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    File originally posted on 5/18/2007 11:56 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/18/2007 11:56 AM PST

    ben_taul2000 (9:24:28 PM): you have my number right
    kellykool92 (9:24:31 PM): ya
    ben_taul2000 (9:24:40 PM): did you put it in your phone
    kellykool92 (9:24:48 PM): wrote it down
    ben_taul2000 (9:24:54 PM): are you going to put it in
    kellykool92 (9:24:57 PM): i will
    ben_taul2000 (9:25:00 PM): lol
    ben_taul2000 (9:25:03 PM): sure you will lol
    kellykool92 (9:25:09 PM): ya relly
    ben_taul2000 (9:25:10 PM): i think your teaseing me lol
    kellykool92 (9:25:13 PM): no way
    ben_taul2000 (9:25:21 PM): are you falling for me
    kellykool92 (9:25:25 PM): mebbe ;-)
    ben_taul2000 (9:25:30 PM): so that is a yes
    kellykool92 (9:25:41 PM): u come find out k ;-)
    ben_taul2000 (9:25:47 PM): i want to cum in you
    Yep, we're referred to as \"convictiontown\" and not \"romanceville\" for a reason.

    Ben Taul is a 27 year old bartender. Odd then, that he hit up one of our profiles at teenspot.com. Gee, 27 years of age... in a chat called teenspot. Yeah, that makes a guilty plea a no-brainer, really.

    Taul was arrested during our Laguna Beach operation from February of 2006. He received a year in jail and three years probation. We think a year in jail is a pretty good spell for him to realize why a 27 year old male shouldn't be hanging out in a place called TEENspot.

    Notes from the Contributor, Mickey Finn
    Ben Taul was arrested during our Laguna Beach sting, which took place just weeks after the famed Riverside Dateline sting. As you may recall, Laguna Beach was a pure law enforcement/Perverted Justice operation with no media involvement.

    Here's what The OC Weekly had to say about Ben Taul in their report on the sting:

    \"The most graphic was Benjamin Alan Taul, a 27-year-old bartender at Fox Sports Grill in Irvine. He told his 12-year-old decoy that 'I can't wait to fuck you, baby' and demanded that the minor wear 'no panties so I can feel my girl pussy and ass.' Taul then explained to her that he wanted 'to cum in' her.\" Link: OCWeekly.com

    Do those quotes leave any doubt in your mind what Ben Taul was all about? And would you be surprised to learn that the police found child pornography on his computer? I certainly wasn't. Ben was singled out by the OC Weekly because he stood out all on his own. He stood out by being disgusting and dangerous. He was aggressive, vile, and very eager to have sex with \"Kelly\" who he firmly believed to be a 13-year old girl. And since he was collecting child porn before he was arrested, it's obvious he was attracted to young girls from the beginning and would have done this to your daughter, or anyone's daughter, if given the chance.

    Well, he got his chance. Fortunately, it was me he got a chance with and not someone's real daughter.

    Mainly I think the chat log speaks for itself, but I do want to thank the Laguna Beach Police Department. They were a pleasure to work with and extremely proactive. They definitely \"get it.\"

    This is our 185th conviction since June of 2004 and our 64th conviction for 2007 so far.