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    Report made 12/16/2009 10:14 AM PST

    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 9:54:11 PM): do u masterbate
    13-yr-old-girl (08/03/07 9:54:17 PM): na
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 9:54:28 PM): dang u really should
    13-yr-old-girl (08/03/07 9:54:38 PM): dont rlly wanna pretend
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 9:55:13 PM): oh so u want a real guys or girls mouth and or dick
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 9:55:14 PM): ?
    13-yr-old-girl (08/03/07 9:55:45 PM): idk i gues i figured id b wit a guy the first time
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 9:56:35 PM): kool first times r a lil scary for the girl but feels great on my dick
    13-yr-old-girl (08/03/07 9:56:45 PM): scary?
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 9:57:11 PM): well a 7 inch thing is trying to push ur pussy open
    13-yr-old-girl (08/03/07 9:57:21 PM): hurts?
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 9:57:47 PM): just a lil as it pops in all the way
    13-yr-old-girl (08/03/07 9:57:55 PM): o
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 9:58:06 PM): not like crying hurt
    13-yr-old-girl (08/03/07 9:58:11 PM): k
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 9:58:34 PM): if i was ur first u wouldnt hurt none
    13-yr-old-girl (08/03/07 9:58:51 PM): rlly y?
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 9:59:12 PM): i would be gentle
    13-yr-old-girl (08/03/07 9:59:21 PM): o
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 9:59:36 PM): it would be makin love with u and not just a fuck
    13-yr-old-girl (08/03/07 9:59:47 PM): wow rlly?
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 10:00:02 PM): for real
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 10:00:10 PM): i told u
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 10:00:21 PM): i would marry u if i could
    13-yr-old-girl (08/03/07 10:00:31 PM): wow u dont even know me
    cantonguy4fun (08/03/07 10:01:01 PM): we have talked a while already and ur willing to learn stuff and ur very beautiful
    Yes, by \"a while,\" he means an hour and a half. This is a very sick and disturbing individual.

    Jeffrey Ray Rutledge was arrested in Twiggs County, Georgia in August of 2007, which was merciful for our society as he is and was a serial predator with extremely disturbing plans for whatever children he could get his hands on. He was charged with 12 different felonies and 5 misdemeanors, and he was already a registered sex offender stemming from an earlier federal conviction. While awaiting resolution to this case, he was committed to a mental health facility and even tried to escape. He ended up pleading guilty, but he did not get a weak sentence in return for his plea. He received a sentence of 25 years in prison, and he needs to serve at least ten. We hope he serves at least the full 25 because he is too dangerous to be free. He remains a registered sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Big Mac

    Jeff Rutledge is a bad man. When I first had the distinct displeasure of encountering him, I was a troller for the Georgia Dateline To Catch a Predator episode. The man hit up my 13 year old persona from his home in Cherokee County, immediately turned on his web cam and was completely nude. Yes completely nude, and hitting up girl children on the internet...

    Well, it gets worse. You see, Jeff is, in my opinion a serial internet predator. He had already been convicted of doing similar things in Federal court, had served his sentence and was a registered sex offender at the time he hit me up. None of that dissuaded him from doing it again. He just kept right on dabbling in fulfilling his sick pedophile fantasies. Jeff told me about how he was a bisexual, showed me numerous sexual aides and devices, modeled his large collection of thongs (my mind's eye hurts just to think of it...), demonstrated fellatio on his enormous purple silicone dildo, and even proceeded to show me his anus on webcam.

    Yes you heard me right. All of that on web cam with someone he believed to be a 13 year old girl.

    The guy should be the poster boy for the Pedophilia Cannot be Cured Society. Unfortunately, he didn't show for that sting. He essentially got away with what he did for the next year or more. Then his luck ran out. He met Irish Rose. Irish Rose is a trolling, pervert convicting machine made flesh. The first graduate from the fledgling JC program back whenever the hell that was, took down the Monster that Got Away from Big Mac.

    Nice work Irish, take it away!

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    Thanks Mac! It was both of our chats together used as evidence in this case that put a stop to Rutledge's activities for at least the next 10 years. Big Mac moved on to being a trainer in the excellent Junior Contributor program that helps to prepare us for guys like these:

    In August of 2007, Jeffrey Rutledge contacted my 13 year old persona while working an Information First area in Twiggs County Georgia.

    In my opinion, Big Mac's description of this man as a monster is appropriate. He is frightening. The vile chat I endured with Jeff Rutledge had the same characteristics described by Big Mac above. He showed himself nude on cam, showed porn images including those of multiple people engaged in sex acts (including himself), and he turned his cam around to show hard-core porn videos he was watching on his TV. He did all of this while chatting with whom he thought was a 13 year old girl. He was very graphic describing the acts he wanted to perform with this child and repeatedly asked her to sneak out to meet him. That is the scariest part of this encounter. There is no doubt in my mind that he intended to keep this child. He encouraged her to sneak out in the middle of the night, and to bring along her laptop. The laptop would have been evidence of their chat. He made it clear that he wanted the child to come to stay with him for years. These are a few clips of the chat that still give me chills:

    cantonguy4fun (08/04/07 12:28:21 AM): and if anyone ask we can say ur the daughter of a friend stayin here while he is out of town
    cantonguy4fun (08/04/07 1:04:24 AM): but i want us to be long term

    cantonguy4fun (08/04/07 1:05:02 AM): u could home school here
    cantonguylookin (08/06/07 12:06:39 PM): What about ur friends
    cantonguylookin(08/06/07 12:09:07 PM): U wont see them no more
    cantonguylookin(08/06/07 12:09:53 PM): Or talk to them or they would tell
    cantonguylookin (08/07/07 8:37:11 PM): u couldnt talk to anyone down there u no for 5 years
    cantonguylookin (08/07/07 8:41:54 PM): u dont have to answer the door even if the cops r there
    cantonguylookin (08/08/07 7:14:24 PM): but will u be ok with being with me and not seein ur dad for a few years
    cantonguylookin (08/08/07 7:16:08 PM): would we need to change ur name u think
    cantonguylookin (08/08/07 7:16:49 PM): just in case someone thinks they seen u on tv
    cantonguylookin (08/08/07 7:18:35 PM): u will have to stay hid a lil while

    His plans for this child while he held her in captivity are like something out of a horror movie. He planned for her to stay naked most of the time, submitting to his will constantly. He wanted to take her to a nudist camp he frequents, to show her off. He wanted her to engage in sex acts with other men he has over to his place, as well as to find her a girl friend to join in their activities. He wanted to take photos of her and of these encounters with her and others. The list of horrifying abuse planned just goes on and on.

    He was serious about these plans, as was made clear when he showed up to meet the \"child\". He had the \"child\" sneak out of her house in the middle of the night and start walking. Rutledge drove from his home in the middle of the night to pick up the \"child\", planning to meet her at a gas station. Think about the consequences if this had been a real child, disappearing in the night, with no clue left behind of who she took off with. Major James Faulk and his fine officers in Twiggs County have my gratitude and respect for getting up in the middle of the night to quickly and professionally coordinate this arrest. They understood the danger this man was, and did their duty admirably to protect the children of Georgia.

    Jeff Rutledge entered a guilty plea in this case and was sentenced to 25 years, of which he must serve at least 10. I hope the actual time served is more towards the maximum. He was already a registered sex offender, as Big Mac described above, for similar actions. His chats with both Big Mac and I show that his previous Federal conviction did not stop him, and demonstrate a frightening inclination towards serial behavior.

    Van de Camp once again has my extreme gratitude for her most excellent phone verifications. She stayed up very late that night with the rest of us while waiting for this man to show, as he had wanted a call from the gas station when the \"child\" arrived there after midnight.

    This is our 500th conviction since June of 2004, our 195th conviction for 2009, and our 25th conviction in Georgia thus far.