• Conviction - southbayguy310 - Redondo Beach, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 6/5/2007 2:45 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 6/5/2007 2:45 PM PST

    southbayguy310 (11:01:27 PM): what are you doing?
    southbayguy310 (11:03:08 PM):
    Chelsea (11:04:04 PM): getting a soda
    Chelsea (11:04:08 PM): what r u doing
    southbayguy310 (11:10:19 PM): what kinda soda?
    southbayguy310 (11:10:25 PM): not much was in other room
    Chelsea (11:13:02 PM): diet vanilla coke
    southbayguy310 (11:13:26 PM): oh ok
    southbayguy310 (11:13:33 PM): why dont you have a dig cam?
    Chelsea (11:14:23 PM): my sis told my dad i shouldnt have 1 anymore
    southbayguy310 (11:14:39 PM): a dig cam, not a web cam
    Chelsea (11:17:47 PM): oh
    Chelsea (11:17:50 PM): my dad has 1
    Chelsea (11:24:32 PM): what r u doing
    southbayguy310 (11:32:19 PM): go borrow his cam and take me pic ok?
    southbayguy310 (11:32:23 PM): or go take it
    Chelsea (11:33:10 PM): um how
    southbayguy310 (11:35:43 PM): i dunno take it
    Chelsea (11:35:49 PM): i cant
    southbayguy310 (11:36:10 PM): um, ok........
    Chelsea (11:36:31 PM): hes in his room how am i gonna take it??/
    southbayguy310 (11:36:43 PM): ask for it i dunno
    Chelsea (11:37:02 PM): he doesnt let me use that
    southbayguy310 (11:37:13 PM): ok
    Chelsea (11:37:15 PM): y u want me 2 so bad?
    southbayguy310 (11:37:34 PM): i want to see u naked a pic anyway
    I guess it's nice to want things... like free air, free time and freedom, things that Keith Williams now does not have.

    The Riverside sting arrests from the January 2006 Riverside sting operation that saw 51 predators arrive to a house and be arrested still are rolling in with convictions. Keith Williams here is no stranger to our front page, having been outed as a sex predator back when we used to post guys without their being arrested and convicted. He didn't learn from the first time he was caught doing this.

    The second time around is much worse for Mr. Williams.

    He will receive a year in jail, five years probation after that and registration as a sex offender... which in California is no joke indeed. The list of restrictions he now faces are a mile long.

    Notes from the Contributor, Tyrone
    Since this site's inception many men have mistakenly believed themselves to be conversing with a minor when in fact they were engaged in communication with a Perverted Justice Contributor simply posing as a minor.

    A number of those men, thanks in large part to community notification, wound up seeking counseling and will forevermore be under the watchful eye of their family and friends who, through the posting of their revealing chatlogs, came to know the true nature of each man.

    There are, of course, some of the men previously \"busted\" by PJ who still seek out children in a predatory manner. Frank David Sierras was one such man, busted, exposed, he changed his screen name and was finally brought to justice thanks to the hard work of many PJ'ers, Long Beach LE, Dateline, and due largely to his own sick fantasies. His conviction, as well as this one, should serve as a warning to those previously busted by PJ.

    You can't spot us. We're everywhere. We're in chatrooms, on Blog Sites, forums, floating online simply connected to a Yahoo/AIM/ETC profile. Each Contributor brings a different perspective to the \"child\" they pretend to be. Few profiles of each Contributor bear even a passing resemblance to the others they create. We have profiles, blogs, webpages, entire sites. We build a persona so convincing that even Homeland Security Agents believe us to be real kids.

    Keith Allen Williams was initially \"busted\" by Slim Jim. His logs were posted, attempts at community notification were made. His first run-in with PJ was during a period of time when we were still building our credibility with LE. He wouldn't be so lucky the next time.

    I posed as a 13 year old girl. When southbayguy310 first IM'd me, I did a double take. I recognized the screen name. My first instinct was that his name had been recycled, that it was someone playing a prank. A check of his profile revealed it hadn't been updated since the time of his initial logs. We were able, thanks to our fabulous team of researchers, to quickly confirm he was, in fact \"the original southbayguy310\". And he was still as slimy as ever. Soliciting not just my underage persona, but that of another Contrib simultaneously.

    He made his intentions clear and despite personally witnessing another predator being arrested in the driveway of the bust house, agreed to return. Community notification was definitely accomplished this time, with his face appearing on Dateline more than once, his mention on the Today Show, and many other instances where he was held up as an example of just how obsessed these guys are, including in Chris Hansens recently released book.

    Just in case we didn't have ample proof of just how serious Keith was about finding a child to rape, he solicited yet another PJ Contrib during another of our stings while out on bail for his Riverside arrest. Yes, seriously.

    Keith Allen Williams is the poster boy for what lengths these men will go to to hurt a child. Consequences be damned, he was bound and determined to rape a young girl.

    His story should also serve as a warning to those like him. Try as you might, change your screenname or not, take whatever \"precautions\" you think you can, you WILL be caught. That young child you're talking to /right now/ could very well be one of us. You'll have no way to know. Get help while you still can, before the prison guards show you to your cell.

    This is our 195th conviction since June of 2004 and our 74th conviction for 2007 so far.