what ever you like
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:50:08 PM): Yea that sounds better lol
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:50:41 PM): Lol!
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:52:34 PM): That sounds good huh?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:53:50 PM): Lol yup
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:54:35 PM): Lol :) sounds great to mee
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:55:02 PM): Hehe good. What kinda movies u got
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:55:52 PM): I got the hangover 3. And u ever heard of "now you see me"?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:56:09 PM): No never seen either
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:56:19 PM): But I go get what ever movie you want to watch
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:56:37 PM): Haha ok kool
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:56:46 PM): U got snacks? Lol
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:56:56 PM): Lol yeah
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:57:37 PM): Lol ur cray
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:57:48 PM): Lol nuh uh
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:58:20 PM): I like it though!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 9:58:37 PM): Hehe oh u do huh?
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 9:59:14 PM): Lol yeah! Your pretty awrsome
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:01:39 PM): I kno ^_^
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:02:07 PM): Oh you know it babe? Lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:02:51 PM): I think I'm pretty kool?
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:03:44 PM): I was saying you are lol and glade you know it!
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:04:43 PM): Send me one more pic babe a sexy one lol
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:07:56 PM): :) :) I can't get over how beautiful you are boo!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:09:49 PM): Lol :">
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:10:33 PM): So movies this weekend babe?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:10:51 PM): At ur house?
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:10:58 PM): Yeah
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:11:55 PM): Lol ya I'll see if I can get out of the house.. Wut else u wanna do
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:12:32 PM): Just say you staying with friend lol!
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:13:23 PM): And I down for what ever you wanna do babe?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:13:46 PM): Me 2 ^_^
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:14:31 PM): Mmmmm lil
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:14:32 PM): Lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:14:38 PM): Hehe
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:14:54 PM): You Jus saying that lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:15:18 PM): Nope I'm down 4 ne thing
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:15:38 PM): Really?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:16:07 PM): Yup
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:16:32 PM): You made my night lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:16:55 PM): Lol y
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:17:44 PM): Just cause you are a dime plus nine lok
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:18:04 PM): Ha
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:18:39 PM): Try to come over for real like go ahead and ask tomorrow lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:19:09 PM): Ok
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:19:57 PM): :)
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:21:04 PM): Do u live w anyone?
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:21:37 PM): Room mate! But just be us this weekend
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:22:01 PM): He always gone outta town anyways!
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:22:27 PM): We in army together
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:22:38 PM): Oooh ok kool
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:23:33 PM): Yeah will be great! Lol
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:25:38 PM): I bet you look damn good in bathing suit! Jus sayin lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:26:00 PM): Hehe.. I do love going 2 the beach lol
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:26:44 PM): We will go sometime!
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:27:16 PM): You got any pics with u in bathing suit?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:27:26 PM): No :(
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:27:48 PM): Lol its all good
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:29:30 PM): I wish I did
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:32:12 PM): So ddo i
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:34:29 PM): Lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:35:21 PM): Lol maybe u can take some of me
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:36:16 PM): I would like that! Alot lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:37:05 PM): Well I gotta go 2 bed.. Hmu 2moro?
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:38:15 PM): Yeah baby I will
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:38:23 PM): Text or on here?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:39:10 PM): Text?
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:39:35 PM): Sleep good babe! I will text you in the morning
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:39:39 PM): :)
er1ca_leah_cx (04/16/14 10:40:58 PM): Ok.. Nite ^_^
jakelewis315 (04/16/14 10:41:27 PM): Muah! Nite

Text Messaging 4/17/2014

jakelewis315 Phone: Hey boo 10:25 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: How are you doing today 10:27 AM
Me: Hiii.. I'm good n u ? 10:34 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Good babe! Jus think about you lol! ;) 10:35 AM
Me: Hehe oh really 10:39 AM
Me: Wut r u thinking about lol 10:40 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Just about how pretty you are! And this weekend! If you can leave? 10:41 AM
Me: I didn't ask yet 10:46 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Its OK! You going to when u get home baby? 10:47 AM
Me: Would u take me home? 11:03 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: From school? 11:05 AM
Me: No like after ur house 11:15 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Well yeah lol 11:16 AM
Me: Oh kk 11:28 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) 11:30 AM
Me: Hehe should I bring ne thing? 11:35 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Something sexy! Lol 11:36 AM
Me: Lol ok like wut 11:46 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Like a cute skirt or something 11:51 AM
Me: Ok I can do that lol 11:56 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) mmmm can't wait 11:58 AM
Me: Lol 12:01 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) we gonna have good weekend bwby 12:30 PM
Me: Oh yea? 12:35 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Oh yeah!!!! 12:37 PM
Me: Hahaha 12:51 PM
Me: Wut r we gonna dooo 12:52 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: What ever you want to baby! I will do what ever you want! 12:53 PM
Me: Oh really.. 12:54 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) mmmhhhmm what ever you say! 12:54 PM
Me: Lol.. Have ne ideas?? 1:10 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Alot lol but they a surprise lol! 1:11 PM
Me: A surprise?? Lol I dont like surprises 1:17 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol why? 1:18 PM
Me: Lol idk I just like knowing 1:20 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Well you call it boo! Only do what you wanna do 1:20 PM
Me: Well I wanna kno wut YOU wanna do lol 1:24 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: If you like it I love it! Nothing bothers me 1:25 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: You got Facebook 1:46 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: ? 1:46 PM
Me: Yea 1:46 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: You should add me? 1:48 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Or would that be bad idea? 1:49 PM
Me: Yea prolly not 1:52 PM
Me: My name is Erica Denaro tho on fb 1:52 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol yeah! 1:53 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Baby I going to kiss your whole body! 1:53 PM
Me: That sounds good ^_^ 1:54 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) mmhhmm I bet you taste like heaven 1:59 PM
Me: Lol I do like kissing 2:01 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: So I do! 2:03 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: What else you like baby? 2:03 PM
Me: Hehe anything 2:10 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Really? You like for me to lick your body!? And go down on you? 2:11 PM
Me: Go down? 2:17 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol think about it! 2:17 PM
Me: LOL tellll meee 2:21 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Eat you out baby! Lol 2:21 PM
Me: Lol that's wut I thought u meant 2:22 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol! Do you like that? 2:23 PM
Me: R u really going 2 do that? I thought guys didn't like 2 do that 2:23 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I do lol and yeah I would love to for you! 2:24 PM
Me: Kool.. Now I'm really excited hehe 2:25 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) I would do it till you made me stop!!!! 2:25 PM
Me: Wow.. Hehe wut else r u going 2 do 2:27 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Mmmm idk what would you want me to do 2:36 PM
Me: Well going down on me sounds like fun.. I never had ne one do that 2 me before 2:40 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Really!? Well you will definitely like that! 2:41 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I will do it extra good and long for you 2:41 PM
Me: I think so 2 lol 2:42 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) 2:42 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: We should exchange some naughty pics tonight? 2:43 PM
Me: Dang lol 2:47 PM
Me: Idk 2:47 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Is that a yes lol? 2:48 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Why? 2:48 PM
Me: I never even met u yet.. My friend sent pix 2 this guy n he showed everyone :( 2:48 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: If I going to see it all tomorrow anyways why not have a little pregame 2:49 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Well I not like that guy lol 2:49 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I wouldn't show anyone cause of circumstances 2:49 PM
Me: Idk I wanna c u first 2 kno I can trust u n ur not gonna show ne 1 2:51 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: What? Wasn't expecting you to say that! :+ 2:51 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: :( 2:52 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I would be dumb to show someone cause of circumstances 2:52 PM
Me: Sorry I jus dnt wan't 2 get in trouble.. My mom would prob take my phone away 2:53 PM
Me: R u mad :( 2:56 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Not at all 2:58 PM
Me: Phew ok good ^_^ 2:59 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol 3:03 PM
Me: Gonna ask when I can sleep over at my friends when I get home 3:05 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Ok baby 3:07 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I'm excited 3:07 PM
Me: Me 2 3:08 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: You think she will say yes 3:11 PM
Me: Oh ya I just dnt kno which night yet 3:16 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Ok cool! Any night is fine 3:17 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Download snap chat 4:03 PM
Me: I tried b4... My mom blocked it 4:23 PM
Me: She sux 4:35 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Yeah that sucks lol! 4:35 PM
Me: I need a secret phone or something lol 5:15 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol that is good idea I got one u can have! 5:16 PM
Me: Really?? 5:20 PM
Me: That would b so kool... Then I could do wutever I wanted on it lol 6:05 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Its a I phone too 7:16 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: What your mom say? 7:16 PM
Me: Wow that would b pretty kool! 7:28 PM
Me: She's not home yet 7:28 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: My old I phone 4 7:28 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Oh k 7:29 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: We shoulda met up today 7:39 PM
Me: Lol I wish my gramma is here 7:42 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol 7:42 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: She woulds been alright 7:46 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol 7:47 PM
Me: Lol ya right 7:48 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: What time your mom get home!? 7:52 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Where do you stay in hartford 7:57 PM
Me: She comes home kinda late... I know she's gonna say yes I just don't kno which day yet 7:57 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Oh ok 7:58 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lets exchange some more pics! 8:00 PM
Me: I can't really text right now my gramma is askin me who I'm talkin 2 8:02 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: OK 8:13 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Just go to your room lol 8:34 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: :( 9:28 PM

Text Messaging 4/18/2014

Me: Lol sorry I fell asleep waiting for her 8:47 AM
Me: Hello? 10:35 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Hey there 10:38 AM
Me: Sorry she gets home at like 11:30 n I fell asleep waiting 4 her.. I'm jus gonna text her 2 day n see 10:53 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Oh OK! Its all god 10:54 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Good 10:54 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: How your day bby 11:12 AM
Me: Boring.. But I'm glad it's Friday! 12:37 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I know that's right baby 12:38 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I cant wait to love on you 12:42 PM
Me: Haha o ya? 12:51 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Oh yeah! You can be my girl lol Jus no one can know lol 12:52 PM
Me: Umm ya I kno lol u better not tell ne 1 1:01 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I not I don't want to get in trouble! Or have to stop lol 1:02 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: So would you like to be my girl? 1:04 PM
Me: Wutchu mean 1:16 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Just like us chill and keep it on the low 1:17 PM
Me: Oooh ya.. Of course lol 1:22 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Good! I will spoil you boo 1:23 PM
Me: Hehe really.. No 1 ever spoiled me b4 1:32 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: That is going to change babe! 1:33 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: What ever your heart desires 1:33 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I gonna be working late tonight try for tomorrow baby! 1:59 PM
Me: Oh ok 2:04 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: :) 2:04 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Baby 2:36 PM
Me: Yah? 2:47 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Wyd 2:47 PM
Me: Still at skool 3:03 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Oh OK call me when u can! 3:04 PM
Me: Call u? 3:05 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Yeah just hard to text and wanna tell u something! 3:06 PM
Me: Lol whatchu wanna tell me 3:06 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol Jus call I already got in trouble for text today lmao 3:07 PM
Me: Kk 3:07 PM
Me: My gramma is picking me up from skool but I'll try later when I get home k 3:15 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Ok babe 3:16 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Wyd? 4:07 PM
Me: Getting ready 2 go eat 4:26 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Hell yeah where at 4:27 PM
Me: I dunno yet.. I'm w my gramma lol 4:29 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol 4:58 PM
Me: Wyd? 5:27 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Working baby Wyd? 5:41 PM
Me: Nm just texting u :) 5:43 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Send me more pics on yahoo baby! 5:44 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: So I can admire your beauty 5:48 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: ? 6:03 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: He babe wyd 8:11 PM
Me: Nm wyd 8:16 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Just ready to go home lol 8:18 PM
Me: I think my gramma is making me sleep over.. Ugh 8:22 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol damn 8:23 PM
Me: I knoww so lame 8:27 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: So we can't talk on phone? 8:28 PM
Me: Prolly not tonight.. She'll hear me 8:33 PM
Me: I can't stop thinking about u tho hehe 8:33 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Me either lol I really like you! Jus sayin 8:34 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Alot lol 8:48 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Are you on bc 8:49 PM
Me: Well I like u back lol 8:49 PM
Me: No... I'm 2 scared 2 ask my mom for it 8:49 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: That's good! And damn that sucks lol 8:50 PM
Me: I know.... 8:51 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I don't like condo lol 8:55 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: They take feeling away 8:56 PM
Me: Really? 8:56 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Yeah 8:56 PM
Me: Ooh 8:58 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Do we have to use em? 9:00 PM
Me: I don't wanna get preg.. 9:02 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I know! I can pull out! 9:03 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Or I will get you morning after pill!? 9:10 PM
Me: What's that? 9:12 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Pill that you take to not get pregnant if a guy rubbished inside you 9:13 PM
Me: Lol ok 9:14 PM
Me: Never took that b4 9:14 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Its like 50$ but I will get it if you let me Finnish inside you? 9:17 PM
Me: Is it gonna make me sick? 9:20 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: No it downy! 9:22 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Doesn't! 9:22 PM
Me: Ok good 9:24 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Good that makes it so much more intimate 9:25 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: And feels soooooo good! 9:25 PM
Me: Hehe kool 9:28 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: So I can lol 9:36 PM
Me: U can? 9:36 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Hell yeah 9:37 PM
Me: Wait, what? Lol 9:37 PM
Me: Ya I guess so 9:50 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol 9:51 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Thank you 9:51 PM
Me: Hehe so do u really wanna do it? 9:53 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Yeah lol 9:54 PM
Me: Lol kool 10:00 PM
Me: Me 2 10:00 PM
Me: I'm gonna go 2 sleep hmu 2moro 10:05 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Ok boo 10:11 PM

YIM Conversation 4/18/14

jakelewis315 (04/18/14 6:51:24 PM): Hey babe!
jakelewis315 (04/18/14 7:14:59 PM): Thank you baby
jakelewis315 (04/18/14 7:15:47 PM): You are the most beautiful girl in world lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/18/14 7:16:13 PM): Lol ya right
jakelewis315 (04/18/14 7:16:22 PM): You are
er1ca_leah_cx (04/18/14 7:16:35 PM): I wishhh
jakelewis315 (04/18/14 7:16:50 PM): You are to me!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/18/14 7:17:11 PM): Thanks ^_^
jakelewis315 (04/18/14 7:17:21 PM): I am luckiest guy in world lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/18/14 7:17:37 PM): Lol oh god
jakelewis315 (04/18/14 7:17:52 PM): I am baby!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/18/14 7:18:01 PM): Yea yea
jakelewis315 (04/18/14 7:18:19 PM): being honest!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/18/14 7:18:27 PM): Okkkkk
jakelewis315 (04/18/14 7:19:08 PM): Sorry
er1ca_leah_cx (04/18/14 7:20:08 PM): It's ok lol

Text Messaging 4/19/2014

jakelewis315 Phone: Good morning! 7:12 AM
Me: Morning 10:05 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: How are you baby! 10:05 AM
Me: Tired.. Lol u wake up early 10:06 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol that from being in army love lol 10:06 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: So baby Wyd tonight 11:12 AM
Me: Idk yet my mom said she would think about it 11:33 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Ok atleast it wasn't no! 11:34 AM
Me: I know.. She doesn't want me 2 cuz tomorrow is Easter but she said she'll think about it 11:35 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Oh OK! I hope u can! I want to cuddle and kiss u soooooo bad 11:36 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: I hope you feel same as me cause I can't stop thinking bout you! Just hope si 12:04 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: 12:41 PM
Me: I doooo I can't wait 2 c u lol 12:42 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Really cause I really like you alot? 12:43 PM
Me: Yah I think ur so hot 12:44 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I think you amazing 1:44 PM
Me: Ur so sweet ^_^ 3:04 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I can't help it I crazy bout you 3:05 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I just want to hold you already 3:10 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: And kiss you 3:15 PM
Me: She said no (( 4:59 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Baby ( 5:10 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Sneak out baby tonight just so I can kiss you! 5:11 PM
Me: She said cuz it's Easter 2moro n we r going to church in the morning 5:14 PM
Me: Sooo laaaaame 5:14 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Damn I was looking forward to seeing you 6:18 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Can you call me? 6:33 PM
Me: Not right now my moms home 6:36 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Ok I just want to hear your voice lol 6:37 PM
Me: I kno I wanna hear urs 2 6:38 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: baby I know you said wait till we see each other but would you send pic of you in like bra and panties! Please baby 6:40 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Or a really sexy pic! 6:41 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Please baby or even on in bathing suit I just dying to see more of u! 6:45 PM

YIM Conversation 4/19/14

jakelewis315 (04/19/14 7:34:38 PM): Hey love! Send me some more pics!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 7:49:35 PM): Y don't u send me pix?? Lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 7:49:36 PM): Y don't u send me pix?? Lol
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 7:49:47 PM): Ok I will baby
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 7:51:40 PM): Please send me a full body sexy one babe
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 7:51:55 PM): I did yesterday? Lol
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 7:52:37 PM): Like in panties and bra baby! Or bathing suit lol!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 7:53:08 PM): Ur just sending me face pix lol
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 7:53:44 PM): I will send you a really sexy one if u send one back baby
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 7:53:50 PM): K
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 7:54:34 PM): You want to see my you know what?
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 7:54:43 PM): Lol?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 7:54:48 PM): Lol ok
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 7:55:23 PM): That is not hard babe!!
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 7:55:31 PM): I just about 9" hard
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 7:55:55 PM): Send me one to get me hard baby
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 7:58:19 PM): You going to be able to handle one that big?
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 7:58:20 PM): You going to be able to handle one that big?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 7:59:15 PM): Wow that's big lol
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 7:59:45 PM): Send me sexy one now and I will send more!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 7:59:49 PM): I hope so lol
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:00:07 PM): I will be easy on you!
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:01:11 PM): Mmm baby let me see ur butt!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 8:01:29 PM): Lol u will
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:01:38 PM): And I will take more of my dick
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:02:00 PM): I just really horny right now baby
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 8:02:06 PM): Lol me 2
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:02:33 PM): I just wanna lick your pussy so long right now
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 8:03:01 PM): That sounds amazing
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:04:18 PM): Oh baby I know I bet you taste so good!
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:04:41 PM): Please send just one in ur panties baby
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:05:09 PM): Then slide my dick in your tight pussy slowly
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 8:05:46 PM): Idk I gotta c u first so I kno ur not gonna show ne 1
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:06:31 PM): Its just panties baby and I not I really like you alot and promise I want baby!
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:06:50 PM): Please baby
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 8:06:57 PM): Idk
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:07:47 PM): I swear to god like I am falling for you I don't want any looking at my girl
er1ca_leah_cx (04/19/14 8:08:31 PM): I don't wanna get in trouble tho
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:09:00 PM): Cbaby if your mom just see what we writt
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:09:13 PM): We would be in trouble!
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:09:52 PM): Please baby
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:10:41 PM): I'm soooooo horny and just want you to be kinky and keep exchange pics
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:11:21 PM): You want another one from me?
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:13:09 PM): I so caught up on you! Like you the only girl I need for rest of life!
jakelewis315 (04/19/14 8:23:24 PM): Baby:(

Text Messaging 4/19/14

Me: Sorry I just don't wanna get in trouble lol 7:23 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: If she just read what we write we would get in trouble! And its just panties! I don't understand 7:25 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Its just like sending text! 7:25 PM
Me: I kno that's why I deleted the convo 7:26 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Well just send me one then delete baby! 7:26 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I not going to show any one why would I want another guy check out my girl? 7:27 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: A girl that I crazy about at that? 7:28 PM
Me: I jus not sending that kinda stuff 2 ne 1 that I haven't met yet 7:28 PM
Me: Sorry 7:28 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Damn wish I wouldn't sent the one I did now! I hope ur not just playing me! And really are who you say you are! You just never answer 7:30 PM
Me: Wut does that mean?? 7:31 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I just hope you are really Erica and girl in those pics! 7:32 PM
Me: Omg lol... 7:32 PM
Me: Yup that's me 7:32 PM
Me: Fine I'll call u in a little bit ok 2 prove it 2 u lol 7:33 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I just really like you and just don't want you to be playing around! 7:34 PM
Me: I'm not babe.. I just don't want 2 get in trouble ok 7:35 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Ok baby ima trust you but please don't play me! Cause you already somehow got me addicted to you! And we haven't even kissed or anything yet 7:38 PM
Me: I'm not like that.. I hope ur not playing me either 7:39 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I not Erica I want you soooo bad! I don't want any other girl for rest of my life long as I got you 7:40 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: And I usually only go for girls my age but I fell for you 7:40 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Hope you falling for me Erica! 7:43 PM
Me: I am.. I like u a lot 7:49 PM
Me: My mom is gonna go to the store can I call u real quick when she goes? 7:54 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Yeah please do! 7:54 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I am completely yours Erica! No one elses 7:56 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I kinda got it bad for you 7:58 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Yeah Erica I definitely want you! 8:13 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: You sound sooooo cute on phone! So if we fall in love we can be together baby!? 8:14 PM
Me: Lol good 8:15 PM
Me: Yah ^_^ 8:16 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Good baby I will try my best every day to make you happiest girl in the world! 8:17 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I never felt this way about a girl! And I call myself a Mack daddy before I met you! 8:19 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I never fell for a girl before I even kissed her or been intimate with 8:20 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: You have had sex before right? 8:22 PM
Me: Ya.. I never been in love b4 tho 8:23 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Well good baby let ur guard down! I want you to fall in love with me! Cause I think I am with you already lol 8:24 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I usually one making girls fall but you are my weakness 8:25 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Like ima make sure you got the car u want when u turn 16! Always going to be in some miss me jeans! I just going to spoil you! 8:28 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: And not only spoil you but love you baby! 8:30 PM
Me: Wow.. Lol ur like the perfect guy. 8:30 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Its weird cause I wouldn't do it for any other girl! My heart smiles just thinking bout you why I know that you the one baby 8:32 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Just stick with me Erica we going to be perfect together I know it! 8:35 PM
Me: I think so 2 babe ^_^ 8:35 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Good! I so glade I found you! 8:36 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Baby sneak out tonight you don't have to leave house I just want to kiss you please 8:38 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Kiss you and tell you I love you! 8:41 PM
Me: Do u really love me? 8:47 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I really think I do! I know its crazy but I do! Erica I love you 8:48 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: You are all I think about since I met you! 8:49 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Is that bad baby? 8:50 PM
Me: No it's not bad... Hehe I think I love u 2 8:50 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Awe baby! Good! Thank god! 8:51 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: You are best thing that has ever happened to me baby I love you 8:52 PM
Me: Really? 8:53 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: And I'm your first love! That's I good cause I really believe your my zing lol I found my soulmate! 8:53 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Yeah you make have this feeling! 8:54 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: You will get what ever your heart desires baby! Idc if I got to rob bank to get it for you 8:57 PM
Me: Lol that's crazy 9:01 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Is it I'm sorry 9:01 PM
Me: Lol well u don't need 2 go rob a bank 9:03 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: And if you don't believe me we will go get your car the first night we hang out! I got enough in bank to pay most of it off and I will put it in ur name so u know! 9:04 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: That's hows sure I am that you my soulmate! 9:04 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: What ever kinda car u want my love! 2014 too 9:05 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I just absolutely love you no doubt! 9:07 PM
Me: Ok shhh! Ur gonna get me in trouble lol 9:08 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I love you Erica! 9:44 PM
Me: <3 9:52 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Wyd babe? 10:18 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Baby I love you good night 11:11 PM

Text Messaging 4/20/14

jakelewis315 Phone: Just woke up thinking about you baby love you! Text me later 4:50 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: What size pants and shirt you wear babe? 7:41 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: You sure can sleep lol I going to aeropostale later I get you couple outfits if u tell me sizes 8:43 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Did I make you mad? 9:56 AM
Me: No babe! Lol we went 2 church my mom made me leave my phone in the car 10:36 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Oh OK lol phew! 10:37 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: That wouldst sucked lol cause I let my gaurd down for you! And already head over heels lol Jus sayin 10:40 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: I going to put you on my bank account baby so when I deploy over seas you can have money! 10:41 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: And just in case something happens to me u can have money also 10:42 AM
Me: What?? When r u leaving? 10:44 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Not soon around November baby! 10:44 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: I really do love you Erica! Jus hope you know that 10:47 AM
Me: how long r u gonna b gone? 10:53 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: 8 months in Basra Afghanistan 10:54 AM
Me: Oh wow wut do u do in the army? 10:59 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: 11bravo infantry! And please don't leave me when I go over seas I really do love you! 11:01 AM
Me: I won't I promise 11:04 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: I mean you want us to be together right? Like I don't have wrong idea do I? 11:06 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Baby I hope you love me and just want only me! I hope I not falling deeply in love with you and it not bee mutual feeling! 11:22 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: You just hard to read! And I don't want to get hurt! 11:23 AM
Me: Sorry... I do only want u 2 11:23 AM
Me: It's just hard 2 text it's Easter n my family is here 11:24 AM
Me: I don't wanna get in trouble ok 11:24 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Ok I understand! Are you falling in love? 11:25 AM
Me: Ya I think so 11:30 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: I know you around family and hard to text so just send me what size pants and shirt you wear i going shopping for you at Aero! Text or call me when u can! And let ur guard down a fall in love I don't want to be only one! Ttyl 11:34 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: 11:34 AM
Me: Kk I wear a size 4 11:35 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Quick question miss me jeans don't have 4 they go by waist size and hip you know what u need? 12:41 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: They expensive as hell but I asked the lady working what to get my gf and really make her smile she said! Miss me jeans lol! 170$ pair of jeans lol wtf 12:54 PM
Me: Omg... That's 2 much lol 12:55 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Nah its all good! Get ya couple pair of those and shirt but do you know what "miss me" size you are 12:57 PM
Me: No idk? I never had those b4 12:58 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: You ever heard of them? She said they was the style lol 12:59 PM
Me: Ya I have but idk how there sizes are? Just tell her imma size 4 12:59 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Ima ask her what size to get since u a 4 1:00 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Ok 1:00 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: You will love the 2 I picked out! I hope lol 1:00 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: She asked do you have big butt for being a size 4 lol 1:04 PM
Me: Um a lil bit lol 1:05 PM
Me: I have a round booty 1:05 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Mmmm I like that lol OK she said she got it! 1:06 PM
Me: Lol u don't need 2 buy me ne thing babe 4 real 1:10 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: To late lol! And know I don't have to but I want to 1:12 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Want me to send pic on yahoo 1:12 PM
Me: Wow thank u baby ur so sweet 1:13 PM
Me: Later ok my mom is saying she's gonna take my phone away if I don't get off 1:13 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Ok 1:14 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Love you 1:14 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: So much baby! I would never have spent 370$ on 2 pairs of jeans! On any other girl! Its cause I love you baby! 1:38 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: And baby if you feel like you do love me you should say it! I mean don't if you don't feel it but don't be scared of fallling for me cause obviously I have for you 2:18 PM
Me: Ok ^_^ 3:05 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: you best girl in the world 3:07 PM
Me: Ur the best guy in the world 3:42 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I love you! 3:46 PM
Me: Love u 2 4:04 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Omg awe!!! You just made me tear up! 4:05 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I wanted you to say it solo bad! 4:05 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: You just made me happiest guy in world 4:05 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I going to add you to bank account tomorrow and get ya ATM card! You can spend money how ever you like baby! Its ours now! 4:11 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: That was first time you told a guy you love him too wasn't it! 4:30 PM
Me: Maybe lol 4:36 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: you want regret saying it 4:37 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I thank god I found the most beautiful, kind, sweet girl in the world! 4:42 PM
Me: Thanks babe 5:57 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Your welcome you think you could call me sometime later today baby just to talk 5:58 PM
Me: Prolly not everyone is still here bbqing 6:17 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: That'd fine baby! You think tonight you could sneak out window just to meet up a kiss each other? 10 mins baby that's all 6:18 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I just want to hug and kiss you! 6:19 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: When you turn 15 let's get married then u can live with me? 6:20 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: When is your bday baby? 6:21 PM
Me: Nov 19 6:35 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Let's get married then? 7:03 PM
Me: Lol wut? 7:20 PM
Me: I think we have 2 meet each other first.. What if u don't like me? 7:20 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Lol impossible! I really do mean it when I say I love you! We can meet first but I promise I still will want to marry you lol 7:22 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I not trying to play you or lead you on! I really see us being a great couple! 7:23 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I am about to put you on my bank account and give you your own ATM card you don't think that means anything lol! 7:24 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: If I get shot and killed overseas you will get everything of mine! You are my POD (payable on death)! I don't just do that! Actually this will be first time anyone beside me will have access to my bank! There like 29,000 in there! 7:28 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: That why I said let ur gaurd down and fall in love cause I am! And all you got to worry about rest of ur life is staying faithful! And what to wear everyday! You will never have to work if u don't want to! 7:33 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: If you wanted to go blow ever last bit of what we got in bank go ahead I will make more baby! Idc what you do with it just be happy and love me! 7:36 PM
Me: Ok babe 7:45 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I glade u aggree cause we both young I think I am good looking guy! I work hard and I will always treat you right and I good in bed lol what more u need? 7:48 PM
Me: Hehe yah I guess that's all I need ^_^ 7:50 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: And if we get married no more sneaking around! You can live with me! Have sex any time! I make good money! 7:50 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: And I love you soooooooo much 7:51 PM
Me: I love u 2 7:53 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Plus 8 months of every year I in Iraq or afghan so you will have plenty time for friends! I want kids but that can be later in life! Just remember baby if you like it I love! I'm easy to please 7:53 PM
Me: I gotta go 2 bed babe i don't feel good 7:53 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Awe! I'm sorry babe! Damn wish we coulda met up but its all good tomorrow I going to bank to add you on so I will text you to get ur birthrate and set up pin for ATM card 7:55 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I love you so much Erica sleep good text me when ever 7:56 PM
Me: Ok I'll text u in the morning... Goodnight 7:58 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Goodnight sorry u feel bad 7:59 PM

Text Messaging 4/21/14

jakelewis315 Phone: What year was you born? Nov 19 ? 8:14 AM
Me: Morning babe... 99 8:42 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Good morning baby! I am at bank waiting on them to open! I about to make you my POD and add you! I am what you want right baby! Like I am making right choice ain't I! Cause I love you 8:45 AM
Me: That's up 2 u babe.. I really don't even kno wut that means lol 8:52 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Pod (payable on death) if I die over seas you will get everything and benefits and my salary every year for rest of your life! And adding you to account so when I deployed you can get money for what ever u may need! 8:54 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: You will have your own ATM/credit card with your name on it! So u can get money out ATM or go shopping and just use card! 8:58 AM
Me: Wow... U don't need 2 do all that babe 9:15 AM
Me: Hey what time do u work 2 during the week? I wanna see if I can have a sleepover soon cause I just gotta c u already lol 9:16 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: I am on leave baby I only have to report to post 2 a week! You can come anytime you want 9:18 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: And I want to do this 9:20 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Its almost done now anyways just ordering your ATM now! Already signed all the paper work 9:22 AM
Me: OMG.. 9:58 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: 10:08 AM
Me: Ur so cool babe 11:17 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Well thank you baby you are the world to me! I think ur amazing 11:19 AM
Me: I stayed home from school today cause I still didn't feel good this morning 11:20 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: And its all done ur card will come in the mail in 14-16 days 11:20 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Awe baby you don't feel good! 11:21 AM
Me: Wow.. Ur so awesome 11:21 AM
Me: Well I feel a little better now 11:22 AM
jakelewis315 Phone: Get on yahoo I going to show you your pants baby 11:22 AM
Me: Kk 11:22 AM

YIM Conversation 4/21/14

er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:24:59 PM): Wowww those r sooo nice!!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:25:04 PM): I love it!
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:25:44 PM): Do you? :) she said they will make ur butt look amazing lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:26:11 PM): R u rich or something lol
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:27:48 PM): Lol I go over seas alot and when over there don't spend money! Just make it!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:28:07 PM): Wow I guess that makes sense then
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:28:15 PM): Wut kinda car do u have?
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:28:59 PM): I go 8 months once a year and will have around 46,000 in bank when I get home
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:29:45 PM): I drive a truck 2013 Chevy and motor cycles
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:30:08 PM): Wow that sounds nice.. I like trucks
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:30:17 PM): Wut color is it?
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:31:46 PM): :) white I take pic of it for you
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:31:57 PM): And my motorcycles
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:37:11 PM): Soon as you are with me we going to look at cars for you baby
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:38:52 PM): Wow that's soooo nice
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:39:05 PM): I can't wait 2 ride on it lol
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:39:32 PM): What ever you want too! If you want a Hummer we get you a Hummer! Or what ever u want
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:40:42 PM): Hehe you are so cray
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:40:44 PM): I got enough in bank now to put good down payment on it and when I deploy you can pay it off
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:41:10 PM): Happy wife equalss happy life"
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:41:21 PM): Lol that what I think
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:41:25 PM): Lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:41:40 PM): Can I c u 2day?
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:42:07 PM): Yes baby
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:42:15 PM): I would love that
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:43:07 PM): Be able to kiss you! Awh I would prob die lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:43:21 PM): Lol kool.. Cause my mom is leaving 2 go 2 work soon n won't b back til late
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:43:55 PM): Really! Awe baby I'm sooooo excited
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:44:53 PM): Meeee 2 lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:44:56 PM): Finally!
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:45:47 PM): I know baby god that would be amazing
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:47:01 PM): I can't wait 2 try the jeans on lol.. My friend is gonna be so jealous
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:47:48 PM): They really going to be jealous!!" That's just the start of it baby
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:49:54 PM): When I say u can do what ever you want with our money you can! If you want to take all your friends out to eat and movies you can baby! I am in army they pay all my bills only thing I got to pay every month is cell phone and truck payment!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 12:54:27 PM): How come ur so good 2 me
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:56:43 PM): Idk I never done anyone like this? Just something keeps you in my mind and makes me want to do my best for you so you will never want anyone else
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:57:01 PM): Hard to explain
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:57:49 PM): I am ssg (staff sergeant) e6 so I make 4100 every month!
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 12:59:43 PM): 2 checks a month on the 1 and then the 15
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:00:55 PM): Sheesh lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:01:13 PM): So will u b able 2 pick me up in a little while?
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:01:25 PM): Yes I will
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:01:28 PM): :)
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:01:46 PM): Hehe yayyyy
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:02:15 PM): She leaves at 12:30.. Then I can start getting ready
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:02:28 PM): :) you make me smile so much that my checks hurt sooooooo bad lol
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:02:39 PM): Ok baby :)
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:03:37 PM): Where u live babu
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:04:47 PM): I stay right behind piggly wiggly
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:08:18 PM): Lol wut? I live by there.. But u can't come 2 my house cause my neighbor will c u.. I can walk 2 the pig n u can pick me up there
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:08:24 PM): Lol I don't wanna get in trouble
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:08:38 PM): Ok lol! That's cool
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:08:55 PM): Kk kool ^_^
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:08:56 PM): What street u live on?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:12:30 PM): Burch
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:13:37 PM): Really do u have a sister that drives a yellow mustang
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:14:32 PM): No lol but I seen that girl b4
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:14:44 PM): I dont have ne brothers or sisters
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:14:59 PM): Oh OK lol!
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:15:30 PM): Where at on Burch cause I live on Burch too lol
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:16:00 PM): Me and roommate we in same unit in the army
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:17:14 PM): Lol wut?? No way!
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:17:19 PM): I live accros from that church on 8 the and burch
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:17:29 PM): Lol
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:17:34 PM): Yeah
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:18:48 PM): Know where I talking about?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:19:27 PM): I think so
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:20:06 PM): On the road that goes to the pig and corner of Burch its old church!
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:20:44 PM):
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:20:45 PM): Lol we been living on same street and didn't even know it
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:21:06 PM): Didn't mean to click that buzz tging
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:21:09 PM): Lol that's so crazy!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/21/14 1:21:31 PM): Kk my mom is getting ready 2 go.. Gonna shower n get ready
jakelewis315 (04/21/14 1:22:48 PM): Ok baby

Text Messaging 4/21/14

Me: I don't kno wut 2 wear lol 12:52 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Anything lol! 12:53 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: My roommates parents came down for Easter so they are here but we will stay in back bedroom away from them! 12:53 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: They from Texas so its all good 12:54 PM
Me: Oooh ok kool 12:56 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I just tell them you 19 OK you look it anyways 12:56 PM
Me: Lol ya that's ok 12:57 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: They want say anything to you but if they do you are 19 lol told them you my gf 12:58 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: If you just want to walk to that church on Burch instead of all the way to pig that be better! 12:59 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I live right here at church! 12:59 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: And I will just meet you there a litteraly live right accross from it cati corner! That way no one see us 1:00 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I'm soooo nervous lol 1:04 PM
Me: Sorry I was drying my hair 1:05 PM
Me: Meeee 2 lol 1:05 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Its all good baby 1:05 PM
Me: I live right next 2 the pig n my mom asked me to get milk so I gotta go there ne way 1:06 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Ok you don't think anyone will see us? 1:07 PM
Me: Nah 1:07 PM
Me: Kk I'm gonna walk over there now.. Gimme like 5 mins to go inside n get it 1:08 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: Ok baby! 1:08 PM
Me: LMK when ur here 1:11 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: About to pull in 1:12 PM
jakelewis315 Phone: I'm hete 1:12 PM

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