Rick wants to be Katie's "secret friend"
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Perverted Justice mark: Rick Lee Huber, 42
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Location: Draper, Utah
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit katierella1013, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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luv2licku68 (11/04/10 8:54:50 PM): hey there, how are you doing?
katierella1013 (11/04/10 8:54:01 PM): hi a/s/l? :)
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 8:55:57 PM): hi, i'm 42/m/soon to be utah and you
katierella1013 (11/04/10 8:54:44 PM): lol... soon to be utah???
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 8:56:20 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (11/04/10 8:54:52 PM): i'm 13 - female from utah
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 8:56:27 PM): oh damn
katierella1013 (11/04/10 8:55:16 PM): lol, whaddya mean? that's not nice lol
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 8:55:37 PM): was kinda looking for someone at least 18
katierella1013 (11/04/10 8:55:54 PM): kinda looking?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 8:56:19 PM): i am looking you could say
katierella1013 (11/04/10 8:56:27 PM): oh ok then
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 8:56:35 PM): i mean i don't have a problem talking to you
katierella1013 (11/04/10 8:56:47 PM): well ok then lol, im just hanging out
katierella1013 (11/04/10 8:56:52 PM): bored and waiting for dad to come home so we can eat
katierella1013 (11/04/10 8:56:58 PM): what about you? what u up to?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 8:57:36 PM): not up to much of anything, was just wondering who was in the room, not to many real ppl in them anymore
katierella1013 (11/04/10 8:57:49 PM): oh thse rooms are soooo crazy
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 8:58:09 PM): meaning what
katierella1013 (11/04/10 8:59:13 PM): well i dunno, like the stuff some people say and there's like so much going on, so many conversations n stuff
katierella1013 (11/04/10 8:59:26 PM): so whats with your screenname? lol.. do you have a real name?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 8:59:29 PM): oh yheah, i never talk in the main room
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 8:59:39 PM): yeah i have a real name
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 8:59:50 PM): your dad doesn't care that you chat on here/
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:00:13 PM): so what is your real name?
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:00:22 PM): my dad doesnt know that i chat in rooms,
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:00:32 PM): i dont really chat in rooms, i just go in to see whats going on ya know
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:01:06 PM): so what part of UT are you in/
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:01:19 PM): south utah - iron county
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:01:29 PM): n u? why you soon to be utah? lol
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:01:48 PM): i used to live there, i have a son that lives there and am moving back to be closer to him
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:02:19 PM): for realz? thats cool i guess
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:02:28 PM): yeah for realz, why you guess?
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:02:35 PM): so where do you live right now?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:02:57 PM): midwest
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:03:08 PM): lol, i dunno, i guess if i lived somewhere totally cool like new york city or los angeles or something, id be pretty bummed to move back to utah
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:03:19 PM): we get like soooo much snow and its really cold, it kinda sucks
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:03:21 PM): lol no i don't live somewhere cool
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:03:36 PM): utah is nice in the winter compared to where i live
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:03:52 PM): oh, so youmust live somewhere reallynsty cold like minesota?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:03:59 PM): close yah
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:04:01 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:04:07 PM): errrr.... chicago?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:04:46 PM): lol ND
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:04:53 PM): lol ND
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:05:21 PM): you're cute and fun to talk to, to bad you're not older
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:05:28 PM): you're cute and fun to talk to, to bad you're not older
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:08:51 PM): u still there?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:08:56 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:09:01 PM): sorry - mom came to check on me
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:09:06 PM): so you wanna add me as a friend?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:09:06 PM): ok
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:09:20 PM): you have no idea how old i am
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:09:40 PM): yeah - you told me like 42 or something?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:09:54 PM): oh yeahi guess i did
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:10:07 PM): lol - dork! wow, you must be old coz you forgot what you told me lol
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:10:25 PM): let me make you understand something ok
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:10:49 PM): errr ok what?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:11:12 PM): do you realize that there are undcover police in the state of UT that pose as girls your age?
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:11:36 PM): no really
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:11:42 PM): yes really
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:11:51 PM): oh like on that tv show
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:11:56 PM): yep
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:12:14 PM): and?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:12:15 PM): so forgive me if i'm a little leary
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:12:35 PM): errr ok then
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:12:40 PM): but we're just like chatting
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:13:22 PM): you can add me if youw ant
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:13:41 PM): cool, send me the invite thing
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:13:45 PM): huh?
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:14:14 PM): to be my friend!
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:14:17 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:14:21 PM): unless you dont wanna be?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:14:26 PM): i know, i said you can add me if you want
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:15:04 PM): lol, ok...
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:16:04 PM): yay, we friends lol
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:16:28 PM): so anyway, dad just called and is coming home in like 15 minutes so i gotta go set the table to eat
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:16:33 PM): can we chat again another day?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:16:35 PM): that's cool
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:16:38 PM): sure
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:17:00 PM): ok cool then
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:17:05 PM): oh hey, you never told me your name?
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:17:14 PM): Rick
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:17:26 PM): ok rick, that's a cool name
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:17:30 PM): i'm katie, btw
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:17:33 PM): my friends call me Kat
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:17:37 PM): ty, hi Kat
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:17:42 PM): you can call me whatever tho lol
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:17:52 PM): i like katie, it's cuter
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:18:25 PM): ok, i like katie too
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:18:31 PM): :)
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:18:38 PM): ;P
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:18:40 PM): ;P
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:18:44 PM): :P
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:18:49 PM): ok lol
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:18:56 PM): k have a good nite ok
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:19:01 PM): yeah u 2 rick, ttyl
luv2licku68 (11/04/10 9:19:08 PM): bye :)
katierella1013 (11/04/10 9:19:16 PM): bye :)
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:39:57 PM): hey ;)
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:40:19 PM): saw you online so thought id say hi real quick
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:41:45 PM): hiya
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:40:35 PM): hows your day been?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:40:57 PM): ok i guess, nothing special and yours?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:41:07 PM): did you work?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:41:35 PM): my day was cool i guess, just went to school and stuff
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:41:39 PM): i'm self employed right now you could say
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:42:08 PM): oh well that must be cool
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:42:23 PM): yeah i guess so, doesn't pay much haha
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:42:39 PM): oh well yeah i guess. but hey, you get to sleep in every day right?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:42:47 PM): lol yeah if i want to i guess
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:43:04 PM): thats cool. i hate getting up early. it sux
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:43:13 PM): what time do you get up?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:43:18 PM): school should start at like noon or something
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:43:28 PM): Mom makes me get up at 6am so i can be ready for school - she says i take too long in the bathroom
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:44:03 PM): lol do you live in the country?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:44:22 PM): like what? like outside the city?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:44:29 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:44:41 PM): yeah i guess you could say that - we're not too far from the town
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:44:41 PM): why do you have to be up at 6?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:44:52 PM): coz like i just said - mom, says i take too long i the bathroom lol
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:45:09 PM): lol and why do you do that?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:45:48 PM): the bus picks me up at like a quarter til 8
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:46:12 PM): oh ok, how far to the bus are you
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:46:16 PM): lol - you sound like my mom asking why i'm taking so long in the bathroom
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:46:39 PM): lol you're cute
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:46:54 PM): see youre a guy, you dont understand
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:47:05 PM): i got long hair - it takes a long time to wash n stuff, ya know
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:47:08 PM): you're right, i don't :)
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:47:30 PM): so what are you doing tonight, anything fun?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:47:48 PM): nope, i live in the country so nto much to do
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:48:09 PM): huh, well thats gotta suck. dont you have like friends n stuff that you hang out with
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:48:28 PM): not really, anyone i know are like 40 miles away
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:48:40 PM): wow, thats gotta be like lonely?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:49:01 PM): yeah it can be, i'm moving to utah though after christmas
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:49:24 PM): oh how fun! i bet your son is excited?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:49:42 PM): yeah he is
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:49:48 PM): so where is iron county at?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:49:55 PM): in the south part of utah
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:50:02 PM): where does your son live?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:50:08 PM): up by provo
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:50:34 PM): oh thats cool. they have like a really cool school up there that id love to go to - BYU
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:50:51 PM): oh yeah, you're lds?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:51:04 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:51:19 PM): most people here are
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:51:22 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:51:39 PM): lol, is that cool?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:51:52 PM): its not like im too religious n stuff lol
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:52:01 PM): lol well that's good :)
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:52:18 PM): i actually hate going to church but my grammy wants me to go with her and i always kinda have, ya know
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:52:29 PM): do your parents go?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:52:44 PM): yes when theyre not working
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:52:52 PM): they just go to the first part though
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:52:59 PM): sundays get kinda long in church, ya know
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:53:06 PM): lol yessssssssss i know
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:53:34 PM): weekends are like short enough, ya know, and i hate sat in church on my last day off before school lol... .thats kind bad of me huh lol
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:53:57 PM): lol i like football so i know what you mean
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:54:22 PM): are you lds? how do you know that church goes on forever?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:54:53 PM): my ex is lds and i converted but not active
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:55:15 PM): oh ok thats cool
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:55:29 PM): so you have weekend plans? is it sunny weather where you liv?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:55:52 PM): i'm in ND and it was like around 60 today, i'm going to my brothers tomorrow evening for my niece's bday
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:56:17 PM): oh how fun, i love birthday parties. how old is she?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:56:34 PM): she'll be 11 on the 12th
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:56:52 PM): cool, shes nearly as old as me then
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:57:14 PM): so isnt ND - thats north dakota right? isnt that where they have the peoples faces int he rock?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:57:29 PM): yes it is but that's SD
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:57:31 PM): i wanna go there some day, it looks neat
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:57:40 PM): oh ok - is that far from u?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:57:47 PM): about 4 hrs
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:58:29 PM): so how do your parents not know that you chat?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:58:43 PM): i dunno, they work a lot
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:59:04 PM): im a good kid i guess, do my homework and stuff, they pretty much let me do what i want
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:59:18 PM): are they home now?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 7:59:40 PM): no. dads coming home in a bit and mom went to the neighbor ladys house for something
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 7:59:58 PM): oh ok, do you have bros/sistes
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:00:10 PM): nah
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:00:14 PM): do u?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:00:21 PM): lol i do
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:00:31 PM): like how many? people have a lot of kids in utah lol
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:00:42 PM): i have just the one brother and yes i know
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:00:58 PM): thas cool. i always wanted a brother or sister
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:01:28 PM): i've always wanted a cute daughter
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:02:07 PM): what, you have one alredy but she's not cute?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:02:21 PM): lol no, i only have a son
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:02:45 PM): well that must be coolto hang out with him and stuff, i like hanging out with my dad whne hes hme
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:03:02 PM): yeah i love donig things with my son
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:03:06 PM): we golf together
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:03:18 PM): cool, my uncle does that sometimes
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:03:27 PM): its gonna snow here soon tho
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:03:35 PM): do u get snow ther?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:03:41 PM): we got snow back in mid sept.
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:03:50 PM): for realz? thats crazh!
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:04:04 PM): its like really warm here today. i got to wear a tshirt to school
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:04:05 PM): and we got snow like a week ago
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:04:13 PM): woah, crazy!
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:04:25 PM): so arent u bored talkin to me yet?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:04:34 PM): no i'm not, should i be :)
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:04:44 PM): well i dunno lol, im kinda dorky iguess lol
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:04:52 PM): no you're not, you're a cutie
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:05:02 PM): awwww thanks rick,
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:05:09 PM): your fun, i like talkin to ya
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:05:34 PM): thx, i like talkin to you too, you don't feel weird talking to me?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:05:43 PM): why would i feel werd?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:06:08 PM): cuz i'm 42
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:06:33 PM): nah, that doesnt matter, you seem real friendly and sweet
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:06:51 PM): well ty
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:06:59 PM): you're really friendly and sweet too :)
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:07:09 PM): awww thanks
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:07:19 PM): so what do you normally talk about on these things/
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:07:36 PM): idk, just whatever, kinda lke what we are now
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:07:54 PM): ok cool -:)
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:08:10 PM): so what grade are you in
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:10:24 PM): 7th grade
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:10:33 PM): sorry, ima here lol
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:10:38 PM): i went pee
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:10:47 PM): lol ok :)
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:11:03 PM): so do you talk to alot of otehr ppl on here?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:11:11 PM): nah not realy
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:11:14 PM): do u?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:11:22 PM): i have a few ppl that i know that i talk to
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:14:04 PM): so what do you do for fun?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:14:11 PM): so what do you do for fun?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:16:09 PM): sorry - the internet dumped me. we got a sucky connection sometims
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:16:16 PM): it's ok
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:16:29 PM): so what do u wanna chat about?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:16:47 PM): we have been chatting silly :)
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:17:02 PM): what do you do for fun?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:17:32 PM): i dunno, hang out with friends, watch movies, listen to music n stuff
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:17:38 PM): what about u?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:17:59 PM): sports, golf, skiing, movies, travel, spending time with my son
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:18:15 PM): wow, u do a lot of stuff
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:18:28 PM): i haven't skied for a few yrs but i wanna
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:18:32 PM): i want to go skiing this year
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:18:43 PM): its kinda expensiv though
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:18:57 PM): yeah i know, i checked alta and it's like $68 for an all day pass
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:19:32 PM): yeah huh! i might ask santa for a ski pass for chrismas but i got to wait for dad or mom to take me
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:19:41 PM): i never evern skied before lol, it looks fun tho
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:19:45 PM): iv been tubing befoe
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:19:51 PM): it'd be cool if we went to the same place on the same day :)
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:20:00 PM): yeah huh! thatd be fun
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:20:06 PM): u live like a really long way away tho
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:20:16 PM): i mean when i'm in utah
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:20:22 PM): oh yeah
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:20:29 PM): does your son like to ski?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:20:44 PM): he hasn't skied, he's snowboarded a little
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:20:55 PM): oh that looks funner than ski-ing
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:21:10 PM): lol i wouldn't mind trying to learn how to do that
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:21:23 PM): yeah im kinda clumsy tho id probably fall over lol
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:21:37 PM): lol lol
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:21:50 PM): you're funny :)
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:21:55 PM): lol thx
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:22:18 PM): i fell off the bed last christmas break and sprained my ankle. it hurt so bad
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:22:32 PM): awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:22:51 PM): yeah it sucked but i won the pillow fight lol
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:23:13 PM): lol pillow fight?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:23:27 PM): yeah - dont u pillow fight? they're like soooooooo fun!!!
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:23:59 PM): i mean that happened during a pillow fight?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:24:24 PM): yeah, i was working up to a big swing, lost my balance as i whaked my friend and fell off the bed
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:24:33 PM): it sucked, she laughed so hard
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:24:35 PM): LOL LOL
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:24:55 PM): im more careful these days when i fight lol
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:25:03 PM): lol i would hope so :)
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:25:10 PM): its fun tho, u should try it
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:25:33 PM): lol i have silly when i was younger
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:25:56 PM): oh yeah u should be carfeful now that ur older
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:26:12 PM): lol gee thanks :p
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:26:30 PM): ur welcome ;) im just looking out for ya
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:26:52 PM): so did u go to college or anythin?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:27:32 PM): yeah i did, a small college 40 miles from where i live, have a business degree and a masters in accounting
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:27:48 PM): wow, ur smart
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:27:59 PM): i suk at mat :(
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:28:12 PM): or math even lol
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:28:24 PM): lol i wouldn't say i'm smart, idk
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:28:38 PM): ok, well it sounds impressive anywys
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:28:54 PM): well ty, brb ok
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:28:59 PM): sure, me too
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:30:15 PM): :P
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:40:54 PM): hey
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:47:09 PM): hey
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:45:58 PM): boo! lol
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:46:06 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:47:23 PM): whatcha doin
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:47:49 PM): not much, supposed to be having dinner - dad said its gonna be 10 mins or so til hes home. he's bringing home take-out - yummm!
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:48:10 PM): cool
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:48:22 PM): i looked at your pics a couple of times today
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:49:31 PM): awww u did?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:49:35 PM): thats real sweet
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:49:36 PM): thx
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:50:29 PM): yes i did, would be cool if you were older :)
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:50:39 PM): oh why?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:51:04 PM): well if you were older we could hang out together
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:51:11 PM): well if you were older we could hang out together
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:56:34 PM): hey
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:55:42 PM): hey lol
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:55:47 PM): ya my internet keeps dumping me
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:55:58 PM): awwwww i thought maybe you didn't like what i said
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:56:13 PM): nah, i replied back to ya but then got dumped lol
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:56:16 PM): u cool
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:56:24 PM): i told ya, i like you, ur funny
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:56:29 PM): did you see what i said?
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:56:34 PM): yeah and i said 'oh why?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:56:36 PM): why am i funny?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:56:43 PM): Katie Hill: oh why?
luv2licku68: well if you were older we could hang out together
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:56:48 PM): i dunno, u make me smile
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:56:52 PM): oh, i never got that part lol
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:57:00 PM): yeah we could, that wold be fun
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:57:11 PM): yeah it would be, you're a cutie
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:57:12 PM): u seem real cool
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:57:16 PM): awww thx rick
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:57:22 PM): hey, dads home so i gotta run
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:57:26 PM): i dont want to get into truble
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:57:32 PM): ok, well hope to talk to you soon
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:57:38 PM): he bought panda xpress too - my fave!
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:57:40 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:57:42 PM): sweeeeeeeeeeeeet
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:57:47 PM): can i look for u again this wekend?
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:58:06 PM): of course
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:58:15 PM): i gotta watch the utes game
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:58:22 PM): neat. ok cool then :)
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:58:24 PM): night huny
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:58:26 PM): hey
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:58:29 PM): hold on
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:58:39 PM): oh ok
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:59:16 PM): that's at a ute game in sept.
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:59:22 PM): oh ow cute!
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:59:33 PM): that's Tanner
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:59:44 PM): he looks a nice kid
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:59:45 PM): and me of course
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:59:50 PM): yeah heis
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:59:52 PM): he is
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:59:54 PM): u look real nice, like i said u are!
katierella1013 (11/05/10 8:59:59 PM): i thought he was older
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 8:59:59 PM): well ty
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 9:00:03 PM): he's 11
katierella1013 (11/05/10 9:00:04 PM): i bet u mis him a lot
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 9:00:16 PM): yeah i do, i'll see him when i move down there right after christmas
katierella1013 (11/05/10 9:00:28 PM): aww i hope so for u to be close to him
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 9:00:36 PM): you better go so you don't get into trouble
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 9:00:41 PM): IM me anytime
katierella1013 (11/05/10 9:00:41 PM): yeah huh!
katierella1013 (11/05/10 9:00:47 PM): sure will do, night hun
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 9:00:51 PM): byeeeeeeeeeee
katierella1013 (11/05/10 9:00:52 PM): ;)
katierella1013 (11/05/10 9:00:54 PM): bye bye
luv2licku68 (11/05/10 9:00:58 PM): :)
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:32:50 PM): hey! :-)
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:32:26 PM): hey you
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:33:06 PM): happy sunday lo,
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:33:09 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:33:27 PM): ty, how has yours been?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:33:40 PM): s'ok i guess... church and stuff... you know lol
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:33:46 PM): but its been ok as far as sundays go i guess
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:33:59 PM): oh how fun :)
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:34:00 PM): My grammy is coming for dinner tonigth so i'm excited about that
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:34:08 PM): cool, where does she live
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:34:43 PM): here in town
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:34:49 PM): I see her a lot
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:34:59 PM): how was panda express the other nite?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:35:20 PM): oh sooooo yummy! Dad always gets me orange chicken and rice. my fave mmmmmm lol
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:36:04 PM): sweeeeeet, i like orange chicken and general tsao's chicken, not sure if they have that there or not
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:36:37 PM): hmm, ive never had that. it sounds like i've seen it before, that tsao is kinda weird word, lol, i think i've seen it somewhere beforfe
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:36:41 PM): i don't like spicy foods
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:36:59 PM): so what town do you live in?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:37:07 PM): Cedar City
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:37:17 PM): n u?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:37:29 PM): oh ok, well i'm not in utah right now
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:37:45 PM): well duh, i know that lol, but u moving here soon right?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:37:58 PM): yeah, right after christmas
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:38:17 PM): i'll live up in slc
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:38:24 PM): i'll live up in slc
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:38:24 PM): or suburb
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:38:31 PM): or suburb
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:47:03 PM): hey
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:47:10 PM): hey
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:48:21 PM): u ther?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:47:52 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:48:32 PM): sorry - i keep getting dumped
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:48:36 PM): :(
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:48:41 PM): Katie Hill: well duh, i know that lol, but u moving here soon right?
luv2licku68: yeah, right after christmas
luv2licku68: i'll live up in slc
luv2licku68: or suburb
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:48:41 PM): so what u doing today anyways?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:48:55 PM): thats cool - i like SLC - its a fun city
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:49:02 PM): i'm watching football
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:49:20 PM): col - how did the utes do the other night? I saw somethin on the news and thought of ya ;)
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:49:37 PM): they got their butts kicked
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:49:43 PM): oh no!
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:49:48 PM): thats gotta suck
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:49:52 PM): 47-7
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:50:01 PM): wow, they were having a really bad day then huh!
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:50:14 PM): do u like the jazz?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:50:23 PM): yep, they couldn't do anything, lol ummm nope, i like the lakers
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:50:40 PM): oh the lakers are cool i guess. i dont watch much sport
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:50:47 PM): i like the olympics and thats about it lol
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:51:03 PM): so what do you do in your free time
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:51:21 PM): i dunno, hang with friends, listen to music, watch tv - whatever
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:51:22 PM): n u?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:51:42 PM): i watch sports, golf, i like to ski but haven't much, movies
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:51:58 PM): we might get snow here tonite. theres a storm coming dad says
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:52:06 PM): its real windy today and kinda warm
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:52:27 PM): i like going to hockey games up in west valley
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:52:36 PM): you eva played hocky?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:52:52 PM): nope
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:52:59 PM): it looks mean lol
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:53:08 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:53:09 PM): so how was your nieces b'day party the other nigth?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:53:26 PM): it was last nite and it was fun, her bday isn't till the 12th
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:53:53 PM): oh thats cool, so she like has 2 birthdays lol - one last nite an one next week! soooo fun!
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:54:10 PM): lol well she got her presents last nite
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:54:19 PM): what did she get?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:54:23 PM): i love geting pressies!
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:54:42 PM): oh geez, shirts, gift card, nintendo ds game, little make up kit
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:54:53 PM): awesome!
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:55:04 PM): oh hey, moms calling - i gotta run to walmart in a bit with her i guess
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:55:14 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:55:21 PM): i can chat for a couple more mins tho
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:55:31 PM): she always has to yell at me like 3 tims anyways lol
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:56:03 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:56:08 PM): and why is that?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:56:54 PM): i dunno, she says its becaus i'm never ready, i dunno, im fogettful i guess, i always forget my coat, gotta pee, ya know lol. it drives mom crazy!
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:56:59 PM): i think its kinda fun tho lol
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:57:10 PM): LOL sounds kinda like my nieces
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:57:21 PM): lol - yeah probably
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:57:35 PM): one is 16, one is 13, and youngest is 11
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:57:48 PM): cool
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:58:00 PM): you'll probly miss them when u move to UT huh?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:58:30 PM): the oldest couldn't find her cell phone one day and so the other one called it i guess and it was in her back pocket, yeah i will but i miss my son right now
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:58:50 PM): aww i bet u cant wait to see him
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:58:58 PM): what grade is he in at sckool?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:59:02 PM): 5th?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:59:08 PM): he's 11 and in the 5th
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:59:33 PM): awesome. i had a real sucky 5th grade teacher. we used to be mean to her.
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 4:59:39 PM): lol that's not nice
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:59:50 PM): yeah i guess. but it was funny.
katierella1013 (11/07/10 4:59:55 PM): my teachers nw are pretty cool
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:00:00 PM): for teachers anyways
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:00:15 PM): well that's good, so you don't play any sports?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:00:23 PM): nah, i like swimming tho
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:00:29 PM): and running
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:00:32 PM): that's cool
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:00:52 PM): yeah, i'm clumsy remember lol.. me and like a fiel hocky stick would be scary lol
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:01:02 PM): id probly ht myself in the head and knock myself out! lol
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:01:03 PM): lol lol
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:01:07 PM): lol you're FUNNY
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:01:16 PM): lol, thx, i think im kinda dorky at times
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:01:22 PM): im a disaster at baseball
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:01:26 PM): but thats another story lol
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:01:26 PM): LOL
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:01:34 PM): you seem like you're older than 13
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:01:39 PM): thats what my grammy says
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:01:53 PM): she pretty much raised me til i was at school so i spent a lot of time round adults
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:02:01 PM): that's cool
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:02:05 PM): yeah, she rocks
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:02:13 PM): mom and dad work a lot so i spend a lot of time at grammys
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:02:26 PM): what kind of work do they do?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:02:37 PM): dads a truck driver and mom works at the hospitl
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:02:48 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:03:12 PM): so do u hav a job to come to in utah?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:03:31 PM): i don't, i'll have enough money for awhile where i won't need one right away
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:03:53 PM): thats cool, u can hang out with your son til you find a job i guess
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:04:09 PM): well some, he lives down by provo and i'll live up in slc
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:04:41 PM): cool. they have like way bad traffic up there huh. we dont have traffic jams down here
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:04:58 PM): we got stuck in traffic once forf 2 hours after they had a accident up there
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:04:59 PM): well at times yeah, depends on stupid drivers :)
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:05:28 PM): yeah huh. i cant wait til i can drive!
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:05:42 PM): mom really wants that new camero
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:05:54 PM): weve seen 1 around town and she always looks out for it
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:05:57 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:06:09 PM): dad tells her she has to do a lot of overtime for that lol
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:06:15 PM): loll true
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:06:24 PM): i wanna go skiing when i move down there
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:06:41 PM): yeah, i asked dad about going skiing last night and he said hed take me this year so im excited.
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:06:56 PM): are there places to go down there?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:07:23 PM): yeah, thers one about 40 minutes outside our town and dad said theres another one opening up in Beaver which is to the north of us
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:07:49 PM): they do like $10 tuesdays at the end of the year and thats when a lot of people from here go coz its cheaper, ya kno
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:07:59 PM): oh ok,
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:08:11 PM): so how far is cedar from slc?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:08:33 PM): depends where in salt lake but bout 4 hours maximum, not even some days
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:08:44 PM): dad drives up ther a lot for his work
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:08:50 PM): i've never been south of payson
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:09:11 PM): i dont know where that is. i know where provo is because of BYU
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:09:24 PM): payson is like probably 10 miles south of provo
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:09:53 PM): oh ok. mom took me xmas shopping to Thanksgivin Point last year which i think is in draper but i dont remember.
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:10:04 PM): that's in lehi
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:10:07 PM): that s a cool place, they have a big IMAX theatr i think it was ther
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:10:14 PM): oh ok. hav you been ther?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:10:31 PM): yeah i have, to the dinosaur museum
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:10:43 PM): oh yeah, i remmber that, it has the big dinosaur stood out front?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:10:51 PM): and theres Cabelas across the street?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:10:51 PM): yeah
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:10:54 PM): yep
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:10:59 PM): dad loves that store
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:11:00 PM): there's a boondocks in draper
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:11:07 PM): the water park?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:11:12 PM): i'v never been there
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:11:35 PM): it has mini golf, go karts, climbing wall, games inside
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:11:47 PM): oh ok, i think i know what you mean
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:11:58 PM): brb ok
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:12:02 PM): sure, me too lol
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:16:40 PM): boo! :!!
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:16:50 PM): lol hey you
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:17:02 PM): lol, mom shouted again so i probly gotta go in a minute
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:17:11 PM): or she gonna be running up here to see what im doing
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:17:11 PM): lol lol ok
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:17:21 PM): true and you don't want her knowing that :)
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:17:35 PM): oh no.. u are my secret friend
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:17:42 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:17:54 PM): good, it's best that we keep it that way :)
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:18:13 PM): sure, we shud have like a secret handshake or somethin
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:18:23 PM): well let's do this
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:18:39 PM): i won't IM you if i see you come online just in case for whatever reason it's someone besides you
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:18:49 PM): ok thats cool
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:19:06 PM): i never open my yahoo if i know mom might come upstairs
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:19:09 PM): when you come on you can IM me that way i know it's you
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:19:15 PM): good plan
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:19:21 PM): how does my name show up on your friends lis?
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:19:26 PM): RH
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:19:32 PM): ok good
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:19:54 PM): yeah
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:20:03 PM): i lke talking to you
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:20:05 PM): you're fun
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:20:06 PM): anyways i better go i guess
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:20:07 PM): cute
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:20:11 PM): interesting
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:20:11 PM): i like talking to u too,
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:20:16 PM): awww thx
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:20:19 PM): you dont think im a nerd?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:20:26 PM): noooooooooooooo i think you're cute
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:20:34 PM): lol, good thx :)
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:20:41 PM): ok, i gotta run k
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:20:46 PM): are you around tomorrow nite?
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:20:55 PM): i'm around pretty much evernite
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:21:02 PM): cool. i'll look for you then
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:21:05 PM): just IM me when you sign on
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:21:09 PM): sure will.
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:21:13 PM): bye huny
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:21:17 PM): ;)
luv2licku68 (11/07/10 5:21:19 PM): byeeeeeeeee :)
katierella1013 (11/07/10 5:21:22 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (11/08/10 6:21:10 PM): hey silly girl
katierella1013 (11/08/10 10:17:19 PM): boo! :-p
luv2licku68 (11/08/10 10:16:47 PM): hey you, hold on ok, on phone
katierella1013 (11/08/10 10:17:37 PM): sure
katierella1013 (11/08/10 10:45:31 PM): I gotta take a bath in a few, so if you're still on the fone its ok, we can chat some other time :-h
katierella1013 (11/08/10 11:04:28 PM): Night night huny :-*
luv2licku68 (11/08/10 11:53:37 PM): hey there, sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry, talk to you soooooooon, bye
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 6:51:12 PM): heyyyyyyyy
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 6:51:58 PM): BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :d
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:53:20 PM): lol... boooooo you toooooo
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:53:37 PM): u doing good today?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 6:54:36 PM): heyu
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 6:54:49 PM): i'm doing ok, it's a little chilly here,
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:54:58 PM): its really cold here too We got snow last night :(
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:55:05 PM): its all gone now though :)
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 6:55:30 PM): cool, we went to MT to check cows today and it snowed on the way down, made a little trip down into the ditch
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:55:51 PM): lol - oh no! r u ok?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 6:56:01 PM): yeah i'm fine
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:56:12 PM): the roads must hav been real icy then huh?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 6:56:31 PM): real slushy snow, slid across the road and down into the ditch
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:56:39 PM): uh-oh lol
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:56:48 PM): so why were you cheking cows? r u gonna buy one?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 6:57:03 PM): i own some and my parents own some
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:57:11 PM): oh how fun - pet cows!
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:57:17 PM): i like baby cows, they're cute
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 6:57:18 PM): lol what are pet cows?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:57:27 PM): well, cows that you hav as pets silly
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 6:57:39 PM): well i wouldn't call them pets
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:57:53 PM): huh i guess, that would suck to be on poop patrol with them! lol
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 6:58:21 PM): lol uh huh, i'm selling all the calves and cows and moving to utah
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:58:34 PM): you should bring some with you, at least the baby ones
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:58:40 PM): people keep them in their yards here
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 6:58:45 PM): lol noooo where to put them and i want the money
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:59:02 PM): oh, i thought you were going to be eating a lot of beef stew and jerky n stuff ;)
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 6:59:20 PM): nah, gonna sell them
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:59:37 PM): thats good. i hjope you can sell them so you can move to uta
katierella1013 (11/09/10 6:59:55 PM): so hannah montana got into my house again last night
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:00:03 PM): i'm selling the calves next wed. and the cows the sat. right after thanksgiving
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:00:13 PM): huh????
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:00:19 PM): hannah montana
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:00:28 PM): and who's that?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:00:32 PM): my neighbors cat
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:00:40 PM): ohhhhhhhhh
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:00:54 PM): it was snowing outside and i went to put out the trash, and i must have not shut the door all the way coz when i got back inside, she was sat in myy kitchen
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:01:05 PM): dad gets real mad when she comes in the house becuas eshs likes to leave us presents n stuff, ya know
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:01:12 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:01:13 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:01:20 PM): you're funny :)
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:01:26 PM): lol, thx, i guess
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:01:32 PM): funny as in cute
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:01:41 PM): ok lol
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:01:56 PM): so did it not snow at your house yet?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:02:03 PM): not yet it hasn't
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:02:21 PM): well its supposed to snow again tonight. i will try and blow some your way so you dont feel left out ;)
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:02:45 PM): nooooooooooooooo i don't mind some snow but the last two winters up here have been AWFUL
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:02:58 PM): oh that sux
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:03:07 PM): i dont much like having to walk to the bus stop in it and stuff
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:03:15 PM): its kind fun on the weekend though if i cna go play in it.
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:03:15 PM): you wanna see the snow from last winter?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:03:22 PM): sure, thatd be cool
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:04:24 PM): brb
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:04:34 PM): k
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:04:41 PM): i gotta go pee anyway
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:06:38 PM): omg thats crazy!!!!
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:06:45 PM): is that at your house?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:06:53 PM): my parents log house
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:07:24 PM): wow, there is soooo much snow!
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:07:53 PM): last year we went sledding at this one hill they have up the mountin road nad someone had built a snow tunnel
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:08:00 PM): it was sooo much fun to crawl through it
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:08:33 PM): cool
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:08:38 PM): hold on ok
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:09:52 PM): i'm back
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:10:01 PM): cool - what wer you doing lol
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:10:30 PM): checking wood stove
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:10:41 PM): oh awesome, they are like really warm and cosy
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:10:59 PM): can be but not when they are the only source of heat
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:11:16 PM): oh yeah i bet. i'd be like sleeping in front of hte fire i think
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:11:21 PM): :)
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:11:23 PM): dont u have central air?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:11:30 PM): so do you have anymore pics? no
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:11:49 PM): i need to put some more on my myspace. they're on dads camera
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:11:54 PM): did you see the ones on my myspace?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:11:59 PM): no, just on yahoo
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:12:05 PM): oh, look at the myspace
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:12:13 PM): my email is *edited*
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:12:17 PM): you can find the myspace by that
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:12:45 PM): so i have to go to
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:13:08 PM): *edited*
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:13:22 PM): that shud work for u
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:13:25 PM): ?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:13:40 PM): ok i got it, hold on
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:13:41 PM): I'm rely bad at updating it lol
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:14:33 PM): some of those pics are kinda nerdy
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:14:35 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:15:58 PM): u still there?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:16:09 PM): yeah, having problems, hold on
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:16:13 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:16:21 PM): i thout my pics had scared you off lol
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:16:48 PM): no, i was going to scroll through them and it started wanting to scan my hard drive
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:17:00 PM): oh no, why woud it do that?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:17:06 PM): idk
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:17:19 PM): huh, that sux
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:17:39 PM): k trying it again
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:18:21 PM): is it working?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:18:28 PM): yeah, very cute :)
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:18:34 PM): oh yay it worked
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:18:56 PM): yeah, why are you sitting on the railroad tracks? :)
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:19:10 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:19:39 PM): that was my grammys neighbor - she was doing a photografy class for school and she had me do some poses n stuff for her
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:19:49 PM): it was fun. i was scared i was gonna get run over by a train though
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:19:52 PM): cool
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:20:00 PM): yeah it was cool
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:20:25 PM): you're a lil cutie
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:20:35 PM): lol, ya think?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:20:39 PM): yeah i do
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:20:44 PM): wish you were older
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:20:45 PM): awwww thanks huny
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:20:49 PM): why?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:21:00 PM): so we could hang out
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:21:05 PM): oh
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:21:11 PM): ;)
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:21:26 PM): would you like that?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:21:33 PM): what? to hang out with you?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:21:50 PM): you're real sweet and friendly
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:22:14 PM): would u like that?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:22:24 PM): yeah to hang out with me
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:22:42 PM): sure i'd like to hang out with you if you were older not that i wouldn't like to now
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:22:53 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:23:06 PM): youre cute
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:23:18 PM): funny cute
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:23:22 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:23:36 PM): so what do you do when you hang out?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:24:06 PM): idk, could go out and eat, play tennis, watch tv, play ps2
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:24:17 PM): sounds like fun
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:24:26 PM): where do u like to eat?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:24:54 PM): applebees, chilis, tgifridays, hooters
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:25:11 PM): omg - love applebees and chilis!
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:25:21 PM): hooteres??? lol
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:25:30 PM): we dont have one of those in town
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:25:37 PM): yeah, just like going there and watching football, having a few beers
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:25:51 PM): oh, i getcha
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:26:14 PM): whats ur favourite food?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:26:24 PM): steak
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:26:42 PM): mmm yum. dad cooks a lot of steak. he has a secreat sauce recipe. its good.
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:26:55 PM): sweeet
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:27:01 PM): yeah its yum
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:27:11 PM): we got an eggplant the other day at walmart
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:27:26 PM): moms gonna make eggplant parmeshan ths week - i like that
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:27:36 PM): cool, so how was school?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:27:47 PM): ok i guess. kinda boring.
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:27:55 PM): there was a fight at lunch, that was kinda cool
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:28:01 PM): lol what happened
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:28:36 PM): i dunno. i got there kinda late coz my bag of chips got stuck in the snack machine, but anyways, there was 2 boys hitting each other n stuff
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:28:56 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:28:57 PM): one had blood coming out his nose and everything, all teh girls were like grossing out
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:29:04 PM): how old were they
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:29:08 PM): what u laughing at? lol
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:29:25 PM): your bag of chips haha
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:29:32 PM): they were from the high school across the street so i guess they were like 15 i guess, i dunno
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:29:47 PM): it wasn't funny! I hurt my shoulder banging the machine window
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:29:54 PM): awwwwwwwwwww
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:30:09 PM): thx, i think i bruised it
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:30:20 PM): my friends told me i was crazy beating up the machine lol
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:30:33 PM): did you get it out?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:30:43 PM): yeah, afer like 3 good shoves
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:30:53 PM): im gonna have a hot bath tonight to make it feel better
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:30:56 PM): im real tired today
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:31:31 PM): that should help
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:31:44 PM): yeah, i like hot baths with like lots of bubbles. mom has one of those big tubs with the jets in it
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:32:04 PM): cool, i wanna house with one of those
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:32:20 PM): maybe you can get one when you move to ut?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:32:33 PM): i probably won't look at a house right away
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:32:43 PM): why?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:33:06 PM): cuz i'll need to get a job first, get situated
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:37:34 PM): sorry, im here :)
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:37:39 PM): the neighbor lady came to the door
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:38:15 PM): u still there?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:38:16 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:38:29 PM): so what you doing tonight?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:38:50 PM): its like getting dark here already, i hate it
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:38:54 PM): nothing much, i don't really do much
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:39:01 PM): it's dark here right now
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:39:13 PM): i dont like the dark, its kinda scary lol
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:39:27 PM): awwwwwwwwwwww
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:39:33 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:39:41 PM): we had a skunk in the front yard last night
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:39:44 PM): damn
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:39:51 PM): yeah, i hate skunks!
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:40:03 PM): one got run over on the road near out house last winter and it was really stinky for days
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:40:13 PM): lol yeah i spose
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:40:46 PM): so what you wanna chat about? u choose
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:41:11 PM): just anything, i like listening to you :)
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:41:40 PM): lol.. u love reading me
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:41:56 PM): i do, you're really cute
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:42:02 PM): aww thx
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:42:09 PM): errrr lemme think what i cna tell u
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:42:30 PM): i have to do my chores tonight :(
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:42:35 PM): awwwwwwwww what are they?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:42:39 PM): laundry
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:43:04 PM): i put it to wash and put the ones in the dryer that can be dried and hang the ones that cant
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:43:07 PM): i dont mind really
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:43:15 PM): mom and dad work a lot so i have to help out which is cool
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:43:35 PM): so are you home by yourself alot or not?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:43:53 PM): yeah, quite a bit i guess, i spend a lot fo time at grammys too
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:44:03 PM): mom works weird shifts at the hospital and dad comes home late a lot coz hes driving.
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:44:15 PM): what's your mom do at the hosp?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:44:17 PM): i hang with my friends a lot too but im only allowed one friend over if mom and dad arent here
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:44:21 PM): shes a nurse
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:44:35 PM): she kinda helps out wherever they need her
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:44:58 PM): i bet you have alot of friends
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:45:06 PM): yeah kinda i guess
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:45:20 PM): i know a lot of people through church and then theres my school friends.
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:45:27 PM): i also know some kids in grammys street
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:45:50 PM): cool, you seem like you'd be really easy to get along with
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:45:56 PM): mom and dadhave always made sure i got to know a lot of people since i dont have any brothers or sisters or anything ya know
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:46:15 PM): taht's cool
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:46:16 PM): you are real easy to get along with too
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:46:18 PM): :)
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:46:27 PM): >:d<
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:46:41 PM): well ty
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:46:59 PM): yw lol
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:47:15 PM): holld on ok
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:47:23 PM): sure
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:47:47 PM): i gotta go in a minute anyways. dad will be home soon and i have to bring the trash cans in
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:48:26 PM): :(
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:48:40 PM): i know, sorry,
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:48:56 PM): it's ok
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:49:08 PM): it was trash day today
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:49:35 PM): we have to put all our cans on one side of the street and i always get ours mixed up coz i usually get them when its dark and the neighbor lady always complains to dad that i steel her trash can
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:49:41 PM): shes kinda grump though
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:49:54 PM): LOL
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:49:58 PM): omg you'ore soooooo cute
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:50:15 PM): well they are all green and theres like 5 cans next to each other, its so confusing
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:50:41 PM): awwwwwwww you're adorable
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:50:47 PM): lol, thanks, but why?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:50:55 PM): i only tell you my dorky stories lol
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:50:59 PM): i just really like your personality
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:51:10 PM): aww thx, i like yours too
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:51:28 PM): :">
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:51:43 PM): so how tall are you?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:52:05 PM): i dunno exactly, i tried measuring myself with dads tapemeausre and it didnt work out too well lol
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:52:29 PM): lol you're a lil cutie
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:52:37 PM): mom says im like 5 foot 6 i think
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:52:44 PM): does that sound about right?
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:53:06 PM): that's kinda tall i'd say but maybe so
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:53:23 PM): dads kinda tall, so i dunno
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:53:38 PM): how old are your parents?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:53:45 PM): oh, errrrr
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:53:55 PM): mom's 35 i think
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:54:11 PM): and dads birthday is at the end of this month. he'll be 42
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:54:19 PM): so he's the same age as me
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:54:36 PM): oh yeah, thats right
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:54:51 PM): do you talk to other older guys like you do me?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:54:57 PM): nah
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:55:21 PM): id only been in the chatroom like a couple times before i met you and i didnt speak to anyone
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:55:27 PM): u are jus real friendlky. i like you a lot
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:55:33 PM): so what made you wanna talk to me?
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:55:47 PM): i dunno,
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:56:09 PM): i like you alot too, you're really nice
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:56:14 PM): :)
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:56:34 PM): u r funny and you make me smile at some of the things u say.
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:56:39 PM): you make me happy
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:56:55 PM): oh hey sweety, i gotta run k
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:57:01 PM): ok sweetie
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:57:06 PM): i just heard the garage door open so it means dads home
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:57:12 PM): if i don't talk to you anymore tonite have a good nite and a good bath
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:57:22 PM): awww thanks rick, u too :)
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:57:32 PM): i'll look for you again when im next on line
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:57:42 PM): i'd like that
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:57:44 PM): sweet dreams :-*
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:57:54 PM): you too katie, byeeeeeeeeeee
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:58:00 PM): >:d<
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:58:01 PM): bye bye
katierella1013 (11/09/10 7:58:04 PM): awww thx lol
luv2licku68 (11/09/10 7:58:07 PM): yw
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:06:39 PM): boo! :-*
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:05:46 PM): hey you
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:07:04 PM): saw you online so thought i'd say hi real quick
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:07:08 PM): u havin a fun day?
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:07:19 PM): it's ok, not doing much, what are you doing?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:07:30 PM): not much. its snowing out
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:07:40 PM): oh really, it snowed here last nite
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:07:49 PM): its snowed here a bit every day since monday
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:07:58 PM): thers only about an inch i guess outside but its real cold
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:08:11 PM): oh really, it's sunny and warm here, good day for skiing
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:08:30 PM): oh reallY? can you send some warm air my way?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:08:36 PM): i like sunny days when its snowed
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:08:40 PM): its prrety
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:08:58 PM): so no school today huh
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:09:25 PM): yeah there is but i kinda skipped today
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:09:49 PM): why did you skip silly?
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:09:56 PM): why did you skip silly?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:12:51 PM): sorry, i got kicked off
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:12:59 PM): u there?
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:13:23 PM): hey
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:13:30 PM): why did you skip school?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:13:43 PM): katierella1013 (11/11/2010 12:09:20 PM): I looked out the window this morning and it was cold and snowy and so i told mom i had stomach cramps
katierella1013 (11/11/2010 12:09:24 PM): she let me stay home
katierella1013 (11/11/2010 12:09:29 PM): i do kinda anyway i guess
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:13:59 PM): lol why did you wanna stay home?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:14:48 PM): lol I dunno, didnt feel much like going to school today
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:14:51 PM): school bores me
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:15:21 PM): lol why does it bore you? do you not just like it or are you smart that it's boring?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:15:33 PM): both lol
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:15:42 PM): what kind of grades do you get?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:15:49 PM): There are lots of kids that just goof off and stuff so the teachers pay all their attention to them
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:16:11 PM): I always get good grades and stuff, its always been that way i guess, i just rembmer stuff easily, i dunno
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:16:26 PM): Grammys always saying I'm 50 going on 13 lol
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:16:29 PM): well that's good that you are smart
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:16:31 PM): or the other way round lol
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:16:34 PM): lol she might be rigth
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:16:41 PM): you're 13 going on 50 :)
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:16:46 PM): They do a success academy that I want to get into next year
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:17:02 PM): when you graduate high school, you get an associates degree
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:17:07 PM): its an awesome program
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:17:21 PM): cool, what subjects do you like?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:17:34 PM): anything, its probly easier to tell you what i dont like lol
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:18:06 PM): i dont much like sport, especially in the winter when its real cold out
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:18:21 PM): i'm not so good at math either but i do ok
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:18:39 PM): oh i like spanish
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:18:54 PM): lol i took one semester of spanish in college
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:19:04 PM): si? jeje
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:19:14 PM): were you any good at it?
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:19:18 PM): me no habla espnaol
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:19:22 PM): espanol
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:19:26 PM): lol, me gusta
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:19:30 PM): huh?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:19:38 PM): i like it
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:19:39 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:19:52 PM): i know uno cerveza
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:20:03 PM): lol, thats a beer isnt it?
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:20:09 PM): lol uh huh
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:20:15 PM): lol, thats funny
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:20:16 PM): uno cerveza por favor
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:20:18 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:20:30 PM): ummm what's por favor
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:20:34 PM): oh my gramjy would like you because you say please lol
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:20:36 PM): its please
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:20:41 PM): gracias is thank you
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:20:43 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:20:49 PM): so its vetereans day today
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:20:56 PM): we have a flag outside our house
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:21:02 PM): cool
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:21:22 PM): I thin it might be cool to go into the services one day, i dunno which one though
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:21:27 PM): or what i'd like to do
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:21:42 PM): My neighbor just went to boot camp somewhere in texas i think
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:21:43 PM): a friend of mine was a Navy eal
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:21:44 PM): seal
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:22:01 PM): thats cool, i bet he went to some neat places?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:22:08 PM): I really want to travel some day
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:22:14 PM): some yeah
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:22:20 PM): probly some scary ones too
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:22:39 PM): he was over in the persian gulf for the gulf war back in 91
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:22:52 PM): thats a long time ago
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:22:59 PM): before i was born
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:23:03 PM): lol uh huh
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:23:17 PM): so what you doing today?
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:23:43 PM): i was going to cut up some firewood but can't cuz don't have the right chain saw blade so basically not much
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:23:58 PM): why do you have to have the right blade, cant u just use any blade?
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:24:57 PM): the bar for the chain saw is 18" so you need an 18" chain and a 16" one was bought
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:25:23 PM): oooooohhhh ok well that doesnt mean much to me lol but i guess it screws up your wood cutting plans huh
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:25:32 PM): lol uh huh :)
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:25:52 PM): it would be like ummmmm
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:26:03 PM): lol what would?
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:26:05 PM): do you ride bike
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:26:09 PM): yeah
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:26:16 PM): ok so your chain on your bike
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:26:19 PM): its easy to get to my friends houses
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:26:23 PM): ok
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:26:25 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:26:48 PM): if you need a chain that was only 20" long but your dad bought a chain that was 18" long it wouldn't work
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:27:05 PM): oh, ok, i get it now
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:27:11 PM): see, i learned something by being home sick today lol
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:27:23 PM): lol you sure did sweetie
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:27:39 PM): yay lol
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:27:45 PM): you're cute :)
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:27:48 PM): aww thx
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:27:52 PM): so do you like to read books?
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:28:12 PM): i have but not so to many anymore, do you/
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:28:26 PM): yes, i LOVE to read
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:28:41 PM): right now im reading The Hunger Games by suzanne collins, you shoud google it
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:29:08 PM): its so good, and then i have the last harry potter bok to read - i think its called deathly hallows or something
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:29:10 PM): i read john grisham, stuart woods, michael connelly, james patterson
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:29:27 PM): so are you home by yourself today?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:29:29 PM): i've heard of grisham and patterson, i think my dad read some of his books, i dont know, bt i haven't
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:29:37 PM): ive been home alone this morning
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:29:50 PM): your parents don't mind you being alone by yourself?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:30:03 PM): nah, they know im a smart girl
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:30:19 PM): id be sooooooo grounded if i did anything bad when they were gone lol
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:30:34 PM): doesn't mean i can't try lol... i just have to try real hard to not get caught lol
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:30:40 PM): and how long would you be grounded if they found out you were talking to me?
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:30:47 PM): :)
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:30:55 PM): lol, uh, i dunno, i haven't thought much abot thtat lol
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:30:59 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:31:14 PM): probly like 2 weeks grounded and no internt for a month or something crazy, i dunno
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:31:29 PM): do you talk to your friends online too?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:31:51 PM): well sometimes but i see them like everyday at school or in church and a lot fter school too
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:32:08 PM): as long as mom and dad dont take away my libary card, its all good lol
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:32:15 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:32:17 PM): you're cute
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:32:35 PM): thx... i love books
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:32:44 PM): we hae a real nice library in town
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:32:51 PM): that's cool
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:33:04 PM): it has big squisy bean bags in the kids area that i like to sit in and read a book while waiting for mom or something
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:33:13 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:33:26 PM): you wanna know something
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:33:32 PM): sure :)
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:33:48 PM): you're easier to talk to then girls like 10 yrs older than you
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:33:55 PM): lol - for real?
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:34:14 PM): yeah, i like you cuz you are easy to talk to
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:34:21 PM): thanks - i like you for that too
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:34:49 PM): i love talking to my gramps too - he has lots of stories to tell me
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:35:00 PM): we sit for hours sometimes , its fun
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:35:05 PM): cool
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:35:28 PM): what grade are you in?
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:35:35 PM): what grade are you in?
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:40:08 PM): u there?
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:40:13 PM): hey
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:40:25 PM): i had to close my yahoo - grammy just turned up - mom must have sent her to chck up on m
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:40:45 PM): lol it's ok
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:40:48 PM): anyways she's downstairs with some hot tea and fresh out the oven brownies! mmmmm
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:41:03 PM): so i gonna run k otherwise she'll be up here checking on what i'm up to!
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:41:06 PM): mmmmmmmmmmm i want one
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:41:13 PM): i'll eat one for you!
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:41:17 PM): nooooooooooooo i want one
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:41:22 PM): actually, that means i can eat 2 lol.. one for me and one for you ;)
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:41:30 PM): LOL ok :)
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:41:47 PM): k, by sweety, i'll look for you again soon :-*
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:42:02 PM): k byeeee ya lil cutie
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:42:08 PM): ;;)
katierella1013 (11/11/10 2:42:18 PM): lol, bye ;)
luv2licku68 (11/11/10 2:42:25 PM): buh byeeeee
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:31:58 PM): b-)
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:33:20 PM): lolz, hey you!!
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:33:30 PM): you don't wanna talk? :(
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:33:49 PM): lol - yeah, why do you say that?
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:34:04 PM): cuz you never IM'd me
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:34:25 PM): well i can't IM you from the bathroom silly
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:34:31 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:34:31 PM): i signed on then went pee and got me a soda lol
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:34:39 PM): ohhhhhhhhhhh what kind of soda?
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:34:46 PM): diet coke
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:34:58 PM): does that have caffeine in it? :P
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:35:06 PM): i'm really wanting a rootbeer float but since we don't got rootbeer or icecream, a diet coke had to do
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:35:20 PM): yeah, it does! jeeeeeezzzz, you sound like my dad
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:35:29 PM): lol yeah kinda hard to have a rootbeer float especially when you don't have either of them
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:35:53 PM): yeah, huh
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:35:59 PM): so what you doing today?
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:36:05 PM): i think it's kinda hilarious about the whole no caffeine thing
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:36:16 PM): had to go to MT to chase cows in and fix fence
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:36:34 PM): oh yeah, i don't like the no cafine rule
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:36:50 PM): I like hot sweet tea and diet cokes but mum doesn't let me have too many
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:36:51 PM): when my son is with me i let him have whatever he wants
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:36:57 PM): she doesn't find out most of the time ;)
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:37:16 PM): lol you're a sneeky lil girl :)
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:37:27 PM): well, its not like its really naughty
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:37:33 PM): lol i know
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:37:34 PM): sheesh lolz
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:38:01 PM): so how was school or were you "sick" again? :P
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:38:14 PM): awww c'mon - that's not fair - i take one sick day, sheesh!!!
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:38:21 PM): hehe
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:38:31 PM): school was ok i guess, it was a really good weather day here today so we spent time outside at lunchbreak, it was nice
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:38:33 PM): did you eat a brownie for me?
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:38:36 PM): I gotta try and work on my winter tan ;)
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:38:54 PM): you're to young to worry about a tan silly
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:39:11 PM): lol, i tan kinda easy
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:39:27 PM): that's cool, i like girls with tans
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:39:48 PM): lolz... white bits are sooo not cool though lolz
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:39:55 PM): bits?
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:40:37 PM): like parts of your body that dont get sun on. My dad is always hating his 'farmers tan' lolz
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:41:00 PM): lol did you eat a brownie for me yesterday?
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:41:38 PM): yeah - my grammy is the coolest eva, she's so fun. She hung out with me all afternoon. and she bought apples from her friend's tree and we made an apple crisp too for mom when she got home. it was delish!
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:41:57 PM): awwwwwwwwwwwwww cute
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:42:03 PM): brb ok
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:42:07 PM): sure :)
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:43:22 PM): did you get full eating my brownie? :P
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:43:40 PM): nah lolz, i like dessert
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:43:56 PM): brownie and a cold glass of milk mmmmmmmmm
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:44:06 PM): oh yeah, yum!!!!
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:44:18 PM): so hey, i keep meaning to ask you what your logon name is all about? lolz
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:44:23 PM): its funny
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:44:31 PM): lol what's it say on your end?
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:44:53 PM): errrrrr well R H (luv2licku68) lolz
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:44:59 PM): lol oh ok
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:45:13 PM): why do you think it's funny? :)
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:45:30 PM): well i dunno, coz like mines just my name, ya know and yours is funny
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:45:41 PM): lol well i guess it means what it say
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:45:57 PM): huh lol ok....
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:46:06 PM): it means something kinda naughty
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:46:15 PM): oh, perhaps i should ask then lol
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:46:27 PM): lol i enjoy using my tongue
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:46:39 PM): i licked an icicle today lol
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:46:48 PM): i love how they kinda get stuck to your tong
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:46:51 PM): lol cute but not what i had i mind
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:47:09 PM): oh lol
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:47:25 PM): so what are you going to do this weekend?
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:47:31 PM): well i gotta babysit tonight
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:47:38 PM): oh yeah, what tinme?
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:47:39 PM): time
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:47:40 PM): then i'm going to hang with my friends tomorrow when i've done chores
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:47:50 PM): i gotta be there in like an hour i think but i have to have my diner first
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:48:19 PM): do you like babysitting?
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:48:44 PM): yeah, i don't mind it. It gives me some pocket money. i want some new boots i saw in walmart
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:48:51 PM): thats like the only store we have in town lolz
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:49:28 PM): how far is cedar city from provo
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:49:42 PM): i guess like 3 hours or something, i dont remember
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:50:03 PM): do you ever go to slc?
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:50:09 PM): yeah, sometimes.
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:50:31 PM): i'm gonna go to a hockey game on new years eve i think
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:50:39 PM): oh how fun! So will you be here by then?
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:50:56 PM): i plan on coming down the monday after christmas
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:51:01 PM): kewl ;)
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:51:07 PM): do you have somewhere to live yet?
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:51:17 PM): probably be there on tues., maybe mon. if i drive straight through
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:51:25 PM): how far is SLC from where you liv?
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:51:34 PM): i'm gonna stay in an extended stay hotel until i get a job to see where i wanna live at
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:51:38 PM): around 12 hrs
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:51:43 PM): thats a good plan
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:51:48 PM): wow, 12 hours is like arealy long way!
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:51:54 PM): yeah it is
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:52:36 PM): thats so cool that youre gonna be living in Utah
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:53:13 PM): i lived there for like 9 yrs so i'm kinda looking forward to getting back, nothing to do up here
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:53:28 PM): lolz - there's even more of nothing to do wher ei live lolz
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:54:04 PM): i doubt it
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:54:16 PM): you have a walmart, the closes walmart to me is like 40 miles
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:54:19 PM): no, for realz, there's like nothing
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:54:27 PM): oh really???? wow, that's crazy
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:54:35 PM): when we go to walmart, we always see like 10 people we know lolz
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:54:51 PM): its a disaster going there withg myt grammy - it takes FOREVER - she knows like EVERYONE lolz
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:55:20 PM): lol oh yeah, fun fun
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:55:33 PM): yeah
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:56:12 PM): so how long do you have to babysit?
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:56:36 PM): i dunno - til the mom comes home - she works at the hospital with my mom and when her husband works late or goes out, they ask me to babysit
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:56:37 PM): so i dunno
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:56:52 PM): oh ok, how many kids do they have?
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:56:56 PM): 2 boys
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:57:00 PM): they're like 5 and 3 or something
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:57:29 PM): actually, i probaly should run for now so i can eat my dinner before i gotta go k ;)
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:57:35 PM): sorry i couldnt chat for long tonight
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:57:44 PM): are you around this weekend?
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:57:50 PM): that's ok, yeah i should be
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:58:05 PM): kewl! I'l look for you then >:d<
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:58:16 PM): bye sweety
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:58:29 PM): byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >:d<
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:58:36 PM): lolz ;)
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:58:43 PM): ;;)
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:58:53 PM): lolz - those are some mighty long eyelashes lol
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:58:59 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:59:18 PM): have fun babysitting
katierella1013 (11/12/10 7:59:29 PM): thx - you have a fun evening too
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:59:51 PM): ty, talk to you soon i hope
katierella1013 (11/12/10 8:00:03 PM): sure will ;)
katierella1013 (11/12/10 8:00:10 PM): think about what you wanna talk about :)
katierella1013 (11/12/10 8:00:18 PM): coz i can talk and talk lots lolz
luv2licku68 (11/12/10 7:59:29 PM): lol i enjoy our talks, byeeeee
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:18:22 PM): :-p boo!!! Where are you?
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:19:29 PM): hi, i can't see what's being said , brb
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:19:11 PM): lolz
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:20:28 PM): hi
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:20:32 PM): crap, still doesn't work
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:21:56 PM): oh?
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:22:00 PM): can't see me?
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:22:08 PM): i need to uninstall and install messenger i think
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:22:19 PM): brb
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:22:35 PM): sure
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:32:30 PM): hi
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:32:37 PM): i still can't see the words
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:32:18 PM): hey
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:32:23 PM): really? i wonder what's up?
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:32:34 PM): some fricking virus
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:32:43 PM): ugh, i'm sorry :(
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:36:20 PM): it wokred again?
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:36:49 PM): hi
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:36:27 PM): can you see me?
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:36:34 PM): i still can't see any words
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:36:46 PM): <:-p
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:38:21 PM): what are you doing?
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:38:34 PM): can you see me now?
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:39:23 PM): u there?
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:39:38 PM): ya
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:40:24 PM): i am PISSSSSSSSSSED
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:40:37 PM): uh-oh
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:45:13 PM): hi
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:45:54 PM): hi
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:46:26 PM): i can't see the words
katierella1013 (11/13/10 6:49:01 PM): boo
luv2licku68 (11/13/10 6:49:08 PM): i can't see anything
katierella1013 (11/16/10 7:52:06 PM): Boo you! ;) Just thought i'd say hey. Hope you got your IM sorted - i missed ya sweety
luv2licku68 (11/16/10 8:49:42 PM): talk 2 u later
luv2licku68 (11/16/10 11:56:01 PM): hey you, sorry about not being able to talk earlier tonite, i was hauling cattle over in MT and was on my phone, hope you had a good day and that we can talk soon, byeeeee
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 5:37:21 PM): where are you?????
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:01:12 PM): boo! :-*
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:00:56 PM): hey you
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:01:35 PM): i missed ya... where u been? ;)
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:02:27 PM): i wasn't on to much this weekend, how have you been? :)
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:02:34 PM): i wasn't on to much this weekend, how have you been? :)
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:05:25 PM): heyyyyyyy
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:05:32 PM): heyyyyyyy
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:07:39 PM): heyyyyy
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:08:47 PM): sorry... wow... like yahoo really doesn't like me today ! lol
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:08:56 PM): it dumped me good and kept sending stupid error messages n stuff
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:08:58 PM): noooooooooooo
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:09:03 PM): i like you though :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:09:09 PM): awwwww you're sweet. i missed ya
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:09:16 PM): u got your messenger working again then huh ;)
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:09:32 PM): i did, i think i had a virus so i had to reinstall like the whole computer
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:09:40 PM): oh bummer, that sux!
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:09:46 PM): yeah but it's working now :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:09:48 PM): so did you sell your pet cows?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:09:58 PM): lol i did the baby ones last wed.
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:10:16 PM): awwww oh thats sad. i would have like to keep one. mom would have been like well pissed though lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:10:22 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:10:23 PM): my dog does big enough poops, let alone a cow lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:10:29 PM): LOL
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:10:35 PM): i'm selling the mommas this sat.
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:10:45 PM): oh u r???
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:10:48 PM): will u be sad?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:10:53 PM): lol nope
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:11:06 PM): not when i hopefully get a check for around $30,000 i hope
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:11:20 PM): wow! that could buy like a lot of stuff
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:11:25 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:11:25 PM): u must have a lot of cowS?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:11:29 PM): 29
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:11:38 PM): wow, i should get me a cow
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:11:44 PM): lol just one?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:12:03 PM): well yeah coz i'd have to be on poop patrol n stuff and for 29 cows. thats gotta suck real bad
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:12:29 PM): lol they poop out in the pasture
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:12:36 PM): lol they poop out in the pasture
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:15:40 PM): omg i got like dumped again. yahoo really sux bad
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:16:00 PM): lol i had problems with it earlier but not now really
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:16:22 PM): so i get like 2 days to go at school then i get 2 off - yes!
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:16:35 PM): sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:16:45 PM): yeah, its pretty awesome
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:16:49 PM): what u doing for thanksgiving?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:17:45 PM): going to my brothers and his family
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:17:54 PM): oh how fun
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:18:02 PM): how bout you
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:18:33 PM): well we're going to some old ladys place -shes like my grammys sister or something. she's pretty cool. she bakes like really awesome pies.
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:18:45 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:18:48 PM): you're sooooooo cute
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:18:54 PM): lol, ok... why?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:19:08 PM): i LOVE thanksgiving food
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:19:22 PM): just cuz you are
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:19:29 PM): i love just reading what you say :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:19:32 PM): lol, awwww well thanks
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:19:59 PM): i overheard mom talking with my aunt about going to the black friday shopping - omg, she like dragged me out of bed last year to go with her. it really sucked
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:20:06 PM): have you done the black friday shopping?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:20:08 PM): LOL
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:20:09 PM): LOL
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:20:12 PM): NOOOOOOOOOOOO
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:20:17 PM): oh well dont!!
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:20:25 PM): i'll shop online
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:20:41 PM): the ladies are well scary. there was this one lady last year who was in hlike her jammas with those hair roler things in her hair and she had no make up on. She was well scary.
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:21:09 PM): the women are sooooo crazy, like this one store we went in had the realy expensive purses for like 80% off and the ladies were like shoving each other to get to the purses, it was insane
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:21:11 PM): ohhhhhhhhhhh silly
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:21:17 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:21:25 PM): you make me laugh :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:21:36 PM): noooo it was like weird, u should totally go one year just to see the women fight, its real funny
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:21:59 PM): lol lol loll
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:22:14 PM): i thought about going this year to walmart for a flat panel but i can buy one online
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:22:15 PM): my aunt is like crazy. she has a 'team' of her friends and they each like have a list of things they wanna get and they have these walky talky things so they can talk to each other. shes so weird but funny
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:22:34 PM): whats a flat panel?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:22:37 PM): OMG
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:22:41 PM): tv
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:22:49 PM): oh ok, thatd be well cool
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:22:54 PM): you don't have one?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:23:00 PM): yeah, i just never heard it called that before
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:23:08 PM): or a high def
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:23:16 PM): oh mom and dad arent that high tech lol
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:23:42 PM): we just have a flat screen tv, it isnt like really cool or does anything totally awesome, its just a tv hung on th wall
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:24:18 PM): i'm sure it's high def silly
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:24:30 PM): oh, i dunno then lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:24:41 PM): lol you're cute :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:24:47 PM): lol thx
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:24:53 PM): so what are you gonna ask santa for this year?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:25:19 PM): lol idk, flat panel, xm radio
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:25:34 PM): cool. coz you know you have to be like a really good boy to get expensive stuff like that
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:25:43 PM): lol oh crap
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:25:44 PM): well so much for that then
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:25:49 PM): lol, your cute
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:25:56 PM): lol, your cute
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:26:12 PM): well so much for that then
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:27:30 PM): sorry ima back
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:27:10 PM): hey there
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:27:51 PM): there was this stray dog in our yard and my dog was out there going crazy at it
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:27:56 PM): i hate that people dont put their dogs on leashes
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:28:11 PM): true, what kind of dog do you have?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:28:31 PM): i dunno what he is, we got him from the shelter. hes like a hound type thing, hes a big dog
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:28:48 PM): cool
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:28:50 PM): the 2nd day after we got im, he bit my dad real bad on the arm
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:28:55 PM): awwwwww
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:29:23 PM): yeah, it was real bad. dad said hed probably been abused before we got him
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:29:27 PM): but hes real good now
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:29:31 PM): wel, most of the time anyways lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:29:56 PM): that's good
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:30:02 PM): so how have you been sweetie?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:30:24 PM): ok thanks
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:30:35 PM): my one grandpa is kinda sick right now which is sad
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:30:52 PM): schools ok i guess
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:30:54 PM): nothing too fun
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:31:09 PM): how bout you?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:31:22 PM): U still moving to utah?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:31:29 PM): nothing much, it snowed up here fri nite/sat so that sucks
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:31:36 PM): yep, prolly the monday after christmas
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:31:38 PM): oh for realz? thats cool. it snowed some here too
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:32:07 PM): its been so cold. when we drove by th e bank and they have the digital thermometer thingy, it said 39
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:32:09 PM): but it's like 8 degrees here or colder
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:32:19 PM): omg, thats freezing!
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:32:26 PM): lol yep
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:32:31 PM): that's why i like utah
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:32:37 PM): lol yeah
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:33:02 PM): come sit beside me and keep me warm :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:33:08 PM): lol awwwwww
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:33:15 PM): would u like me to?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:33:18 PM): it's chilllllllllllllllllllllllly
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:33:33 PM): i would, it'd be fun to talk to you
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:33:49 PM): yeah, your real fun to talk to too :)
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:33:54 PM): well thank you
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:34:09 PM): it'd be cool to hang out with you but we probably wouldn't be able to
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:34:16 PM): why?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:34:31 PM): how would you get up to slc and your parents wouldn't like that
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:34:50 PM): oh yeah, slc is kinda far from here
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:35:21 PM): sometims dad drives to slc with his work
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:35:36 PM): and if came down there and someone saw us they'd preobably tell your parents
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:36:10 PM): yeah i guess, i dunno, sometimes i dont think mom and dad care too much about me, theyre like always working n stuff
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:36:27 PM): sometimes i wish theyd just break up, they aregue like all the time
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:36:27 PM): awwwwwwwwwwww if you were my daughter i'd do things with you
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:36:33 PM): i'm sowwy
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:36:40 PM): lol - your what?????
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:36:49 PM): sowwwwwwwwwwwy
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:36:51 PM): sorrrrrrrrrrry
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:36:52 PM): :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:36:58 PM): oh lol, s'ok
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:37:10 PM): i went to my nieces school program last thurs
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:37:15 PM): oh how fun
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:37:20 PM): what was it about?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:37:31 PM): it was 4th and 5th graders and they sang, it was ko
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:37:31 PM): ok
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:37:45 PM): cool. what kinda stuff did they sing?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:38:00 PM): oh geeeez, kinda had a technology theme
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:38:06 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:38:22 PM): it was cute though
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:38:33 PM): awww cool
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:38:37 PM): i'm sorry that your parents argue
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:38:45 PM): you're a really sweet girl
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:38:46 PM): yeah it kinda sux
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:38:56 PM): they fight about money a lot, at least thats what i figure its about
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:39:19 PM): they both work a lot and when theyre home, they tired and dont have much time for anything it seems
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:39:45 PM): s'ok though
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:39:54 PM): i'd give you a hug if i could
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:40:05 PM): awww thanks :)
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:40:25 PM): i'm looing at your profile :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:40:36 PM): oh u r? which one? the myspace?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:40:44 PM): i havent done anything with that in like forever lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:40:53 PM): yahoo but there are only two pics on it
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:41:10 PM): yeah, i didnt put to many on that one. i put them on the myspace
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:41:38 PM): :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:41:48 PM): i figure i probly wont look so nerdy when i grow up lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:41:57 PM): you'll look just FINE :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:42:02 PM): lol thx
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:42:13 PM): mom says its a nerdy stage and i'll grow out of it
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:42:21 PM): you're not nerdy
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:42:22 PM): you're cute
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:42:37 PM): ok then lol thx
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:42:46 PM): if you were 18, we'd hang out :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:43:04 PM): for realz? would u like that?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:43:11 PM): yes for realz and yes i would
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:43:15 PM): i think you're adorable
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:43:21 PM): coz probly figure u'd get bored of my talking lol
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:43:35 PM): dad says i never shut up - he says i even talk in my dreams sometimes lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:43:37 PM): noooooooooooo
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:43:42 PM): lol i think you're cute
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:43:46 PM): lol thx
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:43:50 PM): so did u have your dinner yt?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:44:01 PM): i havn't, kinda getting hungry, how bout you?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:44:10 PM): nah, me neithger, im hungry though
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:44:24 PM): you gonna eat a brownie for me again? ;)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:44:27 PM): i thnk we're just having leftovers. it was grammys birthday dinner yesterday and dad cooked a lot of food
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:44:36 PM): lol, i dont got brownines today lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:44:57 PM): awwwwww i'd always have brownies for you :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:45:01 PM): i'll be pleaed to eat an extra slice of pumpkin or pecan pie though on thanksgiving for you though ;)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:45:11 PM): awwww u would? ur sweet :)
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:45:11 PM): lol lol you do that sweetie
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:45:23 PM): i wish i had a daughter like you
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:45:51 PM): awwww, well i wish my dad was more friendly like u :)
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:46:14 PM): when i'm with my nieces i like talking to them and hearing what they have to say
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:46:23 PM): cool. how old are they?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:46:27 PM): like 9 or something?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:46:41 PM): oh the one u just went to her b'day party right
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:46:42 PM): 16, 13, 110
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:46:46 PM): 11
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:46:48 PM): omg, 110!!!!
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:46:50 PM): thats like ancient!
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:46:59 PM): yeahhhhhhh damn i forgot to call her and tell her happy bday on her birthday
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:47:05 PM): lol 11 silly
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:47:21 PM): awwww well if shes 110, she probly wouldnt be able to hear u anyways :-p
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:47:30 PM): LOL HUSHHHHHHHHHHHH
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:47:37 PM): she's 11 :P
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:47:53 PM): lol silly, ima only teasing u
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:47:58 PM): :-*
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:47:59 PM): i know you are :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:48:09 PM): so i just read this totally awesome book
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:48:12 PM): you make me smile, i like that :)
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:48:16 PM): what was it?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:48:29 PM): its called The Hunger GAmes by suzanne colins
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:48:38 PM): my teacher recommended it and it was soooo cool
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:48:49 PM): your neices and your son might like it
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:49:07 PM): what's it about
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:49:09 PM): my son likes to read
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:49:14 PM): my friend has the second book and shes gonna loan it to me when shes finished with it
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:49:26 PM): it would take me like forever to explain it to you, so hang on one sec k
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:49:43 PM): it's ok
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:49:56 PM): go to
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:50:02 PM): have you heard of percy jackson?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:50:13 PM): yeah, i've never read anything though
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:50:22 PM): i think he has a funny first name
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:50:23 PM): my son likes those books
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:50:28 PM): oh cool
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:50:31 PM): does he like harry potter?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:50:41 PM): yeah he does
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:50:58 PM): i'v got the last book to read so i'll probably start that this weekend
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:51:08 PM): do you have school on wed.?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:51:16 PM): yeah i think
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:51:38 PM): i dunno actually lol, i'll ask mom when she gets home
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:51:42 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:51:43 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:51:58 PM): what are you going to ask santa for christmas?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:52:05 PM): hmmmmm...
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:52:22 PM): well i really want some new clothes and some cute winter boots
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:52:35 PM): i like bubble bath stuff too
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:52:39 PM): awwwwwwwwwwwwww
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:52:39 PM): and i want some new jammas
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:52:51 PM): you wanna know what boots i like on girls?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:52:55 PM): what?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:53:13 PM): like the soft suede looking ones, they're kinda tall
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:53:32 PM): a rounded toe
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:53:35 PM): oh for realz? coz i like those kind too. theres this really nice pair i'v seen here in town that go to the knee
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:53:50 PM): uh huh, i LIKE Them
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:54:02 PM): lol, u r cute
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:54:14 PM): lol is that bad of me?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:54:23 PM): know, its so cool that u like shoes too!
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:54:37 PM): i like lots of things that girls wear
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:54:44 PM): well they probly dont fit you silly
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:54:53 PM): lol not for meeeeeeee, for youuuuu
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:54:57 PM): i'm trying to find a pair now
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:55:00 PM): lol ooooooooooooo k
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:55:45 PM): i like how the girls wear the boots with the tight dark blue jeans, i think that looks well cool
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:55:50 PM): i found some
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:55:56 PM): oh u did?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:56:05 PM): are they a good deal?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:56:17 PM): i'll show you
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:56:22 PM): cool
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:56:03 PM):
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:56:36 PM): like those but a little taller
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:56:58 PM): ooooooh i see, they are well cute
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:57:09 PM): i'v seen some like that in walmart
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:57:16 PM): is that what you were alking about too?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:57:26 PM): no, but i really like that kind too
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:57:38 PM): how bout these
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:57:21 PM):
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:58:10 PM): lol - they look like eskimo shoes
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:58:26 PM): lol do you like them or not?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:58:39 PM): errrr, not so much lol
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:58:45 PM): but they look well warm and cozy
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:58:52 PM): my grammy would LOVE them
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:59:00 PM): i like the first pair you showed me way better lol
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:59:08 PM): those other ones are just real funny lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:59:11 PM): i found another pair
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 7:58:54 PM):
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:59:40 PM): theyre cute
katierella1013 (11/22/10 7:59:58 PM): im saving my babysitting money for some boots if santa doesnt come through lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:00:03 PM): sweet
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:00:09 PM): i'll send you some too :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:00:22 PM): lol awwww u cant do that
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:00:41 PM): so u wanna know what im growing?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:00:41 PM): sure i can
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:00:49 PM): what are you growing?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:01:08 PM): i saved an avocado pit thingy and im growing it on the kitchen window
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:01:13 PM): i think its dead though
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:01:24 PM): lol awwwwwwwwwwww
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:01:28 PM): u know how like you stick the little wood sticks in the side of the pit and let it float in water
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:01:44 PM): that i don't know
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:01:53 PM): i put it next to the kitchen window so it would get sun but it hasnt grown yet
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:01:56 PM): its a well cool experiment
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:02:16 PM): cool, is that for school?
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:02:19 PM): when it works lol
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:02:49 PM): well kinda i dunno, my teacher would be impressed if i got it to grow but i think i killed it
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:02:54 PM): i dont have much luck with growing stuff
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:02:56 PM): awwwwwww
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:03:01 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:02:50 PM):
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:03:26 PM): lol - u really do like shoes dont u! lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:03:38 PM): lol i'm just looking :)
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:03:50 PM): i like those ones
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:04:13 PM): so how are you going to move all your stuff to utah?
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:04:40 PM): i'll just take what i need for now and then when it's nicer my parents will probably bring down my things so they can see my son
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:04:49 PM): aww thats cool
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:04:55 PM): bring your skies!
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:05:12 PM): i don't have any, i'd probably just rent if i go skiing
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:05:41 PM): oh good idea.
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:05:53 PM): i dont got skies either
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:05:58 PM): i have a sled tho
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:05:37 PM):
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:06:11 PM): omg - u r like worse than a girl lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:06:15 PM): you'd be fun to go sledding with
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:06:17 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:06:18 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:07:05 PM): yeah i am - my friends always laugh coz i always fall off or face plant in the snow
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:07:18 PM): im a crazy sledder
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:07:21 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:07:22 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:07:43 PM): its so fun though to just run and go down head first, like dive onto the sledge, soooooo cool
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:08:14 PM): hey, i gotta go k
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:08:18 PM): do you scream when you go down
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:08:19 PM): ok
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:08:31 PM): i just saw moms car in teh driveway
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:08:36 PM): ok sweetie
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:08:43 PM): thx for talking to me, u r so cool
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:08:47 PM): and funny
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:08:52 PM): i love that you like shoes o much!
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:08:56 PM): thx for talking to me, i really like talking to you, you're CUTEEEEEEee
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:09:08 PM): lolz, thanks huny, you too!
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:09:18 PM): have a fun night, k.. i'll be missing ya
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:09:25 PM): you too and talk to you soon i hope
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:09:28 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:09:33 PM): k, for sure :)
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:09:37 PM): :-*>:d<
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:09:37 PM): byee
luv2licku68 (11/22/10 8:09:42 PM): byeeeeeee
katierella1013 (11/22/10 8:09:42 PM): awww thx lol
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:15:24 PM): boo! lol
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:15:04 PM): hey ya little cutie
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:16:04 PM): awwww hey you
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:16:09 PM): how is your day been?
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:16:17 PM): brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:16:19 PM): yours
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:16:50 PM): omg, like sooooooo cold too
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:16:52 PM): we got snow last night
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:17:00 PM): i didn't have school today either so i got to go play in it
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:17:07 PM): my son said it was blizzarding there last nite
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:17:12 PM): awwwwwwwwwww
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:17:15 PM): yeah, so not fun
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:17:17 PM): i wanna play in the snow with you
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:17:25 PM): lol, u r too cool
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:17:28 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:17:38 PM): i go outside and make snow forts with my son
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:18:04 PM): oh cool. i hae never made a snow fort. last yer we went up the mountain and someone had made like a snow tunnel tha tyou could crawl through. it was so cool
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:18:24 PM): sweet, i have pics actually from last christmas of us out in the snow
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:18:59 PM): yeah, you sent some to me already remember :)
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:19:12 PM): i didn't know which ones you saw
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:19:37 PM): there was like a lot of snow. you were at a wood cabin i think you said
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:20:00 PM): yeah, it's my parents log house actually
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:20:16 PM): sure looked like you got a lot of snow
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:20:29 PM): the last two winters we have
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:20:42 PM): you should take some new pics for me to see :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:20:56 PM): of the snow?
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:21:07 PM): lol noooooooooo of YOU silly
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:21:45 PM): i know what snow looks like :P
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:22:52 PM): ooooohhhh lol.... well yeah but you might wanted to have seen utah snow, ya know.... it is the most awesome snow on earth or whatever it says on the car license things
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:23:13 PM): ummmmm sweetie.......
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:23:22 PM): ummmmm wot? lol
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:23:39 PM): i got to go sledding today :)
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:23:52 PM): i lived in UT for like 9 yrs :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:24:16 PM): lol... ok then, you probly know what utah snow looks like i guess...:-p
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:24:26 PM): so anyways....
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:24:29 PM): wot did u do today?
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:24:34 PM): lol ummm looks realy close to ND snow
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:24:48 PM): really?? coz i think ours is like a different white color...
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:25:03 PM): lol that i don't know and i went outside and cut wood
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:25:14 PM): oh, did you get real cold?
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:25:22 PM): it wasn't to bad, little chilly
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:25:41 PM): why are you cutting wood? do you have a fire in your house?
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:26:22 PM): cutting wood to stay warm, have a wood log stove
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:26:56 PM): sooooo cool. my grammy has one of those, they get like so warm,
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:27:10 PM): it's the only source of heat in the house though :(
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:27:17 PM): oh for realz?
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:27:20 PM): thats gotta suck?
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:27:39 PM): yeah for realzzzzzzzzzzzz
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:28:02 PM): huh. well hopefully when you move to utah, y ou get a house with warm air vents
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:28:13 PM): lol you're cute
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:28:38 PM): well i was jut thinking like im a real wimp when its cold. i hate it. i put a heater in the bathroom when i take a shower or a bath lol
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:28:50 PM): lol awwwwwwwww how cute
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:28:56 PM): you're a doll
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:29:14 PM): lol... dads always getting mad with me though coz i forget to turn it off and he says it makes our electric bill expensiv
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:29:35 PM): lol well yeah silly
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:29:39 PM): you're so damn cute :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:29:50 PM): lol..... errrr ok
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:30:02 PM): you are for realzzzz
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:30:04 PM): i like talking to you
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:30:16 PM): well cool, coz i really like talkin to you too :(
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:30:24 PM): oh sorry.. that was supposed to be a happy face lol :)
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:30:38 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:30:42 PM): so wot u doing tonite?
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:31:14 PM): probably not much like usual, i don't do much up here, that's why i'm looking forward to moving back to UT
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:31:37 PM): moms making me go to walmart with her to help get the rest of the thanksgivin food
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:31:50 PM): that should be fun :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:31:52 PM): its gonna suck coz im going to miss criminal minds :(
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:31:57 PM): i love that show
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:32:22 PM): can't you record it?
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:32:39 PM): nah, we dont got one of those tvo things
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:32:58 PM): i might be back to see the end part, s'ok, theres this one channel that does lots of re-runs so it might be on there one time
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:33:09 PM): walmart takes forver with mom - she knows like EVERYONE
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:33:17 PM): you might be able to watch it online
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:33:34 PM): yeah i bet :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:33:50 PM): its so cool having like 5 days off school
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:33:54 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:33:56 PM): i'm sure it is
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:34:02 PM): i got to sleep in this mornin
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:34:03 PM): whatcha gonna do?
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:34:33 PM): well, i'm gonna sleep lots, see my friends, play in the snow if it sticks around, watch tv, read books
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:34:46 PM): oh, and i guess i have to tag along with mom and dad to all the family and friends stuff they got planned
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:35:10 PM): LOL
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:35:18 PM): that sounds like FUN
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:35:50 PM): yeah, i dunno, it will be i guess. by the end, mom and dad wil lhate each other and be arguing again
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:36:11 PM): awwwwwwwwwww
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:36:18 PM): i wish you didn't have to listen to that
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:36:33 PM): i dunno, its ok
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:36:44 PM): thats why i like chatting to you - you dont argue :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:36:48 PM): u make me happy
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:37:27 PM): i like you too, you make me happy and smile and laugh, you're a really cool girl Katie
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:38:01 PM): awww thanks :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:38:14 PM): i'm gonna help mom do some cooking tomorrow morning
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:38:26 PM): we have to take some food to the dinner tomorrow
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:38:51 PM): we're making sweet potato casserole with the pecans on top...mmmmmmm my fave~
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:38:57 PM): mmmmmmmm yummmmmmy
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:39:12 PM): i love sweet potatos with cinamon and butter and nutmeg
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:39:30 PM): did i tell u about my neighbors new puppy dog?
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:39:50 PM): no you didn't
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:40:03 PM): omg, she is like sooooooo cute
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:40:27 PM): kinda like you :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:40:29 PM): she is 7 weeks old i think and a blue heeder dog?
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:40:37 PM): i dont know if i got the make right
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:40:53 PM): and shes so tiny and snuggly
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:40:55 PM): blue heeler
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:41:01 PM): oh ok, that sounds like it
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:41:10 PM): i know it was a blue soething
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:41:14 PM): :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:41:51 PM): one of my moms friends had this tiny chiwowa dog and she'd dress it in sweaters in the winter, it was so funny
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:42:03 PM): lol lol
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:42:29 PM): his head always had ladies lipsticks on it because where everyone would kiss his head and he smelled like perfume, on his head anyway, it was funny
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:42:46 PM): LOL oh geeeeez
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:43:01 PM): yeah, it was a boy dog too, but he was so cute
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:43:09 PM): it was really sad though coz someone stole him from thir yard :(
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:43:31 PM): awwwwwww
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:44:04 PM): yeah i know huh. so sad. he was wearing a bumble bee sweater when he disappeared too, which makes me laugh and is mean of me but i think its funny
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:44:17 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:44:19 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:44:22 PM): you're to cute
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:44:33 PM): lol thx i guess
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:44:46 PM): so are you still going to your brothers place for the holiday?
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:44:55 PM): you are, you're C U T E
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:44:59 PM): yeah, tomorrow morning
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:45:08 PM): kewl. do you gotta make anything to take with you?
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:45:27 PM): lol nope, my brother makes everything
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:45:39 PM): aww thats nice
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:45:54 PM): yep, i just show up, eat, and watch the Cowboys play :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:46:06 PM): oh, like the football?
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:46:21 PM): i always wanted to be a cheerleder
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:46:30 PM): you'd be a cute cheerleader
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:46:51 PM): well i think itd be kinda cool with the pom poms n stuff. i wanna be on the top of the pyramid too lol
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:47:15 PM): awwwwwwwwwwww
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:47:24 PM): you can be one, can't you?
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:47:45 PM): in high school. its probably not too good an idea though
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:47:53 PM): why not?
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:47:59 PM): coz i'm like real clumsy
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:48:00 PM): why not?
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:48:00 PM): coz i'm like real clumsy
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:48:00 PM): lol... id make a fool of myself lol
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:48:07 PM): or break an ankle or something
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:48:11 PM): lol oh sweetie, i'm sure you'd do ok
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:48:32 PM): yeah, mom says i'll grow out of my clumsy stage
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:48:41 PM): you will
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:48:43 PM): i'm not so sure though lol
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:48:53 PM): but just know that i think you're really cool just the way you are
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:49:15 PM): thx :)
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:49:40 PM): yw
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:49:46 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:49:53 PM): you're really fun to talk to
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:49:58 PM): so are you :)
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:50:04 PM): well ty
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:50:31 PM): hey, moms on her way home - she will be home at 5pm so i gotta go k
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:50:41 PM): she said she'll be mad at me if i'm not ready to go when she ges here :(
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:50:42 PM): oooooookkkkkkkkkkk
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:50:46 PM): awwwwwww
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:50:50 PM): i'm gonna miss you
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:50:56 PM): i gonna miss you too!
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:51:01 PM): have a really fun day tomorrow.
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:51:11 PM): i might not be able to chat since mom and dad are taking like 2 days off work
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:51:15 PM): i will as long as the Cowboys win, you better cheer for them :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:51:20 PM): but i'll look for you when i'm next on, k
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:51:24 PM): i'd like that
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:51:27 PM): lol, sure i will... anything for you :)
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:51:35 PM): sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, cheer hard :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:51:45 PM): so like GO COWBOYZZZZZZZZZZZ
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:51:48 PM): ra ra ra
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:51:50 PM): will that wokr/
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:51:51 PM): lol there you go :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:51:51 PM): ?
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:51:53 PM): lol lol
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:51:58 PM): you're sooooooooooooo damn cute
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:52:01 PM): ok, i can do that
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:52:06 PM): thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:52:11 PM): yw lol
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:52:14 PM): k, i gonna run
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:52:18 PM): bye sweety :)
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:52:22 PM): k you have fun on your vacation ok
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:52:26 PM): byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sweetie :)
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:52:30 PM): >:d<
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:52:33 PM): bye bye bye bye bye bye
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:52:47 PM): >:d<
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:52:49 PM): back atcha lol
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:52:55 PM): mmmmuuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhh
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:53:03 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:53:18 PM): well pretend that you're 18 and i kissed you :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:53:19 PM): u miss me yet?
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:53:23 PM): yesssssss
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:53:35 PM): lol, i really gotta go
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:53:37 PM): bye
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:53:53 PM): i know, byeeeeeeeeeeee have fun ok
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:53:56 PM): and remember
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:54:02 PM): GOOOOOOO COWBOYSSSSSSSS
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:54:16 PM): lol.... of course!
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:54:34 PM): you're a sweetheart Katie :)
luv2licku68 (11/24/10 6:55:51 PM): you there?
katierella1013 (11/29/10 6:32:34 PM): hi sweety :-)
luv2licku68 (11/29/10 6:45:03 PM): hey there b on later k im driving :*
katierella1013 (11/29/10 6:43:59 PM): hi! :)
luv2licku68 (11/29/10 6:45:31 PM): hey u
katierella1013 (11/29/10 6:44:42 PM): hey u too :-)
katierella1013 (11/29/10 6:44:48 PM): whatcha been doing? i missed you sweety
luv2licku68 (11/29/10 6:46:48 PM): hauled cows 2day on way home now
luv2licku68 (11/29/10 6:47:42 PM): b on in a cpl of hrs
katierella1013 (11/29/10 6:46:32 PM): oh how fun i guess lol
luv2licku68 (11/29/10 6:48:07 PM): byeeeeee :*
katierella1013 (11/29/10 6:47:05 PM): by sweety :-)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:20:29 PM): boo! lol
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:21:41 PM): heyyyy you
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:21:16 PM): awwww hey you!!! I missed ya tonnes :)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:21:33 PM): awwwwwww i missed you tooooooo
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:21:37 PM): >:d<
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:21:48 PM): so guyess what
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:22:09 PM): what sweetie
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:22:36 PM): im making a list, im checking it twice.... im gonna find out whose naughty or nice.... santa claus is coming..... to MY HOUSE!!!!
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:22:39 PM): lol, yay
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:22:44 PM): happy 24 days til chrissymas
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:22:46 PM): lol awwwwwwwwwww you're sooooooo CUTE
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:22:55 PM): omg i'm like soooooooo excited, i cant wait!
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:23:03 PM): r u?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:23:12 PM): lol yes silly
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:24:10 PM): you wanna know what i want for christmas?
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:24:20 PM): oh no, but please tell me
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:24:28 PM): you sure? :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:24:59 PM): oh yes, plesae pretty please tell me
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:25:06 PM): ummm i want YOU :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:25:19 PM): awwww u do?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:25:29 PM): uh huh, you're so damn cute
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:25:31 PM): like how? lol... coz u live so far
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:25:34 PM): :(
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:25:40 PM): i'm gonna be in UT soon silly
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:25:48 PM): awwww yeah u r!!!
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:25:52 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:26:15 PM): i really like talking to you
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:26:51 PM): yeah, i really like talking to u too :)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:27:20 PM): idk how, it'd just be cool if you could come live with me :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:27:36 PM): awwww, ud like tha?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:28:41 PM): yeah i would for realz
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:29:04 PM): awwww ur so sweet
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:29:45 PM): it'd be lots of fun
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:30:09 PM): yeah i bet... :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:30:19 PM): so have you written ur list for santa yet?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:30:22 PM): we could do lots of things
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:30:26 PM): like wot?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:30:30 PM): lol yesssss i have
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:30:46 PM): we could go to lagoon, boondocks, baseball games, hockey games, movies, shopping
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:31:07 PM): awwww sounds like way fun
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:31:17 PM): i really like talking to u :)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:31:33 PM): ty and i really like talking to you
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:31:42 PM): when we talk it seems like you're older than you are :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:32:16 PM): lol, grammy is always saying that
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:32:24 PM): she says i shoulda been born like 50 years ago lol
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:32:38 PM): so i was thinking..
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:32:39 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:32:48 PM): do u think maybe i could call u sometime?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:33:31 PM): that'd be cool but let me think about it ok, i just wouldn't want you to get into trouble is all ok
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:33:43 PM): oh sure
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:33:55 PM): i couldnt call from home coz mom would get so mad and like i dont want her to find out bout u
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:34:28 PM): where would you be able to call from?
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:35:28 PM): from like school - my friend has a cell fone she takes to skool. her parents dont care what she does
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:36:30 PM): oh ok :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:37:48 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:37:51 PM): so how was ur day?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:37:52 PM): you're so cute :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:37:55 PM): aww why?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:37:58 PM): it was ok, didn't do to much
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:38:07 PM): you just are, you're really fun to talk to
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:38:13 PM): so r u sweety :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:38:23 PM): so i put some new pics on my myspace for ya to see :)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:38:29 PM): awwwwww really
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:38:34 PM): yeah really
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:38:44 PM): do u got like an email addy?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:38:45 PM): cooooooool, i don't have the link though
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:39:04 PM): search in for katierella97
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:39:11 PM): ok hold on
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:40:35 PM): lol it says that you're 60
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:40:43 PM): well yeah!
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:40:55 PM): coz like myspace deletes ur profiles if u say ur 13
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:41:08 PM): i figured that out after i lost like 2 profiles
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:41:14 PM): lol oh that sucks
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:41:25 PM): yeah so me n my friends put like wer 60 or something lol
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:42:01 PM): how many pics are there?
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:42:25 PM): i dont know, like 5 new ones or somethin
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:42:56 PM): i called them 'me' lol
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:42:58 PM): k i'm looking now :)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:43:43 PM): very cute :)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:44:53 PM): you're adorable :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:45:44 PM): awwww ya think?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:45:52 PM): yessss
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:45:55 PM): hey so did u sell ur other cows yet?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:46:04 PM): they sold today actually
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:46:19 PM): oh they did? coz i thought itd be fun if u bought one to utah and called it katie :)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:46:20 PM): what would you wanna do if you came to live with me? :)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:46:26 PM): lol awwwwwwwwwwwww
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:46:28 PM): hmmmm like how?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:46:39 PM): my parents have some still, i'll name one of them katie hehe
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:46:47 PM): like how what?
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:46:55 PM): like if i livd with u?
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:47:08 PM): coz do u liv near a school?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:47:54 PM): well i'm not there yet but i would if you lived with me
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:48:09 PM): oh ok coz like i gotta go to school :(
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:48:21 PM): lol yes i know silly
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:48:25 PM): im excited about high school though :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:48:32 PM): it seems way cooler
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:48:39 PM): why do you think that?
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:48:45 PM): i dunno, they have like dances n stuff
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:48:52 PM): and the kids drive themselve to school ;)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:48:57 PM): well, the older ones anyways
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:49:14 PM): lol when my son was smaller, i'd let him sit on my lap and drive
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:49:22 PM): awwww how fun, ur like so fun
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:49:32 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:49:57 PM): i think im gonna ask dad for a webcam for xmas
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:50:07 PM): oh hey, hav u put ur tree up yet?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:50:34 PM): i haven't yet, i probably won't this year since i'll be leaving like the monday right after christmas
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:50:38 PM): a webcam huh?
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:50:48 PM): awww im sorry ur not gonna have a tree
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:50:55 PM): yeah a webcam! he'll probly say no
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:51:08 PM): i asked him a while ago and he said 'hell no'
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:51:13 PM): :(
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:51:26 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:51:42 PM): i'd love to see you on cam but if you were my daughter i'd probably say no too
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:51:49 PM): lol... awwww why?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:51:59 PM): lol just cuzzzzzzzz
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:52:07 PM): u sound like my dad
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:52:14 PM): :-p
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:52:29 PM): lol well dad's can be fun but
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:53:00 PM): but mean too
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:53:05 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:53:08 PM): not mean sweetie
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:53:11 PM): well hes no fun
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:53:13 PM): just protective
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:53:19 PM): yeah whatever
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:53:22 PM): he dont let me have no fun
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:53:30 PM): like what kind of fun?
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:53:46 PM): well i dunno, like hed be soooo mad if he knew i chatted on here
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:54:01 PM): i thik he wants me to sit home nad hav no friends
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:54:13 PM): i'm sorry :(
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:54:17 PM): lol s'ok
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:54:32 PM): so r u excited to come to ut?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:54:44 PM): i am, i want to be there and do things
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:54:53 PM): yeah, itll be so fun for u :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:55:15 PM): n then guess wot?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:55:16 PM): i wish there was a way for us to like meet or even see each other or hang out or idk
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:55:21 PM): what? :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:55:25 PM): we'll liv in the same state!
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:55:33 PM): sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:55:37 PM): yeah huh :)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:55:49 PM): that'll be cool won't it
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:56:05 PM): yeah :) totally!
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:56:18 PM): ur so fun and cool to talk to, u know that?
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:56:28 PM): ur like so different from my other friends
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:56:34 PM): awwwww well ty
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:56:39 PM): different how?
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:56:56 PM): i dunno, like i luv talkin to u. with my sckool frinds we just talk about like music n clothes n boys n stuff
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:57:00 PM): ur just different
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:57:03 PM): u make me really happy
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:57:17 PM): awwwwww well i'm happy that i make you happy, you're a really cool girl
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:57:24 PM): awww thx :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:57:39 PM): so wot u doin tonight?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:58:04 PM): idk, probably not much of anything, i might go shopping tomorrow and then my niece has a game tomorrow evening
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:58:11 PM): awww how fun
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:58:17 PM): wot u shoppin for?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:58:29 PM): christmas presents
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:58:34 PM): awwwww how cool
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:58:37 PM): want me to buy you one? :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:58:42 PM): u know iv been like a really good girl this year..... ;)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:58:51 PM): lol really??????????
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:58:56 PM): yeah i hav
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:59:03 PM): but if like u got me a pressie, how would u get it to me?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:59:18 PM): ummmmmmmmmmm idk, maybe bring it do you
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 7:59:22 PM): it to you
katierella1013 (12/01/10 7:59:37 PM): awwwww u would??? omg that would be really cool... u wanna????
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:00:00 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:00:07 PM): brb k
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:00:11 PM): sure :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:01:50 PM): jingle bells... jingle bells.... jingle all the way
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:02:13 PM): oh wot fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:02:25 PM): jingle bells...... jingle bells........ jingle all the way
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:03:40 PM): rudolf the red nosed raindeer.... had a very shiny nose!.... and everywhere that rudolf went, his nose was sure to sglows...
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:03:57 PM): lol you're CUTE
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:04:00 PM): hey ur back ;)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:04:03 PM): do this?
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:04:03 PM): i was singing to ya
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:04:06 PM): do wot?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:04:17 PM): send me what you'd want for christmas to my email
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:04:18 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:04:26 PM): awwww for realz?
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:04:32 PM): wots ur email addy?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:04:40 PM): yes for realz silly
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:04:46 PM): awww ur so sweet... thx
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:05:48 PM):
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:04:56 PM): cool :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:05:06 PM): really? coz thats like real nice of u
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:05:26 PM): if anything, i'll drive down and give it to you :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:05:32 PM): awww u will?
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:06:10 PM): sure i would, i haven't been south of payson so it would be fun
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:06:22 PM): awwww ur soooooo sweet :)
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:06:27 PM): thatd be like soooooo cool
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:07:15 PM): oh hey... moms car is outside, i gotta run k
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:07:20 PM): byeeeeee email me ok
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:07:25 PM): shell be mad if she hasnt seen me do homework :(
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:07:31 PM): oh yeah, i'll email u!!!! :)
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:07:33 PM): you better go do it silly
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:07:35 PM): bye you.... miss ya already
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:07:40 PM): byeeeeeeeee sweetie
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:07:43 PM): xxxxx
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:07:47 PM): >:d<
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:07:52 PM): awwww
katierella1013 (12/01/10 8:08:01 PM): :-*
luv2licku68 (12/01/10 8:08:15 PM): byeeeeeeeeee
katierella1013 (12/02/10 8:10:15 PM): hey you :)
luv2licku68 (12/02/10 8:11:58 PM): hiii
katierella1013 (12/02/10 8:11:30 PM): how was your day? I missed uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
luv2licku68 (12/02/10 8:12:34 PM): ill b on laptop soon
katierella1013 (12/02/10 8:11:50 PM): u got a lappy?
luv2licku68 (12/02/10 8:13:08 PM): uh huh on my fone now
luv2licku68 (12/02/10 8:13:18 PM): byeeee :*
katierella1013 (12/02/10 8:12:33 PM): oooohhhhhh, u r too hi-tech for me lolz
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:12:17 PM): boo you! :-p
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:13:14 PM): hey ya lil cutie
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:13:21 PM): hi! :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:13:34 PM): how are you? I missed ya today :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:13:41 PM): sry i didnt get to talk to u last night
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:13:44 PM): i'm doing pretty good, how are you
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:13:52 PM): good now im talkin to u :)
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:13:53 PM): i was at my niece's bb game sweetie
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:14:00 PM): awww u were? how fun!
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:14:07 PM): then driving home so i just signed onto my phone quick
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:14:46 PM): yeah, sorry i, i was gonna stay on and talk to u but mom was like bugging me about tidying my room :(
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:14:54 PM): it's ok sweetie
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:15:03 PM): i lke talking to you :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:15:31 PM): awww coz i like talkin to u too!
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:15:35 PM): so whatcha been doing?
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:15:50 PM): went christmas shopping yesterday and then to the bb games
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:16:09 PM): awww thats fun, so like you played santa lol :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:16:14 PM): or one of his elfs
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:16:24 PM): lol nooooooooooooooooo
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:16:33 PM): lol... ok
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:16:42 PM): so like have you started packing up ur house to move?
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:17:19 PM): i'm just gonna take like clothes and small things cuz i'll be staying in an extended stay hotel room, they have plates and stuff so i won't need things like that or furniture
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:17:32 PM): oh well that makes it easier i guess
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:17:48 PM): mom says im a bad packer
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:18:02 PM): she says if i took the time to fold stuff, id fit more in
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:18:17 PM): lol so i'll wait till i get a job and then can move and my parents will probably bring my stuff down to me and can see my son at the same time
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:18:26 PM): that's true silly :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:18:36 PM): its sooooo cool that your gonna be in the same state as me :)
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:18:43 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:18:56 PM): so like its 22 days til chrissymas!!
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:19:02 PM): lol you're sooooooo cute
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:19:14 PM): lol, why? coz im soooooooooo excited?
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:19:44 PM): uh huh :) did you get my email?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:20:13 PM): oh, u mean the one about the webcam?
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:20:18 PM): yeah
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:20:32 PM): and like the shoes, if i get them for you and your parents don't, won't they wonder where you got them from?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:21:11 PM): nah coz like my friend is always letting me use her stuff lol and sometimes i kinda borrow it forever lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:21:25 PM): my friends mom n dad are divorced and she gets like tonnes of stuff
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:21:26 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:21:37 PM): brb ok baby
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:29:18 PM): i'm backkkkkkkkkkkk
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:30:26 PM): oh hey your back!
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:30:56 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:31:06 PM): lolz.... ur cute
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:31:14 PM): sooooooooooo if i did get you something, how would i get them to you?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:31:42 PM): well i dunno, coz like if u mailed it to me, mom would for sure find out coz she gets the mail
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:31:48 PM): so what do you think?
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:32:10 PM): well what i was thinking was what if i bring it down to you?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:32:35 PM): awwww you'd really do that???/ that'd be like sooooooooo cool
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:32:58 PM): you're in cedar city?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:33:04 PM): yeah
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:33:22 PM): and when do you go back to school?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:33:39 PM): i dunno, some time in january, i don't know where mom put the school holiday calender thing
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:34:45 PM): and how would we meet if i came down there?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:35:13 PM): i dunno, i go to the movies n stuff with my friends
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:36:07 PM): what would you wanna do if i came down there?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:36:32 PM): well, i dunno, like just hang out n stuff.... ur so sweet n cool.. i bet ud be really fun to hang out n do stuff with..
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:37:03 PM): awwwwwww i'm sure you're cool to hang out with too but like if we stayed there wuoldn't ppl you know see us?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:37:34 PM): i dunno.. not realy.. my town is small but not that small
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:37:39 PM): so like what would you wanna do?
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:38:02 PM): idk, would be fun to like go eat lunch or something
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:38:55 PM): awww yeah, thatd be awesome. would you really come down and see me?
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:39:28 PM): sure i would
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:39:40 PM): awwww ur so cool
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:39:49 PM): so are you sweetie
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:40:22 PM): awww thx
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:40:31 PM): i don't think it'd be a good idea though for ppl to see us together
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:41:32 PM): yeah, i dunno :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:41:40 PM): i just like u a lot
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:41:58 PM): awwwwwwwww i like you too :) you're such a lil cutie and so fun to talk to
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:42:16 PM): thx sweety
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:43:10 PM): is there any place that we could go to like a diff town or anything?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:43:26 PM): yeah, theres lots of places round here
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:43:55 PM): in the winter, lots of people go to the ski resort like 20 minuts from here. none of my friends like go there tho
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:44:19 PM): i was thinking that i'd maybe come down while you're on break still
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:44:46 PM): awww u would? thatd be sooo cool befor i go back to school
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:45:15 PM): i just thought that'd give us more time together and that it might be easier for you to get away during the day or not?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:46:11 PM): yeah, thatd b so cool ;)
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:46:29 PM): but would you be able to like go somewhere w/out your parents or grandma knowing?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:47:02 PM): mom n dad work a lot so like i always hang out with my friends. as long as im home by like 5 pm for dinner, theyr cool
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:47:16 PM): cool
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:47:26 PM): yeah, really cool :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:47:41 PM): so like what would we do after lunch or somethin?
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:48:01 PM): wellllllllll you could open your present :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:48:12 PM): awwwww.... you'd like really get me something?
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:48:32 PM): lol yesssssssssss
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:48:38 PM): awww ur so sweet
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:48:54 PM): well so are you silly :)
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:49:16 PM): if we went and ate lunch somewhere i guess we could even just sit in my car and talk
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:49:29 PM): thatd be cool
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:50:32 PM): it'd be fun to see you in person and see how cute you really are
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:50:53 PM): awwww lolz.... thx
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:51:19 PM): i might wanna come see you again after that :)
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:54:44 PM): are you there?????
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:54:55 PM): sorry... yeah... i had to go pee lolz
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:55:03 PM): ohok
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:55:23 PM): so did u think if i could like call u sometime? i wanna hear ur voice :)
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:56:51 PM): i've thought about it and since i'm around my family kinda often and my parents that it might be easier to wait until i am in UT
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:58:16 PM): oh yeah, good idea, coz like i dont wanna get u in trouble or anythin
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:58:46 PM): is that ok with you?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:58:54 PM): oh yeah, course :)
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:59:23 PM): ok ty baby
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:59:44 PM): sure :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:59:50 PM): hey, i gotta go for my dinner k
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:59:52 PM): what would you wanna do
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 7:59:54 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:00:01 PM): oh, what would i wanna do what?
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 8:00:13 PM): if i come down but it's ok, we'll talk again
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:00:28 PM): oh ok... coz u can like think of things we can do... ur so cool :)
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 8:00:48 PM): idk cuz i've never been down there
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:01:20 PM): oh its like so pretty. the mountains are lik really cool with all the snow n stuff
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 8:01:42 PM): can you drive up into the mountains?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:01:50 PM): yeah, they like plow the roads real good
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 8:01:57 PM): cool
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:02:09 PM): moms shoutin me again k
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:02:13 PM): i gotta go befor she comes up here
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:02:17 PM): bye sweety :)
luv2licku68 (12/03/10 8:02:30 PM): byeeeeeeeeeeeee :-*
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:55:06 PM): hey sweety
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 3:55:33 PM): hey you
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:55:39 PM): awww hey you!
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:55:42 PM): how r u today?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 3:55:53 PM): i'm ok and you
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:56:01 PM): ok :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:56:05 PM): im babysitting later
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 3:56:15 PM): cool, gonna make some cash huh :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:56:19 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:56:24 PM): what u been doing today?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 3:56:49 PM): watching football right now, what about you
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:57:10 PM): thats cool. iv not done much exciting. i got to sleep in this morning :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 3:57:21 PM): awwwwwwwww how late did you sleep?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:57:32 PM): til like 10.30 or something! i was soooooo tired
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:57:57 PM): so what football are you watching?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 3:58:04 PM): awwww why were you so tired?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:58:18 PM): i dunno, i had lots of dreams
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:58:20 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 3:58:27 PM): i'm watching ND state and MT state
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:58:35 PM): oh, so its like college football?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 3:58:40 PM): yeah, playoffs
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:58:45 PM): oh cool :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:58:53 PM): did u sleep good last night? do u like to sleep late?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 3:59:03 PM): a guy from layton plays for ND state
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:59:12 PM): oh, like layton in slc?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 3:59:19 PM): i usually sleep good most nites and i'm up by at least 8:30
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 3:59:21 PM): uh huh
katierella1013 (12/04/10 3:59:32 PM): lolz, 8.30 on a weekend is kinda early lolz
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 3:59:49 PM): that's everday silly, i don't like sleeping in really late
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:00:09 PM): aww you dont? i love snuggling warm in my bed
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:00:28 PM): i do but it's not fun when you have to do it alone
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:01:00 PM): yeah huh lolz, i dunno though coz like i always sleep alone.
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:01:09 PM): sometimes my dog sleeps on the bed but not much, he gets too hot in the house
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:01:17 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:01:52 PM): so dont you hav any more pics of you that i can see? :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:02:16 PM): i'm not sure which ones you've seen
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:02:34 PM): well, you sent me lots with your kid, but i wanna see you :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:02:46 PM): i don't have hardly any of just me sweetie
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:02:55 PM): awww really? why?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:03:14 PM): ummm idk, cuz there's no reason to take a pic of just me
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:03:26 PM): well yeah there is... coz then you can show it to me
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:03:54 PM): lol ooooooookkkkkk
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:04:14 PM): lolz.... i wanna see your pic :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:04:51 PM): so u doing anything fun tonight?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:05:42 PM): awwww thats cute :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:05:54 PM): probably not, gonna watch a football game at 6
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:06:25 PM): cool
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:07:23 PM): ur real cute ;)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:07:40 PM): u always look real happyt
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:08:02 PM): ty for thinking that i'm cute and idk about always being happy
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:08:14 PM): awwww really? why?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:08:34 PM): idk just ucz i guess
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:08:47 PM): awww, that makes me sad to think ur not happy :(
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:08:47 PM): those were last christmas
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:09:05 PM): cool :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:09:08 PM): i'm happy most of the time
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:09:20 PM): well thats good :) coz u make me real happy talkin to u
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:09:37 PM): well ty sweetie, i'm happy when i talk to you too
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:10:08 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:10:23 PM): so is ur dad like a greenbay packers fan?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:10:24 PM): lolz
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:10:27 PM): lol uh huh
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:10:41 PM): lolz
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:10:51 PM): the last one was up on south jordan
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:10:55 PM): up in
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:11:03 PM): oh cool. it looks real sunny
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:11:08 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:11:22 PM): that was this sept.
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:11:44 PM): really? awww... that was rite before we became friends
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:11:52 PM): probably :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:12:13 PM): that was at energy solutions arena in slc
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:12:30 PM): oh cool. iv never been there but i thimk i remember dad pointing it out one itme
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:13:50 PM): those are really cool pics :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:14:26 PM): ty :) i really like yours
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:14:34 PM): lolz, thx
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:14:57 PM): when do you babysit?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:15:11 PM): like 4 or somethin, i think thats when the lady has to go to work
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:15:22 PM): how long do you have to babysit?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:15:41 PM): i think til whenever the dad gets home. hes working too thats why i gotta look after the kids
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:15:47 PM): what if you would get caught with a webcam?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:16:10 PM): well i dunno. mom hasnt caught me on here talking to you :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:16:25 PM): i asked dad again last nite for one and he said no again :(
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:16:31 PM): coz like i think thatd be sooooo cool
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:16:32 PM): awwwwwww
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:16:36 PM): just be careful ok
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:16:45 PM): sure, i am!! lolz
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:16:57 PM): you're a sneeky lil cutie :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:17:04 PM): mom n dad are outside now arguing about the christmas lites
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:17:09 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:17:26 PM): dads on the roof puttin them up and moms saying hes doing it all wrong n stuff
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:17:35 PM): lol go figure :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:17:40 PM): yeah huh lol
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:17:51 PM): so its like 21 days til santa comes!
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:17:54 PM): guys are always doing the wrong thing :P
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:18:01 PM): i hope he comes here
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:18:04 PM): lolz, probly lol
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:18:09 PM): wot, to your house?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:18:19 PM): uh huh, i've been nice this year :P
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:18:27 PM): really.... have you??
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:18:39 PM): ummmmmmmmmmmmmm mostly, a lil naughty at times ;)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:18:49 PM): lolz.... uv been naughtY???? like how????
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:18:54 PM): lolz
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:19:03 PM): lol ummmmmmm idk
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:19:21 PM): just naughty :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:19:22 PM): awww c'mon
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:19:27 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:19:31 PM): naughty is kinda fun sometimes tho
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:19:37 PM): i sometimes watch naughty things on the laptop
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:19:45 PM): lolz, u do??? like wot?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:20:02 PM): ummm i do and like videos of ppl doing naughty things
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:20:13 PM): lolz, cool... .what they do?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:20:22 PM): lol what do you think they do sweetie?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:20:37 PM): well, if i knew that, i wouldnt be askin u silly! loz
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:20:41 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:20:54 PM): so u gonna tell me or do i gotta like guess or somethin?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:21:00 PM): well usually their naked
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:21:28 PM): lolz,.... for real?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:21:31 PM): uh huh
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:21:56 PM): lolz... wow, well what they doin nakid?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:22:08 PM): touching each other and licking each other
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:22:19 PM): really? ... do u like watchin stuff like that?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:22:43 PM): yes really and at times i do
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:22:57 PM): :) i'v never seen stuff like that
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:23:08 PM): that's probably good then
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:23:12 PM): lolz, why?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:23:20 PM): lol cuz you're 13 silly
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:23:44 PM): well yeah. my friend has a bf that she does stuff with
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:23:50 PM): how old is seh?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:23:52 PM): she
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:23:59 PM): my age
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:24:14 PM): so you've never like looked for stuff like that on the computer?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:24:35 PM): no, i wouldnt no where to look, i kinda hadnt even thought about it
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:24:45 PM): what does your friend and her bf do?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:25:02 PM): i duno, they like make-out and do other stuff i guess
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:25:16 PM): and what do you think about that?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:25:39 PM): i dunno... u do stuff like that with a bf n i dont hav one
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:25:46 PM): im kinda curious to know tho lol
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:25:52 PM): you are?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:25:58 PM): well yeah lolz
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:26:05 PM): curious to know what?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:26:40 PM): well i dunno, what it feels like i guess
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:26:51 PM): you mean to have a boy touch you?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:27:06 PM): well yeah, i guess
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:27:20 PM): or to touch a boy?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:27:36 PM): yeah lolz
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:27:53 PM): so you've never seen or touched it?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:28:03 PM): nooooooo lolz.... i dont have a bf silly
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:28:35 PM): you've never seen your dads'?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:29:08 PM): no, i see him nakeded from the back
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:29:22 PM): i kinda went in their room by accident once lolz
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:29:30 PM): lol what were they doing?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:29:38 PM): i dunno, dad was on his way to the bathroom
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:29:42 PM): oh ok
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:29:55 PM): maybe i cuold kinda be your b/f :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:29:56 PM): but yeah, iv never seen anythin like that bfor
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:30:08 PM): awww would u like that?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:30:09 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:30:17 PM): yeah, it'd be cool
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:30:22 PM): yeah huh :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:30:29 PM): would you?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:30:40 PM): yeah, i like u a lot
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:30:59 PM): :) i like you alot too
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:31:06 PM): kewl :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:31:20 PM): but you know, we shouldn't do things like that
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:31:28 PM): like what?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:31:43 PM): like what we're talking about, about what you're curious about
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:31:53 PM): oh yeah i guess
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:32:05 PM): i mean it'd be cool
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:32:47 PM): :) itd be cool to do stuff or what? lolz
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:33:10 PM): uh huh
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:33:18 PM): like what?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:33:44 PM): idk, like if you wanted to touch me
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:33:57 PM): :) would u like me to do that to u?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:34:13 PM): yeah :">
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:34:25 PM): like how?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:34:57 PM): ummm touch it
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:35:27 PM): if youd want me too :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:35:46 PM): but iv like never done stuff like that ;)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:35:53 PM): but if anyone found out i'd get into ALOT of trouble
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:36:16 PM): yeah huh, but like we talk on here n people dont know ;)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:36:50 PM): you don't save the talks we have, do you?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:36:58 PM): no!
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:37:09 PM): coz like i told you, ur my special friend
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:37:23 PM): but do you know how to check to see if our talks are being saved to your computer?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:37:24 PM): i love the things we talk about :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:37:31 PM): i love the things we talk about too
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:37:34 PM): yeah, its like the history or somethin rite?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:37:58 PM): see at the top of Messenger where it says "Messenger"
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:38:54 PM): click on Messenger, Preferences, Archive
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:39:07 PM): oh, yeah, thres like something that you click that clears all ur messages
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:39:42 PM): cklick on "no, do not save any of my messages"
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:39:56 PM): k
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:39:56 PM): then click on Apply
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:40:13 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:40:28 PM): im not like gonna tell anyone about u coz like id get in sooo much truble
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:40:52 PM): ty sweetie
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:41:13 PM): yw lolz :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:41:26 PM): you'ore the best :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:41:40 PM): awwww i am?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:41:41 PM): why?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:42:06 PM): cuz you're sooooooo cool
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:42:12 PM): aww thx - so r u
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:42:20 PM): im gonna write my christmas cards later
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:42:36 PM): you wanna kjnow something?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:42:42 PM): yeah, please :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:43:13 PM): the past couple of days i've kinda thought about like if i come down there like maybe how it would feel if you maybe did touch it
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:43:36 PM): really? you wanna do stuff like tha with me? ;)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:44:04 PM): u know iv never seen that part of a man bfor...
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:44:26 PM): you're just so cool and it would feel good to feel you touching it
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:44:52 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:45:12 PM): like how does it feel?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:45:28 PM): ummmm would you wanna see a pic of it really quick?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:45:36 PM): u really got pics like that?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:45:42 PM): of mine i do
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:45:52 PM): if u wanna send it to me.... ;)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:46:01 PM): do you have photo share open?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:46:04 PM): yeah
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:46:18 PM): you have to make sure that you don't save it
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:46:23 PM): oh yeah, course i wont
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:46:33 PM): ;)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:46:53 PM): when it's not hard it's kinda soft feeling
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:47:15 PM): soft? like how?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:47:26 PM): oh wow!! thats like so big
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:47:40 PM): it's not all the way hard in that pic
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:47:47 PM): it's not all the way hard in that pic
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:47:52 PM): soft like how you feel
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:47:59 PM): soft like how you feel
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:49:14 PM): are you there?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:49:21 PM): are you there?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:50:42 PM): u ther?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:50:47 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:51:10 PM): yahoo dumped me :(
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:51:52 PM): :( bad yahoo
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:51:53 PM): iv never seen a pic like that befor..
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:52:01 PM): yeah, bad yahoo... bad bad bad yahooo...
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:52:15 PM): hehe did you like seeing that?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:52:29 PM): well, it came up for like a second so i didnt really see it lolz
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:52:38 PM): i can show you again
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:52:43 PM): u will?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:53:11 PM): i need to invite you again
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:53:14 PM): sure
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:54:02 PM): isnt it workin?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:54:17 PM): do you see it
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:54:31 PM): yeah i see it.... wow, its big
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:54:42 PM): how bout that one
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:54:54 PM): yeah..
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:54:56 PM): ;)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:54:59 PM): wow
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:55:29 PM): so what do you think?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:56:17 PM): lolz.... i was kinda shocked coz like i havent seen a real one.. ya know.... ur so big... do u like me seeing stuff like that ? ;)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:56:44 PM): ummmm yeah it's kinda exciting for you to see it
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:56:57 PM): ur so cool... ya know that..
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:57:15 PM): i always wondered what itd be like to do stuff like that with a bf
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:57:29 PM): awwww ty sweetie
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:57:34 PM): you're super cool :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:57:37 PM): did u just take those pics now?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:57:58 PM): yeah i did :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:58:03 PM): wow.. so ur like naked?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:58:14 PM): not anymore sweetie
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:58:18 PM): lolz
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:58:42 PM): are you thinkin about naughty things?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:59:03 PM): lol ummmm maybe a lil, i told you that i've thought about that a few days ago but i don't know what you'd think
katierella1013 (12/04/10 4:59:33 PM): well i luv that u tell me stuff about what ur thinkin
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 4:59:57 PM): so that doesn't bother you that i've kinda thought about maybe doing some grown up things with you?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:00:12 PM): no, why? i told you, i really like u...
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:00:28 PM): i just didn't know what you've thought about with stuff like that
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:00:42 PM): what other grownup stuff hav you thought about?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:01:02 PM): just that is all, just what it would feel like to feel your little hand touching it
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:01:24 PM): hmmmmm.....
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:01:27 PM): ;)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:01:54 PM): is that bad of me to maybe wanna feel that?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:02:19 PM): lolz.... i dunno, why would uthink that?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:02:37 PM): why would i think that it's bad?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:02:40 PM): yeah
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:02:58 PM): well cuz younger girls aren't supposed to do that to older guys cuz the guys can get into trouble
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:03:15 PM): oh
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:03:34 PM): didn't you know that?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:03:43 PM): well no
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:04:05 PM): if we did something and someone found out i'd get into ALOT of trouble
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:04:11 PM): but ur like my friend
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:04:26 PM): i know but that doesn't matter sweetie, it's against the law
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:04:34 PM): oh
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:04:55 PM): but i really like talkin with u n stuff
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:05:19 PM): and i like it too and i want to keep talking to you it's just the touching stuff that is wrong
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:05:32 PM): i thought u said u wanted that?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:05:50 PM): i do but it's still against the law
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:06:03 PM): oh, ok.... im good at keeping secrets n stuff
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:06:15 PM): good :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:06:32 PM): if you touched it and held it in your little hand, it'd get really big and hard
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:06:46 PM): really? what happens then?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:06:56 PM): after it gets big and hard?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:06:59 PM): yeah
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:07:18 PM): well you can either like squeeze it or just hold it or slide your hand up and down it
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:07:54 PM): k... isnt there like other stuff ur supposed to do?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:08:08 PM): supposed to do?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:09:09 PM): lol, i dunno..
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:09:24 PM): does it feel good to u?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:09:24 PM): well some girls will put their mouth over it and will lick it
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:09:32 PM): it does, it feels really good
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:09:41 PM): do u like when girls use their mouth?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:09:49 PM): yeah i do
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:10:02 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:10:33 PM): and like now when we're talking about this, it gets kinda tingly
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:10:42 PM): for realz?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:10:49 PM): uh huh
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:11:12 PM): tingly like how? like tickly?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:11:49 PM): ummm it's hard to explain but even talking about tthings will make it get hard
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:11:55 PM): really?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:12:04 PM): uh huh
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:12:38 PM): so i guess u really like to do stuff that like with girls..
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:12:53 PM): i do but i haven't for a long time
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:12:59 PM): why?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:13:06 PM): cuz i haven't had a gf
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:13:13 PM): awwwww but ur soooooo sweet
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:13:19 PM): tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:13:24 PM): lolz... but u r
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:13:28 PM): like now it's kinda tlngling inside
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:13:55 PM): or if i look at your pictures like i just did
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:14:14 PM): awww u r?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:14:24 PM): uh huh :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:14:38 PM): you're sooooooo cute
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:14:42 PM): awww thx
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:15:03 PM): so like what happens after u touch it n stuff
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:15:05 PM): and if i like look at your pic and then kinda rub it it gets hard
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:15:28 PM): really?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:15:37 PM): just by looking at my pic?
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:15:41 PM): uh huh
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:15:55 PM): but why?
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:15:59 PM): its just like my pic!
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:16:21 PM): cuz my body gets excited and it gets hard
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:16:43 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:17:02 PM): i know it's your pic but you're soooooo cute
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:17:06 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:17:15 PM): thx
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:17:21 PM): awwww hey sweety, i gotta go k
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:17:25 PM): ok baby
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:17:27 PM): i do too
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:17:35 PM): mom just shouted up that the lady needs me for sure at 4 so i gotta go get ready
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:17:42 PM): ur so sweett... i enjoyed talkin to u today
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:17:54 PM): :-*
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:18:03 PM): lol okkkkkkkk
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:18:09 PM): i enjoyed talking to you too Katie
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:18:20 PM): thx sweety... njoy the rest of ur day..
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:18:32 PM): i will and you too and it was fun talking to you :)
katierella1013 (12/04/10 5:18:39 PM): byeeeee xoxoxo
luv2licku68 (12/04/10 5:19:03 PM): byeeeeeeeeee :-*
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:18:17 PM): hey
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:18:33 PM): awwww hey you!
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:18:41 PM): sory - i was eating :)
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:18:48 PM): oh ok, whatcha eatin?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:19:08 PM): leftover chinese mmmmmmmmmmmm orange chicken and wite rice - my fave!!
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:19:27 PM): coooooooool
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:19:31 PM): how did last nite go?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:20:03 PM): oh it was ok. i got home at like 11 i think. i got $20 though, so thats well cool!
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:20:26 PM): you had to be there at 4 and got home at 11 and all they gave you was $20?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:21:07 PM): yeah but she said like she didnt get paid yet. She's a really swet lady and always gets me neat stuff for chrismtas.
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:21:33 PM): last year she gave me an old navy gift card which was cool
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:21:42 PM): cool, how many kids?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:22:03 PM): 2
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:22:21 PM): theyre like 5 n 3 or something. theyr really good kids
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:22:34 PM): so tell me what u been doing today? did u watch the football last nite?
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:22:44 PM): my niece goes and babysits for less time and she gets paid like $50
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:23:03 PM): woah!! for realz?!
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:23:06 PM): thats like a lot of money
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:23:13 PM): yeah for real :)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:23:56 PM): wow
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:24:23 PM): but if you get gift cards that is nice too
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:25:11 PM): yeah, shes a nice lady. mom says its good to help oeople out n i think she thinks that if im babysitting, i cant get into any truble lolz
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:25:49 PM): what kind of trouble can you get into? :P
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:26:19 PM): lolz, i dunno, lots i guess if i really thougt about it lolz
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:26:36 PM): lol but you need to be nice for christmas
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:26:52 PM): yeah huh, otherwisse santa wont come to my house
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:26:59 PM): you know its like 20 days left!!!!
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:27:11 PM): lol that many yet huh
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:27:45 PM): yeah, but thats not like a lot of time. I got another cholclate today in my calendar :) it had a little bell on it
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:28:28 PM): i was supposed to be writing christmas cards with mom today
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:28:52 PM): brb
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:28:58 PM): sure :)
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:30:45 PM): i'm back, so aren't you going to write cards?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:31:11 PM): yeah like i shud be. we go to my cousins house at 4 i think for birthday cake n icecream
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:31:17 PM): cool
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:31:26 PM): are you gonna be on for a little while?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:31:37 PM): i wrote some cards alrdy but i thought itd be kinda cool if i could write one to you too ...
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:31:38 PM): i'm gonna go shower really quick
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:31:54 PM): oh, i'll only be on for a little bit more coz i still gotta like get changed
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:31:58 PM): i'll be back in lke 5 mins
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:32:06 PM): sure, i mite still be here :)
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:32:16 PM): k i'll hurry
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:32:25 PM): brb
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:32:33 PM): k
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:42:01 PM): i'm ack
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:42:02 PM): back
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:42:21 PM): lolz - that was like a really quick shower! - 10 minuts!!!! lolz
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:42:26 PM): was it that long?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:42:27 PM): did u wash yourself properly??? lolz
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:42:32 PM): lol uh huh
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:42:37 PM): r u sure?
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:42:41 PM): next time i could maybe use some help :)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:42:55 PM): lolz, like scrubbing ur back?
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:43:11 PM): sure
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:43:21 PM): lolz cool
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:43:33 PM): i had to hurry cuz the Cowboys are back on
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:43:53 PM): and i wanted to talk to ou :)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:44:04 PM): pppffffffffftttttt whatever!!!! lolz.... yeah you did wanna talk to me lolz
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:44:16 PM): i did, that's why i hurried
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:44:20 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:44:30 PM): im teasin u ;)
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:44:50 PM): i know but i did hurry so we could talk before you had to leave
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:44:52 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:44:59 PM): awwww ur sweet
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:45:21 PM): you're ADORABLE :)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:45:41 PM): lolz.... thx ;) so are u!!
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:45:49 PM): so you wanna send me a card?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:45:54 PM): yeah, can i?
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:46:21 PM): how will you do that w/out your mom finding out?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:46:25 PM): i hav to write them to like my aunts n stuff who i havent seen in like forever
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:46:46 PM): coz mom has some stamps here at the house, so i wouldnt hav to go to the post office with her or anything :)
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:47:47 PM): and you really wanna send me one?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:47:59 PM): lolz, ur my friend silly
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:48:57 PM): you don't need to put your address on it if you dont want to
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:49:30 PM): no, i wont coz like if it got returned to me or something, mom would like open it and id be dead!
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:49:56 PM): well not really dead but id hav like a lot of explainin to do! lolz
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:50:07 PM): lol i know silly
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:50:45 PM): lolz
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:51:12 PM): so do you want it now?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:51:26 PM): yeah if u want me to send it to u
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:52:17 PM): what if you kept it till i come to see you if i do and if not you can send it to me in UT?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:52:46 PM): well i guess that woud work
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:52:56 PM): but then like christmas is gone
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:54:09 PM): are you ready for it?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:54:20 PM): lolz, im here :)
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:54:57 PM): Rick H, 10880 Spring Creek Rd
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:55:19 PM): yeah.... then what lolz
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:55:44 PM): killdeer, nd 58640
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:55:57 PM): cool! itll be fun to write u a card
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:56:00 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:56:07 PM): you're soooooooo sweet
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:56:12 PM): awwww so are u huny
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:56:21 PM): >:d<
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:56:41 PM): >:d< back atcha lolz
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:57:05 PM): so did you think anymore about what we talked about yesterday?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:57:17 PM): like u bing my bf?
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:57:32 PM): that or like us maybe doing things if i come see you
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:57:55 PM): yeah, i thougt about it... ;)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:58:12 PM): i told u itd be well cool to hang out with u if u really wanna do that :)
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:58:26 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:58:49 PM): ur sooooo cool, i love chattin with u n stuff, itd be awesome to hangout together some day
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:59:02 PM): i think it would be cool to maybe do some things with you like we talked about yesterday :)
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:59:13 PM): i'd like that too, we'd just have to be careful is all
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:59:42 PM): sure :) i do lotsa stuff that mom doesnt know about lolz
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 5:59:51 PM): lol like what silly
katierella1013 (12/05/10 6:00:29 PM): i dunno, like i skipped class a few times lolz, nothing like really really bad or anything
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 6:00:51 PM): where did you go when you skipped class?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 6:01:02 PM): sometimes in summer whne im alowed to play out late, we like run round and knock on peo;les doors tehen run and hide lolz
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 6:01:12 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 6:01:25 PM): i dunno, we just like walk round and hope the trunancy officer doesnt catch us lolz
katierella1013 (12/05/10 6:01:30 PM): i only did it a couple times
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 6:01:40 PM): lol they have a truancy officer there?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 6:02:37 PM): yeah, well the high school has a local cop thats like the school officer n he checcks the schools in the town too
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 6:03:20 PM): if i come see you we just need to be really careful cuz if someone sees me with you and they know you they're gonna wonder why you're with me
katierella1013 (12/05/10 6:04:02 PM): k, i know :)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 6:04:13 PM): oh hey, i like gotta go, moms shoutin k
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 6:04:18 PM): ok sweetie
katierella1013 (12/05/10 6:04:22 PM): i'll save u some b'day cake!! :)
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 6:04:26 PM): awwwww ty baby
katierella1013 (12/05/10 6:04:32 PM): bbyes bye sweety :)
luv2licku68 (12/05/10 6:04:41 PM): buh byeeeeeeeeeeeee >:d<
katierella1013 (12/05/10 6:04:47 PM): lolz xoxoxoxoxox
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:04:01 PM): hey you :)
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:04:07 PM): hiiiiiiiiiiii
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:04:23 PM): hey sweety how r u?
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:04:38 PM): i'm doing good, trying to stay warm, it's CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLY up here
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:04:56 PM): awwww it is? its real nice down here today :)
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:05:06 PM): that's good, how was your day
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:05:22 PM): ok, gma picked me up from skool
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:05:35 PM): cool, what did you do then?
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:06:50 PM): i ran errands with her. she got a chip in her windshield so we went to get it fixed n then she took me back to her house
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:06:54 PM): i just got home
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:07:08 PM): cool
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:07:15 PM): cool
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:10:26 PM): sry - yahoo dumped me :(
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:10:39 PM): baddddddddddddd yahooo
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:10:53 PM): yeah - it kinda sux lately huh
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:11:08 PM): so what did u do today?
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:11:17 PM): ummmmmmmm cut and chopped some wood
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:11:27 PM): awwww u did?
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:11:31 PM): are u tired?
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:11:37 PM): coz that sounds like a LOT of work lolz
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:11:48 PM): lol it wasn't to bad
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:11:49 PM): brb
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:11:52 PM): k
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:12:53 PM): chopping is kinda tiring cuz i'm out of shape
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:13:06 PM): out of shape? like ur fat or something? lolz
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:13:09 PM): just teasing lolz
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:13:29 PM): lol well when i get down there i'm gonna go to a gym i think
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:13:36 PM): lol well when i get down there i'm gonna go to a gym i think
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:16:05 PM): omg i got like totally dumped again
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:16:17 PM): awwwwwwwwwwww i won't EVER dump you sweetie
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:16:22 PM): awwww really?
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:16:28 PM): coz thatd make me like really sad
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:16:37 PM): nooooooooooooooo you're my friend :)
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:17:07 PM): awww thx sweety - so are u :)
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:17:17 PM): so u hav lots of wood now for a fire? is that wot you do with it?
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:17:34 PM): yeah, have a wood burning stove for heat, that's all :(
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:18:03 PM): awwww, but like when u move to utah, you're gonna have a heater, right?
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:18:09 PM): that makes me sad that ur cold :(
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:18:33 PM): one of my favourite things to do is snuggle under blankets
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:18:48 PM): lol well i hope there's a heater in the hotel room :)
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:18:56 PM): wot hotel room?
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:19:00 PM): i know, i like doing that too
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:19:18 PM): i'm staying in an extended stay hotel until i get a job
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:19:25 PM): oh yeah, sry, i forgotted :)
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:19:34 PM): it's ok sweetie
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:19:36 PM): yeah, i bet theyll hav a heater and maybe a pool too!
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:19:57 PM): no pool but a hottub
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:20:28 PM): oh really? wow, hottubs are like awesome. lolz
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:20:33 PM): ur gonna have so much fun
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:20:59 PM): lol the first week that i'm there there are two hockey games i think
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:21:06 PM): oh cool
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:21:18 PM): so guess what
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:21:22 PM): what sweetie
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:21:31 PM): i got 10 days left of school til we finish for crimble :)
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:21:47 PM): lol crimble?
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:21:51 PM): the sucky teachers are probly gonna giv us lots of homework
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:21:59 PM): christmas silly lolz.... i have lots of different words i use for it
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:22:13 PM): lol oh ok, you're soooooooooo damn cute
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:22:18 PM): lol, thx
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:22:37 PM): i go back to school on 3 january i think it is so i got like 2 weeks of!! yay
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:23:00 PM): what are you gonna do during the break?
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:23:27 PM): i dunno, mom n dad dont hav any time off i dont think. i even think moms gotta work chrissmas day, i dunno tho.
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:23:40 PM): i'll just hang with my friends n stuff, play in the snow too if we get more, go to the movies or whatever
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:24:14 PM): one of my friends sisters has a car so she can take us places if she lets us hang out with her
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:24:21 PM): cool
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:24:29 PM): yeah, i sooooooo cant wait to get a car
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:24:37 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:24:42 PM): actually, lolz, i soooooo cant wait to drive!
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:25:30 PM): haven't your parents let you like drive at all?
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:25:30 PM): haven't your parents let you like drive at all?
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:27:41 PM): no. gma did once lolz. she let me go on her neighborhood rond the block once lolz
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:27:45 PM): was sooooo fun lolz
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:27:48 PM): mom would freek if she knew
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:27:55 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:30:26 PM): if i come down, how will you be able to like get time alone?
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:30:26 PM): if i come down, how will you be able to like get time alone?
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:31:15 PM): mom n dad work a lot. they work in the days. n im usually out with my friends on school breaks anyways.
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:31:26 PM): cool
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:31:50 PM): yeah.... itd be soooooooooooo awesome to see u ;)
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:32:23 PM): brb ok need to put wood in the stove
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:33:13 PM): sure :)
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:33:36 PM): hiiiiiiiiiiiii you should be here to keep me warm :)
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:33:56 PM): awwwww yeah, i should be, huh :) thatd be fun
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:34:09 PM): you could come and snuggle up against me :)
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:34:32 PM): awww id like that, i bet u giv good hugs :)
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:34:51 PM): i give my nieces hugs and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE them really tight :)
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:35:03 PM): lolz thats funny
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:35:27 PM): i love squeezey hugs
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:35:34 PM): theyr fun
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:35:35 PM): hehe
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:35:53 PM): if you were my daughter i'd give you hugzzzzzz all the time :)
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:36:10 PM): awww thatd b nice. dad doesnt hug me much
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:36:28 PM): i like giving my son hugs
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:36:33 PM): awwww
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:36:38 PM): dad is a chrismtas and birthday hugger lolz
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:36:43 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:36:58 PM): i think it'd just be fun to have a cute daughter like you
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:37:20 PM): yeah, i bet we woud have so much fun
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:37:20 PM): yeah, i bet we woud have so much fun
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:37:55 PM): we would, we'd do LOTS of thigns
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:37:56 PM): things
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:38:29 PM): yeah, i bet! on the news last nite there was this new tubing hill in slc somewhere, it looked soooooooo cool
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:39:22 PM): sweeeeeeeeeet, there's an elementary school down in draper that has this HUGE hill and my son and i used to go tehre
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:41:50 PM): are you there?
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:42:01 PM): awwww how fun! i love sledding
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:42:06 PM): yeah, sorry, dad asked me a question
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:42:17 PM): he wanted to know if i wanted garlic bread or regular lolz
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:42:22 PM): it was important that i answer
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:42:36 PM): lol yesssssss it was VERY important
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:43:35 PM): lolz.... what u gonna show me today?
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:44:44 PM): lolz... awww
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:44:50 PM): that looks like an AWESOME sled!!!!
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:45:18 PM): that's where i used to live in draper
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:45:50 PM): kewl :)
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:46:09 PM): did you see the other pics?
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:46:32 PM): yeah, ur kid is real cute :)
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:46:52 PM): well i know he is silly, what about his dad? :P:P:P
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:47:05 PM): lolz.... well u know i think ur cute ;)
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:47:14 PM): lol oooooookkkkkkk
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:49:00 PM): sry - i gotta go k, dad said dinner is ready :)
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:49:06 PM): ok, i'm gonna soon too
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:49:08 PM): byeeeeeeeeee
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:49:13 PM): bye sweety :)
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:49:16 PM): miss u :)
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:49:27 PM): i'll miss you too >:d< >:d<
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:49:44 PM): :-*
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:49:56 PM): awwwwwwww you give such soft kisses
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:50:03 PM): lolz yeah
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:50:08 PM): i got big red lips too lolz
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:50:13 PM): sweeeet
katierella1013 (12/07/10 8:50:21 PM): lolz... byeeeee xoxoxo
luv2licku68 (12/07/10 8:50:26 PM): byeeeeeeeeeee baby
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:45:16 PM): hey you ;) boo! lolz
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:45:10 PM): heyyyyyyy
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:45:30 PM): hows ur day been?
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:45:44 PM): slow and BORING
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:45:45 PM): yours
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:45:49 PM): aww really?
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:46:07 PM): mine was ok i guess. i feel kinda yucky today thogh, i thnk im getting sick :(
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:46:22 PM): awwwwwwwwwwwww that sucks baby
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:46:32 PM): yeah, i got headache, i hate headaches
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:47:01 PM): last year i had a sinus infection for 3 weeks, it sucked so bad
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:47:40 PM): u there?
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:48:02 PM): i'm sorry that you don't feel good, you need to get better for christmas
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:48:09 PM): yeah i know, i will
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:48:26 PM): i might have a sick day tomorrow if i dont feel good
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:48:32 PM): its kinda not much fun bein home alone though lolz
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:48:47 PM): yeah i know, i get bored
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:48:47 PM): especilaly in winter when its too cold to g outside
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:48:58 PM): so why was your day slow n boring?
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:49:01 PM): didn't u do anything fun?
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:49:18 PM): i didn't do anything, cut and chopped more wood
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:49:29 PM): u must have like soooooooooooooooooooooooo much wood now?
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:49:46 PM): bet u can make like a really nice fire with it all :)
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:49:50 PM): lol it gets burned up fast
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:49:54 PM): oh it does?
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:50:18 PM): mom got our gas bill last night. her and dad argued about it all night. :(
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:50:36 PM): awwwwwww i'm sorry sweetie
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:50:41 PM): so what pic is this on here of you?
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:50:55 PM): oh the one i put on the yahoo messenger thing?
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:51:10 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:51:11 PM): i thought i already put that on my myspace?
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:51:23 PM): i don't know which one it is
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:51:29 PM): its just one of thoes ones where like you hold the camea high in the air and click lolz
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:51:37 PM): i think its kinda fun
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:51:43 PM): coz like u can see much of my face lolz
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:51:50 PM): its kinda mysterious lolz
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:52:15 PM): lol i wanna seeeeeeeeeeee
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:52:22 PM): lol i wanna seeeeeeeeeeee
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:54:55 PM): sory - yahoo dumped me. yahoo like really sux these days, huh
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:55:34 PM): u there?
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:55:58 PM): heyy
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:56:07 PM): awwww hey sry - i got dumped :(
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:56:19 PM): it's ok sweetie
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:56:26 PM): so we had like the prettiest sunset tonight
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:56:28 PM): sooooo cool
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:56:40 PM): i really like looking at sunsets n stuff
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:56:57 PM): cool
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:57:04 PM): cool
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:57:04 PM): so when did you take the pic?
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:57:13 PM): oh the one on yahoo?
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:57:28 PM): i dunno, a bit ago i guess, i dont remember
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:57:36 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:57:37 PM): it was just on dads camera
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:58:07 PM): cool
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:58:18 PM): lolz - u like it?
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:58:35 PM): it makes me look mysterious coz like u can see much of my face lolz
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:58:43 PM): i like what i can see sweetie
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:58:49 PM): lolz, cool :)
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:58:55 PM): i been thining about you :)
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:59:04 PM): or thinking lolz
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 7:59:04 PM): you have??????
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:59:18 PM): yeah, coz like you make me real happy n stuff and are just like real cool to talk too
katierella1013 (12/08/10 7:59:31 PM): its also really cool that you tell me stuff like what we talked about the other day
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 8:00:15 PM): i like talking to you too Katie, you're really cool
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:00:21 PM): aww thx ;)
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:00:42 PM): i got to open door number 8 on my calendera this morning :)
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:00:58 PM): my chocolate had like a candy cane on it
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 8:01:24 PM): door # 8?
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:01:34 PM): well on like my advent calendear silly
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:01:51 PM): where yo pull back the little cardboard flap - they're like little doors :D
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:02:26 PM): so what are you doing tonite?
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 8:02:37 PM): probably not much of anything
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 8:02:41 PM): there's nothing to do here
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:02:44 PM): awww u make me sad when you say that
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:02:54 PM): i bet there is something really fun, ur just not telling me lolz
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 8:03:04 PM): lol NOPE
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:03:19 PM): lolz, well u know like people kinda make their own fun
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:03:27 PM): thats what gma says when i complain i'm bored n stuff
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 8:03:32 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:03:33 PM): so why dont u make ur own fun?
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:03:49 PM): what would you do if like u could do anything in hte world?
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 8:04:00 PM): be a professional golfer
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:04:04 PM): you would?
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:04:11 PM): isn't it kinda cold for golfing right now?
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:04:23 PM): there's like lots of snow everywhere, you'd lose your balls
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 8:04:25 PM): not in the south or hawaii
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:04:45 PM): oh hawaii sounds sooooooo cool. Can i be the person that carries your golf bag or drives the car?
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 8:05:06 PM): lol of course you can
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:05:26 PM): awesome, cos that job looks really cool n kinda fun lolz, plus i'd be able to wear cute outfits ;)
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:06:28 PM): oh hey, i gotta run k coz moms car is outside
katierella1013 (12/08/10 8:06:34 PM): bye sweety xoxox
luv2licku68 (12/08/10 8:06:45 PM): ok baby, byeeeeeeeeeeeee
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 6:56:30 PM): boooooooo :P
katierella1013 (12/12/10 6:55:46 PM): awwww hey you!
katierella1013 (12/12/10 6:55:53 PM): i didn't think i was gonna get to talk to u today
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 6:56:15 PM): awwwwwwwwwww why did you think that?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 6:56:57 PM): coz u were marked as 'busy' n then we're going to gmas in a minute for dinner
katierella1013 (12/12/10 6:57:01 PM): hows ur day been?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 6:57:05 PM): i missed you :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 6:57:53 PM): what's for dinner and it's been ok, just been doing a little work on something, i missed you too sweetie
katierella1013 (12/12/10 6:58:18 PM): i dunno what gmas making - probably something on teh bbq - its been real nice here today :) getting kinda cold now tho
katierella1013 (12/12/10 6:58:22 PM): what u been working on?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 6:58:39 PM): i wanna come for dinner :) and you probably don't wanna know, it's farm stuff
katierella1013 (12/12/10 6:59:01 PM): lol.... oooooohhhh ok. like fixing a tractor or somethin?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 6:59:08 PM): lolz... jsut teasing :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 6:59:22 PM): nooooooooooooo has to do with animals, you don't wanna know ok sweetie
katierella1013 (12/12/10 6:59:31 PM): oooohhhh lolz ok
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 6:59:49 PM): do you know what butchering is?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:00:05 PM): oh, like cutting up dead anmals?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:00:14 PM): like when you go hunting?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:00:25 PM): lol yeah
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:00:32 PM): ewwww... u had to do that?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:00:45 PM): yeah, to make sasusage, that's why i didn't wanna tell you silly
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:00:51 PM): and pork chops
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:00:57 PM): oh yum! i looooooovvvvveeeeeeeee sausages!
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:01:10 PM): n pork chops too - i really love apple sauce with eiter of them yummmmm
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:01:21 PM): :) you're silly
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:01:22 PM): i actually really love apple sauce period.
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:01:24 PM): why? lolz
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:01:38 PM): you're like silly cute is what i mean :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:01:44 PM): lolz, thanks i guess lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:02:01 PM): I was watching a show last night on tv about alaska... omg, it looks soooooooooo pretty there
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:02:17 PM): yeah i'd like to go up there sometime, some friends of mine went there in aug.
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:02:43 PM): kewl. the people last night were hunting and fishing - the fish were huge and when they pulled them out the water, they had to whak them on the head
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:02:51 PM): it looked kinda fun i guess, i dunno, lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:03:02 PM): like that kid game where the things pop up and you whak them down again real quick lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:03:07 PM): oh hey, gotta pee, brb k
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:03:14 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:03:20 PM): lol yeah
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:03:22 PM): ok sweetie
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:04:02 PM): ok, i'm back :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:04:14 PM): hiiiiiii
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:04:16 PM): how has your weekend been?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:04:57 PM): good, kinda cool here, how bout yours?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:05:11 PM): ok. its been real sunny so i been outside which has been good :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:05:17 PM): i only got 5 more days of school!!!
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:05:23 PM): coooooooooooool
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:05:34 PM): i'll be down there soon :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:05:49 PM): i know, thatws like sooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:06:24 PM): do u know where you gonna be staying yet?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:06:43 PM): some hotel up in slc, not sure which one yet
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:06:59 PM): :d :d:d:d
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:07:05 PM): u gonna be in the same state as me :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:07:20 PM): uh huh :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:07:26 PM): yay
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:07:41 PM): but not sure if we'll be able to see each other though :(
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:07:48 PM): oh, why?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:07:50 PM): :(
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:08:31 PM): well just cuz, i just don't want either one of us to get into trouble is all
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:08:37 PM): oh :(
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:08:56 PM): ok :(
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:09:01 PM): you wanna know something?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:09:05 PM): yeah, what ?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:09:08 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:09:34 PM): did you know that there are cops that act like they're younger girls on the internet?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:10:02 PM): yeah, i heard about that i think. theres like a show on tv or something ?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:10:15 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:10:43 PM): and?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:11:23 PM): u still here?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:11:26 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:11:31 PM): lolz, sry
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:11:33 PM): it's ok
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:11:38 PM): i did get up to do something
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:11:44 PM): lolz, s'ok
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:11:51 PM): whatcha doing?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:12:03 PM): checked the wood stove
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:12:11 PM): kewl, is it nice and warm?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:12:16 PM): i just need to feel 100% sure about everything is all
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:12:20 PM): so sos
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:12:29 PM): lolz, what u talkin about?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:13:26 PM): i just need to know 100% that if i come see you that i'm not going to get into trouble
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:13:49 PM): oooohhhhhh, well im not gonna get u in trouble silly, how would i?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:14:20 PM): i'm not saying you but if someone even sees you getting into my car or sees us just hanging out
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:14:31 PM): oh, yeah, i hear ya,
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:14:45 PM): coz like i dont want u to get in any trouble - i really like you
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:14:55 PM): so like whatever you think is the right thing to do, i dunno
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:14:56 PM): ty and i really like you too
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:15:03 PM): if you were 18 then it would be different
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:15:38 PM): yeah, i hate that :(
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:16:16 PM): i know, and if got into trouble then your parents would find out and you'd probably get into trouble too
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:16:57 PM): yeah, dad would like ground me forever
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:17:22 PM): and then we wouldn't be able to talk at all :(
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:17:35 PM): yeah, and like i dont want that. i really like talkin to u :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:17:51 PM): i really like talkin to you too katie
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:18:08 PM): thx :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:18:35 PM): when are you going to your grandmas
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:19:01 PM): in a couple mins i guess. we gotta be there i think at 6, i dunno, mom will shot
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:19:39 PM): when i get down there then we can see about other things, ok :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:19:57 PM): kewl
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:20:50 PM): i wish you had like new pics for me to see :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:21:01 PM): i put some on myspace hte other day silly
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:21:17 PM): what's the link :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:21:34 PM): type my email addy in the myspace search box
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:21:42 PM): lemme try and link u
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:21:56 PM): what's your addy
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:22:12 PM): *edit*
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:22:13 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:23:15 PM): did u find it yet?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:23:26 PM): uh huh, i'm looking now :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:23:32 PM): lolz freals?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:23:39 PM): kewl lolz
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:23:41 PM): yesssssssss
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:24:08 PM): lolz.... ur sweet
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:24:18 PM): well you're a cutie :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:24:26 PM): lolz.... thnx i guess
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:24:34 PM): you are
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:24:40 PM): aww thx :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:24:44 PM): so what u doin tonighte?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:24:57 PM): gonna watch the Cowboys
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:25:05 PM): kewl, they playin again?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:25:18 PM): they play every week :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:25:19 PM): oh, i watched them play last sunday. n i thought of you :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:25:26 PM): awwwwwwwwwwwww you did?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:25:28 PM): they won, didn't they?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:25:32 PM): against like the colts?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:25:58 PM): uh huh
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:26:03 PM): in overtime
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:26:09 PM): omg, my uncle was like freaking out coz he really likes hte colts
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:26:27 PM): lol they play the eagles tonite, my son likes the eagles
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:26:33 PM): it was my cousins bday party, remember, n like all the guys were watchin tv, it was crazy. half them like the colts n half like the cowboys
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:26:37 PM): who are the eagles from?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:26:46 PM): philadelphia
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:26:56 PM): oh ok, i dont much know about football lolz
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:27:10 PM): it's ok :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:27:19 PM): i like your pics :) :) :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:27:43 PM): awww u do? thx
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:27:58 PM): of course i do
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:28:06 PM): lolz, thanks :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:28:22 PM): yw, so you just have this week yet of school and then you're done?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:28:44 PM): yeah, we finish on the 17th - thats friday i think? and then i got 2 weeks off. I gotta go back on 3 january :(
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:29:10 PM): yeah but 2 weeks is cool, right
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:29:30 PM): omg, yeah, well cool :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:29:36 PM): i get to sleep in every day :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:29:51 PM): lol nooooooooooo you gotta get up and talk to me
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:29:59 PM): oh sure i will :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:30:32 PM): nooooooooo you can sleep in silly :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:30:42 PM): lolz... but i can talk to u when mom n dad are working or somethin
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:30:55 PM): cool
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:31:16 PM): if you get money for christmas you could buy a webcam :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:31:44 PM): yeah, i know, wouldnt that be kewl :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:32:15 PM): yes it would be :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:32:29 PM): but you'd have to find a place to hide it
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:32:53 PM): yeah, i know. my clothes drawer would be good - mom n dad never look in there, i dont think anyways lolz
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:33:07 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:33:26 PM): do you have a closet with like maybe boxes in?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:33:36 PM): yeah kinda i guess
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:33:51 PM): well you can decide if that's what you'd wanna do :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:34:33 PM): brfb
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:34:42 PM): sure :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:39:04 PM): heyyyyyyy
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:39:11 PM): awwww hey sweety, ur back!!! yay
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:39:26 PM): yep yep yep
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:39:51 PM): what did u go do? i bet you went pee????? lolz
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:40:09 PM): lol maybeeeeeee
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:40:25 PM): u liar... i can see ur nose growing like pinochio
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:40:37 PM): lol nooooooooooo
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:41:04 PM): yeah, whatever, lolz... if we had a webcam, ur nose would be touching the screen lolz
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:41:07 PM): do you have your tree up yet?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:41:14 PM): lol :P
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:41:15 PM): wel, kinda not really lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:41:34 PM): dad put eh lights up but then has been real busy working n stuff
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:41:42 PM): so has mom
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:42:02 PM): so it's kinda up, do you have presents under it yet?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:42:39 PM): no. i went shopping with mom yesterday to get some more stuff but she said she ran out of money
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:43:13 PM): :(
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:43:33 PM): yeah i know. she still has a lot of bils on the fridge to pay. her and dad hav been fighting a lot about that
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:43:54 PM): i'm sorry sweetie
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:44:02 PM): s'ok
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:44:07 PM): what kind of work does your dad do?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:44:14 PM): he drives trucks
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:44:23 PM): sometimes in utah n sometimes long distance
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:44:33 PM): they been cutting his hours back lately though, thats what mom says anyway
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:44:38 PM): what does he haul with it?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:45:14 PM): i dunno, lots i guess. last year he had one of the fridge wagsons with food
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:45:26 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:45:30 PM): he used to carry stuff for panda express one time. my favourite :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:45:53 PM): sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:46:29 PM): yeah. i didnt get any tho
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:46:30 PM): lolz
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:46:59 PM): lol that's not fair
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:47:08 PM): yeah huh.. i know!
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:47:29 PM): there are lots of trucks up in ND hauling water and gravel
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:47:40 PM): why would they haul water?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:47:59 PM): for the oil field
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:48:06 PM): u have oil up there?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:48:12 PM): lol LOTS OF IT
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:48:21 PM): really? why is it in a field?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:48:35 PM): it's in the ground sweetie
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:48:43 PM): oh lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:48:52 PM): oh, so they have like lots of big things to pump it with?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:49:02 PM): you should somehow tell your mom that they should look up here although he'd be gone alot
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:49:25 PM): for like work for my dad?
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:49:31 PM): yeah
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:49:50 PM): there is alot of work up here for truck drivers hauling water
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:50:12 PM): awwww kewl. .. ur real sweet for thinkg of us, thx
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:50:38 PM): you could like maybe somehow mention to your mom that you read something on the net about lots of work in ND in the oil fields
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:51:36 PM): kewl... itd be so much better if like dad was working away. maybe him and mom wouldnt fight so much then
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:51:56 PM): lol probably and he'd be making probably more money
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:52:31 PM): yeah probly
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:52:46 PM): oh hey sweety, i gotta run k.. i gotta get ready for gmas :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:53:56 PM): Jericho Services is currently looking for experienced WATER HAULERS in SW ND region. A Class A CDL with tanker endorsement is required. We offer excellent benefits, including employee paid health insurance. Very competitive wages!
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:54:03 PM): Call Zack at 580-254-1410 or pick up a application at 24 W Villard, Ste B, Dickinson ND 58601. Learn more about our company at www.jerichoservicesinc.comkatierella1013 (12/12/10 7:53:16 PM): awwww thx sweety... i'll try to let mom know :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:53:19 PM): thank you!!!
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:53:26 PM): yw, have fun tonite ok
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:53:43 PM): thanks. u too. goooooo cowboyz!!!!!!!
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:53:51 PM): lol sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet byeeeeeeeee
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:54:00 PM): lolz... ur cute. thx :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:54:19 PM): you're more cute ;)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:54:41 PM): do your parents know that you use the internet?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:55:04 PM): they know i use it for school stuff. like to help with homework n stuff. and i think they know i have a myspace but i dont use thatmuch
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:55:43 PM): you could tell your mom that you saw something on yahoo about jobs in ND for the oilfield and needing truck drivers
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:56:06 PM): oh, good idea! thx... ur real sweet for thinking :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:56:29 PM): i like you alot and want you to be happy :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:56:48 PM): thx huny.. me too :)
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:57:25 PM): kkkkkkkkkkkkkk byeeeeeeeeee
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:57:30 PM): bye xoxoxo
luv2licku68 (12/12/10 7:57:35 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:57:49 PM): >:d<
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:44:47 PM): hey huny :)
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 7:45:52 PM): hey you :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:44:58 PM): :-p booo yah lolz
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:45:04 PM): how was ur day?
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:45:21 PM): did u do something fun?
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 7:45:27 PM): it was ok i guess, lol nope
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:45:55 PM): im pleasd you had an ok day. mine was ok too i guess
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 7:46:18 PM): how was school?
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:46:21 PM): boring lolz
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:46:42 PM): i just keep wishing the time away til friday :d
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:47:08 PM): we had my friends birthday treat lunch today. it was fun :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:47:21 PM): all our friends took a little lunch treat
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 7:47:22 PM): you got to do that at school?
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:47:49 PM): well, it was just us girls. we each took a little desert cake - like a twinkie or something n we ate it at school lolz
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 7:48:05 PM): how cute :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:48:27 PM): yeah, there was no candles or anything coz then like wed probably have got expelled for setting a fire in school or something really dumb like that lolz
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:48:33 PM): but we pretende there was candles lolz
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 7:48:48 PM): lol where did you do it at?
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:49:32 PM): just at lunch recess - it was real nice sunny out today :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:50:03 PM): shes gonna hacve a sleepover when we finish school so thatll be well cool if mom lets me go
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 7:50:26 PM): during break you mean?
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:50:32 PM): yeah, lunch
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 7:50:43 PM): no i mean the sleepoer
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:50:51 PM): ooohhhh lolz, yeah on cchristmas break
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:51:09 PM): i love sleepovers, theyre so much fun
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 7:51:33 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:51:52 PM): so what u gonna do tonite?
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 7:52:32 PM): watch tv, football
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:53:02 PM): awww thats cool - is it the college playing tonight?
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 7:53:35 PM): no, pro, baltimore and houston i think
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:55:00 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:55:07 PM): brb k.. moms hsouting about something
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 7:55:13 PM): ok
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:57:00 PM): ok i back, sry :)
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 7:58:59 PM): hi :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 7:59:51 PM): apparently i left my shoes on the stairs and mom tripped over them
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:00:00 PM): so she was yelling at me coz they had mud on the bottoms :(
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:00:13 PM): awwwwwww
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:01:52 PM): lolz... she pretty mad. im supposed to leave them in the mud room but i forgot today
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:02:07 PM): awwww :(
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:02:11 PM): but like the dog makes way more mess than i do lolz
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:02:30 PM): baddddddddddd dog
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:03:15 PM): lolz yeah he is
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:03:24 PM): i wanna get me a cute puppy dog
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:03:35 PM): what kind of dog do you have?
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:04:18 PM): i dunno what he is. we got him from the shelter - hes like a hound mix type thing
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:04:24 PM): hes a big dog
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:04:44 PM): what kind of puppy do you want
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:05:06 PM): lolz, i dunno, something tiny and cute that i can dress in sweaters n something that doesnt do big poops that i gotta scoop up lolz
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:05:16 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:05:36 PM): so are you gonna miss ur cows?
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:05:48 PM): r u gonna get a dog when you come to utah?
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:05:52 PM): not really, i might buy more in the spring
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:06:00 PM): probably not, no where to keep it
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:06:09 PM): lolz.. really? like utah cows?
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:06:27 PM): no, some up here
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:07:15 PM): but who would feed themn n stuff?
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:07:38 PM): my parents would have to do a little with them but they'd be out in a pasture during the summer
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:08:52 PM): awww well thats cool then :) ur mom n dad sound like pretty cool people
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:09:10 PM): yeah i guess
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:09:23 PM): lolz ... u guess?
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:09:23 PM): i'll buy them in the spring and sell them in the fall
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:09:37 PM): awww really? u wont keep them for very long? do u like give them names n stuff?
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:09:49 PM): my goal is to make money
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:09:54 PM): no i don't give them names
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:09:57 PM): remember u said you were gonna name one katie for me :d ;)
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:10:07 PM): i will :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:10:22 PM): i should buy me a cow huh lolz.. to like make money. its probably easier than babysitting lolz
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:10:50 PM): lol well you have to have money to feed it
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:11:29 PM): yeah i guess
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:11:55 PM): will u send me a pciture of the katie cow? lolz
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:11:59 PM): and a place to put it
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:12:08 PM): i don't have any cows though
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:12:18 PM): k, well when you do lolz ;)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:12:48 PM): did u have ur dinner yet?
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:13:01 PM): i haven't yet, you
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:13:21 PM): nope. moms cooking. we having ribs or something. we should have smelly-vision so u can smell it
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:13:26 PM): lolz.. smells good :)
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:13:35 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:13:50 PM): what u gonna eat?
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:14:05 PM): i don't know for sure
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:14:30 PM): itd be cool if u could come hang out for dinner :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:14:38 PM): mom always makes like a ton of food
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:14:51 PM): lol yeah i doubt your parents would like that
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:15:03 PM): lolz.. yeah, probly not :(
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:15:35 PM): dads working away tonight so itlll be nicer at home :)
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:15:57 PM): he's not coming home tonite?
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:16:28 PM): not til like way late or something. he called mom n said he got delayed on a load or something. i think hes in california n they didnt have his load ready to bring back here
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:16:41 PM): so he was waiting
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:16:43 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:16:56 PM): mom usually goes to bed real early to read her book or watch tv or something
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:17:11 PM): how late do you get to stay up
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:17:45 PM): well mom says my bedtime is 9.30 on school days but i have a little flastlight that i sometimes use to read magazines or books under the covers coz sometimes im not sleepy at that time
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:18:00 PM): lol you're sneeky
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:18:31 PM): lolz... yeah, i guess, i dunno, sometimes i cant sleep and if like i read a bit, i can sleep easier, it makes me sleepy sometimes
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:18:31 PM): where is the computer at?
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:18:38 PM): i use dads old lappy
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:18:53 PM): im suposed to use it in the family room but mom doesnt care if im doing my homework in my room
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:19:20 PM): i was hoping to get a new compuer for chrismtas coz this one is like really slow but i dont think i will
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:19:22 PM): get one
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:19:37 PM): :(
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:19:45 PM): lolz... s'ok. i got thi sone :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:20:16 PM): n we can talk here :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:20:18 PM): so its cool
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:20:52 PM): so what do you think you're going to get for christmas?
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:21:35 PM): lolz, mmmmmmm.... i dunno. i asked mom for like money for clothes n stuff. i asked her again for a webcam but she just looked at me n said 'kat, yeah, like really????'
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:21:38 PM): whatever that means
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:21:49 PM): gma will give me money :) she always does
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:21:50 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:22:05 PM): i want some jeans n boots
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:22:27 PM): so i might buy those with my chrismas money
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:22:30 PM): what kind of boots?
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:22:53 PM): i dunno, like hte ones u showed me before
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:22:53 PM): i dunno, like hte ones u showed me before
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:22:53 PM): i just relaly like boots lolz
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:23:04 PM): cool
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:23:44 PM): lolz... n so do you!!! lolz
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:24:04 PM): u were like so funny cute that one time u were sending me all those links lolz... i really love u... ur so awesome!
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:24:10 PM): those boots were called Ugg boots somewhere i saw
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:24:22 PM): awwwwww well ty katie, you're awesome too
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:24:28 PM): omg ugg boots are like omg awesome!!!
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:24:53 PM): ::)
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:25:29 PM): what are you getting your mom/dad?
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:26:10 PM): i dunno, probly a lump of coal. thats what dad says im gonna get this year lolz
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:26:25 PM): i dunno. dad likes chocolate n black likorish
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:26:37 PM): i might get mom a hand cream or something. gma will come look for something with me :)
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:26:51 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:27:20 PM): oh hey, i gotta go, k, mom said dinners ready :)
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:27:29 PM): bye sweety... im gonna miss u :)
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:27:31 PM): ok sweetie
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:27:39 PM): i'm gonna miss you tooooo
katierella1013 (12/13/10 8:28:18 PM): :-*
luv2licku68 (12/13/10 8:28:23 PM): >:d<
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:26:02 PM): hey :)
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:29:21 PM): hey you
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:28:36 PM): hey sweety :) i missed ya
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:28:41 PM): whatcha doin? ONE MORE DAY LEFT :)
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:28:48 PM): oh i know it!!!! lolz.
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:28:57 PM): i'm baking cookies tonight to take to my friends at school tomorrow
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:28:57 PM): are you excited? :)
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:29:04 PM): that's so nice of you
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:29:24 PM): omg, im sooooooooooo excited :D
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:29:59 PM): what did you do today at school?
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:30:01 PM): I dont have any money to buy gifts for my friends so i thought i'd make cookies instead :)
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:30:33 PM): that's really sweet of you
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:30:37 PM): not much, it was boring. everyone was like goofing off because it was the second to last day of school. one kid in my class got sent to the principles office for being bad
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:31:48 PM): lol what was he doing
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:32:22 PM): he had chewed the end off a pen and was making like spit balls at his friend on the other side of the class
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:32:26 PM): it was actually really funny
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:32:43 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:33:10 PM): and it took time away from class while the teacher was getting mad at him lolz
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:33:29 PM): you have different teachers right?
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:33:39 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:33:59 PM): most of them are ok though if we behave ourselves lolz
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:34:03 PM): what grade are you in?
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:34:12 PM): 7th
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:34:28 PM): oh ok, one of my nieces is in the 8th grade
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:35:01 PM): kewl
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:35:26 PM): she plays basketball and i go watch her play
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:36:19 PM): awww thats cool. you seem like a really cool guy to be doing stuff with ur nieces
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:36:32 PM): sometimes i go hiking n stuff with my uncles and cousins, n thats fun
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:36:34 PM): i like doing thing with them
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:37:15 PM): if you were my niece i'd definately wann do things with you :)
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:37:34 PM): awwww u would? thats so sweet of u... id really love to do things with you too :)
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:37:51 PM): of course i would
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:38:07 PM): did you say anything to your mom about your dad working up here?
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:38:27 PM): yeah, i tried to tell her but she's been kinda crabby lately. her and dad hav been fighting a lot
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:38:33 PM): he stayed the night at gma's the other day
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:38:46 PM): that sucks sweetie
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:39:06 PM): yeah, s'ok. mom spends a lot of time in her room when she's here, either reading or watchin tv or stuff. i think she cries a lot too
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:39:26 PM): :(
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:39:49 PM): i feel really bad but its happier when they arent together, coz then they dont argue
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:39:55 PM): coz i hate hearing them yell at each other
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:40:29 PM): i wish things could be different for you
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:41:31 PM): i know, but its ok, i just really love chatting with you - you make me real happy and make me forget sometimes what goes on here
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:41:51 PM): awwwwwwwwwwwww i'm glad i can help :)
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:42:17 PM): i just really love hanging with you here
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:42:28 PM): oh crap, brb k, i gotta check my cookies!
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:42:29 PM): :) i really love it too
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:42:32 PM): ok
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:42:56 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:43:01 PM): so what u gonna do tonight?
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:43:23 PM): not alot, crap, football is on, brb
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:43:35 PM): sure
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:44:28 PM): i'm back
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:44:58 PM): what kind of cookies are you making?
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:45:00 PM): lolz, me too but i burned my tongue on a cookie :(
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:45:11 PM): they are chocolate kisses ones
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:45:25 PM): mmmmmmmmmmmm YUMMMMMMMMMMY i want some
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:45:39 PM): yeah but thye are well nasty hot n now my tongue hurts
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:45:56 PM): awwwwwwwwwwww
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:46:41 PM): i'll kiss it for you :)
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:46:44 PM): yeah, i need an icecube
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:46:51 PM): or yeah, you can kiss it better if you really wanna lolz
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:47:01 PM): i do :)
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:47:55 PM): lolz... ur so cool, itd probly make my poorly tongue feel better
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:48:15 PM): awwwww i hope so :)
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:48:45 PM): i got a cold bottle of water tho but its not helping much
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:48:52 PM): serves me right for stealing cookies lolz
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:48:56 PM): lol nooooooooooo
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:49:00 PM): how long will you be on?
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:49:21 PM): i dunno, not much longer, i havnet had my dinner yet n i gotta take a bath before bed
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:50:00 PM): ok, i was gonna go find something to eat
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:50:16 PM): ok, go, i might still be here, i gotta go pee pee anyways lolz
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:50:34 PM): lol ok, i'll find something and come back
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:51:13 PM): sure, get me something too, coz im hungry lolz
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:51:15 PM): something cold though
luv2licku68 (12/16/10 8:51:33 PM): ok, i'll look, be back soon ok
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:51:58 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:29:51 PM): hey :)
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:30:43 PM): hey you
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:30:54 PM): awww u r there :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:31:03 PM): i been missing u. i been on a couple times but u werent :(
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:31:07 PM): just got out of the shower
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:31:11 PM): oh u did?
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:31:13 PM): awwww i'm sory
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:31:16 PM): are u nakided??
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:31:32 PM): lol was but not now
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:31:36 PM): lolz, just teasing u
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:31:51 PM): whatcha been doin?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:32:07 PM): omg, having way too much fun lolz. i forgot how awesome school holidays are lolz
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:32:20 PM): i stayed at jazzs house for 2 nites n then at gmas for a night too with dad
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:32:43 PM): we got 8ft of new pow pow in the mountains so im going sledding tomorrow with jazz
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:33:53 PM): coooool
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:34:23 PM): yeah, omg the weather has been soooo crazy here. they got floods bad in zion national park but the mountains got slammed with snow
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:34:31 PM): theyv had the mountain road closed for 3 days now
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:34:56 PM): wow
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:35:04 PM): yeah, they got it open now i think
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:35:22 PM): dad was well mad. he got stuck on monday night n had to stay over
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:35:30 PM): that sucks
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:35:49 PM): yeah, s'ok tho. i havent seen him much this week
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:35:56 PM): him n mom are still fighting
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:36:08 PM): i'm sorry sweetie, i wish things were better for you
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:36:45 PM): dads taking mom to vegas next week shopping or someting. they gonna try n 'talk things over' is what mom keeps saying
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:37:00 PM): that's good, where are you staying?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:37:05 PM): i dunno yet
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:37:25 PM): im not allowed to go with them. mom says its best if they have time alone or something
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:37:39 PM): lol yeah it probalby is
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:37:39 PM): s'ok coz like i really dont want to go anyway. itll be way more fun to hang back here
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:38:15 PM): are u excited for santa to come to ur house?
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:38:22 PM): lol uh huh :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:38:30 PM): lolz, cool. what did u put on ur list???
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:38:43 PM): oh let's see
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:38:49 PM): xm radio
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:38:56 PM): video camera
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:39:01 PM): dallas cowboys hat
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:39:05 PM): boxer briefs
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:39:12 PM): lolz... thats quite a list lolz
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:39:13 PM): ur so cute
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:39:24 PM): what do u want underwar for ? lolz
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:39:33 PM): u should get some dallas cowboyz underwear ;)
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:39:34 PM): lol cuz i need some
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:39:42 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:39:54 PM): lolz, kewl then
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:40:10 PM): when do you open gifts?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:40:29 PM): well, we got a chrismas party at gmas tomorrow nite. she has one like every year n santa turns up for the littl ekids
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:40:48 PM): we open some gifts tomorrow nite with gma but i dont kjnow this year. i dont know if dad will be home or still at gmas
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:41:06 PM): why is he there?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:41:13 PM): coz mom n dad are fighting
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:41:18 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:41:47 PM): he went to stay there on like last friday, i dunno
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:41:57 PM): then he was away working for a couple days n went back gto gmas when he got home :(
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:42:21 PM): mom said its best if her and dad have their space or something
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:42:24 PM): is all of that hard on you? :(
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:42:33 PM): yeah sometimes that's what ppl need
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:42:33 PM): nah, i kinda like it when they dont fight
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:42:45 PM): dads just at gmas so i can see him when i want kinda
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:43:01 PM): that's cool then
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:43:17 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:43:40 PM): i kinda hope mom n dad work things out next week n dad comes home but i dont really care i guess. its nice not to hear them arguing n stuff
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:44:25 PM): i just hope and want you to be happy
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:44:43 PM): thx, me too :) s'ok, itlll be kewl i guess
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:44:57 PM): so what about u? r u like really excited to come to utah?
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:45:35 PM): yeah i am, just will be different havign to look for a job and getting settled
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:45:51 PM): yeah iguess theres lots for u to do but itll be really fun for you?
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:46:22 PM): yeah, my son and i are going to a hockey game on wed. nite
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:46:36 PM): awwww thats so cool u have things planned with him
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:47:00 PM): i'm looking for a place to live right now
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:47:36 PM): i bet ur son is really happy ur gonna be living near him
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:47:42 PM): i hope you find somewhere really nice and happy :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:47:53 PM): im sooooooo excited ur gonna be coming to utah!~
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:48:09 PM): yeah he's happy and why are you soooo excited sweetie? :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:48:52 PM): i dunno, coz like ur gonna be in the same sate as me!
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:48:59 PM): its just a nice feeling, i dunno lolz
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:49:01 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:49:06 PM): ur like a really special friend
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:49:26 PM): awwwwwwwww ty katie, you are oo
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:49:41 PM): too
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:49:47 PM): aww thx :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:50:07 PM): hav u had lots of snow there?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:50:17 PM): oh hey, did i tell u about the new ski place thats opened up?
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:50:19 PM): not recently but there's some up here
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:50:25 PM): i don't think so
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:50:25 PM): that scool :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:50:34 PM): oh, its called eagles nest or something and is in beaver
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:50:47 PM): u should google it, it just opened like this week or something
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:50:50 PM): i really wanna go
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:50:55 PM): it looks well cool
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:51:13 PM): where is beaver at?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:51:40 PM): its a town a half hour above my town
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:51:48 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:52:02 PM): mom got me new snow boots last weekend
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:52:04 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:52:09 PM): i love em!
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:52:15 PM): coooooool, what color are they?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:52:17 PM): but we got no snow this week :(
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:52:28 PM): they are brown with a black toe end n they have fur round the top
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:52:39 PM): they are just from walmart, nothing fancy
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:52:45 PM): mom says they are practical
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:52:57 PM): i bet they're cute :) lol that's something a mom would say
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:52:59 PM): n will keep my feet warm n dry
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:53:08 PM): lolz, i relly like em
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:53:21 PM): not cute like jazzs, but i still like them :)
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:53:27 PM): is she your friend?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:53:34 PM): her dad came back from a work trip n got her some Ugg boots - omg sooooo cool
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:53:42 PM): yeah, shes my bestest friend
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:53:51 PM): we been friends since before kindergartn
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:54:02 PM): cool
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:54:12 PM): yeah, shes well cool. i love her tonnes
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:54:22 PM): shes gone on a date tonite with her new bf
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:54:33 PM): \oh, i went to hte movies today :)
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:54:50 PM): she's old enough to have a b/f? what movie did you go to
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:55:06 PM): yeah, well shes only my age but her parents dont care much what she does
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:55:12 PM): we went to see Tangled
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:55:18 PM): it is soooooooo funny cute, we laughed so much
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:55:24 PM): :) :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:55:43 PM): oh n then i went to see the Tourist last weekend - that was really good too
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:56:01 PM): i haven't gone to a movie in a long time
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:56:48 PM): awwww relly?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:56:59 PM): our movie place got all new stuff and is well cool
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:57:16 PM): sweet
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:57:17 PM): mom lets me go to the movies n to mcdonalds
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:57:26 PM): its fun to hang out
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:57:49 PM): that's cool, you're really cute ya know that
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:57:49 PM): that's cool, you're really cute ya know that
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:58:27 PM): sorry - yahoo dumped me ;(
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:58:34 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:59:09 PM): so what u gonna do tonite?
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 7:59:45 PM): not to much, have a gift i need to wrap
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:59:52 PM): awww cool. :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:00:07 PM): is ur son coming for chrismas?
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 8:00:16 PM): no he's not, he was up here last year
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 8:00:26 PM): brb
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:00:29 PM): awww,w but next year, you can have him?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:00:44 PM): I gotta go for my dinner anyway k
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:00:51 PM): bye sweety
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:01:09 PM): Happy Christmas to my specialest friend :)
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 8:01:57 PM): byeeeeeeeeeeeee
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:02:43 PM): bye sweety
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 8:02:52 PM): Merry Christmas Katie
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:02:52 PM): im gonna think of u on chrismas :)
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 8:03:02 PM): awwww ty sweetie
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:03:07 PM): :-*
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 8:03:12 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:03:19 PM): >:d<
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:03:24 PM): sending u a chrismast hug too :)
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 8:03:36 PM): ty you're adorable >:d<
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:03:46 PM): lolz, so r u
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:03:59 PM): im really happy ur coming to utah
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 8:04:07 PM): ty sweetie, i am too
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:04:16 PM): i gotta run k
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:04:19 PM): bye :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 8:04:20 PM): xoxoxoxo
luv2licku68 (12/23/10 8:04:33 PM): byeeeeeeeeee :)
katierella1013 (12/27/10 7:45:42 PM): hey sweety. sorry i didn't get to get on much over chrismast. i hope you had a really fun one. hurry and come to utah! :) luv katie xoxox
luv2licku68 (12/27/10 9:37:35 PM): hey you, i'm in utah silly girl, byeeee
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:00:13 PM): hey sweety :)
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 7:59:50 PM): hey you
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:00:35 PM): did u make it?!
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:00:41 PM): i sure did :)
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:00:45 PM): oh yay!!!
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:00:56 PM): thats sooooooooo cool :d that we're in the same state
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:01:00 PM): welcome to utah lolz
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:01:16 PM): when did u get here?
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:01:17 PM): lol ty baby
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:01:24 PM): yesterday afternoon
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:01:29 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:01:31 PM): where are u?
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:02:00 PM): its so good u got here already coz theres like a really bad storm cming in tomorrow mom said
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:02:19 PM): that's what i just heard on the rradio, sucks cuz i bought tickets already to the hockey game
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:02:43 PM): but u can still go cant u?
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:03:34 PM): yeah unless it's really shitty and i can't get my son
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:03:43 PM): oh yeah :(
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:03:51 PM): how far are u from him?
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:04:08 PM): 30 mins
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:04:21 PM): awwww well thats well better than living in nd, rite?
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:04:48 PM): did u find somewhere nice and warm to stay? .... somewhere with indoor heating?????
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:04:49 PM): yeah, just now need to worry about a job and stuff
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:05:07 PM): yeah :( you will find something. ur so sweet, lots of people will want to hire u :)
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:05:11 PM): what kinda stuff are you looking for?
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:05:24 PM): awwwww ty baby
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:05:28 PM): hopefully accounting
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:05:41 PM): oh yeah, ur really good at math lolz :d
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:05:50 PM): i shud have u help me with pre-algebra :(
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:05:52 PM): :)
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:06:00 PM): not sure how much i know about that
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:06:03 PM): u shud come down here and work at the new ski resort :)
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:06:26 PM): have you been there?
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:06:44 PM): nah, mom doesnt like ski-ing
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:06:56 PM): hopefully i get to go soon coz i realy wanna check it out. everyones talkin about it
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:07:12 PM): even to just go look at it
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:07:29 PM): i dunno, mom doesnt much like snow n stuff - she complains all teh time lolz
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:07:38 PM): i wanna go try ski-ing
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:07:39 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:07:45 PM): so tell me what santa got u?
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:07:51 PM): not alot
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:08:16 PM): awwwww why?
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:08:19 PM): a video camera, dallas cowboys shirt, few other small things
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:08:27 PM): woah!!!! thats awesome
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:08:32 PM): u got spoiled :)
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:08:49 PM): lol yeah
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:09:10 PM): lolz
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:09:19 PM): i am so happy u are here :)
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:09:36 PM): awwwww ty sweetie, you're adorable
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:09:52 PM): lolz. thx. it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know u are not too far away :)
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:10:29 PM): that's sooooo sweet katie :)
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:10:36 PM): that's sooooo sweet katie :)
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:13:05 PM): sorry sweety i got dumpeded :(
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:13:30 PM): it's ok
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:13:31 PM): i'm here
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:13:37 PM): good :)
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:13:43 PM): are u warm in ur house?
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:14:28 PM): yeah cept i just found out i don't get local channels like NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:14:54 PM): uh really? why? thats kinda weird. we dont have cable at home so thats all we get is the local stuff
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:15:04 PM): i guess ur just gonna watch a lot of movies then?
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:15:13 PM): they have direct tv and don't have local channels
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:15:23 PM): i have like espn and other channels
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:15:38 PM): wow, sucky tv. u can read lots of books and talk to me then :)
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:16:05 PM): true but the football playoffs are on fox and cbs
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:16:14 PM): lolz uh-oh
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:16:27 PM): u can go to a sports place to watch them can't u?
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:16:39 PM): dad sometimes does that - he goes to st george with his friends to watch sports when theres a big game
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:17:08 PM): yeah i can, i can go to hooters
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:17:31 PM): lol.. mom gets mad at dad when he asks to go there
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:17:47 PM): they go to las vegas on wednesday night so hes probably going to want to go there lolz
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:17:50 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:17:58 PM): you know what hooters is?
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:18:22 PM): yeah, its a restaurant place where the girls wear little clothes. mom says all the girls are fake like barbie lol
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:18:36 PM): i think mom is just jealous tho lol
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:18:49 PM): lol no they aren't all fake
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:18:58 PM): lol.. how do u know???
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:19:10 PM): i've been there sweetie
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:19:50 PM): oh lol. mom would never let me go somewhere like that. dad says mom shud work there because the girls probly get really good tips. mom doesnt wear little clothes tho
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:19:59 PM): i thought about going there tonite but i'm not hungry
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:20:10 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:20:17 PM): you're funny :)
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:20:21 PM): why arent u hungry?
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:20:37 PM): cuz i ate kind of a late lunch at your fave place :)
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:20:57 PM): oh u did!!!!!
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:20:59 PM): what did u eat?
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:21:08 PM): i hope u saved me some leftovers?
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:21:10 PM): ;)
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:21:11 PM): do you know where i'm talking about?
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:21:15 PM): yeah... panda silly
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:21:27 PM): yeppers and i'm sorry but i didn't :(
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:21:56 PM): awwww, s'ok.
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:22:13 PM): i had a ham sandwich for lunch from the christmast lunch leftovers lolz.. i would have rather had panda tho
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:22:42 PM): i had the two entrees
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:22:56 PM): oh yum! lemme guess....
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:23:02 PM): orange chicken and the beef???
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:23:25 PM): got one right
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:23:57 PM): hmmmmmm......... chow main?
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:24:24 PM): yep and one other one
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:24:38 PM): errrrr...... beef
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:24:50 PM): the spicy one
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:24:57 PM): it was sweet / sour pork i think
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:25:06 PM): lolz, mmmmmmmmmmmm
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:25:14 PM): yummmmmmmmy
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:25:22 PM): now i'm kinda full but i'll be hungery in a lil while so i don't know what to do
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:28:00 PM): i got dumped again sry :(
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:28:01 PM): wb
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:28:18 PM): lolz, thatnks sweety :)
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:28:27 PM): u shud hang out n hav fun tonite :)
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:28:30 PM): now i'm kinda full but i'll be hungery in a lil while so i don't know what to do
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:28:41 PM): i wouldn't mind going, i still might
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:29:07 PM): u shud. go hav fun :)
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:29:15 PM): i wish i was old enuf to go out n hav fun
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:29:41 PM): i know, you will be soon enough,
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:31:39 PM): it's not like really far from here
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:31:46 PM): it's not like really far from here
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:32:11 PM): i know, you will be soon enough,
luv2licku68: it's not like really far from here
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:33:01 PM): lolz.. yeah
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:33:02 PM): brb
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:33:09 PM): sure - i gotta go eat my dinner too k :)
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:33:18 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:33:27 PM): bye sweety xoxoxo
luv2licku68 (12/28/10 8:33:33 PM): byeeeeeee
katierella1013 (12/28/10 8:33:40 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/30/10 3:09:14 PM): hey sweety. sory i missed ya. did u get lots of snow last nite? we got lots!! i hope you wer able to go see hockey with your son. luv katie xox
katierella1013 (12/30/10 3:09:25 PM): hey sweety. sory i missed ya. did u get lots of snow last nite? we got lots!! i hope you wer able to go see hockey with your son. luv katie xox
luv2licku68 (12/30/10 3:35:24 PM): hey you, yeah we got lots of snow up here, we were able to go but missed the 1st period, talk to you soon, byeeeee
katierella1013 (12/31/10 1:46:23 PM): hey sweety :) sorry i missed u again :( i'm still at my gmas n she doesnt much like me using her computer. Hey guess, what, the date tomorrow is 1/1/11.. how kewl is that??!!! luv katie xoxo
luv2licku68 (12/31/10 2:28:05 PM): hey ya lil cutie, i'm sorry i missed you, hope to talk to you soon, byeeee :)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:15:54 PM): boooooo yaaaaaaaaaa lolz :-p ;)
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:19:41 PM): hey you
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:18:35 PM): awwww hey sweety!!! i been missing ya. i was worried i wasnt going to get to chat to you today :)
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:19:07 PM): i'm here but not for to long, how are you doing
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:19:21 PM): ima ok, back to school is sucky tho :(
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:19:34 PM): so are you enjoying life in the your new place?
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:19:46 PM): have you made new friends yet?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:20:03 PM): yeah it's ok and not yet i haven't, i joined golds gym today though
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:20:54 PM): oh fun! we have one of those here in town. we dont got a pool tho :(
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:21:20 PM): there one i went to today doesn't but the other ones do :)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:21:37 PM): oh cool, so u can go to the other gyms too?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:21:48 PM): i can
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:22:05 PM): cool. so do you hav lots of snow?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:22:33 PM): yeah there's some here i guess
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:22:40 PM): we got lots and its real icy too. jazz fell over on the way to the bus and hurt her ankel real bad
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:22:50 PM): owwww that sucks
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:22:59 PM): yeah, she really hurt herself :(
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:23:06 PM): so did u see the little fockers movie yet?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:23:17 PM): i haven't, did you
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:23:46 PM): yes, omg, its soooooooo funny
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:23:55 PM): i peed my pants a little bit coz i was laughing so hard lol
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:23:59 PM): lOL
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:24:02 PM): you did?
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:24:14 PM): yeah :"> just like a little bit lol
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:24:23 PM): that's funny :)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:24:23 PM): u gotta see it, its soooooooo funny
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:24:50 PM): i need to try to get a job so i can start making money
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:25:00 PM): yeah :(
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:25:04 PM): have you started looking yet?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:25:21 PM): no, i need to get a utah phone number so i can put it on my resume
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:25:35 PM): yeah i guess
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:25:42 PM): so did u find a gf yet????
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:25:45 PM): i've been kinda lazy
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:25:48 PM): lol nooooooo
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:25:50 PM): why
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:26:00 PM): lol i dunno... just asking! :)
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:26:06 PM): nahh
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:26:08 PM): i want u to be happy
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:26:25 PM): i'd like that too and ty kadie
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:26:27 PM): katie
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:26:43 PM): thx... kadie is cool lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:26:57 PM): i just noticed and i kinda thought the same :)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:27:27 PM): lol, i mite change my name lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:27:41 PM): nooooo
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:28:01 PM): lolz, u could be ricardo lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:28:18 PM): lol
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:28:19 PM): so what u gonna be doing tonite?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:28:38 PM): i think i'm gonna go out to eat and watch the football game
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:28:49 PM): kewl. who is playing?
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:29:02 PM): are you gonna hang at hooters again???? lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:29:05 PM): ohio state and arkansas
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:29:11 PM): lol possibly
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:29:55 PM): lolz.... possibly????? i think that means 'oh yes kadie' i sure am!!!! lolz
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:30:00 PM): u cant fool me
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:30:04 PM): lol ok ok ok :P
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:30:11 PM): ha ha ha ha haha hah BUSTED!!!!!
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:30:42 PM): so do u think the weather is cold rite now or is it warm compared to where u came from?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:30:45 PM): i was there on fri, sat, and sun :)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:30:55 PM): awwww hey!!! lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:30:55 PM): it's warm, i wore shorts today
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:30:58 PM): u kept that secret
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:31:04 PM): omg, WARM?????? are you kidding me????
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:31:07 PM): lol friday was new years eve
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:31:20 PM): sat i went to watch a football game and sunday went to watch the cowboys
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:31:22 PM): oh yeah, happy new years sweety :)
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:31:45 PM): ty, you too
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:31:50 PM): i think the cowboys played on christmas didnt they?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:32:01 PM): yeah they did and they lost
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:32:09 PM): we watched them play i think. my one uncle likes the colts n his friend that was there likjed the cowboys
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:32:53 PM): they don't play anymore this year thogh
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:33:10 PM): awwwwwwww, no more cowboys for you???
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:33:18 PM): nope
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:33:27 PM): awwww im sorry sweety
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:33:35 PM): it's ok, they sucked this year anyways
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:33:46 PM): lolz. im sorry. i shoud have cheered louder huh
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:34:27 PM): do u watch hawayi five 0?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:34:28 PM): it's your fault :P :P
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:34:34 PM): i don't or haven't
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:34:44 PM): lolz... yeah its my fault :(
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:34:46 PM): ;)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:34:54 PM): u shud watch it sometime. its a cool show
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:35:07 PM): its on kinda late for a school nite but sometimes mom lets me stay up if ive got my homework done
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:35:15 PM): i was awake at 4 this morning :(
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:35:18 PM): couldnt sleep
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:35:19 PM): wow, why
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:35:36 PM): lolz, i dunno. just wondering i guess what this years gonna be like ya know
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:35:43 PM): n i just could sleep, dunno why
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:35:45 PM): yeah i was kinda up early too
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:35:52 PM): why was u up easly?
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:35:56 PM): or early even lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:36:08 PM): just woke up, started thinking about things
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:36:22 PM): what was you thinking about?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:36:32 PM): just things here, what i need to do
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:36:41 PM): :)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:36:59 PM): gma took me shopping after school yestefday for new clothes :)
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:37:06 PM): sweeeeet, what did you get
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:37:17 PM): well kinda sweet not really lolz. she got me church clothes :(
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:37:24 PM): lol ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:37:47 PM): i got a skirt, a cute little tank and a little black sweater / cardie
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:37:55 PM): that's cool :)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:37:57 PM): theyre kinda cute but still church clohes :(
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:38:02 PM): awwwwww
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:38:09 PM): sometimes mom makes me go with gma.
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:38:22 PM): why's that?
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:38:55 PM): her Ward is kinda cool. i dunno. mom n dad think its important i go to church. dunno why. i told htem when im 18 im not like going on a stupid mission or anything. i'm goilng to be famous and travel the world!
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:39:13 PM): lol sweeeeeeeeeeet
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:39:19 PM): yeah, well i hope so anyway
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:39:39 PM): my neighor just graduated the basica training thing in Texas. she looked so awsesome in her army uniform
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:39:46 PM): n so happy too. she got her a cute new bf too
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:39:52 PM): nice :)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:40:31 PM): lolz yeah. thatd be soooo cool to go to another state like that. and now she's gone to train in whatever it is shes doing n then maybe she'll get sent to another country or something. she's well excited i guess.
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:40:46 PM): that's cool :)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:41:06 PM): what time does ur football start?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:41:20 PM): 6:30 so i'll leav soon
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:41:25 PM): k :(
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:41:31 PM): i gotta go eat in a bit anyways
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:41:40 PM): moms making mexican food tonighte :)
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:42:05 PM): sounds yummy
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:42:07 PM): are you gonna wear ur shorts to the hooters?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:42:13 PM): i'm gonna go have a salad i think
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:42:16 PM): lol probably not
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:42:27 PM): lolz... k, coz like i dont want u to get sick or nuthin lolz
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:42:31 PM): mmmm i salad
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:42:38 PM): i like the asian chicken salad, so yummmm
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:42:51 PM): i won't get sick sweetie
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:42:53 PM): mom sometimes gets that at applebes n i steal bites :)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:43:07 PM): ok good coz thers nobody to care for you up there
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:43:16 PM): do u like the place you are living in?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:43:33 PM): yeah i do, i have the upstairs to myself
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:43:48 PM): awww thats cool. so you can have ur music really loud?
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:44:06 PM): I got Katy perry cds - 2 of them for christmas. they are cool :) shes so awesome
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:44:16 PM): i don't play music, i have a tv in my room
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:44:25 PM): don tu like music?
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:44:44 PM): when i'm in the house by myself i turn the music up really loud and sing and dance lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:44:51 PM): i do, i play it in the car
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:45:00 PM): aww well thats cool
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:45:23 PM): gma listens to the pbs radio or whatever that is, its kinda boring :(
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:45:38 PM): i stayed at her house for 2 nites ths week
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:45:39 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:45:40 PM): yeah
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:45:43 PM): fun fun
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:46:01 PM): yeah shes cool. shes kinda old tho so she goes to bed real early n gets up real early.
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:46:09 PM): gpa snores realy bad too. you cna hear him through the walls lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:46:26 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:46:27 PM): lol
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:46:34 PM): omg so on new years it was like freezing rmember?
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:46:54 PM): we tried to light some fireworks at my uncles house but they wouldnt lite coz it was sooooo cold
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:47:10 PM): my aunt was complainin because her ciagarett kept going out lol
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:47:11 PM): yeah it was kinda cold
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:47:19 PM): omg, it was FREEEEEEEEEEZING
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:47:25 PM): it was 9 below here
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:47:32 PM): i thought i was gonna die on the way hoe lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:47:37 PM): awww sucks to be her
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:47:47 PM): gma let me stay up til 1am on new years :)
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:48:03 PM): cool
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:48:05 PM): lol yeah, my aunt says smokeing is like breathing to her. i hate it, it stinks
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:48:13 PM): yeah it was well cool.
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:48:29 PM): did u know that its a tradition in mexico and like some place sin eruope to wear red underwear on neww years?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:48:52 PM): really?
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:49:10 PM): yeah, if u wear red panties when it turns midnite, its supposed to give u like god luck for the next year :)
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:49:17 PM): sweeeet
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:49:26 PM): well yeah, u should have seen gmas, they were HUGE lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:49:34 PM): LOL LOL
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:49:50 PM): lol yeah, thats what i thought. i could have made a flag out of them 'camp good luck' lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:50:11 PM): LOL
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:50:14 PM): you're cute and funny
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:50:18 PM): thx lol
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:50:45 PM): so when are ur mom n dad coming tovisit you?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:50:55 PM): i don't know, probably not till at leat May
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:51:05 PM): oh wow, ok, do u miss them
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:51:25 PM): idk, not really i guess, i've lived on my own since i was 18 basically
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:52:09 PM): awww freals?
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:52:19 PM): i cant wait to live on my own, its gonna be soooooo kewl
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:52:39 PM): lol it's ok i guess
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:53:03 PM): mom says im in for a big surprise when i dont have anyone to care for me, but its ok lolz, i stil can twait
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:53:34 PM): lol possibly
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:53:54 PM): i dunno, itll still be fun. i can play music loud, hang with my friends, go to be dlate and not eat my brocolli lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:54:10 PM): lol yes you can do all those things
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:54:17 PM): yeppers :) lolz
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:54:42 PM): have you seen the 'salt ' movie with angelina jolie?
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:55:02 PM): i haven't
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:55:35 PM): its cool. dad rented it so i watched it with hinm. its kinda confusing because its about like russian spys n stuff but it was cool. shes like a real action girl, so cooool lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:55:51 PM): :)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:56:14 PM): oh n then me n gma wentto see th eTangled cartoon movie about rapunzel. it was cool too. real cute
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:56:24 PM): i kinda saw a lot of movies over christmas i guess :)
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:56:47 PM): tht's good that you had a fun break
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:56:53 PM): yeah but i thought it went fast
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:57:09 PM): staying at gmas was kinda boring but it was ok i guess
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:57:24 PM): but you survived, right? :)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:57:29 PM): lolz yeah, n guess what?
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:57:40 PM): dad came back home :)
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:57:58 PM): that's good
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:58:00 PM): him and mom went to las vegasd last week and i guess are frinds again :)
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:58:08 PM): well for a bit anyway, he did this once before
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:58:09 PM): awwwwwwwwwwwwww cool
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:58:31 PM): oh hey, i gotta run k
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:58:44 PM): ok sweetie
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:58:49 PM): moms shouting n the house smells yummy.. i wishd we had scratch n sniff puters then u could smell it lolz
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:59:10 PM): lol true
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:59:18 PM): be good at hooters k lolz
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:59:26 PM): n have fun!!
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:59:31 PM): i willllllllllllllllllllllllllll
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:59:34 PM): lolz k
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 7:59:41 PM): you're a sweetheart
katierella1013 (01/04/11 7:59:43 PM): i missing ya already :-*
katierella1013 (01/04/11 8:00:00 PM): byeee xoxoxoxo
katierella1013 (01/04/11 8:00:09 PM): >:d<
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 8:00:25 PM): byeeeeeeeeeeeee
katierella1013 (01/04/11 8:00:27 PM): n dont forget to put some long warm pants on k
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 8:00:32 PM): i won't sweetie
katierella1013 (01/04/11 8:00:38 PM): lolz k. byeeee xoxoxo
luv2licku68 (01/04/11 8:00:56 PM): byeeeeee
katierella1013 (01/07/11 7:52:37 PM): booooooooo ;) :d
katierella1013 (01/09/11 7:33:12 PM): hey sweety, havent seen you online in a few days. hope your having fun. luv katie xoxo
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:24:20 PM): booooooo yaaaaaaaa lolz :-p
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:23:09 PM): hey you
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:25:15 PM): lolz. hey back atcha! hows ur day?
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:26:33 PM): it was ok, went to the gym this morning and about died, then back home and applied for jobs
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:26:47 PM): loz...... dont die on me - promise!?
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:27:05 PM): that would make me real sad
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:27:22 PM): are there many good jobs u found?
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:28:17 PM): i've applied for some good ones but we'll see
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:28:42 PM): kewl. well they gotta give you a job soon because ur real sweet and very clever with math :d
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:28:51 PM): so what u gonna do tonite?
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:29:20 PM): gonna watch the footbal game
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:29:22 PM): hbu
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:29:28 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:29:41 PM): how was the hooters the other night?
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:30:36 PM): it was ok, gotta stop goign there though, spending to much money there
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:30:45 PM): lol
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:31:00 PM): omg its like soooo cold today huh
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:31:35 PM): it was a lil yeah
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:31:39 PM): it was real funny this morning coz i put my dog outside when i get up so he can go pee pee n when i got him back inside, he had mini icilces hanging from his wiskers lolz
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:31:45 PM): he looked so sad sat there shivering
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:31:57 PM): today was a long underwear kinda day like my gma says lolz
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:32:08 PM): awwwwwwwww
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:32:23 PM): lolz
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:32:32 PM): you probably dont even think its too cold, huh?
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:33:09 PM): it's a lil cold but not to bad
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:33:11 PM): it's a lil cold but not to bad
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:34:07 PM): lolz, i knew u would say that. its FREEZING here
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:34:23 PM): i just got back from walking my dog n thought my nose n ears were gonna fall off
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:34:36 PM): awwwwwwwwwww
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:35:00 PM): s'ok lolz. they are starting to burn now so i know theyr thawing out
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:35:21 PM): oh, n dont let me forget to put hte trash out k, its trash day in the morng
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:35:30 PM): mom'll be mad if she has to put it out when shes done workin
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:35:58 PM): ok sweetie
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:36:01 PM): how's school going?
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:36:07 PM): boring as usual :(
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:36:21 PM): i did all my homework in clas today lolz
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:36:30 PM): so i can watch my shows tonite. monday has like really good tv :)
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:36:52 PM): that's cool
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:37:13 PM): yeah, school is so boring sometimes. i wish theyd give us harder, more intersting stuff to do
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:37:28 PM): i cant wait to do success acadmy next year. thats gonna be awesome
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:37:31 PM): it's cuz you're so smart :)
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:38:06 PM): lolz. i dunno, dad says i'm a smart ass sometimes
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:38:30 PM): i got the next hunger games book to read :)
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:38:36 PM): so i might start that tonite
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:38:50 PM): those boks are soooooo cool. i love em
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:38:50 PM): that's cool
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:38:54 PM): oh guess what
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:39:19 PM): i saw some really good movies on the weekend. Have you seen the new true grit movie?
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:39:44 PM): i haven't but would like to
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:39:48 PM): omg that was soooo kewl. i so wanna be like that girl
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:40:00 PM): you should go with your son, he might like it, its got cowboyz n stuff in
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:40:36 PM): oh n then i saw Inception. thats a well complicated movie.
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:40:44 PM): it was sooooo cold this weekend, i stayed home and watched movies lolz
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:41:16 PM): i saw that it was kinda cold down there yesterday or this morning
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:41:22 PM): omg, it was NASTY
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:41:35 PM): mom is making me keep the house at 69 f coz the bill was too high last month :(
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:41:39 PM): its sooooo cold :(
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:42:13 PM): awwwwwwwwwww i'm in shorts and t shirt
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:42:22 PM): lolz, freals? wow. how hot is ur house?
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:42:28 PM): are you hot?
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:42:51 PM): sometimes it gets hot up here, the temp is set on a timer for day and night
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:42:59 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:43:09 PM): i have 3 blanketsz on my bed loz
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:43:30 PM): that should be warm enough
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:43:35 PM): yeah, its not lol
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:43:55 PM): i managed to wrap one of the blankets tight round myself n got out of bed to go pee n tripped over lol
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:44:13 PM): mom said she thoughtthere was someone in the house trying to kidnap me coz of all the banging lolz
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:44:58 PM): oh hey, guess what
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:45:04 PM): awwwwwwwww
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:45:06 PM): what sweetie
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:45:34 PM): i planted some bulbs with gma on tthe weekend n she gave me some to bring home in a plant pot n iv had them sat in the sunshine and theyre growing already!!!
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:45:54 PM): they're gonna be pretty white flowers. i forget what they're called but thye looked real pretty on the packet. we found them on sale at home depot. Gma really likes that place
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:46:21 PM): that's cool :)
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:46:30 PM): yeah, i luve to watch stuff grow. its fun
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:46:53 PM): hopefully they will stay alive lol. i dont have much success with stuff like that
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:47:12 PM): i'm sure it will
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:47:32 PM): yeah, hope so. gma normally lets me grow stuff at her house but i know she secretly looks after it when i'm gone lol so it doesn tdie
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:48:03 PM): wel that's good though right
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:48:13 PM): oh yeah, coz then i can pretend i grew it all by myself lol
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:48:35 PM): i cleaned out my fishes thsi weekend too n now their tank is all shiny clean and bright again lol
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:48:43 PM): i'd left it kinda long n their water was yucky!
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:49:12 PM): i'm sure they were happy after you did that
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:49:25 PM): yeah at least they can see out their tank windows now lol
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:49:48 PM): :)
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:49:57 PM): oh hey, n guess what
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:50:11 PM): i get monday off school :d
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:50:12 PM): what sweetie
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:50:24 PM): Martin luther king is awesome fo giving us a day off school :)
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:50:29 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:50:38 PM): my son is going to disney land on friday
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:50:50 PM): noooo!!!!!!!!!! frealsz??????
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:50:56 PM): omg, that would be soooooooo awesome
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:51:08 PM): i went once when i was like 4 or something but course i totally dont remember
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:51:10 PM): whys he going ther?
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:51:27 PM): besides to hav fun course lol
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:51:27 PM): the familiy is going
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:51:39 PM): wow. i so wanna go there some day
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:51:59 PM): thats like a real long way from here, huh
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:52:05 PM): they're flying
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:52:11 PM): oh kewl
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:52:23 PM): wow
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:52:45 PM): is he so excited?
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:52:59 PM): yeah he is
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:53:11 PM): wow, thats awesome
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:53:17 PM): hope i get to go some day
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:53:26 PM): i'm sure he'll have fun
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:53:39 PM): oh yeah i bet!
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:53:44 PM): so what are you gonna do?
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:53:50 PM): do when?
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:53:55 PM): when ur son is gone?
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:54:00 PM): nothing
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:54:10 PM): awwwww. well u can talk to me :d
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:54:24 PM): i dunno what im gonna do this weekend on my day off
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:54:31 PM): moms gotta work she said
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:54:55 PM): that sucks
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:55:18 PM): yeah, dad leaves town on thursday too
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:55:27 PM): i might ask mom if i can go stay with jazz on sunday night or something
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:55:37 PM): gma's is real fun but ive been ther ekinda a lot lately
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:56:15 PM): i'm sure you'll have fun if you go to jazz's
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:56:25 PM): yeah probly :)
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:56:32 PM): shes kinda been getting in trouble lately
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:56:40 PM): shes got this new boyfriend n i dont like him much
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:57:05 PM): he hangs out with the kids in junior high - like hte bad kids
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:57:09 PM): i dunno why she likes him
luv2licku68 (01/10/11 7:58:16 PM): brb
katierella1013 (01/10/11 7:58:19 PM): sure :)
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:36:19 PM): booooo you :)
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:34:37 PM): hey you
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:36:50 PM): how was ur day?
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:37:21 PM): was ok i guess, went and donated plasma this morning, that took like over 3 hrs, then came home and applied for a few jobs, how bout yours
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:37:40 PM): woah.... plasma????? that like really hurts right??
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:37:50 PM): not really
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:38:05 PM): but dont they like stick a needle in ur bone or something?
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:38:20 PM): in your vein
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:38:27 PM): oh so just like giving blood rite?
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:38:37 PM): yep
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:38:55 PM): awwww ur real sweet. mom says its real important to donate blood n stuff. mom would be proud of you :)
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:39:25 PM): well ty, they pay you to donate though
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:39:48 PM): wow, but u gotta be an adult thogh?
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:40:07 PM): yeah, at least 17 i think
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:40:16 PM): oh ok, i was hoping to get some extra pocket money lol
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:40:25 PM): i got rare blood too - do you think they'd pay more for it?
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:41:00 PM): i'm not sure, they pay more for if you have like a different plasma
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:41:10 PM): huh. is yours special?
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:41:25 PM): i don't think so
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:41:43 PM): lolz... i was teasing ya cos your special to me :)
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:41:50 PM): ohhhhhhhhhh
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:42:27 PM): so how was your day
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:42:48 PM): ok i guess. it was like real cold again today. i hate the winter. i want it to be summer.l i don't much like winter clothes lol
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:42:57 PM): i lost my gloves AGAIN. moms gonna be mad if she finds out
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:43:12 PM): i think i left em on the bus but i dont remembeer wearing them when i got on, so i dunno lo
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:43:13 PM): lol how did you lose them?
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:43:19 PM): ohhhhhhhhh
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:43:40 PM): well i loaned them to jazz yesterday i think coz she lost hers n my hands werent cold
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:43:50 PM): then anyways.... they were freezing on the walk from teh bus lol
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:44:18 PM): and you don't know where your gloves are :)
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:44:34 PM): no lol. jazz probly has em, i'll ask her later
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:44:42 PM): so how was yoru football last nite?
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:44:58 PM): it was good, ended up 22-19
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:45:09 PM): 22 for your team right?
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:45:30 PM): i didn't care who won
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:45:55 PM): lol, so u must hav liked both sides?
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:46:09 PM): it sounds like it was a good game coz the scores were real close togeher
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:46:28 PM): all that mattered to me was that it was a close game so it was pretty good
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:46:43 PM): aww thats real cool. im pleased you had fun
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:46:51 PM): so did you see any fun jbs to apply for?
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:47:13 PM): i saw a couple
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:47:20 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:47:31 PM): our ski resort place was on the news the other day
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:47:33 PM): what are you gonna do tonite
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:47:38 PM): oh yeah, what for?
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:48:13 PM): well it was something about the spa beautiy place they have there n some deals or something. it was on like the cbs channel i think in the morning
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:48:19 PM): the one with the Casey man
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:48:45 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:49:14 PM): i only got 3 days of school left then i got a 3 day weekend :d
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:49:29 PM): sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:49:38 PM): yeah i cant wait :)
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:49:47 PM): i can sleep in for 3 whole mornings :) lol
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:49:52 PM): if mom doesn tleave me a list of chores to do
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:49:55 PM): :)
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:50:06 PM): oh n i forgot to put out the trash last night and had to do it this mornign lolz
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:50:27 PM): that's ok though right ? : )
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:50:43 PM): lol yeah, i did it before the bus came so i didnt miss the trash men
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:51:03 PM): that's good :)
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:51:50 PM): yeah :) mom was in a bad mood when she came home last night
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:51:59 PM): awwwwww
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:52:01 PM): i didnt want to make her madder lol
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:52:22 PM): how are they getting along?
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:53:05 PM): ok i guess. they dont much see each other. dad goes out of town in a couple days n moms working extra shifts.
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:53:45 PM): someimes i wish theyd get divorced. one of my friends parents are divorced n she gets all kinds of cool gifts from both her parents - i think they feel bad they dont live together any more
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:54:23 PM): wouldn't it be better if they could get along and be happy though instead of getting a divorce?
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:54:53 PM): yeah but i dont ever see that happening, they havent loved each other for years i dont think
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:55:04 PM): that sucks
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:55:11 PM): they been fighting as long as i cna remember
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:55:28 PM): dad says mom likes working so much coz theres a dorctor at te hospital that she really likes,i dunno thogh
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:55:43 PM): :(
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:56:04 PM): lol, maybe mom does have a secret boyfriend, i dunno
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:56:19 PM): she started wearing perfume to work a few momths back so maybe lolz
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:56:30 PM): ewwwww thats a really gross thought tho - my mom has a bf - yuck! lol
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:56:31 PM): idk
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:56:37 PM): uh huh
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:57:06 PM): wow, that would really suck lol. my mom got a bf n i dont :(
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:57:15 PM): you're to young to have a b/f
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:57:30 PM): am not! lol some of my frinds at school got them
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:57:54 PM): lol that doesn't mean they're old enough, i have a 13 yr old niece and i don't think she's old enough to have one
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:58:10 PM): yeah i guess, i dunno :)
katierella1013 (01/11/11 7:58:16 PM): would still be kinda cool tho
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:58:45 PM): i spose so :)
luv2licku68 (01/11/11 7:58:53 PM): i spose so :)
katierella1013 (01/11/11 8:01:09 PM): sorry - yahoo dumped me :(
katierella1013 (01/19/11 8:33:41 PM): hey sweety :)
katierella1013 (01/19/11 8:36:56 PM): gotta run sweety. i'm at gmas n she has my dinne ready.
katierella1013 (01/19/11 8:36:59 PM): i been missing ya :)
luv2licku68 (01/19/11 9:19:41 PM): sorry i missed you sweetie, i was making dinner
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:21:54 PM): boooo yaaaaaa lolz :-p
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:23:48 PM): hey you
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:22:15 PM): hey sweety :d
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:22:22 PM): how you been doing?
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:22:42 PM): i'm doing ok, how bout you
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:22:49 PM): i'm doing ok, how bout you
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:25:20 PM): sorry. dumped :(
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:25:40 PM): it's ok, i might be slow replying
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:25:45 PM): lolz, why?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:25:50 PM): what you doing?
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:25:53 PM): filling out a job app online
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:25:58 PM): freals? awesome :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:26:13 PM): what you applying for?
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:26:22 PM): with a staffing company
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:26:30 PM): cool :)
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:27:47 PM): what are you doing
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:27:54 PM): what are you doing
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:29:20 PM): wow, yahoo really hates me today :(
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:29:49 PM): :(
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:29:55 PM): lolz
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:30:03 PM): so are you liking salt lake?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:30:12 PM): you probly need me to let you fill out your form huh?
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:30:37 PM): i like salt lake, i can talk just might not be very fast, sorry
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:30:45 PM): lolz, u cool :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:30:56 PM): i just be hanging out here. wish i could help you type your form
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:32:18 PM): how's school been
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:32:31 PM): s'ok i guess. i got homework this weekend :(
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:32:48 PM): i gotta right some paper on JFK
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:33:11 PM): it was his ingration speech yesterday or something
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:33:21 PM): i cant ever remember that word lol
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:34:23 PM): inaugaration
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:34:30 PM): inaugaration
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:55:38 PM): hows your form doing?
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:57:32 PM): so so
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:57:40 PM): lolz, im sorry :(
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:57:44 PM): is it sunny weather?
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:57:59 PM): yeah it's sunny up here
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 6:58:06 PM): yeah it's sunny up here
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:58:58 PM): cool - same here. i didnt even gotta wear a tshirt when i walked my dufus dog tonight :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 6:59:32 PM): lolz, i mean didnt gotta wear a coat, just my tshirt
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:00:23 PM): lol oh ok
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:06:22 PM): so what you gonna do tonight?
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:07:16 PM): probalbly nothing, not sure
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:07:23 PM): awww really?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:07:33 PM): did your boy have fun in disneyworld?
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:08:06 PM): he did, he said it was alot of fun
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:08:37 PM): oh thats sooooo cool. i really wanna go some day :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:10:39 PM): lolz... i just got dancing monky in jungle jewels! yay lolz
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:11:07 PM): lol what's that?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:13:07 PM): lolz, its a silly online game, its kinda fun
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:13:30 PM): lolz, i got an elephant wsher now lolz
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:13:40 PM): ewwww.. can you imagine washing an elefant, wow, stinky!!!
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:14:27 PM): lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:14:28 PM): dad showed me this email the other day where this lady got horse poop on her head, it was gross!
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:14:34 PM): lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:14:44 PM): have you been to the hogel zoo
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:15:04 PM): yeah i have
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:15:13 PM): really? wow. is it cool?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:15:55 PM): we went to seaworld one time in sandiego. that was fun
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:16:02 PM): yeah it's cool i guess
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:16:05 PM): i liked the seal lions the best, they did this show, it was fun
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:18:17 PM): they are fun to watch :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:18:56 PM): yeah, i was little but i remember them
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:19:05 PM): do you hav any fun plans for the wekedn?
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:19:54 PM): i'll have my son all day tomorrow and then watch football on sunday, wht about you
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:22:11 PM): awww thats so fun. :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:22:31 PM): i dont know. i got my homework to do n im gonna sleep tomorrow too :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:22:49 PM): mom might make me go to church with gma on sunday but i hope not
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:23:01 PM): so guess what?
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:23:21 PM): what sweetie
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:23:37 PM): its valentines day next month :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:23:53 PM): n then i get the 20th i think off school for hte president day :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:24:10 PM): in febuary
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:24:33 PM): so i been researching the president kenedy. i think he was ok. do you know anything abouthim?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:24:39 PM): thats what i gotta do my paper on
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:24:52 PM): just that he was killed
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:25:04 PM): yeah, it was kinda real sad
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:25:31 PM): gma said there was this show on pbs about him being shot. she said it was real good with the old tv clips n stuff
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:25:39 PM): his wife seemed real pretty.
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:26:02 PM): i wish they would show tv shows like that at the time when i gotta do my paper!
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:26:23 PM): then i could just have gma teevo the show n write my paper from the show! bada bing easy!! lolz
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:26:39 PM): I would like to go see the white house some day. it looks soooooo cool
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:26:47 PM): the show was called JFK and it was like 3 or 4 hrs long
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:26:52 PM): woah, freals?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:26:55 PM): thats like really long
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:27:44 PM): yeah it is
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:28:33 PM): my paper is on how his speech tried to end poverty, disease and war
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:28:47 PM): n how i think what he said would try to do that
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:28:58 PM): like, well i dunno lol. he said that stuff, not me!
luv2licku68 (01/21/11 7:29:14 PM): i'm sure you'll do really good :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:29:30 PM): lol, gpa said he'd help me with stuff but he forgets stuff real easy
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:29:49 PM): he said our country isnt doing much fo rus right now
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:30:06 PM): i think id get in trouble if i let gpa write my essay lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:30:27 PM): did you know that jfk was the 35th president. thats kinda cool i think
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:31:00 PM): and it snowed like right before he did his speech too :0
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:31:23 PM): whered you go? :(
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:19:03 PM): booooooo ;)
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:20:26 PM): hey
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:19:19 PM): hi sweety. how areyou?
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:19:22 PM): I been missing ya
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:19:33 PM): i'm doing ok, you? you have?
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:20:08 PM): I'm ok thanks. it got really cold
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:20:18 PM): did you get your job apps filled out?
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:20:33 PM): the one, i have to fill one out for thurs.
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:20:42 PM): oh cool. do you got an interview?
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:20:51 PM): thurs afternoon i do
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:20:55 PM): you still got all day tomorrow to do that tho
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:21:09 PM): oh that is sooooooooo exciting. I will cross all my fingers n toes for you :d
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:21:27 PM): ty sweetie
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:21:39 PM): so what you do today? have you been seeing your son lots?
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:22:17 PM): i went and donated plasma this morning and nothing this afternoon, i see him like once a week
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:22:46 PM): oh ouchy, did it hurt?
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:23:08 PM): no
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:23:26 PM): you're brave :d
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:23:30 PM): so what is your job interview for?
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:24:05 PM): accounts payable for a construction company
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:24:21 PM): cool... you gotta get it. how could they not give it to you?
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:24:31 PM): you're smart, funny, handsome n soooooo cool :)
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:24:48 PM): there's more to getting a job than all of that
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:25:01 PM): yeah, but those are important, especially the smart part
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:25:54 PM): yeah the smart part is, how are things doing there with your parents
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:26:25 PM): ok i guess.
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:26:51 PM): dads work got busier. he's away somewhere in california i think. he gets home tomorrow n moms been working lots too so they haventn see each other much which is good lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:27:01 PM): i been at gma's quite a bit too
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:27:14 PM): i hope you're doing good :)
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:27:33 PM): yeah im cool. i just love to se eyou nline to chat to
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:28:16 PM): >:d<
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:28:32 PM): you make me happy n i love that you are in utah :)
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:28:53 PM): you make me happy too :)
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:29:06 PM): aww thx sweety :)
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:29:20 PM): i heard that it snowed in salt lake today
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:29:44 PM): yeah it did
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:30:26 PM): cool
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:30:29 PM): its just real cold here
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:30:41 PM): so how you doing anyway? are you liking utah?
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:31:05 PM): i'm doing ok, just bored alot, yeah it's nice being able to go out and eat
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:32:02 PM): awwww sweety. im sorry your bord a lot. that sux. i get bored a lot too coz mom n dad always seem to be workin n they dont let me see my friends on school nites if they not home
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:32:24 PM): i know, it sucks doesn't it
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:32:32 PM): yeah lol it does
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:33:11 PM): itd be cool if you livd closer
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:33:16 PM): i might go out and watch the jazz/lakers game later
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:33:21 PM): oh fun!
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:33:50 PM): dad took me to hang out at my uncles on sunday n we watched the steelers n the jets
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:33:56 PM): i thought of you :)
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:34:01 PM): cool
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:34:03 PM): or maybe it was the new york team, i dont remember lol
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:34:26 PM): i don't like either but my brother likes the steelers
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:34:49 PM): lolz cool... i know you like the cowboys. im sorry they arent in the superbowl. that kinda sux for you huh
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:35:17 PM): yeah but it's not a big deal
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:35:33 PM): so who you gonna be cheering for coz i'll cheer for the same team as you :)
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:36:15 PM): the packers, i'm tired of hearing about how great the steelers are from my brother
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:36:24 PM): lolz, i bet!
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:37:30 PM): so did you eat ur dinner yet?
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:37:37 PM): no, just thinking about doing that now
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:38:02 PM): lolz. i dont know what to eat. mom isnt home yet
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:38:05 PM): and i'm hungry
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:38:17 PM): you're home alone?
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:38:23 PM): yeah for now
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:38:55 PM): what time does your game start?
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:39:11 PM): why for now? 8:30
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:39:20 PM): i don't think it's on tv so i'd have to go out and watch it
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:39:24 PM): coz moms working
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:39:45 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:40:07 PM): she should be done soon i guess. she never comes home when she says she will
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:40:21 PM): what does she do?
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:40:37 PM): shess a nurse at the hospital
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:40:53 PM): she helps out in whatever department they need her to.
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:40:57 PM): i mean what does she do cuz she doesn't come home right away
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:41:28 PM): oh, i dont know lol. sometimes if shes in the ER or something they have accidents n stuff, i dunno. sometimes she goes to the store or whatever
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:41:33 PM): sometimes i think she doesnt want ot come hom
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:41:45 PM): :(
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:42:31 PM): s'ok lol. she never seems happy to come home. i think its coz of all the problems with dad, n she always complains how nobody helps here n the house is always a mess or whatever
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:42:56 PM): do you help her?
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:43:19 PM): yeah, i have my list of chores. i load the dishwasher, do laundry n walk the dog. and i gotta tidy my room too
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:43:31 PM): dad has his list too but he never does it. i usually do it for him n he pays me lol
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:43:54 PM): lol that works
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:44:05 PM): yeah it does for me
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:44:49 PM): i think i'm gonna go eat ok sweetie
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:45:01 PM): sure. have fun k :) i'm gonna miss you.
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:45:10 PM): bye sweety :) >:d<
luv2licku68 (01/25/11 8:45:22 PM): bye baby, have a good nite ok :-*
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:45:29 PM): bye xoxoxoxoxox
katierella1013 (01/26/11 8:42:50 PM): hi sweety :)
katierella1013 (01/28/11 9:02:19 PM): sorry i missed ya again sweety. hope you're having fun. ttyl :)
katierella1013 (02/03/11 7:20:52 PM): boo!
luv2licku68 (02/03/11 8:16:27 PM): hey, i'm filling out a job app
katierella1013 (02/04/11 6:56:33 PM): hi!
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 6:58:33 PM): hey you
katierella1013 (02/04/11 6:56:47 PM): hows your day been?
katierella1013 (02/04/11 6:56:56 PM): I not talked to you in a realy long time. I been missing ya
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 6:57:36 PM): awwwwwww whatcha been up to? kinda boring, went to the gym this morning, set up wireless internet when i got home and been bored since
katierella1013 (02/04/11 6:57:51 PM): awww im sorry sweety. i'm so happy to be talking to you again :)
katierella1013 (02/04/11 6:58:16 PM): well, i been doing lots. School, of course :( i got sick with chicken pox n a bad cold but im doing good now. Got 3 days off school coz i was sick :)
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 6:58:26 PM): chicken pox sucks
katierella1013 (02/04/11 6:58:32 PM): yeah, i got al spotty :(
katierella1013 (02/04/11 6:58:37 PM): n itchy, it was nooooo fun
katierella1013 (02/04/11 6:58:44 PM): im still spotty but i feel way better
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 6:58:50 PM): i know, i got them when i was a jr. in high school
katierella1013 (02/04/11 6:59:02 PM): we could have been spot twins :) lolz
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 6:59:15 PM): there you go
katierella1013 (02/04/11 6:59:17 PM): i thnk i got them from the neighbor kids i babysat last week
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 6:59:31 PM): if they had them then you probably did
katierella1013 (02/04/11 6:59:57 PM): well they didnt have them when i babysat them, there mom called to say they got spotty on the sunday n mine came out on the monday, so i dunno
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:00:01 PM): a couple kids at school have them too
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:00:18 PM): so whats new with you?
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:00:26 PM): are you staying warm? coz i've been soooooo cold :(
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:00:46 PM): nothing much, same thing, yeah it's been ok here, couple of days at the beginning of the week it was a lil cool
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:00:56 PM): omg, it was nasty cold
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:01:20 PM): those were th days i was off school so that was good coz i probly would have died on the way to the bus!
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:01:34 PM): did you get a job yet?
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:01:45 PM): awwwwwwww you can't die sweetie, no not yet
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:02:04 PM): lolz, i had to step outside to let my dog of his chain n i thought iwas gonna freeze
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:02:09 PM): i dont wanna die yet either lol
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:02:47 PM): there was this lady on the yahoo news the other day who was 126 years old - thats like crazy!
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:03:00 PM): i cant imagine being 21 even... but 126... wow!!
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:03:12 PM): wow
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:03:18 PM): yeah, thats what i thought! lol
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:03:26 PM): brb ok
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:03:32 PM): oh ok, sure :)
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:32:18 PM): i'm back
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:33:27 PM): awww hey you! where you been?
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:33:39 PM): helping my rooommate with his wii
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:34:03 PM): awww cool - you got a roomie?
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:34:14 PM): two actually
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:34:24 PM): cool. do you like them?
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:34:44 PM): yeah, the one is kinda handicapped so was helping him with his wii
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:34:53 PM): awww you're sooooo sweet
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:35:23 PM): are you still enjoying SLC?
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:35:46 PM): yeah cept it'd be nice to start working
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:36:04 PM): yeah i know. maybe you should look in other places besides salt lake?
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:36:34 PM): well i'm looking from salt lake all the way down to provo
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:36:36 PM): i wish there were some jobs round here i could tell you bout :)
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:37:10 PM): ty but i wouldn't move way down there
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:37:15 PM): awwww :(
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:37:21 PM): i know though :)
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:37:29 PM): way to far from my son
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:37:44 PM): yeah, i know :)
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:37:55 PM): are you gonna be watching the game on sunday?
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:38:15 PM): yep
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:38:50 PM): cool. who you cheering for?
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:38:55 PM): packers
luv2licku68 (02/04/11 7:38:57 PM): brb
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:39:35 PM): sure :)
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:45:10 PM): i gotta run sweety k :)
katierella1013 (02/04/11 7:45:13 PM): bye xoxoxox
katierella1013 (02/05/11 7:18:04 PM): sorry i missed ya sweety. hope you are having a fun weekend. luv katie xoxo
katierella1013 (02/10/11 9:22:36 PM): hey sweety. are you there?
katierella1013 (02/15/11 8:21:53 PM): boooooooo ;) just wanted to say hi. hope you are having fun. luv katie xoxo
luv2licku68 (02/15/11 10:10:13 PM): hey you, sorry i missed you, hope you're doing good
katierella1013 (02/17/11 10:08:46 PM): havent seen you online much lately. hope you having fun. miss you. luv katie xoxox
luv2licku68 (02/17/11 11:50:58 PM): hey there, sory i missed you, i was down watching my son play basketball
katierella1013 (02/21/11 5:20:10 PM): hey rick, you there? :d
katierella1013 (03/27/11 7:37:11 PM): hi rick :) not talked to u in forever. hope you are having a nice weekend. luvs katie xoxox
luv2licku68 (03/27/11 10:44:27 PM): hey there, i'm doing good, i'm working now so that's a good thing, how have you been?
katierella1013 (04/13/11 7:50:40 PM): hi rick. i havent seen u on in a long time. i hope your new job is going good. im doing ok in school - cant wait for the summer to get here! luvs katie xoxox
katierella1013 (04/20/11 7:38:37 PM): hi rick :) im off school for easter break - yay! hope your new job is fun. i miss chatting with u. luv katie xoxo
luv2licku68 (04/20/11 10:59:11 PM): hey you, i hope that you're doing good, i got a new phone tonite and i'm trying to figure it out haha it's a touch screen and it's grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
katierella1013 (04/26/11 8:32:23 PM): omg!! hey you!.. not seen you here in FOREVER :-p
katierella1013 (05/11/11 7:53:34 PM): hi! :)
katierella1013 (05/11/11 7:54:09 PM): i've not seen you here in forever!
luv2licku68 (05/11/11 7:54:33 PM): Brb
katierella1013 (05/19/11 7:53:19 PM): hi! :)
katierella1013 (05/19/11 7:55:45 PM): u there? :-p
katierella1013 (06/02/11 2:47:56 PM): hi! :)
luv2licku68 (06/02/11 2:50:11 PM): hey you, i'm at work but i'll be on tonite possibly, hope you're doing good :)
katierella1013 (06/02/11 2:50:35 PM): yeah im doing awesome thanks - im on summer break :D
katierella1013 (06/02/11 2:50:38 PM): is your new job going good?
katierella1013 (06/02/11 2:50:42 PM): i been missing u
luv2licku68 (06/02/11 2:51:17 PM): i bet your happy about break and it's going not to bad, awwww i miss talking to you too, i need to go though ok sweetie, bye for now
katierella1013 (06/02/11 2:51:30 PM): ok buye! xoxoxox
katierella1013 (06/07/11 10:49:17 PM): hi rick. hope u r having a good week. i miss talking to ya. luvs katie xoxox
luv2licku68 (06/08/11 12:42:59 AM): hey you, i'm doing pretty good, my son started playing baseball a few weeks ago so i'm helping coach his team and he played tonight, last week he hit a home run :) hope you're doing good, bye
katierella1013 (06/08/11 9:40:07 PM): that is so cool that you're coaching baseball - i bet your son loves it! how awesome he hit a home run :D xoxo
katierella1013 (06/11/11 5:07:57 PM): hi rick :) i hope you are enjoying the hot sun and that your weekend is fun :) luvs katie xoxo
luv2licku68 (06/12/11 1:21:29 PM): Hey you. I'm doing good. Are you enjoying your summer?
katierella1013 (07/12/11 7:46:57 PM): hey rick :) just wanted to say hi. hope your summer is fun. i miss chatting with you. Luvs katie xoxox
luv2licku68 (07/13/11 12:14:33 AM): hey there, it's going pretty good, went to denver over the 4th, hope you're having fun, talk to you soon, bye
katierella1013 (07/22/11 5:31:34 PM): hi rick. hope your day is fun. luv katie xoxo
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:21:41 PM): hey you, how aer you
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:24:06 PM): awww hey huny!
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:24:09 PM): hows ur day?
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:24:18 PM): it's going ok, yours?
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:24:22 PM): its good thanks
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:24:28 PM): i just painted my fingernails bright red lolz
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:24:31 PM): i luv bright colors in summer
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:24:33 PM): awwwww very cute
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:25:43 PM): whatcha been up to
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:26:08 PM): omg tonnes lolz
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:26:17 PM): i been really enjoying my summer - i don't want it to end!
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:26:37 PM): me n my friends have been hanging by the lake tonnes n just listening to music, hanging out, sleeping late lolz
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:26:44 PM): what about u? how's your new job?
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:26:45 PM): cool
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:27:12 PM): lol not so good, not working there anymore, the lady was a psycho, she wouldn't let me talk to the owner about things so they fired me
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:27:47 PM): omg freals?
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:27:54 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:27:58 PM): thats not good :(
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:28:00 PM): i'm sorry
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:28:04 PM): it's ok, i'll survice
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:28:04 PM): are you still living in SLC?
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:28:07 PM): survive
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:28:10 PM): yeah
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:28:25 PM): my son and i went to denver over the 4th and met my family there
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:29:08 PM): awww fun :) i bet ur parents really miss having u live near them
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:29:31 PM): they came down here last week for his baseball tournament
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:30:07 PM): awww thats so cool - thats a really long ways huh?
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:30:17 PM): bout 900 miles one way
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:31:08 PM): woah omg, that's like way far
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:31:15 PM): yep
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:31:53 PM): so what u doing with ur days? anything fun?
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:32:11 PM): not really, got the oil changed in my car today
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:32:45 PM): have you taken any pics this summer?
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:33:26 PM): mmmmm yeah some
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:33:33 PM): mom dropped our camera in the toilet though :(
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:33:45 PM): so my friends have some on their cameras. i'll try and get some to email u
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:33:58 PM): i'm gonna ask for a new camera for my birtday :)
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:34:01 PM): cool, i'd love to see how cute you are
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:34:02 PM): and not let mom touch it this time lolz
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:34:33 PM): lol there you go
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:35:35 PM): to bad we're so far away
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:38:14 PM): lolz
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:38:18 PM): sorry - i went pee
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:38:25 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:38:29 PM): yeah i know we far away kinda :(
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:38:41 PM): we've been friends for a really long time now huh
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:38:42 PM): :D
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:38:46 PM): uh huh :)
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:39:21 PM): so did u get any more baby cows?
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:39:31 PM): no, i was going to buy some this spring but didn't
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:40:07 PM): awww, remember if u do, u should name one after me lolz
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:40:13 PM): i will :)
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:40:14 PM): i think baby cows are so cute
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:40:25 PM): do u have room at ur house in utah to keep one?
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:40:32 PM): noooooo
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:41:09 PM): lolz - so where would u keep it silly?
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:41:24 PM): up in ND at my parents
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:42:19 PM): oh, so they would take care of it for u?
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:42:24 PM): yeah
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:44:09 PM): i'm going to take off ok sweeie
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:44:11 PM): sweetie
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:44:43 PM): oh ok, it was so fun talking to u again
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:44:47 PM): hoipe we can chat again soon - i really mised u!
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:45:01 PM): i hope so too, bye for now :)
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:45:49 PM): bye sweety :)
luv2licku68 (07/22/11 6:45:59 PM): byeeee
katierella1013 (07/22/11 6:46:09 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:14:38 PM): hi rick :) hope ur sunday is fun. luv katie xoxo
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:13:03 PM): hi sweetie
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:15:37 PM): awww hey you :)
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:15:40 PM): hows u today?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:15:59 PM): i'm doing good and you
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:17:00 PM): i'm good thanks :)
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:17:03 PM): how's ur weekend?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:17:18 PM): good, spent yesterday with my son and not doing anything today
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:17:31 PM): thats fun :) so today u can chilllax?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:17:39 PM): yeppers
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:17:42 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:17:50 PM): i wanna go see the new captain america movie
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:17:50 PM): what are you doing today?
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:18:19 PM): probly going to the movies with my friends
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:18:28 PM): no church?
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:18:31 PM): we wanna go see the harry potter one but it might be sold out
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:18:39 PM): yeah no church lolz
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:18:45 PM): did u go?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:18:50 PM): why didn't you go? no i didn't
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:19:56 PM): lolz - i just didnt wanna
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:20:02 PM): i don't go much any more
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:20:08 PM): do your parents?
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:20:18 PM): mom says since i'm gonna be 14 soon she's gonna stop making me since i really don't wanna go anyways
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:20:38 PM): nah, mom doesn't go much any more coz she took on a bunch of extra shifts at work on weekends n stuff
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:20:47 PM): oh
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:20:47 PM): Gma still goes like every week and always tries to make me go
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:20:58 PM): church is kinda boring anyways
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:21:06 PM): do you have any new cute pics? :)
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:21:13 PM): do you have any new cute pics? :)
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:21:26 PM): mmmmm i dunno
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:21:33 PM): did u see all the ones on my myspace?
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:21:39 PM): coz that's all i got is on there
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:21:49 PM): have you put new ones on>?
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:22:15 PM): mmmm, not for acouple months i guess
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:22:21 PM): i dunno if u saw em thou
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:22:51 PM): do you have the link?
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:23:06 PM): sure
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:23:14 PM): *edit*
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:23:37 PM): i forgot the password which is why i havnet been on there in forever lozl
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:24:09 PM): ohhhhh
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:24:41 PM): you're a cutie
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:24:49 PM): lolz - its cool - they''re prolly gonna delete the account soon :(
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:24:57 PM): i already lost like 2 myspaces this year :(
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:25:16 PM): why don't you write your password done somewhere
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:25:33 PM): well i did, i just cant remember where silly lol
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:25:37 PM): lol
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:25:52 PM): bad thing is i think i wrote it on a piece of paper n put it in a book, but now i think maybe that book was a library one lol
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:26:06 PM): hav u read any good books recently?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:26:20 PM): yeah i've read some, reading one now
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:27:09 PM): kewl - what's it called?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:27:50 PM): a darkness more than night
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:27:59 PM): oh lol
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:28:01 PM): what sthat about?
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:28:12 PM): can anything be darker than night? lol
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:28:12 PM): it's a murder/mystery
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:28:17 PM): oh, so it's scary?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:28:45 PM): not really scary, just people trying to solve a muder
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:28:49 PM): murder
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:29:01 PM): oh ok thats cool
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:29:11 PM): kinda like Cluedo :) lolz, i luve that game
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:29:50 PM): have you kissed any boys lately?
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:30:00 PM): lol - maybe
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:30:08 PM): :">
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:30:22 PM): you did?
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:30:35 PM): lol
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:30:38 PM): well yah
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:30:42 PM): why u wanna know?
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:30:58 PM): :-p
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:31:02 PM): just wondering, you kinda talked about it before
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:31:08 PM): oh i did? lol
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:31:12 PM): i don't remember
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:31:20 PM): /:) lolz
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:31:22 PM): you talked about your friends
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:31:37 PM): oh, well yah maybe :)
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:31:42 PM): we have tonnes of fun together :D
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:31:53 PM): did you like getting kissed?
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:32:08 PM): yeah, don't u? i think making out is tonnes of fun
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:32:23 PM): i do, i wish i had someone to kiss
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:32:31 PM): awww - don't u got a gf?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:32:40 PM): no
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:32:56 PM): awww ur such a sweetie
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:33:02 PM): i don't got a bf but i still kiss boys lolz
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:33:08 PM): that's cute
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:33:30 PM): lolz
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:33:33 PM): well, it's fun
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:33:48 PM): i'm hoping there's gonna be some cute new boys in 8th grade next year
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:33:52 PM): lol
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:34:26 PM): i think 8th grade is gonna be way more fun than 7th :D
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:34:33 PM): why do you think that?
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:34:58 PM): i dunno coz like in 7th we'd just got to middle school n all so it was all kinda new n weird
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:35:06 PM): but i think this year is gonna be way more fun coz we're not the newbs any more :D
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:35:34 PM): lol
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:36:02 PM): did you hear about the comic con in San diego?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:36:07 PM): i'm sure lots of boys will like you
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:36:11 PM): no
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:36:18 PM): omg - u don't know bout comic con?
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:36:20 PM): you should google it
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:36:32 PM): i think it'd be tonnes of fun to go there some year n dress up like as princess leah or something lolz
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:36:51 PM): no i don't know about it
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:37:46 PM): oh, well its for like comic nerds but i think it'd be fun
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:37:49 PM): my uncle was teling me about it
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:38:00 PM): hey, i gotta go shower in a minute so i can get ready and see my friends
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:38:04 PM): what u gonna do for the rest of the day?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:38:10 PM): not sure, need to go eat soon
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:38:26 PM): lunch?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:39:01 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:39:12 PM): kewl - what u gonna eat?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:39:16 PM): not sure
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:41:03 PM): mmmmmm i saw a billboard for the new subway pulled pork - it looks awesomely yum :)
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:41:26 PM): lol
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:41:34 PM): if you were here i'd take you out for lunch
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:41:45 PM): awww u would? that'd be so cool
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:41:48 PM): would u take me to subway?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:41:52 PM): of course
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:42:21 PM): n for icecream afer?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:42:32 PM): anythinbg for you :)
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:43:11 PM): kewl
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:43:23 PM): i like coconut icecream :)
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:43:34 PM): they have it at this one store here in town, it's my fave :)
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:43:51 PM): you can have anything you wnat
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:43:53 PM): want
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:44:06 PM): awww really? you're so sweet, thanks!
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:44:28 PM): you're so cut you're hard to resist :)
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:44:40 PM): lol - why u gotta restist?
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:44:49 PM): i don't silly
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:44:58 PM): lol oh
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:45:12 PM): oh hey sweety, i gotta run k
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:45:14 PM): ok
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:45:22 PM): my friends are coming here at 1.30 n i'm still in my pjs lol
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:45:37 PM): you better go shower that cute litlte body of yours :)
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:45:47 PM): lol thanks sweety
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:46:02 PM): yw
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:46:46 PM): enjoy your day k :) hope to talk to u soon xoxoxox
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:46:55 PM): you too sweetie
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:47:05 PM): thanks!
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:47:31 PM): byeeee
katierella1013 (07/24/11 2:47:38 PM): :-*
luv2licku68 (07/24/11 2:47:49 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (07/25/11 6:21:17 PM): heya rick :)
luv2licku68 (07/25/11 11:31:06 PM): hi sweetie
katierella1013 (07/26/11 5:27:08 PM): hi :) hope ur day is fun :) luv katie xoxox
luv2licku68 (07/26/11 9:52:53 PM): it was pretty boring, what did you do?
katierella1013 (07/28/11 6:57:38 PM): hi :)
luv2licku68 (07/28/11 10:20:17 PM): hey there
katierella1013 (08/01/11 3:30:17 PM): hi rick :) happy monday. luv katie xoxox
katierella1013 (08/02/11 6:15:05 PM): hi rick :D
katierella1013 (08/06/11 2:44:44 PM): hi rick - have a fun weekend. luv katie xoxo
katierella1013 (08/10/11 7:27:37 PM): hiya rick - u there? i'm bored :(
luv2licku68 (08/10/11 9:54:06 PM): Hey you
katierella1013 (08/12/11 9:11:34 PM): hi rick :)
luv2licku68 (08/13/11 12:36:36 AM): Hiya. :)
katierella1013 (08/15/11 7:07:12 PM): hi rick :)
katierella1013 (09/12/11 7:32:43 PM): hiya rick :) sorry i havnet chatted with u in like 4eva. im in 8th grade now and i been slammed with school work :( luv katie xoxox
luv2licku68 (09/21/11 11:25:19 PM): hi
katierella1013 (09/25/11 8:59:02 PM): hi rick :) hope ur weekend is fun. luvs katie xoxo
luv2licku68 (09/25/11 10:05:03 PM): Hey ya little cutie
katierella1013 (09/29/11 8:05:56 PM): hi rick, i never see u online any more :( hope u r having fun. luv katie xoxo
luv2licku68 (09/29/11 10:53:27 PM): hi sweetie, hope you're doing good, i miss talking to you

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