• Conviction - i_smoke_alotta_weed - Mt. Clemens, Michigan

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    File originally posted on 11/7/2009 9:37 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/7/2009 9:37 PM PST

    i_smoke_alotta_weed (03/09/08 11:54:04 AM): im in mt clemens
    subat0micwedgy_queen (03/09/08 11:54:12 AM): o ya i been there
    i_smoke_alotta_weed (03/09/08 11:54:23 AM): yea party city
    subat0micwedgy_queen (03/09/08 11:54:34 AM): :-P
    i_smoke_alotta_weed (03/09/08 11:54:41 AM): u got a cell
    i_smoke_alotta_weed (03/09/08 11:54:48 AM): we can talk on phone
    subat0micwedgy_queen (03/09/08 11:54:55 AM): i ran up my minits :(
    subat0micwedgy_queen (03/09/08 11:54:58 AM): she took it
    i_smoke_alotta_weed (03/09/08 11:55:00 AM): lol
    subat0micwedgy_queen (03/09/08 11:55:10 AM): u think thats funny huh
    i_smoke_alotta_weed (03/09/08 11:55:14 AM): no
    i_smoke_alotta_weed (03/09/08 11:55:15 AM): lol
    subat0micwedgy_queen (03/09/08 11:55:30 AM): i finally get a wekend to myslef
    subat0micwedgy_queen (03/09/08 11:55:35 AM): and shes calling all the time
    subat0micwedgy_queen (03/09/08 11:55:39 AM): with more chores
    i_smoke_alotta_weed (03/09/08 11:55:41 AM): lol
    i_smoke_alotta_weed (03/09/08 11:55:57 AM): thats not good
    subat0micwedgy_queen (03/09/08 11:56:01 AM): naw
    subat0micwedgy_queen (03/09/08 11:56:03 AM): it sux
    i_smoke_alotta_weed (03/09/08 11:56:08 AM): lol
    i_smoke_alotta_weed (03/09/08 11:57:24 AM): so whut up
    subat0micwedgy_queen (03/09/08 11:57:30 AM): just chillin
    i_smoke_alotta_weed (03/09/08 11:57:35 AM): jsut chillin
    subat0micwedgy_queen (03/09/08 11:57:44 AM): ya
    i_smoke_alotta_weed (03/09/08 11:57:47 AM): mhmm
    There's no excuse for trying to rape children, but I could somewhat understand why he talks to children, anyone older would be guaranteed to be above his intellectual level (and so are most children, for that matter).

    Gary Michael Lentz was sentenced to 2-20 years in prison, though he'll most likely be spending that time in a prison hospital for his psychological problems. Since he doesn't have to register as a sex offender due to the plea agreement that was sympathetic to his mental illness, he has an opportunity to get some treatment for his issues that likely went completely untreated before now and possibly actually recover. Hopefully with treatment, he won't be a danger to children, or anyone, in the future.

    This is our 397th conviction since June of 2004, our 93rd conviction for 2009, and our 41st conviction in Michigan thus far.