• Conviction - zigdog2k3 - New York City, New York

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    File originally posted on 12/4/2009 11:32 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/4/2009 11:32 PM PST

    zigdog2k3 (03/30/07 3:23:50 PM): i guess u could come with me in my car we can go do somethin
    lol_lolaz_lol (03/30/07 3:23:56 PM): ya cool
    lol_lolaz_lol (03/30/07 3:24:01 PM): what kinda car u got
    zigdog2k3 (03/30/07 3:24:09 PM): celica
    lol_lolaz_lol (03/30/07 3:24:21 PM): red? lol
    zigdog2k3 (03/30/07 3:24:27 PM): no why u like red cars
    lol_lolaz_lol (03/30/07 3:24:35 PM): my fav color
    lol_lolaz_lol (03/30/07 3:24:36 PM): lol
    lol_lolaz_lol (03/30/07 3:24:40 PM): ne car is goood
    zigdog2k3 (03/30/07 3:24:48 PM): u wanna chill in my car hun?
    lol_lolaz_lol (03/30/07 3:24:54 PM): ya sure
    lol_lolaz_lol (03/30/07 3:24:59 PM): wut u wanna do
    zigdog2k3 (03/30/07 3:25:07 PM): i was thinkin mayb u could do somethin for me
    lol_lolaz_lol (03/30/07 3:25:12 PM): um maybe
    lol_lolaz_lol (03/30/07 3:25:14 PM): like wut
    zigdog2k3 (03/30/07 3:25:26 PM): like suck my cock
    Just a reminder, she's 13!

    Ziegfeld Rivera travelled from NYC to Mantoloking, NJ just as he said he was going to, and accordingly was arrested as part of the New Jersey sting in the spring of 2007. Thankfully instead of a 13 year old, he met law enforcement. He is now a RSO and is under parole supervision for the rest of his life. He is quite young so hopefully there's a chance he will turn his life around and won't re-offend.

    This is our 462nd conviction since June of 2004, our 157th conviction for 2009, and our 21st conviction in New Jersey thus far.