And Jon thought a 13 yr old would cure his depression.
Bust by Kia-Ora @ 4/29/2010 8:08 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Jonathan Buckland, 26
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Location: Seattle, WA, Washington
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit zoe_blue95, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:08:08 PM): i don't mind if you thirteen (Not even a hello first...)
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:08:33 PM): lol u saw my prof
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:09:03 PM): yep
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:09:16 PM): kewl whats ur asl?
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:09:23 PM): 26 mseattle
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:09:40 PM): i know i am too old but i am in to music more the marryer (So why do you keep talking and what does music have to do with anything?)
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:09:51 PM): haha ty
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:10:02 PM): what is ty
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:10:09 PM): thank u lol
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:10:17 PM): oh ok
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:12:13 PM): so what do you do for fun i live in seattle if you live near here have you ever bin to the vera project
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:13:17 PM): i kind of hang out im by bremerton theres relly not a lot of kewl stuff
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:13:59 PM): well if you ever want to hang out in seattle i will hang out with you i only werk three days a week so i have lots of time
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:14:34 PM): kewl wat do u do?
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:15:11 PM): well i werk at a galvanizing plant i play music go to open mics conserts drink coffee
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:15:19 PM): relly what ever someone wants
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:15:19 PM): kewlies
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:15:34 PM): i dont kno what galvazing is tho
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:15:45 PM): it make it so steel dosn't rust
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:15:53 PM): o iget it
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:16:31 PM): so are you still 13;/ (Apparently he has no concept of time, it's been five minutes)
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:16:35 PM): or are you older
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:16:40 PM): yep til march
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:16:49 PM): i am twice your age
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:16:57 PM): its just funny
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:17:02 PM): i feel old
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:17:18 PM): lolz ur not old i talk 2 peeps alot older
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:17:24 PM): cool
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:17:59 PM): so what would you want to do if we hung out
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:18:54 PM): idk i do poetry an stuff im kinda weird
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:19:28 PM): i like poetry maby you could be a part of my friends open mic he dose spoken werd and poetry (WERD.)
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:19:31 PM): there
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:19:45 PM): first saterday of every month
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:20:04 PM): o wow id b relly scared i dont think im any good
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:20:50 PM): well what are you up to tomaro you could read me some of your poetry
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:21:05 PM): we could walk around down town
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:21:10 PM): idk i nevr let anyone see it
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:21:29 PM): and i gotta go 2 school lol
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:21:35 PM): right on
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:22:05 PM): well if you ever want to hang out just call me i can pic you up at the farry my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:22:17 PM): wow thatd b kewl
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:22:56 PM): well just give me some notis like on a friday if you want to hang out on saterday or sunday
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:23:29 PM): kk kewl that would b so fun ive only been 2 seattle once
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:23:51 PM): ya and you comeing over here is free i can pay your way back
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:24:05 PM): relly?
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:24:16 PM): ya you probly don't have the money
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:24:30 PM): i didnt kno i could get on it 4 free
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:24:43 PM): ya comeing to seattle is free
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:24:58 PM): i think
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:25:16 PM): lolz i better check then
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:25:25 PM): i can one secont
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:25:35 PM): kewl
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:26:25 PM): my dad ses he thinks that passingers pay bolth ways
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:26:44 PM): but its not that pricey
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:26:50 PM): kk kewl
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:27:08 PM): so do you have any other pics of you
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:27:24 PM): yah but i only trade relly do u have any?
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:27:30 PM): ya
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:27:45 PM): i have my web cam too
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:28:18 PM): there is one pic of me
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:29:06 PM): i have some of my tatoos to
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:29:08 PM): lolz u look sad
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:29:15 PM): sorry
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:30:06 PM): i want a tatoo
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:30:27 PM): ya there fun as long as you know you will like it
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:30:43 PM): i bet they hurt tho
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:30:56 PM): mine on my arm wernt that bad
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:31:10 PM): what is it?
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:31:53 PM): oh wow
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:31:53 PM): could you see
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:31:56 PM): yah
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:32:14 PM): i drew them my self (Really? I could never tell.)
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:32:44 PM): wow do they mean somthing?
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:33:03 PM): the face not relly the one on my left arm is my name
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:33:11 PM): if you come over here i will show you how
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:33:33 PM): how 2 do what?
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:33:57 PM): well on the weekend we could go see a movie if you want
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:34:08 PM): yah thatd b fun
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:34:28 PM): do you think you could make it to seattle or should i meet you over there
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:34:39 PM): idk
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:34:49 PM): well it is up to you
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:35:03 PM): brb i need bathroom k?
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:35:13 PM): same with me
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:38:21 PM): kk back
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:38:30 PM): col
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:38:54 PM): so can i get a pic of you
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:39:11 PM): o yah lolz sorry i 4got
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:39:21 PM): its all good
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:40:06 PM): ty for adin me!
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:40:21 PM): not a prob
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:40:41 PM): you seem cool i hope i will some day see your poems
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:40:57 PM): mebbe someday ;)
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:41:04 PM): cool
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:41:33 PM): so if you do want to hang out just call me on friday i will pick you up there if you want
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:41:52 PM): kk that sounds like fun i just need to find out if i can get out
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:42:30 PM): ok well it would probly be dering the day on saterday
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:42:42 PM): or something like that you can bring a friend if you want
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:42:53 PM): kewl
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:43:32 PM): so do you have your computer in your room (Why? So mom won't see you being pervy?)
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:44:09 PM): yah i got my very own when we movd its so kewl and no one is yellin at me 2 get off it lol
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:44:41 PM): cool i hope your mom or dad won't get mad that your talking to me
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:44:50 PM): they dont kno i chat lol
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:44:59 PM): ok
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:45:17 PM): so do you live close to the farry
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:45:58 PM): i dont actualy live in bremerton i live in port orchard but noone ever knos were that is
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:46:29 PM): ya so witch farry would i talk if i was picking you up
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:46:49 PM): would i be able to find directions
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:46:58 PM): idk id have 2 find out
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:48:15 PM): if you don't mind if i get your address i can map quest it i am just cureius
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:48:43 PM): don't wery i won't just come overthere without you wanting me to
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:49:16 PM): u can just mapqwest my school i live like two blocks away its *school edited out*
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:49:28 PM): ok
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:51:18 PM): did u find out which 1?
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:51:29 PM): one secont
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:52:16 PM): no do you have the address for it
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:52:27 PM): lemme look hang on
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:53:37 PM): lol i know were it is but didnt kno the addy but i found it its *addy edited out*
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:54:50 PM): hey my moms sleepin i just checked i can call u if u want
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:55:02 PM): ok call me
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:55:57 PM): can i have ur digits again?
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:56:12 PM): xxx-xxx-xxxx what is your zip
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:56:19 PM): 98366
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:56:48 PM): r u going 2 pick up an ur names really Jon?
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:57:16 PM): ya
jon_buckland (01/05/09 11:57:22 PM): its my cell phone
zoe_blue95 (01/05/09 11:57:57 PM): kk kewl let me check 1 more time first and my names relly zoe 2 btw
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:14:53 AM): hey r u here?
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:15:00 AM): ya i am here
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:15:03 AM): :)
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:15:29 AM): is there anything you else you would like to know about me
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:15:37 AM): my mom went back 2 bed but i cant chance it again 2nite k?
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:15:51 AM): ok its allright
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:16:07 AM): o idk ur not marryd or anythin rite?
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:16:20 AM): no
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:16:44 AM): kk kewl sorry i just had 2 ask
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:18:00 AM): i don't mind anything else
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:18:21 AM): u got any dogs?
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:18:35 AM): ya we have a golden retrever
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:18:42 AM): o kewl
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:18:45 AM): i live with my mom and dad and bro (NO!!! I would have never guessed.)
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:19:18 AM): wow id want 2 b in an apt away from my family if i could lol
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:19:32 AM): so would i some day i will
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:19:38 AM): i am saveing mony
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:19:42 AM): money
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:19:45 AM): kewlies
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:20:03 AM): i cant wait til i can get a work permit
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:20:09 AM): ya
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:20:14 AM): soon you will
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:20:52 AM): so do you have to ask your mom if you can hang out on saterday if you want to hang out (Testing 1..2..3..)
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:20:56 AM): my friend showd me how to do my birth certificite so it looks like im older but evry1 wants school ids
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:21:17 AM): no ill just tell her im goin out shes kinda weird
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:21:52 AM): cool well i found out where to go so if you would want to meet me at your school i could on saterday
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:22:55 AM): kk schools not good tho bcuz if a teachr sees me they might tell and that would be totaly suxorz
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:23:32 AM): ok well if i get to your school you tell me where i would go from there to meet up with you
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:23:39 AM): kk kewl
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:24:23 AM): i gotta sleep i think school startd back up today and im not usd to getting up early lol
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:25:08 AM): cu 2morro?
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:25:26 AM): so you will be on here
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:25:33 AM): yah prolly
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:25:39 AM): or you can call
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:25:45 AM): i don't werk tomaro
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:25:45 AM): idk yet mebbe
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:25:57 AM): have a good night
zoe_blue95 (01/06/09 12:26:11 AM): gnite!!! im glad i met u! :)
jon_buckland (01/06/09 12:26:19 AM): thanks
jon_buckland (01/07/09 11:04:00 PM): well i hope we hang out this weekend if not oh well
jon_buckland (01/09/09 8:50:01 PM): well i see you don't want to hang out tomaro since you have not called
jon_buckland (01/11/09 6:04:30 PM): hows it going
jon_buckland (01/11/09 6:05:37 PM): are you there
jon_buckland (01/11/09 6:05:51 PM): what did you do this weekend
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:13:53 PM): so do you not want to talk any more
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:13:56 PM): wuts up
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:14:00 PM): huh?
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:14:21 PM): y dont i want 2 talk anymore?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:14:45 PM): i don't know i tryed messeging you when i last saw you on and you never responded
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:15:03 PM): yesterday rite?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:17:03 PM): ya
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:17:37 PM): my mom was in my room i was sposd 2 b doin homework
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:17:58 PM): oh i see so could you not go out this weedend
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:18:13 PM): yah i went out
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:18:39 PM): why didn't you want to hang out with me
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:18:54 PM): cuz i didnt talk 2 u til now
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:19:04 PM): oh i thought you were going to call me
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:19:10 PM): its allright
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:19:16 PM): w/e
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:19:45 PM): what dose that meen
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:20:14 PM): what i said
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:20:19 PM): ya
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:20:22 PM): the w/e
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:20:51 PM): it means whatever
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:21:13 PM): ok
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:21:24 PM): i understand
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:22:14 PM): well let me know if you do want to hang out some time
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:22:22 PM): what has life bin like
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:22:37 PM): same y?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:23:11 PM): just wundering figureing out about you
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:23:28 PM): about what?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:23:50 PM): your life i figure it is a good thing to know
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:23:53 PM): or is it
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:24:02 PM): what should i be doing
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:24:05 PM): huh?
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:24:14 PM): ur confuzing me
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:24:49 PM): i am asking about your life because i care. if you want me to talk different i can if you just tell me how
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:25:03 PM): talk different?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:25:13 PM): i don't know
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:25:24 PM): idk what ur sayin relly
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:25:34 PM): how do you want me to get to know you
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:25:44 PM): idk ur the guy
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:26:16 PM): and your a girl i am trying to be nice
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:26:27 PM): is there anything that you want in a guy
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:26:40 PM): or is there anything that you want in me
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:26:41 PM): some1 not stupid
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:26:53 PM): most guys here r stupid
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:26:53 PM): i am trying not to be
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:27:22 PM): what do you see as stupid
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:27:31 PM): so i don't act that way
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:27:42 PM): peeps who think there better then everybody and just dumb peeps
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:27:51 PM): ya
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:28:00 PM): what do you look at as smart
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:28:10 PM): idk
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:28:42 PM): peeps who dont act all goofy just cuz then think there impotant
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:29:02 PM): i here ya
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:29:13 PM): well i hope its not goofy to want to hang out
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:29:22 PM): no its kewl
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:29:28 PM): thats good
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:29:59 PM): brb
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:30:06 PM): ok
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:36:06 PM): kk back
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:36:15 PM): cool
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:36:19 PM): :)
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:36:36 PM): so what would you like to do if we hang out
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:36:49 PM): idk im kewl with pretty much evrything
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:37:07 PM): well if it were up to what would you say
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:37:15 PM): huh?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:37:49 PM): i am letting you pick so we are doing something you want to do
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:37:59 PM): u can take me shopping lol
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:38:11 PM): well i couldn't bye you anything
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:38:19 PM): well 4get it then
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:38:24 PM): i don't have that kind of money
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:39:05 PM): well there is a movie pool sit in a hot tub walk around down town
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:39:11 PM): i don't know
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:39:41 PM): me niether
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:40:09 PM): well what one out of what i gave you
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:40:52 PM): or bowling
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:41:23 PM): weres there a pool?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:41:40 PM): well i have a hot tub at my house
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:41:47 PM): relly?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:41:50 PM): ya
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:42:10 PM): wow i never new anybody who actualy had 1
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:42:22 PM): well if you want to come over you can
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:42:42 PM): ur way by bama tho
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:42:56 PM): what dose that meen
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:43:35 PM): that means how am i suposed 2 get ther?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:44:13 PM): well i could pic you up one day
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:44:21 PM): k
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:44:31 PM): you just have to let me know when
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:45:01 PM): kewl
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:45:30 PM): do u swim in ur hot tub?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:45:47 PM): no it has a lot of jets you get a massage
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:45:58 PM): kewlies
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:46:17 PM): is there any time you would like to
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:46:43 PM): idk i have 2 see whos workin ykno?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:46:59 PM): no i don't
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:47:19 PM): liuke make sure my moms not home duh
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:48:13 PM): well i would pick you up away from your house
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:49:08 PM): yah ud have 2 cuz my nieghbors r nosey
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:49:35 PM): well you tell me when
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:49:40 PM): brb
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:49:54 PM): k
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:51:52 PM): i am back
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:51:59 PM): wb
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:52:51 PM): so ya if you just told your mom you were going out i could meet you somewhere and you could come over on a weekend or sometime after school
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:53:35 PM): ok
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:53:51 PM): shoudl i bring my bathing suit?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:54:30 PM): unless you want to were a pare of my boxers and a shert
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:54:43 PM): or you could go skinny dipping
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:54:45 PM): lolz theyd prolly fall down
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:54:50 PM): i don't care
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:54:55 PM): haha
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:54:56 PM): its up to you
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:55:30 PM): but if you were skinny dipping you would have to be here late at night
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:55:45 PM): probly say you were spending the night at someones house
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:55:48 PM): lolz i nevr skinny dipped b4
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:56:31 PM): well if you want to figure out how to spend the night at my house you can or we could go in the lake but thats cold
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:56:46 PM): yah no cold ick
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:57:09 PM): well if you want to spend the night you could some day
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:57:13 PM): i don't mind
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:57:16 PM): kewl!
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:58:03 PM): well how about this weekend
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:58:16 PM): would you like to meet up somewhere over there on saterday
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:58:25 PM): i dont think so i got maddies party on sat
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:58:33 PM): ok
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:58:42 PM): well you still have my number right
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:58:58 PM): ummmm i think i lost it?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:59:12 PM): oh ok do you want it agen will you keep it
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:59:29 PM): yes i promise i wont lose it again relly
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:59:37 PM): xxx-xxx-xxxx
zoe_blue95 (01/12/09 11:59:48 PM): kk an ur relly jon rite?
jon_buckland (01/12/09 11:59:53 PM): yep
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:00:06 AM): no 1 else will answer?
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:00:12 AM): no it is my cell
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:00:16 AM): kk kewl
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:00:43 AM): ill try 2morro after school my mom is workin
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:00:59 AM): so you want to come over tomaro
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:01:18 AM): no ill try 2 call imeen silly
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:01:24 AM): ok cool
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:01:54 AM): id try now but im jsut about 2 get in trub lol
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:02:15 AM): ok well you don't want to do that
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:02:38 AM): i was sposed 2 be in bed 5 mins ago but so far so good
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:02:52 AM): ya
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:04:04 AM): so where do you want things to go with me i know you seem intersted
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:04:17 AM): what u mean?
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:04:40 AM): i don't know i just want to see how you take it
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:04:52 AM): how itake what?
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:04:59 AM): ur confuzing me again
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:06:19 AM): ok well i don't want you to dis like me if i am saying something rong i was woundering if you were thinking of me as someone to mess around sexualy or friends i am just trying to see what is in your head
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:06:42 AM): idk ur the guy ur sposed 2 figure stuff like that out
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:06:57 AM): well that is why i am asking
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:07:04 AM): idk lol
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:07:16 AM): i here ya
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:07:38 AM): brb agina
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:07:40 AM): ok
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:10:53 AM): back sorry
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:10:56 AM): i g2g
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:11:13 AM): u here?
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:11:16 AM): ya
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:11:29 AM): i g2g ill try callin 2morro k?
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:11:32 AM): talk to you lator
zoe_blue95 (01/13/09 12:11:36 AM): byeee
jon_buckland (01/13/09 12:11:37 AM): have a good night
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:38:29 PM): hows it going
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:38:46 PM): heya :)
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:38:55 PM): i missed you
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:39:10 PM): yah i didnt see u on
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:39:31 PM): did you loose my number agen just asking
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:39:39 PM): ummmm lolz
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:39:59 PM): its allright
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:40:31 PM): i can find it i just gotta look
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:41:16 PM): i think its under my printer
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:41:46 PM): well would you like to hang out on wendsday or thursday
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:42:07 PM): kewl mebbe my mom works weds
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:42:29 PM): well i would like to on wendsday
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:42:48 PM): wat would we do?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:43:05 PM): well how late do you think you could be out
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:43:51 PM): idk she gets home like at 1 on weds an fri so til then i gess or a lil b4
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:44:04 PM): 1 am
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:44:19 PM): yah but only those 2 days
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:44:30 PM): this week at least
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:45:04 PM): cool i get home at 4 30 on wendsday i could be over there by 630
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:45:39 PM): we could watch a movie or sit in my hot tub relly what ever you want
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:45:46 PM): o wow
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:45:56 PM): i 4got about ur hot tup
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:46:00 PM): tub
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:46:26 PM): so would you like to do that on wensday
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:46:52 PM): yah kewlies but lemme make sure of her scedule first k?
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:47:04 PM): i totaly spelld that wrong
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:47:41 PM): ok well if you can call me and tell me with a number that i can call back at on wends day so i know where to meet you
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:47:55 PM): kk
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:48:12 PM): did you have a fun weekend
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:48:27 PM): its still the weekend til 2morro
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:48:44 PM): well can you do something now
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:48:58 PM): like what?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:49:11 PM): when do you have to be back
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:49:26 PM): i dont think i kno what ur talkin about relly
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:50:01 PM): well if i came over to pick you up and we cam back here to sit in the hot tub what time would you have to be back home (During all this back and forth with the hot tub, I often wondered how well his parents would like that, since he lived with them and all.)
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:50:30 PM): o u mean rite now?
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:50:37 PM): my mom is home rite now
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:50:41 PM): oh ok
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:51:26 PM): well what ever day she werks werks for me just call me and let me know and i will call you back. do you know if she werks tomaro
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:51:31 PM): because i don't
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:51:44 PM): no shes home 2morro
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:52:27 PM): ok well if you do want to hang out tomaro just call me i should have money
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:52:40 PM): kewlies
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:53:09 PM): just so you know if you call me in the morning we could hang out longer since you have the day off
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:53:25 PM): no 2morro i have school
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:53:30 PM): oh ok
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:53:38 PM): 2day was off
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:53:45 PM): oh
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:54:14 PM): so i know you would like to sit in the hot tub is there anything else you would like to do
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:54:26 PM): idk everything
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:54:37 PM): what do you meen by everthing
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:54:59 PM): idk like everything i want 2 have fun!
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:55:28 PM): ok
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:55:45 PM): well i hope to be able to hang out with you wendsday
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:55:49 PM): kewl
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:55:54 PM): me 2
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:56:05 PM): when will you know if she werks
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:56:24 PM): hopefully 2nite
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:56:50 PM): ok well if you do know to night and i am not on just send me a messege on here and i will get it
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:56:57 PM): kk
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:57:29 PM): i might b able 2 call later 2nite if she goes 2 bed
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:57:37 PM): sounds good
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:57:47 PM): i will have my phone on me
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:57:52 PM): :)
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:58:10 PM): so what is your fanace with a guy
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:58:17 PM): wats that?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:58:32 PM): the best time you could have with a guy ever
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:58:49 PM): idk i only had 1 bf ever an not THAT lol
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:59:07 PM): ya
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:59:19 PM): well think about it what would you like
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 7:59:28 PM): he hung out with his freinds an that was it
jon_buckland (01/19/09 7:59:35 PM): ya
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:00:54 PM): ya i want to make hanging out with me intersting
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:01:02 PM): kewl
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:01:25 PM): so i would like to know what you want to do from your head
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:01:34 PM): huh?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:02:28 PM): well when you think of what we would do you say everything i know you want to have fun but i want to make shure you have fun so i need to know what everything is
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:02:56 PM): anything everything idk lol
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:03:12 PM): ur the guy u pick
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:03:39 PM): so your saying i can pic anything
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:04:11 PM): yah pretty much unless its like eatin somethin gross or somthing ykno?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:04:43 PM): see i don't know so that is why i want to know
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:04:56 PM): lolz well i just told u
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:06:10 PM): well all put it this whay would you kiss me
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:06:39 PM): ur the guy arnt u sposed 2 kiss first?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:06:50 PM): so you would let me kiss you
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:07:06 PM): yah i think unless ur weird
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:07:16 PM): well do you think i am weird
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:07:23 PM): no lolz
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:07:25 PM): cool
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:07:51 PM): :)
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:08:14 PM): so you have never had sex befor (Here we go.)
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:08:24 PM): no y?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:08:28 PM): just asking
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:08:34 PM): is that bad?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:08:41 PM): no not unless you want to
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:08:55 PM): most of my freinds did alredy
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:09:00 PM): do you
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:09:23 PM): if i have a bf i like yah
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:09:33 PM): cool
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:09:52 PM): not the jerky jerk who was my bf
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:10:01 PM): ya i hear ya
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:10:37 PM): well if you ever want to have sex with me just tell me because i don't want you to do something you don't want to do (I'll be sure to do that, dickwad.)
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:10:59 PM): omg u would b my bf that way?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:11:23 PM): if your mom dosent know and you want me to
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:11:37 PM): omg i dont tell her nothin
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:11:46 PM): well its up to you then
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:11:53 PM): wow thats so kewl!
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:12:20 PM): do you have a myspace
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:12:54 PM): yah itz *edited*
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:13:21 PM): do u?
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:14:19 PM): ?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:14:32 PM): ya
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:15:07 PM): i added you as a friend
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:15:40 PM): :) ur ms is way kewler then mine
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:15:51 PM): thanks
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:16:13 PM): i can help you with yours when you come over
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:16:14 PM): i gotta start bloggin agin
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:16:24 PM): cool
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:17:01 PM): i like ur song mine got deletd i think
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:18:08 PM): thanks
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:18:43 PM): hang on lemme log in an ill ad u
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:18:54 PM): k
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:20:14 PM): ur added!
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:20:27 PM): cool
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:20:41 PM): so what is your favorit movie
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:21:01 PM): right now narnia but dont tell any1 cuz thats kinda gay
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:21:17 PM): i like it i saw the secont one
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:21:29 PM): i dindt see the 2nd one yet
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:21:50 PM): well we could watch it if you want
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:22:00 PM): thatd b kewl
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:22:06 PM): brb
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:22:09 PM): ok
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:23:50 PM): i have to eat dinner be right bac
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:25:38 PM): kk
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:30:13 PM): i am back
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:30:46 PM): u eat way fast lol
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:30:56 PM): ya it was just a samich
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:31:06 PM): bbq
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:31:09 PM): mmmmm
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:32:30 PM): bbq what?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:32:40 PM): bar b q sandwich
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:32:57 PM): yah but what like chicken or pork or bef?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:33:01 PM): pork
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:33:06 PM): i made it last night
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:33:23 PM): yummmmm i still like chicken best but pork is good 2
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:33:35 PM): right on
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:33:39 PM): :)
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:34:14 PM): so what do you know about haveing sex (Still wondering how pork BBQ turned the conversation this way.)
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:34:34 PM): well i kno how it works silly i just didnt do it yet
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:34:44 PM): i wasnt born in a closet lolz
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:34:52 PM): ya but do you know what you can try
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:35:01 PM): do you want to learn how to
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:35:10 PM): yah totaly
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:35:15 PM): right on
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:36:16 PM): so you will know before wendsday if you mom is werking right
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:36:23 PM): yah
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:36:42 PM): cool so can you messige me if your mom is werking of not
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:36:49 PM): so i know what is going on
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:37:16 PM): yah an i wanna call u 2 so i can make shure ur u an evrythin k?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:38:04 PM): ok cool because i will be able to anser the phone after 3 30 on wendsday and i will need to know where to pick you up
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:38:40 PM): kk ill think of somwere close so i dont have 2 leave my bike somwhere
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:39:03 PM): cool and i am the same person i was last time
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:39:10 PM): lolz
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:39:47 PM): sorry my freind haley met some guy once an it was a chick an it was OMG
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:40:16 PM): well i am not a chick and i hope you don't become some guy
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:40:23 PM): lololz
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:40:58 PM): im gonna turn into a big harey guy (I lied. However, I can't vouch for Bubba in lock up.)
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:41:19 PM): i hope not if you do i won't pick you up
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:41:30 PM): LMAO
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:41:44 PM): what is lmao
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:42:08 PM): u nvr heard LMAO? it meens laffin my azz off
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:42:18 PM): oh ok
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:43:35 PM): or that you tern in to my neece (Poor niece.)
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:43:53 PM): omg lolz thatd b bad
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:44:05 PM): that would be bad
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:44:33 PM): but i don't think you are
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:44:33 PM): i dont have uncles tho just a aunt so im prolly not ur neese
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:44:44 PM): ya i know
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:46:29 PM): i gotta go soon its almost dinner
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:46:47 PM): ok well i hope to hear from you tonight
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:46:57 PM): well i have still a few mins
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:47:31 PM): sorry my comp disconected
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:47:43 PM): its k
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:47:50 PM): mine duz that all the time
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:48:18 PM): ya so what do you think you will be wareing
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:48:26 PM): idk
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:48:41 PM): should i dress up?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:49:06 PM): if you want if you do what will you where
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:49:35 PM): idk i just ushualy wear jeans an cami an hoodie
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:49:41 PM): cool
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:49:49 PM): u shure?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:49:54 PM): ya i don't mind
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:50:00 PM): kewl kk
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:50:34 PM): just woundering do you shave your crotch (How original and sexy.)
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:50:45 PM): i dont relly need 2
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:50:52 PM): i dont got much
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:50:54 PM): oh cool
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:51:16 PM): thats good?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:51:22 PM): ya
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:51:25 PM): o kewl
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:51:41 PM): have you ever bin eatin out
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:51:47 PM): no
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:51:59 PM): i herd about it tho
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:52:07 PM): guys dont like that
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:52:13 PM): i don't mind
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:52:22 PM): is it fun?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:52:32 PM): i like it you should to
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:52:46 PM): o wow ud do that 2 me?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:52:49 PM): ya
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:52:53 PM): kewl
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:52:59 PM): if you want
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:53:09 PM): well ur the guy
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:53:20 PM): ya your right
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:58:27 PM): my moms gettin yelly i g2g k?
jon_buckland (01/19/09 8:58:45 PM): ok hope to talk lator
zoe_blue95 (01/19/09 8:58:52 PM): kk cu later byeeeeeeeeee
zoe_blue95 (01/20/09 1:26:14 AM): you here?
jon_buckland (01/20/09 1:26:28 AM): hows it going
zoe_blue95 (01/20/09 1:26:46 AM): kk im tird im sposed 2 be in bed lol
jon_buckland (01/20/09 1:27:05 AM): ya
jon_buckland (01/20/09 1:27:46 AM): its weird some one else has the same pic that is in your profile on theres and they are trying to have people do web cam shows for money (This is probably the lamest attempt I've ever heard to get me to admit I wasn't a kid.)
zoe_blue95 (01/20/09 1:28:05 AM): huh were?
jon_buckland (01/20/09 1:28:30 AM): i don't know it was some random person that i was talking to
zoe_blue95 (01/20/09 1:28:38 AM): no way
jon_buckland (01/20/09 1:28:42 AM): ya
zoe_blue95 (01/20/09 1:28:51 AM): some1 stole my pic?
jon_buckland (01/20/09 1:28:55 AM): i gess
jon_buckland (01/20/09 1:29:14 AM): oh well
zoe_blue95 (01/20/09 1:29:27 AM): y dint u get web name or somthin seriuz i dont want my pic like that
jon_buckland (01/20/09 1:29:59 AM): sorry i didn't rember it was a wile ago i didn't think about it maby i am mistaken
zoe_blue95 (01/20/09 1:30:18 AM): great watevr im gonna go look
jon_buckland (01/20/09 1:30:31 AM): they arnt on now
jon_buckland (01/20/09 1:30:41 AM): but is your mom werking wends day
jon_buckland (01/20/09 1:32:00 AM): are you there
zoe_blue95 (01/20/09 1:33:40 AM): i cant find nothin
zoe_blue95 (01/20/09 1:33:44 AM): im pissd k
jon_buckland (01/20/09 1:33:54 AM): sorry
zoe_blue95 (01/20/09 1:34:07 AM): img onna go gnite sorry
jon_buckland (01/20/09 1:33:14 AM): ok have a good night
zoe_blue95 (01/20/09 9:09:47 PM): you here?
zoe_blue95 (01/20/09 9:09:59 PM): u cant come 2morro :(
zoe_blue95 (01/20/09 9:10:12 PM): ill try 2 find u later
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:41:25 AM): i am hear
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:41:27 AM): cool
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:41:56 AM): hi
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:42:05 AM): hello
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:42:34 AM): so i will catch the farry over there after werk
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:42:46 AM): i told u i cant
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:42:52 AM): oh ok
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:42:59 AM): i didn't understand sorry
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:43:22 AM): k i screwd up
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:43:29 AM): what happend
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:43:45 AM): i thot next week was this week
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:44:04 AM): oh i see
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:44:16 AM): so your mom dosent werk this week
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:44:32 AM): she works on fri but i cant go then
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:44:38 AM): oh ok
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:45:13 AM): im sorry K?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:45:28 AM): don't wery about it
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:45:37 AM): maby next week
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:45:43 AM): or the weekend
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:46:28 AM): i HOPE next week
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:46:48 AM): u mad?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:46:55 AM): i hope so to no i am not mad
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:47:21 AM): promise?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:47:31 AM): ya
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:47:50 AM): :) kewl
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:48:53 AM): so you just let me know when is ok
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:49:16 AM): kk next week shud b kk i think this sux
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:49:25 AM): ya i know
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:51:05 AM): so what are you thinking about right know
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:51:12 AM): idk
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:51:23 AM): relly you have nothing on your mind
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:51:42 AM): idk i think about a lot of things ykno?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:51:50 AM): ya like what
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:52:37 AM): like that im gonna drag that dog i see all the time home wit me an try 2 get 2 keep it
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:53:01 AM): ya
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:53:09 AM): anything else
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:53:30 AM): idk im out of suckers
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:53:41 AM): i see
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:54:27 AM): thats weerd lol
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:54:38 AM): that your out of suckers
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:54:48 AM): no that i said that
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:54:53 AM): no its not
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:55:05 AM): u dont think so?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:55:10 AM): i don't think so
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:55:14 AM): :)
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:56:06 AM): i like things that you think
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:56:11 AM): i would like to know more
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:56:22 AM): like wat?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:56:39 AM): anything you would like to tell me
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:56:56 AM): what do you hope what do you dream
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:57:09 AM): idk i wanna be a writer or a vet
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:57:23 AM): idk yet
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:57:44 AM): be bolth
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:57:50 AM): how?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:58:22 AM): well go to school for a vet and write in the meen wile and get it copey writed and sell it well your a vet (Huh???)
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:58:58 AM): its way 2 complicatd
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:59:14 AM): i could help if you wright the stuff (Please, no.)
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:59:20 AM): relly?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 12:59:29 AM): ya
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 12:59:34 AM): how?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:00:37 AM): well i could help you copy write it
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:00:50 AM): help you figure out where to go to show your book off
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:00:55 AM): whats that do?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:01:17 AM): it makes it so no one else can steel what you write and sell it insted of you
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:01:49 AM): peeps steal ur stuff?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:02:13 AM): some times they do i gess
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:02:20 AM): that sux
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:03:22 AM): well some people are theefs i have to go to the bathroom one secont
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:03:58 AM): kk im goin 2 brb
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:04:44 AM): ok i am back
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:11:00 AM): me 2 lol
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:11:11 AM): cool what did you do
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:11:45 AM): i went 2 the bathroom an got a coke
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:11:51 AM): cool
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:12:16 AM): do you ever try to tern your self on
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:13:02 AM): it relly dusnt work
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:13:16 AM): its way 2 fake ykno?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:13:23 AM): ok i hear ya
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:13:36 AM): would you like terning me on
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:13:50 AM): like how?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:14:27 AM): well you could rub my crotch you could kiss me (How romantic.)
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:14:54 AM): o kewl
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:15:25 AM): i will teach you when you want me to
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:16:22 AM): relly? im sorry im feelin relly dum
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:16:32 AM): what do you meen
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:17:19 AM): its allright
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:17:30 AM): u promise?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:17:41 AM): every one fells dum some times
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:18:09 AM): kk
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:18:49 AM): why do you feel dum
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:19:33 AM): cuz i dont kno all that shite i kno how sex works an stuff but the real stuff idk
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:20:22 AM): well if you want to know there is no point in not learning you just have to be safe about it
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:20:49 AM): yah they taut us all the safe stuff in 5th grade
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:21:46 AM): ya and then you just have to know how to do it right so you don't hert the other person
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:22:07 AM): id hurt u?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:22:14 AM): how would you hert me
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:22:25 AM): idk ur the one who said it
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:23:00 AM): well i have had some one suck my dick that had braceis and the braceis were scratching my dick so it hert
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:23:12 AM): and if she did it right it wouldn't
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:23:17 AM): i dont have brases silly
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:23:35 AM): i know but you may have a small mouth
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:23:52 AM): but its allright
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:24:38 AM): u dont want me 2?
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:24:47 AM): to do what
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:25:16 AM): idk nm
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:25:41 AM): you can do what you want as long as your nice about it
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:25:59 AM): in my mind maby not others
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:26:05 AM): idk what 2 do
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:26:15 AM): ur makin me feel dum
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:26:32 AM): well if you get the feeling you want to do something just ask
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:26:37 AM): ya know
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:26:43 AM): with me
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:26:52 AM): idk
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:27:12 AM): its like if you wanted to kiss me just ask
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:27:27 AM): the guy pics that
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:27:31 AM): i kno that
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:28:08 AM): well its just nice to ask some one if you can kiss them before you just kiss them
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:28:58 AM): unless you are bolth in the moment and know what you are doing
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:29:28 AM): idk i just got kissd b4 and it was kewl
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:29:54 AM): ya well if you want you can just kiss me
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:30:34 AM): idk the guys sposed 2 do that part
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:31:31 AM): i see
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:31:48 AM): you like to have things dun to you
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:32:12 AM): well no but the guy is sposd 2 kno what 2 do
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:32:49 AM): well ya but you have your own mind so you can know what to do to
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:33:17 AM): idk i nvr did it so idk ur makin me feel stupid agin
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:34:00 AM): well i feel stupid with girl's all the time if it makes you feel better
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:34:10 AM): kk
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:35:46 AM): and ya know everything you do first is going to make you feel dum untill you do it agen and agen
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:35:57 AM): you have to learn to know what is going on
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:36:03 AM): its a part of life
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:36:05 AM): yah
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:36:11 AM): i gess
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:36:25 AM): it is
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:36:29 AM): trust me
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:38:35 AM): i gotta sleep
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:38:41 AM): ok have a good night
zoe_blue95 (01/21/09 1:38:50 AM): gnite an sweet dreems
jon_buckland (01/21/09 1:38:55 AM): thanks
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:32:17 PM): hows it going
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:32:31 PM): is it friday?
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:32:47 PM): i thought it was thursday
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:32:50 PM): night
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:32:55 PM): i want friday
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:33:51 PM): ya i hear ya what is hapening friday
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:34:03 PM): dur its the weekend
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:34:08 PM): true
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:34:59 PM): i am not doing anything this weekend so i will be kinda bored
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:35:11 PM): yah me 2 but at least i dont have school
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:35:17 PM): true
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:35:30 PM): if you can get out i will hang out with you
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:35:37 PM): kk
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:36:16 PM): i have money know so i can take the farry
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:36:50 PM): kewl y do u have money?
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:38:49 PM): just got paid
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:38:53 PM): you know it is agenst the law for me to have sex with you right
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:39:35 PM): how?
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:40:57 PM): ummmmmm kk watevr
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:43:18 PM): so you won't tell any one if we have sex
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:43:50 PM): u mean like my mom? serius u think im retarded?
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:44:13 PM): well evan your friends since they might tell someone
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:44:32 PM): my freinds prety much all did it alredy
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:45:03 PM): ok it would just relly suck if i went to jail (No, actually what really sucked was you getting a slap on the wrist.)
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:45:10 PM): 4 wat?
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:45:19 PM): 4 haveing sex with you
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:45:26 PM): thats stupid
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:45:56 PM): ya but if someone that didn't want it happening found out they could call the cop's on me
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:46:11 PM): like who u gonna tell?
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:46:34 PM): i won't if we keep it between us its fine
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:46:39 PM): kk
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:47:42 PM): so i should be going to hawiie soon (And folks, we have a rocket scientist.)
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:47:58 PM): kewl
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:48:04 PM): ya i will try serfing
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:48:50 PM): lolz u try at alki yet? it dont work
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:49:14 PM): no i haven't but it probly woudn't
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:49:42 PM): yah it sux i think itd b kewl 2 try tho
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:49:53 PM): ya it would
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:51:30 PM): do you have a web cam
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:51:36 PM): no i wish
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:51:46 PM): ya it would be fun
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:52:25 PM): so have you thought of what you want to do when we hang out
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:53:02 PM): idk itd prolly b a bad idea 2 hang at my house
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:53:16 PM): ya
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:54:19 PM): ummmm ill let u kno theres a mcdonalds but thats only good 4 like a hour
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:55:15 PM): well if you want to do something like that this weekend its up to you but i would like to hang out with you longer
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:55:37 PM): well yah is it sposed 2 be nice out?
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:56:23 PM): it ses mostly clowdy
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:56:31 PM): but you could ware a jackit
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:57:04 PM): well yah i just get all wet in rain lol
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:57:12 PM): true
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:58:08 PM): and you know it takes like and hour and a half to get over there so it would be good to plan around how long it takes for me to get there
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:58:32 PM): ur in seatle rite?
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:58:36 PM): ya
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:58:39 PM): k
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:59:24 PM): im not that close 2 the ferry so u could take bus or taxi i gess
jon_buckland (01/22/09 11:59:33 PM): i have a car
zoe_blue95 (01/22/09 11:59:55 PM): o lolz i thot u were just gonna get here
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:00:04 AM): no i can drive
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:00:09 AM): i have my own car
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:00:17 AM): kewl
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:00:25 AM): dose that make it easer to hang out
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:00:42 AM): well yah lolz i thot wed b walking
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:00:51 AM): no i have a car
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:01:16 AM): so when would you like to hang out now that you know that
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:01:36 AM): idk i gotta see whats up this weekend first ykno?
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:01:46 AM): ok
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:01:49 AM): brb
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:01:51 AM): ok
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:05:37 AM): back
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:05:45 AM): cool
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:05:56 AM): :)
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:06:37 AM): so do you know of any where you would want to go since i have a car
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:07:17 AM): idk lemme think the kitsap mall in silverdale is pretty kewl but idk if u wnt 2 go 2 a mall lol
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:08:03 AM): its up to you if we go to a mall and any one asks you can say i am your brother
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:08:31 AM): y would any1 ask?
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:08:50 AM): i don't know
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:09:17 AM): ya we could go to the mall though
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:11:41 AM): so ya when ever you want to hang out
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:11:46 AM): kewl
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:13:15 AM): ya you can call me from a pay phone and leave a messege on my phone if you want to hang out or i might anser but it would take me some time to get over there
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:13:35 AM): i have a callin card
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:14:09 AM): oh cool well call me if you want to hang out on the weekend so i have time to get over there if you want to hang out
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:15:06 AM): kk u said hour an a half 2 get here?
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:15:23 AM): ya about let me check
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:16:28 AM): can you give me the address to your school agen
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:16:57 AM): lolz i dont kno the addy 2 my school its on *edited*
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:17:09 AM): or better yet do you live on vashon island
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:17:25 AM): um no
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:17:37 AM): ok so your by the south werth farry
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:17:45 AM): idk
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:18:13 AM): u cant come 2 my school anyway id get in way trouble
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:18:31 AM): ya i know
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:20:29 AM): what is the address to your house then
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:20:40 AM): i will be able to find the farry rought
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:20:50 AM): omg im not gonna give u that id get totaly killd
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:21:09 AM): ok its allright
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:21:14 AM): i wouldn't kill you though
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:21:51 AM): lolz im not worryd
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:21:59 AM): cool
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:22:17 AM): so what town do you live in
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:22:25 AM): *edited*
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:22:29 AM): ok
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:24:13 AM): ya i would just need an address to where i would pick you up so i know how to get there from the farry
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:24:34 AM): idk wed meet at mcds k?
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:24:57 AM): ok but i don't know how to get there
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:25:13 AM): hang on i dont kno there addy ill look
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:25:20 AM): ok
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:26:37 AM): *location edited* said googles maps
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:29:22 AM): did u find it?
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:29:28 AM): ya
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:30:30 AM): ya i have the directions
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:30:54 AM): kk is it easy or hard?
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:31:02 AM): not too hard
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:31:12 AM): it gave me driveing directions
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:31:17 AM): kk im not good with that
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:32:01 AM): it ses about 1 hour and 15 min
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:32:08 AM): depending on trafic
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:32:47 AM): kewl its hard 2 miss theres a *edited*
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:32:58 AM): cool
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:33:36 AM): ill let u kno tho as soon as i kno
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:33:59 AM): ok cool
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:36:07 AM): brb
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:37:28 AM): i am back
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:38:44 AM): wb lol
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:39:28 AM): ok so i will hope to here from you this weekend and my brother wants to watch a movie
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:39:41 AM): kewl which 1?
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:39:51 AM): max pain
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:40:05 AM): idk that 1 i heard the name tho
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:40:15 AM): cool
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:40:46 AM): i want to watch it with him so i have to go
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:40:54 AM): kk cu laterz
jon_buckland (01/23/09 12:41:04 AM): ok hope to here from you soon
zoe_blue95 (01/23/09 12:41:10 AM): nite!
jon_buckland (01/26/09 11:04:36 PM): hows it going
zoe_blue95 (01/26/09 11:09:07 PM): heya sorry
zoe_blue95 (01/26/09 11:09:14 PM): i can only stay a sec my dads home
zoe_blue95 (01/26/09 11:09:30 PM): u here?
jon_buckland (01/26/09 11:10:42 PM): ya
zoe_blue95 (01/26/09 11:10:49 PM): k well i gotta go anyway
jon_buckland (01/26/09 11:10:57 PM): ok see ya
zoe_blue95 (01/26/09 11:11:00 PM): byeeee
jon_buckland (02/02/09 7:33:35 PM): wuts up hows it going i miss ya call me some time what have you bin up to
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:25:22 AM): hows it going
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:26:54 AM): what have you bin up to
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:27:35 AM): nothing relly
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:27:51 AM): ya why haveint you called
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:28:04 AM): idk
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:28:13 AM): its allright
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:28:23 AM): i missed not seeing you on here
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:28:27 AM): ur mad rite?
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:28:30 AM): no
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:28:38 AM): promise?
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:28:43 AM): i just wish i could have talked to you
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:30:10 AM): so have you thought about me at all
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:33:02 AM): so are you talking to new bf
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:34:42 AM): are you there
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:35:18 AM): i promise i am not mad
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:35:37 AM):
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:36:29 AM): sorry i had 2 go 2 the bathroom
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:37:14 AM): ok so did you think about me at all
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:38:16 AM): well yah y?
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:38:29 AM): what did you think about
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:38:57 AM): idk
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:39:04 AM): its allright
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:39:24 AM): do you relly not know or are you shi
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:39:37 AM): idk
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:39:44 AM): come on tell me
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:39:50 AM): what did you think about me
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:40:44 AM): idk i wonderd where u were
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:41:00 AM): ya well you can call me any time i don't werk tomaro
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:41:12 AM): kk
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:41:22 AM): what is going on with you
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:41:37 AM): nothin i want summer
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:41:50 AM): well is your mom werking tomaro
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:41:56 AM): yah
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:42:04 AM): would you like to hang out with me (persistent little shit)
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:42:17 AM): i gotta go 2 school
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:42:23 AM): after school
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:42:30 AM): idk mebbe
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:42:34 AM): i could meet you at the mc donlds
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:43:07 AM): i would need to know now though so i can drive over there before you get there
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:43:14 AM): so we have longer time to hang out
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:43:43 AM): its good to plan things out if you can keep the plans
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:44:11 AM): idk then
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:44:18 AM): yet
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:44:25 AM): when would you know
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:45:51 AM): idk i just wanna make sure i dont get busted or somthin
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:46:13 AM): i hear ya
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:46:43 AM): you never know unless you take a chance and your only going to mcdonalds
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:47:08 AM): and if i am able to get there befor you do it only the time that your there
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:48:33 AM): you would relly have to just go and then if they ask you just say you went to mcdonalds
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:48:50 AM): so they don't have a chance to spy on you
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:49:02 AM): if they did
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:51:30 AM): i knowhos they?
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:51:50 AM): who ever would get you in truble
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:52:01 AM): o
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:52:08 AM): if you don't tell them where you are they don't know where to look for you
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 1:52:14 AM): yah
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:53:06 AM): there is no point in lying to them
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:53:57 AM): if i meet you there and they asked you say i went to mcdonalds and if they say they looked there say you just walked around a little and now i am home
jon_buckland (02/04/09 1:55:17 AM): its up to you though
jon_buckland (02/04/09 2:02:12 AM): wuts going on
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 2:16:23 AM): hi sorry
jon_buckland (02/04/09 2:16:29 AM): its allright
jon_buckland (02/04/09 2:16:34 AM): what happend
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 2:16:46 AM): im gettin tird
jon_buckland (02/04/09 2:17:06 AM): ok am i makeing you mad or just sleepey
zoe_blue95 (02/04/09 2:17:18 AM): no im not mad y?
jon_buckland (02/04/09 2:17:26 AM): just checking
jon_buckland (02/04/09 2:17:32 AM): did you read what i sed
jon_buckland (02/04/09 2:19:37 AM): i gess your about to go to bed so i am going to smoke a cig hopefuly we can talk or hang out some time
jon_buckland (02/04/09 2:21:42 AM): am back if you want to talk
jon_buckland (02/04/09 2:22:46 AM): maby we can meet up on here some time just let me know when
jon_buckland (02/10/09 11:52:13 PM): hows it going
zoe_blue95 (02/10/09 11:52:30 PM): heya pretty good
jon_buckland (02/10/09 11:52:42 PM): what have you bin up to
jon_buckland (02/10/09 11:54:38 PM): so what have you bin up to
zoe_blue95 (02/10/09 11:54:51 PM): sorry just a lot of nothin u?
zoe_blue95 (02/10/09 11:55:18 PM): ugh
jon_buckland (02/10/09 11:55:20 PM): well going through some head stress no i am not werking right know so i am free to hang out any time
zoe_blue95 (02/10/09 11:55:55 PM): head stress? (Ahhhhh, that explains everything!)
zoe_blue95 (02/10/09 11:55:55 PM): wats that?
jon_buckland (02/10/09 11:56:06 PM): to hard to explane
jon_buckland (02/10/09 11:56:12 PM): sorry
zoe_blue95 (02/10/09 11:56:26 PM): watevr
zoe_blue95 (02/10/09 11:56:30 PM): im not a baby
jon_buckland (02/10/09 11:56:53 PM): well call me and i will tell you i just don't want to right it
zoe_blue95 (02/10/09 11:57:08 PM): i cant call u my moms home
jon_buckland (02/10/09 11:57:13 PM): ok
jon_buckland (02/10/09 11:57:35 PM): so is there a day that you think we could hang out
zoe_blue95 (02/10/09 11:58:19 PM): not this week idont think mebbe next?
jon_buckland (02/10/09 11:58:32 PM): well you let me know when
jon_buckland (02/10/09 11:58:48 PM): i am just bored at home
zoe_blue95 (02/10/09 11:58:58 PM): kk
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:00:23 AM): do you ever sneek out of your house
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:00:40 AM): sometimes but its 2 cold 2
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:00:51 AM): not if i have a car
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:01:17 AM): i could keep you worm (Ewwww. I don't want to be worm.)
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:01:24 AM): idk whatd we do sit in ur car?
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:01:37 AM): we could go to my grandpas cabin
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:01:43 AM): weres that?
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:01:47 AM): seebeck
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:01:53 AM): close to you
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:02:07 AM): he has like a real cabin there?
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:02:10 AM): ya
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:04:06 AM): would you want to go over there
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:04:28 AM): idk it sounds kinda boring
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:05:26 AM): well if you snuck out tonight we could come back hear and sit in the hot tub watch a movie and then i could drive you back
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:05:53 AM): no way 2nite westhr sux
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:05:59 AM): ok
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:06:18 AM): i get the feeling you don't relly want to hang out with me is that true
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:06:40 AM): no duh
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:06:53 AM): well the wether isn't bad over hear
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:07:01 AM): and you will stay worm i promis
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:07:13 AM): im hopin school will b closed 2morro
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:07:25 AM): well if it is can we hang out
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:07:37 AM): ok
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:07:56 AM): well do you still have my number
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:08:14 AM): u better give it 2 me agin its somewere i just dont kno were
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:08:32 AM): xxx-xxx-xxxx call me if i should come over there
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:08:37 AM): kk
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:08:51 AM): i cant 2nite tho u kno that rite?
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:08:55 AM): ya
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:09:14 AM): i would hope you would call me first chance you get in the morning though
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:10:10 AM): lolz yah but im gonna sleep in a lil if i dont have school an stuff cuz i nevr get 2 sleep late
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:10:32 AM): ok cool
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:11:29 AM): im tird 2day
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:11:37 AM): ya why
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:11:49 AM): i cudnt sleep last nite an it suckd
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:11:57 AM): sorry
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:12:16 AM): its k
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:12:43 AM): so if we are able to hang out what would you like to do
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:13:01 AM): idk anything fun
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:13:09 AM): what sounds fun to you
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:13:12 AM): idc
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:13:18 AM): ok
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:15:10 AM): brb
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:15:18 AM): ok
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:16:48 AM): what is the name of your school agen
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:19:15 AM): is it public or privit
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:20:02 AM): k im back
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:20:15 AM): *edited* its public
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:21:17 AM): u got any fun ideas?
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:21:59 AM): well we could go to the mall we could teach you sex stuff we could sit in my hot tub we could watch a movie (Wow, what options...)
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:22:10 AM): kewl
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:22:21 AM): whos we?
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:22:27 AM): me and you
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:22:41 AM): haha
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:22:50 AM): what is so funy
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:23:01 AM): u said we could teach u the sex stuff
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:23:09 AM): what
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:23:16 AM): i dint kno who we was
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:23:30 AM): oh ok
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:23:39 AM): its just me and you is that fine
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:23:49 AM): uh duh yah
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:24:25 AM): well we could allways hang out after school if you want to just go away for a wile
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:25:11 AM): yah my moms home 2morro tho mebbe fri
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:25:39 AM): well if there is no school tomaro will you be able to hang out
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:25:58 AM): yep cuz she works till 4
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:26:30 AM): oh ok well ever thought of skiping school never mind that is probly a bad idea
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:26:42 AM): somtimez lol
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:26:52 AM): well skip school if there is
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:27:13 AM): i cant if shes home tho even at 4 id get bustd
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:27:30 AM): or mebbe
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:27:45 AM): well i would get you home by 4
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:28:02 AM): lemme think bout it k? i dont wanna get in trouble totaly
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:28:17 AM): ok when will i know
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:28:31 AM): can i call u 2morro mornin?
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:28:37 AM): ya what time
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:28:47 AM): idk mornin time lol
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:29:38 AM): ok it would werk beter if you just gave me a time to meet you over there we would have longer to hang out in sted of you calling me and then me driveing over there wouldn't want you to wate
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:30:00 AM): well i still dont kno
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:30:07 AM): ok
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:30:13 AM): i get nervus
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:30:29 AM): i hear ya you will be untill you just do it
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:30:38 AM): yah i kno
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:31:11 AM): so do you just want to meet at the mcdonalds at 10 am
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:31:59 AM): yah that would work can i call u first tho 2 make sure?
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:32:12 AM): ya can you call at 9
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:32:14 AM): am
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:32:26 AM): yah but will u still b at home?
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:32:40 AM): it is my sell phone and i will be at home
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:32:44 AM): kk
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:32:57 AM): how long does it take to get here?
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:33:04 AM): about 1 hour
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:34:56 AM): so you will call me at 9 am
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:35:04 AM): kk
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:36:06 AM): i hope you do then we can hang out
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:36:49 AM): kk lolz prolly but i wanna make sure i hate being nervus
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:37:08 AM): don't be nervus just do it
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:37:17 AM): i promis it will be fun
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:38:32 AM): you there
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:38:47 AM): well yah lol but im still nervus
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:39:00 AM): about what
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:39:09 AM): that ill get busted (You should be, creep.)
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:39:22 AM): well you never know untill you do
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:39:26 AM): yah i gess
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:39:36 AM): so will you please just come and hang out
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:39:55 AM): ill let u kno i promise!!
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:40:03 AM): ok cool
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:40:30 AM): i will wate for your call a 9
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:40:37 AM): kk kewl
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:41:39 AM): well i have to get some food and cigs so i will hear from you tomaro
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:41:50 AM): kk an u shoudnt smoke!!!!
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:42:09 AM): sorry
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:42:14 AM): lolz
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:42:38 AM): so i will hear from you tomaro have a good night
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:42:48 AM): kk gnite!
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:43:00 AM): stick my number somewhere so you won't ferget it
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:43:07 AM): i alredy did :)
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:53:41 AM): i am back
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:54:10 AM): i dint even kno i was still on yahoo lol i need slep
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:54:19 AM): ok good night
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:54:29 AM): kk gniters 9 k?
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:54:33 AM): ok
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:54:38 AM): promize
jon_buckland (02/11/09 12:54:44 AM): yep
zoe_blue95 (02/11/09 12:54:45 AM): gnite

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