• Conviction - jaime2002_22 - Williams, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 2/16/2007 9:08 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/16/2007 9:26 PM PST

    i_is_a_ninja (08/26/06 12:38:59 PM): why would i want u to stop?
    jaime2002_22 (08/26/06 12:39:17 PM): because i'd be too much
    jaime2002_22 (08/26/06 12:39:18 PM): lol
    i_is_a_ninja (08/26/06 12:40:38 PM): geez my inernet is messed up
    jaime2002_22 (08/26/06 12:41:08 PM): hmm
    jaime2002_22 (08/26/06 12:41:11 PM): it loggs u out
    i_is_a_ninja (08/26/06 12:41:18 PM): yah
    jaime2002_22 (08/26/06 12:41:31 PM): hmm, weird
    i_is_a_ninja (08/26/06 12:41:42 PM): i know it sucks
    jaime2002_22 (08/26/06 12:41:49 PM): mine use to do that
    jaime2002_22 (08/26/06 12:41:54 PM): then it stopped
    jaime2002_22 (08/26/06 12:42:01 PM): most of the time it just freezes
    jaime2002_22 (08/26/06 12:42:04 PM): sucks
    i_is_a_ninja (08/26/06 12:42:16 PM): yah
    jaime2002_22 (08/26/06 12:42:49 PM): have u seen that new movie, Barn Animals

    From sex talk to animated movies in a little over three minutes.

    Jaime Mendieta was featured during our Petaluma TCAP sting operation. He showed up, saw Chris Hansen and decided to high-tail it out of there as quick as possible. However, he ran right into the oh-so-helpful arms of police.

    He was recently convicted of his sexual solicitation. 30 days in jail, 2 days credit for time served. Will have to register as RSO status, must register within 10 days. It is a violation if there is any chatting or instant messaging, no text messaging with minors. No contact with minors via phone, in person, nor internet. All in all, his life is now completely different.

    Notes from the other Contributor, Pibb
    The guys we catch at here at Perverted-Justice generally fall into one of two categories. First you have your slow groomer. The groomer asks seemingly innocent questions about whether you did your homework, and if you have any pets, slowly building up trust with the kid so they can make the move into sex chat. Then there's the fast mover. Fast movers don't waste a lot of time with idle chit chat. They move very quickly into what they want - sex with the kid they're IMing.

    Jaime Mendieta was a fast mover. He chatted with 12 year old Jessie for a short time one evening, then came back the next morning ready to make his move. After just two 90 minute chats he drove from Williams to Petaluma, a nearly two hour drive, with a distance of well over 100 miles, for the purpose of having sex with a 12 year old girl. It was only after he came inside the house at Petaluma that we discovered how fast Jaime could really move. He bolted out the door as soon as he saw Chris, and he ran pretty fast. Not as fast as our friends from the Petaluma PD, however. They took him down outside next to his car, and whisked him away for booking.

    I can't say enough great things about Petaluma. The officers we worked with there were stellar, the neighbors were friendly and supportive, it was just a top notch operation all the way around. Thanks Petaluma!

    This is our 154th conviction since June of 2004 and our 33rd conviction for 2007 so far.