• Conviction - mr6317 - Santa Monica, California

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    File originally posted on 4/9/2007 9:43 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/9/2007 9:43 AM PST

    mr6317 (9:31:34 PM): did u already went to universal studios
    tori_rox_2006 (9:31:41 PM): no not yet it looks real cool
    mr6317 (9:31:53 PM): yes it is
    mr6317 (9:31:58 PM): would u like to go
    tori_rox_2006 (9:32:03 PM): omg thad be so fun!
    mr6317 (9:32:12 PM): yeah
    mr6317 (9:32:30 PM): we will see when we meet
    mr6317 (9:32:33 PM): what do u say
    tori_rox_2006 (9:33:02 PM): sounds good
    mr6317 (9:33:07 PM): yeah
    mr6317 (9:33:09 PM): lol
    mr6317 (9:33:27 PM): hey
    tori_rox_2006 (9:33:34 PM): ya?
    mr6317 (9:33:51 PM): do u already have a hairy pussy
    Dangle the fun time trip to Universal as an entry into sexual requests. Textbook.

    We're coming down the pike on the Long Beach sting, with yet another predator from that sting operation arrested and convicted. Luciano was lucky he was arrested in Long Beach and not say, Petaluma, Laguna Beach or Riverside, as those three jurisdictions in California actually give jail time in most cases.

    Still, he will be an RSO for life, he has a suspended jail sentence of three years hanging over his head in case he does anything else wrong and a year of sexual offender counseling, five years probation and some highway cleanup to look forward to. Hopefully he keeps his life on the straight and narrow and makes a change of things. If not, to jail he will go.

    Notes from the Contributor, Red Baroness
    Luciano Dimas, aka mr6317, hit me up for the Long Beach sting last September. Over our many conversations, Luciano was extremely graphic and vile, making it very clear that he wanted to sexually violate a 13 year-old virgin.

    Luciano got the Long Beach Special. Lucky him. However, knowing that he is a LIFETIME RSO is a bit of comfort. 5 years probation and 1 year of counseling just doesn't cover the scope of what Luciano wanted to do to this kid.

    Huge thanks to my verifier, and to the Long Beach Police for their tireless work.

    This is our 172nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 51st conviction for 2007 so far.